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I rented the DVD not really knowing what to expect.

Having written articles on the

subject, I expected a watered down version of a disturbing reality. According to
the statistics cited in this excellent movie, over 800,000 people in the US are
victims of this form of slavery. It is, thanks to the fact we are the number one
consumer of these victims, rapidly outstrippping narcotics in revenues.

What Human Trafficking exposes in an in your face, pull no punches style, is a

harsh reality we all need to look at and discuss with our children. Thanks to
superbly understated performances by Donald Sutherland and Mira Sorvino, the story
itself is allowed to shine.

Unlike other reviewers, I didn't find Sorvino too pretty, but an intelligent,
ambitious but very humane woman who approaches Sutherland to let her become a
member of ICE. Think Jodie Fosters character which infuses Sorvino's performance.
Donald Sutherland plays his role as her boss deftly and with great subtlety.

This movie spares nothing. The treatment of the children and women is raw and very
brutal. All the actors portraying the victims offer stellar performances.

Human Trafficking spans several continents in an attempt to show just how these
sex slaves are either lured or outtright taken by these monsters in human flesh.
There are several subplots interwoven thoughout the movie.

One involves the enticing of young girls from Eastern Bloc countries by offering
glitzy modelling contracts in NY. Two of them end up having key roles, both
heartbreaking in this disturbing film.

In the Phillipines a hotbed of child flesh peddling, an aging obese pig of an

Aussie pimp specializes in very small children, both male and female, who are used
until they die of disease or trauma.

Mexico receives women and often the police are active participants in the whole
ordeal, many times grabbing the first "taste" of such young tender flesh.

And the United States with its huge consumer base waiting for these very young
women and children, is a blot on our republic which stands as a symbol of refuge
and hope.

If you have teens, I'd recommend watching it with them, taking the pause between
the first and second part to read the real stories and discuss the statistics.
Though it is very raw and potent, it may end up saving your starry eyed daughter
who wants to be a model, or your children in general from being sucked in by these
peddlars in human flesh.

If you are a hide your head in the sand person, who'd rather not know about such
things, don't bother watching Human Trafficking. But if you care about the plight
of children-children dying from AIDS and other diseases, brought on by being
forced to have sex up to 12 or more times a day HERE and abroad, this should be a
wake up call to get involved.