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C 93

Brightness of the Day


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 1. By the brightness of the day, 2. and the night when it darkens. 3. Your Fosterer has neither forsaken you nor does he hate you{ l }. 4. And surely the latter period (future) will be better for you than the former (past). 5. And surely you will be given (so much) by your Fosterer that you will be pleased. 6. Did He not find you an orphan, then give you shelter, 7. and find you wandering then guide you, 8. and find you poor then make you free of want? 9. So as for the orphan do not oppress (him), 10. and as for the beggar do not drive him away, 11. and as for the favour of your Fosterer, do proclaim. (R l)

Summarized Commentary
Chapter 92 (Revealed at Makkah)

Vs 121 The consequences of the pious and the sinners are described.
Chapter 93 (Revealed at Makkah)

Vs 111 Prophet Muhammed (PBH) is consoled Refer Note No.1. (93:3) of Explanatory Notes.

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