Throughout the nightmare we're living through, so many people have stood by us and sustained us.

The family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and community members of Bill and Lorraine continue to keep us in their prayers and provide their help in untold ways, for which we are deeply grateful. We couldn't have survived this journey without you . We also wish to give thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all the law enforcement people from all over the country who worked so hard at Coventry in such difficult conditions to bring Bill and Lorraine's remains home to us. That they were not successful is testimony to the sheer magnitude of the task and the many variables and unknowns of the conditions, and is not a reflection on their capabilities and efforts. We'll always remember you and your dedication. There are no words to express our deep and lasting gratefulness to the Essex Police Department and the Vermont State Police for their never-ending pursuit of a resolution to this terrible crime - not just a crime against Bill and Lorraine and their families, but a blotch on this community and our State. Their resolve, their capability, their determination, their care and concern for all of us and all of you are unquestionable. Essex and the State of Vermont are so blessed to hve public servants such as these. Our special thanks to John Ruttenberg, George Murtie and Brad LaRose for constantly maintaining connections with our families throughout this ordeal. We also want to thank the members of the media who have worked to do their jobs and bring meaningful news to the public, but still have honored our request for privacy. We know you will continue to provide this respect.

Our family circle has a huge gap with the loss of Bill and Lorraine. We need time to absorb this, and to grieve. We haven't yet made any plans for a public memorial service, but ask that all of you respond to this random act of violence with daily random acts of kindness in their names. Let your family members and friends know how much they mean to you, look after your neighbors and co-workers, give thanks for every day in which no tragedy befalls you and those you care about. And remember Bill and Lorraine as the loving, generous, hardworking people they were. The world can only be a better place if all of us work together to make it so.


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