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Apeldoorn, Netherlands, July 20th 2012

Dear subscriber, The Netherlands want to be respected for their work for international justice. Starting with the international initiative Amnesty International, Fathers for Justice, etc. a growing number of people start to realise ... a lot is going wrong. Badly wrong. An astonishing number of trials turn out to be mistrails. A growing number of convicted people turn out to be imprisoned for life ... but innocent. Now step by step a study is done ... what's about in Civil Right Cases. In civil right cases the problem is even worse. Often behind closed doors people's lives are ruined by unprofessional judges. Nobody else hears ... nobody else sees ... In cases about family life and children governemental intitutions turn out to be guilty of the most serious crimes with fraud and child-maltreatment. A number of journalist is doing work together. The problem is huge. International aid is welcome. A lot of developments turn out to be equal in a lot of different countries. Please contact us on: (translated: justice victimes) In Germany we have a peer-organization:

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and many more Let us know what you are thinking about all this.dhr.Trias Politica .staande magistratuur .enz. Wedzinga .Bureau Jeugdzorg .Ministerie van Justitie .Burgerlijk Wetboek .mr.zittende magistratuur . Ton Derksen . Maurice de Hond .dhr.Asch .hof .in het belang van het kind . enz. pagina 2 van 2 . Openbaar Ministerie . Knoops . Did you become active doing things in your own country? What did you achieve? Yours sincerely.officier van justitie .klemcriterium .Gardner Special thanks to the following scolars and journalists: .Milgram .rechtbank .OM.Raad voor de Kinderbescherming .gerechten . Special interest for the following scolars: .Freud.Horst Trieflinger . Oscar A.dhr. Anna .mr. Anne Boer .Keywords for study in the Dutch context: .