Maren Daley

Executive Director

For Immediate Release
July 20, 2012

Contact: Michael Ziesch

North Dakota’s Unemployment Rate 3.2% for June
Bismarck – Job Service North Dakota reported that labor statistics released today show North Dakota’s June not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.2 percent. The rate is a 0.5 percentage point increase from prior month (May 2.7 percent), and 0.8 percentage points lower than a year ago. The national rate in June was 8.4 percent. Michael Ziesch, Labor Market Information co-manager stated, “The current month’s unemployment rate uptick, from May to June, is normal as students on summer recess and recent college graduates become entrants into the state’s labor force.” North Dakota Not Seasonally Adjusted Labor Force Data Unemployment Rate Unemployed Employed Labor Force June 2012 3.2% 12,567 385,841 398,408 May 2012 2.7% 10,565 381,134 391,699 June 2011 4.0% 15,484 376,081 391,565

The nation’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 8.2 percent for June, unchanged from prior month. The current month’s rate was 0.9 percentage points below last year (9.1 percent). The seasonally adjusted rate for North Dakota was 2.9 percent in June, little changed over the month (May 3.0 percent). The current month’s rate is 0.7 percentage point below June 2011 (3.6 percent). The seasonal adjustment process utilizes a statistical adjustment to accommodate predictable fluctuations between months; such as length of daylight and typical weather. Seasonal adjustment allows for comparison between all months of a year. Seasonally Adjusted Rates North Dakota United States
Notes: 1. The unemployment rate is the percentage of people actively seeking work compared to those in the labor force (employed plus unemployed). 2. Data are subject to revision. 3. The Job Service North Dakota Labor Market Information Center produced these statistics using the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ nationallyrequired standard methodology. 4. County and substate areas will be posted on 7-25-2012 to the Labor Market Information website:

June 2012 2.9% 8.2%

May 2012 3.0% 8.2%

June 2011 3.6% 9.1%


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