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New Section 48 Project Description_ Environmental Information Report

New Section 48 Project Description_ Environmental Information Report

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The proposed development site is located in the Royal Borough of
Kensington and Chelsea. It comprises a council depot, the safeguarded
Cremorne Wharf and the Thames Water Lots Road Pumping Station. The
site location and context are shown in Figure 11.1and Figure 11.2.


It is proposed to use the site as a combined sewer overflow interception
site andconnection tunnel drive site.


The site is bounded to the north by Chelsea Wharf (which consists of
mixed commercial and residential use), to the east by the River Thames,
to the south by the Circadian development (Lots Road Power Station) site,
and to the west by Lots Road.


Existing access to the site is from Lots Road through the depot entrance,
with a separate exit to the southwest of the Grade II listed Lots Road
Pumping Station. Fulham Broadway London Underground Station is
1.7km to the northwest, and Imperial Wharf Station 0.5km to the
southwest, providing both London Overground and national rail services.
The Thames Path public right of way runs to the north of the site along
Lots Road.


The siteis located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Air
Quality Management Area declared for nitrogen dioxide and particulate


The surrounding area includes the adjacent River Thames and Chelsea
Creek (which are important for nature conservation) and the Battersea
Park Nature Areas Local Nature Reserve, located on the opposite side of
the river. The site does not lie within a Conservation Area; however the
Thames Conservation Area is located adjacent to the site. There are
several listed buildings located to the northeast of the site along Cheyne


The main flood risk to the site is from the tidal River Thames. The site is
located in a ‘high probability’ flood zone, although it is protected by flood

11 Cremorne Wharf Depot

Section 48: Project description and
environmental information report

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