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MCQ Factories Act

MCQ Factories Act

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Published by Praveen Kumar Singh
objective type question on the factories act 1948
objective type question on the factories act 1948

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Published by: Praveen Kumar Singh on Jul 20, 2012
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1, The first Factories Act was enacted in a),1881 b),1895 c),1897 d),1885 Answer- a), 1881 2, Who is an adult as per

Factories Act, 1948 ? a. Who has completed 18 years of age b. who is less than 18 years c. who is more than 14 years d. who is more than 15 years Answer- a). Who has completed 18 years of age 3, A person who has ultimate control over the affairs of the factory under Factories Act, 1948 is called as _________ a. Occupier b. Manager c. Chairman d. Managing Director. Answer - a. Occupier 4, The space for every worker employed in the Factory after the commencement of Factories Act, 1948 should be ________ Cubic Meters. a. 9.9 c. 14.2 b. 10.2 d. 13.2

6,Who is an Adolescent as per Factories Act, 1948 ? a. Who has completed 17 years of age b. who is less than 18 years c. who has completed 15 years but less than 18 years. d. None of these Answer- c. who has completed 15 years but less than 18 years. 7, Which one of the following is not a welfare provision under Factories Act, 1948 a.Canteen b. Creches c.First Aid d.Drinking water. Answer- d. Drinking water. 8, First Aid Boxes is to be provided for ______ of persons a. 125 b. 135 c. 150 d. 160 Answer- c. 150 9,Safety Officers are to be appointed if Organisation is engaging ______ or more employees. a. 1000 b. 2000 c. 500 d. 750 Answer- a. 1000 10, Canteen is to be provided if engaging employees more than ______ persons. a. 250 b. 230 c. 300 d. 275 Answer- a. 250 11, Leave with wages is allowed for employees if they work for _______ days in a month. a. 15 b. 25 c. 20 d. 28 Answer- c. 20

Answer- c. 14.2 5,The provision for cooling water during hot weather should be made by the organization if it employees _______ or more employees. a. 200 c. 300 b. 250 d. 150

Answer- b. 250

500 13. 25 b.00. 30 d. If the factory employs more than 1000 workers.1. 350 c. 23. For contravention of provisions of Factories Act or Rules. 750 Answer. 30 15. The Ambulance Room is to be provided if engaging employees more than______ a. Section 49 of the Factories Act 1947 Says about . a separate accident report shall Answer-.Welfare officer 19.000 or both b) 6 months or fine upto 10. they should appoint qualified ------------.000 or both.1.c. a.c. 10 b. 000 or both d) None of these Answer – a)2 years or fine up to Rs. 500 14. 9 d.Sec.12.a.Welfare Officers are to be appointed if Organisation is engaging ______ or more employees. 250 c. 40 Answer. Mention the types of Leave facilities available to a worker under the Factories Act 1947 ? Annual Leave with wages as per Factories Act Casual leave as per Standing orders National & Festival Holiday Maternity leave 21. An adult worker can upto ____ hrs in a day as per factories Act. the occupier shall liable for punishment up to a)2 years or fine up to Rs. Creche is to be provided if ______ or more lady employees are engaged.to carry out the prescribed duties a) Safety Officer b) Welfare officer c) Security officer d) None of these Answer : a) Safety Officer 22.00. 8 c. 600 d. 12 b. 1948 a. 32 c.Paid leave for study 18. a. 500 d. 16. Obligations of Workers under the Factories Act 1947 was discussed in section ----a) 78 b) 101 c) 111 d) 99 Answer . 000 or both c) 3 three years or fine 10. 9 a) Welfare officer b) Canteen c) Rest room d) Crèche Answer is . In case of fatal accident occurred inside the factory . 400 b. 500 b. 450 Answer. Section 2 ( K )of the Factories Act 1947 says about a) Manufacturing Process b) Factory c) Worker d) None of these Answer : Manufacturing Process 20. The term Sabbatical is connected with a) Paid leave for study b) Paternity leave c) Maternity leave d) Quarantine leave Answer.111 17.

Three Years only d)Five years only.on or before 31 st January a) Form No : 22 b) Form No: 21 c) Form No: 25 A d) Form No: 25 B Answer: a) Form No: 22 25. The renewal application for a license submitted after December 31st of the every year shall paid the fine amount.d)Five years only. Who is responsible for payment to a person employed by him in a Factory under the Payment of wages Act 1936 a) Accounts Manager b) HR manager c) Manager d) Owner Answer-Manager of a factory nominated under the section 7 (f) of Factories Act 28. Spittoons d) Latrines and Urinals Answer-3. The Section 20 of the Factories act discusses about 1. Answer. 5 26. a) 10 % of the license fee b) 20% of the license fee c) 30 % of the license fee d) none of these. 5 c) Rs. The license fee can be paid to get a license for a factory maximum upto a). Lighting 3. Answer-d) Workers participation in safety management 27. Section 41. Spittoons .G of the Factories Act 1948 says about a) Fencing of machineries b) Facing of machineries c) Work on near machinery in motion d) Workers participation in safety mgt. 10 b) Rs. 31.2 c) Form No.31st October of every year.Form No-1 b)Form No-. The applicant / occupier who propose to start the factory should submit the a).be sent to the District magistrate in Form No ---.ambulance room.20 Answer :b ) Rs.1 A Answer. 15 d) Rs. Answer. shelter. If any employee found violating the section 20 of Factories Act 1947 shall be fine up to a)Rs.b) 20% of the license fee 32.2 29.within 12 hours a) Form No:16 b) Form No:18 A c) Form No :18 B d) Form No:18 24.Two Years only c).Drininkin Water 2. accidents in form no --. 30. The occupier has to submit the document on or before------. safety officers .b)Form No-.2A d) Form No. leave with wages. Answer. canteen. Manager of every factory should sent a annual report to the Inspectorate of factories containing details like numbers of workers employed .One Year only b).of every year to renewal of a license for a factory.

20 Answer.c)Section 23 34.a) Form No.of Factories Act. 31st July b) Form No 21. Every worker shall have the right to obtain information relating to workers’ health and safety work at work. 1000 rupees d) one month. 24 Hours Answer. a) two months.so as to reach the inspector of factories on or before ------------.000 b) 2 Years. Rs25. The particulars of the accident should be entered in separate registers kept asAccident Book. upto 7 years. 12 Hours 36.months or fine ---------or both for using false certificate of fitness. 31st June Answer.18. 12 Hours b) Form No. a) 5 Years . 00. shall be confirmed by the manager by sending a separate report in form no ---------. 5000 rupees Answer. True / False Answer. 1000 rupees 39.Form No for ESI office .1947.33.18. 2000 rupees c) six months. shall liable for punishment which may extend to an imprisonment. 31st July d) Form No. 18. a) Form No. The occupier shall be punishable with imprisonment extend to -------.of the year a) Form NO-20.No–21 d)From No. Section-------. fine upto Rupees 2 lacs or both. 1000 rupees b) one year. Rs. in duplicate in Form -------.The employment of young person on dangerous machines shall be prohibited the section -------.with details of number of person killed or injured to i) Inspector of Factories within -----------hours of the accident .1. A half yearly return for every half of every calendar year . 31st July c) Form No.of the Factories Act describes about the rights of the workers a) 111 b) 111 A c) 110 d) 112 Answer. a) b) c) d) Section 21 Section 22 Section 23 Section 24 a).18.b) 111 A 38.a) two months.Form No -14. 40.000 e) Answer. 31st July 36. An accident report.True. 25.b) Form No –15 37. A suitable goggles shall be provided for the protection of persons employed in any factory is discussed inn the section ---a) Section-36 b) Section-39 c) Section-40 d) Section -35 Answer.d)Section -35 35.A . The occupier fails to take remedial actions against apprehension of imminent danger to lives or health of the workers ( 41H). 12 Hours c) Form No.b) Form No 21. b)Form No –15 c)From . 24. . 24 Hours d) Form No 18 A .

c) From No. 25 Answer.c) 7 Years.27 c) From No.c) Form No. Under the Factories Act 1948. 00.16 42. Section 41 G of the Factories Discuss about the Workers Participation in Management .d) From No. 46.25 B b) Form No. Section ----.12 43. then there shall be a Safety Committee in the factory. 47. 18 A c) Form No. Where ------------or more workers are employed in a factory. Rs. 1. — a) Form No.12 d) Form No. 2.d) 250 or more workers. 25 A c) Form No. In case of employee covered under the ESI. a register of Muster roll shall be maintained in Form No.28 d) Form No. 26 Answer. a) b) c) d) Section Section Section Section 7(e) 7 ( f) 7(g) 7 ( d) Answer. Under the Chapter II of the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act. 25 44.b) 2 Years. a) Section 40 b) Section 41 H c) Section 41 G d) Section 41 F Answer.of the Factories Act discusses about the nomination of the manager of a factory. 00. 25A d) Form No. Under the Factories Act 1948.to Local office of the ESI to which the company attached a) Form No.16 Answer. True / False Answer. 1947 . a) 100 or more workers b) 150 or more workers c) 200 or more workers d) 250 or more workers Answer.000 d) 10 Years. 14 Answer.the Government of Tamil Nadu exempted the Answer.29 b) From No. 18 b) Form No.00.15 c) Form No.b) Section 7 (f) . Rs. the accident report shall be sent in Form No --------. 25 d) From No. ---------a) Form No. a register of Adult workers shall be maintained in Form No----a) From No. an inspection book shall be maintained for exemptions granted or availed in Form No.True.28 45.000 Software Industries in the State from the rule on opening and closing hours.c) Latrines and Urinals 49. Under the Factories Act 1948.1.25 b) Form No. Section 19 of Factories Act discusses about the ------------a) Drinking Water b) Lighting c) Latrines and Urinals d) Artificial Humidification e) Answer.c) Section 41 G 48.d) Form No.000 41. Rs.

54. a) 1984 b) 2005 c) 2004 d) 1981 Answer. The expression of “Time card” in Form No. 59.of the Factories Act says about the definition for a factory.25. of the Factories Act discusses about the appointment of -------------a) b) c) d) Welfare Officer Manager Safety Officer None of these. of the Factories Act . 11 Answer. Section ----------. 3 c) From No. 40 B.b) Form – 3 A. One Lakh.or fine ------------or both for failure to comply with the provisions of Factories Act.b) 2005 57. 7 A d) From No.under the factories act. 8 d) From No. a) Form No-7 b) Form No. fine Rs. .c) Section 2( m) 52.year under the chairmanship of Chief Inspector of Factories.c) Safety Officer. a) Form -7 b) Form – 3 A. Answer. A general manager of a company can be appointed as a occupier of a company. shall be substituted as “Service card” by an amendment in the Factories Act from the year. c) Form No.a) Once in 5 Year 58.False 51.c) Chief Inspector of Factories 53. -------to the inspector of factories under the Factories Act. A weekly holiday was introduced in the Factories for the first time in the year-------.d) 1923 56. The occupier shall liable for punishment imprisonment for term of -----------. a) 2 years.a) Form No-7 Answer. Answer. A particulars of white washing shall be maintained in form no.50. True / False Answer. ----------. 3 Answer. The Factories employing more than 1000 workers are required to submit their plan for approval to a)Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories b)Joint Chief Inspector of Factories c) Chief Inspector of Factories d) Additional Chief Inspector of Factories. Under the Section 41. The notice of change of manager shall be intimated in Form No. a) b) c) d) Section 2(k) Section 2 (l) Section 2( m) Section 2 ( n) 55. Answer. the Site Appraisal Committee shall be constituted once in ---------.A. a) Once in 5 Year b) Once in 2 Year c) Once in 3 Year d) Once in a Year. a) b) c) d) 1948 1931 1926 1923 Answer.

b) Employee 64. To close down a factory.000 c)Rs.18. a) 2 litres b) 4.30. The Notice of period of work for adult workers under the Factories Act shall be displace in Form-14 a) Form No -7 b) Form No-11 c) Form No.000 c) Six months.b) 4. who has to prove this fact? a) Employer b)Employee c) Authority d) Employer and Authority. a) 100 Workers b) 150 Workers c) 200 Workers d) 250 Workers 62.5 litres 61.000 d) Rs.or more workers the rest room and lunch room shall be provided under the Act.litres of water for every day under the Factories Act.000 67. One Lakh. 14. 60. 63.12. The application for amendment of a license to a factory shall be submitted to ------------------a) Deputy Chief Inspector of factories . 10. 14.c)Rs.000 Answer. The annual return under the Factories Act shall be submitted to Inspector of Factories on or before ----------------------------a) 31st January b) 31st December c) 30th April d) 31st March Answer. b) Rs.a) 2 years. 00. The workers shall be provided with minimum -------.b) 60 Days. 24.000 d) One year. fine Rs.b) One Year.days notice to the authorities. the occupier has to give ------. 50.000 Answer. a) b) c) d) 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days 14 Days Answer. Answer.000 Answer.a) 31st January 66. 65.5 litres c) 3 litres d) 5 litres. fine Rs. If an employee alleges that he was working for the employer and the employer denies it. The license fee for the factory employs 500 workers using 250 Horse Power is Rs ------a) Rs. Answer.d) Form No. fine Rs. fine 1. 12 d) Form No. 24.The Factories employees ---------.

a). a) 500 workers b) 250 Workers c) 200 Worekrs Answer.d) 100 Workers No order is communicated to the applicant within -------------months from the date on which it is so sent the permission applied for in the application shall be deemed to have been granted Under the Factories Act.a). In a factory where the number of married women or widows employed was less than --------or where the factory works for less than --------days or where number of children kept in the crèche was less than -------. The examination of eye sight of certain workers under the factories Act shall be done at least once in every ----. a) 15.c) Three months 68. The occupier of every factory employing -------. The number of elected workers in the canteen managing committee shall not be more than -----. The term of office of the canteen committee is -----------------.b) 4 months 71. Where males are employed . 5 b) 20. the chief Inspector factories may grant exemption from the provision of crèche. 240 days.in the previous year . a) one month b) Two months c) Three months d) Four months Answer.months a) 6 months b) 12 months c) 18 months d) 24 months Answer. .a) Deputy Chief Inspector of factories d) 100 Workers Answer. there shall be at least one latrine seat for every -------male workers shall be provided.months a) 6 months b) 4 months c) 12 months d) 14 months Answer. c) 30. 10. 180 days. 72.a) more than 5 or less than 2 74.b) Joint Chief Inspector of factories c) Additional Chief Inspector of Factories d) Chief Inspector of Factories Answer. 240 days .or more workers shall plant and maintain trees within the premises of the factory.or less than ---------a) b) c) d) more than 5 or less than 2 more than 20 or less than 10 more than 15 or less than 10 more than 10 or less than 5 69. The walls. ceilings and partitions of every latrine and urinal shall be white washed or colour washed at least once in every period of -------.d) 24 months 73.20 workers b) 50 Workers c) 30 Workers d) 100 Workers Answer.b) two years 75.20 workers 70. 10.years a) one year b) two years c) three years d) Four years Answer.

b) 10 minutes 78. a) 5 Minutes b) 10 minutes c) 15 Minutes d) 20 minutes Answer. By an Amendment Act of 1987 in Factories Act 1947. True / False 76.minutes before the end of days work .14 77.False d) Form No. A register of young person workers shall be maintained in Form No.d) Board of Directors 80.12 b) Form No. the welfare officer ceases to have a locus standi.2005 79.a) 15.c) Form No. qualification and conditions of service )rules was enacted in the year . a) Manager b) General Manager .14 Answer. The Tamil Nadu safety officers (duties . 15 Answer. If any time number of worker falls below 500 in a factory. 5 c) Human Resource Manager d) Board of Directors Answer.Time allotted for the purpose of washing is ---------.d) conditions not necessary Answer. a) 2002 b) 2003 c) 2004 d) 2005 Answer. 180. who is to be appointed as an occupier.-------------------a) Form No. 13 c) Form No.

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