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C 92


The Night

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 1. By the night when it covers (the sun), 2. and the day when it unveils (the sun), 3. and Him Who created the male and the female. 4. Your striving is certainly for diverse ends. 5. So as for him who gave and guarded (against evil) 6. and accepted that which was best, 7. We will facilitate him for ease. 8. And as for him who was niggardly and considered himself independent 9. and denied that which was best, 10. We will facilitate him for difficulty. 11. And his wealth will not keep him safe from difficulty when he perishes. 12. It is certainly on Us to guide. 13. And certainly, Ours is the latter (future) and the former (past). 14. So I warn you of the blazing fire. 15. None will enter it except the wretched, 16. who denied and turned away. 17. And one who guards (against evil) will be saved from it, 18. he who gives his wealth for his self purification, 19. and he does not bestow favour on anyone, from that which is with him, (with the intention of) being rewarded (back), 20. but he seeks the Attention of his Fosterer, the High. 21. And he will surely be pleased. (R 1)