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Miriam López-Franca

Activity 1: Christmas traditions

1. What is your tradition called?
- Christmas
2. Describe your tradition.
-Most people organizes a family reunion and they have dinner all
3. What is the origin of your tradition?
-The born of Jesus
4. When is your tradition held?
-The 6th january
5. Where is your tradition held?
6. What is the symbolism behind your tradition?
- Pass the Christmas’s days with the family.

Activity 2: Christmas around the world:

Treasure hunt
1. In India, what type of tree is decorated for Christmas?
- Mango or Banana trees.

2. Russians celebrate Christmas eating kutya. What is it and what does it

- Kutya is a sweet gran pudding.

3. Mexicans celebrate Christmas with posadas. What is a posada?

- They are a party. This party wants to look like the posada where Maria
and Jose passed the Christmas night.

4. In Rome, Italy, capitone is served on Christmas Eve. What is capitone?

- This is a tradicional Christmas Eve
5. In Venezuela people listen to aguinaldos. What are aguinaldos?
- A traditional songs that the people sing at homes.

6. In Provence, France, people put santons in a crèche. What are santons

and what is a crèche?
- A Crèche is an “pesebre” and the santons are the “figuritas del

7. In Japan, people are visited by Hoteiosho. Who is he, and why is he

- It is an old Japanese god. He was originally one of the seven gods of
fortune. An amiable, serene and contented deity, he is often
as a Buddhist priest with large ear-lobes. His distinguishing feature is a
huge stomach believed to be a symbol of his large soul.

8. In Greece people have to protect themselves from Killantzaroi. What

are Killantzaroi and how can you keep them away?
- He is special because do things like extinguish fires, ride astride
backs, braid horses' tails, and sour the milk. To further repel the
undesirable sprites, the hearth is kept burning day and night
the twelve days.

9. Germans call Christmas Eve Dickbauch. Why is Christmas Eve called

- Because who Don’t on Christmas Eve EAT well be haunted by demons at

10. In China, a very important person is named Dun Che Lao Ren. Who is
- It is the Santa Claus in China.