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Pollution causes changes in water’s ecosystems and nutrient cycling. That can cause the spread of deseases and influence negatively people’s health.

•Chemical pollution •Physical pollution •Biological pollution

Inorganic substance - acids, salts, toxic metals
Synthetic organic compounds - detergents, pesticides, herbicides, petroleum products

Fertilizers used in agriculture Organic residues, which are destroyed by the aerobic


Thermal pollution - thermal power plants and

warmth slag entered into water basins of the industrial plants.
In Latvia’s climate the water temperature’s increase up to 25 – 26°C stimulate the growth and reproduction of almost all species organizms. But if the temperature increases up to 27 – 30°C it changes the composition of the species of plants and animals in a watercourse.

Radioactive waste from the air, the land and


The presence of unusual organisms in

water (viruses, bacteria, mushrooms, plants, animals). Introducing new species of plants and animals in watercourses where they previously haven’t lived – it destroys the ecological balance of a watercourse.

Eriocheir sinensis

Perccottus glenii

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