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Cochin, Kerala, India Chemicals Products - Manufacturer, Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1969 The Company was established in the year 1969 for the manufacture of Formic Acid & Sodium Sulphate. Ours is the first formic acid plant in South Asia and formic acid is our main product. Ours is the only company in India with formic acid as the main product. We can supply Formic Acid 85%, Formic Acid 90% and Sodium Sulphate (Anhydrous) Products : Formic Acid 85% Formic Acid 90% Periyarphen - a formulation of formic acid with paranitrophenol. Actiform - a formulation of formic acid with boosters and antioxidants.

periyar chemicals limited Periyar Chemicals Limited is the first manufacturer of Formic Acid 85% in South Asia. Our unit was established in the year 1969 and Formic Acid is our main product. Our formic acid is of the best quality and be used directly in pharmaceutical application.

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Our sodium sulphate anhydrous and other chemicals are demanded in labs because of their longevity and many other features that are none in others.Sodium Sulphate We are Manufacturers and suppliers of sodium sulphate at the least rates in the market. glass. Formic acid is the prime chemical used in dying and other chemical purposes. We present the wide gamut of quality sodium sulphate anhydrous. Our Sodium Sulphate is used in manufacturing paper. Our pure formic acid is commonly used in labs and chemical reactions all around the nation › View Detail . Formic Acid is also applied in insecticides as well. We are glad to present you the pure formic acid and all other forms of formic acids. Expert › Send Inquiry Formic Acid We also wholesale formic acid at the least reasonable rates in the market. pharmaceuticals and other products.