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Let me ask you a personal question: Are you textually active? Chances are you and most people you know are. Just check out these statistics: In 2008, U.S. mobile subscribers sent and received more text messages than they made mobile phone calls. According to Nielsen Mobile figures, a typical U.S. mobile subscriber sends or receives 357 text messages per month, compared to placing or receiving 204 phone calls. (http://www.textually.org/textually/archives/cat_random_stats.htm) And this is just in the US alone. In fact, an estimated one billion text messages (SMS) are being sent every day around the world! What does this mean for you? It means as people continue to rely more and more on text messaging as the central from of communication it is imperative that you master this skill. Why? Because half of these people are women and texting has just became their preferred medium of communication. If you don't understand how to properly interact (flirt, build attraction, set up dates, etc) with a woman over text you are going to be left behind allowing some other guy (who, let's be honest, probably isn't as cool as you) to win her over. In this system I, along with some valuable insights from my good friend, Kelly Kellam, am going to share with you all the tools necessary to become a texting wizard. The responses you will get from girls will truly seem like magic! Now why should you listen to me? Fair question. Simple answer: I have been sending and receiving on average 7,000 texts every month for more than 3 years with 98% of those recipients being women. So believe me when I say, I have made enough mistakes to know what really does work. Luckily you get to benefit by skipping all those mistakes and get right to the fun stuff. The two most important ways to learn a new skill set is by getting guidance from someone who already has done what you are trying to do and then to actually do what they suggest. That being said, I have tried to make this system as hands on as possible so you can begin to practice immediately. Not only are you going to learn in this system the principles behind why these techniques work, so you can create your own style, but it is also packed with real world examples straight off our phones (the girls' names have been changed to protect their identities of course). It is my wish that by reading and practicing the skills you are about to learn in this system you not only become a happier, healthier and more successful person but that you use them to enrich the lives of the women you interact with. Cheers, Race de Priest


I still remember receiving my first text back in college. It was from a girl I was head over heals with. The messages back and forth were slow and I wondered why she didn't just call me? But as they continued along into the night I found myself waiting full of anticipation for each new text. It was like I was in a strategic game of verbal jousting. Every text she sent was a chance for me to turn it around and charm her with my style and wit. I relished in each chance to bait her into responding in a certain way. Then I would misinterpret it so it seemed she was, in fact, chasing after me! But she was a worthy challenger. She would grab onto my bait, twist it around and throw it back in a way I didn't expect, constantly keeping me on my toes. Now I had to recalculate and try coming at it from a new angle. The longer it went the more creative we became. All the while I had a huge grin on my face and I can promise you she did too. In other words, we were flirting. Several years have passed since that night but I will never forget the seed that was planted, eventually blossoming into many of the ideas presented in this system. It was the night I began to learn what is so amazing about text messaging. Let's begin with the obvious. What at first annoyed me, the fact I did not get an immediate response, turned out to be one of texting's most valuable traits as a tool of attraction. Because you do not have to respond immediately, as you do on the phone or in person, you have time to craft the perfect response. It is as if the conversation has been slowed down to the point where you can actually see the elements of attraction forming allowing you to more easily move the conversation in the direction of your choosing. This is the perfect training ground for becoming a world class flirter. How often have you walked away from a conversation with an attractive woman only to have the perfect thing to say come to mind? Why couldn't it have come to you when you needed it! Well now, with the help of this system, you can train your brain to form the patterns of successful flirting with the opposite sex through the slowed down process of texting. Now when you are in a "real time" conversation with a beautiful woman it will come effortlessly because the patterns have already been formed. In essence, practicing the principles of proper texting you will learn in this system will inadvertently give you the skill of quick wit. Not too shabby. Another HUGE benefit is that text messaging is far less invasive than a phone call. Unlike a phone call, a woman does not have to decide right then and there if she is going to either answer your call or put you in the same category of all those other guys she ignores by sending you to voicemail. With a text you get direct access to her. She does not have to stop what she is doing or go to a quiet place. This flexibility means you are considerably more likely to get a response. This isn't to say that you should never call, we will go over when and how to handle calls later on in this system. Unlike a phone call or in person, you can't just babble on eventually getting to your point. That would take far too long. Not to mention, some phones have a limit of 160 characters per text. You have to fit more meaning in fewer words. This trains you to further improve your ability to communicate by forcing you to clarify your thoughts. A less apparent advantage of texting is the elevated level of boldness brought about by anonymity. Because she is not right there in front of you, she is much more likely to say what is on her mind.

As you will see later on, this lack of social pressure is particularly useful when it comes to creating a sexual state with her. Finally, text messaging allows you to work smarter, not harder. The ability to flirt with several girls at once over text messaging allows you to maximize your time. Coupled with the fact you can do it from just about anywhere, texting is no doubt one of the most powerful and versatile tools for building and maintaining attraction with a woman. I hope by now you are beginning to see why texting is so amazing. Are you ready to learn how to drive a woman wild with your phone? Note: It is a good idea to contact your mobile service provider and add on UNLIMITED text messaging to your plan ASAP. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

Let's be honest. You are not going to form a deep lasting relationship through text messaging alone. Often Guys think they should constantly be texting a girl as long as she is responding. Some of this stems from the fact they thrive off the feelings of validation when she writes back. Unfortunately just because she is writing back does not mean the relationship is moving forward. Texting is a tool, albeit a powerful one, that must be used with a purpose in mind.There is only one main purpose for sending a text: To Meet Up With Her. Ultimately spending face time is where the magic of any relationship occurs. You can't kiss her, gaze into her eyes, have sex, see her smile, listen to her laughter, or touch her soft skin over text. All other things you accomplish through texting like building attraction, comfort and even sexual tension are all meant to bring her to the conclusion that spending time with you is her best possible option. And believe me, she does have options. If you are about to send a text and it isn't going to serve this function, then do NOT send it! You do not want to become the friendly text buddy who she never hangs out with. It is better to try to move it forward and it fail than to constantly be hoping and wishing that because she still texts you back there is a chance. This does not mean that every text you send should be an invite to hang out. That would kill attraction and show neediness. It simply means have a purpose in mind when you text and do not send unnecessary texts to a girl just for the sake of texting her. Even if you are not able to hang out with a girl for an extended period time you need to text her periodically so you stay on her mind. This makes it much easier to hang out with her when the time comes. It is far simpler to keep the momentum going than to start all over again. This System will teach you all the methods and techniques you will need to accomplish this goal while having more fun than you thought possible doing it.

When you have your phone out and are about to send a text there are a few mindsets that will help you tremendously. Follow these and you will notice the effectiveness of your texts will skyrocket. Send it and forget it: After you send a text go on with your life and make yourself busy doing something else. We have all sent a text, especially if it is to some girl we are especially interested, and then precede to constantly check our phones to see if she texted back. After a few minutes we begin to doubt what we sent. As the minutes stretch our mind starts playing tricks with us. "Why did I send that? I am so stupid. Now I ruined everything. What if I offended her? She must think I am so stupid. Maybe I should send another text to fix it, etc, etc, etc" STOP IT! Just let it go. There have been countless times when we have send out texts and thought the very same thoughts only to have the girl text us back hours later with a fun playful response. Of course at that time we think, "I knew that was going to work! I am a genius." Stop worrying and just let it go. If you are using the principles in this system you will be doing just fine. The way you word your texts is critical: Because over text she does not have the same social pressure to reply to you as she does in person, each text you send must be engaging enough to evoke a response. One way to help you do this is imagine she is bored at work, school, home, etc and it is your job to make her smile. This has huge implications in the way you word your texts. "Hey what's up" most likely wont make her smile but "What's cooking? I think you should draw me a picture today... I've always liked dinosaurs :)" is sure to make her crack a smile. It takes her out of the monotony of everyday life. You are her sweet escape even if it is just for a moment. Nothing is a big deal: Whenever you are in the middle of a text interaction and start becoming nervous that you might mess up or do something wrong take a step back and take a deep breath. Relax and smile or take a break for a few minutes and do something else. Your texts will be much more effective when you are in a happy, fun, positive mood. Take risks: Don't be afraid to try something new. This is the only way you are going to advance. You have nothing to lose and knowledge to gain. Take a chance and see what you are capable of. Become a social scientist. Don't give up too easily: You may have sent a text and she didn't respond so you think all is lost. Oftentimes success is just around the corner. Believe in yourself. I can't tell you how many times I thought an interaction was lost and after trying just one more text she replied and we ended up meeting having an amazing time. Cut your loses: If you have tried everything and it just doesn't work out let it go and move on. Don't waste your energy on something that isn't giving you a return. Like Kenny Rogers said, "You got to know when to hold 'em and you got to know when to fold 'em." Adopting a mindset that incorporates these principles will make your journey to text mastery much smoother, less frustrating and way more fun!

• A typical U.S. mobile subscriber sends or receives 357 text messages per month, compared to placing or receiving 204 phone calls. Over half these are women!

etc) • she doesn't initiate text/phone call interactions You're texting/calling her the right amount if: • she initiates text/phone call interactions • she responds to text/phone calls quickly • she readily engages you in conversation. latches onto your hooks • she answers your questions • she propels the interaction forward by asking questions of her own Keep these in mind so you're in tune with whether you are texting or calling her too much. do not just continue to text and call her day after day without a response. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH TEXT . • Text messaging is far less invasive than a phone call. This is a guaranteed way to kill attraction. yep. she is much more likely to say what is on her mind. This will give you a good idea of her interest level. This flexibility means you are considerably more likely to get a response. This gives a text message an edge over standard phone calls in certain situations.• Because you do not have to respond immediately. • Because she is not right there in front of you. The lack of social pressure is particularly useful when it comes to creating a sexual state with her. • The ability to flirt with several girls at once over text messaging allows you to maximize your time. Just because she doesn't respond immediately to your text messages or answer every call doesn't mean you should just text or call her again. A little creativity can go a long way. You haven't build enough attraction and are texting/calling her too much if: • her response time is consistently slow • she doesn't engage you in conversation or latch onto your conversational hooks • she consistently gives you one word/super short replies (ok. Go over this section several times and refer back to it often as you will be using these concepts in each and every text interaction you have with a girl you are interested in.FALSE! One of the biggest mistakes guys make when texting a new woman they are interested in is texting or calling her way too much. So how do you know when you are texting her the right amount? Here are some key indicators that will help you calibrate. • The way you word your texts is critical. sure. As you continue your training to become a stealthy text ninja you will find there are certain underlying concepts that govern all successful text interactions. Persistent text messages when there is little or no response communicates neediness and a scarcity mentality. you have time to craft the perfect response. Take a few days off from contacting her then try using the principles from the When She Stops Responding: Sending The Re-engaging . If she stops showing interest in you. • There is only one main purpose for sending a text: To Meet Up With Her • After you send a text go on with your life and make yourself busy doing something else. Especially when you are just beginning. as you do on the phone or in person.

etc . soon you will be extremely busy having fun with all the cool people you have met using the principles taught in this system! Important: If you are in the middle of an important conversation topic stay involved with the interaction until the subject changes or you indicate you have to go.AVOID FAKE COMMONALITIES . Keep your text message conversations easygoing and fun. Save this for when you meet up in person where it will be far more effective. Taking some time to respond communicates that you have a lot going on in your life and that she is not the most important thing in your life (she doesn't want to feel important to you until she has earned it). This just means that it is up to YOU to guide it where you both want it to go. If it is something you must discuss and share with each other before you are able to hang out again. It is sad that most women are tired of waiting for men to step up and lead the interaction. don't take this to the extreme and wait hours to respond to each and every text. Send her periodic text messages over the course of a couple weeks. events. CALL HER and do it over the phone. hobbies. Don't wait for her to take the reigns and make things happen.even if you don't at the moment. you should be CONSTANTLY giving off a lighthearted persona about yourself. This is a fundamental component to being a leader in other areas of your life as well. If you are constantly available to respond immediately or are non stop continually texting her she will wonder why you don't have anything else in your life keeping you busy. DON'T ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE Don't always reply immediately when she texts you. LEAD THE DANCE The process of building and sustaining attraction is like a dance. On the other hand. you are expected to be the leader. This isn't to say that she cannot make any sort of decision in the relationship. cut her off and move on. Hold off on trying to build an emotional connection over text. Besides. See the HANDLING PHONE CALLS section. Mix it up. Now is the time for you to step up and lead the interaction every step of the way. Relationships are about compromise and mutual respect. If she doesn't respond favorably after this. As a man. far from it. Bottom line is you want to demonstrate to her you have a (preferably exciting) life full of friends. KNOW WHO YOU ARE! .Text section or contact her through your Myspace or Facebook profile using the principles from Using Social Networking Sites to Boost Attraction and Build Comfort. WHY SO SERIOUS? Unless you are in the middle of emotionally connecting with a girl.

I cannot emphasize this enough: you must release your attachment to the outcome. Know what you want. Just learn from it and move on. NO NEED TO BE NEEDY Non-neediness is one of the most important attributes to cultivate. and attraction begins with curiosity. because then you become annoying. do not disagree with her just for the sake of arguing. It is time for you to see the world as a place with countless opportunities. Now you have her curious. BREAKING HER OUT OF AUTOPILOT If you don't already know. It is better to voice your opinion when you disagree. This is one of the major reasons that 10% of guys are able to get 90% of the women out there. need. Whether or not she is testing you. many of which are covered in this program (Nicknames. Girls sometimes will ask hard questions to see if a guy will stand up to them. There are multitudes of ways to do this. and what they are or aren't willing to agree with and accept. they are all saying pretty much the same stuff. Adopt an abundance mentality. Why is that lucky for you? Over time she becomes conditioned to all these texts and they no longer have much of an effect on her. It is not a big deal. Every day. She will find you weak and assume she can walk all over you. Unfortunate for her. There is no need to apologize for it. or agreeing because you actually agree. you can afford to mess up. and lucky for you. many of whom are attracted to you. There are so many opportunities to meet women every day.One of the most attractive qualities a person can have is knowing who they are as a person. Agree to disagree or come to a compromise. Guys often disregard their own beliefs and preferences by agreeing with the girl they are pursuing in an attempt to create a fake commonality. In order to set yourself apart you must demonstrate that you are not going to just put her through the same things she has already experienced. They believe this will make her like them more. and desire and be ok with voicing them even if she disagrees with your tastes. But what if she were to receive a text from you that was unique and fun forcing her to come out of her autopilot responses? It is as if all she has been having is vanilla and you just gave her chocolate. you run across hundreds of woman. What does this mean for you? It means she is already receiving countless texts from other guys all day long. However. attractive women have plenty of guys already chasing after them. Role-playing. SHOULD YOU USE A QUESTION MARK???? . she can tell when you are just agreeing with her so she'll like you. etc). You must come across as non-needy and be willing to walk away if she does not live up to your standards and expectations. what they are all about. Guessing Her Answer. This is not the case. You have enough going on in your life that it is ok if one interaction doesn't work out! This is the type of attitude that drives women wild. What I am trying to say plain and simply is: Do not agree with everything she says just because you like her. Think about it: if you already had a life full of amazingly beautiful women would you really care if an interaction with a new one failed? Hell no.

. While it is possible to start a conversation with a disqualifier. Since you are not there in person to deliver your question with a downward vocal tonality indicating a statement you have to word it in a way that allows you leave off the question mark. One way is to simply replace the question mark with a ellipsis (.even if they are silly.. You are now in a position of needing something from her.When sending a text. You want to sporadically use false disqualifiers in your text messages. chances are you will get more consistent results when you use them within the context of an interaction. A perfect opportunity to use a false disqualifier is any time she voices her opinion about something. Don't go overboard and don't completely abstain from using question marks ever again. The reasons you give need to be silly and outlandish. Otherwise you come off as the needy interviewer guy.. When a girl feels like she has been disqualified in your eyes she will start doing things to try and get you to accept her . Stating a question as a statement indicates that you expect an answer. when you put a question mark at the end of your statement it evokes a certain response.. When you are continuously asking questions it can come off as overbearing and actually push her away. Incorrect: Are you coming tonight? Correct: Shall I be expecting you this evening my dear Incorrect: What is your favorite color? Correct: And your favorite color would be. SHOWING YOU HAVE STANDARDS A false disqualifier is simply a playful statement that gives reasons why you wouldn't be able to move forward with her. Not in a demanding way but in a way that you are used to getting your questions answered. Another way is to just leave out the question mark altogether. As trivial as it seems. Just make sure you are not using them constantly. you are conveying that you do have standards and if she meets them. Example: . then you will move forward.). Here is an example from a message I actually sent out recently to a new girl who is trying to get into the police academy. This indicates that the rest of the statement needs to be finished and her answer to the question is that finish. You don't just settle for anyone. namely a response to your question. Another funny way to counteract this is to go overboard in the other direction and make fun of the fact you are doing it. Race: the police academy? what do you have to do to get in? Where are you working now? do you have facebook? is this too many questions in a row? should i stop now? lol Now remember this is a rule of thumb. Even though you are obviously joking. statements that require an answer are often more powerful than sending actual questions.

some women actually are put off by mass texts. When asked what they find most attractive in men. I would text something like this: woman head! What kinda trouble are you getting your self into tonight? Lol or Hey there my little trouble maker. Important: Be aware that some peoples' phones list the other phone numbers the text went too. How do you continue to use convenience of mass text messages without the drawbacks?. Damn it! I knew it. We are cruising down to {event} with a kick ass group of people if you wanna join the fun! Can u keep up though is the question! :) what do ya say? The point here is to make it seem personal so she feels compelled to respond. ends up falling hard. Keep that in mind depending on what kind of message you are mass sending. she is no longer judging or analyzing you. comfortable and associating you with a good time. it is important to realize that woman are far less likely to respond to mass texts because they remove personal responsibility of response. lol :) Wait. there are many examples of where a woman is not initially attracted to a man. not harder! If you have several girls in your phone that you are interested in and trying to set up dates with. Why is this? Humor indicates that you take neither yourself nor the interaction too seriously. why not save your time and be more efficient by sending out a mass text message to several girls at the same time? However. Sometimes it is smarter to send individual texts. but because she finds his sense of humor so irresistible.. In fact. For instance. you were born in {any month}.Woah woah! You like {__thing she likes___}? I didn't know you were that "type" of girl! I might have to get my moms permission just to kick it with you. But at the same time it has to be general enough to make sense to all the recipients. When this occurs. women consistently rank a sense of humor as the top attribute. It also lets her know that you will be fun to be around when you hang out again. and seriousness is the exact opposite of the types of emotions we are trying to elicit in order to build attraction in the beginning. I guess i'm just gonna have to break up with you now lol LOWER HER GUARD WITH YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR Nothing brings a woman's guard down like humor. right? So you're a {associated birth sign}. When she is laughing she is relaxed. If she can't or doesn't want to come she doesn't need to respond because it wasn't to her personally. MASS TEXT MESSAGING Work smarter. On top of that. Oh well.. . if I want to hang out with any of 4 girls I just met. It is ALL IN THE WORDING! You want to send out a mass text message that makes the person receiving it feel like you sent it to them personally.

She is far more likely to respond to something like this than to a text message that just states: happy thanksgiving!. This does not mean she is being bitchy or mean or doesn't like you. She is trying to get a rise out of you and when you don't stammer to try to explain yourself. It shows that you truly are an awesome guy who doesn't need her acceptance or approval to feel good about yourself. or get upset her attraction to you goes through the roof. DO NOT take it personal! Instead look at it as a fun game.. Based on how you react. Example: happy (what ever holiday) snuggle bear! did you have a good holiday!? Or did you just cause a ruckus!?? lol :) By adding a nickname and a question to the end of the text message you make it feel a lot more personable. She has to do this to filter out low value men to get to the quality men. Because of this. If she questions you on whether or not it is a mass text just respond by saying: You caught me! I sent it to 2. This is insanely attractive! Do not. not because of how others will form opinions of you. I repeat. cool. high value guy that you are portraying yourself to be.HOLIDAY TEXTS Holidays give you a perfect opportunity to engage or re-engage a lot of people at once through mass texts. In fact. It is cute. You do what you want to because you want to. you still want to make her feel like you sent it TO HER. she will either become far more attracted to you or realize that it was just too good to be true and move on and stop responding to you. IF SHE IS GIVING YOU A TEST.436 people lol :) How many annoying mass texts did you get so far today? I think I am at 37! PASSING A WOMAN'S TEST Using all the techniques in this system you will begin to build attraction really quickly with women. . She is telling you that she likes you and giving you an amazing opportunity to make her even more attracted to you. not everyone. Even though she will be forgiving of it. She already got 50 of those. Don't buy into the argument or sassy comment. start apologizing. So how do you pass a woman's test and solidify in her mind that you are the high quality guy she wants to be attracted to? You must be NON-REACTIVE. Women will be much more forgiving of the idea of mass texting on these occasions.. it is the exact opposite.. THAT MEANS SHE IS STARTING TO LIKE YOU! Cherish the moments a woman suddenly gives you resistance or gives you hell about something you said. They are not used to this happening.. they will often test you to see if you really are the fun.

There are a million fish in the sea and you are quite the catch. It doesn't mean you weren't good enough or she wasn't good enough for you. unlike most guys. You find it cute that she is trying to test you because you now know it just means she likes you. Play along: Go over the top so she knows you are joking around and you don't take this seriously at all.having fun texting back and forth. Maybe im wrong but thats in your hands. find out what the real issue is and handle that instead. Note: Being able to pass a woman's test is so important I have included extra examples so you can see how to do it in a variety of different situations. If done correctly.Here are some of the main ways to successfully handle a woman's tests: Ignore it: Sometimes the best way to handle a woman's test is to simply ignore it and keep doing what you are doing . We prefer to be called gigolos Find out the REAL issue: If it is a more serious test stemming from her insecurities. Guess im in my head. Friday. Dec 12 2008 at 2:05:16 PM Heidi: Good way to put it. Thanks for considering me high quality same to you. Example #1 Friday. Be willing to walk away: This is the most important concept you may ever learn about interacting with women. Know what you want and don't want. are not going to play her little games. Don't get caught up in a fake argument. Example: Her: you are a player aren't you? You: How rude!. Dec 12 2008 at 2:01:31 PM Race: What u decide to believe of course is always your decision my dear :) I have no interest in convincing u one way or another only in enjoying my time with high quality people.. What you are willing to put up with and what you are not. No worries. If it just doesn't work out you have to be ok with that. it just means you two are not compatible. Only she will be way more attracted to you.. Say u r cute :): This is a great way to show her that you are unaffected. Example #2 Me2/2/08 4:05 PM Race: did u know it was Groundhogs day??? Chels cute sd ms? 252/2/08 4:13 PM Chelsy: I didn't. it will be forgotten and the conversation will move forward as if it never happened. Friday. This lets her know that you. Who is this? Me2/2/08 4:20 PM Race: Your future ex husband:-) Chels cute sd ms? 252/2/08 4:22 PM Chelsy: Well that's funny cuz I don't plan on getting divorced:) . Dec 12 2008 at 1:58:34 PM Heidi: What ever happened to picking my brain about all the places i have been? I feel like you charmed me into bed and that makes a good story to add to whatever your working on.

..like that:) yeah I don't think I could miss u any more than I do...:( Me4/24/08 9:04 PM Race: Hey I don't need your sass...we love girls.....I hate chu Me4/24/08 9:07 PM Race: Awwe I miss u too you little cock slave Raquel moose head cute4/24/08 9:10 PM Emily: That was mean ino ur not a fag but u say fag things sometimes...im scared of girls..:-p Example #4 .. Raquel moose head cute4/24/08 9:05 PM Emily: On ur lips right?? Uh ur a fag... U r gonna get spanked when I get back Raquel moose head cute4/24/08 8:57 PM Emily: I'm not really sure what I did to deserve that but sounds good.. R u gonna bring some of your friends or what? Raquel moose head cute4/24/08 8:53 PM Emily: Yeah of course! Its not a big deal if u don't want to just thought it could be fun:) and come on.that is why it was so hard to break up with you. Maybe we should give it another try...Me2/2/08 4:24 PM Race: I know we didn't plan on it but you just weren't adventurous enough for me in the bedroom..-) Chels cute sd ms? 252/2/08 4:39 PM Chelsy: Only if u say please Example #3 4/24/08 8:50 PM Emily: U do know girls right? Me4/24/08 8:51 PM Race: Sounds dangerous.but the passion was definitely there:-) Chels cute sd ms? 252/2/08 4:25 PM Chelsy: That's hilarious cuz nobody else complains! Not even your brother:) Me2/2/08 4:28 PM Race: Well I guess he wouldn't have being mentally handicapped and all.... i need your lips on my ..) and stop talking like a douche bag lmao Me4/24/08 8:58 PM Race: Keep it up little missy and see what happens! Haha Raquel moose head cute4/24/08 9:03 PM Emily: Little missy? U can't do better than that? So dissapointing.that is so sweet of u:-) Chels cute sd ms? 252/2/08 4:36 PM Chelsy: Your dad too? Cuz he seemed 2 like it Me2/2/08 4:38 PM Race: I am all about keeping it in the family...) Me4/24/08 8:55 PM Race: Naughty naughty .

. Nov 20 2008 at 12:20:37 AM Tara: what about the part where you say you were unknown in the online seduction world till now Thursday. Ur not that sensitive.sorry.I just want to help people have choices in their dating lives so they don't settle but are happy. Nov 20 2008 at 12:39:40 AM Race: But hey if that is reason enough not to hang out and have fun goofing around I totally understand.hope u weren't offended by my last text.. Nov 19 2008 at 11:57:49 PM Race: Not into what? Thursday.. Nov 20 2008 at 12:05:49 AM Race: Really? So now you don't want to get to know me because I write articles on how help guys develop their personality so they can meet awesome girls? Thursday...thanks.r u? Me8/10/08 11:04 PM Race: Haha. Nov 20 2008 at 12:48:02 AM Tara: Well I'm interested in meeting u.ur smokin' hot! So I have 2 ask..y waste ur time w/ me @ all? Shouldn't all ur time b spent dealing w/ vapid.. Nov 20 2008 at 12:02:40 AM Tara: Being one of the girls from your website. So why don't we just meet up and get to know each other. Nov 20 2008 at 12:17:01 AM Race: Haha now I get it.ur cute Lori thumb wrestle8/10/08 11:07 PM Lori: Haha. I luv being "cute"! .. scantily-clad single 25 yr..I wrote the about us page :) read that! Thursday.. You're not free till tomorrow pm? Example #6 . Wednesday..-) 8/10/08 10:50 PM Lori: P......-) Me8/10/08 9:59 PM Race: Who says it's a waste of my time? Lori thumb wrestle8/10/08 10:33 PM Lori: Good answer! Perhaps I haven't given u enough credit... Have a good night :) Thursday.... so I guess you're really good at what you do. I was interested in getting to know you because I thought you sounded really fun...-olds? ... Nov 20 2008 at 12:27:13 AM Race: Seriously that make me laugh.. Nov 20 2008 at 12:14:33 AM Tara: It just sounds like I'm one of several girls you're setting up a date with this week and according to your pg "one lucky girl will get to sleep w you" Thursday..... Thursday....) Example #5 Wednesday. Nov 19 2008 at 11:54:23 PM Tara: I saw your website.Lori thumb wrestle8/10/08 9:34 PM Lori: Ok.does that make sense? Thursday..S. not into that.

but you know what i mean. I'm just wondering if it was just another weekend in a day in the life of you Monday. Monday.sucks Monday.. Dec 22 2008 at 9:34:39 PM Cindy: So since i'm stuck in the airport. i've been pondering.. And hanging out with you was amazing. Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 12:13:41 AM Cindy: I'm boarding finally! :) i'm sad i'm leaving new york.. Monday. Dec 23 2008 at 12:15:20 AM Cindy: Thanks.guess thats a possibility.how many girls have you acted the same as you did with me lately? Honesty is key here lol Monday...Monday. Dec 22 2008 at 9:57:23 PM Cindy:Yea. Dec 22 2008 at 11:48:23 PM Race: I don't understand.. Dec 22 2008 at 11:06:34 PM Cindy: Hm. Dec 22 2008 at 10:17:31 PM Cindy: Nothing.mixed with a hint of cautiousness :) Monday... Truthfully. Dec 23 2008 at 12:14:22 AM Race: Have a safe flight my dear :) Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 12:16:18 AM Cindy:You really did make my trip memorable.... Tuesday....pinky promise? Sorry my curiosity is getting the best of me. so don't think you didn't :) Tuesday.do u feel like I tricked or deceived you in any way? Did you not enjoy our time together? Monday.. Dec 22 2008 at 10:15:53 PM Race: ? what is the real issue here Monday. Dec 22 2008 at 9:39:45 PM Race: Zero Monday. Dec 22 2008 at 9:41:28 PM Cindy: Really? Hm. Dec 23 2008 at 12:15:49 AM Race: I'll cross my fingers :) Tuesday. :) see you soon hopefully. Dec 23 2008 at 12:16:52 AM Race: I wouldn't dream of it :P SECTION RECAP ..but i'm happy to be getting out of the airport Tuesday... Dec 22 2008 at 11:51:12 PM Cindy: No not at all. Maybe.. I think i'm just stuck in an airport and just thinking you're too good to be true. Dec 22 2008 at 10:04:51 PM Cindy: So i'm guessing it was definitely not a new experience for you then. Dec 22 2008 at 9:55:30 PM Race: Well each person is unique :) Monday.

WHY WAITING UNTIL SHE IS LEAVING IS A BAD IDEA . swoon. However. When this occurs. A good way to ask a question without using a question mark is to replace the question mark with a ellipsis (. And as always.• Just because she doesn't respond immediately to your text messages or answer every call doesn't mean you should just text or call her again. When she is laughing she is relaxed. Mix it up. For that check it out at Getting Her Number..) • Nothing brings a woman's guard down like humor. she is no longer judging or analyzing you. and incredibly turned on you have to have numbers to text. • If you are constantly available to respond immediately or are non stop continually texting her she will wonder why you don't have anything else in your life keeping you busy. It also lets her know that you will be fun to be around when you hang out again. remember that each woman you interact with is unique so treat her as such. Persistent text messages when there is little or no response communicates neediness and a scarcity mentality. Be willing to adapt and try new things. Keep all these principles in mind and begin practicing them immediately because the sooner they become habit the better. On the other hand. • Non-neediness is one of the most important attributes to cultivate. build and maintain attraction once you get a girl's phone #. before you can begin to master these skills you must first have a woman's phone number to text. comfortable and associating you with a good time. Before you can become a super text all-star making girls laugh. don't take this to the extreme and wait hours to respond to each and every text. you should be CONSTANTLY giving off a lighthearted persona about your self. • IF SHE IS GIVING YOU A TEST. Adopt an abundance mentality. • Don't ask too many direct questions. They will keep you from making the most common mistakes most guys make when texting a girl. These are not rules set in stone but guidelines. She has to do this to filter out low value men to get to the quality men. • Unless you are in the middle of emotionally connecting with a girl.. The more numbers you have to practice with the faster you are going to master the art of texting. CONCLUSION As you can see you have a lot of fundamental tools and mindsets here to ensure that you continue to create. THAT MEANS SHE IS STARTING TO LIKE YOU! Cherish the moments a woman suddenly gives you resistance or gives you hell about something you said.

No worries . Note: Concepts like Body language. you know what. She tells you how much she loves chocolate. That sounds delicious. By waiting until the end it looks as if getting her # was the goal of the entire interaction.Say Hello and Irresistible. Starting a Conversation. There are several reasons this is an ineffective way of getting a girl's #.Typically when a guy finds himself talking with a girl he ends up waiting until the end of the conversation to ask for her #. She gives you her #. Sexual Escalation. So say as you pull out your phone. You say. Waiting until the end can make you anxious about getting the #. The end of the conversation may be an inopportune time. You banter back and forth. here give me your # and I'll text you the details. You tell her you just happen to know the coolest little pastry shop that makes the best chocolate eclairs. Perhaps you met her on the subway and it is now her stop and she needs to get off. open ended questions. She hooks on to the conversation and you begin sharing personal info about yourselves and asking unique. The question you should be asking is "Do I like this girl from what I have learned so far talking to her?" If the answer is yes then I am assuming you want to spend more time with her. 3. 1.etc are beyond the scope of this system. This is not to say that you cannot get a girl's # on the fly. For a complete system of those concepts check out Unbreakable.just grab her # and we'll show you a trick you can use to build and solidify those feelings later in the Using Social Networking Sites to Boost Attraction and Build Comfort section. Let me give you an example to clarify. not genuinely getting to know her. You are out at a bar with your buddies. Awesome. WHEN TO GET HER # So when in the conversation is the best time to get a girls phone #? The truth is you should be asking yourself a very different question. In which case the next question is. . She gets super excited. you are fun so I am totally going to take you there. "what is something fun we could do together?" Once this question is answered then you know it is time to get her #. she is laughing. causing you to act awkward and keeping you from being in the moment and making a genuine connection with her. You'll love it! She responds with. Numbers gained at the end of a conversation are much more likely to flake because the emotions she was feeling when she gave you her # were not solidified and are much more likely to wear off. What if her friends come and drag her away and you don't have time to get her #? 2. There are definitely circumstances when one or neither of you has the time to sit around and build a connection. 4. and her attraction is growing for you. You see a cute girl and so you walk up to with confident body language and begin talking to her.

Let's break it down farther in the following sections. In answering she needs to access how she feels and decide on yes or no. Getting a girls # should almost always be a side note. 1. It is a logistical tool for exchanging information on where to meet. or if plans change. HOW TO GET HER # Now that you know the purpose behind getting a girl's number and when during the conversation to get it let's go over some specific techniques to use to ensure she feels comfortable and even excited to give it to you. "Here put your number in my phone" or "You are so fun.Now this is a simplified version of how it goes. You did not just get her number to "call her sometime". When you ask her a question she now has an obligation to answer you. This is why in the first example I gave where you got her # you did it as a means to an end. HER NUMBER IS ONLY A MEANS TO AN END Why are you getting a girl's number anyways? The goal of any interaction with a girl you are attracted to (at least in the beginning) is to continue getting to know each other and see if you would make a good match. You got her # for a very specific reason. If you put a big focus on and appear nervous when getting her # she will sense it. 2. we are totally exchanging numbers!" . Often times when a guy asks for a girl's phone # several things run through her head: "Should I give this guy my #?" "Will he be constantly calling and annoying me to go on dates with him?". So the obvious goal of getting any girl's number should always be to meet up again. That is far too vague and when things are vague people tend to flake because there is nothing solid to commit to. You got it to give her details on a date you had just set up. "I don't want him to think I am mean so I'll just give it to him and then ignore his calls" or "I'll give him my # just so he will leave me alone". When you get her # as a result of a specific date you two have planned together in the midst of your fun conversation you avoid all of these thoughts. Instead use directive phrases like: "Let's exchange numbers". A woman will be looking at you to gauge how comfortable she should feel in the interaction. It is never the main focus. It makes perfect sense in this context for her to give you her number. There is actually a lot more going on here than meets the eye. As you are getting her number keep talking about whatever you were talking about. time. Don't ask for her number. If you act like it is not a big deal it WON'T be a big deal. It is only as big of a deal as you make it. This can only happens through spending time together.

Your time is much too valuable. This is the gateway through which she is going to start making a genuine connection with you. Example: You: What do you do? Her: I am an accountant You: Not what do you do for work silly. Don't think about it just do it.. things you love to do. dreams. Don't waste each others' time. you have to accept her. say something like "that's really cool". People don't want to feel like they are sitting through an interview. fun conversation goes on for a minute or two and you can tell she is enjoying it ask her a question that gets her to tell you something she thinks is positive about herself. This is supposed to be fun! Playfully nudge her on the shoulder with the back of your hand. Note: Ask yourself if this is really someone you want to move forward with? If so proceed to the next step. Often times if you do it right she will begin asking you questions about yourself like "so what do you do" or "What's your name" etc. This especially includes what your passions are. I don't care if she tells you she is a world-class yodeler. People act in accordance with what is expected of them. Be in the moment. Keep the beginning of the conversation light and playful. Ask Open-Ended Questions: After the playful. Respect yourself enough to after what you want. The longer you wait the more likely you are going to talk yourself out of it. You will learn a lot more about what type of person she is from "What's the most adventurous thing you have done so far this year?" than "How was your day?". Take a deep breath and relax. It means she is interested and you can move to the next step. goals. It is ok to turn towards her and face her now. If you pull out your phone with an air of confidence that says you do this all the time she will go right along with you. Relate what she says to a story from your life.go talk to another girl. In general ask more specific questions that make her pause and think. There is a saying: "Your hesitation = her reservation". Example: "You seem really fun. Introduce yourself and shake her hand. travel. However she answers be sure to accept her for it. HAVE FUN! Smile. There are a bunch of psychological principles of attraction that are out of the scope of this System..3. Flirt back and forth. The second you are unsure or hesitate she will second-guess you. Here is the basic formula for successfully meeting and getting a solid # from a girl you are interested in: Note: This is a very basic outline. what is something cool about you that hardly anyone knows?" Let her answer. Talk to her over your shoulder: (side by side like you are looking at a painting together) not face to face. This is where you can start finding out personal information about her. Remember to keep her comfort level growing with your touch. Actually go talk to her: If you see a girl you find attractive go talk to her. Assume she is going to give you her number. Who cares what you say just say something! There is little to risk and a fortune to gain. etc. what do you do for FUN! . This is a good thing. In other words. hobbies. She is properly invested in the conversation to earn your positive body language. If not . Walk up standing tall and talk with confidence and a smile.

Her: That sounds fun You: Here lets exchange #'s and we'll go next week sometime (as you take out your phone) Her : 917.. And if that really was your goal. co-workers) who are a regular part of her life. My favorite is chocolate mint. but the last time I rode a horse it was the most exhilarating feeling. This way if for some reason a stretch of time goes between texts you don't get the dreaded "who is this?" text.. If you leave right after you get her number it will seem like your whole point for talking to her was to get her #. what is it? You: Are you serious?! Oh man it is awesome! It's this Middle Eastern water pipe that you smoke all kinds of different flavors out of it. This is where you make a genuine connection. there's more.. Use descriptive words explaining why you love it and how it makes you feel. It is like eating those Andys mints you get at Olive Garden.. Here is where you don't leave anything to chance but man up and lead the conversation. You are being open and honest. Example: You: Have you ever tried hookah? Her: No.. Make it sound like the most amazing thing/place ever. Remember. that is so cool! I don't know about you. You can smoke any flavor imaginable. family.. I felt so alive! It was like I was the sheriff in one of those old western movies chasing down the bandit who just robbed the train haha.. chances are you are doing it for the validation of knowing you can get a girls # . Not to mention most girls do not answer calls from unknown numbers.Her: Ummm. Did you ever do anything like that? She should now be compelled to open up and share about her life in return. If your # isn't in her phone you must not have been worth the effort. I am totally taking you.you now have a date and a solid phone number from an attractive woman. WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU GET HER # It is important that after you get her # you continue the conversation. When you are saved in her phone you now belong to a group of people (friends. It also has an effect on her psychologically. I used to go horseback riding all the time when I was younger. soooo good! You would LOVE it! You know what?! It's official. If she finds out you lied later on she will feel like you tricked her and will have a hard time ever trusting you again. Introduce any activity you would enjoy doing with her. Do not lie or make up stories at this point. enthusiasm is contagious. You: NO WAY. But wait. Important: You must tell the truth.. it is a good idea to make sure she puts your # in her phone at the same time. When you are talking about the activity/location you have in mind to take her make sure you sell it. Now actually LISTEN to her instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. It doesn't have to be based off what you have learned from her in conversation but it helps if it is tailored to things you think she might like.. TO EXCHANGE IS BETTER THAN TO RECEIVE When getting a girl's #.. Congratulations .

Each new thread of conversation weaves a stronger bond between you.You will have to put in A LOT less effort maintaining her attraction to you until your next meet up. you are accomplishing several things: . take care of that first. This has huge implications! If you are currently getting numbers that keep flaking this is probably a big reason why. ok cool we will be text buddies. goals. WHO THE HELL IS JESSICA? When you begin using the techniques presented in this book you are going to be getting more numbers than you can shake a stick at. passions and life stories with you) the more she is going to want a return on that investment (showing up for a date).. The more she invests in you (shares her emotions. It gives you more information to text about as well as determines what types of texts you can send her when starting out. but you are on probation until I see you can keep up with me(smile) Since she has put in the effort to convince you that she is good about responding to texts she will now want to stay consistent with her word and your expectations of her. dreams.Why in the world would you leave a conversation that is going well with a woman you are attracted to?! ADVANCED PRE-EMPTIVE ANTI-FLAKE CONFIRMATION This is a great little technique to drastically reduce the chances of her failing to respond to your texts or calls. I would hate for you to score a number of a beautiful woman you were really into then not remember which Jessica she was.You solidify the connection and attraction you have been building with her. By continuing to talk with her. Make sure to know what it is that is truly motivating you and. This comes with what we like to call "a high quality problem". .When you text or call her she is FAR more likely to answer. You can put down . .instead of genuinely being interested in meeting cool women and adding value to their lives.. if need be. It is easy to lose track of who is who. . Simply add in this little statement while you are putting her phone number in your phone: Wait you're not one of those people who never responds to texts or takes like 5 years to write back are you? That is SOOOO annoying If done correctly she will jump in and try to convince you she is not that way. So from now on every time you get a girl's # put in a code word by her name to remember her by.

You will be amazed at how quickly your social circle will grow and how exciting your social life will become once you really push your self socially. Thumbwrestler) KEEPING TRACK OF NEW NUMBERS When you get to the point you are getting multiple numbers every time you go out it is easy to lose track. something unique about her... Almost every name in my phone has a code word next to it to help me remember who they are. So even though she agreed to go on the date you will have to make sure it happens and you can't make it happen if you forget. I can't tell you how many times I remembered I had a date thanks to this simple habit.. For guys simply text "Hey man it was super cool meeting you last night .. it can be a fun game to get her involved with. This sets you apart and makes her smile. In fact. how about Jessica. Tiny penis. Note: As cool as it seems. Practice being social all the time with all kinds of people. or just made a new friend.where you met her. (ie Nerdface. well we will get into that next. Awesome or Hot. A simple solution is to set a reminder in your phone to text all the girls and guys you met the next day. Goofball. or something you talked about with her. Who knows. met someone who can hook you up on air fair. associating positive emotions with you. For girls. Remember she is waiting for you to lead. This includes men and women. Now do the same thing for your name..(your name)". Girls love it! You don't actually have to put it in your phone) It is fun to see what you both come up with. It becomes an inside joke.. Make this a habit. PLAYING THE NUMBERS GAME If you truly want to master the numbers game you should be getting numbers every time you go out. You: Perfect! You are now Jessica Double Jointed cute smile (it's nice to add in the cute smile [ie compliment] part because she isn't expecting it. You: Ok so I need something to remember you by. .. It is much more effective for it to be something funny or unique to your interaction with her or even making fun of yourself. Cute. Cute. You will become the go to guy when people want to know what is going on.. Awesome. you might have just made an important business contact. etc) You: Well I already have 3 of those so you are going to have to choose something different.(smile) I want it to be something totally unique to you. You want every time you text or call her for a fun attribute or nickname to pop up. Her: Well I am double jointed. Dorkalicious? Her: How about Jessica Super Cool and Hot (she will almost always suggest something over the top positive ie Hot. you do not want for your codename to be something like Handsome.

In this section you will learn how to successfully craft the perfect first text message that engages her emotions. Here's my phone. • Getting her number is a means to an end. leading to less flaking. Now that you have fuel for the fire. then invite her to do something you both have a common interest in. be sure to continue the conversation so you can solidify attraction and connection. This way. causes her to re-affirm her attraction to you and compels her to respond. friends drag her away.) • Get her number after you've decided you like her enough to get to know her better. it makes it look like the entire goal of the interaction was getting her # (making you look like a "player") and you run the risk of her leaving before you get it (her stop on the subway. WHAT YOUR FIRST FEW TEXTS TELL HER If you don't already know. . she more than likely will. Not only that but you will learn what to do if you get her number on the fly and why using social media as a tool of attraction is so powerful. A lot of guys can get a girl's number but then get so excited they completely forget how to interact when they are texting or calling her. she will not ask the dreaded "Who is this?" • After you get her number. Remember to keep the focus on seeing her again. If you have a phone full of numbers that flake. let's take a look at how to keep these women excited to meet up with you again. Don't give her any reason to second guess your confidence. there are you are not the only guy going after the girl(s) you are interested in. Each step you progress you have to confirm in her mind she made the right choice to move forward with you and not the next guy in line. • She wants you to take the lead. neither will she. For that go to Techniques and Tactics. etc.CONCLUSION By following the advice in this section you will quickly begin to stock pile solid phone #'s from girls you are interested in. You must be able to separate yourself from the norm and display that you are the top pick. If you don't think it's a big deal. Instead of saying. • Women will look to you when deciding how to feel about and in the interaction. it doesn't do you any good." • If you are sure she will give you her number. when you call or text her. • Make sure she has your number in her phone as well. "So can I call you sometime?" say "We should hang out. SECTION RECAP • Waiting until the end of the interaction to get her number is generally a bad idea. Among other things. put you number in.

1. it was nice meeting you last night. they lump you right into the Lame category with every other guy. It needs to engage her emotions. It needs to set a fun. and therefore are ineffective. But first we need to look at why what most guys do just doesn't work. Want to hang out tonight? how is your day going? what are you up to? Do you remember me? -{your name} Hey it's {name} from the bar/party/club last night. They will sit there wracking their brains for hours trying to come up with perfect way to start off this new text romance. When added up. For example: • Is meeting women a typical behavior for you? • Do you have high Social Value? • Are you easily manipulated or do you have a strong sense of personal identity? • What kind of personality do you have? Will you be able to excite her and make her laugh!? • Are you needy or do you have things going on in your life? These are just a few of things she will subconsciously pick up on. it will determine in her mind if she is becoming more attracted to you and wants to move forward with the relationship or if you are not the type of guy worth investing her time in. playful tone for the interaction to come . you are giving off (often unconsciously) signals that tell her a lot about what type of guy you are. THE INGREDIENTS OF AN EFFECTIVE FIRST TEXT So what goes into a creating a first text message that sets you apart and makes her excited to text you back? There are three essential ingredients that your first text message needs to have in order to make it most effective. Not only do they not invoke any strong emotional reaction in her.Though you are only sending 1-3 lines of text. This seems like a lot pressure to put on a few lines of text but don't worry. what's up? These types of texts are typical and therefore boring. The funny thing is after all that thought they almost always end up with something brilliant like: hey whats up? hey cutie. but they kill any initial attraction you built up with her when you got her #. FIRST TEXT NO NO'S For many guys the first text can be stressful experience. Instead of setting you apart. you are about to learn the principles behind creating incredibly successful first text messages that give off all the right signals. causing her to re-affirm her attraction to you 2.

by asking a question or making a statement that requires more info.RECALLING RAPPORT TOPICS The most powerful element of creating an effective first text is engaging her emotions. The secret is to make the statement be about her personally. If she wants to know the answer she has to text you back. It can't just be any old question or statement otherwise Hey what's up? would be an effective first text. COMPELLING HER TO RESPOND So how do you get a girl you are interested in to respond to your first text? The same way you get anyone to respond . Simple right? Well not exactly. you want her to re-experience the feelings of attraction that you obviously created when you got her number. Yes they may occasionally get a response but they won't build attraction or move her closer to wanting to meet up with you again. The easiest way to do this is by referencing a topic from your conversation together that you connected on or that was very memorable. They are typical.3. So what kind of question do you ask? Well since you asked I feel compelled to respond. Note: If you got her # on the fly and didn't have much time to build a connection or come across an interesting conversation topic it is critical you use the techniques from Using Social Networking Sites to Boost Attraction and Build Comfort. Nothing makes someone more curious than what someone else thinks about them. boring and every other guy is sending her the same text. Example: What's up? becomes What kinda mischief are you causing today? An example of a fun statement that requires addition information would be: I just figured out what you would be if you were an animal. When she reads your first few texts. And you already know why texts like that don't work. Simply take a basic question and re-word it so it becomes fun and playful. SETTING A FUN PLAYFUL TONE . Let's take a look how to each element works and how to incorporate them together in your first text. ENGAGING HER EMOTIONS . will cause her to feel those same emotion she felt at that point the very emotions that are the foundation of her attraction to you (and you to her as well). It needs to compel her to respond If you can accomplish all of these in your first text you can almost guarantee she will not only respond positively but be much more willing to move forward with you. This will cause her to recall that interaction which. in turn.

If you haven't figured it out yet, fourth grade humor is the underlying theme for most of your text messages, including the initial interaction. Lighthearted, super-silly jokes win women over. This causes her to constantly associate positive emotions with you. You can accomplish this by using many of the tools presented in this system: nicknames, role-playing, teasing, etc. And, as always, remember that the way you word things has a dramatic effect on how it is perceived (eg. dancing vs bust a move).

Let's pretend that during a conversation with a girl she tells you a story about how she used to always go to the zoo to see the penguins. She was obsessed with them and went to bed every night until she was twelve with her stuffed penguin, Chilly Willy. Of course you got her # because you read this book. When it comes time to text her, you can now draw from that story to not only show that you listened (good job) but more importantly to evoke all those emotions again. Next you need to compel her to respond by adding a question or statement that requires more information. You then set a fun and playful tone not only by the way you word the question or statement but by adding in things like nicknames, role-playing, teasing, etc. So if you put it all together it would look something like this: hey my little penguin princess, what kind of mischief are you causing today!? or hey my little penguin princess, I just realized which celebrity you remind me of..crazy crazy :) As brief and silly as this text message seems, it accomplishes a lot. It causes her to recall the positive feelings she had when sharing that story with you thus re-affirming her attraction to you, it demonstrates you are not like every other guy, it compels her to respond in a playful way which puts her guard down and sets the tone for a successful interaction. The first one even lets you know what her plans are for the day which you can use as information to move the conversation forward and perhaps even plan a meet up. Not bad for a few lines of text. Now that you understand the elements behind an effective first text you can easily begin creating your own. Note: If you are still following a 3 day or any other kind of rule about how long to wait until you send the first text, cut it out already! When it comes to attraction you've got to strike when the iron is hot. Don't give her time for the memory of your awesomeness to fade away or even worse, get replaced by another guy. I almost always text a girl within hours of getting her # and never later than the next day.

So what do you do if you happened to get a girl's number on the fly and didn't have a chance to make any sort of emotional connection to recall in your first text? Because she didn’t have

much to go on from your short initial in person interaction, it will take much more effort to build enough attraction and comfort in order to get her to agree to meet up again. Through the use of Social Networking sites you can lock in a lot of the attraction that you missed out on during the initial interaction and thanks to the popularity of Social Networking Sites (especially MySpace and Facebook) almost every girl has an online profile somewhere. So how do you get a girl's MySpace/Facebook/Social Networking Profile information? You ask for it. Simply ask her in the first few texts or tack it on to end of your opening text. Hey crazyface! Didn't cause any trouble after I left last night did ya!? - btw Are you on myspace/facebook? Note: sometimes she will simply say yes. Just tease her and say Well how do I look you up silly. Example: Dec 15 2008 at 7:28:05 PM Kelly: what r u up to crazyface? Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 7:33:22 PM Cindy: who is this? Kelly Dec 15 2008 at 7:58:52 PM Kelly: Kelly. the ridiculously unattractive guy who was boring.. haha :) from the bar when u were dressed up as Santa. Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 8:19:44 PM Cindy: haha hmmm....exchange bar? Kelly Dec 15 2008 at 8:19:49 PM Kelly: Yes ma'am. LOL. What's ur name I am gonna add you on face book :) Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 8:22:00 PM Cindy: ha. im private b/c Im sorta of big deal to little kids Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 8:22:15 PM Cindy: whats ur lastname Kelly Dec 15 2008 at 8:23:19 PM Kelly: Hahaha. Cause you're miss clause. Or what! Kelly Kellam Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 8:50:13 PM Cindy: so i'll friend ya but no stalking haha Kelly Dec 15 2008 at 9:12:56 PM Kelly: Damn. It's good u didn't see me out side your window last night in the ballerina costume. Haha. LOL Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 9:15:43 PM Cindy: ha, ballerinas can fly now..hmmm. wait a minute ur the guy who ran that whole dating thingie downstairs at the bar?? Kelly Dec 15 2008 at 10:14:38 PM Kelly: I was their worst student actually. Haha :). And it isn't dating it is lifestyle and interaction pumkin head

Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 10:32:20 PM Cindy: so ur way of interaction is thru facebook?? haha Kelly Dec 15 2008 at 10:33:06 PM Kelly: Hell yeah! J/k. It's just a quick way to stay in touch:). Cindy Dec 15 2008 at 10:34:50 PM Cindy: true...I'll add ya in a hot sec...mysterious man Note: this is also useful if you happen to wake up and have numbers from girls you don’t remember in your phone....hey it happens :)

Getting a girl's MySpace/Facebook/Etc is such a useful tool in progressing the relationship forward that almost every time I get a girl's phone number I soon ask her for her MySpace or Facebook. There are several reasons for this: -You get to re-confirm what she looks like -A girl's profile gives you a lot of information about her. Not only do you learn more about if she is the type of girl you like but now you have a multitude of new topics to engage her on. -With a properly set up profile you get to demonstrate your positive qualities, social standing and charm through pictures, text and comments left by friends. She gets to see how awesome you are without you even having to tell her! It is like having your own PR firm selling you to her. -It makes her much more comfortable with the idea of meeting up with you again because she can see you are a safe person by the comments by your friends talking about recent times you hung out and the multitude of pictures in a various situations with different groups of friends. -Often times if a girl stops responding through text you can get her to respond through her online profile. Reason being with a text message she has to imagine you but with your profile she can see right there who she is talking with. This makes you more real and once again, if your profile is set up to trigger her attractions switches, it makes you that much more irresistible. As you can see using social networking sites, in combination with texting, is a powerful combination. In fact, there is so much you can do with these sites to meet, attract and date beautiful women that I developed an entire system on it! It covers everything from setting up your profile to how to keep her interested and laughing to the best way to get her to meet up. If you are interested in finding out more, click on over to learn about Push Button Dating.

If it hasn't yet, eventually you will send a text to a girl only to get back these three little words: "who is this?" There can be many reasons this happens. Maybe she lost her phone or it broke and she had to get anew one. Maybe she didn't save your # or it has been so long since you last text her

she deleted it. Whatever reason it happened, how you respond is going to determine if she is going to incorporate you back into her texting life or leave your # as unsaved. You don't want to get the "Who is this?" response every time you text her do you? So how do you respond? Most guys typical response is to try to remind her of how she knows him, Hey this is so and so we met at such and such a place. Now maybe she will remember you and maybe she won't. Either way, trying to convince someone of how they know you always puts you in the position of chasing them. You remember them but you have to remind them of why they know you. Ouch. The solution is to make her ACTUALLY want to know who you are. Don't just explain who you are and how she knows you right away. By replying in a fun way that doesn't try to explain who you are, you spike her curiosity and make her chase you. By the time she figures out who you are she has already associated fun, positive emotions with you ensuring she will be saving your phone # and be more than willing to engage in future text interactions. Here are a few example of fun ways to respond: Oh my dear {nickname}...I thought my # was inscribed upon your heart??? Your Prince Charming...duh! You didn't save my #?!!! I'm so hurt...sniff sniff..lol {your name}. the ridiculously unattractive guy who was boring...haha :) Your future ex husband of course :-) In Action: Amber ms hott?3/6/08 1:02 AM Amber: Thts sweet but who is this ; ) Me3/6/08 1:03 AM Race: Prince Charming...duh! Amber ms hott?3/6/08 1:04 AM Amber: Thn why r u not with me Me3/6/08 1:31 AM Race: because ur evil step mother had me locked up in the castle! but I broke free and now we can live happily ever after...how excited are you! :) Note: You can minimize this from happening by exchanging numbers instead of just getting hers as often as possible. (see TO EXCHANGE IS BETTER THAN TO RECIEVE).

It is very important that you don't let every conversation you have just drag on. You are supposed to be demonstrating high value. If you are ALWAYS available to chat what kind of things will she assume you have going for you in your life? Not much. You need to give her the chance to miss your conversation or wonder what you are thinking about her. The balance of being available and being busy can subconsciously tell her a lot about you.

Just think about a time when you sent off a text to a girl in the middle of a conversation and she didn't respond. The next time you do text her it will be received with excitement and relief. Example: Her: Ok well have fun! or have a good night/day! There is no need for you to reply and say. don't respond! Don't give her the opportunity to get annoyed or bored with you. You got the urge to text her again just to see if she would respond so you knew everything was ok. The last thing you want is for her to get back to her phone and see three missed texts or three missed phone calls from you. Ok you too!. When you hold off it creates feelings of uncertainty in her. She might be at work. set a fun and playful tone for the interaction. Not only will this annoy her. or several text messages back and forth. and how do you end a conversation? Remember you are the leader. wonder why you aren't texting her back.DO NOT OVER TEXT OR CALL HER It is so important it bears repeating. Finally she responds and you feel relieved. and compel her to respond. Do NOT over text or call her. Humans need the validation of response. Women are filters. After a while you got worried. Even if you are in the middle of a fun conversation! This will give her a chance to miss the interaction. right? You can avoid this anxiety by being the one who ends the text conversation. Just because she doesn't respond immediately to your text messages or answer every call doesn't mean you should text or call her again. freely responding to her. They are waiting every step of the way to see if you mess up. By holding out on that one last. You began to wonder if you said something wrong. and realize that she wants the interaction with you to move forward. If you are in an ongoing conversation with her. Someone always has to be the last one to text and it shouldn't be YOU. SECTION RECAP • Your first text needs to do three things: Re-engage her emotions. a seemingly unimportant text. If at any point in the conversation there is no need for a response. No fun. let the conversation go on for a several messages back and forth.So when. . REMINDER . The last one to text is always the one waiting on a response. After a short while. she will be wondering why you didn't respond. it will destroy any attraction you worked to create since this strongly communicates neediness. Maintain a careful balance of how much you text or call her versus how much she is texting or calling you. hold off for an hour or so to respond. or not have her phone on her.

After all.• Ask for a girls social networking profile info. • If you text a girl and she responds with who is this? it's important to reply in a way that makes her want to know who you are instead of just answering. The easiest way to do this is by referencing a topic from your conversation together that you connected on or that was very memorable. she is in essence creating a memory with you. Or perhaps it was doctor and patient or Kind and Queen of the castle (a.this creates attraction and intrigue. If you have a well established profile on Myspace/Facebook/Etc she will see it and have greater attraction as well as see you as safer.. In fact. The best part is those principles are far more effective now that you are older. :) Now that you have a solid foundation on the underlying principles that govern effective text interactions and how to successfully get a woman's phone number. The more memories you have with someone the more comfortable you feel around them. When she adds you.. The human brain has trouble distinguishing between imagined events and real memories. associating positive emotions with you. This is established by (you guessed it) being fun and playful.k. it can accomplish several things. • When she reads your first few texts. Almost every name in my phone has a code word next to it to help me remember who they are. Make this a habit. the slide). In this section are the majority of techniques you will use in your everyday texting. you want her to re-experience the feelings of attraction that you obviously created when you got her number. making her excited about the next time you text her. Occasionally you can also re-engage a girl via a networking site. don't reply! Let her wonder why you didn't text back and what you're doing.a. • Don't feel the need to reply to every text. are not all the relationships you have in your life formed from the feelings and bonds created through shared memories together? . it’s time for you to dive in and get your thumbs dirty. If it doesn't require a response. Although it may have just seemed like a fun game at the time. • You want every time you text or call her for a fun attribute or nickname to pop up.HOW TO ROLE PLAY Remember when you used to play "house" with a girl you like in elementary school? You were the husband and girl you had a crush on was the wife. This sets you apart and makes her smile. This is significant because every time you create an imagined event with a woman using role-playing. It becomes an inside joke. there were some very powerful psychological principles of attraction going on there. MAKING UP MEMORIES . the effects of successfully role-playing with a woman you are interested in are so astounding you will wonder why you haven't been doing it all along.

) I'll let you grab it next time we are making out Saturday.. These can be short little interactions or. to get the most out of them.. role playing allows her to let go of some of her insecurities and open up more than usual. Dec 27 2008 at 8:17:59 PM Selma: Yes im watchin u Saturday. Here are a few examples of role-playing ideas: -Husband and Wife (or ex's) -Travel Buddies (talk about all the adventures you are going on together) -Stalker and Victim (she is the one stalking you) -Teacher and Student -Rockstar and Groupie In Action: Saturday. exciting. You want to pick roles where you do things together or where she is the one who is looking up to or chasing you..When role-playing with a woman the devil is in the details. 6 more days til we go on our double honeymoon! Equally as significant. I cannot stress enough how much comfort this creates! Me4/12/08 5:22 PM Race: Hey wanna come over here and grab some lunch wifey? Alicia ms law student?4/12/08 5:24 PM Alicia: i would love to but im working the bon jovi concert tonight through an agency and i have to leave at 4! :0( thank you so much tho! xo Me4/12/08 5:25 PM Race: Well us not seeing each other very often is putting a definite strain on our marriage:-( Alicia ms law student?4/12/08 5:28 PM Alicia: i know! i cry myself to sleep at night. Dec 27 2008 at 8:17:14 PM Race: Did I just catch you spying on me as I was changing into my gym clothes my little stalker?! Saturday. Saturday. The more vivid she can imagine herself experiencing the events you describe the more powerful and "real" the memory will become. they can become a long running theme between you two. or even possibly a slightly romantic side of your self. Dec 27 2008 at 8:20:45 PM Race: Hey thanks . Because she is 'playing a role' of somebody else she can use that as plausible . Dec 27 2008 at 8:23:24 PM Selma: K im soo goin to grab it now As you engage her with different role-playing scenarios you are also displaying an adventurous. Dec 27 2008 at 8:19:46 PM Selma: Nice ass. This way when you meet up again you already have a story line between you two that you can draw from at any time..

You are starting out as equals. When in all actuality. Just invite your self! Rude. MISINTERPRETATION You never want to put a girl on a pedestal. lol Libra 26 I move because I get restless and vegas is ok for now:-) Liz ms? Twin1/30/08 6:30 PM Liz: Lol cool Me1/30/08 6:46 PM Race: u think I'm cool? How sweet:-) Liz ms? Twin1/30/08 6:48 PM Liz: . Jan 6 2009 at 2:03:16 PM Torri: Oh man! You totally read my mind. spend time with you or trying to win your approval. I love wine! Tuesday. haha. it will work better if you come across (in a fun way) that she is the one chasing you. She can pass that off to the character she is playing into. How do you make it seem like she is chasing you if you are the one texting her? Through the power of misinterpretation you can spin any interaction into one where she is trying to pick you up! You can take almost any text a girl sends you and misinterpret it to seem like she is trying to take advantage of you.-) I think ur different..) Example #3 Liz ms? Twin1/30/08 5:54 PM Liz: how old r u and what sign r u? Thats cool uv seen a lot of places. which is cool! . As long as you bring the cheese and crackers. Nov 18 2008 at 1:29:28 PM Natasha: That sounds like a fun night to me..deniability. LOL. Nov 18 2008 at 1:30:07 PM Kelly: Damn. Jan 6 2009 at 2:00:10 PM Torri: guess what? Tuesday.). Example #1 Tuesday.. I'll take care of the wine. Nov 18 2008 at 1:21:00 PM Kelly: I am so excited I got a bunch of movies and I am gonna grab some wine and tottally chill and watch movies I think tonight .. I'm back in new york Example #2 Tuesday. In fact. Jan 6 2009 at 2:01:59 PM Race: You want to come have drinks with me and get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?! Girl you are naughty! Tuesday. Any reason u move so much? Do u actually like vegas? Me1/30/08 6:09 PM Race: R we palying 20 queations?. Deal!? . because it is a role and "not her". she isn't worried about being judged. And again.) Tuesday. After all it really 'isn't her'. the things she jokes about (for the most part) are actually an outlet for how she really feels.

Get used to using these mood indicators A LOT. she will be feisty right back.e. USE EMOTICONS AND SHORT HAND Since most in-person communication is done through non-verbal cues such as body language. vocal tonality. haha :) you are just trouble aren't you!!? J/k Women will read your texts through the filter of whatever mood they are in at that moment.Me1/30/08 6:59 PM Race: Well my mom says i'm special.. etc. lol. ARE YOU FLUENT IN TEXTANESE? .. :) becomes (smiley face) You can use any variation of these. They let a girl know when you are being playful. Here's how it would read with emoticons added: I could never hang out with a girl like you. This is a perfect resource to pull from to expand your vocabulary of shorthand and emoticons. Note: Girls typically use emoticons and shorthand texts so pay attention to how they use them. sympathizing.. it is critical to use emoticons. You don't want to give her the chance to misinterpret a text that was meant to be fun and playful as rude or mean just because she is in a sour mood. we will end a statement with: Haha.. facial expressions. in a good mood. As you will see in many of the examples. With this technique you're turning the tables on her.. That comes across cold and would not make sense in a conversation.-) If she is fun. are intending to be funny. acronyms and initialisms (words that describe bodily reactions ie lol.does that count? Liz ms? Twin1/30/08 7:01 PM Liz: Lol u r special! . They can even lessen the sting of an otherwise overly cocky statement. Here is an example of a statement that could be taken the wrong way had the emoticons not been used: I could never hand out with you. or :) LMAO! Note: Another funny way to set yourself apart now that emoticons have become so popular is to spell them out in parenthesis instead i. You simply cannot text effectively with out them. Because you make it seem that she is chasing you it will cause her to start role-playing which in turn causes her to feel as though she is chasing you. You are just trouble. You want to ensure that your messages are read as you intend them to come across.. haha) to create the mood you're intending to communicate.

. However.)~ Come on now. it is flirting not hurting.except without the closet . phone. Since I woke up:-) . You are not one of those guys... hahaha j/k :) If she ever suggests a time to meet up (eg 6pm): no that's too early....lingo2word.. This is to be fun and playful.for a girl :) If she ever has problems with her car.I'm not judging you. or any thing she pays monthly for you can say: Its cool if you couldn't afford to pay your bill ...Texting has spawned a whole new vocabulary of it's own... quick messages many rules of punctuation. dont wanna be stuck with ya that long! Let's do 6:03 haha :-) If she ever gives you a compliment: That is the nicest thing anyone has ever told me. grammar and spelling no longer apply. For instance.? Sure it isn't mandatory community service!? A cute.. instead of saying: You are funny. yet sassy gal who's a felon. This runs out really quick. Never directly insult a girl. PLAYFULLY TEASE HER Another good technique is to tease her playfully every once in a while. you have work today huh. so by shortening down your words you can fit a lot more in to each text.. say tmrow or tomo I will see you later!. that much. Keep it light and silly. as it is easy to go overboard and say something mean. when you are in the middle of sharing a meaningful conversation. Examples: You're a closet dork aren't you?. who woulda knew!? Hahah :) Awww you're kinda cute. This helps lower her defenses by showing you don't place her up on a pedestal but see her on the same level.. You have a lot of free reign to come up with creative ways to shorten words as long as it makes sense in a sentence.. say I'll c u later! :) This will make it more convenient for you as well as giving you more room to write.. Many phones are limited to 160 characters per text. it is best to be more direct and use full words..php. confirming in her mind that you are someone she finds valuable. Because it is based on short. say U r funny Tomorrow. They are used to that from all those other guys who get their feelings hurt when she tests them or when she doesn't talk to them. Using these shortened words and informal lingo will also lighten the tone and inadvertently make the messages more personable. It also makes her have to explain her self to you. Note: if the terms like "ywia" or "IMHO" make no sense to you check out a free text lingo translator and dictionary here: http://www.com/index. Be very careful with these when you are just starting off... A lot of phones also have a limited number of characters allowed. A typical guy who was interested in her would never do this.

By paying attention to how much a woman is writing in her messages. stay in a lighthearted manner. Can you think of any care package item that you might need? I've got like two. Dec 23 2008 at 7:18:31 PM Britney: So. Silly as it seems. and redirect the frame of the conversation by talking about something less serious. or talking about on the phone. I can't tell you how many times I have heard from girls that this drives them crazy and actually upsets them. simply replace it with something more playful like "okey dokey". Did u have like a big stain on your shirt or something?! Hahaha U r kinda adorable.. MIRRORING Have you ever texted a girl a long involved text only to receive back a short one-word reply? Does it feel like you are pulling teeth to keep the conversation going? This can be very frustrating. If this happens. or talking the most on the phone is investing the most in the interaction. . Ha.. Resist this temptation and just let her be the last one to text. Dec 14 2008 at 2:23:33 PM Kelly: Hahaha u seem pretty cool :). Tuesday. AVOID SHORT REPLIES Sometimes when you are writing back you will be tempted to send the quick "k". no matter how she reacts. This has a huge effect on how each of you perceives what is going on. Ultimately. If you absolutely cannot refrain yourself or it is someone you have been seeing for a while and it doesn't matter send something a bit longer. :) After she responds.In Action: Katelyn Sunday. Haha. Sometimes you can unintentionally strike a nerve and hurt her feelings. Kelly Sunday. say you were joking. the impression you don't care. Still got my eye on you though. more often than not. Casually apologize. Forgot for a moment who I was talking too. Yeah you shld keep an eye on me most guys tend to. Be sensitive to whether you are offending her or not. Crisis averted.. the person writing the most in the text interaction. Chances are you are giving too much too soon and it is killing her attraction to you. don't be overly apologetic. Good thinking. The one who is investing the most is seen as the one chasing. You don't want to be the one person in an interaction that is giving all kinds of information about yourself if she is sharing none or just replying with oneword answers. Dec 14 2008 at 3:58:15 PM Kelly: You're funny. you can calibrate the proper amount of information for you to share. So no funny business :) Katelyn Sunday. Dec 14 2008 at 2:21:35 PM Katelyn: Ohhhhh that's right you're that cool. When you answer with a short single letter response like "k" it gives off. Haha Kelly Sunday. Dec 14 2008 at 2:28:49 PM Katelyn: I'm the coolest may even top you sir. Glad I'm one of 6000+ girls you talk to but really none will compare.

Your package is amazing on its own. it is also VERY effective to mirror her writing style as well. Wednesday.. BUILDING UNCONSCIOUS RAPPORT THROUGH MIRRORING In addition to mirroring the length of the message. Dec 23 2008 at 8:21:36 PM Race: Haha stop it! I am blushing Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 7:46:20 PM Britney: Also. Dec 23 2008 at 9:02:58 PM Britney: I apparently love the game twenty questions hahaha.. Dec 23 2008 at 8:02:49 PM Race: No real favorites Tuesday.pick one wine you love. Dec 23 2008 at 7:22:25 PM Race: Not that I can think of. Dec 23 2008 at 7:53:42 PM Britney: Ok. You look so hot! And your eyes look amazing. And what are your favorite colors. Dec 23 2008 at 7:51:09 PM Race: Most of the time yes LOL Tuesday. As silly as this may seem. Note: this is much more important in beginning of an interaction when you are still in the "getting to each other" stage. Dec 23 2008 at 7:27:29 PM Britney: Haha ok. Hahaha vs hehehe.maybe a towel or two? LOL Tuesday. Pay attention to what kind of emoticons and expressive language she is using such as. As you can see from this example Britney is investing much more into the conversation. The first one you can think of! What is it? Lol! Tuesday. It's flattery you deserve! Lol also. She will sense it and be turned off. What colors? Tuesday.Tuesday. :) Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 8:56:56 PM Britney: I'm glad i made you blush.. :) just thought you should know. The fact that you are similarly expressive (even over a short text message) causes her to form unconscious rapport with you. Care package that is ha. Good night lol. Just like the saying. You don't want to be investing everything into an interaction with someone who isn't giving back equally. Dec 24 2008 at 2:26:07 AM Britney: My favorite picture of you out of all the ones i took in ny is when you and i were in times square.You're a medium right? Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 8:05:56 PM Britney: Lame. You want to pay attention to this so you can balance the interaction.blues and greens right? Tuesday.. "birds of a feather flock . it is another way for her to build a sense of comfort with you. Just by reading it you can already tell she is the one chasing. You make things so difficult! Lol i'm determined to find some amazing stuff for your package.

DORKS AND NERDS ARE COOL Believe it or not making fun of yourself can actually make you more attractive to women.. She will directly relate with you. Women can now feel comfortable knowing you are not trying to hide something or be someone you are not. Mirroring them back to her will subconsciously help her feel like you understand her world and know where she is coming from.lol) 6/23/08 8:26 PM Krystal: Hehe its cool so am i . I wont tell if you wont . people like to hang out with and feel more comfortable with people who are similar to them. When you are comfortable showing your dorky side you provide an atmosphere for her to let go and be dorky too.together".. Guess what? Everyone has a silly side. She might not know why but she will become more relaxed and feel more connected with you when you mirror her word choice and writing style... Only someone who was solid in their identity would be comfortable enough to share their nerdy side and own it. This is huge.thats what I say.-) ------------M6/23/08 7:48 PM Race: Okey dokey little pokey (ya I'm a dork like that. I like dorks! . She only does this around her closest .) One of the cool things about this is almost every girl secretly thinks she is a dork/nerd at heart.. 5/2/08 10:35 PM Race: Okey dokey little pokey (yah I'm a dork like that) 5/2/08 10:36 PM Amber: Well i doubt you can top me im the biggest dork -----------5/11/08 3:46 PM Ashley:Okie dokie 5/11/08 3:53 PM Race: Haha. This is an extremely attractive quality.r u a dork like me? 5/11/08 3:54 PM Ashley: Yeppers! ------------Me7/26/08 5:27 PM Race: Okey dokey little pokey (yah I'm a dork like that) 7/26/08 5:34 PM Lauren: It's alrigt. The easiest way to do this is simply call yourself out on it. When you display your silly goofy side it shows that you are not trying to hold onto some "cool guy" image. Sharing your nerdy side shows that you are human making you much more relatable.

This accelerated comfort will make her feel like she has "known you forever". building comfort and putting a smile on her face. .. Note: When she calls you a "dork" or "nerd" or any variation it is actually a GOOD thing. It is most often a term of endearment created from shared experiences. They are usually reserved for two people who know each other quite well. Oct 16 2008 at 4:00:45 PM Race: Can we reschedule for tomorrow evening sugar buns? Thursday.An accelerated sense of Intimacy Nicknames create an accelerated sense of Intimacy. USE THEM! Wednesday..It makes her smile Never underestimate the power of making a girl smile. THE POWER OF NICKNAMES One of the key principles through out any new interaction with a woman is to create comfort. and a genuine connection. I can't tomorrow but I'm around Sat :) Through the use of a fun nickname you begin to create a very playful feel about the interaction. I'd have a nickel. Sep 24 2008 at 5:14:03 PM Mandy: Telling u the nicknames u have r sooo funny.. It demonstrates a dominant.friends. A person who creates nicknames for others is usually the one directing the interaction and the one who is most comfortable. Oct 16 2008 at 4:05:13 PM Jen: If I had a nickel for everytime someone called me sugar buns.-) ---------Thursday.have fun sugar buns :) Wednesday.. -Creates a Joint Conspiracy Another powerful effect of nicknames is they create a Joint Conspiracy. Nicknames are one of the most powerful texting tools available for setting yourself apart.. Here are just a few of the effects you create by using nicknames: . She will feel like she is being her "true" self and will love you for it. keeping attraction strong. When she is smiling she is letting her guard down making it much easier for you to build a solid connection with her. When you create a . The goal here is to create in her the feelings of "you are so fun" and "I feel like I have known you for so long!" -Demonstrates You are a Leader By using nicknames you are demonstrating that you are comfortable having relationships with beautiful women. You can't beat a fun nickname delivered at the right time. So by using nicknames early on you begin to subconsciously create feelings of comfort. Sep 24 2008 at 3:53:59 PM Race: Well we'll have to hang out another night then. trust. teasing and playful frame. well I hope u have a fabulous evening as well .

Pecker wood. Rainbow Trout. associating you with a fun time. honey biscuit. Sassy Pants. Butterfly. Strawberry poptart. HOW TO USE NICKNAMES Nicknames are good to use in ANY INTERACTION with a woman you are interested in.nickname for a girl it now becomes a sort of inside joke between the two of you. Midget ninja. To use a nickname it is as easy as just plugging it in at the beginning or end of your message. Rubber Ducky. Feel free to make up your own and use them! PICKING THE RIGHT NICKNAME Depending on what stage and the type of conversation you are having through text with a woman determines what type of nickname to use. Cookie Monster Cute: Princess Sparkles. Sugar buns. Example: "peace out girl scout" or "see ya soon baby baboon". Sex puppet. This is a powerful bonding experience inadvertently creating comfort and trust. but especially when you are texting back and forth. Woman Face Sexual: Cock Weasel. Example: hey crackerpants! Just what kinda trouble are you getting into today!? or hello my little midget ninja! Because these are not like the typical texts she gets from guys. Feel it out and in general. Sultry temptress Tip: Try rhyming the end of your texts using a nickname. Anytime you are playfully texting back and forth is the perfect time to throw in a nickname. Firecracker. Jelly bean. Little miss pretty face Teasing: Nerdball. Baby toe. . Cracker pants. Smurfette. Some girls love them and some will just be put off. Snugglers Mcgee. The only times you avoid using them are when you are in the middle of sharing meaningful information with each other or building a deep sexual state. Crazy face. Wiener warmer. Rainbow Brite. Penis pocket. Be careful with the sexual ones. Girl Scout. Strawberry Shortcake. Cum Smuggler. Here is a list of some of our favorite nicknames so you can see what we are talking about: Fun: Otter pop. Penis puppet. Lady Bug. she will respond in a much more playful way. So now that you can see why nicknames are so useful let's get into how to use nicknames successfully. Butterbean. Bumble Bee. The fun and cute category of nicknames can be used at almost any time throughout the interaction. Luv Muffin. Hunny Bunny. Sex Kitten. Dork Fish. Use the teasing nicknames when she is being sassy or putting up a bit of resistance.

Dec 8 2008 at 2:35:38 PM Race: Hey nerdball what's cooking? I think you should draw me a picture. This is an excellent indication that she is engaging in the conversation and enjoying the nicknames you are giving her. "Guess what?" go ahead and guess. Example: "my little Rubber Ducky" or "baby squirrel". This subtly shows that you assume she is a bit odd (in a fun way) while demonstrating your creativity and sense of humor. Monday..save the sexual ones for a girl you have advanced the interaction and created at least some sort of sexual state with her using the techniques taught later in this Program. "You just realized you are madly in love with me but our love must be a secret because our families forbid us to be together? Oh wait that is .) Keep your eyes peeled throughout the examples in this System to see how and when we use nicknames. Tip: Girls like to feel like they are smaller than you as both a self-image thing and because they enjoy letting you fulfill you gender role as the "protector". Some girls can handle very sexually suggestive nicknames and laugh with you about it (IE cum smuggler).. GUESSING HER ANSWER Another option when you are asking a question is to guess her answer.. Dec 8 2008 at 10:00:10 PM Kerry: Hello my little meatball. Watch for when a girl begins to start calling you nicknames in return.. Use your discretion based on how your interactions have gone up to this point and how sexually suggestive the subject matter is in your conversations.how r u? ps: i thought i'd draw u a nice godzilla. The only rule is that it is fun. Jan 2 2009 at 3:06:21 PM Race: What r u up to this weekend? Let me guess. You will be surprised how often they actually are used. plain ole dino's r boring . and some girls have trouble laughing about something as simple as sugar buns.. playful. I like dinosaurs :) Monday. What are you up to this weekend? Becomes Friday. For example when a girl says. Jan 2 2009 at 3:13:53 PM Andrea: Haha how did you guess?? Guess it’s not going to be a surprise! I’m home tonight but should be back in the city tomorrow :-) This holds true in every day conversation as well. and calibrated to your individual interaction with each girl.. Now you want your guess to be a bit on the outrageous side.taking a speed knitting class so you can make me a scarf! You are sooo sweet :) Note: This is also a good example of a re-engaging text Friday. I usually say something silly like. Add "little" or "my little" or "baby" in front of your nicknames to help bolster this feeling.

Tease her. The premise is to ask her a question regarding things that are involved with the event/party/place that you are inviting . but she feels like you understand her. it is always up to you to make her feel comfortable with the thought of meeting again.. Because of this. are crucial to getting your message across. they can't see your body language or hear your voice tonality.] etc. The way you invite her demonstrates how comfortable you are with yourself and the way you view the world. The more memories you have with someone the more comfortable you feel around them. You plant the "seed" of the invite before it is even offered. It's best not to reply back at all or say something longer or silly such as okey dokey. Giving her a cute nickname like jellybean or bumble bee will put a smile on her face and build attraction. she is in essence creating a memory with you. Every time you create an imagined event with a woman using role-playing. What?" or "You just found out you are a fembot sent back from the future programmed to save the world by giving me the best blow job of all time?" SECTION RECAP • Use role play to your advantage. Use them! Although there are a lot of fun things you can do with text. • A simple. • Remember when you text someone. • Mirroring her writing style will help you build an unconscious rapport with her because we are attracted to people like us.Romeo and Juliet. • Let her chase you. Equally as important is the way in which you invite her. You're different from every other guy who's interested in her. emoticons such as :). but be sure she knows you're joking. • Be playful with her to show her you don't place her on a pedestal. my bad.. The amount of attraction and comfort you have built when you initially met her and over text since you got her # greatly determine her willingness to meet up with you again. Think of how you feel when someone does it. you can do something called "Seeding The Invite". =P . She may not know why. Remember. You need to remove her hesitations from meeting up with you before she ever has the opportunity to think about them. the ultimate goal is ALWAYS to meet up with the woman you are interested in. • Don't reply back with one word. PLANT THE SEED FOR MEETING UP In order to better ensure a woman will accept your invites to hang out. Don't be the one talking the most on the phone or texting huge replies to one or two word texts. There are many different strategies you can use to help alleviate her hesitations while simultaneously demonstrating you are the type of man worthy of her time. Your best strategy for avoiding any hiccups in setting up your next date is to anticipate any problems she might have with it. She needs to invest in your interaction so she can feel worthy of your validation. yet powerful tool at your disposal for attracting women is nicknames.

good music and great company? Example 2: Comedy Club So Princess Sparkles do you have a good sense of humor and like laughing so hard you pee your pants? (ok don't actually pee your pants. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES It is helpful for her to have thought about hanging out with you again a few times before she actually does. By implying or suggesting the possibility of inviting her to hang out you not only show you are still uncertain about hanging out with her. She responds to something you say kinda sassy. she is likely to be much more comfortable with the idea because she has already played out a ton of scenarios in her head.. There is a possibility I might invite you.. This way. playfully say things that imply that you and her will be hanging out in the future. These types of messages also display once again that you have standards and are not just going to settle for what comes your way. that’s gross. So much so that it would be strange for her not to say yes. Here are some examples of how to do this. or playfully and you say: How am I supposed to bring you around my friends with that kinda attitude miss sassy pants! Jeeeze! :) Woah woah!. lol) Implying the Invite A woman can't say no to hanging out if you never actually ask her. a lot of the other fundamentals are being used in these texts messages as well. margaritas... Example 1: Taco Tuesday Hey cookie monster. Throughout your interactions. You have a playful nickname and emoticons to soften the tone as well as some playful teasing.. do you like tacos. The secret is to make the things associated with the event sound incredibly fun. but can also find out if she is able to make it before you actually invite her.her to that she will mostly likely agree with enjoying. This is the perfect way to lead into using a false disqualifier or hang out requirements. This realization will force her to start imagining herself hanging out with you and your friends.. when you ultimately invite her to meet up.. Examples: I was gonna invite you to. watch your tone there sugar pants! I might just have to forget to invite you to this weeks {some fun event/party} :) As you can see... In Use: Me: what's brown and sticky? 1:01 PM Chloe: You got me lol 1:10 PM Me: a stick :) 1:13 PM Chloe: Hahahah I love it 1:19 PM . I was considering inviting you..

Ha ha Me5/29/08 3:10 PM Race: Haha.ever been? Brittany ms cute TI pool?5/29/08 3:05 PM Brittany: No i have been wanting to go. giving false disqualifiers or providing stipulations are a powerful ways to over come her hesitations to meeting up with you again... Instead of running through the reservations she has in her mind. A group of us r going 2night and I considered inviting u if u promise not to embarrass me Brittany ms cute TI pool?5/29/08 3:09 PM Brittany: what time? I would have to think about it.that is the one. Examples: So now that we r txt buddies u might be safe enough to invite to one of our next get togethers:-) A group of us r going to {event/place} 2night and I considered inviting u if u promise not to embarrass me :)~ u r invited if u promise to bring bucket loads of fun energy In Action: Me5/29/08 3:02 PM Race: Have u ever heard of Vox? Brittany ms cute TI pool?5/29/08 3:02 PM Brittany: Wine lounge? Me5/29/08 3:03 PM Race: Why yes.. I hear its nice Me5/29/08 3:06 PM Race: Precisely.. she is now trying to disprove your reservations or prove she meets your requirements in order to convince you she is safe and worth your time to hang out with. She already has reservations so by showing your own first it steals her frame.think about how u r gonna embarrass me? Like show up wearing leg warmers? Brittany ms cute TI pool?5/29/08 3:11 PM Brittany: I dont wear leg warmers.. Thanks i have very good fashion sense Me5/29/08 3:13 PM Race: Well I personally think leg warmers are hot.lol Brittany ms cute TI pool?5/29/08 3:14 PM Brittany: Leggings maybe but no leg warmers .. Even though they are silly...Me: it is my new fav 1:20 PM Chloe: Mine as well 1:29 PM Me: you owe me a 5 cent royalty every time you use it until it adds up to some cheese and crackers for our picnic :) 1:31 PM Chloe: Sounds like a fair trade :) 1:39 PM MAKING HER COMFORTABLE She will be far more comfortable when it comes time to meet up. knowing you have reservations about her coming..my roomate went 2nights ago and said it is awesome.

"I will be doing this activity even if you don't come along". some of my friends and I are cruising to this party in the park tomorrow about 6:24.then gonna go to the 51's baseball game-dollar beer night. You barely know her.you should totally join us! . you want to do it in a way that implies.lol :-) haha Melissa Town square 5/8/08 4:19 PM Melissa: O cool how much to get in and what time o and im naturally wild no alcohol needed :O INVITE HER TO DO AN ACTIVITY I still cannot understand why dinner and a movie is still considered the standard first date? I can still see a guy and a girl siting across the table from each other avoiding eye contact furiously thinking of what to say next to fill the silence as they wait for their food to arrive...you're not opposed to having a ridiculously awesome time are you? In Action: Kelly 5/8/08 3:36 PM Kelly: so what's on ur agenda today honeybucket? getting into trouble i bet.u should tag along :-) Kelly 5/8/08 3:58 PM Kelly: U can't turn into a crazy drunk girl though. INVITE HER TO SOMETHING YOU ARE ALREADY DOING Keep in mind.) Kelly 5/8/08 3:45 PM Kelly: Gotta get some work done..5/29/08 3:16 PM Brittany: What time. You are not creating a special time just for the two of you but instead inviting to come along and be a part of your life. This takes of a ton of pressure on both parties. haha Melissa Town square 5/8/08 3:43 PM Melissa: Dont know yet something fun but nothing planned how about you Shuga .. they go to a movie afterward where they have little to no interaction at all. to hang out with somebody new just because she laughed at two of your jokes at a bar when you met her? When you do send the invite. I gotta go shopping for a few clothes for winter! I could totally use a girls eye if you wanna tag along and give me tips on what accentuates my hips!? hey biscuit buns. You are supposed to be this awesome guy with things going on in his life. If that wasn't enough. as much as you may think you like her. Why would you ditch all the people who you already have established connections with. And i am going to bring a friend. she knows that you really have no reason to make this special time to hang out with her yet. Examples: hey boogie monster. So now they both leave the .

With group events there are are a variety of things going on that will naturally create conversation topics. CHECK YES OR NO I still remember when a girlfriend of mine invited me to watch movies at her house in cutest way. Would you like to come over tomorrow & watch movies with me? Check [ ]yes or [ ]no A funny way of altering it is to take away the no so her only options are to hang out with you. smoking hookah. otherwise you run the risk of her forgetting or losing excitement. You become the guy who keeps unsuccessfully inviting her to hang out which can come across as very needy. If this happens several times in a row you run the risk she will begin to unwittingly associate you with a guy that she does not value. she asked me to check yes or no. There is a simple way to avoid this. now they can talk to her freeing you to talk to someone else. When you send out a text to hang out the night of. playing pool. This takes the pressure to constantly be engaging her off you shoulders. your chances are much higher that she already has plans and thus she will have to turn down your invite. Instead. etc.date feeling awkward missing out on opportunities to build attraction or making a genuine connection. etc) she will automatically associate those positive feelings with you! BE SENSITIVE TO HER SCHEDULE You want to make it as simple as possible for a woman to meet up with you. a comedy club. an amusement park. Instead of a typical date. This allows her to miss your presence. Would you like to come over tomorrow & watch movies with me? Check [ ]yes or [ ]heck yes! This is a great way to invite a girl who you have already gone out with on several occasions and had a great time. This is also why it is generally a good idea to invite her to a group event. comedy club. If it is an event with your friends. find out more about each other and escalate your comfort with touching each other in a much more relaxed environment. invite her to do an activity like: bowling. By inviting a woman to an event that is in the near future it is much more likely she does not already have plans. one to five days is optimal. the focus is on the activity allowing you to build attraction. ping-pong. THE ODD TIME TECHNIQUE . Just like the notes I would get in gradeschool from a girl who was into me. And if you have quality friends they will even put in a good word or two for you :) Note: Why do all the work? When you take a woman to an place that stimulates her body and emotions (theme park. You do not want to make it too far out.

. If you sense she is still a bit uneasy about meeting up let her know she can feel free to bring a friend. "sure they can come as long as they are fun and know how to have a good time:)". Me8/14/08 11:36 PM Race: 9:07 8/14/08 11:49 PM Lisa: Hmmm.. party.feel free 2 bring a friend (u know the whole chickie buffer thing. This is what one of my girlfriends back in vegas calls a "chickie buffer".-) THE CHICKIE BUFFER Often times a woman will be much more comfortable meeting up with a guy she hardly knows if she can bring a friend. Either way it is a good idea to add stipulations on her friends as well by saying something like... Dec 22 2008 at 10:40:12 AM Race: That would be waaaay too early! I don't want you to be waiting around all night! At exchange bar :) Monday.lol) . Dec 22 2008 at 10:37:48 AM Race: I am thinking 9:03 tonight :) Monday.. Most people think in 15 min increments. If you follow the advice in this book and invite her to a group activity this is easy to implement. Fine.A funny little to do when inviting a girl out is use an unusual time... So whos going? Example #2 8/14/08 9:57 PM Lisa: Will do! Think u can give me an approx. Not only does it give you more options but is also a fantastic way to hook up your friends. How about 9:10? :-p Me8/14/08 11:56 PM Race: That's waaaay to late.I can meet u @ 9:08 & 22 sec.the party will b over by then 8/15/08 12:02 AM Lisa: Wow... time? It will help me plan my escape.. Dec 22 2008 at 10:45:52 AM Lola: To think one min earlier what was i thinking. Sometimes she will even ask if she can bring one on her own..... Dec 22 2008 at 10:39:02 AM Lola: Why not 902? Where? Monday.. Example #1 Monday.the elusive 3 min.9:07 doesn't work 4 me. . but not a moment sooner.. Instead when you are giving her a time to meet make it an odd time like 7:03 or 9:47. This is another way to make her laugh and set you apart. Me5/15/08 2:32 PM Race: Forgot to tell you.

duh! U like knitting right? Nicolopicas barepool5/15/08 10:52 PM Nicole: Only if u have a rocking chair to do it in? Me5/15/08 11:02 PM Race: But of course my dear. IF YOU NEED AN ANSWER BY A CERTAIN TIME From time to time there will be situations when you need to get an answer back from a woman by a certain time in order to make plans. This is ok.. No response.solid mahogany. they will both leave.. she is less likely to stay the night.Nicolopicas barepool5/15/08 10:44 PM Nicole: Hey just got off work.only the best for my knitting partner.-) Nicolopicas barepool5/15/08 11:07 PM Nicole: Great! U might have to skill me i'm not exactly a pro knitter yet. You send out your initial text to the girl(s) you want to come with you. You need to get across the urgency without portraying neediness... Hey nerdball did you get my text about the comedy show tonight? If I don't hear back from you in the next 17 mins (alternate: by a silly time ie 7:03) I will assume you hate my guts and no longer want to have my babies .. Fear not here is a fun text that encourages a girl to respond the instant she reads it. I mean ur not gonna try and kidnap me or anything right? Lol Me5/15/08 10:45 PM Race: No way. So know that if she came with a friend. The show time is rapidly approaching and you need to answer your friend if you need 1 ticket or two because otherwise he has someone else who wants to go. or you risk loosing the girl.. Do not attempt to separate her from her friend until: 1) you have won her friend over to liking you and 2) another person or group at the meeting location is engaging her friend. Say for example your buddy unexpectedly had extra tickets to a comedy show.dont mind the unmarked van and ski masks on your way in. These dynamics are important because the length of time she stays is not only dependent on her own fun but on whether or not her friend is enjoying herself as well. Her first priority is to her friend and if her friend is bored.. and it is important that you handle it properly... just make progress and plan to meet up again before she leaves. Thanks for the thought but no chickie buffer for me.lol Nicolopicas barepool5/15/08 10:49 PM Nicole: Ha no that's not unsettling at all. So r we still gonna do somethin groovy? Me5/15/08 10:50 PM Race: Ummm.. So when shall the knitting begin? IF SHE WANTS TO BRING A FRIEND This is something that will happen often.

Any when and where details? :) . However. So how do you send a girl you have plans with a reminder text without coming across as insecure or needy? Get excited for 2night {nickname} we are gonna have a blast :) This simple text reminds her of the date she has with you that night in a way that is non needy and sets the stage in her mind for how fun it is going to be. It encourages her to respond with enthusiasm while at the same time confirming she is coming. At the point when you are in a conversation with them individually say something like "Wow you are really fun. People naturally break off into small groups to chat. Awesome! Now you can move forward with her. ADVANCED GROUP DATING (PROCEED WITH CAUTION) For those of you who want to really maximize your time and streamline your dating life try this approach. You may find out you are actually only interested in one of the girls you invited. I would like to get to know you more. When they all show up introduce them to your friends and each other. Let's hang out again (insert day). you do not want to send something like. Invite several new girls all at once to the same event. Bounce around from group to group flirting and having fun.THE REMINDER TEXT When you make plans in advance it is easy to forget and double book. Make sure to have some of your friends there as well. And those you are not interested in you can make sure not to waste either of your time by going through a whole individual date together." Now you have dates set up for the rest of the week. This comes across as needy. If you haven't forgotten and yet you are afraid she has. Trying to make sure she is still coming carries with it the assumption you think she might have forgotten or have changed plans. This way you can quickly find out the ones you are interested in. who do you think was putting more importance on this date? You definitely give off a hint of being insecure. Saturday. You may find out you like all of them. Oct 18 2008 at 5:48:57 PM Jenn: LOL! Oh I'm beyond pumped. I just got a new movie you will love. Oct 18 2008 at 5:26:40 PM Race: Get excited for tonight butterbean Saturday. If she didn't get the text in time she will text back later and apologize putting you once again in an excellent position to set up a future date. "are we still on for tonight?" or "we are still doing so and so tonight right?". Eventually isolate each girl you are interested in at some point throughout the evening and continue to get to know her. This is why it is always a good idea to send her a reminder text. GET EXCITED FOR TONIGHT .Even if she can't go she will respond favorably and you can now set up a future date with her.

I had a great time with you (tonight/last night/yesterday). I am looking forward to kicking your cute little booty when we go bowling on Wed. Using these principles your flake rate will drop dramatically. I am looking forward to our cheese. If you send this text and do find out for some reason she can't make it you now have time to find another date :) Note: You can also use a variation of this to seed a future invite. • It's up to you to make her feel comfortable in every part of the interaction. This makes it easy.) .get excited {nick name}! Now she will be both expecting an invite and wondering what it is. It is way easier to do in person. The next section is for that rare instance when a girl. THE DAY AFTER TEXT After you get a woman to meet up again and end up having a quality date together what should you text her the next day? Well just like when you got her number you should have planned your next date. (Or the first if you're using my online system. So if you found out she thinks koala bears are adorable simply add it in. This has a triple effect. I am looking forward to (whatever event/date you two already planned) So it would look like this: I had a great time being silly with you last night. It keeps you on her mind. Hey my little koala bear I had a wonderful time with you last night. Now you can send a simple text. For example: I'm gonna invite u 2 something super fun in the next few days.. recalls the positive emotions she associates with you from your interesting conversation and reminds her of the plans she made with you. despite your best efforts does flake. CONCLUSION . including the second meet. . by the time you finished your previous date. Why? Because it actually has a secondary purpose that is equally as important.Make sure you send this earlier in the day. SECTION RECAP • Although there are a ton of great things texting can do. even if tentatively. You already have an idea of when you are going to see her again so you don't have to figure out plans over multiple texts. the overall goal of every interaction is to get her to meet up with you.. cracker and wine date :) It is even better if you drop in something to do with a conversation you had during your date like you were taught in Recalling Rapport Topics.MEETING UP As you can see there is a lot of cool stuff you can do to make it as easy as possible for a woman to not only want to meet up with you but to ensure she is comfortable doing so.

throughout the event. This allows you to set up dates with the ones you connect with and to save time on the ones who are not right for you. For girls you have know for a while who keep flaking on you. • If you're really bold. Don't attempt to separate her from her friend until her friend likes you too (thinks you're cool and safe) and someone else in your group is engaging her. send her a reminder text early in the day. It can be frustrating and can make you want to give up. use playfulness and banter and your text won't come off as needy. WHY BOY SCOUTS DON'T CARE ABOUT FLAKING . You have to build up her attraction. • If you're concerned she might forget your date. Until you build strong enough interest and comfort you just aren't the most important thing in her life. gives you time to set up a date with another girl. getting her excited about it. Girls are going to flake. Invite them to a party or get together and introduce them to each other and your friends. This has two purposes: It reminds her about your date. • Give false disqualifiers to overcome her hesitations about meeting up again. • If you need her to answer by a deadline. This will help her see you're different from other guys (aka attractive) and associate the positive feelings she gets from the date with you. the same principles apply. Flaking happens to all of us. You just met her after all. She shouldn't be the most important thing in your life either. Get used to it. and in the event she has forgotten and can't make it. no matter how much she likes you. • Go on unique. make a connection and get her thinking of you as her best possible option for the night using the other sections of this program. You were going to be doing it anyways. interesting dates and avoid the stereotypical dinner/movie crap. try setting up group dates with a ton of new girls at once. you have an extra responsibility.• Seeding (describing the event before you ask her to go) the invite helps ensure she says yes. • If she brings a friend. isolate each one of them and get to know them better. This is why (until you do create a deep enough connection with her) it is wise to always invite her to something you are already doing. This way if she does not show up it is no big deal.DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY If a woman flakes don't take it personally. FLAKING . Then. This makes things much easier so you can send one or two texts instead of a bunch when setting up your next get-together. That is fine. Be strong and take hope since this section is going to show you exactly what to do. Â Remember her first priority. • Set up the ground-work for your next date at a high point during your current date. is to her friend.

Because of the nature of texting it takes people varying times to get back with you. She already had it in her head that she wanted to hang out with you but couldn't.. This is ONLY for girls who are flaky or you haven't connected with yet. You can invite her to do something as plain as grabbing a drink at a bar or going bowling but it is important that you word it in a fun way.In the Boy Scouts they have a motto: "Always Be Prepared". Some times I will invite 5 girls to come over and watch movies and only one can make it and sometimes all 5 can make it. If you were out with your friends having fun meeting people would it really be that big of a deal if she didn't show up? Not at all. I pick the one I want to spend time with most and reschedule with all the others.whatcha doing Monday night? I have a super fun idea :) Now it doesn't matter what the idea is. If you have seen a girl several times and you both have a connection/ you like each other don't use this strategy. Almost every time I am going out. -You always have options and when you have options you come off as non-needy which is very attractive. HOW TO RESPOND IF SHE FLAKES How do you respond when a girl flakes? I know it is hard not to feel like she has disrespected your time. Always assume the positive. Always respect a woman's time who respects yours. Simply text something like Hey something came up and I can't make it tonight :( What are you doing tomorrow (or any other night you are free) night. Now she can. The simplest solution is to just ignore it and invite her again in a few days to something else. -If some girl cancels at the last minute you can re-invite one of the other girls who planned on coming but you had to reschedule with. However. Other times something might have just came up in her life. Can we hang out then little hen? This is a very effective strategy for several reasons: -If you have to reschedule with a girl she is much more likely to commit and show up to the next date you set up because she had just committed to this one. Incorrect: Hey what happened to you last night? I waited all night for you! Correct: What's up Spunky Monkey/girly/name. She is much more likely to show up than if you had not invited her until that point. LET HER MAKE IT UP TO YOU Sometimes a woman will honestly just forget. Note: This is only at the beginning of getting to know a woman. or just having a quiet evening in watching movies I invite several girls at the same time.... It is crucial you do not take it personally and get upset. That is why we tell you to (in the beginning) invite her to things you are already doing and not to something that is dependent on whether or not she shows up. if they continue to flake (or even once) they may . throwing a party.

If you find this happening ALWAYS invite other girls to the same event. 9 times out of 10 they would bring them! Psychologically she is now invested and feels that you are counting on her so if she doesn't show up she is letting you down. Just let her make it up to you. You know they have support groups for this kind of thing right? lol. the next morning) for it to have the proper effect.begin to feel guilty. Pretty sweet right?! On a side note. You might even intentionally not invite other girls who actually want to hang out just in the off chance she does show up. There is an easy way to avoid this. If you are sure she is attracted to you and she has flaked several times in a row without a good reason it is time you stop letting her get away with it. One of my friends would always ask women to bring gummy bears.. You have to do this immediately after she flakes ( i. and i would love to treat you to a fabulous wine & dine evening . im sooooo sorry!!! i lost my phone in a car on the way to the circoloco party on Friday .CALL HER OUT (NICELY) There comes a point when you are dealing with a woman you are super interested in..seriously though just let me know if you're not going to be able to make it cause that is not cool and you seem like a cool cat...). . Race: so guess who gets to bring me a bottle of delicious wine since she missed out last hang out session?. She continues to flake and instead of spending less time on her and concentrating on women who are responding you keep investing hoping she will meet up. Also make sure if she agrees to meet up again you make it a bigger deal than normal. (actually...e. STOP IT.. i do i do i do!!! . probably more than you should be. This works for friends. Note: This will work best with girls who you know are attracted to you and you have built at least some connection with but keep flaking. I would hate to have to divorce you so soon. If this is a girl you are seriously interested in.. Ok flaky mcflakerson what's the deal? (3)x's in a row is a bit much. roommates and co-workers as well :) ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .next tuesday is my birthday ! :) Notice how it isn't a big deal.) mea culpa!!. Friday perhaps? or next week for sure . It then becomes easier for them to just stop talking to you than to face that guilt however silly that may seem.yep it's you :) I would say tuesday is looking pretty favorable Kerry: oh man. This demonstrates that your time is valuable (thus she owes you).. the whole situation isn't a big deal to you and you are taking control already setting up the next date. having a woman bring something to the date dramatically increases the likelihood that she will show up. Luckily you can still do it in a non-needy playful way..and stayed at my friend's all weekend long and didnt have your number!!!! but thats no excuse!! forgive me!! .. Here is the kicker.. chances are you're letting her get away with stuff you wouldn't normally allow from people in your life. She is just informed in a fun way that she owes a bottle of wine and that there is already a date planned for her to bring it to.

. let her make it up to you later. Get used to it..haha so it's pretty hot out at the pool (or anywhere) right now could you come fan me with a big leaf and feed me grapes? Thanks :) hey crazy face. Until you build strong enough interest and comfort you just aren't the most important thing in her life.hi-ya! Sorry didn't mean to judo chop you over txt. pick the one you are most interested in and re-schedule with the other(s).ok cool I'll see you there. There are many reasons why this could happen: Some sort of emergency happened in her life. • If a girl flakes on you. there comes a point where you need to call a girl out on her flakiness (playfully!).. Don't worry. It has happened to us all. Oh wait that's me. playful and non-needy that involves her directly in some way either by doing something to her or requesting something outrageous from her. Typically you need to go back and build some more attraction.. she is busy at work and just forgot. • Get "Date Insurance" by texting several girls you are interested in and inviting them to a date (say watching a movie). etc. • Sometimes.let me guess. you said something that she needed to think about and forgot. the whole situation isn't a big deal to you and you are taking control already setting up the next date. Girls are going to flake. Instead. make sure to make it a slightly bigger deal than normal (again playfully!). Spend it on things/relationships that are going to get you closer to your goals in life. I'm not going to have to send my midget ninjas after you for flaking this time am I honey bun? In a situation like this it is ALWAYS better to draw the line and find out if the relationship is going to move forward or if it is just wasting your time. This demonstrates that your time is valuable (thus she owes you). That is fine. You do this by sending a text that is fun. If a woman flakes on you don't take it personally. You just met her after all. finishing up your ninja training. she lost interest. SECTION RECAP • In our modern world with so many distractions and options available to us it is easy to flake. If more than one wants to come... don't make it a big deal. There are several ways to recapture a woman's attention.are you still alive? should I send a search party of midget ninja's (or minja's as they prefer to be called) to come rescue you?! In Action: . She shouldn't be the most important thing in your life either. you said something that wasn't sure how to respond to so she just didn't. Send her a text soon after (like the next morning) and when she agrees to another date. She gets so many texts yours just got lost in the shuffle. Your time is valuable. all is not lost. so she can avoid feeling guilty for flaking in the first place. We feel like our text interaction is going great with a girl and then all of a sudden she just stops responding. Examples: what the hell are you up to this weekend?.

Oct 24 2008 at 2:31:57 PM Race: So It is super cold out today.. Dec 3 2008 at 2:17:31 PM Race: I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you :) Wednesday......you off on any adventures lately? Kayla: Going to London tonight.the answer is your legs :) Kayla: You're a dork.could you come knit me a sweater and make me some hot chocolate? Thanks :) Friday. Are you still enjoying NYC? Race: Yes mam I am:) when are you getting back? You have to show me a cool spot here Kayla: The first text you sent me was a riddle.. Like always you want to make it outlandish.. Examples: I totally just walked by girl who reminded me of you! Except she was wearing a hyper colored shirt from 80's – remember those!? Haha I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you :) In Action: Wednesday.. Race: Excellent. Does that count? Race: Think I could fit in your suite case? Kayla: Are you bendy? Race: I do yoga :) Kayla: Good to know.. Oct 16 2008 at 2:16:34 AM Race: What has a bottom at the top?-Race ---She Didn't Respond to My First Text---.8 days later.. Dec 3 2008 at 2:19:04 PM Janiece: lol! ur the best! saving that message! too cute! CREATING URGENCY . Oct 24 2008 at 2:32:54 PM Kayla: Yes. The technique is to say you just saw or met someone or something that reminded you of her... but I couldn't figure it out. Friday. Do you remember? Race: Yep.. If there is one thing people love hearing about it is themselves.Thursday.love it THE EGO STROKER Another way is to involve her ego. You want her wondering why in the world that would remind you of her. This technique works because we as humans are always curious about what other people think of us and why. Be right over.

but forgot or something else was keeping her busy. playful and non-needy that involves her directly in some way either by doing something to her or requesting something outrageous from her. A lot of the time she meant to reply. It is the same reason why people are able to write out a letter saying what they were unable to say in person or why people do crazy things on Halloween behind a mask that they would never regularly do. You do this by sending a text that is fun. words . You can't look at her weird and embarrass her. Say something that involves her ego to catch her attention once again. -Lack of Social Pressure A woman is much more likely to open up about her sexuality with you for the first time over text messages due to the lack of social pressure. People are more compelled by the fear of losing something they already have than the anticipation of gaining something new. is this still your number? I'm deleting #s to clean up my phone :) Use this one as a last ditch effort and only after several attempts to engage her fail over an extended period of time. SECTION RECAP • When a woman stops responding to you. The school-yard saying. "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" couldn't be further from the truth. This will either encourage her to respond or push her farther away. TEXT TO SEX Wouldn't you love to be able to turn a woman on to the point of orgasm using only your thumbs? Not only is creating an intense sexual state possible but it is one of the most powerful applications of text messaging. This should jumpstart the conversation. • Being cute and playful is the key as usual. • As a last ditch effort you can create a sense of urgency which will either reel her back in or push her further away. it's not the end of the world. Haven't heard from you in a while. -The Power of Words The most potent sexual organ in the female body is her mind. Here are just a few of the benefits of using text to create and amplify a woman's sexual desire for you. The most effective way to stimulate a woman's mind is through the power of your words. You are alive after all. She is hidden behind the veil of her phone. Fortunately. Now use the principles in this system to keep it going. • Typically you need to go back and build some more attraction. A person's sexuality is often a very personal subject and held even more so by the unspoken taboo underlying our society. This is the foundation for why creating a sexual state over text is possible and so effective. When she responds just simply say something like.. where have ya been? I thought you might have run off and joined the circus as a penguin trainer lol. The truth is. over text she does not have you (or anyone else) right there in front of her to judge her.As a last resort you can use statements that create urgency..

Note: One thing to remember is you must make sure to carry on the sexual vibe and undertones you created through text when she shows up. Guess what? The exact opposite is . If you are unsure how to do this be sure to check out Unbreakable and Irresistible over at www. Descriptive words engage a woman's imagination allowing her to envision. encourage a friend and even evoke powerful feelings of desire and arousal.OWN YOUR SEXUALITY Chances are you have missed many opportunities to become sexual with women because you were not sure if you would offend her and ruin your chances. the airport. Just as men have an affinity towards visual stimulus (a. This significantly intensifies those feelings. The best part is the sex will be far more rewarding and intense than if you have to start from scratch when she shows up. -You Feel Like a Man Last but not least it is incredibly fun and makes you feel like a man. break someone's heart. school. take tons of notes. You may stop using that bridge to cross over to the other side but now that that bridge is there you know how and where to get across. Painting a vivid picture with words is the ultimate form of foreplay. -A Longer Build Up The bigger the build up the more powerful and pleasurable the release. Maybe she is at bored at work. a meeting. This is a key to unlocking her secret fantasies. Don't worry . It is just like building a bridge.com or take one of our many individual coaching options. or the library. Often she will be in a social setting where experiencing those feelings is inappropriate. These are places she is not used to feeling aroused.can cheer up someone's day. Leading woman to explore and express her sexual desires is one of the most rewarding and affirming things you can do as a man.a are easily aroused by a woman's physical appearance) women have a natural indulgence to the power and charm of intricately woven words. This means you just made progressing sexually with the woman you are interested in much easier for both of you. BE BOLD NOT BRASH . It takes a certain amount of calibration to pull them off. Be sure to read over this section several times. refer back often and most importantly when you see something you want to try stop and do it right then. After all anticipation is half the fun! -It Sets Up a Marker Once you successfully build a sexual state with a woman it sets a marker in place so you can easily return to that point. Because you can begin to build a woman's sexual state hours or even days before you meet up with her when she shows up you are already that much closer to having amazing sex with her. leading a woman to become aroused and indulge in sexual thoughts in these types of settings becomes a secret thrill.k. Otherwise you lose all your progress and she will be disappointed. It is impossible to go backwards in a relationship. Just like the desire to do something exponentially increases when we are told we can't do it.practice makes the master. and most importantly feel. -Intensifies Her Arousal Creating a sexual state with a woman over text is something you can do at any time. It gives her time for her imagination to run wild. As you can see this is some powerful stuff. what you wish to express. Some of the concepts in this section are on the advanced side.thesocialman.

. especially over text. Be bold not brash.. She will forgive you for being a man but not for being a pussy. Wednesday. You must be willing to push the envelope and try new things. Nov 19 2008 at 4:14:45 PM Amber: i cant remember last time some1 texted me so upfront haha i kind of like it! *A You cannot always be filtering what you say because of how you THINK other people are going to respond to it. But don't worry you are not going to do this anymore. This is how you learn. When you create and are in a sexual state with a woman. Nov 19 2008 at 3:12:48 PM Race: Hmm I sure could use one of your wonderful blow jobs about now :) Wednesday. Often you don't know what is possible until you just jump in and try.. They know that as men we have sexual desires. Tell her what you really want to do with her and to her. By not telegraphing the fact you are a sexual being you actually have ruined your chances with her.true. This is not only selfish but also very draining. She concludes you are not interested in her as a sexual partner and starts looking elsewhere for the fulfillment of her sexual urges. Selfish because you are cheating . No matter what her response these are your desires and you do not need to apologize for them.. Nov 19 2008 at 3:36:04 PM Amber: no massage to go with it? *A Wednesday.I definitely want to fuck you In the ass again soon too . You cannot be the mindless horndog desperate to fuck anything that walks. This section will give you many tools you can use to display your sexual interest with a woman. when you fail to express your sexual interest in a woman she loses interest in you as a sexual option. The secret is to OWN what you say. When considering how to express your sexuality to a woman try adopting the perspective of appreciation and awe combined with overwhelming raw animalistic desire for her. When we try to hide it one of two things happens: 1. you will be amazed at what you can and will say.. Nov 19 2008 at 4:10:55 PM Amber: ill be sure to keep in mind how fond you are of those :) *A Wednesday. In other words. Nov 19 2008 at 4:12:51 PM Race: Why thank you my dear. Women are not stupid. We too were nervous the first time trying some of this stuff out.very unattractive 2. Nov 19 2008 at 3:36:10 PM Race: Well if you are offering. She knows she can't trust you and that you are not comfortable with yourself . You will be astonished at how receptive women are to your sexual advances when done correctly. rude or overbearing. Wednesday. That is if you don't mind getting ridden a little rough. Say what you really like. They are completely natural and are a part of who you are.).heck yes! Wednesday.. Check out the examples throughout this material to see what this looks like. You must not be pushy.

Simply apologize and move on with the conversation. which is the most meaningful gift you can give to anyone.. Ill hurt you 7/8/08 5:29 PM Race: I will pin u down on my bed and make u moan 7/8/08 5:30 PM Tayla: Promise. 7/8/08 5:35 PM Race: Thursday work 4 u 7/8/08 5:40 PM Tayla: Yeah 7/8/08 5:40 PM Race: We'll make up then:-) 7/8/08 5:45 PM Tayla: Sounds amazing If you happen to truly offend a woman do not make a big deal of it.i'll take care of the rest 7/8/08 5:34 PM Tayla: I believe it sweetheart. 7/8/08 5:32 PM Race: All u have 2 do is show up. Owning what you say without apology demonstrates you are solid in your own identity and do not rely on others to define who you are. This is the foundation to being successful with women. 7/8/08 5:17 PM Tayla: Hey my darling gutter floater lol. Sorry Ive disappeared lately just going through alot. On top of that it is impossible to be in the moment. 7/8/08 5:23 PM Race: Yes my little cock weasel? 7/8/08 5:24 PM Tayla: Ew dont call me that.people out of he opportunity to get to know the real you and draining because you have to always be on guard and in your head worrying. When you are not in the moment you cannot notice all the subtleties that go on in a conversation. 7/8/08 5:25 PM Race: I'll call u whatever I want my love 7/8/08 5:27 PM Tayla: Oh no you wont. Now that you are ready to man up and communicate your sexual desires to the women in your life that you are interested in let's learn the tips and tricks to smoothly transitioning into a sexual conversation. You will miss out on the clues she is giving off and all subtext of what she is saying.. TURNING THE CONVERSATION SEXUAL .

. AVOID GRABBING ONTO HER HOOKS A beautiful woman is accustomed to using her sexuality as a way of influence to get what she wants. smiles..-) (here is where I misinterpret it and turn it sexual) 4/22/08 4:46 PM Anthea: Lol tease 4/22/08 4:52 PM Anthea: u make a girls mind wander..just for that I am going to bring you home some magic fairy dust. id rather have a cuddle monkey 4/22/08 4:39 PM Race: Those are extremely rare. Beautiful women learn that when they act a certain way men react in predictable patterns. Thinking this way will help you begin to see what she says in a different light and allow you to easily misinterpret what she is saying and direct the conversation in a sexual direction.but for you my love I would search all of my kingdom and beyond! 4/22/08 4:40 PM Anthea: ok seriously u are the sweetest 4/22/08 4:44 PM Anthea: can i keep u 4/22/08 4:45 PM Race: Like in a cage? Prob not.. We call this directive misinterpretation. 4/22/08 4:09 PM Anthea: ooo my prince charming 4/22/08 4:20 PM Race: Yes my lovely princess? 4/22/08 4:23 PM Anthea: you are rather adorable 4/22/08 4:29 PM Race: Awww.. What does this mean for you? .in hancuffs for a night. This is not a bad thing. Through every text a woman sends you there are ways to grab onto something she says and purposefully misinterpret what she is saying and turn it sexual. Simply find ways to take what she is saying and change it so that it seems like she was insinuating something sexual. This is extremely useful for her. etc. skip the line... Your mindset should be that everything she says and does is trying to seduce you.. If she dresses... The problem guys often have is how to turn a seemingly innocent conversation into something sexual.It is your job as the man to lead and escalate the conversation.maybe.-) 4/22/08 4:38 PM Anthea: lol.. walks and talks certain ways she can get free drinks.. get out of speeding tickets..

This communicates that you are used to and unfazed by a beautiful woman's sexual advances.mmmm Wednesday. Dec 3 2008 at 3:42:15 PM Danica: Why cant get enough? She wants me to buy into her frame that she is irresistible and just like every other guy I am easily manipulated by her sexual charm. I think about you when I touch myself. As soon as I do she will unknowingly lose attraction for me. Dec 3 2008 at 2:53:57 PM Race: I like the sound of that. As soon as she sees you biting onto them and getting excited she knows this is a way she can manipulate you.isn't that a song? LOL Wednesday. Dec 3 2008 at 3:28:53 PM Race: I'll do my best to resist :) and I won't be mad if you happen to send a few more "enticing" pics my way in the mean time Wednesday. GAUGING A GIRL'S SEXUAL RADAR .. however. This puts you in the category of every other horny guy out there who is desperate to get laid.A beautiful woman will often times use subtle (or not so subtle) hints towards sex to excite you. Wednesday.I don't reply. Dec 3 2008 at 3:27:08 PM Danica: Im going to dress up and seduce you on sunday! Wednesday.-) . He sees what is really going on. ... Dec 3 2008 at 3:16:54 PM Danica: I definately do. is the topic for another program altogether. That. I simply down play it. Wednesday. -----I don't reply---When a girl initiates sexual talk it is best for you to downplay it and flip the script. Her sub text is that she has the sexual power in the relationship. Note: Only after you have progressed the relationship to a certain point can you successfully fall a willing victim to the irresistible lure of her sexuality. Dec 3 2008 at 2:56:09 PM Danica: I bet you do. Instead inform her she is no match for your sexual prowess. Dec 3 2008 at 3:10:41 PM Race: Haha yah right. Wednesday. A high quality guy with many opportunities for sex would not become overly excited because he has no need to. Wednesday.. Dec 3 2008 at 2:37:38 PM Danica: Im feeling extremely frisky today. She tries to take control by saying "I bet you do"... Instead tease her about it or act as if you don't understand..

Oral skills are over looked as many people will struggle grasping the linguistic skills that roll off my tongue. Bridget: sexual innuendos are funny. Race: I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you :) Janiece: lol! ur the best! saving that message! too cute! Danielle: Why cause We both like nuts? As you can see the same text was sent out to both girls but the way they responded was completely different. Note: Just because a girl catches on to your sexual overtones does not mean she is easy.statements that talk about or describe something non-sexual in a way that alludes to something sexual. I am sure you understand this concept because you have taken your lickings in life and . I have highlighted some of the sexual innuendos in the text so you can see them at work.Oftentimes guys are unsure of where a girl is in regard to her sexuality. Sexual Innuendos . Danielle definitely picked up on the sexual overtones of the text. While Janiece thought it was cute. there is never a bad time for them Mayson: I agree it is hard to make most people come to the understanding that sexual innuendo is an art form. This can be a sign of maturity.. Constantly be dropping these little hooks to see where a girl is at. You can gauge a woman's present sexual radar by sporadically throwing out little sexual innuendo hooks to see if she bites on or if they go over her head. Is she reserved? Does she have hang ups with sex? Is she a straight up nympho waiting for you to bring it out? Knowing where she is at and how she views sex allows you to tailor your approach to make it the best possible experience for her. What does this mean? A buddy of mine. Mayson. This is HUGE.. Let's begin by defining a sexual innuendo. I have been well endowed with a large amount of skill in this area as well. Because of their effectiveness and ease of use we recommend you begin to incorporate them into your texting and real-time interactions with women immediately. It often just means she is more in tune with her sexuality and comfortable expressing it. SEXUAL INNUENDOS Sexual Innuendos are the foundation to creating and building sexual states easily and comfortably with a woman. shared a brilliant text he sent a while back to a girl on sexual innuendo. In addition it allows you to figure out if this girl is compatible with you sexually. It is apparent that Danielle is much more in tune with her sexuality and comfortable expressing it. You will often notice as the interaction progresses and you continue to use the techniques in this book to make a girl feel more comfortable with you her sexual radar will amplify and tune in to you.

Nice work :) but now u have something 2 look forward 2 besides the noodles and mindblowing sex 2/4/08 9:02 PM Race: Noodles would have been enough to get me excited. This does not mean it can't be special.have learned from them. It subconsciously puts her at ease because you are giving off the signals that sex isn't a big deal. maybe someday u will be able to keep up w/ me 2/4/08 9:25 PM Sara: U r the the S. women think about sex just as much as we do. Dec 17 2008 at 11:12:33 PM Nikki: 7 inches of snow today crazy huh Thursday. Talking about sex is in many ways taboo in our culture so when you bring it out in a fun way women love to hook onto them.now u got me all excited and anticipitory!!! (seems like a word to me) 2/4/08 8:58 PM Sara: It is a word! Only spelled anticipatory... master. I can be ur pupil 2/4/08 9:29 PM Race: Studying under me can be a lot to swallow sometimes (lesson one) 2/4/08 9:31 PM Sara: I bow down before u.-) who knows.. meaningful or important but that you are comfortable when it comes to sex and aren't going to be nervous or freak out when you get into a sexual situation with her. Through intimate study one will find thatpenetrating deep understanding of oral talents can produce a very climatic finish! Sexual Innuendos are amazing because they introduce sexuality into a conversation in a fun way. It also shows you are confidant and can talk about potentially embarrassing topics without fear. Example #1 2/4/08 8:46 PM Sara: I have some super exciting news! But u don't get 2 know until thursday cause it is more fun 2 tell in person :) 2/4/08 8:51 PM Race: Aww man... Remember. Dec 18 2008 at 12:05:15 AM Race: 7 inches is quite fulfilling I hear :) . Oh! Two in one night! Example #2 Wednesday.I..but now I am just brimming with enthusiasm! 2/4/08 9:05 PM Sara: Glad i can make u brim :) 2/4/08 9:11 PM Race: I doubt that is a sexual inuendo coming from u but I am going to take it as one and get a nice big smirk on my face 2/4/08 9:14 PM Sara: U don't think i am capable of sexual innuendos? I am hurt! :) 2/4/08 9:20 PM Race: In that case I look 4ward to hearing many many more .

not sex . Anytime we would make plan to do something she would say a little something I found really funny. go eat I mean.. I would always end up laughing.not sex. these are smaller than i expected Race That's what he said Cindy Man this is so hard! Race That's what she said As you can see.. Julie. Example #1 Tuesday. Jan 6 2009 at 2:24:00 PM Race: Let's do it. if we decided to go grab some Mexican food she would say. Aug 18 2008 at 6:32:50 PM Race: Let's do it.. Jan 6 2009 at 2:25:29 PM Kassie: Haha yes lets.... making it easier and easier to come up with new ones on the fly. Aug 18 2008 at 6:23:31 PM Julie: Hooray for new stuff :) do i still get to see you thursday? Monday.Thursday. Lindsey wow. For example.. "That's what she/he said". Certain words will jump out you. The day is up to you Example #2 Monday... She is always saying funny. quirky things that you wouldn't expect. Be careful to not over use this one as it can get annoying if you do it all the time.hang out I mean. Dec 18 2008 at 12:06:41 AM Nikki: Haha nice As you practice using Sexual Innuendos. this instantly turns a seemingly innocent statement into a sexual innuendo... This technique assumes that the girl you are talking with is thinking about having sex with you so you have to set her straight. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID Another simple way to jump-start the sexuality in a text is any time she text something that can be taken as a sexual innuendo just text back. HANG OUT I MEAN. used to say all the time. If you often have trouble moving an interaction with girls in a sexual direction.. this is going to do wonders for you.. NOT SEX Here is a funny little technique a good girlfriend of mine. Jan 6 2009 at 2:11:49 PM Race: Yay! So then it is high time we get together wouldn't you say Tuesday.. Let's do it... LET'S DO IT. Jan 6 2009 at 2:13:00 PM Kassie: I do agree Tuesday.hang out I mean.not sex Tuesday. you will notice that you begin to see the world in a more sexual way.

lesson #1. I don't know what you do but WOW! Wednesday. Mar 4 2009 at 9:33:01 AM Keiko: What? Wednesday.) . This allows you both the enjoyment of anticipation.. Mar 4 2009 at 4:13:22 PM Keiko: So we still on for lesson #2 tonight? Wednesday.. Geeze you have a dirty mind!) This also works great in person. especially other women.. Wednesday..I still have a lot to learn and an apt pupil with a willing teacher Wednesday. Mar 4 2009 at 9:20:38 AM Race: You know what I keep thinking about? Wednesday. not sex.Monday. Mar 4 2009 at 10:03:31 AM Keiko: Hmmm very true . Mar 4 2009 at 5:02:01 PM Race: Indeed*. And u do have a point. Mar 4 2009 at 9:46:58 AM Keiko: Wow.. PRIMING A SEXUAL ENCOUNTER It can be a lot of fun to get a girl thinking sexually the day of your date. depends on how charmed I am by u tonight Wednesday. Aug 18 2008 at 7:03:43 PM Race: I like that plan :) Note: You can play around with this and add things on the end (i. Keep an ear out.. Mar 4 2009 at 10:19:22 AM Race: You just turned me on big time! Wednesday. if I wasn't completely awake I am now. Stop flattering me . if it's not fun for you let's not do it. Mar 4 2009 at 9:54:28 AM Keiko: So u get to have all the fun before me? Perhaps. Aug 18 2008 at 7:02:37 PM Julie: Let's do it AND hang out :) Monday. But hey. it would be extremely fun for me to get u off Wednesday. Mar 4 2009 at 9:49:10 AM Race: Shall we get some practice in tonight my sultry temptress? Wednesday.. Wednesday. I can't tell you how many fun little techniques I have picked up from all of the amazing women I have had the great fortune to spend time with.e.. hang out I mean. Let’s do it. Mar 4 2009 at 9:56:40 AM Race: That doesn't sound like an apt pupil to me lol. women are an endless resource for picking up new fun ways to interact with people. Mar 4 2009 at 9:42:14 AM Race: How amazing my cock felt in your mouth.

Feb 25 2009 1:47:29 AM Cindy: Ya im out. and only selectively seeing some girls (and even moreso if you're sleeping with them) they can get confused about what you want. But when their fears that I don't truly spend time with them and truly appreciate them rise to the surface . Feb 25 2009 1:51: 28 AM Cindy: After while crocodile Wednesday.what do u mean weird with me?? Wednesday. Ur not a musical instrument silly. Feb 25 2009 2:32:22 AM Cindy: Idk u make me act weird and im never weird im fun i swear! I guess im just worried that i dont wana be played.u r funny.HANDLING THE BOOTY CALL OBJECTION When you're managing multiple relationships. Feb 25 2009 2:29:25 AM Race: Well u r weird true lol j/k.especially late at night . Feb 25 2009 1:52:54 AM Race: Hey I am a penguin punk! Wednesday. Wednesday. Catch ya later alligator Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 1:46:53 AM Race: Awake? Wednesday.wanna come watch a movie? Wednesday.. .don't take it personal nerd Wednesday. I'm always honest with the girls I'm dating about what I can and can't give them. Feb 25 2009 2:26:52 AM Cindy: Well i did.. Wednesday.... . Feb 25 2009 1:49:34 AM Cindy: No i dont wana fuck Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 1:48:13 AM Race: Smoking hookah at a friends. Feb 25 2009 2:39:19 AM Race: Ninjas and the boogie man mostly lol seriously I am just trying ... Whats up Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 1:50:41 AM Race: Haha. Feb 25 2009 2:34:10 AM Race: Haha. Feb 25 2009 2:22:09 AM Cindy: Ps wht with making me feel like a late night booty call? Wednesday. We r both human beings who have the same worries about meeting people we like nerd Wednesday.. Feb 25 2009 2:17:23 AM Race: Ps what's with the rude remark? Wednesday.those fears need to be addressed and framed through my perspective on our developing relationship. Plus i am wierd with you and i dont know why Wednesday. . Feb 25 2009 2:34:45 AM Cindy: Oh ya what do u worry about? Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 2:23:27 AM Race: U work late as a bartender and I stay up late so I figure u r up.

. Not just watch movies and make out. Feb 25 2009 2:55:20 AM Race: Haha not what I was saying but I see what ur saying. Ur very original. Is that so weird? Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 2:57:29 AM Cindy: Im drunk and im surwe this doesnt make any sense Race: I don't respond Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 2:49:42 AM Race: Well I like watching movies and that is what I do often. Wednesday. Not like a booty call ya feel me? Race: I don't respond Wednesday. Wednesday. I dont wana fall for a beautiful smile with playful intensions. Feb 25 2009 2:56:57 AM Cindy: No i dont wana relationship by any means but i am a girl and it would be nice to be treated special once in awhile. Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 2:47:28 AM Cindy: No i want u to treat me like ur actually intrested in nowing me by asking me to do stuff with you. But thank you for trying to be sweet Wednesday. Good luck. I work all day and most of my money is tied up in my business so I don't go out often unless it is to networking events. Feb 25 2009 3:02:59 AM Cindy: Listen do u mind if i come see u i wont be weird i swear PROVIDE A SPACE . Well I have no intentions of tricking u into doing anything u don't want to do. Feb 25 2009 2:52:11 AM Cindy: Ok well i dont do cop outs race cuz i kno if someones reaalllyy into someone they make time and spare cash so put that in ur lecture.to meet fun. Sounds like u r after something else. . Feb 25 2009 2:44:17 AM Race: U think I have a beautiful smile?! Stop it I'm blushing! Lol. Im no ones "i dont want a relationship" girl. Wednesday. cool people who are interested in getting to know me..yep kinda boring but I like it so that is spending time with me. If u wanna come play and have fun because u want to just let me know eskimo :) Wednesday. U r an awesome girl :) Wednesday. Feb 25 2009 2:42:25 AM Cindy: I dont wana freak u out with honesty but i dont dig guys like i dig u. Feb 25 2009 2:41:31 AM Cindy: No i am too but u r very charming and its rare so it makes me stand offish.

) Sunday. By providing a safe... You must rid yourself of moral judgment.When you begin creating a sexual frame with a woman it is important to make sure you provide a space where she knows there is no judgment. Aug 31 2008 at 6:38:22 AM Brenda: Thats good to hear. Aug 31 2008 at 6:19:50 AM Brenda: Maybe after i beat you at chugging contest Sunday. First we get hammered then ill nail you lol Sunday.. Aug 31 2008 at 6:28:36 AM Race: That sounds like a fun game. Aug 31 2008 at 6:36:57 AM Race: Experience has no standing in my book…an open curious mind with a sense of adventure and willing to explore who you are is what I value :) Sunday. This does not mean you have to be the one who fulfills her fantasies (it is fun when you do though) but it does mean you have to accept her..) Sunday. Aug 31 2008 at 6:29:12 AM Brenda: I hope you would :-) i have to tell you something though Sunday. Aug 31 2008 at 6:22:16 AM Brenda: Hey lets play carpenter. Im always willing to try new things:-) i hope you are as amazing as you sound Sunday. indignation or immaturity. judgment free space for women to explore their own sexuality you will not only make it infinitely easier for her to open up to you sexually but also set yourself apart as a world class lover. This also includes her knowing that you will not go behind her back and brag to all your friends or make fun of her.. Aug 31 2008 at 6:39:35 AM Race: Me too lol Sunday. If you still do this it is time to grow up. Aug 31 2008 at 6:18:53 AM Race: Haha.. Aug 31 2008 at 6:32:10 AM Brenda: I have only been with one guy i dont know how you feel about that i was with him for 3 years but now i feel like i dont have enough experience :/ You know for you Sunday.i wish you were homework cuz you would be hard and i would be doing you on my desk right now lol Sunday. But I'll win . Aug 31 2008 at 6:40:47 AM Brenda: Im sure you will be:-) ill talk to you tomorrow When providing a safe space for a woman to open up sexually you will be surprised at some of the sexual fantasies women have... Aug 31 2008 at 6:16:52 AM Brenda: Hey i heard a joke. Because a woman's sexuality can be such a personal thing it is much easier for her to hide it and be safe than share it and get hurt..let's study tomorrow then.. Aug 31 2008 at 6:30:17 AM Race: So tell me Sunday. Sunday. OVERCOMING A WOMAN'S INSECURITIES .

confidence and the utmost care. I can now better understand what is causing her to react this way she is. Inevitably this will cause some of her insecurities to arise and you must be able to handle them with honesty.and I think that's hot...) .. If she is not into it that is ok we won't do it but I will not apologize for what I am into. Had a long day & im bummed about somethings. (she sends me a picture of her lifting up her turtle neck and flashing me her bra) 1/17/08 9:29 PM Kerry: I sent it Me1/17/08 9:29 PM Race: R u wearing a turtleneck?...thanks a lot meanie! 1/17/08 9:21 PM Kerry: You have new Picture Mail! Click Go/View to see now.haha sexy sexy now I know where 2 aim next time. She is not used to expressing and exploring her sexuality so openly with someone she likes and most certainly not so quickly. Something else is bothering her and she is taking it out on me. Me1/17/08 9:04 PM Race: Did u send me a picture 2day? All my txt got erased 1/17/08 9:05 PM Kerry: Yeah you so missed out Me1/17/08 9:08 PM Race: Haha.There will definitely be times when you unlock a woman's sexuality much faster then anyone else ever has or in ways she has never experienced before. This can be very frightening to her. Just not a very sexy thing to say..-) 1/17/08 9:31 PM Kerry: Thats not nice Me1/17/08 9:45 PM Race: Which part? 1/17/08 9:55 PM Kerry: You are going to aim for my neck. (She isn’t feeling well.) 1/17/08 10:02 PM Kerry: Not really 1/17/08 10:04 PM Kerry: Oh well in that case I cant wait 1/17/08 10:25 PM Kerry: Sorry im being a little hypersensitive..so be offended if u will I still like it (I like what I like. Me1/17/08 10:00 PM Race: ??? R u feeling ok? (instead of buying into the argument ask a question to get to the heart of what she is feeling) 1/17/08 10:01 PM Race: Not your neck right between your breasts. Guess I know what you think of me.

Dont get me wrong thats cool if you are. never had text sex. I am a sexual person and enjoy sharing that with a woman I am interested in) 1/17/08 11:41 PM Kerry: Yes.. Me1/17/08 11:45 PM Race: Really.. Which is super fun but I just want to know. Im really not a sexual person or haven't been..but I'm only that way towards somone when I am interested in them. Make sense? (Once again I have no need to apologize. Im just a little shy & self conscience in other areas.thats weird to me.next question Kellie ms fun architect1/17/08 10:42 PM Kerry: Seriously ninja & be honest. Are you interested in getting to know me at all or are you more interested in a sex. I have never sent a necked picture. We seem to have more sexual talk towards one another than getting to know one another.im just a very sexual person.... I sound like a wet blanket lol 1/18/08 12:36 AM Kerry: Dont get me wrong its not like you took my virginity.Me1/17/08 10:26 PM Race: No worries nerdball:-) Kellie ms fun architect1/17/08 10:30 PM Kerry: I have to ask you something though??? Me1/17/08 10:37 PM Race: Yes I am really a ninja. Me1/17/08 10:56 PM Race: What makes you say that? Kellie ms fun architect1/17/08 11:00 PM Kerry: Just want to know Me1/17/08 11:02 PM Race: I know but what even makes u feel like u need to ask that question? 1/17/08 11:05 PM Race: What makes u feel like I am not interested in getting to know you? Kellie ms fun architect1/17/08 11:35 PM Kerry: Nothing you did.... We differ there so I guess thats why im not sure how to take it. So am I totally freaking you out? (Now we are finally getting to the bottom of the issue) . 1/17/08 11:37 PM Kerry: Trust me you wont hurt my feelings Me1/17/08 11:37 PM Race: Gottcha..who are you sexual towards then? Kellie ms fun architect1/17/08 11:53 PM Kerry: What do you mean? Who? 1/18/08 12:03 AM Kerry: Untill you.

ELICITING A WOMAN'S FANTASIES The easiest way to get a woman to open up about her fantasies is to start by sharing one of yours. i was fine.Me1/18/08 12:37 AM Race: Haha.) 1/18/08 1:08 AM Kerry: Ha ha ha. If I were to tell her I was upset or concerned or even freaked out she would have slammed the door back closed and it would have been almost impossible to open her up again. Mums the word. Xx Me1/18/08 6:07 PM Race: Hey wanna hang out monday night? 1/18/08 8:11 PM Kerry: Sure. hurt or defensive... 2:41pm Nicole: ahhh i have to get gym clothes on. She has opened up and shared something very personal. in this case sharing a fantasy... Calm down. Just telling you a little something something about me mr sexual chocolate. When someone does something for us.breath. You were vulnerable first so she feels safer about becoming vulnerable with you. If you are open and confident enough to share one of your fantasies then she is encouraged to do the same or become a part of yours.. Monday night we are on like donkey kong. I let her know it is not a big deal. We all have our insecurities and I want her to know she is safe expressing them to me without fear of me getting mad... you can't get fat or else we are going to have to cancel our date and get a divorce! 2:42pm Nicole: hahahahahaa every1 i live with is secretely 500 pounds inside.not at all. we feel obliged to return the gesture. Some women are extremely self-conscious about their body or have issues with abandonment or sexual abuse.and let's enjoy our time 2gether:-) (How I respond is crucial. This works for several reasons. Thanks. and then they . what opposites 2:42pm Race: oh the duality of the human condition. It also invokes the law of reciprocity.. This does not mean you have to now take care of her or continue the relationship but it does mean if you have lead her to the point where she is opening up about these types of issues you need to be able to handle them as a mature adult man. You cannot know this before hand so just be prepared to accept her.get off your ass you lazy bum. Be very gentle. Whatcha have in mind? Me1/18/08 8:29 PM Race: Nothing in mind yet just wanting to see you:-) 1/18/08 8:31 PM Kerry: Well alrighty then...last night for instance. Have a good night When delving into a woman's sexuality you must be very sensitive.but i want to lay in bed...

two. the cupcake? can u handle that? 2:48pm Race: first there is no hopefully and second i only have two hands but I'm pretty sure I can handle it :):) 2:49pm Nicole: confidence is key.. unexpected.jk . lol how do u say no to those i did feel proud for being the only person to have 1 though lol 2:44pm Race: did you save me one??!!!! 2:44pm Nicole: no everyone ate them lol hav u been to crumb? 2:44pm Race: man and I thought you truly cared about me :(:( 2:44pm Nicole: ohhhh stop 2:45pm Race: no but I have been to the cupcakery and sprinkles 2:45pm Nicole: whats your favorite kind 2:45pm Race: my favorite is red velvit 2:45pm Nicole: ahhhh delicious.lol 2:46pm Nicole: thats a lot of pleasure at once 2:46pm Race: precisely 2:47pm Nicole: one.brought out cupcakes from magnolia. the view ur getting.now where am I going to get cupcakes at this hour? hmm 2:53pm Nicole: the hypothetical hour or the current actual hour 2:55pm Race: which ever one gets me eating a delicious cupcake off a beautiful (and adventurous) woman's back 2:55pm Nicole: my only suggestion is. and 3.. but very impressive response 2:46pm Race: one of my fantasies is to eat one off a girls back while doing her from behind... hello ur doin a hot girl (hopefully) doggy style.. haha just gotta go for it 2:52pm Race: good point.keep one in the freeezer..

memorable and engaging.2:56pm Race: haha. which statement engaged your imagination? Which one did you visualize? Which one made you smile? Which one are you likely to remember? Women take notice to how you describe experiences. etc. awesome. When you can lead her to imagine kissing.. HOW TO USE DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE Mastering the art of using descriptive language is one of the most valuable assets you can ever learn. The easiest way to begin training yourself to use more descriptive language is to start describing things according to how they feel.and it was amazing! The more vivid you can make her imagine something the stronger her experience and the more permanent her feeling associated with it become. more effectively communicate your ideas and enrich your day to day experiences but it is the key to leading a woman's imaginations and ultimately driving her wild with desire. This is why sometimes you wake up from dreams confused and unsure if it really happened. events. Not only does it allow you to tell more engaging stories... Remember that a woman's imagination is the key to powerful arousal and amazing sex. touching and even having mind blowing. passionate sex with you guess what? She has actually done those things with you and has the memories to prove it. . It also allows you to know what she is responsive to sexually (this includes what types of images you create through texts to get her turned on) and allows her to know what excites you sexually as well. This means that the sexual encounters you share with her are going to be far more enjoyable. Now when it comes time for the real thing it will be a much easier and comfortable for her to do it since she has already rehearsed it in her head. Read the following two statements: This coke is good Oh my this coke is delicious.lol 2:58pm Nicole: what r ur plans for this evening Note: Feel free to make up silly fantasies on the spot that relate to what you are talking about.what you are experiencing with all five senses.. The mind often cannot differentiate between an imagined experience and a real experience. These are feelings you can now have her recall at any time causing her to go into a sexual state much quicker. This can be both emotionally and sensationally . This is awesome for her! Are you starting to see how powerful descriptive language can be? Take a look back through the text examples I have been giving you and notice how the way we word things make what we are describing much more vivid.if only you were bringing cupcakes instead of brownies when we hang out. Eliciting a woman's fantasies is a great way to create a sexual state while forming a bond between the two of you. The bubbles are like little baby angels dancing on my tongue! As funny as that seems. people.

.thats definitely a dream that should come true. For that very reason it makes women even more curious! If you are in the so called "friend zone" with a girl you like this can be the spark that begins her thinking of you in a sexual way... You can also add BTW to make it more nonchalant like it's no big deal. Another fantastic feature of this technique is you lead her into thinking sexual then you release it by using the literal meaning of "dirty".THE DIRTIEST DREAM TECHNIQUE A fun way to start a sexually charged conversation is using a little technique I developed called The Dirtiest Dream Technique..do tell.. But now when you take her back into the sexual state she will be more relaxed and receptive allowing her to get more aroused and invest more in the interaction! Tuesday. G'night peter pan! :) . It goes a little something like this: Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 6:25:54 PM Julie: How is it that you just perfectly mixed being aggressive with being amazingly passionate and adorable... Dec 23 2008 at 6:16:57 PM Julie: Well damn. Tuesday.so you feel like going hiking or camping any time soon? Tuesday.. She isn’t expecting this and it makes her laugh... Dec 23 2008 at 6:12:38 PM Race: Did I mention how after I pinned you down mud wrestling I picked you up and pushed you against a tree and slowly began to slide my hand up your ribs under your clinging shirt? Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 5:51:20 PM Julie: Really?. Dec 24 2008 at 8:11:21 AM Julie: So i'm about to go to sleep finally and i keep thinking about the dream you had lol.. You might want to take a shower after that one One of the beauties of this technique is that by referencing a dream you now become free of responsibility. Hopefully my dreams are that good. This shows you are surprised you had a dirty dream about her.* Tuesday. Note: You can add the OMG at the beginning and a (!) at the end to soften it if you are messaging a girl who you haven't build too solid of a connection with. Dec 23 2008 at 6:20:13 PM Race: I haven't even told you how as I gently lifted your shirt over your head I stopped pinning your arms up and passionately kissed you using your shirt as an umbrella for us.. Dec 23 2008 at 5:53:14 PM Race: Well we were in the woods and it had been raining so we are both soaking wet when you fell in the mud and we began to mud wrestle.it was SO dirty! Tuesday...I'm telling you this dream was DIRTY! Tuesday. Dec 23 2008 at 5:49:20 PM Race: I had the dirtiest dream about you last night... Wednesday. After all you can't control your dreams.it would definitely be a better night if you were actually here though i must say.. Dec 23 2008 at 6:09:21 PM Julie: Haha you are a dork to the core..

This subtly shows off an attractive element of who I am as a person. having her arousal heightened because it is occurring in an inappropriate place.. Saturday.. etc. Dec 27 2008 at 8:20:45 PM Race: Hey thanks . Women will not be able to look at you the same way. I was more specific and said "gym clothes"..) Saturday. Just use directive misinterpretation to transition the conversation into something sexual. Dec 27 2008 at 8:17:59 PM Selma: Yes im watchin u Saturday. I take care of my body. See if you can .) I'll let you grab it next time we are making out Saturday. owning what you say. Saturday.-) PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Here is a prime example of using many of the principles taught in this section including: using descriptive language.. A simple and fun way to do this is roleplay that she is secretly stalking you. What time r u comin over . This automatically puts you in the position where she is chasing after you. Saturday. Dec 27 2008 at 9:26:56 PM Selma: Sooo. Dec 27 2008 at 8:23:24 PM Selma: K im soo goin to grab it now Saturday. This is a fantastic position to be in. Have fun with this one :) CREATING YOUR OWN TECHNIQUES Just like the "Dirtiest Dream Technique" you can use almost any situation to start off the creation of a sexual state. building anticipation.As you can see this is a simple yet powerful technique you can use right away to move the conversation in a sexual direction. Dec 27 2008 at 8:19:46 PM Selma: Nice ass. Dec 27 2008 at 8:32:40 PM Selma: Go right ahead Saturday. firmly grab your hair and pull your head back as I gently kiss your neck Saturday. Dec 27 2008 at 8:17:14 PM Race: Did I just catch you spying on me as I was changing into my gym clothes my little stalker?! Helpful tip: Instead of just saying that I was changing in general.. Often times they will continue to bring it up over and over.. Girls find it incredibly fun and it is almost effortless to transition it from. Dec 27 2008 at 8:29:27 PM Race: In that case I might have to slowly slide my hands down your cute little back and return the favor . leading a woman's imagination. Try adding in small things like this that allude to some positive aspect of who you are as a person. Dec 27 2008 at 9:22:50 PM Race: I'm not sure if that's a good idea cause then I might be tempted to slide my hands back up your ribs.

. 5/28/08 8:12 PM Race: Well I suppose I could tell u how I pull u close so that our bodies are pressed tightly together the contours fitting perfectly together as i whisper in your ear 5/28/08 8:15 PM Kara: what are you telling me.. 5/28/08 8:22 PM Kara: i need english.. please keep going race.? :) 5/28/08 7:51 PM Race: Close ur eyes and imagine white washed houses w/ blue roofs on a cliff over looking bright green sparkling water... keep going..-) 5/29/08 12:57 AM Kara: Haha true! ..-) 5/28/08 8:27 PM Kara: what are you doing right now? please tell me your hand is on your huge cock.....-) 5/28/08 7:43 PM Kara: what should i dream about.now imagine standing on one of those roofs 5/28/08 7:53 PM Race: As I come up behind u and put my arms around ur waist. ive been in this classroom since 12... im exhausted. 5/28/08 7:37 PM Race: Drink water.. 5/28/08 8:36 PM Race: u haven't even given me the chance to repay u in my own way...u turn look deep into me eyes and... im not kidding.pick out all the different pieces and how they work together to create a powerful and lasting sexual state.... . take deep breaths and day dream about me....ur turn 5/28/08 7:57 PM Kara: no... before my test starts :) 5/28/08 8:24 PM Race: you'll have to read my body language and the slight grin on my face.that should get u through.......? 5/28/08 8:20 PM Race: It's in french so u will have to derive its meaning by what I start doing to you next.. 5/28/08 7:59 PM Race: So u want me to go on about how I gently trace ur lips with my finger tips then down ur neck slowly reaching the small of ur back gripping ur hips firmly? 5/28/08 8:05 PM Kara: omg. this is turning me on.. 5/28/08 7:34 PM Kara: i will be in my lsat class until 9 baby. it turned me on sooo much giving you a blow job...The Next Day. you have 4 mins. give me words of wisdom...

• Be bold but not brash. but not for being a pussy. Simply take something she says and misinterpret it to being something sexual. • Allow her to feel your acceptance. Guilt. They allow you both to discuss sex in a fun and non-taboo way. You're a sexual being and she knows it. you are a man with sexual desires. the power your words can have on her mind (the most powerful sexual organ a woman has). (Feels good. She will forgive you for being a man. • When delving into a woman's sexuality you must be very sensitive. ahhhhhhhh. it makes you FEEL LIKE A MAN. This puts you into the same category of every other male desperate for sex.5/30/08 1:27 AM Race: How was class? 5/30/08 1:28 AM Kara: tiring.. doesn't it?) • Own your manhood. This will allow her to open herself to you in ways you never imagined. setting up a "placeholder" you can easily return to whenever you'd like. You cannot know this before hand so just be prepared to accept her. be misinterpreted as sexual. Ever wonder what is going through a woman's mind when she reads your text and doesn't respond? What if it is your second or third one in a row with no response? I have already covered a bunch of possibilities in B4UTXTHER. though not blatantly. ignore these tests or act as if you don't understand. It also allows you to know what she is responsive to sexually. • Don't grab onto every hint of sexuality she drops. Some women are extremely self-conscious about their body or have issues with abandonment or sexual abuse. You aren't a mindless horn-dog. • A great way to turn a normal conversation sexual is through directive misinterpretation. creating anticipation. increasing the likelihood she will hook into them. • To gauge a womans sexuality. intensify her arousal because it's "improper" for her to feel sexual in the setting she's in. . so our conversation was sooo hot last night race. SECTION RECAP • There are several benefits to seduction via text. but be honest about your desires as a man. • Eliciting a woman's fantasies is a great way to create a sexual state while forming a bond between the two of you. Rid yourself of all judgment of her and her sexuality. These include the lack of social pressure. If you try to hide it. • Use sexual innuendos often. Don't be desperate. This does not mean you have to now take care of her or continue the relationship but it does mean if you have lead her to the point where she is opening up about these types of issues you need to be able to handle them as a mature adult man.. but right now I want to tell you about one in specific that I didn't go over and how to deal with it. and of course. Her response will hint at her views toward sexuality. it is often useful to drop a text that could easily. Instead. she either realizes she can't trust you or concludes you aren't interested in her as a sexual partner and finds someone else.

I usually just make up a question if she asks. And a fun one at that! It has nothing to do with you (you are awesome after all). Start off by creating a funny reason she hasn't been able to text you back. etc to text you back. For example: "Have you ever been to (insert bar/coffee shop/park/ etc)?" . I like to add that I have a question for her or I have a fun idea at the end. the hook Now we come to the part where you compel her to respond. And as you know from B4UTXTHER.. It is very powerful. 2. It can be something she had to do or is in the middle of doing. escapes.Often times when a woman doesn't respond after a couple texts she feels guilty (among other things) if you keep texting her. if it was joining the circus it could have to do with her having to shovel elephant poop or teaching penguins to do cartwheels. Ready to see how it works? I thought so. As you will see in a second. STRUCTURE: 1. unique texts that will have that one that got away clamoring to text you back. For example. Not only that. The reason this technique works so well is that it gives the girl an excuse for not responding to you. Often it is seeding an invite to meeting up that week. get's back. it can be anything from joining the circus to being abducted by aliens. it more often than not leads you right into a fun role-play. you can make up hundreds of your own personal. It can be something you hope happened to her or something you hope didn't happen to her. Once you understand the parts. the creative middle Next you add in an funny/ teasing event or part of the situation that happened during the event that is clearly keeping her from texting you back. But not you my friend! You are about to learn the super secret "It's not your fault" technique. role-playing is a powerful way to build attraction. Especially because in the past when this has happened with other guys they would get angry and send rude texts even though she didn't mean to hurt their feelings. she was just caught up in something. well it is obvious. This is just a little extra something that encourages her even more to respond by piquing her curiosity. The "It's not your fault" technique is broken into 3 parts. Simply tell her that when she is finished with whatever she is doing. 3.

just like college 1:07 PM Now get your phone out and give it a try! Also don't forget as a member of the B4UTXTHER Inner Circle you get exclusive new text messages... You better bet your ass you would be laughing and want to respond. Last couple times i texted her randomly. Example 1: well it is obvious you were abducted by aliens.. .Are you ready to see what this looks like all put together? Check check check it out. she hasn't responded though. and tips found no where else to ensure you are always one step ahead of all those other guys in her phone.when you are done singing songs with your underwater friends send me a text i have a fun idea Pretty cool huh? Now imagine a girl or even a buddy sent you this text...i hope they were the hot brad pitt looking kind and not the ugly green ones.. conversations breakdowns... i set up a date for this friday with a lady friend. It ended well but you are stuck on how to start it up again without sounding needy or overbearing...when they return you give me a text i have a question for ya 12:51 PM Eric: Brilliant! Thanks buddy :) 12:59 PM Eric: Lol she responded immediately btw 1:05 PM Me: looks like i still got it!. Still don't believe me? Check out this text interaction with my buddy Eric: Eric : Hey dude.i hope they were the hot brad pitt looking kind and not the ugly green one. Thoughts? 12:50 AM Race: text her: well it is obvious you were abducted by aliens. boom! Race KICKSTARTING NEW CONVERSATIONS Have you ever had the experience where you had a great text interaction with a girl and then you run out of things to say? Or perhaps it has been a day or two since your last interaction....when they return you give me a text i have a question for ya Example 2: well it is obvious you ran off to join the circus so when you finish braiding the bearded lady's face shoot me a text I have a quick question for you Example 3: well it is obvious you finally pursued your dream of becoming a mermaid.

finding out) the answer to the riddle. Then one day a friend I hadn't talked to in a while sent me a riddle... You have grabbed her attention completely. IN ACTION: Race: what's brown and sticky? 3:03 PM Marisa: Umm? 4:44 PM Race: a stick :) 4:46 PM Marisa: Ur a dork:) 5:16 PM Race: haha so you have noticed 5:17 PM Marisa: But i like it... our brains are wired to immediately search for answers as soon as we ask it questions. Without thinking this odd or random that he would text me out of the blue.i wanna see u! 2:54 AM Marisa: ?? 3:32 AM Marisa: Ummm? 4:06 AM (I think she really wanted to hang out but I fell asleep.. It is a fun way to effortlessly slip into a new conversation thread with a girl. this still works wonders.) 6:30 PM Race: i am excited for sunday :) 7:18 PM Marisa: Me too me too:) 9:46 PM Marisa: Wher r u? U should come hangout! 2:14 AM Race: Where? 2:46 AM Marisa: XS 2:50 AM Race: Ooh la la.at vanity. not only will you be starting a new conversation effortlessly but she will already be in a good mood because the answer is funny. Q: What has a bottom at the top? A: Your legs :) Q: What is brown and sticky? A: a stick :) The best part is that when you use one of these silly riddles. After all. a strange thing happened. Here I'll show you these two riddle in action. How is it? 2:53 AM Marisa: Fun. Let's check out 2 of my favorite's that I use all the time. My brain immediately went to work trying to figure out the answer. It totally distracted me from what I might have normally thought or felt getting a text from someone hadn't heard from in a while.oops) .This used to happen to me all the time. U should come thru. Now even if it hasn't been a while since you talked to a certain girl. Her mind will immediately be pre-occupied with figuring out (or if she is lazy.

. After the riddle you can simply transition into a normal conversation using the tips and techniques in B4UTXTHER.. Race: what has a bottom at the top? 11:59 AM Sara: A gayman 12:00 PM Race: haha clever. This is a great way to learn new ones that you can use in the future... Have fun with this one and don't forget to post up the new riddles you find in the B4UTXTHER Inner Circle private forum.) 10:52 AM Lauren: lol. Not only was it fun but I got a lot of brain exercise in that day..How do you wake up Lady Gaga? 1:08 PM Race: haha poke her face I am assuming... Check out this one I got just yesterday. Another funny side affect of using riddles to start up new conversations is sometimes you will get back some pretty funny replies from clever girls...... ) Heres one for you..I was going to say your legs 12:00 PM Sara: My punchlines better :) 12:01 PM Race: do you want a cookie or perhaps a gold star? 12:12 PM Sara: Gold star gold star!!! 12:19 PM Pretty funny huh? There are thousands of silly riddles like this.IN ACTION: Race: what has a bottom at the top? -Race 10:49 AM Lauren: hmmmm.that was a facebook update phenomenon a while back 1:09 PM Lauren: oh it was..lol.lol.. Just google "silly riddles" and find some. One time I went 2 hrs with a girl sending new riddles back and forth.. boom! Race . Q: Who is getting out their phone right now to send a riddle to a girl? A: YOU! Ok so that wasn't actually a riddle but you get the idea. You want them to be a one liner and have a funny answer.What did the little mountain say to the big mt? 1:10 PM Race: Ooh you got me on that one 1:12 PM Lauren: "Hi Cliff!" 1:12 PM Race: Haha nice one 1:53 PM Often times girls will throw a riddle back at you.? 10:50 AM Race: your legs of course ..my students told me that one.clever 10:54 AM Race: i think it was one of my nephews favorite jokes a while back lol 11:00 AM Lauren: I like those corny jokes .

We were talking about the different things we do to make it more fun when getting a woman's number. You: Ring Ring Her: Hello Race. I thought I had some pretty clever ways. you answer "Hello (insert your name). You: wait. Ring Ring Now you practice a few more times to make sure she has got it down. As long as you use the "Just Thinking About You" Technique. I was just thinking about you! When are we going to hang out?! You: ehhh that was ok. Here we go. I first learned about this technique from my good friend Nick Quick. You are at the point in the conversation where you are exchanging numbers. To show you how it works I am going to put it in dialogue form to make it super easy for you to emulate. You both have just saved each other's number. I was just thinking about you! When are we going to hang out?!" Put your hand up to your ear in the shape of a phone again.MAKE SURE SHE ANSWERS! THE "JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU" TECHNIQUE What if you knew when exchanging numbers with a girl that when you called her she would not only be excitedly waiting to hear from you but also invite you to hang out immediately. Girls absolutely LOVE this! . Her: Practice what? You: ok hold you hand up like this (make a phone with your hand by curling your middle three fingers and leaving your thumb and pinky finger extended) After she copies you… You: Ring Ring Her: Hello (almost every girl will simply answer with hello because of social conditioning) You: no no no! That is all wrong! (she will have a confused look on her face) Here is the money line You: ok when I go Ring Ring. No this is not some sort of brain washing and yes it can happen each and every time. Let's try it again. but when he told me this it blew me away with it's genius. wait. We need to practice this first so you know what to do when I call you tomorrow. I am going to need more emotion and excitement.

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS. For Example: If she is at work: You should stop daydreaming about me and get back to work. Nick taught it to his friends little brother and the next night he used it to meet his now long time girl friend. you might want to practice a few more times in the mirror before you go to sleep. Go out there and try this tonight if you can." Make sure to say it with mock sincerity and a little wry grin. The "I was Just Thinking About You" technique works so good in fact. If you have no idea what she is doing: . as part of the B4UTXTHER Inner Circle you get access to the private forum.You can even say to her as you are leaving. Simply start with "You should stop daydreaming about me" and then add in that she should get back to whatever she is doing. And remember. Just in case. Post up any fun ways you have of getting a girls number. If she is at yoga class: You should stop daydreaming about me and get back to practicing your downward facing dog position. boom! Race THE "STOP DAYDREAMING ABOUT ME" TECHNIQUE Ever wonder if a girl you are interested in is thinking about you? Well you can continue wondering or you can use the technique I am about to show you and make sure she is thinking about you! The "Stop Daydreaming About Me" Technique is a fun little text that can be used for almost any occasion. If she is at school: You should stop daydreaming about me and get back to paying attention in class. "Now you remember your lines right? Good. She was so excited to use the line she had practiced the next day when he called.

After all. As you can see. I would hate to be the reason you got fired 11:36 AM Nicole: Lol hows it going? 1:46 PM Or you might get something a little more playful like: Race: Stop daydreaming about me and get back to paying attention in class! 6:54 PM Lindsey: I can't help it 8:52 PM No matter the response. It definitely works on women you have been dating for a while as a fun way to bring a smile to her face and brighten up her day. Maybe you'll get a simple response like: Race: you know you should probably stop day dreaming about me and get back to work before you boss get's mad 4:45 PM Raquel: Haha 5:14 PM Or use it to re-connect with a girl you haven't talked with in a week or two and get this: Race: you know you should probably stop day dreaming about me and get back to work before your boss get's mad. or I would hate to be the reason you flunk out of college and have to live in a cardboard box This fun little text gives off an air of confidence because it assumes that you are so awesome that OF COURSE she is thinking about you. who am I kidding. that is why she can't get enough of you. daydreaming about me is probably way more fun than anything else you could be doing.You should stop daydreaming about me and get back to . you are the type of man that does little things like this to make her happy and let her know you care right? Of course you are. you can adapt this text to any situation. you are not only putting a smile on her face but you are also ensuring that she is thinking about a confident. playful you. But wait there is more! You can make this text even more effective and evoke a better reply by adding a funny negative outcome that might occur if she doesn't stop. Boom! .. For example: I would hate to be the reason you get fired. I will start collecting you some food stamps just in case.. Maybe you have already gone on a date or two or maybe you have set up a date but haven't gone on it yet.. WHO DOES IT WORK ON? This works best with a girl you have already been flirting with. And we all know how much women love confident guys.

CASE STUDY A B4 U TXT HER member sent in this interaction asking my opinion on how he was doing and what he could have done differently to achieve more of the response he was looking for. I was joking. . I was texting a girl that I think really liked me. This demonstrates she has a sharp wit so using sharp wit in return will get her attention and engage her. Me: Lol.. these types of girls will end up being the most fun. After getting her response to that he could have then dropped the "or maybe cuz you both like nuts :)" I would not have put the question mark in there.. i. Adding a nickname to this text would have vastly improved it. "Lol. fight fire with fire. . Calm down there sassy pants Her: I know. Something like "I mean yeah it was cute but it was more of the goofy look on it's face while it was climbing trees". Bitch is a risky word to use but considering her responses thus far.e. So was i. kudos to him for going out on a limb and giving it a shot! her: what a dick. As your texting skills improve. :( and just when I was starting to like you most likely a test but there might have been a slight edge from his jumping directly into sexuality. you are not JUST starting to like me. Bitch! you had me worrying that I actually offended you. Luckily he did not put the nail in the coffin by apologizing. I know. And let's be honest. The girl he is texting is a certified ball buster which can be scary for many guys. You can learn a lot about a woman by her texting style so be paying attention. I would have deflected her comment by saying something like "hey nuts are an essencial ingredient in a well balanced diet. i wasn't really starting to like you. She was testing him and he gave in. Let's dive in. For example. this was a brilliant move on his part. Me: I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you :) *credit b4utxther her: hahaha why in teh world did it make you think of me? because it was so cute? :) me: or maybe cuz you both like nuts? :D Based on her sexual radar (going with cute instead of something sexual) he probably should have teased her instead of going sexual. It indicates uncertainty and when it comes to matters of sexuality.Race IF SHE IS BUSTING YOUR BALLS .it was love at first sight" Me: Hey relax. uncertainty is an attraction killer. A way to strengthen it would be to would to shift the shortcoming on her and not him. yikes! fail.) haha this was a great response on her part. Still this is a weak text that most likely will lose attraction.

me: that's why we enjoy each other. obviously i enjoy you :) me: good cuz I enjoy you too :) fail. her: everyone can at times. for example: I mean I can't blame you. so I know I screwed something up. A future role play would be perfect." I think that she was testing me. What's your opinion on this interaction? great insight on his part. her: couldn't agree more. In and of itself it isn't a fail. here she is again busting his balls. game time! => referring to the women's world cup It ended on a low note so he is going to have to re-engage building the attraction back up. and only got very short responses and then nothing. so no worries when it comes to me. The playful vibe was GONE and i could feel it. and in case you do. i pretty much don't take anything seriously. and that I failed her test. texted her a few hours later. like I said. the exchange is fizzling out because the attraction is fizzling out. He needs to be able to throw it back at her. For some reason I feel like I lost her when I reacted to her saying "what a dick :( and just when I was starting to like you. he just didn't quite understand exactly the "why" behind it I also don't think I should have said "Good cuz I enjoy you too :)" because now she knows that I kinda like her. I like never get offended by anything. And I enjoy you too :) her: well that's a good start to a good friendship haha. and I feel like she's lost that sense of having to chase me anymore. It is good he can see this was a poor move in his commentary below. I don't take life very seriously haha. I understand his thinking that by stating this he is inferring they should be more than friends but this is a piss pore way of doing it. . I am pretty awesome in every way possible.Bitch! I was actually worried that you were on the ground hugging your legs rocking back and forth crying your eyes out because you didn't have a sense of humor" Her: Haha no no no. very diplomatic of her. It's not a good idea to go into serious stuff unless the attraction is high. i then played tennis with a friend. life's too short to take seriously! His attempt to bring it back to why THEY are so good for each other. For example: "we should probably get bff necklaces or matching tattoo's to make this official. to see if I cared whether or not she liked me. which she was doing before. I can be a dick sometimes you don't want to say you are not a good friend." me: I'm not a very good friend though. he just needs to add something onto it to balance out the interaction.

. If you want to be considered for a case study. then re-engage and create a challenge or role play for the next friday when they meet in person..com with the your interaction and you own thoughts/questions on it. boom! Race .. I could tell she was COMPLETELY into me (she was trying to hold my hand. and then *poof* it's gone.. I would wait for a few days. What would you recommend me doing from here? Should I just wait a few days and then text her again? should I just not talk to her until I see her again (I usually see her on Fridays at a bar that all our mutual friends go to) and then go from there? our interactions in person went very well. shoot me an email at race (at) thesocialman. It's really frustrating.) I just really liked this girl and thought I was doing everything right with her. thumb-wresting for a shot/drink. A game of beerpong. isolated with me on a couch at the bar etc. pretend they just got divorced and are celebrating. Now go rock a sassy girls world. etc.I feel like I'm in damage control now.

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