NRSC 7614, Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders Spring, 2012

Course Director: Jason Tregellas, Ph.D. 3 PM Tuesday and Thursday, RC-1 North 7th floor conference room Course website: Date January 24 January 26 January 31 February 2 February 7 February 9 February 14 February 16 February 21 February 23 February 28 March 1 March 6 March 8 Speaker Jason Tregellas, Ph.D. Psychiatry Christopher Filley, M.D. Neurology Timothy Vollmer, M.D. Neurology John Sladek, Ph.D. Neurology --cancelled-David Beckham, M.D. Neurology David Arciniegas, M.D. Neurology Patrick Bosque, M.D. Neurology Ulli Bayer, Ph.D. Pharmacology Al Anderson, M.D. Neurology Paula Hoffman, Ph.D. Pharmacology Nancy Zahniser, Ph.D. Pharmacology Jody Tanabe, M.D. Radiology Don Rojas, Ph.D. Psychiatry Viral Pathogenesis in the CNS Traumatic Brain Injury Prion Disease / Protein Misfolding Stroke Movement Disorders Alcoholism - Genetics Substance Abuse, part 1 Substance Abuse, part 2 Autism Title Course Introduction & Human Research Methods Alzheimer’s Disease Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson’s Disease

Neurological Diseases Substance Abuse & Developmental Addiction Diseases

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Developmental Diseases

March 13,15 Spring Break March 20 Nicole Tartaglia, M.D. Pediatrics March 22 March 27 March 29 April 3 April 5 April 10 April 12 April 17 April 19 April 24 April 26 May 1 Katheleen Gardiner, Ph.D. Pediatrics Katheleen Gardiner, Ph.D. Pediatrics Sherry Leonard, Ph.D. Psychiatry Jason Tregellas, Ph.D. Psychiatry Karen Stevens, Ph.D. Psychiatry Randy Ross, M.D. Psychiatry Cathy Adams, Ph.D. Psychiatry Chris Schneck, M.D. Psychiatry STUDENT PRESENTATIONS 1) Jason Smucny Guido Frank, M.D. Psychiatry Laura Martin, M.D. Psychiatry STUDENT PRESENTATIONS 1) Chelsea Corser-Jensen 2) Jacki Rorabaugh STUDENT PRESENTATIONS 1) Kelsey Barcomb 2) Elizabeth Gould STUDENT PRESENTATIONS 1) Dan Raible 2) James Holmes

Fragile X Down Syndrome, part 1 Down Syndrome, part 2 Genetics


Schizophrenia-- Overview, Imaging Schizophrenia -- Animal Models Childhood Psychosis Schizophrenia -- Neuroanatomy and Development Depression

Affective & Eating Disorders

Olfactory Dysfunction in Schizophrenia Eating Disorders Bipolar Disorder

Psychopathy Orexin/Hypocretin in Sleep Disorders Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum Nervous System Regeneration Epilepsy MicroRNA Biomarkers

May 3

May 8

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May 10

STUDENT PRESENTATIONS 1) Ben Garcia 2) Gargi Datta

Psychosis Paranoid Disorders

May 15,17


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