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Bantu Cosmology the Origins of Egyptian Civilization

Bantu Cosmology the Origins of Egyptian Civilization

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Published by: latinpr0phet on Jul 20, 2012
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KaMa meaning Black in Coptic,
iKaMa meaning Blackened in Mbochi,
KaMi Burnt in Bambara,
KeMi Burnt in Mandjakou,
KeM Burnt in Wolof,
Kim meaning Burnt in Mossi, etc...
KeMpori meaning Black in Vai
KeMatou meaning completely burnt in Mandjakou
KeMbou meaning Charcoal in Pulaar

Mbochi, i-kama, to blacken
Tsonga-Bantu, Khala, a piece charcoal
Mongo-Bantu, Wala, place where charcoal is prepared
Rikwangali-Bantu, ekara, a piece of charcoal
Oshinddonga-Bantu, ekala, charcoal
Zulu-Bantu, (li)-lahle, cinder, piece of charcoal, a very dark person.
Chichewa-Bantu, khala, piece of charcoal

The above are words that have the same cognate form for Black in Egyptian represented by the
consonants KM.

Bantu Cosmology & the Origins of Egyptian Civilization Notes
by Asar Imhotep


Excerts from Ferg Somo’s work on Kmt


Kaa + Uma-ti
‘The Black’
‘Charcoal Black’
‘The Home Of The Black’
‘The Spiritual Home Of The Black’

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