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Boyd Street Issue 11

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Published by: Colin Parajon on Jul 20, 2012
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June 13, 2012 • Issue 11 • Vol.


Jazz in June Summer Box Office New Drink Specials SIZZLE & $AVE Eat At Local Summer Shape-Up U.S. Open


June 13, 2012 • Issue 11 • Volume 10


5 Tweets

The humor and sarcasm from some of today’s tweeters

6 From the Couch
Jake talks about Jazz in June

8 Web 3.0 10 Music
Debris. ‘Nuff said.

What do YOU think about social gaming?

12 Romance

How to $AVE 24 while you SIZZLE
You don’t always have to break the bank to enjoy a good patio.

The good, the bad, and the ugly truth. Which one are you?

14 Film & TV 18 Off the Corner
It’s not hard to eat local when you can eat at Local

26 Jazz in June Feature

Always entertaining and always enjoyable Jazz in June

19 OTS
On the Cover
Jazz in June is coming, get your lawn chairs ready!

28 Summer Shape-Up 30 Sports Talk
All about the U.S. Open

How to stay in shape while you’re on vacation

31 End Notes
NEW! Crossword! And the never-boring Numbers.



@N If you’re a diehard


NBA fan...Heat/ Thunder is a dream NBA Finals matchup. The talent, the storylines, the competitiveness...’nough said.

@Totalsratmove This whole internship thing is really getting in the way of my summer tan. #TSM @_DosEquisMan_ He ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.
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Just had an epiphany: maybe the way Lowes makes me feel is the way guys feel at the mall. @CollegeTownLife Instagram: Giving ugly people a chance since 2010 #CTL

Popular actor Ryan Gosling says “Hey Girl, I had a dream about you last night. We went antiquing with your mom. It was great. @MensHumor Lesson I learned from Friday Night: The Bartender does not take IOUs

From the Couch
Jazz in June
Have you ever attended the annual Jazz in June festival? I am not a huge jazz man myself, but I can tell you that it is a local Norman event worth checking out. I stumbled upon this little gem of entertainment about three years ago. I had heard about Jazz in June for years, but thought it was just something only “old” people would enjoy. I will be the first to admit that my assumptions couldn’t have been further off track. I really enjoy the festival for three reasons: 1. You can bring your own drinks. This is a bring-your-own lawn chair, blanket and ice chest kind of festival and that is what most people do. 2. You can get some delicious delicacies that I like to call “vendor food.” Buying food from a window in the side of a trailer is always fun and often reminds me of the state fair. However, I don’t think Jazz in June attracts the same quality of mullets that are so common at our great state fair. 3. Finally, I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Jazz in June is fun, but also relaxed. This event is one you will want to attend with your family and friends. So, break out your lawn chairs and ice chests, take a break from whatever you have going on and come spend a few evenings relaxing at Jazz in June. Check out our feature article in this issue for the full low down.
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See you at Jazz in June,

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Web 3.0

By AJLansdale

>> If there was a way to do it, hell yeah, I’d download a car.

Servers Are Down Again
t can be a challenge to be a PC gamer these days: most of the big multi-platform releases are just ports from their console versions, strong indie companies are being bought by monoliths like EA and apparently pirates are destroying what remains of the gaming industry, as they have with music and movies, or so the media companies are telling us. Gaming companies have gotten the idea that if they can make their games only work with a constant Internet connection, people won’t be able to pirate them and the developers will get the money that they deserve. A noble idea, but not only does it inconvenience and piss off consumers: it doesn’t even work. This brings us to the much-publicized release of Diablo III last month. As soon as they announced that the game would require a constant connection to the web via Battle.net, the criticism came down heavily. Granted, D3 is the type of game that most people would probably prefer to play online with friends anyway, and the game’s director, Jay Wilson, notes this. “... [T]he core of Diablo is a circle-trading game ... So for us we’ve always viewed it as an online game -- the game’s not really


With the recent movements toward making gaming a more social hobby (and in part to combat piracy), increasing numbers of PC games now require a constant Internet connection. However, this is not a good thing for several reasons.



being played right if it’s not online.” Still, not everyone has reliable Internet access, and some people just prefer to play the game by themselves or with friends through a LAN setup. Some fans threatened to boycott the game in protest, but apparently not that many: D3 smashed the record for fastest-selling game in PC history, with 3.5 million copies sold in the first 24 hours. However, because everyone has to be online to play the game, 3.5 million gamers all tried to force their way into the servers all at once, causing the now infamous Error 37: “The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later.” Blizzard got more servers in place quickly and resolved that issue, but the hatred from the fanbase hasn’t subsided yet. This isn’t the first time this “always on” requirement has enraged gamers on a massive scale, though: Back in February, Ubisoft dealt with an issue where their servers went down, but at the time, many of their games required the constant Internet connection, rendering the legitimately-purchased copies of the games unplayable, while pirates who figured out how to crack the games went right on with their business. This happened

back in 2010 as well with Assassin’s Creed II. The moral of this part of the story, at least: if you’re going to mandate that the people who play your games have to be online at all times, make sure your systems are capable of handling the constant traffic. As far as pirating as a whole goes, I generally won’t do it when it comes to games. If the game is going to be playable, I will usually be alright with it. In most cases, I’m always going to have a pretty good Internet connection, at least if I’m playing at home, but when the game is hacked and cracked for the purpose of trying to get around these types of DRM, I’m usually more sympathetic to consumers in this case. If you buy a game but can’t play it because of some backwards copy-protection, you’re going to feel ripped off, right? In that case, I fully support going around the DRM and cracking the game, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Game companies need to find a good balance between protecting their financial interests and alienating their consumers. If they can’t figure something out, I’m afraid PC gaming may have a long, slow death awaiting it.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
>> Ghost Recon has always been a nice change of pace as far as shooters go, when you compare it with Call of Duty, Battlefield and the like. Stealth is king in this game, as it always has been in this series, but with some futuristic tweaks, notably an optical camouflage system. The narrative is a little underwhelming: a formulaic plot involving a terrorist group taking over Russia (why is the enemy always Russia these days?), and it fails to illicit a large-scale emotional response at times. The multiplayer is strong, though, with each player on the team having a unique role. It’s different from everyone running and gunning after the other guys. It’s at least worth a rental if you like shooters.

Diablo III // RPG
>> DRM issues aside, give Blizzard some credit: they know how to work their properties. The game is still pretty fun, the story is interesting, but the big fun comes from taking your friends through the dungeons and killing off the big bads while splitting the loot, as it was in the rest of the series. The main thing I came away with is that this is pretty much a streamlined version of Diablo II, gameplay wise. That’s not a bad thing by any means. Their online auction house thing where you can use real money seems a little silly to me, but I guess someone will use it. The servers are probably clear by now, so it wouldn’t hurt to pick it up if you’ve got a decent connection.


>> Hope he’s on our side!


Part One of The Legend of Debris: Static Disposal

By MelGuapo

Chickasha, Oklahoma’s Debris existed from Summer 1975 to Summer 1976. Tracks 1-11 represent their self-released LP taken from the original master tapes. Tracks 12-21 are previously unissued rehearsal recordings. The complete story of Debris and its participants is chronicled through the personal accounts of founding members Oliver Powers, Chuck Ivey and Johnny Gregg in the 28 page booklet included with this cd, which also features rare photos and documents. -from the back cover of 2007’s rerelease of Debris’ Static Disposal “Norman took us in with open legs—I think they even got it!!” -Chuck “Poison” Ivey, describing Debris’ 3rd gig. Gather round, children, for Uncle Mel is about to tell you the tale of Oklahoma’s most underrated and perhaps greatest national cultural treasure: Debris. I have heard many versions of this legend; from friends, historians and inside sources alike. What follows is the legend, as I understand it. It was the summer of ‘75. Life was hot in Oklahoma and on the national scene glam rock was giving way to punk. Somewhere in and about Chickasha, Oklahoma a group of twenty-something boys had nothing better to do with their days than form an endless progression of rock and roll bands. It was a magical time when just the right personalities came together to create a piece of high art that would vanish into anonymity for over two decades before resurfacing to glory. It was a time when a group of crass dreamers from Chickasha, Oklahoma would make their ideas reverberate throughout the pages of music history. In the summer of ’73 there had been Coctails. In the summer of ’75, Coctails became Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks, who made history as Oklahoma’s first glam band with their performance on Ronnie Kaye’s “The Scene,” a brief but brilliant local music television series. (Find it on YouTube.) The summer of ’75, it was Debris. Oliver Powers and Chuck “Poison” Ivey left the Thunderpunks to search for a new sound. They enlisted shirtless Johnny Gregg on the skins. This is where the truth gets hazy. In total, Debris only played four gigs during the approximate year of its existence. The second of these gigs happened to be a battle of the bands in OKC. The prize? A recording package to track and press a full-length LP. According to legend, there was a solar eclipse throughout their set, and although the crowd generally found their performance distasteful, through some fluke or divine knowledge on the part of the judges, Debris won the battle of the bands. Thus, Static Disposal found its window into this existence. The record was tracked in a total of ten hours at Benson Sound in OKC. Powers, “Poison” and shirtless Johnny Gregg decided that it would be “the ultimate record of the decade.” But what would “the ultimate record of the decade” sound like? And could they pull it off? Tune in next time for… PART TWO OF THE LEGEND OF DEBRIS: STATIC DISPOSAL.

For FALL 2012



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Tweet your thoughts @boydstreetlove

By ElizabethAtherton

>> Maybe it just depends on what side of the bed you wake up on.

Ask Elizabeth
>> Love just has so many facets, doesn’t it?
If you’d like to use Boyd Street’s resident romance columnist as a sounding board for your relationship conundrums, e-mail Elizabeth Atherton at boydstreetlove@gmail.com

Dating: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Truth
o starting with this issue, I’m trying something a little different. How long this lasts really depends on the feedback, or until I think of something else to bring to the table. But starting right now I’m going to present to you guys a situation. Then I’m going to talk about what the appropriate thing might be to do ... and what the inappropriate thing would be to do. The choice is yours, and for most of us, we’ve probably managed to choose both the good and the bad choice at one time or another. In fact, I’ve made an art form out of walking that thin, extremely thin, line. I’d like to think that there’s a little bit of crimson and a little bit of white in all of us Sooners. SITUATION: You’re out at Campus Corner. You see a guy you think is cute and from the looks of it, he is digging you. Your next plan of action can be something sweet or something spicy. Just like how things can end either good or bad. Both girls decide to approach the guy. The guy is wearing a polo and khaki shorts with sandals. Ordinary fellow. He could go either way. The Good Girl Let’s get it clear. She’s got good girl vibes. Not sultry, but definitely sweet. She smiles a lot. At the bar the good girl takes this as an opportunity to shine, in a shy way. She is thinking relationship. She is thinking how do you pick up a guy when you want to be the next Barbara Bush? She walks up to the guy at the bar and stands to order right next to him. “What are you drinking?” she says if it is a mixed drink or, “How much was that?” if it is a beer. The guy, evaluating his interest: A) tells her the information she wants and leaves it at that; B) tells her the information she wants and buys her one; C) tells her and keeps talking. Good girl, you want him to do option C. You know why? Because if he did option A, he’s a jerk anyway. Maybe he’s taken? Who knows. Not your problem. If he did option B, it would mean that he’s probably hoping he can buy you a drink and take you home. Option C means he’s interested ... in the way you want him to be.


The Bad Girl As if her spiked heels didn’t say enough (nothing against spiked heels), this girl is bad. Maybe not really all the time, but she’s at least willing to present herself as a down-to-party kind of girl. Meaning, her approach to the bar scene is a little different from that of The Good Girl. Let us just say it’s a little more direct, and in some cases even, a little more hands-on. Yikes ... is right. She spots her target at the bar and pulls up right next to him. Her approach is a little more vague, “Heeeey, what’s up?” Then it’s followed by a compliment, “Nice shorts ...” Then she gets to the point. “How far is your place from here?” Then, when she acts like she’s about to leave ... he’ll buy her a drink. Botta bing botta boom ... The Ugly Truth There are two ways to approach the Norman bar scene, or really any bar scene: the good girl way and the bad girl way. Just know I’m not casting judgment here, but eventually someone might. You might care, you might not, but that is the good, the bad and the ugly truth.

BoydStreet.com/elizabeth-atherton or @boydstreetlove.

Feel free to hit me up at

>> Be good or bad? You choose.


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Ball Caps in Stock

Summer Time
And the Box Office is easy.

By JenHerrmann

>> Pixar is at it again.

In the Releases Box Theatrical
>> A break in the mundane that won’t break the budget.
>> Rock of Ages Take your typical boy-meetsgirl story of escaping a small town, and add to it the storytelling, drum-beating power of rock ‘n’ roll hits from the past thirty years. Rock of Ages is based on the Tony Award-winning musical, and follows the story of a young couple as they try to make it big. On the way, they run into rock stars, manipulative agents and primly-suited enemies of rock. >> Seeking a Friend for The asteroid that doom-andgloomers have been predicting for years is on a crash course for Earth, and the planet has 21 days left to live. Steve Carell and Keira Knightley star as Dodge and Penny, neighbors with completely opposite personalities whose paths collide when the end approaches. Penny decides to seek out her family in England, and Dodge offers to help her if she will drive him to find the love of his life. >> Brave Princess Merida refuses to meekly accept the customs and behaviors expected of her. Her headstrong defiance of Scottish custom unleashes chaos on the land, and when she makes a wish that she didn’t think through, she has to undo the curse she caused. Brave is the long-awaited and most recent Disney/Pixar film, and will be available in 3D in certain theaters.


ummer is the season when that movie you’ve been waiting for is finally coming out. It’s also the time when you’re probably going to spend $13 on a movie that you don’t really care about because there’s just not a whole lot else to do.

Oklahoma City and bring the friend with the comfiest pickup truck bed. 2. Snack your own way. Do you really need the pricey popcorn and nachos from the concession stand? Get together with your friends beforehand, and make yourselves dinner or snacks. Experiment with foods that you couldn’t get at the concession stand, and don’t go in hungry so that you don’t come out broke. 3. Catch up. Unless you’re a complete film fanatic, there were probably some films from the last year or even last summer that you never got a chance to go see. Comb your memory or the web for those trailers that caught your eye. The films are probably available to rent, borrow or stream by now. Instead of going out, spend the night in watching the hits you heard everyone talk about but never managed to see. 4. Keep an eye on the papers. Papers, blogs and any other media source will be full of upcoming movies and reviews during the summer. Look for the different movies that are coming out, and check to see which ones are flopping. That way you can pick and choose the films you want to see and plan to see them, rather than running out of money before they hit the big screen.

Opens June 15

Matinees are filled with children and babysitters getting out their midday energy. High school students are free to roam the theaters. Everyone else is treating themselves to a little bit of time off. Filmmakers count on the summer season to fill both the theaters’ seats and the production houses’ bank accounts. Oftentimes, producers will schedule predicted blockbusters for the summer months in order to maximize the hype around them. (Think the last Harry Potter movies and the upcoming Brave.) The summer usually accounts for 40 percent of annual ticket sales. Even though summer attendance has been declining for the past few years, the season peak is still vital for the movie industry. No doubt you’ll be eating more popcorn and staring at more screens than usual. Here are a few ideas to keep the experience fresh without breaking your wallet. 1. Go to different theaters. And not just different theaters — different kinds of theaters. This will save you from blowing all of the money from your summer job on the Warren and will give you some different movie options. Treat yourself to a luxe level dinner and movie, but also see how far you can stretch a dollar at the Robinson Crossing theater. Go to the Winchester Drive-in in

the End of the World

Opens June 22

>>On The Air


ver wonder what might happen if that mystery story you’re reading came true? For Richard Castle, the terror is even worse: the story he’s writing comes true. A famous mystery novelist, Castle is called in by the police when someone copies the murder from his novel. The investigation opens up a new world of intrigue for him, and he begins to shadow Detective Kate Beckett so that he can write a new series based on her. The two find that they can both learn from each other about their trades. Castle has just been renewed for a fifth season.


Season 5 begins on ABC this September.
Opens June22

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LG 1-House topping pizza: Dine-in & Carry Out Thurs $10

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Off the Corner

By SarahHill

Lush, Local and Laid Back: Eat At Local Makes a Mark

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new restaurant in town. Actually, let’s be real. There is a bomb new restaurant in town that is more like a restaurant production than a restaurant. For starters, every detail down to the minutiae has been considered. Really, I’m not joking. Two years of planning (you can see the planning process documented in webisodes on YouTube), has paid off in the execution of a fantastic addition to the Norman food community. Sisters Melissa Scaramucci, Abby Clark and Heather Steele combined all the best practices of their favorite restaurants to form Eat At Local. With the help of their family, friends and restaurant gurus Ryan Parrott and Robert Painter of Iguana Mexican Grill in Oklahoma City, in my humble opinion the sister trio has succeeded in creating an approachable, unique and exciting restaurant. Although the restaurant has been open for less than three months, the place remains busy -- and for obvious reasons. For starters Eat At Local uses local and fresh ingredients for everything they possibly can. They have items delivered to them from all over the state and have gone to great effort and research to ensure that when it can be, it’s made or grown in Oklahoma. What’s better than serving food that is fresh and hyper-local? The price is unbelievable. Instead of a huge upcharge on the product like a lot of small restaurants do in order to keep up with the overhead cost, Eat At Local has instead relied on their food quality and restaurant size to charge less money to more customers. You get organic and local food not at the organic and local food price. The chic and open floor space is divided into different areas. When you walk in you’re greeted with the serving stand and a small store that sells Made in Oklahoma items, and to-go food items for those wanting to pick up a good, local and healthy meal while on the run. Then a little further down is Localville. Localville is the separate, supervised and complete children’s area featuring play, media, infant, art and media rooms. While the adults have a “grown-up” meal, the kids can choose their own meal from an extensive list of healthy kid-friendly items. After Localville you have the bar, stacked with flatscreen TVs in a posh setting. The bar offers a great new option for nightlife (along with the late-night menu). The best bar feature, by far, has to be the bartender. The sisters challenged the bartender to create fresh, hand crafted cocktails with local ingredients. When local ingredients can’t be used, like for instance in tequila, they even have a way of customizing it. Like right now I can tell you there is a bottle of tequila on the Eat At Local shelf that has been infused with grilled jalapeños by the bartender. Oh yeah, and the drink mixes and syrups, those are all handmade too. Not to mention, on the weekends Eat At Local hires a band to play on the front patio (yes, they also have a patio). Does it get any better? Yes, just keep reading. So along with a patio, Eat At Local has a back room gallery. The gallery is supplied with artists from the Norman arts community. On a steady rotation, you never know whose art you’re going to see on the wall. The space can be rented out for private parties of all sizes (even 80+). So there you have it. This place is epic. It will take one visit for you to feel the same way. Like the three sisters who started it, Eat At Local is approachable, comfortable, local, and cool -- really, really, really, really cool.



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Join us for trivia, good food, & Norman’s best selection of beer!
Starts at 8 p.m. every Tuesday


Hosted By: /mcnelliesnorman



>> itr >> O’Connell’s

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>> O’Connell”s

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>> itr >> The Abner

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Summer Sizzler
Mel Guapo presents …

By MelGuapo

The Survivor’s Guide to Summer Sizzling

Summer sizzling isn’t just for the weekends. Learn to sizzle every day, through the art of sustainable sizzling.

Dear Mel, I loved your latest Summer Sizzler piece on The Mont’s patio! I want to sizzle every day like you, but I am a college student on a budget, and I just can’t afford to drink at bars every night in this economy. Are there any cheap alternatives that will allow me to sizzle, even when I’m not at a bar? --Thomasworth F. McKenzington Dear Thomas, I am glad you asked, and thank you for reading my piece. Summer sizzling is about a lot of things, but if it’s not sustainable, then what’s the point? Sizzling isn’t about a flash in the pan; it’s about the slow burn. Today’s lesson is the art and practice of sustainable sizzling.

Sizzling on a budget? Put on your walking shoes and head down to Campus Corner Market. A Super 44 fountain drink will set you right. At just $1.26 after tax, it’s always happy hour here. You can sip and stroll around campus or the Corner for hours, documenting your journey on Instagram. It’s a great way to people watch and to get to know the finer details of your city’s character and story.

You don’t always have to be on a bar patio to have a great time. Gather some of your best buds and a few bottles of wine and find a porch. Pictured above is The People’s Porch, one of the most well-known and well-respected party porches in Norman. Founded in 2008, The People’s Porch is about community, dialogue and drinking. You’re likely to make a new friend and to hear a new voice at The People’s Porch, rated one of the top spots in Norman for summer sizzling.

Summer Sizzler
They say the First Sizzler was the ultimate master of relaxation. They say that he valued his free time and freedom of thought above all else. Caring not for material things, he lived a simple yet rich existence. One way that you can do this is by grabbing a slice at Sauced on Main. This $3.50 (tax included) slice of pie is one of the best deals in town for substance and taste. This is a meal you can’t afford not to eat. You will go broke by not eating this meal, I guarantee it. Not only will it satisfy your hunger on a budget, but you can spend hours deciphering your future from the pattern of grease stains left in the box.

This spot says that I will disappoint my father. I’ve been getting that spot a lot lately. Follow in the path of the First Sizzler and find your own methods for sustainable summer sizzling. Norman is your oyster. Summer is coming. We’re all going to have to survive somehow. Every trick you can muster will help. May the odds be ever in your favor.

By AnnaMantooth

Jazz in June

Celebrate a tradition of music and community at an amazing annual event.

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ne of Norman’s premier summer events takes place very soon. Get ready for Jazz in June, an annual event that brings blues and jazz to center stage in our fair city. Three lovely evenings will be dedicated to showcasing top-notch jazz and blues musicians and their diverse music, and it’s all free. This family-friendly event gives everyone in the community a chance to get out and take in the sounds. Founded in 1984 by the Norman Arts and Humanities Council and the Cimarron Circuit Opera Company, Jazz in June has delighted attendees for almost 30 years, and each year, the event brings over 50,000 people out for the festivities. This year’s schedule consists of three nights of music: Blues Under the Stars on Thursday, June 21, Jazz Under the Stars on Friday, June 22 and Jazz in the Park on Saturday, June 23. Blues Under the Stars and Jazz Under the Stars will both be held in Brookhaven Village, and Jazz in the Park will be held in Andrews Park. For optimal listening pleasure during the three nights of Jazz in June, it’s imperative that you bring a lawn chair, bug spray and a bottle of wine (only white or rosé will do in this situation). One of the best ways to experience the music in Brookhaven is to “buy a table.” You can reserve (for a fee) a table for yourself and seven friends, where you can relax and listen to great music. A limited number of tables are available, and all proceeds go back to Jazz in June, so it’s a win/win for everybody. Or, if you get there early enough, you can sit on the patio at Louie’s and have food and drink brought right to your table. On Thursday night, Jazz in June kicks off in Brookhaven with an evening of blues. The fun starts at 7pm with Steve Coleman and the OBS All-Stars. Then at 9pm, Carolyn Wonderland takes the stage. A Texan, Wonderland has built her music career on the blues since she was a teenager. With vocals that have been compared to Janis Joplin’s and guitar skills that have been compared to Stevie Ray Vaughn’s, this artist is a first-class entertainer. Don’t be shy – if you feel like dancing, get out in front of that stage and dance. At 11pm, the party continues at the Brewhouse, where Steve Coleman and the OBS All-Stars will lead the blues jam. Side note: the late-night Jazz in June jams are notorious for being a great time, and are not to be missed. Friday night’s festivities will be more geared towards getting in the mood for jazz. The evening kicks off again in Brookhaven at 7:15pm with a set from the band What’s That, then the music continues at 9:15pm with Bert Dalton and the Brazil Project. This band, consisting of pianist Bert Dalton, vocalist Patty Stephens and a handful of other talented jazz musicians, incorporates traditional Brazilian jazz music with graceful vocals in both Portuguese and English for an intoxicating, exotic sound. The infectious bossa nova beats will have you up and dancing in no time, maybe with a stranger … you just never know.


On Saturday, Norman’s own tornado-surviving Andrews Park will come to life with the sweet sounds of jazz. The park’s amphitheater has great acoustics and is one of the best places in town to enjoy live music, especially in the summer. The awesome playground equipment offers a place for kids to keep busy, and the wide open spaces in the park allow plenty of room for everyone to find a spot where they can chill out during the event. Food vendors will be available in the park just in case you get hungry. The New Horizons Jazz Band goes on at 6pm, then at 6:45pm, the Norman High School Jazz Combo goes on to showcase their talents; they perform well-known jazz standards as well as pieces they have created. The Ivan Pena Ensemble is scheduled to take the stage at 7:10pm. The group plays what has been dubbed as “gypsy swing,” traditional jazz standards and swing-style music. The Norman High School Jazz Combo will perform again at 8:35pm, serenading the crowd in anticipation for the headliner. Headlining Jazz in June this year at 9pm on Saturday is six-time Grammy Award-winning saxophonist David Sanborn. In his career, he has released 24 albums and has recorded with an incredible range of artists, including David Bowie and James Taylor. His most recent album “Only Everything,” released in 2010, is comprised of R&B and soul-influenced jazz that heavily recalls the Motown era. This is guaranteed to be the highlight of Jazz in June, so don’t miss this opportunity to see such a talented musician in action. Afterwards, head to the Norman Santa Fe Depot at 11pm for the Jazz Jam, which will be led by the Grant Goldstein Ensemble, and close out Jazz in June on a high note. Whether you attend just part of Jazz in June or make it out to all three nights of the event, you’re in for something special. Norman’s community spirit will be out in full force, and that’s part of what makes the event so unique. Keep the tradition alive, and we’ll see you there.

For more information about Jazz in June visit jazzinjune.org

Jazz in June

Jazz  in  June  Schedule
Blues  Under  the  Stars at  Brookhaven  Village 7:00-­‐8:30pm Steve  Coleman  &  the  OBS  All-­‐Stars 9:00-­‐10:45pm Blues  Headliner:  Carolyn  Wonderland 11pm Blues  Jam  @  Coach's  Brewhouse

Jazz  Under  the  Stars at  Brookhaven  Village 7:15-­‐8:45pm What's  That 9:15-­‐10:45pm Jazz  Headliner:  Bert  Dalton  Brazil  Project

Jazz  in  the  Park at  Andrews  Park 6:00-­‐6:45pm New  Horizons  Jazz  Band 6:45-­‐7:00pm Norman  High  School  Jazz  Combo 7:10-­‐8:35pm Ivan  Pena  Ensemble 8:35-­‐9:00pm Norman  High  School  Jazz  Combo 9:00-­‐10:45pm FesWval  Headliner:  David  Sanborn 11pm Jazz  Jam  @  Norman  Santa  Fe  Depot

Summer Shape-Up

By SaraPolston MA, RD, NSCA-CPT

Fitness Far Away
How to stay in shape while you’re on vacation.
ummer vacation is all about taking a break from the norm, whether you’re relaxing on the beach, catching up with relatives or exploring new places. Unfortunately, dropping your workout and healthy eating habits can quickly become the routine. Great news, your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle does not have to take a backseat to your fun summer getaway. The following tips will help you stay on track this vacation season. Tip #1: Balance and Moderation It comes as no surprise that people can return from vacation having gained up to five to ten pounds in as little as a week away from home. The lazy days spent poolside, sipping on 600-calorie pina coladas, topped off with a few rounds at the all-you-can-eat buffet can wreak havoc on your waistline in no time. It’s important to remember NOT to begin a vacation with the mindset that you’re trying to lose weight while away. Instead, aim to maintain your current body weight. If you can return home within a pound or two of your pre-vacation weight, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Also, by no means do you have to deprive yourself from treats that you enjoy, but rather practice moderation and establish a balance when controlling calories from food and alcohol. For Example: 1. Eat healthy at breakfast, lunch and snack time, then feel free to treat yourself at dinner. 2. If you want to indulge in a rich dessert, plan on sharing it with a friend. And make sure to order a healthy entree first. 3. If you plan on hitting up the buffet, save it for the last day of your trip. This will ensure only one buffet visit during the length of your stay. 4. Keep an eye on portion sizes. Split an entree, order an appetizer as your main course and eat only half of your meal then box up the other half to take home with you. 5. When drinking alcohol, save calories by ordering wine, light beer or combine liquor with a non-caloric mixer (i.e. water, diet mixes).


Tip #2: Schedule in Fitness Staying physically active while on vacation is the key to enjoying extra calories without weight gain. Why not include fun activities and some light training to counteract the lazy days and all-you-can-eat buffets? If you’re not in the mood to hit the hotel gym, no problem! Venture out and burn some extra calories by walking or jogging on the beach, hiking the trails, water sports, kayaking, riding a bike, tennis, yoga classes, etc. Tip #3: Plan Ahead If traveling by car, pack a cooler with a variety of healthy snacks to have on hand. If traveling by plane, your options are somewhat limited but you can still pack nutritious snacks that do not require refrigeration. Here are a few travel-friendly snack ideas: -light tuna (packed in water) -mixed nuts -low-sugar protein bar -oranges, apples -carrots, peppers -string cheese -whole grain crackers or rice cakes -protein powder (mix with water) -beef or turkey jerky -bottled water Tip #4: Dining Out How to order a healthy meal: 1. Request items to be made without butter or oil. 2. Order meat/fish that is grilled, broiled or baked along with a side of steamed or lightly sauteed vegetables. 3. Ask for sauces and dressing on the side. 4. Make healthy substitutions, i.e. baked potato instead of French fries, tomato-based sauce over cream sauce and steamed brown rice over fried rice.

The following workout can be done just about anywhere and does not require any equipment, just body weight. Warm up: Five minutes walking. Perform circuit two to three times. • 20 standard squats • 20 mountain climbers • 20 pop squats (start in a wide stance, squat, • 2 minute walk or jog jump and bring feet together, jump back out • 30 crunches to a wide squat) • 1 minute plank • 15 push ups • 20 jumping jacks • 20 mountain climbers • 2 minute walk or jog • 2 minute walk or jog • 30 crunches • 15 walking lunges (30 total) • 1 minute side plank (30 seconds per side) • 15 switch lunges (start in a lunge position, • 2 minute walk or jog jump while switching to lunge position on • Cool down and stretch the opposite leg, repeat) • 15 push ups

Vacation Workout:

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Closing in on the U.S. Open


Who will take home the title this year?

any things in sports need no explanation on why they are great, such as the “Run for the Roses,” kissing the bricks at Indy and of course the home opener in Norman in September for Sooner football. The U.S. Open golf tournament also needs no explanation on why it is so great, but here is my reasoning on why it is the greatest event in all of golf. The U.S. Open is just that … open. Open for anyone who can swing the clubs, be it your trash man, your kid’s t-ball coach or even you. If you can make it through one of the eleven 36-hole sectional qualifiers you are in. You don’t even have to have ever attended PGA Q-school or played big time collegiate golf. Heck even Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo has tried his hand at making the U.S. Open. That is the beauty of golf. Imagine if you will gathering a few softball buddies and going to play the New York Yankees. That is what a golfer can do, he can be on the same course as Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Tiger Woods. If you have swung the clubs at your local course and you’ve thought about that “Cinderella Moment,” it can be yours.

Now just qualifying doesn’t mean you are going to win; I mean come on, the last amateur to win was all the way back in 1933 when Johnny Goodman won the U.S. Open. Last year, 13 amateurs were in the field, and only three made the cut. Patrick Cantlay, a freshman at UCLA, was the low amateur finishing 21st. Now on to the guys who are out there week in and week out, the big names and who to watch for in this U.S. Open. The last time the Open was held at The Olympic Club, Lee Janzen won carding a 280. Rory McIlroy won last year and should be in contention this year as well. Tiger Woods, with the recent win at the Memorial marking his 73rd PGA Tour title (capped by an amazing chip in on 16) looks to win his 15th major title in the quest for Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18. Phil Mickelson is always a threat at any major, and now you can say the same for guys like Bubba Watson, Graeme McDowell and a laundry list of others, but my prediction is the Tiger will roar. He’s focused again, has tasted victory and has the feel of the crowd behind him. Look for Tiger to win number 15.
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25. Some government issues, briefly 27. Univs.
2228. For one, informally

52. Inspiring fear 53. Conferred about 56. To be, in Picardy 57. Spanish ladies: Abbr. 59. "All You ___ Is Love" 60. Salinger gal 61. Big Dipper component 64. Summer hours in Pa. 65. Carrier to Sweden

29. Adjective for some gametes 30. Skybox locale

31. Break another bronc 35. Unless, to Cicero 37. Typical amount 47 39. Rare birth 41. Organization: Abbr.
50 35 36


42 36. Theaters of ancient Greece 46

44. The Niger River flows through it
5846. Overhangs 60 59 61

49. Brainy type 50. Fragrant evergreen with starlike flowers 68 51. They pull skiers up the 71 mountain

42. Antic 43. ___ whale 45. Genetic enzyme 47. Rev.'s message 48. Introduction in a Dr. Seuss Down 1. POW Jessica Lynch and others 25. Some government issues, briefly 27. Univs. 52. Inspiring fear 53. Conferred about


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