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Tablet PCs: The future computers
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Tablet PCs: The future computers

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Executive summary: As a concept. TABLETS have been around for a while. economies of scale has started setting in already. it did take quite a while for a true convergence of hardware. This report will highlight the potential and opportunity which should serve as a strategic tool for category players. software. What to expect from this report? This report will not only look at global trends applications and use cases for tablets but also the current status of the market. OS. Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . As this nascent market grows at a breakneck pace globally . Why do a report on TABLET market? Tablets have the potential to grow exponentially if key players in the market can play to the right market forces. usability and an application ecosystem finally come together which has paved the way for a new generation of devices in the form of today’s TABLETS. challenges and the outlook for the tablet market. So have touch screen on phones. while a number of models are available in India some global brands and not so global ones there has been very little by way of differentiation amidst all these products .

The effect is like writing on paper with liquid ink. where a digitizer is laid under or over an LCD screen to create an electromagnetic field that can capture the movement of the special-purpose pen and record the movement on the LCD screen. portable personal computer with a touch screen interface. The most common type of tablet is the slate style.INTRODUCTION A tablet PC is a wireless. The tablet form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a Smartphone. These devices which are what that most people mean when they refer to a tablet have electronics integrated into the touch screen unit and lack a hardware keyboard. The tablet PC relies on digital ink technology. However. like Apple's iPad or Microsoft's Surface. Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . Some keyboards also function as docks for the devices. external keyboards are available for slate-style tablets.

Handwriting can be saved as an image. The Tablet PC is a fully functional Windows XP portable computer that can be operated with a digital pen. Tablets can also be easily carried around providing enhanced mobility and ease of use. Integrated handwriting recognition technology enables users to create handwritten documents.’ (Becta. and some applications. ‘Microsoft and a number of hardware manufacturers (including Acer. Fujitsu Siemens and RM) launched the Tablet PC in November 2002. Toshiba. which allows the user to interact with software using a stylus (digitizer pen) as if writing on a slate. The pen can be used to control the PC and also to ‘write’ on the screen of the device. with a more natural and intuitive interface than a conventional laptop computer. similar to a notebook. 2004. Tablet PCs offer an alternative to pen and paper. such as Windows Journal. converted into typed text. allow the user to save and search ‘digital ink’ documents.WHAT IS TABLET PC? A Tablet PC is a lightweight computer. Hewlett-Packard. p1) Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 .

trend-setting. arguing that Microsoft was first with its tablet PC initiative in the early 2000s. Almost eight years ago.A SHORT STORY OF THE TABLET PC In an article about the supposed upcoming Apple tablet. when it was revealed that Steve Ballmer would debut a new tablet computer made by HP." Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . And I have an exclusive photo of a prototype of this unbelievable. Paul Thorrot made a jab at the hype that has developed. In rushing to defend their pet companies. The devices shipped in 2002. Thurrot made his remarks in a short post on his blog right before CES. I say both are wrong. "I can now reveal that Microsoft and its PC maker partners will announce and then deliver their own Tablet PC well before Apple." Thurrot wrote. Neither Apple nor Microsoft has anything to do with the conceptualisation or realisation of the tablet computer. and claims that Apple's Newton was the first tablet. Daring Fireball's John Gruber disagrees with Thurrot. and innovative product. "From 2001.

At the moment the iPad still ranks as the most widely used tablet pc. the tablet pc market has quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry. sleep and breathe all things gadget related. tablet pc’s are in fact gaining percentage points as the most popular device of choice. Nonetheless. Among the list of most commonly used operating systems for such devices (smartphones & tablets) iOS dominates 49%. Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . more options in several different price brackets for consumers. or practically half of the market. it’s very interesting to watch the industry take off. but competition also continues to heat up which respectively has a big impact on how much the tablet computer industry grows. Although smartphones currently rank as the #1 most used portable touchscreen device. creeping up and gaining percentage points for the last 7 months in a row! Watch out Apple! Let’s not forget other popular mobile operating systems such as the upcoming Windows table OS (aka Windows 8 OS) and RIM’s BlackBerry tablet OS among others. However you spin it. Those numbers above only account for capacitive touch screen tablets. Demand for such devices is one thing.So as you can see. More manufacturers entering the market means. ultimately resulting in overall growth in revenue as a whole. this is a tablet pc related site and what I’m trying to point out is that popularity for tablet computers continues to soar. even for people such as myself who practically eat. Statistics for smartphone growth is tremendously higher since they have been around longer and are the most commonly used capacitive touchscreen device. The lineup of future tablet computers expected to hit the market soon is nearly impossible to keep up with. Let’s not forget others that have recently hit the scene such as the HP TouchPad along with the new tablet webOS 3.0 which looks very promising as well. Other industry leaders are making tremendous headway though and the Android OS is not far behind at 41%.

resting your hand on the screen does not interfere with the digitizer and is. This can be especially useful when you’re taking notes at a meeting or filling out a documentation template at a patient visit. Here’s a discussion of some of the tablet PC’s benefits and drawbacks: Portability: When most people envision a computerized office. a tablet PC uses a screen digitizer to turn your print or cursive handwriting into text that can be inserted into documents. the average weight of a tablet. With digital ink technology. this capability is only useful if you have a wireless network in place in your practice or hospital. any new technology also comes with its own set of problems. However. Handwriting and speech recognition capability. is smaller and more manageable in many cases than that of the equivalent paper charts. The tablet PC gives you the portability of a PDA and the increased screen size and power of a desktop PC. research a particular drug or look up ICD-9 codes. This allows physician users to quickly and easily access the Internet or their network. that PC will not budge when you want to take a trip to the sample closet or leave the room to confer with a consultant. Tablet PCs perform Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . in fact. Wireless capability: Tablet PCs can recognize and connect to wireless networks with no added hardware required. encouraged for writing stability. most will need to be recharged within four hours. Of course. Since the digitizer will only respond to the proprietary pen or stylus. handwriting and speech recognition capability and security options. they probably think of a big PC in every room. wireless capability. Depending on how much you carry your tablet around the weight can become burdensome at times. Although some tablets can remain unplugged for as long as nine hours. for example to review patients’ EMRs.PUTTING TABLET TO USE Tablet PCs have a number of features that make them especially appealing and useful to physicians: portability. However. which is only about three pounds. Of course. All-day portability can be maintained by charging your battery at lunch or carrying an extra battery with you.

Speech recognition: is another feature of a tablet PC that may be appealing to physicians. Because device theft may be a concern with this type of portable computer. it can be useful. The tablet takes the user through a speech-training module and then allows him or her to easily activate the speechrecognition feature with the touch of a button. one of the tablets currently on the market comes with a movement sensor that can be used to trigger an alarm and another comes with an integrated fingerprint reader for enhanced data security. Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . The tablet also gives you the option of inputting text using the PDA block letter recognition systems. especially if you are using a template-driven medical record in your practice. appropriate use of passwords and data encryption technology can help to protect personal and patient information on your tablet. While speech recognition may still not be good enough to serve as a complete replacement for your medical transcriptionist.handwriting recognition quite well and are even better at converting cursive than print. Security options: As with any computer.

Samsung Tab After the Success of their Samsung Galaxy S. Which means you can enjoy all the Apps you find interesting in the Android Market. The other thing is that it’s kind of a status symbol owning Apple’s product. It’s for those who love Windows 7 as it runs on the same. are mostly powered by Android. which is again powered by Android. HP Slate HP Slate is pretty much said to be the best alternative to iPad. Samsung Tab. which is any Open Source Mobile Operating System from Google. Other Tablets. Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . Samsung had launched. It had to go through some criticism initially but now it feels like people have really accepted this as the only option. which we are listing.KEY PLAYERS IN MARKET: Apple iPad Apple’s iPad is the most famous Tablet PC in the market currently.

The $35 Tablet PC from India Last but not the least the $35 Tablet PC from India.Asus EEE Tablet Asus is the one who took this Netbook thing to the next level. So we can expect a Google HTC Tablet in near future. It runs on Android and is capable of doing almost everything which other Tablet PC we mentioned above can do. Google HTC Tablet This Google HTC Tablet is said to be a Rumor. they can launch a product the very next day. Asus presented their 9Inch Tablet PC which is powered by Android. Like Google Nexus One was once called a rumored phone but it was launched soon. prior to that there was nothing like a 9inch Computer and when they launched every company started following them. Yes. it’s the Cheapest of All and it’s very real. but you cannot be sure if it’s Google. Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 .

but made sure its competitive advantages in the market were at the heart of its iPad marketing strategy. Make sure the hardware is profitable and the additional content revenue is just add-on revenue.  Utilize Apple exclusive services like FaceTime and iCloud to further differentiate the iPad from competitors. Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . regardless of competitor offerings. and has maintained a laser sharp focus to maintain its market position despite many competitor attempts to unseat Apple from market leadership in this product category. Lead the race in research and development to ensure that the iPad maintains its top of line tablet functionality and performance. Maintain the iPad as a premium brand. Apple refined its iPad marketing strategy to address these changes in market dynamics. The company has built its 3rd generation iPad marketing strategy and product strategy around the following eight factors.MARKET STRATEGY: Apple’s key competitive advantages in the tablet space are its:      Premium brand image Market position Technology leadership and patents Product development Large number of ancillary service offerings Despite the entrance of price targeted competitors and the opening of a new set of more price-sensitive customers in the tablet space.  Don’t compete on price.    Exploit network effects like benefits to having more people on FaceTime.

Regardless of a company’s position in a market.  Stick to one device size so that accessory producers have an easy time continuing to offer cool accessories for the iPad that are not offered for other competing tablets due to the varying sizes. as this will also drive the likelihood of them consuming iTunes and other apple content.  Remind customers that the app store is still the largest store of its type with the highest security standards. The Apple iPad marketing strategy example provides an example of how to effectively build your company’s product and marketing strategies around its core competitive Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 .openviewpartners. Courtesy: Mr. its competitive advantage should be at the heart of its goto-market and product strategies. Brandon Hickie (Source: http://blog. Losing sight of these factors will spell failure more often than not. These are the factors that will enable a company to differentiate itself from other competitors in the market place and maximize the favorable outcome of a given set of strategies. despite tremendous pressure from changing market dynamics. Sell to major content consumers mainly.

Nearly all tablet users (93%) have downloaded apps. Research VP distinguished analyst.  Microsoft will bring to market a tablet-specific version of Windows 8 in 2012 but its late arrival will limit its appeal to consumers.  Paid apps account for 26% of all tablet apps downloaded. the majority of the players have been focusing on the Android platform. The frenzied run on HP's TouchPad once it was reduced to $99 is a strong indication that many customers are waiting for prices to come down before purchasing. 79% of app downloaders have paid for apps. Published: 2 September 2011) Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . (Source: iPad and Beyond: The Future of the Tablet Market. entertainment and news.   From the above stats we can see that users think of tablets as multipurpose entertainment devices. many of which are for weather. The average app downloader spent $53 on apps in the last year. The average tablet user has downloaded 20 apps.   Over 40% of tablet use occurs outside homes. The way consumers will think about. David Willis and Carolina Milanesi.CURRENT TRENDS AND FUTURE EXPECTATIONS FROM TABLET MARKET:  The tablet market will grow to more than 320 million units in 2015.   Beyond Apple. a stat that is common to both smartphones and tablets. and interact with computing devices has changed for good. Tablet users view tablets as their preferred reading device over computers and 0printed media for many types of content and information. Lower-priced tablets may open the market even further.  Games are the most popular category.

if the forecast is correct.8 million units after their launch this sometime this year. Interestingly. the projection for 2016 shows Apple maintaining a solid lead in the tablet market. and a staggering 369 million – over a third of a billion tablets – by 2016. they project that Android tablets will grow to rival – but not surpass – the iPad. according to a recent report.. They project tablet sales to reach 182 million next year. 30 million fewer units) second. with Windows 8 surpassing 2011-level iPad sales in 2016. According to the report.e. those numbers will only go up in coming years.webpronews. its performance as a tablet platform has lagged behind somewhat. They attribute this to the current lack of tablet-optimized Android apps. They project Windows 8 tablets selling a modest (but respectable) (Source 2:http://www. As you can see from the chart above. (Source1: http://www.Tablet Sales to Hit 119 Million In 2012 The prominence of tablets in this post-PC era is only going to Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . of which Apple’s iPad will account for almost 73 million units. They also project decent performance for the forthcoming Windows 8 tablet market. tablet sales in 2012 will reach almost 119 million units across all models. Gartner foresees that changing in the coming years as the Android tablet app ecosystem improves.gartner. While Android has done enormously well as a smartphone platform. with Android coming in a relatively close (i. What’s more.

REFERENCE: 4. Research VP distinguished analyst. Journal by Mr. 5.webpronews. Brandon 2. http://blog. David Willis and Carolina http://www.openviewpartners. Published: 2 September 2011 3.html Tablet PCs: The future computers Page 14 . PROQUEST: http://udini. http://www. iPad and Beyond: The Future of the Tablet 6.gartner.

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