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Ch 86

The Piercing Star


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 1. By the sky and the Taariq. 2. And what will make you realize what Taariq is ? 3. (It is) the piercing star. 4. There is not a single soul which does not have a custodian over it. 5. So let man see from what he was created. 6. He was created from gushing water (fluid) 7. that comes out from in between the loins and the ribs. 8. He is certainly able to return him, (and make him face) 9. the day, (when) secrets will be examined, 10. then there will neither be strength nor a helper for him. 11. By the sky that returns (the water in the form of rain), 12. and the earth that splits (due to vegetation), 13. this (Quran) is certainly a decisive statement, 14. and it is not (something to be taken as) a joke. 15. They certainly plot a plot, 16. and I (too) plot a plot. 17. So give time to the infidels, give them time for a while. (R l)

Summarized Commentary
Chapter 86 (Revealed at Makkah)

Vs 110 Allah (SWT) created man, He causes him to die and will return him to life for facing the judgment of his deeds.

Vs 1114 The Quran contains decisive facts. Vs 1517 The plot of the infidels will be nullified by Allah (SWT).

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