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Neferteri Grace P.

Jumawan BS-IS

ITETHIC Mr. Paul Pajo

Integrative Question:

Tough times call for more CSR

1. What foundation is doing an assist for the communities and sectors that
derive sustenance from coffee farming?

2. What is the name of Figaro Foundation campaign that provides selected

communities training on organic farming methods?

3. What is the program of Splash Foundation that provides comprehensive

livelihood courses and skills training on cosmetology?

4. What foundation helps to improve the access of deserving high school

students to post-secondary education, training and employment in courses
related to JFC businesses?

5. What organization encourages its members to implement a similar program

to mitigate cost?

6. How will Figaro Foundation strengthens the local coffee industry?

7. What is the purpose of the Project of Team Energy Foundation?

8. Who implements the programs whose aim is to uplift the quality of life of
small coconut farmers and enhance the development of the coconut industry
as a whole?

9. On what way did Metro Millennium Foundation “shares the light” with the
communities served by its principal?

10.What did Jollibee Foundation do to small farmers?