"@ u 6,*1,_,Iii ~,ar;''lif \ woo,ta11I'il1{ "A-' "' ,. AVA" i ", . .1 -ft' .:, 'STOT" R' A·M-· I: ',"~ ~, KHA. 'N'.'. ,'O'AN' ,._""', B"I_~ A . B'AN'D"'R ""N-A" ,,<,. ,'" ,_.'Ai.




:': :'":'-~" . .;:. J1J. \ I .: ~!I!,,".,H ( ,A R'A-:-: R')'KA" H y. M'. N [0'. -N' 'S-'"R:' '11' 'R A'-" 'M' A·K=R'iII'S·· 'N" . In,.
'j " , , " 1'" !_" ,'. ~. ~ _.




_ ...:.. :.





The Hindu scriptures propound the doctrine of 'the four, ,puru~i,r,thl,as 'Of ends to be sough 'lor ~i~e bu.. 'by man beings, They are: Dha,rma' (righteousness), arth,a (w'e:a'i th). .k-i mil) (bodily pleasures), and m'ok.~aOibe:r;ation, from transmig ratory existence) . Among. 'these ~ the bl:S.,t, mok,~aj :"'s, considered as the bighest, and has been described as the pa.,.a,m,ap',fJ,r,U'~artha' or pur,u~ib·tha' parr

Out of the several spiritual disciplines described in he scriptures as aids 'to .moksa" bh',akti or devotion is '" co n S'~ dered to be, the e aslest and the, mos t e icacious .. S'rima',(j'Bh1agava,ta'" the crest -jewel among such scriptures that advocate 'the path of ,bh,ak,ti"J! port -,ays it as of' 'nine k inds : srs'vaQ,a, (I'!slte.ni'og' to tbe names and, 8,1,lotries, of Sri Vi~I~lu kitl'a.ns' (s,in,gj08 the same) S'ma,ra'~ar (remem),.. lb'" eri n'0- 'H: ~'; m-,) ' p' ',oid: as'e'· n'" (se ':I"'V:l'" n c" 'H"-'~~ fee 'iii')"r, ~ "ilqll .Il~,~, ~[a· /, n:' 'II"'"' d ~o'l'len,n8ntuausnc wors 'h" 1'~IPJl) Iim) I" van"_ ;ainia, (obei 1m' 0 iersance to Him), dasyarl(a'U'i'cude as that of a servant 'to his master}, sa:,'&; hy:a (attitude as that of a .'fiend towards his friend). and arma,ni've·da'd'8 [total dedication of oneself to, Him) (vilde


II I_,~,

:... II,


r,Q; .__PI '.'11'"



<ail .g:

.. ~


!'3 ......... '...,.;JI''-'U.01iII'l!!, _


7 .5 .'23",.

Our of th ese nine.'mode s, 'i t 'is 0'" Iy' kins na 'I ha I' e asi ~ y captivates the minds of all, since :H:s in the' form, i music,




A D' .ol\ ,Ii iI. IkJIIO' ",Ji"M,"li"11' ,.,;;. '~'~_:_-;:) 'f"


To be perfect, such devotional music shou 1.0, have six aspects ,::,sa:hi,tya lor good text, sru'ti or background 0:(' harmon iously tuned musical instrumen ts, taga 0 r tune,
l:aty:a or rhyl'bm " tiila or beat, and b,'D,j,bani or feeling, 'Wbe:fif;,a:s,such perfect m'u;td.,c- rendered by' one endowed '. 'Ii d '.' .~. voice. can enn h-:r.,a.1even animals 'II .'W'~tll ,8, sweet anc ric hvoi

there is 'no ,g,ai~ nsaying the fact that it does, enrapture the minds of devotees of God, The effect produced bY' such devotional music,

e speciall Y'


dawn and d usk " 'is, indescri bable '. It is

precisel y due to this reason that the si nging of' the sup,Fa bhita',m' 1(~'i,t,e:ra,Uy good morning) hymns , early in the mornings and the ,a:rii'trikam (vespers) hymns in "be evenings, bas 'been i:n,vouge fn :ma'Dy of our temples and 'lil'I-,g",.....·-·\r.J; ··~, o f worshio ov er the eentutries, ... After' establishing I:he rnain monastery of the Ramakrishna M,ath at Belur, Swami, V,~v,e,:ka:n,and,antroi duced certain rituals 'W n~,chhave n,IOYI' 'become a 'tr,adili,o'o, in ~IIII 1:... 0 hi S" au the b branches, too ~Ine 0,f''.tlhsese '.' snort worsmp to.::·,:n.' ~sa h Ramakrishna at dusk, 'fOU'O''iled 'by 'wa,ving of lamps ,and other ,puJa meterials before: the deity' 'to the aceo mpaniment of music, S,wa:miji himse 1,( composed the text of this song, and also set :i't to music. It, bas now become well known as the Kh\aJldana\ .. bha~a-baDdhan,a .. totla" and iss-ung, , s all over the world in the monasteries of the, Ramakrishna Order ~during the eveni n,g, ervice, s Since a clearer and, deeper understanding of' this exq uisite text 'wHl help transform the act of si:n.,gwn.g, an aiel into of contemplation, a, humble attempt has been made here to present to the readers a simple exposi ton of the same '.
F-l dIJIIJ~~i:I! -~

,I ~

."_ "__ "_

~_. ~











here that nowhere in this hymn has Swaml'iji. m,e.ut~onedSri Ramakrishna by name .. The' venous a" jective he has . sed are so general that they CI,n be applied to any ~ nearn a t'i,on Of aspe ct of God, Yet, each one of them flts in ,admirab~~l lth the' personality of' Sri w Ra na krishna. Wh'"]e rC.o:m.ml·rll~.ng on these quotatlons
'~'<O not

J' L-, ignificant s

'from the scriptures as also incidents from the .j'fe '0:1' Sri Ram ak ';;~:'hii'!lia··have bee n b··'r-a.· ught 'Ii'n- .. wherev 'e"r P"'O- ssiole to e. ~.uc"' date or support them.
I II '~.,















I~,.. _



\J14r~q'r<iii' q-f$'ijj 6ll1l·q, ~

iii '«(iiq"!R

'fi1"l I '4[1 tJl:q~tli'II
. ~l



~· ·'an"li~:rlia· ,b"·ha va ,_,il..l.'l5I!n'(JL'tj1n· J'.1':4lrbl-- '__ ..h i!',J,oa'-V,tI"rd- 'gln':~ 't"B:nd':: It m' -·a·~:·· ro ' '":; U~;lli~._-·_JJl~' .
[':'OJII1I1l... ' .. _..

',''!l; OJ

.1111' 11":1'


,_. J'~Wil ',Ill

,n; ranja.niB:

,nara~rupadtulr.a nlr,uQa ,gU'.Qamlay

1... Breaker oi tbe bond oissmssrs! ,Ador. Id ot tbe world l Obeisance to youl (You' sre) stsinless! (YOlO h'B.v:e) tsken the hluman form'! (~o.u are) ID.yond the g,u.p.a.s! (Anld,ye'ti yo·u are)

Iulloi b/1es'se',d g,'uDias !' ~

COM:M ·,'N1fA:R.'Y

.Kh,3""!an,,l .. b.hava.·-·bandh'a'na (breaker of the bond of ·

sa'msara) ;,Bh'lj"vameans, stunsata 0'( transrnigratory existence . Thi itse If is b,tuJld/nln,[~' or bon dage . Our essential nature is the l.U·m',Ij'n .• the soul. Be:~[J1,g evoid of d birth, growth change, decay, or death, this ,ij:t'm',2Ul is eternal and ~mm.u'lab~e·~ ·~:sthe body that ts actua,Uy It '

a·vldy:a:.·~ma.O :him" wh.requ.gh :::eans... .·'N·:·'Q:c.~ The Kstb« ~ lU.'a ktrishna oa··' .g:l!1 app··IIIIJ·'·es·. ~ I.s' with 'I~" tnree pr .I -'.d menuoned t h r. I I~.k. 'He may 'bless us with malnu·~y:altv..c:' .111.~. ..OW'<..:". b th 'O.' and s superimposed all its limitations . !·:I!:!I!. d i'ii! u.I .:__ ll!". wrongly .":.g...L'B··n-.le.om He chooses...'W' 'h-t.'. [. . and... .ghtenm[ent and liberation (vide 'Vive'.~' i}d.A~. 'I il·b-·_·: _ t ·.and. .in[an. . .ealc'_Y' term 'k: &.!L _ .' sut. w'e..'t].· tified n -..~O--'I f. 'to e .w."_ ..R. 'y_-.a'n.jin'a:. nescience oignorance.aots or .":".'h rave o:urSle~v'I" with the b 10'd . I I.iSI. .. [ dmirably .. some 'h II nrt ..3) by breakina lour bonds [o[f s. his is due 'to ajD.aJ).I..pa'ni~a'd (2. Or.• .~ '-h bl f' (devotion).ara".'~nd·a'n'. U'. I _ _' .I ~_Jl ~ .ri.l... I '.atmls:o reveals." ..t...arhsara~Thus.existence ''' 1"'8--'0 " u.d.ncipatio . ~. nevmg this.a·-·'n·dil.8' (knowlec ge) e[f .23) says. ~t is the Lord w'-~oultimately destroys O'U'F bondase of tramsm1' '10. '.l l~ il S: ::r...I' ni Vivekananc all through jti.-')~ .ak.-:__'a'[U'~ :L.:. ._.er\a·ion to 'se·'ekeers Iike 1:1 Narendr (SW. I "02_' I I ". to him al "0" b'::-'h.I C)' .aijj.p'ull"u~a-[s\amsraya (refuge given by the great ones). efficacious mear s 0'1' destroy ing 'this. [I ~ ... '_' I. .'sha. .b can aJwa.a(human b:'"rt'~')I m'luD.arpal~e O"~ ae -h"' ~ .ka'lcu'(l'ID..~__I" .D~l '.".· . ~. O ""'At-.. .God is th"easiest ani"~ the L~-_O:·"-. . - .ll." S'~'~I[~e''::::'1'1"' Ram'.a:n.ys be destroyed 'by adopdng the r~.I'uk·"lu. is helping the average seekers like -~ 'he ' ~"'. of g.1 Girish through bh. __ .. Taking refuge '~~. ..are equa IIY c.. _:_" ~ d d d-' h B su bi ject to 'b' h~I oecay aO_1 death .·" .·· ": .'~-.i.a'. that tbe . Himself '~.:. .. _~Jt.. 1!!!1 [~ ..' the Lord may endow 'Uswit·h. l[ II • .bhakti' "d.. Infirm.!'f. So w'blen we 'take refuge in Hi '..tva: (desire ':loI.~!C) ..es a 1. .g 1_ l~' 'iii'~'IQ. . 1_ •.ties 'On td ou selves.· . whose origin can never b :-'known" but wh:~c. .. which w"iU soon :I[ea..·A: ··'T'II! S··O.

fi arm'aIU:l~ ya..'n-'~)" into the h-~·U·"man lUI ·th.. be is ~'lJira~ja:n'a'in 'the.'Q''U.I.f""·. ._. demigods. ':'8 controlled by maya (illaslon and nescience).A-" h I -.. own poison ~ W110' 1 ~..~!F..Ni:raiiia'ntl Is one i 'The refram of S'I::.' nan d-..~ B. N. Sin accrues 'EO him 'who.1t of ast r~~.. . .tiia.ological Iore contains innumeral Ie hymns of praise addressed 'to . as. (b' .UiJla:_..e resic mg dei over 'II-." ..••. .m Our myfh...0 be adored by the 'whole. ril . _.J~!I/.:d:: W.H.I\.eII'lil"'il'i. rl~am.' 'Ha.Q'1I"Ii O·:. o'fthat principle. I c.ki m'. :t" 'h d '. . '. He has.'~.arJJ.'.ARATI. omes at over the world.eanng-. pure.. '. .). a"..a:rO"Ui.o=m.'-··'·'d:i't. " n·a:-llil"'. also 'tbe tremendous achievements of bis Il'Iustri. _' ~"] .. even es a. e 'h· .' h- 10" '.113' esnmes 0f an p 'd" :e'_ty .-:.·I"r' -' ~·v •.m·8·' . imp urity.":II<'F . e rengto-sputtua -I f' Id. .iu' .t~. .. Nira. [I.' .. since he is :help:~. AQlilJl~"J!.t both in letter and in spirit. truest sense .ari~'!lI!I"II":!I ...es'Slyled by his k._~ '1I'I"~!Ii!'iI I~ '.a.l' '1l"~'.'_!"!l . Is never r affc ct cd by its. Consequently. I· 1 n.-"-~-. a SOt by the gods and. Hie is. ..\ .. .#....·'b. OJ' sm " is stemless. cf'ea. (res u ._ ' I.11..'il'" a j"I' _. sinless.II~ ItJ l"c.' " ~.in spirit t.jjj:a:lJa' (stainless) '.a k" h na ]:5'RO'W' _.· [_Iio~.CJm·'-'OI:flif:ola~lA:~a. U . .£ . he had become the very emboc im. )D t-..n S.~ _ .be Supreme God 'not. His Ufe is one of the ra {lest of the rare exam -1e8..'m'i Bra hmaII'" ~ '"' R .. Through his 'Inspiring Ufe and iUumi'D3:ting teachings. 'I!W!". A.. thus become 'jaga:·vandana' both in letter a'R._..'·:. h IIIJ·III-vii. Hence.1'1. J~'. h neic ns being worshipped as an ineamatio of 'Gold in. -'.e··e". untainted by it for eve ._ .. diseiples like SW3.na~is stain.."r'~."uman.f'fji'ii1In· ~. and hence.. Sinee God is. iO' ' .IL lIu. 1' ..Blma' I :c.II_I. being is caned a nara.'".'mi Vivekananda and Swa.:nt. SOiNOS 5 18).~pa.\O]j. the Lord of maya. Hence He is fit '1.W.. cobra..'. .~l~l and g_·rr.'I~J'I'iI~. ~..' ~..-.Kfa 'Itb~.' I.• Ings but.~va+:i:i!· 1I. . actio .." w. .h.O:n.lg.e.' ~~I..iiii'vi$O'~ ciation 0-"..I . of' absolute purity.'{o. giL" ... I ~"'. _" .only by human b . ims elf had prac ised -'.S-.. 1I~ ~I~JIlJl~. . millions.8.'·· the . __ ~'. Ramakrishna 's teachings is ." .

'R~""'-' .a'~ Sanskrit in has -l"le've..:"" ..II: "ll! - - - Nirgul)18 (without . WI.te .... · .II. H' • H .:"' __ I_ 1-."..C. !J..I ~ . l ". .~. . .. decides to take the human form.. -_-~ e ~ accepte .c "n..... . '1'. rre . -~ 1!!i... '.: 1) iil'ri.'D blessed "'J '...gh't'le'oius:nes~s) 'the twin purposes of are ....him 'h.II"II'1:li..t'u'. ~ a' U la. c.-ar. .. cNa .lQ'.living beings. 1:"':' ....8. Since God is the uncaused Cause. Rope slgnifies t hat which binds Since God ~iS beyon d aJ:1 bondage..0 0.._· :. __ ~ rill ~ __ ~ _ ~ _ __ _.I!'... "d"-' y~ wa.' _ !!I A ~ l • Sam khya-Vedanta philosophy..r bound 80Iu18·. -'II .#. ~.• ' .an anca .ItiL '!!'lIi.n il'l's'" I' ~ : "a.--.a .Ii .:S '.'i3i.i.i Being God has .11. r~r--~'p-~. -IJi .a.~·····r~..111.[I'"". declared~ ~i.. He does SIC} out ofHis free 'W]]] . '~" . Everything else. "ni(gu(I'..• ~I rQ ..a"rlsJJlna . '.a't ~ The Saiv·..aiupa...·G···· i'!ii.I' a ~ !.purpose best .o' ...:Ii :f"'O'U :if. ·· .·u-n· .. -.dluJrm... 'I).' 1m .··..' I' .. ikri L· . 1 ...~. .' ":' . IS .~ .aml<l ves. '¥ .0 be . over.PCA.'If~' Ji I .n 'thi . ' ...f .secondarv tb .• 1I!.. f-' N-' ~·S.~.. __ _ ill Il _ _ .....PVP~'[.-. . eet ore Naren d1 ranat 'h (~-'w'.. t h y world ._ i .y'a or primary source...'. 'f-th ·· ... 'as p.S..... ...') b·0.g'U(l'8S) : The word '·. He is the mu -. -·c. '.sunernatural . 'H' e i.. . :i' ... d •..'1!:" o... .: JI:' him iself " u..-c . and quality. from whom the whole creation emerges.:..·ral I senses: rep e.II:~'~'_._ ~ ~..-~. passion lor the suffering humanity is.' .. ~.£.._ . if".LO~' '-h"Q'''U'~contemolated OI'D.. Since..--:_~. 1l.·lI!i~.title root-cause of His incarnation ~ Destroying 3.K· L. . .'Anbefo re h Jih birth -H"~.• h _. He 'is. "". DO"'" Jl: Olllllln-:.U~'J! -'. _. as the Supreme God) describe the jiva lor the bound soul as ptJSU (animal) and 0 0.-. __ .. ""'_c' ·. was.ve b C'IIo..:Ii. .:' J _ had .:....IS now.S ·M·: 101'nY' W." ·R···'·...'u: to g.i.."a !l..e··:' r ...··am... r .'.g1' ·.'.~:~ '''3'' .I.~ l~I\...· .A. iIj" I .' -I '. ....~ ..e··e·..na. ~.~.·'~ .mas (ph~loso. I I .. ....rma' (rl.0' .n..'0 incarnation . He is. r .L :·o··d mad 'e-' '.J 1I~1 '~~'I~ i . Corn .i ..[v~a.t.) tn al H-'e 91'=h=0 :.. 1·.'6: 'L..:. the Lord of p'asus IQ. ..gl2iJ. I~ H ~.€. :. " . thus 'wi'I'hout econ 'd':-I ari IL~~-~...... .' 1~~·O.'I~..'. l ~."""L.gup.-" . . visionsv ·H·. Sri Ramakrishna's parents had several .(1. Y .lr·!Ii'O!. and mii:yi evolves under His.'I~: .C! £:!" I J I "..:ph~caJ treatises that accept S.a-.command 'to' produce a 'body that serves H:~'.... ..-d a ...s·_am.-_.. ~'LII: g~ ..' . .' g'··I..m'" .. V"· l ..'.. '.-:-. '_'Ii..' :.slllln.. ~'. u.".tl. .ll'·..~: U' "". ·...· ...-.' ray· i..a (unrighteousness) and uplifting dha.iI: "' .0:. ..". having emerged from Him" is gau:Qa~lor secondary to Him...-d _ ._. .Elij' - b-.! ~~~.. ': i.'U ..a.anid'-. ~.g..11'..." 7.

ay.ht'y called ' Illi._: is the origin and r ::posi.Bs'. see and recognize as good . pUfU'.I OUQ.:"'. the whole creation emerges out. ra nscen de n t a~aspect.ttiriya. in'·· is t. . I Stnce Sri..pa.To I . 'fu n of igu~.'u.ay {fu'111of g'U!Qals):: The previous adJect:ive ~D fl'ir'~Ull'a't. great. A. The.am'.(J.ri '100..a.. Ra mak rishn a has been accepted by his devotees a's an aV8.as rase 'V:ai s'3'ff. Since IGod Is beyond' speech and mind (vide TaitltirFya .eo '~s v. of prakrti' (Natur. .in wi'~. odonrless thing of nought. or nerfect must also have originated from 'Him alone.e) or m'.as ~sait. Hence this term ~gup. ~'&ul]ama.·.t'v'a..h.According to the Samkhya-Vedanta metaphysics.a: or the j.Y 'Very apt: 'Y fits ..m.asOf' blessed qualities The Tai.. '2.e ie noble " grea t. ·ly 'to him also.tJ'n'.Up.erH')I bliss! . :. is aS3'oga [O'r unattached and hence unaffected 'by these .tm'an (the.lie' vas a veritable mine of virtue ". al:~that we. soul 0 'ten identified 'with God).gu~a'~ 1 " .gu~a'" wilhout or beyond the th ee .m. j a tasteless.i~a.s~ He is therefore 'rig.9 He :·'5 'n'irgu1)€l or 'without qualities. all these adjectives "prpUcab'l e 'to God apr. however. The term Ramakrishna. quality can be predicated of 'ool:)I those things that can be comprehended by' the sense-organs or the mind. ~ .ssed qualities that one can ever cone eive. raj. and b~l. ramas. and 'much more ~Since the whole creation has come QU.7) describes . U.Plani~ad (2.tara' or incarnation of' God.t of Him.~'.iyi (power Oil UIUSl()'n) which comprises of three gu.tory of aU U1. mav lead 'Us fOI surmise that 'God is like saw-dust j.. and.

-... toe .SIns ).a: repren ensrme .n he..' W. 1U. .~ W~. I they can be got rid of on~y by God's grace. 0Ji..~yi'(k'i~~ingof u ~ .. "ng 0 "f' '_"~n. 0" ~··'f: sins . =.o'Ve. 1' '~j .~ xtraorcdi.~ the sinner a' nenuinelv J" . -"f. I are .- ..lCL can b '~. _ __ ' '__ sharp _'~!I..' c.1n. !!' 'I.. e y .rJum 10' k dissppeer«.I.' d an d . .o'~ la'9'lJ1iit"-lli@.'_= . 'i...' of sins.greee. '____ .~ ...ad'll'$'B. (You are) tbe olrnam'. 'II y.:_'_~ __ • I..(d}a..sen ~'m. _'".our':_-_e'.'.:e.(Yo'u) tree us irom tbo vilest.. yOUF"1 pure ey'es smesred with' .na jitY' 'Ii' '~lr. : . .iV ''i! 'I~' e" 'K:---'.I~. .It'h " _-....3'Da iiiy.3l.'· f" e " ".~ .. ~'~.-._ . umversa l '-1.' Iled ~U.'1i'II1 ~I ~llj.fJljil1an. _. I .IIfiiiitii!~.' .(.." -'.I. = V:raJ'.. .-.'f'c ""p" eeehII.. I '_ - 'II.y. c. If a king who has framed the laws of' the land can wa ive a pu nishm ent om i.' . . repents an.~'~' A th "ro ug)'i-r-~ gr'·f-'ts . exp . ·11:& '1M'. .n't. ...51().~ t.n. aa 10 ~ .. ~ -.. . V.. ..e._ _ '"'~ ~I .J.'..~.J common sense./ f ". .-._.-"iii""'!Il. Mocana.ss._. '"" ~'J '~ I. 1m..a.mention £'iI. . (Wh'ie'n' you) look' at us' (····"with.' • .. ad. ...II ~ II...--.gl.. 0.. '~"ln~ II"~.m f .. --U"lness 'o.a..Q.. .·. mI.~'''' '~.fl'.. 'respect 'fo-r wom.~a. '" I' ..U 11111. _ ." i..' -- r :: I. I' pa rd on even _!II... II. " ane ~ --. ...-.ll.... ..c~ Or.la'~n'ayaO'a' v'k. WI.."...b~ahm'. 1.J' ' "-'.<." . I"._ _ "" -...d' .u~._.11.I!.Yr~ ~ um "'0... I .. .. I applea ~ 'I"fa .1b.'" '" " ......JC~ are." _' 'k"'-.. (Yolu ere) consciousness solidiiied (as'it were).gs".".'~lon.a:gba~"More serious sins like .".I W' .wal!lj.I.e~..a. total a bseme-~ of 'p'~'3 ssions '~i e ] ust k v" " ._-.. Ii.-..'~'alJie D1if).... ..'!'..ellect'l! robust m oca'os ·"a:"h'. ._..~.lma..~.: d" U._l.."-" •• _ ••• I ••• ~ l~.. ~'OJI.'nlv a' few '" tn it'iI..~tw. .h_-umil!:itv l' keen. .. ..:.M ino r ..a J:E!' 10 D:h us'ana' cidg h.no'wl'le'.::.I.-h'~·h ... ~.- H "h" '--. I .'.1"1"'-1 .'-~ns -.' - I..i3i:~:~' """ ... _-.<W... f .ancdl oolmpa..ii.~.-~~ _:00 .'!!.JI~ 'U~'~. '·d·_.'". . I 2'". ~..~~~e..ijja:.d seeks refuge m H'·' nm... j'..1...a.Co). .ll~::I.~ig·h'.-..i'1' ~ ~.a'du'sajtUi' (free of the vilest of si ns] . ·.ell!J!J .-" ._".!!! il .'.L.a..... ...'ima.n 'd ( ) ~ tne co! }'I ~ c"..'Ii. ".onv "f' ~ Ad. [ __ ~I" __ " 1.~.r ot this world.' ib 'J . .oW 'Intense ren unci at ~:on. 'I' . . __ ._ ~.'J .a...·: 'u r i"ntu "i"-r-h/e.

l experiences that Sri Ramakrishna vouchsafed unto his householder d:ii ./1'. (.~lYa'ta.3 me. 'without beine associated wi".f'\.c:ip~. J : id The nature of Brehmen..I 'OJ the whole world . and hence. use t.ana or an o ornament ...e becom .h its mi'ij'-pow." Sen W'3 ~ ajewel among such men.l. -:: 'O! _.~Ira or incarnation-c-ia association 'wi:.abl.Ot·~[. their ado . mt.it is said to ha .a:~'with t he eve r pure Vivekan anda 'j s proofenough for the applicanon ofthisepithet to him. him pure and fir enough to' . no> 50 mea rn at. 'HOW celebrated 3: the 'Kalpataru D'. 'solidified consciousness .lfJ'll'.a'n cannot.ay (~~I!I i'f ie d co nsci ou .:g.er . • ~ Ja. b y ~ 'If" mearnate __ -. Great [mien do not need ornaments of gold 0'-. 1~'gJ]'a.nj sa(J. Th'l . enhances Its beauty..rIi' is r"cid-gh'ana~. the .a~' or 'solidified". il.· may . 'r}" 'who was honoured and worshipped by .·'''~'.'ta.h It power of m'ayit When "..'nm. It may be pertinent to remember here that Sri Ramakrishna used to go 'V:~ :ry frequently inec the hwghest 2 . But ~. the i\ bsol ute is cit or pur': · consciousness .I. a a human being".j. Jd'"":g.k~y\.. J abominable share the ci te d he :FtI:. all hi:' sins and 'mad.rssumes the hu:man 'form~aned avar..' [. Sinc-e its original 'nature of cit is always there. when worn on the body..jew· Iry to shin in thl world Iheir v·· character .B'.~ uclh great m '" fI as G a u ri Pa nd'i t n d Kesh avclu J.j!n1.J!~ .. a. be l.-k.u5. The various 'Spir"tua. an adornment for Sri Ramakrishna..htt na'.i 1 incarnate' . .t is powerl :SSt to enhance the beauty of character. [l~ .'I That Sri Ramak.S on 1 January 188.n tl us . to i butt re ss this p o'~ t fu 'rrt: ~ n her III.8 (ornament ofthis world) : Bh.y'.:rishna freed Girish Ghosh from. 'So 10' Ir.: A'" Til S·' ~JII' .]0.·.n..' ::'...

ldth..nl.. state of -i r na. . can bestow liberation on others.'1 .s~ If even an la·."]iss) ~From this.. •.E · k.h'.r:ii 1(4. wh.bniltika:m'al}..i' or ignorance )1 is totally de stroyed even 8.....S.'here i·~·nO purifying s.a. II ._' .. .··dge~ ·. owledge of the Supreme Self. .e ·' forgot that he was cid-gh.o whe we .tm'.'he refore ~one wh 0 i.JJb ajjj.jay (glancing l m' MUIJt!'lk'll Up« -.::.t.da' .~lm.c.~a'..hla . die stroys del sion) : . I vrk~al}'e..inl~ rhe knower of the Sell.a!BtJlIa'"gl. 'wealth means anything worthwhile in Iite. OJ I' _'.vi ml.lIlo. rein he.g ec dowed wi h know .ver smce S '..".' s·:··. .-:II _.[0 'wisdom on us out of compassion our .a or the threshold of the superconscious. grant[I. darkness by I.--" ou d worship .. everywhere. inc: uding .ad (3~~~...~ Brshmsi: ~ described as sa t'-cit'-ansn.an..m. we mlay surmise that he .igh' ~:.3S.'~Here. 'how much more is the capaclty of an g'v~t~'~Ii!")ta.:'Ii. .adhj or superconscious experience 'O:. : COwlyruJm f' K::I101'Wle.Ie~v._ ...ure~:·ei·n. .. be kr ower of the itml~~u1.. seeing God and n ·.0.. (wi th the eyes purified by Ik.~ but God.oi1a or del usicn (same . then.ajiiam' h. it? .gent here like knowledge.3'::)1:: . eyes.• . I'..:i s knowledge is t he gre atest p urifi er Says the B'. b _' W'..the IO.a'·-kay..thi . .~Ji spiritual enlighte iment take refuge in. And s th.aJa. ..Tlca yed .mok.' Hence his eyes were :p.III~. He had thus obtained a g vision based on the k_. Rarnaknsnna Sn 'R obtained the first vision of Mother Ka' I.nIB'ya.n'(l' Ih llvr 'L . u: .nij'ii1B'na[ .lO S. 'L _ _ .'whi.'" desirous of wealth :5. I".y:a.r dg: ~ OL 'II.tnessed Her es the: a: l-pervading conscious ness .n. _!Q.) says : t__ " smsd j.existence-consciousness .majna._'he 11.and was i commanded by 'He'( to remain in bhavamllkh'.-'I'rd-::-~'na rv seekers ot '~'O" 'J ~.'he greatest of such w'le.:b is . him and he turns his pure.

UJ " .. . [ a. •• " I l~'.'. g . . _.Q.a:'·.'.ac'h the disciples and devo 'If.. (.. -.e' .~ ~._ '. o -. i.. intense desire for '~num.rs' eire ..-·S. 'Whi Ie iistening Ito devotional music 0'( spiritual texts Of' talks...'. seekin -g. • . ~or.n.f!fJ...--..0' _'~I. oxrcareo ("vitb ·~"I"..1I~. ever . faith.-".:·U' '1~ldc 1_. ~ I~ [. .ii'A 0' fb..devotion of various types .'.h. !I-~" iC] . J -. he .a ~Ia' .-.-.'I nd-..-.4I~ p: "r'~m.I.oi ere. - - '.Saga.~ 1iJ. _ _ _' _ •••.netovej:» S:~ea 0 lovcl 'The' devotees gain y!OU'F (lotus) feet -~'-."'lJ!'~!'j":~ .10:_. I ".inahlon. 'c· OM-- .p-.: . . . IIIn'.-.. I -CJo.'lIr'"'"~I~ 1111. .. ~' • - - . --':"'.".. . Aftler 'i[um~.I.rail": ile IP·t-'i:f". U UI~j _.aC'ar. . pure" good).a ·b.. jealousy etc . (Ill-I' " g~iI·.'Ol..a~yug'a/. _' '". automatically .A. _.~~~.go Into those moods.ni. T'I SO'-' N'G' _.f'l. 'be w. intoxic ted Wl~" div..• • I ..--.ou. : In) -- 11. and. Such an emotion can be either bhii-. 111'r1ll U j . g- • "-.emO..-. as lust. and so on.h'a'va:~p'ijT' .' 'Y' ..a' means any emotion that arises in the m mind.In.. V . . self-centre .0. it can be itjmla:~a:[dark evil).-.:1 ·..: ._ a th at ca m 'to: him .-:-O..'.le.n3l't'ionl'whenever he had to te.. I~ I -.'" g 'UI idan ce he W.I.--' E-'N: _-.-.~:t:. emotions.a'rlaln.=~ II '~l'~ '_ J I IJ '.W~". ---.Llfi'V. ._ ..v~ara (resplendent.. as . votion to Go'~:: compassion to beings and so on..ld involuntarily merged in the respective sentiments 'I. ~ 'a'r~ij_ l bh -..Sri Ramakrishna .1M '$1 It 'iiJ'-?d 1:tI( I ~ 1f'ftl. II! '_ ')W _ .nld cross over the' ocean oissmssret '-I ·t-: -'.' .--- .-0..av..OU -t 3' 0--.- .f'ara .II l _ r. jllII AR'Y-'--"[ " _ B.:_ otio :'s) : ~B.A.L th very ocean of ~··U· ch re splendent em 10_'-'1'(--_'.-~.v:a"ra bh'j vai~. t.filii (1'if...sii&a':ra' (Oc an of resplend n t .l0ns~·.cean oi .o~ ~esp.-""h-. ure}.e._... feeling Ute renunciation.-"-. various spiritual disciplines peace.... II I .ak.h._ '_ ~ _' .'i.. greed. .q~I'illl"( I d11:'(11.iJIl 1'" p.L III '._alt'h..a· IU'~) .'p.....'ll 1_ - .~.forbearance.. .fJ'nm-·'?'. f!.rbh'..t.r.:i" ~.e xhibited in abundance attitudes.

lv_.J'" an dI ~ san ocea ri of resple nden ~emotion! SJ nee he is eve f established in his glo ri IOU .:sv-'~'rf. -ts ct .indogya Up.. ~" SI C'. .~~ t..: ...~:! Ii.tthis divine nadness was.n .V !. ~. . 1' I- I).V3 -SlIo1 .8. j Q (.-._'_ '_' .'[:ican~ leads to this..<!'Ii"f"t' M]5.0. . ' . _' h to spe a 'I. pu SU.~ ~.:"": 11 _.~~....' W11~._. ._. an.!I..'. II!.o··· .. tIJ. . divine w'isdo:m ~ the epithet ~ bha. 2. ._ ..'_ _ '.' e ':n.Q b eak the bonds ofa..·II c.. . Se.h rio..I! W _l P'(.J w·~ h ··n the ·"fU.. r .. 'II •• .\" ".~J' "II: 'I'JIn·d·· ·'b··iLa. h rJ' .'V(i'fa'· . V. il. llLL... ii3 l tiJI II. .ada~'.arO"F'a~ m'" OJ\i a.. .I U im. "" .t' b e· ~ne.. L'h'..~.JI! from this _ world "~ r ~u W~I.k.e·~n atu re and nurt ure .. flo . 1.'12 by them.1" na ~O 1_ -'--. • ~ ~ . - . I..ms)ara".xplll~c'.- .as 'P er ... ~ btl ' '!II.llr!ll'iP-" . r expressed 'TI_' 'he '~w~o·rd . ...UIC-ceed I. We note from. ever p.• -' 1 '. _~ j. his ~~fe th.a... . 1("._.... 'r.ale . . _.."h-' . treared as independent words. ~. . for all the perso nI~' ~'h-at ~ _I V . .. .IuH ude s .. In this case -bh.·~. Wna w.!h.·· '. i:~ '-uJfw:1 ling the ir 'Ius t d of nd or'a e. m'iY'j to fl~o:ht..:.. .ml·j. He i:sthe very 00·.n1e 'con . ~ 1'WI ."d:l".thar' 's ..ktis{J\t'. - 1).~m bet ng I'"k e S'n -Ra rna k fl .: he '·i1n-c·a· .. . -. _-A ~!('IlII~U 0.I • I I..ra'·.RJa"'p.:.a'ni$ad " • I I .I] .h'. me n 0 f a d .a.a·: e _er immersed in and ever radiating. 11'. E<vQ'I\'II' he ord in ill rv p eopl e of t I: _.B. ike dI to him (:lOU ~dl pick and choose these modes a nd .J dr: ·:W:i to him .a._. r j[Ujr' .. •.. ti'l o· . 'n~.'t t. W':..~~. ..~ e ' .. common experience _ __ _! [I .• '."':. •• III '_ wll~ .au:tolma.:'ever ntoxicated'...a nd affeetio n .t ed) .e emotions' ~Since Sri Ramakrlshna w. ift~! !.mre eves U~'" ..~.. '_ r~1 III - .mineutly 'fwtshi m..' _ _ . The previous..avs'-ieara' means '"00' an of' su'[m.t n Q.~II.1.~ "_'~'. of :IO'v_ ._ rn ~. " :..and has intense love for ·t he sa me (vide N a rai da B'... arm eternal companion of his. They fe It like corn ing again an d aga ~ H is n.l' _ p.. 'P'. of love) :. ~ [. .'arne as given above .. • IIHI II l .~'~'W-. right from childhood up '·...n l'j It ~ W'aJS _ i(.' [~' ~ !I _ i! .'_.'.~~ .a..~f"vide .a.I. The devotees of various types that. saves one frorn heinous sins.. just by a g~ lance of his.'~. 24~'~ )~.. :-.ewo r:1 in mad. nterpretation of 'the' latter word is the.~'. l [ 1 __ .'" R" .'d" b-e com . characterlstic .) he has perforce to be ~'Icira'lI"m.. [.. i rs C~ un rna da eve r in toxica.Y l."""0' 'baib 01 1_ J • illl"I( ~ 1 c.

. ""]f"- I ~'( ar.n..a....: . rable devotees .'~".g W'"t· [IW their help .. broken [n._.tin through his grace leac '-ns.en accepted as.. receiver spiritual U-u:mlin.. ..F10'~ ev ·:'0 hi' own mother loved him as much as . ... cross. .II "j Such devotees is lotusfeet.. m~~~samS. I o:ru!~ w 'II-. Avidya (neseie ne ) .a. --..-. . Ie.ma:-.'.11~..~o be lns us tto Jj . ·.. e. :and [~1CiI. Even Narendra (S'W3 mj Vive ka naad a).t8..~ id ~ S.is transmigratory existence.13 iwn parable of a.. _...8 pa ticu ar ..··. 1~.ta' I(~devotee') can be.r'! [P Since Sri R[8J.. -.k. .. ~ '.ea.S. v p' r [~.c' .] O·~Bha lit::) va d:D:it.-.14).·.··'ml..... .. (1lll"'llu--an apparen . an incarnat mon 0 f God.atory ex ~ stenee ..ad. lotus feet of' God are thus endowed with the power 'to save one from sa'm'~:i'ra"they are ever sought for. ..i'. ienng.rjalla"~. a.'Il.ugalacara'~tit.--d'·..~~a }....t.]D't"eU ectual agnost mit and .tUIV'.if -.._..~a' 0 ..bh. siam ..ll'~a or liberation this. [~1··.li i l 'IUJ'- .-·"·1'l. admit that ..Q'k.. su per .ak.It'.~ns _.!J"U.bh'.r:a's'vtj'talra' IUlna nis'a..~ nd m'.. 1t s .1']"R· m.: p-_.d 4.[dto bow before his love and had 10 I. and since innum . . ~ ..'--'fb.. " fferi .:3 'Ih.·a.3 ha d mt 'to eraek ha.. an _ re b..I..." hour' L an excellent :i lustration of his love.. peacock fed! 'wiith opium on . ..1... h tms an can be.ueceed in eros . . B:h'a.· . a. -..> I I ..-.f.(the two feet It to be ga~~:ned by the devotees) ::Here the word·.. h . of e-§m"· .an.I'!w'Ill practise devotion '~O G. .ra.a d 1... s··''.. interpreted as the seeker interested in crossing theeoc 'an i of . ~-.j: .. ·....Is also! possible to combine the phrases bh..e! ~L'[" 'HI -'O~.. take refuge in 'Iko. dle .r transcended by the grace of God (vide ! . .. .>.:p". to mo.ypresenting Itself the next day at exactly the sam. erna cycle of 'these.-.1.-'.IIJI~J -~~~ Since 'the..aa...- S've.rLu.~:SU....i 0 t'LA ·0··cean.rishn a has be. : 'Q'~:~. .. deat .·..8r. him very well" l~.aya [the cosmic counterpart of avidylj) are the causes of {'L~. too.1 T··..-... epithet fits..is its CI· ar cteristic.siira) :' Bbeve or [-sari1'sib~a'.s~uj1sal"aor Iran sm igr. oug h'_thi ~lS apparently eU_1tess eye -..._ ..

:~._!. .~ {YO'tU . ..ongoing phenomenon in t'-I..t~.ra' ·y:.J] "_ lLP"._ - _" •.'-'. rt:).' 10: tu s) .J' 0. . .. In this ag. krp.iI!... "IE interoret r III IJ tlll'l!l§i!~.': ' I ~'l I ' __ .: ".Q.. r~..'"hum '.'.o'Qla'sth~lljy'.a' and . _.': _ g ('!_::' J .. .f ~ .' tne p"a' oi '''fo··jiUa·'' 0. '0'." '.. llJ "'-.I.:ln.[ I " I '..l ~~:"IJ ··.II _~' .lIi la.."" IL ['.J_u_...1...dis'va..'! '.utof your grsce! _ .. . v Lord o thJ~s···••·. - -I -. ·or· Oil!"'t1~IS age): Srl Krishn a. y-"-. and precisely . w-":"frh' he (h oly e ..J. m' IlL.1 (Jqj 'r..-"__ ."1(' sut»vd ued. eloer in o J'.( I ~Ef. '._ '... • [I ~ '. .vd 0:)1/' the worlds II.8) that He wi'n incarna 'C Himself whenever dharm'.. 'to! I.. '11iJlh l~'! ~ [!!! _ . I~.:. The speciaJ"'t..d Reston n b the sp··· tual ba ance 'h· s pe '0' iri been a-n..ca~a{1'. "_.· r. .lr ..· ." .' .IJ..]Il!.m 1 ~. [ II! 10.. . L-·..1:I. . 'r-TI~JI] !I.: [ 'to• [I _' " J I [.~l~~ I.: .'n· '_'-=_. a: '1[:'. th e'_.ay:' III.-eC311Se of 'which" the devotees jke to ~i""'..'_. ..... . ! :'_" _. It'I' I .._ .I! _' ._ ~: !I. ~ft Jt.B'na' . e-"ncIll.11_.' declines a lid' adhBLrm'jQ'(:unrig hteousness) J ~. ua ~TsvaraJ~ag·:a.- l . . .. [ii." i ~._ an . [: -I~'_ '[_J _J...' . --"--_.II! '- O··...-.yol._u._ .' 'I. and . ..~ '\Ii~"--' !~Id -1!" ~·t:fl_ .' I! ! '_.'va._. • I _-' _._..u' Ol." . .e]'-'" c·lf': .." I~l I .ra'~a:bh!a~va·-pjr into one unit.'w ~.ta:.t.BS the. • [~!~ 1 ...".QIU~I...q 14 ' ~II'~. .1 ".'. .. • !!.~: ...u . -Ill I.y'U~td.' nirodhen« samahita·-m'. 4:.nita-k. '.~ .i'f' . -. "' 1 g ets '~·h· 'UP'" h a . . .l4 .:_ .f""..e ~ "A' [li >1' . 'the Divine Power :h.11" . I capable of taking the devotees across the ocean of samsa'ra':.. A~n-l TI SO' "I'io1'G'!i:" -I" . .y of' 'this incarn at 'ion is.a.III l•• ' __ " __ ~·'_'_~ __ Jrm'bhita . . '. J.· g~ .."' )1._ .ha: e} msniiested yourseli .ved '__ _ . fe. . J ~. _.~ manifeste Itself s 9$ Sri Ramakrishna.... J _rmU}l·dU1'~VU~a'-'Jsva£a:. !~I race.ql!ff8a '-'q."I._.::.h: c treted mindt 1am eble to see . -'<l:.has decl at"_d :i' n the Bbag:ava dB ~rj' (4 7 .".:~'... .dh L d ~"'IJ". "!f.~ '-- _' 1"'~ 1_'/' . . ( "'It .i an sd~ co :·n~· enI .ifr_ 1[( 'qll'l~lltr .8 (rig hteo msn v.'. 1. . 'n.teL _. ~.:- •• '..~. manrteste ~ as 1" e ... e history o·-·f.):.

. " I _IQ . 4~5). 'Since he had traversed practically every known path of spirjtual d'i:sci.reaching its fulfU:menL That ~'S why he could assis an:y sa!dh.~. 1'1 -.e'~d 0'. None can.r e'xcel. the term applies to h'i'mi also. unless he bas bimse.':':r assisting the sincerely strug 'Q"hno...l:e'n~e. JIJ ~J .- ~ • ~. _ .And. .. Jag. He could guide the aspirants . '= _ - J _ .avati'ca as 'w. 'I! Even aftershuffling off the mortal oon.-. ~ III .aga'valdgft:a. as a . teacher p'a-._" ~.1 . I _ _ _ •• I j_ _ "..adisv~·_ra (Lord of the worlds) : An a va.ak. equip them to face aL contingencies and even _ _v them a free lift as .i.Ied to them wam them of the pitfalls ahead.1111 "ja· III. 'fi.'0 the ea nest seekers. .~ 'J ~~ J! g' j ..This applies to an . Th. There are several instances of such a help given '1..al.og.. of y~ga) : The Yogasu'tra" 0' 'P:atafijaH (1.B)y' (helper in he pat. heconti uies in hi:'.···:'.a~ong the paths best sui' .'IS give as' js'~ ance to earaest spi'rit. _ ~ _ . _ II .: spirants.of all 'the worlds and their denizens. '~ogasa~b.1 ". become a teacher ~especially UI 'the. real nature (vide Bh.t'irn 'rus essentially 'God Himself.ough 'the frame i human. ~~I "" Y:llll&. _ • on him. ~f ~. II _ . \I. ~l . th inner stuff ms divine" Hence an av:atam a'S God" is. Sri Ramakrisna being an a v. I 11. sees ers i:111 their paths of Youa' and help '~hem to attain moksa or Ilberation.tjl (any path of spiritual discipline ultimately leading tOI union with God).' .'iIt' were when nee de d . ~ eI.a or aspirant "10 his chosen path. one o!fthe easiest ways of receiving his assistance is to take his name and can '.pl. the teacher of even the most ancient teachr rs since He is.) dve "_ .u..f' practised that dtsc iplin ~ and rea' II ii'7e'd-'its fruits Sri R:' m akrishn e w:. ~ c~ IJ I.y. '1110'1 limited t y time .Il 11[' .'26) says that IG'od is.tara '. 1 __ ·11111 ...r1':.eU"since be never forgets his. the 'illp'feme Lord .~rPIiII{ .a.._ ~ • ••. subtle Ramakrishna-form ICV'.._I~ f-lii _ •.

a' k a'rm~~k....1111 . Q.~I . concentrating it or:nyou . . ..r". ' _I_. resulting 'W the superconscious ex peti ence 0" the Self n within . out of your grace) :.adhiwe:n! daily occurrances in Sri Ramakrishna's I.t.~T. Th is.ma'. n' d n itod be i1'~' °l'n d' s· !9'm" :.-:' jI' subdued and concentrated m ind) : The reference to ..8.y08'3 iii the previous expression naturally Jeads to these: two expressio [TJ s.) . ·.a kli. !Il: .1 :mly 'iii.i:r.' j. in their path of y!o.oiL " ~'n' ppl J th ~ ·('~A~'O~'.tJ I( Yogav siirras of Pata n j a 11 :~.a~or nlrtodh.ruQ. 'i:'~~ '':.r. is an aid to $..t:a'U.'gara . .i perfect concentration of mind also called sam'ad. . :-".tJB'anjan'.ga:. !a.B has been define d as suppress w.·T.. .r..Perfe et subdual iQf the mind (citta.'[0 him.~ I~.odh·t~. G!lL .hi.'g:J'IJla U J '.. IJ.lm'..~fe 'Hence the aptness of these ter rns as adj ee Ive 5.~~ci..Here two interpretations are possible : (a) )' am able '1'0 see . ~.~!.II .:yog'a'.IIlJlU '_I .:li j 1'1l1""li IL..U t.c-·:'V.Ni:rsl..lJatpfj(l.art·.as. by your grace..-n'.V tif"io able vou 1(' In this'''!i. eart '1' am .Ii'-._. ..- IN> O' 'S··' -.'t"" .~ .. ~ ''I! .cj'o'l" k .Il'a (of of 'mind .(. modifications .thflr ..rj.ll'a. i .tj'.uJLII_.p..m·.am. a..bh'..'9 .aijjJln'B·-..'!IW. come dow n .nirodh.An A'_'. . ~.B' /('r1.a:Bht~n.'_.Ni'rod'htUltl $.al'~j:a. of the universe.a.~ 'i '~". case the '-w.:. It'l!i ti .. that you are the Supreme Lord.'.1~:-JI '[ [10 lii.1Ji' l'a'va' k'rpiiy (I: see.I.li.un'ir·.a' lor i~ 2).ngthe . l'~ _.C'QI' oJ!.jj l!ttl "~ 0 01 tOI 1 "the Deity. YOg. subduing my mind. 'I he ·i ncarnati on of 'I ltds age to he~ the p seekers of liberation..dul}k.a) and absolute concentration resulting 'in saltl.lj'~ a u:Ir"'" 'lII' UI~ U .h.1 tn . (b) By your grace.'ord S 'i Jl.B:rJ:hlan.

.....ag'hallJ.:II..U) cut ssunder the bonds oiKsli! 8'hanjana -duQ'.0". W'.~' :1!.::'.. prayers would be answer' . . b'Je mls. the SUppliC3UI's.iija:na' (destroyer of abo min a ble misery) : The mi serie 5 from which we suffer '.eare ever eager tOI get r:d of them..r~. The w.es . · .at the 'lime of hi.I!._... However.ny lnstances of 'mercy shown by him..y Sri Rama kri sh na protected R as.rorer-.. A!U the avata.·/.d..mJna. . .ras have exhibited this trait 'in.. the sweep er eswar . and Shaban. lIi.."~ V!~. "~.. .g"familv . illustra .k b!aga. we do not ajways succeed in s pite of our best '_ arts .arm. ·~.. ...._'. Krishna 50 towards Kubja and Sudama.ra . S" G' I. .. .... I. ...e _'.-: er:-cy incsmstei Doer oi arduous deeds! (You) secriiiced yo"u....'.· ' ..".' .a..'1 in by our present foolishness 0-' past i..". . are '.h may be cited her' as one of the rfl. . 0'" Daksh j:n .l~ ~!1!."" nb ersidI'l' S one su . ..' i>' _'.' 5" D···· . 17 h I. fOT the .ld often break the bonds..a' (result 0'" past deeds) are always disliked by us..gh. -d Though Sri Ramakrishna was loth to h . Buddha's towards 'the swan and the lamb. their lives abundently.1 could be better than 'the assistance extend ~ by ~in s'vatj.' _' .. to Narendra regarding 'the sustena nce of' h'·II... I t is he re that 'we ne ed div in" ff intervention And :no. Rama's compassion to Gulla.'.a~ ( mercy-inearna te ) :: This gives th _ reason 'for the previo-us trait..'be very cause for' God 'irnC2urnating as man is compassion or unlimited mercy.good of the world! (YOI.. R. whether bro (....U"..a.. . .]·O .I . "'::e"ry' M' ::.'~ ases 'to the point.I.life.r. and.' k.!UI'~!l1 ~~IL Ka'ru Q. . . A~TilII S·. The boon 'he gave...lh:in.. 1...iI.' dea "..'..-.'.n _. c.'~. ·t·.'. his compassionate make-up wou.. oi 00'.J me .111··~'~.-.Ip in 'mundane matters. " . -'..-.

'Ull!lo.....t'. 11. ~..i:{iced his Ufe. v.:r. I ...~h'o.' U:n. _. _ . t.. .. or Krishna .and successfullv -v .am.. _ . h .ic :i ncarnation Apple rently. .- 'C" -'.~": .OO I.j1. grace .a." . ". >4!'U ...g _ g.I. o r rne 1100. *he "~'.CI. .'. I.~'I!. .llloCio't.U..I~__ ~~ ~ seeker ~ - could ever hope to perform such a variety of' sadh'a:fl'. u~ru..JL3.... of . one does not see him perform heroic deeds or acts of supreme valour.UJ ".d."'...rmtd..8 "..r.' c' Pro ::t· ~.. '... (b')" .n.• _- . I!J.¥y~t ~ 'I!J_~ IO''i~'~'~~1 0.. o''u:e:r:s:.1' K:a.l"" __ .. r'b~eGry-" . . on .- [L.si~pQ:ji (worshipping his own consort Sri Sarada Devi ll' as the Di.. The various . alf'!iiilio..~~ io . .'mw::_ _'U' :d" (j.' . ."a . _"..'c Parasburarna " Rama. .'I.~. "I -' Ju Ing. die-scribed bow til e Suprem e Person sacrtfieed .[!DU.tOo sav the Ieast . v :)·"'11.t ruth of tbe epithet.j:'F~t'Ua'll a" II:'d~. when they destroyed Ravana Kamsa.eii:p' "'""" . I·~·· . . '.~ that h-C.aU13 krishna 'is til pur.' ~ Ti.. closer look at his life.n~ -W·)I"".dI'P.tl. "[ ~ .i. wom en..end ~~J ~Jl~' gt ~ ..1Iiii!' r-':.r' (doer i...IHlldtQ J.-..g .'~'-. " ...i!l-. .'i.'C'.:' .. i. .'!I.D.I'll.0.s.. I I" . '.ll.'p. types ::(a)'W ardmg off' the.1. . --.I!I.• ~.rm'...'D' stan c~e's-'if"i'. of' arduous deeds). .!. __ g u g -' .~.a "f' t"'me.~II..•. world.~ne Mother) were ~. partieul ar crisis" as was done by Rama and Krlshna.:c ".0'. I ~!!.!l:" .' I " 4lII .. _' .'nr elin atlo-'n.i:j.. sacrifice sacrifice of great 'men and.l!.!l'..0'.~. .o...."II'd)'."C i - Ii:" 'C II"III!!. ." WO.ICIng.~ a v" L.asun..' e ..i:iil'"'?'n-. B_ ' t... k:s'.ili9ir~r-~j'hu man N'::... . ik.Mainterrance or smooth working of the.0' --e' "'Ii''"i't'h. tk. !i.~I " Himsel f in . ~1I!.. Pr:a ~'..of . .! ttv." uI'" .1"loJi _' I!J. .0.II..la'~jag:a .e:t:y.I..g:h't from the '0eginning D.. ror sa Yln._ !!.~ A~R-:'A' '11"'1 'f:' '0' 'N' 'y.._. c. !Ii"" o"'Iil .lra:{!'a (one w bo :saJc.1.:ir' :1k nob_1".!I. I.!I..W...[it..Sri R. .~ a.f ure t'h-. ~ . However.' .aTpa'.~' I-··':-:~d:..- .llu u 1ll!I~ G· !Ii"l oJ 'I"· -)1-d '~Ih bl ~'·f.-..:.:-vf!'ds' bas.' I~. " :even theirr lives.. 'i~J 1'..p.U.-..8S.Q."ufe. i ...A.. 'c'[...' 'e.t he process of the creation IO€ this world .II!...h. . .'.w..g. ~.r .rnei sou s saerificin ~thei r". orld s'" _~..-. .Ii.~ !!.a"k:a Ith'or. ev .-". 'too ~ needs. his ~O(:1J' :~ f J~.g.'. . '...•.-'.. nsnna was .\ saen ." un selfish to .: turns towards ••Ind.O. I· I' " HU. l I' -. e proorems 0·..'.. Q ~ ..._ "J. .....'.' overcomes.~ R-. '~J ~h' !l. iF.~.0 excepnon.~ .as with such unprecedented intensity...< •.1-. ".-"I'~' .a. _ I~ .' C " - . 'C .:n.io"..a..e!.o" fJ.I ~."...~ ves.. ...-.mOlLllS .e. th . 1). ne .o IlLIl .i!!: ~ a)".siidha'nis 01'" spiritural practices that be performed ri... or transeencs. . n. it =Q _. u the wonn. 'for .€-" .."..• '-.. '". ....P to the $og:a'.~ O'. we do dlscover the . '~~..~T't-..r..t'.. '~'[f!' _~ of two 'V'.? W"~i'i ..' 0" R .a !!. . .£. '~:II:I.lL#Dido WI...

..yin. .Q'w···-. _U".h (iron age) is addiction to bodily pleasures ~Th is Ieads to l'he streng henmg of' body-consciousness to the det riment of tbe .D.. JlI1S dle ..sne.._. This "S. . -.:·f"L·.-h 'I " -.~ . 'II"€ d' d'~ ror.. spiritual values.. I~.".re an in tegral pa rt of li:fe.. 119>1 The pretectio ...) Becoming a 'martyr :i n the proee s. __. . 'P'...e'c d f' " j..this Is the superior Wil.an.[fi«I1.Q .. the process l i It .J.s.. as in the case ofJesus Chris t or Guru Teg Babadur. __ "~I.!lC' . In th is world of . Ultimate "1'.~ .mss'r... 'cl.. 0..'.n:~ywa:y of cutting asunder '~..s... -.nscmou.B:··m.mlsya.n:."f reversi n...it'~ *1·" ¥I·.y since none can stop the problems 0:= life 'f:~ m cropping up-once o again. ~10U' .· --[e'on K rnt. exactly what ... : fa.hh.r it s. .co.ana'. .ss:.. ":5..o:f'·. tl .....m.g a slow de. now ~ . alb in.. LWI. t"h-rou._' Mt4fttift t "i1.q~ 81fd-f~lF~c . -. __ ' - IIj. process.. the W. uts asu.' .. (b' Total dedication JOf one. .I. II R'••·.p\a...s'~ic f u ·. The o.·'. e age 0 f K ." .' pOles. :isby ...&:h ''''h . _ .. life for the 'WI elfare 01_ thers .'·nda.q ..~·IJ[ !Wv _' Llll L.. Sacrificing one s t.. 0.IS 1 .·.. preble ms . h 'I.--·:·'1····- '-' .aticaUy leads t _ the abysma b . w!~th' hus II " 1_ _ _ _.ARA'T~.Ole.ri Ramakrishna did -h t.e".(!'. ·._~ _ na . a.n:d -'r t h b d.1· .3.r!..cit" m. '1:0. (PI' ~ ~ II ...·h. ._''J1f' [I fj .~ .S.s·1!·ii"'fii'r·Y' '_ S~::..:. also can be: of two ty peg.I ~ ·>·a~'.-" > 11'' ) ..a. . : Th ae cme f: cnaracte . .lL .e age orf 'K-. ('iI ( ~ qt' II.r'" U~'UOn. ' autom.d.afforded by Sri Ramal rishna 'was of the second type.I. -J....' ". SONGS . . ~~_Ie ~' ber . I '1.ne W'.nil. pa rt o.fe for the good ofthe world.' :·k'··rE·'~'h·. .ae of sa...:'.'":..the t woe~ng '. ". _. . bondage of Ka'~'~. .g..1.O"f t l~d (h hi h . ~t··.:.. roug.

He taught this after he hlmse~f had practised Il p erfectly.' W ':'_ of '.." wealth) ... I. _'_.a'~·will m. Till no'w' the interpretation has been based on the f rst sense.cs'.ta-indrl'ya . :1!'IlJSl ..ds' .(a'ttii'~ de as u towa rds one 's own mother) towards all wom en. Sri.I1.. esmsed a t'"t' achmen t to" ~Qn:·s.ncanat.'··.~' _. '1''f. - alth a~..Jv:ing up" cheating.e' ettscbment '.a.'... not s taad Ieven the '[ouch of metal.___ ~ .nc.g " .. :His renunci ation of Iust" nd gree d are proverbial n.1 .IWr .. ~I .a ma'k an:.tican'. . but also car . '_~' :-.1~:~"rI:.. .8 pa. ...Utt le c'h'ild t:hrougheut :h~ .anura.ii""J~a·t'M..QiW~ Not only did he practise ..' _ Ji.IHI1¥~ COIl. VB'nCB'na 6~ (YOIU beve) renounced lust snd greed. 'l~JJ .ed i'l to the acme by worshlpping his OWIl wife.heve) d.:. embodiment of' beauty and grace).'~~t'va~o'~' . two senses : .d'CBtna . l' (or greed)'.QS\' 0'" King of ssceticsl 0 Best' of men! Give ID.··'.t].k.!~..IVI .h a va . 'Va'." QI-k" f : The refrain of Sri.j.iI' i"Ai 'C'N'TnlL~-y" L.n 'one wbo. Sarada Devi as ~o4'a'.J'-. II we accept the secon d sen se.:.: .C![g. __ ~ _ ~I! . .ifie~ S rem nciation of wealth also 'to such supern al heights that be cou Id.h'. .trb.i :..gifts by' the Marwari devotee La ksbminarayan and Mathurana 'h Hie practised Biswas needed. .T. I('vo'ur. ·. ~ t i"1 'r enlII'I'Il1.and .. rag tYi:&iS'var.si(an aspect of the Divine Mother. . Ramakrishna's teaching is IU.Ja~ml'lka. g i.'O"A of lust and . He retained the '..-kima~kaiic"nla arinindi...' '. t": ~m.a he D'.ca. g. ~.'0 your (ho:iy) feet!' I. ~I·· ....ra d'e.s. the term ·"va.anla-.EU.I J -l we ". His rejecting outright the offers o'f .3 e proofs enough if further proofs are ever h.. "'~~ .a}'va.iJc:g:.ma. has cheated The 'word·va.. tt:i tude of .: ~:....1II.~: ." 1 1 1':11. ~V: I..'_..nB (re nouncer l~.

dua ~ experience of iUma'n or B.ay from the path of (j'i/. A tifj'. S'r.~!:I:'''I.~.... .J'.. last a ~~ Iocr .re .".·'.cheat ordinar mortals by enticwng them ..l'lJ.hman or ..ga'S'utras of . there was no :m. osmic Conscious . since h·.I11L iu:lu .g 1 : -- - \ res idue sin th . m . "'.leads 0 .a. This was tne case with Sri Ramakrishna.:aw God a -d nothing but God everywhe rei :L'UiU and · g reed hold their sway only when duafityis see n. Vca'n.ala jaU 2 ~ n 1'. an . .J!.. However.j. osmic Consciousness.":i er the first comprehensive spiritual ex:pe. ..· through rbe contact of the sense-organs w it nthe se nse 0 bj ect s. :NormaUy.'.prey 'to '~11.-kalnakj'nca'._ 'will automatically be eliminated tn non-dual spirituel ex pier~e'n ce '.. in order 'to reach t be world th e need for abju ring se nsepleasures.c:' 'was -_esprnsed by you) :.~~'~i'n'd:r:~ya~r3g (attachment to sere .dit..temptations of the sense-organs and sense.iRamakrishna practised extreme abhorr nee of the same.21 lust and lucre'.a.~" !.. dvesa 0-' r aversion -=.Uj . 'When a p erson gets the non . d ~ IOVI···r fter expe rience o-r pleasu re n eft a 0' pai n (vide Yo. ness.1' iQ.:i'" ". '~!'l . Perception of duality.8)" . . • + 'ii·'".I' ...xperiences co-m..!!.1Il'. 1.tW _ ~·.ili Q' the'.. But Sri Ramakrishna successfully "cheated' even lust . rience of Mother :K.. "!1.J. . there is absolutely no chance [of :".w..s··eya:s or 'Ule highest good.n~i '...H.i.objects.n.1.any need [0 prac' ise . 'Y .raga or nd R" ~g' an d d''1!jI'ei£''~'~'ra.:aJ1H~g: ..and lucre by never aUowing b~nlself to be trapp ed b· ~hem~: " A... ~III.ca. ~ .Ihese ..~1.r.ttachrnent ...

.afflS.m.b dl'L .. · " to [your] fee t) .ong one a's.a'mah.iJ":a'ma-s..s '~. _d t'J .~ '. is in the state otbondage-s-to get attached to something or h II.. in fact. an a..j _ if '•..II. 'var~'a''''i.': .pa. playi . '.l'qasra'ml (one 'who :ba: transcended the limits of the.n.-.atm'8jJiii'nl but an a V2!'tar3' b~'mse.y ib'v His racel H~ ence ~.na.. ~I !'. .17-19) 'may be recollected here ..:It!' S"-~ _ Cd.a . 01' I I .g 'Pun. 1 .' 0 it ner' In 11". " ~i was.. •• I_l ~ ~ 'S""O''. this anurag for the feet [of the Lord does rot come ~u ea silv It C-·:·3··O come O:"lI1iil. __ lit" lU.'.n .: 5.~.agavadgiUj . J" 'd' ~ ~ ..I:ra a.." '\. 10 0 the 'word. Lk . and. ".. their pinnacle. one whose m.[I! ''''. _ Dena pa'd.st of men") used by the Bh. In ed this respect. _' '_ ~j 19·:_::.. a model as m ucb 'to f' .od-.arn m"'.h. a.. . The word "P-UEu.~ it!' ~.ut3' (tone ""'_~O_'.' .!!Jj . !Ib '.prayer • 'a'" to_. resulting in supreme wisdom.: It is the nature of' the hu.an or min . _: ~_I ~ ~ I '\ell . Sri Ramakrishna being not just.~'fdeserves this.manus..ned it. .oni The best o:f merr ~'S he j-_!= whom these. t !l. IUl'urag (give [me I attachment '1Ii"L.ottama..'~- get detached om 1"~ ust be uiven an !." .J[""J.0 the a tm'B:iri[anl (:ma 0" self-knowledge). n a .m._:_~!I..I.: N<IG~':S:·: _" '..~ alternative object 'to which i can get attached..~' I¥ IC~""". m. object earn 'be better than the b. - .'~i.et moss. t!·. NarlfVal'a 'j It is interestmg to note here that once Sti Ramakrishna . AR'··A···T~ . .nT~ya-. ·-man[lJI~i'(~'m:an.J' (man efsupreme non-dual knowledge)..'t· i 1 .yste'ml~.IO' I~" .3S snaxen 0:11 a~o.'·_ . I 'm-~dl i.efinUion !._ ~Wll. an a[f'iva. superior '1.. ascetics Cl:S to the ()'thers. dages.r.. ..:..o:~yJO. It:hi ~. A. (best 'Of men] ::'W'hat distinguishes a n[f.. ep1ith.II il [ V. Of human being from animals is his.s bui or alert. intelligence and '_Iiscri' --·+'. ~.tU5 feet of the Lord for tJ~ris?' However.~ " u !lIe.a.. __ .~ _.J'"O . ':adit.il'iM"" Jj!II" '.s = A .0' . have reach . ()'be. fe e He was.j g' . W'ha'. -In .J)'urag is interpreted as love or devotion also. i:h IJl:IJ=.is. IN. t:hu.an: ~IIIb ..' J'i m·.. none can be.22.a~'va! J'j'.. Wha.') le'xpbd.

'. o th .iip.. ' ( J O[U. assures the I.: r- -)" "'1 -'.. k :"..·' .-.~·~·.atasamSB[ya r(one who bas.. '~1 a natural trait of S:"r._'-' x R' 'A' T·t t!i..~ 'i41l1 tI'ibel'. rh'4i'dirlJ'lJ vQ1ka B '--'(i.Vl_ l~i ~l .ause .. 'm:ls.1 .(.~ .. _""!~:.. ~~.. '.L~ .. 1'-'-..on a... . e··.1Y~ngc-eltl1. l.Jrm .. ..sglvlngs~. 15 .It·> i -~.·vo··'u.. ie'. :... nsh·-· .-.q II'1-.~.!" •.'!I!. J"am1 ..l _~~ Q. .:ip'.' a. rish [i' frem his ·0· ·y·hood d" '''4J~ when he ..ss ('··e~UJs[e. p w:hemlit came to.I . _ . tb.._I.' ptt« e 0 casre a..~! U . 0J'I[". y.~~IIIJ ~ w-· ~'!II' _ ....' ' .j I ~IL~lnJIJl~. "' ~~v .1 ~ •.._ 11-'. _'..[u.l~ . . :S'·:· ~'.' ave leals. II II ived . ' vO. .'~ R:·.• .heve) go"·n:.why the ere sage Yij'iiav:al:ya.' . 1I'"a' to. . .l. st ~nco ·..' ~lU ~i~'~it'! a. .JlJ'~i3.('" " Ill" ~._..r.'" ..~ ~.' s -~'-'.·.. .n!.-..1111 '(all ~qfG1 ~n +61.•.. I'· t : '&'.~ 1...·w· is the questlon of' ear? That is..... ~l. .M. ...• "iT'.['.. 'Ife . __ 111' I[ (..&. bei .el. village burial ground.._ . .C .:'or did :he fear the rich or 'the 'w'. . Ii' "III"" Ltii 'I!!! t! Fearlessness ·:·~. ~ I':~·· ..(I. e l .J'd 4· .""~".giv1ngs in any :(ie:~d.s· .I:~ ..1. . \I ~ II II '. ! -Mco[" -M' '.~ 1 ""!I! l'r'~jO. J' •• ~.~. Lr. "~'[0 Il.0. 4\ .. __ Up'3'n'is..~81:f eaJI on~y w. ' -. .' :·n' (. -e ..•• .jJLI-l. ~ . as .eve ..'-J'-'" _'. . wO' Jd spend ~o "g hours hll '£'hl@.e: 'V: ..·.". a"11]. Doubts a .' -'1.'.ama.. '. . ...sljan'a..·:·t·.'. specially ill 'nhi IS.-...···f.r-eso. '. l~".. na w. · " C.qpt. the ques Ion of speaking the truth..~l 0" .:' v' I'~ (fe 01[..ve:.gs.v..nd ..~~·· 00. _..·ou..~d'".'fI .. v~~ wU .rywh.I!.~ _ . ..t:iiA'i:~~£'~ ~..:c··f···· .t' __ '. '~ Ramakrishna.'". .:·.~ .'~ I~I Ig" ~ __ [.. laced in society....I.'..1.... 1.e· sn R' ... ~ Fe.ti n"'a't...·.de 'I'-"-b~"*'(] I' -d ...: ':. . ". l~!!!l g.n. . ar 'n'iglll~.ka'! ~ hou hast verrHy ~J anaka .:.. "--:)'i' '~eJ ll:ge 01. •• " •.. JIT'A. ...' 0 .a beyo '"nd."".:_:": _-~ll 'I .. "siblbayam vei p.~.e·re.". 'ftrif'q 'fI6-G _ II '14 'fill bQSt (Gil f~r:.. '~'V"1' 1'1-1U. h' -.mJ....e..·· ..:.~.e d.. "0' 'I"'k' '0': Ad-or lone .(n"g Janaka.-.'ION'· O' . d.. .tSa. ar j ~ an .·.. . __ ' I. ~i _. ¥II II "11 II'~ II fa "aJ '7·:" 0 Jill..' e) ~ _II Nt '""''"'h' -. "'11· '.O.h'e: d ua. non-dual consciousness an d hence se e s his own sel~ ev'[e.-" ..-.-h-'~ 'h-" expeneneeo ~ e . ..JJ'[Y ~ perceive · '-t'·.to '. got rid [of ain [is doubts) :..lees ~ . even unpleas an't ones ~ II. ~1. ' .. ". . 1- . attained nl[e ':1 fearless .!lhJ..

. firmh resolved mind) : Qlrdin. . 'I d _..a:yan'B Ice'.ii.o . orthodox brother is an! instance that .' !~.·· :yas3 (monastic vows) and practice sdveit» (non-dual] mec itation under the guid.II~.n' [of a.ary' p eop ...n spite of fierce oppositioe f:rOIDhis.ou.!t. Once. t 00 from . 'wiHpersist on'l:y' so long.gi. many OL h .. '" ever ~ S" '~Jnee:r.g'b. D'J~a~'n-: '-w_'. such experiences 10 others.Ieesistance ...< vice of T.. g:. '::v--'Ie~' . be had traescendee :aJ:( oubts 'for ever ~Not d 0'01 y t h. Wh enever Sr i. "0 receive 'the maiden alms..USn. as direct experience has not..IJ. S. dl·' .. cou:~ just by a touch 'Of' even a wish " give d.ftT' showed him and commanded him to do.~.:i's.. .H. . things are otherwise. '~IO·· the a•. the k ~ 'h d~ "-h var.owing vanous paths. I. he experience comes :8:'1 such doubts '.emony (formal initiation into the Vedic studies and reb....pl.:a'marJS)n.a ~.- Drdhanisc3'Y-'B'mao. other iUustr.i '~'i T:ruth directl y. tb ar 'j.Oi also is 'his.24 spiritual.gh'ts' his trait even i:o h~s. ~ _ .asa'va.ance of Totapuri ..'d :ra.'L l'or 'S" ~ .. 'His determination 'to keep up the word he had given to Dhani.Iet alone prevent :iti This.ot~~le'r~'SC:I. refusal to Iisten .es~ f us 'I.·3..¥'.!: IItI .. It.'IiI':h clap ping d to up U. Ramakrishna made 'IJ p h ls :mind to do something none coukl modify it.' .rt.M:o-'h. o unge r days.h d ' fieadze'L_.a:o.8. II .'rom Bhai riavi Brahm an i" 'his first r guru -.J. .in s:: ite of t -_. as be did in the lease of' N ar'e:n.i R .~~. Not so :i'sthe case with persons @ ~~. j..._ lUI ..' vari ous angles fon. come. hl.Il ~ " .sti.iJJ . 1'1: often depends upon their intrinsic 'will-'pow'er also. from bel' Ion the occasion of his Up:s'D. His resolve to y i tale SiUq'.s rites).at be. ._. otapu r. was because he did everyt hing as the Divi ne .:n._:.J ~ •. " - _. . But their so-ca led will-power collapses when.. ' . the Shudra woman. like Sri Ramal rishna.e exhi b it a firmness of resolve when they have an axe to grind. .

. ni~_/ra. possible -10 club together the ~:W-Oi terms ~ isk-.: II""Ii ~~' .. I I~].~ I. .lilt.rU~I.25 of h-ands .'. :.tiv.Birth .fJ'k'a' ta". rnii an esteem ed i family known for raeial puri .. This..IJIIIII. '.ih. He is . d e .re ls a.(J'. ~ unri g.~.I "_ ..~·. tier-In u • ! \ ~.can e Til_.ay:j~1 . f:ii Hence Go d rus ...: ~'bi~ -I~a .a: t:a--Sfil:a'{J'..El. __ ~I _ I. '_ II~I . .g.I nee d iv'in e grace abhors .ti' orr cause of the whole creation.rfc 'M~~lll~ i... l~' ~ll.. no cause since 'nhis wi U lead to a'na'v as-tlui.iI~ ~_':in""\dI!.. 18. 'T11Ie.i:c.~. O'~her castes) . 'He Himsel f" 11[l5..bll'B k.e'~y un derstood thi S'-I] assiduousl y practised to get ri d of it. .a a ref ii . Tyajl ja tiku l€ul1an (~:you.lII gh it<'h e n de.t.iIl I~ J -0.hteous in the u sual cou rse of 'the worl d ii't becomes a serious he nd leap ii n the path to perfect: on _.r.. le arn ing.a-.ii'r:a...I'll~ jfO"" -g.'In w~ lil..I .t:y .)n'fJied '!O' the realm 0'[' nl'.~. plI1Y'!~lil Il.' lIiOi''!i.itr-a-'j.3 Iso is a serious pri obstacle :~nthe spi ri t IiJ a I path '. _~ . .who intu i. i:-it be.O:a B--..YS.o. i~-l'i.' _ 1011 Nisk. an 'U nk fII own factor in volved (vide B'. _~. 'n It is also.--. '¥ V I il I.lIj~itV_.UI~ be ueemer 0-:ts'n b eeet nf..iJ!. n ~ ~:lIJl::::.sara'..luf and ~ .·..na' ~causeless [cause ~)'_': God is th e . As is now well 'known" he 'Used to .0 r in f n ite regress i~l Ilo.-m--l·'. ~ li' applies 'to S~riRamakri shn a :i n his. 'W'. Ipreco Ifiio d':i-~i:. ns.ra. be f u~ ~~ed . h " -~.al'an'.~.!\.0 n.l have cast off [al~ pride o-f l caste and fam H:y) : Lik e pre] udice ..~J y WJ. .and -b"h. I de vot ees)': . ther. eosm ic aspect.a~.:J.-. lIil"n-~t Iif!ii ~I.it.~ A I!lbJ~.r n nter eret them as.-It is only by' supplicating the Lord and by surrendering themselve sun to Him tha t 'their' de sf res can.k. This _i s just :i n 'I he fitn ess of th ings ~:S.~.':'I'UI~~'::" '~"~ dee med i~61 .iir:n:iJ.(1" 'i're:fuge of the devo tees" '!' i.'.4)'.haga'va' . II!!I • 'I! 'one 'w'h 0' offe rs refuge to the devotees un eondit ion alty'jj . ~ ..a ~'~'r-'~ '." the' B rah man a ca ste n (consldered superior to.g. I _. f ~be'i best intentions an d supreme efforts hum an bel ngs r cann ot always succeed :iin getti ng what they want and getting r~d o'f what they do not want. F'i.efo'fe. ncaused cause.Sri Ramakrishna ... and v ~rtues .'j' -t'lI (-~1!r~..

the 'we.o.[ the people ot the workl (thus) dissppesr.Ill • • l.acfe-ed . I... -- 8'~ Yoer holy feet are the' wealth of (t:h'le devotees}. ~ til' ~iil~lq(IUil' ijJ'I4C . . l.SH:p.. ie ea rll y days .-" .ufll. ' . "lulli I~1.~ "U~qlq '~ . ..._ III __ • . 'ClIft' 1~P4 ~ .a'da t~lva~ .:~['::.a.-".a'l'~:b Ol:! [the devoteesj) : Sri is Laksmi this goddess oif 'we:~~d:tb- . . U ' . m a-J also be.)... ._. ...26 1-"'r.tJY".A.. th teachi n~.'!4f1'q ~ ~' . mrea I' sym 'o.:s." ..f hj s si.(. b.tII4:ltili1'.-..ol:y feet.pu'ddlle' .".d . interoret ~d.a.JxJa (you:r :h.RATI S..~~rrtq~. .' .."" t'ib~'" castejeerore sittmg . J ..-]- caste'i bef -".ng..d" l.0. '.- I C(JtM.."!".T A ffit y Sa'mp. ..r:...~LL . v _.M.O'W' I~e'a~yto CTO.. .:!i" .dlul DaS or S:PI~ tun' practkes at ri 1--' Da k shineswer " The term.~ a '~- b- ".__t'!:'"" (s cast. .by the booiot a (p8s'Sing) C..~ Iy. _ ~j ~ _ . . ~'S.'B:""-':"h'-.m'ad:e' . 'Wh~:~e.~'ib.~ r II.sS)~ 10 otiering ot love! Of' evens:igh"tedness/ The' miseries 0.1" editatio n~_..•..' 0.~'t"f'i'.~ l'i1'. ..E_...." .rr....' fa imana .-( .~'h ".1 sams'aI'B' {becomes) like a .'" . l ..ON'OS Ii' .d.fornme I!I......" __ .'. (Conseq u1elJ'." '~'M'~' .way rus C~OI~ iesan J~JnopavJr. •.~"" "II. _.". ." ".

and possession.-!' 'Th·' as ~ni 1.any tas k-'t h a'i~. we.-:. ap'a'. spmtua 1 nnen lth '-'f~' d II ..a.n~.rp'3(lB or offering ( t Her feet.' [~. 1"11 ~ ~~ilJA! intense ove fur no delay i:n realieing Her Sri Ramakrishna was ab out 10 make hlmseff an 8. like a.sa v.ca. get whatever they want in life... . 0:0. be.~o-. IS ts '...iif'" . The idea :~s that those devotees. unen .e rd OSSes. SI~p\a"~ '0..."".F. . h next epithets is overcoming the bondage O'f sam...whom the feet of Sri Ramakrishna are the sole w'ea:I'Ul.oJ.o'f'a p:' .ra~saga.in. Hence the appropriateness of..-I. 'ani~~ . = "'i' ~' ..~e. v' ·.e a. ead.:.a an ineamation 0: G." II. senous smperd~ t 10.sj.in the I -c' 'rainy season.:accom p.re) it is a common practice tOI compare bha'va or samsirB' to a limi'dess ocean. ~w '1'0' b"'". feet also have been called srlpad:(JI...ghis .. this wea1th they c ( .lL _' the Divine :M:other :KiU~wh. 0..' 't .tney reauy 'w'a.'f . the term p.e"ith" e "". 'I I! '11'1I.a go~p'3lda-vil"i yat"hay (sam~sal'a'[becom s]. . ~ 0.a'Tpla'J)a "' (ofteri n 0 0'" f'. P'" 'II.~.. 'iIO" vie)" D'-='.Ru.~ wh~clh t h .i'ch brooked :" I.1 Dre'ml " O:.-.7.~'the L" 0.iY3J'iJ). to." the censor s • t and Lord o'f _ III endowed 'with 'the .a~ .l. .f~'m.iTa existence) are not interested in. _:_~.27' :.atu.a'y'ii.e" r 'N.. and 'fort:un. .acri i:lchl.. Hence "his. by '... " ._ skrit hymnal nter."osperity.da. a10 known as V:j:. m'la.j.ddle made by the hoofofa cow .a IlL. easy 0 f'. j! 'i 8'bav. !lll. gO~J'PtJ..of Sri..arc :II • sn.ory .SI _"g .' ~ .lS\ hment t i compareed .Ob.F.al. I "".y"nOiW ~. · I I ~J .le.I. Sri Ramakrishna. 'the. is P".C-" i". ·va'ri. The devotees who . '." '. (teet: :8 Iso are Interested In crossing the ocean 0(" sath' .possessing 'w'or:~dlywealth. . ~ 'L t'h III * n " :~K'I d"J" d b ~'1 h wnat :15It tnat. other 'h d .-Vi:S. effortlessly overcome the bonds of' sanis~i'Ta~ IC.aI ~'rnla' r.I(' the cro\ssin8.' (transm'ignlt. . I'· .'!J"e~ me .-.qludj ti es . or . puddle made by the hoof of a cow) t In the 53. . I". it '''8 but meet that his holy"". But .~_..

'_I 'S' . _ • _'IIW .•.'a-~-.~ 'c ~. .r h'rdikanldar:a J~Y"" tire l'y~'otiu1~8Ia' 1 " ! • • . wbi.~de' e Bhl.(1114itlii~1 men of knowledge OJ' spi r~i tual wisdom ~ l Jag~jaJn'a.""" ~..".-. from the.Ii'~"ii-lil V1f ..·. . '>P.dhlij.fE.rt IIII ~ I1I1 ~ . '0' fi.n 'the first line of the verse .agav:J'd'gfta'.'~t·r·.:n be ae ~ to cross it very easi~~:y(V'.n. tlniest to the mightiest .lda rSit'v3' or even-sighae dne s.\. ~ Itl. i4~·4il. 10:. pl a of the w~'0' r'~d:are l [L~~. extremely :'j'f!"icu]t 'to overcome. . al the: distinctions f: .aya (cosmic -'e'ci no -e ).hal .a~. ~ Sa.-.a._ lu ~J.' Ii .~ .. ..-:ib"C"h-' I.8)calls such persons as P..g.~.'~ P.sq)fttl (_ ijiQl'ftf ''3: ~fiM' 1..y.m'. once 'for all.i"Iil"!)m: . This removed. this that has been hinted i. ~ the result. m'a'nO\laCaHtl~ka.11""1' I L .adarasan. part of .. I However those who take refuge in God (whose power his .om his min I vouchsafing unto him saml8. .~..1(11 'SilI118.-. Ii! I 0'1 ·II~~ 11·-· . lijJTijj'( uftfI d . ultimately. i1 qiil.m.umi ta~n'olbh'a~ja'n'.t_~ !iJ .lJa isy (misery of te people of the wo r'-1d::d isap pears) " M' iserie ._. '1.m._ .28 A':':'R··"'.r.s of the 'PPO. '=.. .-\dul)k.'~~. The.:dya (nesciene )"i .•. of [he wrong identification of their real self with the body-mind complex. he discovered Ihat She ex isted everywhere . ina] ~ thi ngs .maya 'is) 'wi.ch I..a m~' '.um. '0· "N: _.:!o - .. Bhaga'vtJ'dgit'ti (5. ~.. 7" '4\) ~ It is.--I:. This is technically called 3v...c. '1W .iIIIqt4111 ill ~alfd ~ "." .:._ (I :If even-sightedaess] :: Whe'n Sri Ramekrishna obtained the cosmic vision of M:olher .-" I. .Ki~L.(1....'_ miseries wiU '" isappear ~nno 'Ii...l'c. ..""" l~.rill . _: 1I!k111Ul' [I .I!"~. Once this 1'_ appens all th j.i." . j~ i( ..liil!g'.

alllft..".i~alcl' (2."'-'I sp..Jj rA '._' speech) ::True it ~:.~..e. ~ N!~m""0.If.. Vikyama'Ratif. U..:: 11111.. 2. Hen ce w:h ile physically offeri'n.na (n ot) . l 1_' ~. aloag wi~h the.:a:d··· ""-g..__~ III.'hu~ means the all-powerful Supreme Lord.lIl ._.'llp·r experience I. h' k 'I..ab..I_ iI: ~ -. ~ III V . Ilv. iii . [.~ ~ n.:.'" in tbe calve of mv J '-=:"""0 forth "'._.._1_."a' rn g's"g seb« _ 'fr oim a.~ .afJ'. SU:PPOITlt 0I' .~_~:.'. Since God ..~"\'.'~."'01 nprehends e·'.·.' _ .UliIll\a.A~"'O'l.I. you are the .Q'i·~ . .".[g.'i t: ea n never be describe d by words tailored to s u~ilthe Iat te r . .b " 'B" 50'/:". d" :.oo:' in 'w.··L ':-.r~··._.__ _ . . .s sre blssine _:_ .that God cannot be described through . and language has belen evolved to express 'the ordin. ..\r.' .a. . scripta :es~ For insrance 'Ir ~ "_' ..' unexpressed speech) depend upon bl'Rlu8"g.. '.: (-.a mas implies . 'the T'a'irtir~y..:_:" • r .an.I (" ~I":'I:_: suppo "rtl'i' '...' derxnes» tnere.ech 10"[' ." -.lnc_ . " _ "I d I repe a . .. IU.' 'i'Pr.a (beyond speech and mind] :' God has 1 been described oa beyond speech In' 'm~n-" bv our d ·V~ . and he mind..:I: . 1 L '. but that everything belongs to Him..Lo . T'he word ~n.' "_..d "m'l'n... . rgan.' tne L~ h-t lil . "In Y":''-O-_-:II'' Though beyonld speecb and mind. min !JII~.J . destroying t.' th rrough th e .!lI. .l~CJ. ._ '''-OJ '.g. nUI5 (:mine) .d cb Y'0[1.·..:ry experiences got threugh the ..r \- tsol _. U ~r~:'I. _...... o 'bas nothing to do with sense-experience or m enta I experience .mind 'S'~'-"I" "". ~ 9 Lo'Ir"d' Repeeted 1_ III • eee- 1W -.• .1 0' " If"~ . s .~ro Ug'._ _ .._' .. _ l III l!tl. one should fe.. mind. .'!r"O'p:':~. returns (being unable to reach)' ~ Speaking and thinki ng I which :ls nothlng but g..i . l_...9) _. . ' IP..a~~p.' y.J.• __ obeissn c. _" L· .m~n. . '...II t. " g'l'. H'.ted ob eisance !I)' • v_ • '1!lWi. te gp" ~..e:11 at heart that nothing is one's own..." :iiiil:'!}r!f"'''.hich speech. jiVJ~Il.~'".'. I " t. P-}FS' b':"h' [_.__.. "'.J'. S' lJi'' 'j' .RATI SONa·S .r 0: i1G.9:" .." . ._ ··\._.If.sense.~ 1- . . ". n-I..' 0 and . _.~ .~ (.'. 1 oi J'J"g·':~h~L_t..... ..amlo OJ .-.l~ ...g~ ·l_~ .! .I]Jl!y.'.~snc speec -.1_.. ~1 A.em .I. [II I_ol: '__ . obeisance to God.~ _ IIg II. h--esrt..

. lm the .. vide Kene Up~alllls. 'Ik. i i Uj~da ... ~.'- :..-..'~O'I.'This.IO manifest the' .kands'._" I ..'0_ He '-8. ".e'S ni~guoa' (without: .the Abso lute.Ii .ahli'r (you are the.:1 III . to" blaze .an'tl'm b. when He chooses 'to shine in the 'cave of our heart'.Tsittitiy« UpaniJad~ 2~1). a .gJlt ultimately from God" the Light of lights. .ra (blazing forth in 'the eave 0:_.Upani$'3'd (4~4·.. .('up'a.atm'.5) says that iaU these lights of the world . is actually .~ '~'.' ··I'_. I..' the heart) :.a..~ the . . 1 ." g..." .3.lEI 01:~ eeeive t' eir li.:~'...: e reason ts given bv tt h next CPI. h-~. T. responding ~'OIOUf earnest praye . . es jy'Ot'i~'am jyotfl). the power as .7y .J" !11l~".. .'H~:--' 1))-. f. 0 1. rts destroying..8. Il'". . and ." l" '--'-I~"-: if II nei -I er 'works 1(. I. .-hW'De" followia:g Him . Knowledge.u._!:"'~~l'_"_ Tu. prayer 'M. ~"'ight of .a'ttrjbu'b~S).SUIl.Ie of Supreme.ghf of lights) : The lights of our world..!1 iets . destroyer of darkness) :.0 destroy the darkness of sur ignorai ce.1 id ".. "'. _' I Ir!ll.. 'T.. .-:' eCJJ~.ra~yaka' ..r:a Jyti' (:._.f 'IF-'o"d-I. B:-. the moon and the rifle. r ' .nam (l'n.o 'd'i . the :sun ". (form).t·ahlma'.. Up\l'll!i~ad (5.h ignorance. has '[. .O . and he fire --.. '~h .'.~'~gbts'M'The Kafh.m]n"d . 'al~'II'U'1Farkness of _ . ". forth in our '1I.]1 d t bey cannot shl ne there..mi' tamo:bhl.111 Olll.ight oflights d . )" .". 't. !Ii JYOlrl..hle B'rhla'da.'j'e~.>e '·"1> _' I .. being the: Light of ~ights.11·] describes B'r3'h ms'o'.:I!.a.~_ 111'-'..e..t n spe -'..n 'or Self .30 beyoi d na'ma' (name) and .a '. " i!!l !. where He sh inc s. ue .' . Knowledge (vide s:a'tys'ri1 jn:j.e.' . .Br:ah"tna'n' is Truth.T '.. and Infinite' . and OIl' 'the natu .the 'mol m. '_ . ' "'~ m .8.hrdi.P_. God.. .~.l [ •.nja'nl.'a'd '1 2 ~1 5 6 I.

.' l ". [J' r ~"I'r~1 OJ' ··. a.en·~-.aJitom.ARA .0apip:~:yto the cosmic aspect 0:( Sri Ramakrishna.·· .a vine of ligh.. .rat·. \.a' irati to._ r _l - . .' ..tj'ia'Y.... The stanzas 19 and 1. II -.'I.ije qa saliga m¢:aQBaJ ia. ub dh-' . to'milt' . ~l" 10~.a 08a:.(w. .: 'f-hie air WJ~.. '-1 ."-.c~" an d"'. '=7 I' U " Ac. you ".' 'A:~ fa..-..to y.a...~. H..e II.. rnenrs ~n'dbeetineol tbe drum end the cvmbols ''J'L .da .s'inging ..S.rc._'~'11.r::atl.ll.ha'ra h.1.cco..bha:J{"ataivrn.' rtsre '.- !""~!'ii)'. ~1. .o'Us musical instruments..: The words dh.... .'. ." r:anga.r'a is one who cycle of creation 0'( d'S. . .c(" I' ~ . .'./ "_-...f- 1_.e~..~·.oJ I -. • '". -... _'.a~.y.m"anlmeO.s DU.~r-y.:( rlf¥lII"i:.ar8'."R'-v' -Ii :'_'"1 ). '--'..~ »ti . S ····If'~ 11" ~:~'~'. :SONGS ~II '. as God. ".chanda' . if.'1 "'''''1/-' ..rat.r'···· O--:"IM-·~'.. ' "Bn!ga ".fOYS the world at the end of a the sins in our hearts..0.are .=.' (.' ! .. .sonlg' ro +-h-.ar ~~i'v:tJ: si'v.. etc represen t the imi tati ve sounds 0:1 the varj.tomi.J~g . .' •• ~ :Ir. hJC..t '0---[" s.. the Highest Truth...e.Sloun d..Ing typics 1 Ie ...' .m--:u:'. riar:a.r:tffi t..e. ~J'¥a ~._. J.1f'1( in <fltl m. :_ .. .The sssembly oidevotees is periorming _>.sI.r:a! a·r..Iii.I' .yloo t· a. . c-' ~ -.. . ..r. . -·-u. "' .1' -. !'!lJ'~ '-'-~'J[EbJ' I _.. -. .. .--.. ~n-'.0 .Jcl. .. . .AI'C'N -A.···b·-. t···· 0 JOYlt .. .S lik e u e dh e db ' ._" I_'. II~ " 0 u Ian.mir giiiche . stf(fda'ft dbe dh:e' dbe ~'~ ('fa €iii .. .ts a r vespers) .' to .'.icel I_. Si'va is the ever auspielous one . i - .-a' .Jff ill q ftrrir ."--'.I_·Q..' We..ti .ou' . .! rariga bhooB3 b..' sumg: '·Il'c'"·:-_t·.-'..maki '._ ._..TI _ .. ~. .. ~--.f -_..¥·~.1 . '-'p:"" 'otl.d·..va '"A.e. !_..'IJ1'( q~(.-..

. and as nirikir:a (formless).je. including moks« or deliverance from the cycle 0" 'It.Sf)g' -.' . bewildering._~ '.• :t'It. .. they are like the obverse ~ nd the revers e of the same coin. Further.".AI.om. Howev .fa: rbe l~ . emphasis IOn. ":1".. the llqll~ Bh[ag'a'vlu·tJ' .ill·. .jJ. aJ:[c~'. we can broadly [C::~assify them as.. W.U' t. ! I.. 1). path of devotion.r devotion 10' G[ad ~ especially .~:m' 'I' g.. ~ ('Th'e Gosp':_.'B-'~".f. '._ very important p ace :in this. nirgU(l. as ~.' 10'-'·r' ]11'~' 'm n S 0: c·: C"UI ' : ie~ a' L Ol . 1"1:1. Hindu hymnology In Sanskrit is very vast. the cultivation of b'h'ak[tl .I'i V'~'V" eks nand•. .f:' ~[ . n=.formlessn S'~" No one can limit Him.b~·J'l·~r· ~.IJl I L~ I . 1111 (_~IL.1 of Sri' Ra..12S)~ Rel ig~0" P h.. ILI!~ n" t"... ~I I ):. The variety. In fact.and the Tantras .iJ osoph iea~Sc:r.~ - . .. .! se hymns.' 'RODUCTIO'" ~ Hinduism accepts G'od both "[ sakala (with form). almost unlimited. C~I~Jj .['. in His siik.Uil1Jil' .ct content of ttl. . . too. . Swa I Jl _ l J.... . from the star dpoim 0: the su . ~aIJlJ'lU L . is. t.i'pt res of H:I n du ism Iike 'f h e u Ra'-n_"'-']-'~' '''~n[··[g ~ : . 'head to foot' or 'foot to head'. ~l \~ he:' I " 1 ii lVI[···a'.lp: J~ I . '.~ lows : l.: n' C:' .. fo. .'want in Hfe.. H is be yond both form and . lC:'. ot r '91.Qt " 0"'.Ul!"a!-'D·-"·j.eS~1 God has form an'! lie Is f nmless tOIO .. Hymns fike .u[J[a[ spect. Srii Ramakrishna observes : 'Y..fi!:lii n. ..J! ~ .B (attributeless). ra iil' 110 .f~ _IJ.~. _ . :·J'8'UQ3[ (with at' ributes]. [8S. m.a'kTisbna!~ 19'74. the: chief ~f a IFnot .ar:a ...1 the sole. Ole:"n· of attaining whateve r '\V[.m'.Illir • -. 1~~!'1i .l'ILI'p. '!I [ !.·Y:JII·_ !. :I ~ It. ~aya "re':at . .180 the A Ii. Hym n s that describe the physica form of t hie deity ~ f ..3.II.

"fn-"-'''ii f sri R.A~f!nfra'ra.~.f1]a lla'~Sl'otra.~ qualities or g suppllcations like th .1.a'm 1 r.::.m! by S. also.m'eh'.IQ.. Hymns describing t. 3. D. 5. If suppl ication in I ._ 1!Ii'kr.' The..~. .rka. H'ym'r.!alJa~. heir number is legion. hymn r res 'iIIl-"L. Uk.~in.a~hymn 'V'::.. lE~ . but opula rl y. I~j I n l'a . II III from 'the Mi." ~II o makrlshna an 'Y'-' here 1'loll·.ii!'. he eel ~:r..I'U~:f!~_ IP. II.glJ'... rrn Ramakrishna.O.Kavs. the ( ill)'r)i . \ybe:r!e'a".ca 011' and t.t ra m '.rish'na'-storralJ1".be·~gala hymns 0.:] ..ts n1'''' .0..rim'.:' ." Hymns that describe - based on the mythological lore.} 'IJIJ ' .WJIV'F V\r!!'~:.'skar.at:_d.p'U.ed 'Sri Ra!11l'.."'" expressh 3. Me~:ap·l.a. v ry often the same h. of course no description of nh-' ~lI"--l1ol . .am'a' . and 4 ref: r 'to his .e's'~O his . 4. 'though it contains the features of almost all..d ..er • ._' ~ 11' But ~IJ.'J d the S~dni'". k: in ow III ..ynlill may contain elements :frioIn the other' groups Thr se are just geru ra!IHie. though. due to t he r opening words of the hymn (I~k th .= into any one of these patterns.. 3._ ~ Il~ ..a11 kara belong the exploits of the ded'ty c 2.va. na rnes) hymns belong (I to this group..evimahjj'tm'ya.'.:.. the last verse (the 'ifth) known as the ~.•."p.rk'.qa·. quall -Ies).y\$i. .c.ra:oa" belongs to 0'1 this category 0' the deity. ~"'!'n' 6-'a: ra I 'If' N a:lL_iI " IJ'J'. . 'li'ndr or .ra'n... }Gena Vpa'ni~adJ cannot ac:tuan~ be ftU:e .esa.ak'..c. The .lqf.~I:$ ~'. ~_tlJlJ!IHCI '!WI I _' W".gi'l fo. verses I. IUp..'T~ AII'n IIJ (''SO"'N''Oil. c'311I.k.am. ented here of Swami Vivekananda on .?in:~'n~.df.i~. I ~O'_l ~ 1118.{lQeya. There is.-ames lsilvasya. .a=man\tral' aUu..1.~l[n. the Ni'r.3'" ' Sci v. .ada to thls category . l'...~~ij'f'a (108 names) a. to.!i..a'.~k:.an.. I.'~fe' : work.heRu~~'a'.n'.

~. accomplishing the particular desires of those who r cite them ceremonially a:nd :fu~.'L..ma u:p.0 whom 'it 'is addressed.~th tt e power I' r~.am2i'\.c-".'"an·'-'-.'. '.11 ~iJ A I ~ L~_ l . he only departure is that this..34 genera ~~ expressed s in the last I'ines of all the fou r verse s.. " ..-' the '-. great m'.perhaps. . Ilt~.hi . .·:!)"a ya .l~ J.::. Such hyrrms are endowed w.aga' v.I'. hymn i's meant 'for D'. '" e mler.\J trad .g._c' .d.1"Hg'njlill"\. ~ ~J1. faitb and devotion are more important than a knowledge of their meaning .a. - '_ '_ 'j' [. 'd. s ma II. e ..c. "[C!.!iJla [.~! _ _.._.8. HT0:.antra of Sri Ramakrishna concealed in gleniously.. worship.t.fjUin.~~~. is. f b V!ll _.as. '[ I "'Ji~ Q~ . If we can venture to app~:ythe same here also tb te n S·:w'--' 'fID1--'...ill 111 \I ill . I II Q.~Ie it 'runrn Th ma'l1 t'ra' use ~. '. ~n better' with the group of hvm '-0'15'-: !!J1''''''Ji''OiII3O:p-. by a stale ment o .j·or desireless . se..k. vara ~ an. .2".e'v· a ed Ich'andas or metre in which '~[ tcomposed dev:ata or deity '1.ra " and the 'VisQ . ananda )":.B. 'I""!~'. Recit at ion of such esoteric h _:m ns is . sp ecial prayer for gran t ing devoti evotton d. iI" 'il !Ii "'obeJs.a\n.g 1._'.. three lines of all tb. .:n.g.j~~a..!!:lIS-:. aU the prereqolsltes prescribed for them.e ..r '-h-.-'I.e.":*.1 lCIl.four stanzas .a1ne'tr. . fits.oww.'~m---'..11\/ UI! J IIJ~ (mvsrtc formulae).~ --_"' R'r ._e' brea 'be" a..i!. T'h· '~II d anc -I . e .t'gt.'''': _!!II _!.:: nera t ~Y pre c ~:'d.. like the Can dl' the: Lafit:isa.iu]a~s to.a-' (11..j·.~~ n.. trst d nmte y verse ': e r-" ~ 1 ThL hymn .US'~lba.t..n.'its r. of producing concrete results. 2S.m na'.. the seco n d vie'.-.. ·:!"I!II<Qi-'k.'.ft . '¥'I"r l~ ~'l I.0.anim'a._ -. -'i' OLII I' 'Mi. me nrst lette ~sof 'the fi=.-_ .rr:a: :sinee ~~ lt con tains the.. rd is "h" e . ~ l~ "..o:]l(" J.rt'.. and viniyo&'a or application indicating the purpolse forwhich It i chanted. va .sto.IIi"I'o"n O"-'iI'" m' ~"I...V'.llt'~J~J .q IO.II.s.r~1In. _' ~~. ".IIII:~" ll.IJs'sra\ .!'IO" -..1 IS. -... conta ins a. metaphysi cal ai r .m 0 bb.g. n . . rQ" ..es:'-''Y com b.' nee to Sri Ramakrishna' . . ::io '.11111.:''''v~l''"i' II: _' ~t h-' . i Of the sage 'to whom th e d hymn :18 :...r i ~ !Ii Ii !Ii f~.i$ka.

. . .{-'*h. ~ oln~y' re.e ~ th..".'.ee. I" ..'·ieJ' oWJy~'.gto note that Swamiji himeslt a perfected be~ng has :PUI himeslf in the place '0:1' an ordinary S'a'dhak. .'_ .' or . .· ". -. II".d'rts.1. .Y'O" ur I.a (aspi rant) here to show . '···· E!!!! 1 You are IOm. tj .8S.. _' .yoga.a (htghest good Ube:ra.m.night. . .! . " . .-'.•.. ~ .arth'. . th'e.d·· "'h~'-e g...' -".... ~he .' . • I' r.'.. 1: au are my -" .' .re..'... d 1.' _ J"':_:""'l •.':' '..I do no_ 'w"'o" .t.a .::.:~··l " _'.' ".... I iIt.· .= HOiD) is the vinj.'.v~lh""p'.Hl1Y /: ....B'r.." [_ .. ·.aJ.. .= . .. .: _I ". . t' a b"I-" 'v·. ' -: . . -'.. _..:av e .ahm: Absolute i pri nci ple.ranscen d ' .1 . ···.:..~ [. [ .:.. I • I'.Ul' .' El. ".10 ."J :U' . " . ." " Immu.I . I.' • » ·'-1.' "-.. I) " j'. ..' . Ii. ....::~rsence."e.I.(Jlav. You B!Te ". .: I ~I! I _' _.e .P:ra. __:___.' (1 hsve) committed ...: l '.' '. V"Y' '... J."_...~ [{Ievl_s. .. 1J. ~.-. c""~'p' " '0"[0' . L·.:__.fuge l Om : i..estin.' . . -. (Yet).. I • lei [.tm..'. ··.~' ..!p...._.~.-'.. 0 ..lS..._Y to pray..-. ~" r.lli/A.: -.Ol":_.'vjng" dctusion 811'd full of compsession..". .::.' e. .· . It is in~"er..a or 10m has been designated as the ...s.35 attainment of pa'fama"'p'uru.J: IOU b .~ .' ~I _. ..L'ord 0. .. I.I .:C I." II . .. dey end ..ior'.- . ". y:OIU are adored tor y:OUl"' !t1'unas Inssmucl: .. . .'" Iotu« teet ~".a.' .u . destro. 'b·~l.. . ! ~'. .Jlj..._ I..U.t he 'w.brim.:. !'" :_."". • .

.The conqueror ""iIi .IJJlIUIlIlnl' a_I .lrik.du!. t are its aspects..ah_m. c.nirviki.I. the Cosmic Law that regulates this c. o'. d esignated as .egu-.e...an d tsm"~S' .~'he idea is that B'rahma.akti or Power Divine Hrim is a.rl' or power (u..m) ~. Is.:"'~h-c'..:rid)' : i.U'l)i~jid' ::..an w hich is.Ma:. Ta.:J..8.bou attributes}.uiJ " . OJ!'_ ~a-..n..Cll'lilJld:08ya' Up~.Br..- 'to (1I' 1111" b~'~'~!!'I~:'.ni~'ad'..l'Iah': .~.d.ak'ti"especially for .'_i!""!Fi:.1 G.0 the firs line .E.a. '_".a (wi._.arm a (righteousness) ..ni'r:iyao·a !u..pa'IJ'i~tJ~.ad' '.6 ~2. g.Ac.a.). .'~a'.) 0. L)'~A..].'quality or virtue.' f'c' B:.:ny (vi de ..a'r:B' Of' se ed-word often used in the Tantras (.ca Up.rahim'.·:_·_ J '.d (12:) says that rra is also Brebmsn . O:m ind ica tes . :r...ky~.' I. The Mah.':_.: .n continues ~ .s.t ·for. A 'few' words are needed here by 'Wily of explanation of the concepts involved ':.I..~ta is.ru. : • .23) s[J vmbo] Ill' [!ll e- ..ift:inyB~ UplJjD'i~\ad.aid 1.[.d.Kil'i'.gu~:·-"rru~an.I. ' 'I .' It'I!.:. g'll(UJS.ons)" When Ibis B. J _ '-'j •• - ~ •• _ .1.areya Upani.p.Br.f!.'i 0' become :ma.~ '.r:a (wit'horn t m.m'aya) gi vies rise to the whole of creation ~ . 2w6.· . .' 8:' .ha'g:a:va dgh:a.an (vide .t"srature T" h-'e 'union 0..I: (U iII.:t.of' this verse.:ii't draws upon its 5ak.__t-J.l3 and 17.fj-f.dif~c:at~. 0'" the three well-known Here the word =~~.scrJp't ures ttl a ~ expound the worship of' the Divine Mother as Sakti) tor S.an or Atm.' ':111 G'uQe(Jy:ab' :: Adored for ~ e h j.3 :.an' wi. n.. .of'.1.B.~.l.. . .thou."Fri! and _"'?. I '.:r8u(j~ (w~t.r .' s. . ':nee ereat on comes into existence it needs a.UJJUy described Q' the fe nale consort by religious and mythological 'I-'i..~ eated WOF' ISa~ya I(truth) and dh'.. .an'ffll.is.'. ('8' ·~~O-'..'ijak. U'oCIj iii '''If'I !i". and .. '!O' ft'.r:g.-: 'J a--" .. create the worlds (vide Ait..

g'" ~ con . '1:.h W'... \."~' ht c '.8..a"i comprises the three gu~'.A. .~. . .. ~ '. ~.."' f.8jld!(conqueror of the..I ...a \_mo'.a"va r.a od 'H U. . !!iI'DI' _' Ii1' Since ... 1 j! ch::an ..ma'!'..ti or m.. .a·1'""". . helping han d in their struggle ~ W'hen I' e come s down as...r.1'. 'Th'..)C uy . I .idr. b .§n 'Iir.ea... the 'word alcoa..37 .• UII{ Ie. / "' '.rJ~a' (Cosmic Person) and that His "three-fourths' are beyond.'Q' '''~.II the vi rtues I (God. _ ...:..i"i' e. 'i ·i... a 'va r. . c -~.iIo et chI'!lIIIf'iI'D'~1f'iI .m'. ~~ non .. • 'Ill.r:a'dm'an 'W. :. . in the 'il .tl~"nl'll)' .' inl II 'i d" . ~_~e '.a.F'. ·d\ UC .0" -b'"ecame .. .tl.... ·d·· d~'''".k..ta' (3) says that the 'whole creat ion is on l:ya pliMJa(a quarter.. . '.give one more eha nee '~O the un redeemed souls.t.'. 'h~ "h' rt was c.IC.a's' f o sa~.i ..).. ..'" = . . Himself a.ts ror . . the perm uta tion and combi nation of which ha ve given rise 'to the whole crea tion.e~iUlJ1ICe its A .~ ·Til-.. :.8 tya. ~'~.. n. .a~n a180 has come under their :sw'. 'iI!.. . :3J. .1" but atso k EH~])5rt W'~ hi~n.·t·.. the 'word '~'gUl}...m &' i .~.1.IJ aj d he·:'n·.~a~a b :.a. '-. The Puru~asl1'..1II W' ~'O:.t'va. t. :].h cetesnat ~ regrons.IIlC:".. are 'HS.if"o..nght.._ '..'e w ~.3.edlOl"le .iCl!·d'JI fter ere arion i) :'l '~~~H .:.III iO I'~ '__ U:J:I!ll 'I'J. " . l_.~~~ . for perfection ~ ls'va'is wUh i..'.ls has been used.. t~ n' -.onanses w... .(~l-e... t~_le I'C'·o:sm__..oath war.aja's'.~S _ .~.. 'To refute this.-I r Uth -)'. 1 I 'e extensions at '(he individual or personal ..Il~ ¥ J ~Ig Illulil V _ !! ~.8 n associated . and ta'. r~ 1. ki111...o''~ tW ~IQ ~ B~.S. N·ow' 'n re quest ' ~. t tb. u lea W r..1'''''.U 1Ij. -_ . ' ~ ~ . ~·. r r . IS (LB.[ ~ll I IIJOIIHIII~i P principle . W:II"" _ .. He manifest sin.-' '. principle.' .~.:1' o.ara.' ..' m-. . _"_"..~)...'m-:·· ~.ra'h. to show t hem 'th e path '~O perfection and also to give.'t i_ ano s. ~rm._il. an J1J..!l (.-. ....m..Jus:n. .a- : a principle that assures not om1i1:1' S.escn..gl'.e ls oeyona d creanen .. r.I'h· is '~"0.. I. ....y To deny this.t of compassion for them as . B.~..lJ'r.I~ OjV" I.. ep .. \ II! _".d'~' ·d· .W.lIlt.' Ijgll _..!P.. d ""'" ~s .an part) 0:" the P.' b .t:J 2Is) m I has been used. the dou bt arises whether B. . .arma t.' -'._ .h ~. Though the purpose of crea tion is to .. and social levels.!~.1Jj'st. WI_..!f"\in IJ IIllilll.."VI~r'l.: n tte.I-w.~untouc 'h db n.ra'hm. B'U'.-" m !('Ii .ti) condescends to come d'OWl~~ (:HU..." • ." ' . ~.~ th B' l' w ~ie ~!ter.e.sa._·eousnesa .' ..afa or incarn ation.!t.ng tnat. ~~ ' ' __ '__ ~~ IFIII'it~ .eternal. .. tk _'. poene w'.

" 'w'. b:e '".'.1'ti 'in.[1:'. e hilosophy v'.h' _U 'k'. ji'vas ..p 'Usto overcome i~. tne J"eeJto "' .'... . rane ..aml]J.n.. t. .essof tbe term '~':"un'. . verse 5 of the Kh'an1da'n. 7 . . . Sw.. 'I!.:r'e' committe. 'I~.am' : ..lI".iJ!m' k' V.atm.. '?Y':"our compasssona . Wlt 'h.' .'. ··d:8. ""-" eommr .".dgira. 'h' ..' b-".l. r h ~o.a-b. V'" dic p~ [I • • ~ ~l j[ the 1 .\-v... . (...nlas.' " .-.n. 'Q'od is compession incernete (vide the term..a.. .. ..[r..'.pa.t.'~ .pa..."~~--:-.-..0:1:' b ound SO'I/J.thas.8 helpless state due 'to disease. eVI._.any .y III I!! on.:.Y81. C . :. . ·:"t-·'·-··.~.'ro. surn nder ourselves "n the feet of God.41:'.noe... ua~ U Li'.e.dh« -. poverty. It i'" the result of . estroyer of moh's:. ' .. If we ..t. ...-... .--.d'O"W aile as.ee t ' i • !. -. .IA.h' ~'...' .L'~'f':'.ed'uah' . .r~a'.nd s. .:"totra.'. intensely .'.ij.g/e. t.f) :(. ."wiu yearnln.ap'=:t... ano 8!O "'C Or f_·"" .~t:BLm may:a "'M".' d·" mterpre t·· rd as greauy e~ . .' -' .' .hlfva-.~. . as eq uivalent to "ba. Se.1..' ·'ka'fU'(Jj'gJl'.. . ..~'"oed to .~.D'inls'ba'ndhiO .~ . .-' :-a'n.. til £.' :f.".~~... .b m:e "~ .!.1.(ll! 's :OUw N1d ~ ' a '.. '11 'f' . .. nd interpreted as a .. tha t n ee d 'to be cult ·'vated ib:y' 'the.O:F' the . ow'e.t c. th .• 'I' -' . '.. there two words a 'e joined . lotus feet.-'.avidya or tJjniina (ignor.hu. ."f-''-'a 'c ugar-. _' .::_dB'na'-.'-.8{< .rten. .1jdee~ . '"'I. e:ve·fJ. .. ~.:. "'11:-) . [~ ~ ~. . d d wi .~1 r . I.. were r.alrnij:i Ita. ~d' ~~:..en.oe" 'H'. ~'f")" .sweet'f as ns neacd·011" h . ith .e·. '.38. . been split up as 'two wo:rd ".·i. Lord of the lowl y ! Anyone who bas been re I. But grammatically i(..t'h.. one word.t c' a~.t..-..1" 'HI"". compressed -. -j.. '. Hence.::. (vide Bhaga'v8..k::r'tva'.arupam • I~ava... ./f many times)..-.t:IJms _1.I!.. ~._.fa'''' m · M" ...g. B-.r~' ' ":'!' 1_ . one short line.-..·ft. '-'""'~'d···r.ma..n.'.· W-'hlo~'e0:-'1£'-.h-a~ ch aractertstic. ence the . i'~..<Y ..I'1:~ ~.:any (evus) '..r. •.• W ~J i' MoniQ.bah'ukr1fam" and _ te .J': s C praised for your great Thus !iJl1 virtues ')." . He wrn h J.. 1'-0 their perfection :H. in ..8.an (the Self). '·d·'" neassionat ' a S'··k'. speaking...liS hAJj~y.m...rll. "#o..._a.Moha' m' _c 0:1' delusion mistaking ~h analtm'an (the non .ICIU1DIQ't be treated as.~'_.

eir '-ives '.nce Ithr:ou.b ~ neapacl ty for realizing God dne '10 the ~ s aek cd fundamental spiritual virtues.1..ii~." -rl. the devotee prays :fot' .i re fuge : wf\1i·it111·_·:q-' ''Ilitif ·'Iq~. " .gh ~Y' mouth..u ·th·· mOlle .r' ~ 'nfff '_'~'q tIft'll I ~I·q ql_1 (Uti" 1IJ1J' \11 '1i1 rUt· ~II . .these a f.~ How't~'ver. -.t'(IQ ".. ".:__ e T'r..'rO"!1Issm S"~:ii"'~ ."" -"uprem. til !~ '~'-I"-'.if.ddh"ta.rirb:h'agasca bh~jan'am bhav.:..".m . "t.a. was also staled.-:" "..n'dho . ~ bhak.IJjrj kinci't' t'a'm'. . .. The e reason for one's own m isery..puJ:am' gam'lana:YI tattvam v:akt:ro. friend 0" such people ~ All lfvat'.mama dina'ba.~ . - -- - virtues like kn1o'wledge end worship II.Qittv:am\eVa .ugJj to a':._ -'.'.." f. -- sara. . Now. 'I" II..not worshi pipi~ngthe hol y feet of tln a'~-mereiful God..aln th· S":·L ..t"lq ii. ~ t···: _ g.- .a. "~" ".tj' .\0.bandlJ'u.ntu hldl me ns ca b. " ..Fi gaccha1}. is a dil).1 [" I ':' ]!"'.. til tilII' I '. I~ •• [~ -..I~~~ . .. '1 '. the nature of God was descrlbed..btu~'da~k'a..+-=Jd4dFlq I~)'tr''. reco gn tzin.. 'viz. etc..ras have exhibited this trait abun da ntty i[] diJ...no'·~:· t all sppeering in myhesrt! a I 2.. .h···a:~· "':J" !.. they are .! .1n 't:h last 'verse.. ·t.na.I.tyalam suv.worries. ..Q.' "_'..g.0 r.'I~ . .cJt"a'J1I~.r r '" a _~.whil'e fin'din:g' ut'tie~ra.. .1 • L '!l' -'_.~ _Ii '. -" .-.IQinl . ar dl God is . Devotion i .I._ can d·('AS'.n '0".

w ~ 'I!i. n. ver .[I" _..ay be cited here.~..1 [.""l'~'h-le·..Ii' -VIg. cti VI e . ' . · God .aUy" even any one of them l~foraetised sine .a. "I • (!!! !II! J them is caned' Bh·aga:van The la st two are important from.Hen n'~_.. fa'[".. '11 ~ 1.Il~>~"_ '_. th e m in d and revealim God. I . in the.' . heart.f::: ~~am~·if!i:.- [ 91 '.' iowiy! !l...g only its na ural cries when a cat IC'atC it (for getting t be n am es o'CIGod) an d 'i s a bo ut to E hes die..J' _' I .."iV4ilya Bhak.b'I'U S'·~· -r-II' r'W¥ J' l jIJi! ..j" 'iii ..i is for the mind '[.rjn. 29....:·cIUJ. g :!II _~' V_~.[_ ce ~:1 0···· ord L .jl '\1 ....fj~ (3.alnl has beer :'(OV ided with the ~d j.~' : .'.a}.~) say:" that the chief charac eristic of bha·kt.I: .sjr3' by pu dfyi.'i ies Hkif..'. .. righteousness knowledge renunc~. :f"I~'i!J'n' . bh'aja'O'.upl"..1!rA.p. _~ _ . n-..-: l' .·lfil} :: . who ts the Soul of our/out B'.'. od bb d:. ..VIOtion destroys S'tuiJ .: _. 'the ~tandpoint 0" spirjtual H:~'. •. ~J [. Ramakrishna of 'the. .nulnu.'. .g.'Ii.8 hli:g:a represen ts .that repeats tho names of God ~ very well.I' rro . ".-". .e.. .. [~. :( lIj [~(I' I J B'h.relv and inten J .. .~j. inte nse lov .·'''0' the ..?. d"! J .' _---=. ~ ]-u canI '1J!:!.me 'ord·. .Billa.Ii..s. extreme . Nara'd~r.a·~ tion.-' . wi t:h. parrot .t Truth ~ c • II . 'ro. S. .: . ~'I11}. 1 'I J'~ .g..5~74.h'. i .r t'ld··-I~i![!'Jt'ro-~~ "o.Bh1tdrti' or d :votion has belen defined by vari 'IUS authoritie in various ways 52.'11 g'~v·' a. BbjfJ~ga.~..0'" .- 'd" ·1J._.:. ~d.A~Il.. o f the Il. 'W'· orship o . ~'.aS' (2) 'ilU1S.agtl'va't.Ja~. > reiuge! CO'M'M:ErTAllY .1 JL~! ~. r . :'.Il' ~ lJ 1.~ 6. ete..ri' (itrll.I.~.': (2) defines it as.'~ H··ighle.11. are m-'-'Y--'"n-I/'y-':' o " ._~Ii t~i1 __ 1 _ i i Th'.trt-u. .t). .Bhak..!IA' ~"!O!" a m' 'n.Tvide Vi. e.~ttachment to God.'" One 'who possesses Y II. m." ill 'Vil·: ". J~'" [I I '_ IIJ_i_J~" _ I..hi.iI"':'!:l')" .' ~ 1 d ".II'II O tU ~ "-1:. ~" L -'.0 mel: on bearing about God and to flow uninterrupted y towards HL-...s'rUlm :: It I'Sinteresting to note here that on~y this wo r .3 g fO up of si x 'q IIIal i.~.ktisu fr. but ut er:n..'.5. U "'1. .. de.1-: t...

:s. j- .}"!l1 Ii' [ - II '!l' ..'eb11'i N ki "'Cit.. ~.e~H:n.' na b.!i111a l.ii'"" IIIV Iii"!. r .k rf.ai . condoned.adin.' mnti -. - .I.. becau se of '[his th a I[ t:i -..iffil.ra. d.' .. nO" b e.. I..1..e.ad'a'. mil ..dH' ._... .:j..}..Mos~of the 'people of this world are bound hand and f 00 ~ by des ires an d amb ~ ons. 1i!!'1i" -~ i-.r.rh a.IU'-_:. bv ·d I~!!.o.~[~..U " rna m d .1' va . '~.~I:'Il1':.ill.11 a _' _".Qe' JlUl'rtua n~ rtsm £:(. iii . - - ~ - k- ~'!f"~ ::-.ey £1sara.__ vj C.. f-Ie re the "1 e't re is dcfecti ve '.-.d'..'I'1 0' .8.~.f ..1'i!.j'.n'Or!fJ1lnas:~ .-.'II_.~'.. ~he m 'iii' n'w . <Ii ta._.g'e ._ .' .. . .jq' 'i~~a'ij' it '~~]fa' ' ftbf5. od HimI S.•. <ii- -- -j .n ~"q.~. - ..n.f.UI.li Y ~ ra.1. g.. is.{Jc-'f.alk.. ~. -.rsi ike Swamlji the defect is.' I r-:ll =.--.qt!~ va.J I...r~. .pi l)rda:ye .." . ill \'1.....ktroddhrto .j. 'f . heir hiearts.-. ibIf.01 ~ l'fii.- . SU~'" 'ii f th is Ii S th e origi na ~~the n ~bei ng th e comp os ition . on e ~ n S .t-. ..owtec-.Sometimes..'.g}t..~.an altemative re.o.::.. ~~ - 'i' I'Ii._ - #f! "..fst... - .'] - .. I~..dl " '... ..N.. way e adi ~g to beat ~'~'ude Th ~ way. s mat . _ OJ .' .0 .I'" a-..g of the text is gj'v. of subl ~ .. netacnmeut---" d0 nom: nse n '.'IIIl'C""...r.: . a~' '.r1]'...":1'III A u 'U.. €"~ e '1.t I- .lr". ' d-. But even for such soul S'1 ~ he r'e is .-j'"".a .r:a'sa t y~t i ttpt« fr~~·~'.ol""".gJ r. lr. virtues 'S'UC'WJ as l -. -. m .1. '~iO(D--'~ ' U"! '-IIi".Ii - ".-" --' e asily' ip 'r.d-I.. I[li' 'v' ....0'£ a .'Ha ~1._ dh va.{2 rtiJ'p'a I he' t'va yi ra. .S.

V'8r'): .. ca I[ __ IJihl.!! iii 1. " •• i.'. _ •• -.th·e . and S'U bli m a te d " M. Having cultivated se n IL.. T.."_ . ing or ~he e . to them H is both. r.• oJ.. I_.S': . " '~" il._" • - :.J I •. '. 'D'_sires can never be satiated 'when directed towards c·e se-ob]. rne pe rson ow' . '_" . of Vrin -aban) 'fiiJ..· . ..-o· .'ct·'.t.lam' p'an'thra'sc':J 'vou [are th e Trut h and .~."Bul when they are directed towarc s God..'ulij.m the truth was the pa' .l ment ~.) "IIS ros _ S .. ssed _.~. rJ. -. ~ ..tach rnent or love) r.._ .~..A '..:.. t -'ii'..be-goal.t.. the former rs more appealing 'tOI the devotees ': because they attain to 'Him...'.1 1 1 - .B"S" ' of Sisu'pala)."_. ~ I' :'iI!. L·t SUd'":8S~'JL: '1!)' l~as di _.('tam p-~:\Qinl"haya!sV... such instances ofpeople attaining God by hating ·t'_ eating .. 11+ IIlJ~r c:- ... _' [ .rpitatr~'1Jjl)' " Having satiated their desires.1. . :. I .42 R~ge krte :.-: .' [[ . yeu) "' The idea 'i S 'I h ~I{~' (at. .. .::.e...._ to whr . -~"ii'- 11.1.h' ~Between these two.. fine d..prle d 1. t!... the path tha lead tl the 'T' uth': 1. if._:".i1 _"_ "_. . '_.ml·· . 't-.8-~ 'One JJ "I .~~. by following the path of devotion towards Him. . it..6·~.ore 'I h an..~~yaB"'h a. Thus..."..n b e.:i w"h'~om u ~ ~ I flee e d.[j!p·[j .' 'JI -'J .. n R. i . f'·' . .~ _. .hey de get sublimated.l. I' Our mythological IOII'I-' abounds in. (like the panda. ·t. _ . III.. -. the goa] and the path Ir. ove (towards h u man i"fd'~ i:n rm les Uk e raga (their) -'....J' .". l - . the Troth.! . ading to '. t b'~"fee 1. as a friend through passionate love (like the Gopis II!' II! ord' ... .[.:____ [~"_r' ..tan~" ~\a{J d.w hen directed towards God ge t :r._ rII! . . r.. im a1" a relative - (like St dama' •• OIl' .• ' .~.'. (""Ii! Implr. " . '. T'h"~'wo r _. two 'way'" s: rf'tj'm ca' ..apa.. Jm! (as in 'the IC. .'CUS..' ..'. ~ ....

a'saTa'....~o.~JSI ' escn ee '..(oljj chance of Tle:dempt~ron or is be. 0::. t.nl'UI~'D'Y Suppose 0 0: is unab e to do even this.iag.8" U'$sm A. ' . iii Aft II ~ "t. . ".."_.t.lftUf '.'v. • JE • II!...::qqq ·'. ~ _" [ I j _ _ l~l.JMo:!:. condemned for levier? 'N(··~ bee -~aliJlse Sri Ramak rishna 's nam CM '~!SC'!'lliiI'f'·'("i[ii""ie' 'i'IO" nu'r~'f"\J J' him -..: Your feet 101immort.. iI:. :e 1 ..afa.... ourf Y :in. ' 11...l1'dhlO l~ ft. In {._ Cross the l'eja The 'word "t. to mortals .tyam M.. attain sa:ttvI: anu 'then through it·s help reach God.na·'d~ I I· . .._ Y _Ji _ ~l~ _ ¥. h .' he hrave 8JmlY..~ . mnrrrnnes nxe.Jity. ..'_'. • ~ • __ ' _ I " I _.• D' '0" . --.fa1l8.g the biUows '0'" death.t. .1. I ~r.l ~ • . [~ ~II~ )1 ~ ~~r!!l .! '__ r .If ~ q fin dJ.~ ". ..pre'tat'ion wou~d be. ..~i"vaml u'vim'iJi/am ta'a nama naf'b.w·· . them as rhe 0'..! = -~ !I . I 43 Teja"s. 'it'" ". ..f\ &JU"d '1f\t~IH:i" ·'-!fiI iflti. 'n1y'.ISS an d. th KharJQana. til. (erl \ill ilil a«~ ~.· .· th o-':f~' ~·jlr ]l·V·I~·~~11 ..nte.r..at: 'they transcend r:ajas...padalm etc. direcUn..n'!:i'~"'" tb SCI~e· r~·'!!iIi'm·-i.~ II V.In" A R' A· __ 'Ttl' ii.._ t·~'v'!':l ¢"'.g one's ./iJ'de kagam ya.III' 0.'.e't are capable of destroy- A'-'WJ .s:ide.'qs~'ttii'¥('-'Wt"d¥.. J .I is case.. cause of '''. provided the mortals co n. k. III. TBbB: liOW~fi~S' G.. 1"1 may also mean rajas.lltt am'eva' :§ara~a'm m a.B'lliB' .f...g· ("'til _I. .m'D Idinaba...~ I I".ju·o.stot.( _.__ "_ I. • j I . Martya'mft:am .1\.fl ~ snantanj . '.yath.u.-bha"vlit.' b1~ ..'..If. l J •• ll_ _ _ _ _' I . ~'O··:"'N':"G' ":S'" ~" .f.'lac'. r' I: ..slrs·Dti': ::Iee:ninterpreted rebirth.-\ _"iP... ~I ·f .' . I I I I J pzt ~.amjji.m'. me i..-"ba."Ioes "." _ H .(ljAB..idatuun f. 0 kJJJI] IIIIF'P-Uj'l~ boa'va l~p·adal-":iFi dh.nc by Sw·. _. ~ 1:']\'4'11 .rtl: .U.~' d' .f' 'a14' 1[IIj ". .. '-~o r' _. I .1 1"-'·'T'nIO". .\.jl s Y3'm...eias"l' nas here as the semen orr seed the.~.''.: Th"" is n'·:W" descri b d. .~' ft...at' In.Ua '"B'n..• . "il"'~" lra -"d'.center eterna .1111.

• "-.· .being.p. .44 O· -.I:n..':'J .:-:' • '1 "'. na. '.-'M.'. ve.uhl. in ~ii 'for shelter (Iike weai th ~ bodl I!y pleasures. • .:.TII . the name of God can :K"onlll/~ " 'F"'t' .ln kr.me".ad'e. 4 0·' :.. ·.. 105 '. ' go'.-'.' .ard'a.0' '. with the letter 'sna 'an'd cap' »eble ot destroying the J' .." . Similarly God's name can 0'. " -"':""'1- Il.'''''l'T .· . .na. . Bha:gft~. . it is called ..igh.p. ..Jag. ~ ~-.a} of etl .- - 1 -. 'He i··lso their final goal..". Poison can be .! Becsuse l' h'a've no [other} sbettet thereiore. u !~ l .J! c !i'~-. arne of . to . . '[ - r: 1 .gamya : Only goal .eats". -.ant:dote.(jlk.'1 ~ d eel .' " -: .ka.a'rSam. 0 Lord ot tile 1"w'Y'....leeds. ··'11 deeds . 1 .'. • :: r~ . uh.~ de ed. 1 .:' \ C.IBS. d l' Th Ion..\i. set the effects 0:' eV'i1I.-. [I '.e I WI. J "... t.Self in very attraetiv at: Ire.}. .n an eVI"J . ':' nee m. .). r..':' rver"r-' me bad .ii.:yb of m.. Better still. I o .kuhaka~ -.':.e God is the oln~yor~.1 ._cur .a. : . ~ an eve ev i. • • .IU".·d'·" Vo··. Ing ~ J .a.-Ogcooenes.' BUS.:I teke reiug« in you! I. or fire tha burns up aU dirt. and even ~e ritualistic religion) and having discovered th: m to be wanting ..'. wblch makes even dir'ty water hol:y when it mingles with it.:.J..a~... K.I:adgitii says that the U' i te ance 0":' IO...-' - . a [ rhe -1-fleets ' ( 17.k.f rhe world. whlcb transforms ba se metal intc g' '. s· ..: • ..e "1W'~Iy s-~ . m.m tal' salt' at the: beginmng of undertakings sets r.:'f'trecrs of evu oeeos . a A '~ara.I'. Sinc.0"...I. I . I :.Kuh...g:i of all beings.R'V . /" it RA../~uilka'fol'j : P rlfi . :Ill I' e • : .~o·.e... the proverbial ~.h Shelte rl ess...~d~ the river .'[ have final-·....a k: that presenting tbe non ..ICl. "... o·od 0-"..-2~6':') ii. f~·_ . come ~'O y.'s stone)...~.t.~ya. . '_1'.'3:..fy:am' -u·vi:mEJ'.Kldu$a'.'. enId··.aya cheats us.ri :: Destroyer hi 'W:]Ci h c -h .a.._.G'od let:tsi~:ydestroys mlay~i'.i (philosoph '.one._.'".ya purl fj'". Ha vi n g' tried var "ou'S 'm h:in 'o'e. rik..If1 eu tralized by its . ".._r Ganga. oQ.

J' .tfM. !~ \ r. To realize " im 'is.ra" intense.se II .~ h' W h OSlta. 1.' 11'0': 5'.. 1 :' •( I' ~....thapakaya ca dn'a'm1.8 nd confers ete rnat b ~ Ttl is ca = ~ be achieved by ~ iss._'S.. I 1~ IU: 'iP .. a"il'~' ii'rii:= ee"l ad It ~ u~cJ!!!~~'~h'II~". II -g . •• '[ ': .8 .'..k. Sri Ramakrishna practice and by p!n~.I . ... e " ._ftI"-' l ar~a'i (ilf(iSedf€ ~~ i\UtW1Vtt.e B' va tlira va.ce'P!I.righ..oi rya re na.'een a'!.the ultimate goal of' Th'~sreal iza don frees us fro m 'misery . newly built shrine at the 'II dd ~a'ne:r''. ~:-l· _ ... oiI'Ii ..I _. ._.'".d:Cd' arithlie 'II.lui .__ ~ -.:. is the gist of his 1 rre~ . .kay.!t R'y' ~ .perso·nificatio." lust and greed. and wh'o is the' best 0.. th' ough the control 0.A:RAT...:~ • '_ ~ j Swamiji compo ' . Om has..('Ii "thap.teJous living w'hi:cil' leads 'U~'timla'tle:~y Dlhar.~.m.leid dh "arms." '_! '. consecration ce e '~' ony of a.':'I.d this verse at Sri ~:. ~ "r ~ I a '1 iI ~. I :'. Oti: ~ l' Obeis anc ro J '.'. 10 established ''t bo-b by God exists.ater on 'I'h" S h .:_:_.ms. ill '" '. .:1 dhermes. . on een. b..' _ iii .1l oi a 1.-' . - [Mfll ~'-I . ... eadi ng a ll fe 0' "se f-control ~. .lull:rma~D.ris rhiy:a :rim'aJ{.'varUp1q.and is sung at the end.1c' 'I""~s:'·h' In'.- "". .. 1 ! ':'. CJL· ( " L' • -'. vagopal Ghosh 's a ho use .ul. R··· "-'m'"Q.. .. ~.as.- . lastly.B'sya sa.'_. '[hie obeisance mantra .. l ii<'Ii. JI:li"·::_:l.2u'm'.g..."h) w"h 10 ..~ ~ 'ftlllQ4Hlit "if' ~nlW. om 6 Feb ru a:ry 1. :'.B's.harm'a 'is. . and eulrivatiug vya.a :: To the establisher of d.' "ed_ to f-h" h ymifl1 ~_ O\ll. . g98 Ion the: occasion 0'( the ~ .I SON as. And. :~I"ea1in'in. 1 ""0' 1M' M":t::ONT·... IO'm :: Sine ~ ~ verse is treated hi.'(lor God This.ah T ~.a. !I! l i . .Ts...IS t. bl"· h. J' I .' it 'if''': III ~ ~ I IilI OrD".' vadn .s house..( ava tsrss." . . .-=-. l as manltla.'<ya beatitue e.' 'b.~.

u'd'h.g. dhsrm a .I t'o. tha t he ~ one' to reach the fina ~ pIS goa .[jm'6 relevance is projected as the.CJ·:_'. dllS.it ls not very pr'U::.se t·_'·~~II~'1!.i'nu o..~c.d'·Il.~a'. [10 rne same spmn at experience.ivile ge '..!lI.''. rUiJ.tirav.m· 'r'" l-i[QJ m--:····' ..o..r:a.· ~.. Hence .j.. the best of a va .i·~I.g'III)"?"rf.'ra·vati~r. automaricajty be established in our lives.!(.ll'i!!lIliJ'j'p ..'~r· ." ll!!" _' I 1111.[ '0' '.ie.. Tn...~ U ~ O.e.ent Ul . In what sense. they are .ar:as are d iffre'~ent from one anot her._:'i l' "t l r ..y of our ~:~f..s. there w:i'~ be III0.r '.Sri Ramakrishne practised them all and 'found to his amaze ment tha t . can equally c~aim.. 'Various cults of Hinduism and the different relig ions of the world have p:rescribed a variety of wa.l . same in 'his.' [~r •• _.o.:RA.0 . S j.are . the 'P. I . L' 1 '_ ~ _._11 the [d' -L'~l'. Ramakrisbn a h~ msel f has declared that 'He who was Rama and Krtsbna ~'snow Ramakrishna in 'this body..'L.t~o~'n-·f·~Jlil'll dbermss. and S-w'a:m:iji has echoed 'the. relevan t to h is t imes.U . s :n~e.~[U~.t"'.1!Ji.h'a l' Though " : e a v:a t. -h .avafiJ.Q.fa . 'wen._ _p. He t h emco: dl d " ie In "". gets transformed s c o.~. JL ~ them. '..f··i. . of the same God.. criterion.. and an v . __ ":1.nna w.'vidU. jQ'LIIJ IIfU. g'. and contrast 11. the.' A'va. __ ~I"'. has Swarniji used ibis word '.g. g...y over millions in our [country (and abroad)..._. who st i11'hold Sr\lJrfBl. philosop . [.als.er~on.t ~ .• H' JUS.a comparison. ...-ry much alive in our hea ]s and culture even now. '. Once w··· accept it as.ari'fh~ya : Tic.enee the 1_ rm . u. iii . "'..gb teo us livi'H.I. th a £ p .~'~'f' II _J~.~!~~. dlla'rma becomes a part of' the indi..·~rm· a·"~'Il.. svarapj~le' . [ .':'~r·'Il.!.·. If relevance 0 is l IJ !IL. . V ~'ll '!!ir. basis for such l _~~~ __' to com' .f.'_'..T~: SONGS teaching.• III! .aU a'VlJ:t:j. I 'f' a]-. aU rOl:f them lead . 'when practised rightly. Ali 0.t. .~ III lIP'li!iAILIJ " .iII~ D 0 IIl.tIi [p~~v· ecordi . . .e and try' sincerely to practise :i'l. When such. ocial fe 'too. __ . · k n wn hymn A c3IJr!iilapra"tihtJ' ta'r:a~yQr. _ ~~ tak en as t. test...I~ "_ ~ .iI!'''. then Sri Rama all d SrI Krishna . ~ orr.-.'h-~n" ~.11.ys of f i.~ I.·I·n' o~ S·qFil~.46 A. _ . of if. him' MJ~1 a.

on. no h comparisot is in't".m:ji seems '10 barye.jras V'ru:~r. Since s.3.there ~s. hL co l'tr'_ mporaries. this 'n.known ten a.greater 'p:'la.. used this term w~th the fuU t:now~.ddl.u~·asfes.e~ It does.ed.valir:f.guru~ Hence. (a) The term 113' been sed '~..'t.ris:bn. .. It should ratl er 'be tak.ras. a term indicating excell nee.8'u". considered superior to r~j0..ng.V' ralJ~o.mplica'~.r!-'sa tt'V3 all ove .nda.a'.a!tlt.in mytbo'lo"gicall:o'r.hna to the other 8. when Sri Krisl na OUF addre ssed Arjuna U'. can we not accept 'the superiority ofthls incar ..ts i. For mstance. Vol. bh.nded.geof -.ar.n'. .ilm'a~ 0[' ~ bha.rki of'SwauJ' Vill'ka.i. 'W hereas ~n the Ra makrishna-inea rnanen it is. not mean that a particular person addressed thus Is greater than aJ.'g:a.o. 'What applies It..as some suggest . '"'tp:prli's automatically to Ramakrishna also since he is Rame and Krishna roUed Into on.JS' (vide Tbe CompJc.('ltr"agug'. PI. 3.na. Sirni b~.i'fa group (the 'weU. way.'~J1'e~~h'a\1' (~best among the descendants of' Bharata') Ul the Bh:a. the standpoint of relevance 'I " hun~a.F. v.~ 'Wo.comparison ls "-0 be made.rlyher a'~.rar.BI 'is.: may be 'solved in any one o'f the foUowi. say that Rama and 0: Krishna 'were the best among them from. S'w.Duna" 0:1 0.gil.~.i'miJ~. out o'~' is intense devotion '10 his . There is another reason. too. However.l:t.y S:w. 1979.nJla.: n as. In these two incaruations -.a. since he has openly declared the superiority 'Of Srli Ra ].·ha~ • It!' • ~ Cbes't of men' )".89)~ '-I r (b) We often come across words like ~p'~rUr.a'ca. 'we can make it among the a vatir8 of' the das~i'vat. '.O Rama and K. ill .alon ? 'r~ . [c) If at aUI:~ .ll it does not mean that Arjuna 'W:3'S superior to Bhtsma or Yu~-hi:'Ulira~who were also of the sameelen.a'da.n!Ue'.akr-i:s. 'pu.Perhaps..

. c him greater fulfilment o:f OUf ~dea s than in others.LA.NG ·.. concept was later deve'~:o d and sysr .M.• "bajtanya~ and others shows that he combined in himself I the bast of [hem : Rama' s devoti I· harmonizing.cara 'W]t .hip of God as.."dll[fj'sukta' of the U'pan'z. since 'we find 'in . can mean . ':ARVA. Wo'rs.h'igb y venerated text 0'.V3 l"('r:ha'. (d.ad~ 'prove' this.r:iyata'mlf or '~'dear'est'. Her e ·~t an mean 'dearest to us . " J) ~'S as [N-=.::.'t8J.g:amas.g'511eda.~ C'· Buc :"hrist .i..e R:al:ris'ltlk.·u'k·lta and .isu. compassion de votion to God.4.:'other Vedas. 1 A deep study of Sri Ramakris "na's n'fe i comparison ~h those o:~R . Christ's Shankara's keen intellect Chaitanya': 0'0 '0 • .." ..ddha.' 'the Sikt... .p.. The Am bh f. l_'a.. the Divine '. and so [0-: nal.ta. .ll'. and Srisiik'ta of the' J!.kta .w'.R.ga"mas. T.: k . Though a part of a b~gge'r work.~. and '[he' Durg..tl.• known as tho D'cvimahiiilnya and o DU'Tga's'[~IJ't'a~~a. Krishna's spirit Buddha's renunciation.matize d in the S.he word . and Sri Ramakrishna' ion 'truth. al . .D~ 'C~ Ili'O.I )OTR.· S (D:EVI's~r'JT_' iii..tarna.s:k. K ish Shlan. tho ill ill .~ mtras ~ 'I he Can1dl. 1 1 1 oldas 'IJ1.s.well-known and . 0:'- See also 'the Appendix on "The Doctrine ~ Incar- ei~f"l -fd1%t If i(if -e -. .'O.rts ma.~····. or rhe pe T.··· t\.t.a. beyc nd (' oubt. The.i.

I..a.'" .I I m'.Since Sri Ramakrtshna.h(ude ~ since the Devl bad dest royed the ~errible demons. 49 ! . ..1~'I'~'I' .--.1 I' ~l.a'-.g 'rl_' .·c:·"jl. w .W~~.n.UCil. known as the Nira..a:k't'ior Devi t (Power Divine O.·.m~ the ~ods 1'nl~~"Illl. -=.. It Is addressed by t ae gods Indra and others out of g:r. ""p. ~D" [~.W.as 10 r..l'al)'i-.s .'~ . .D..~-:'·d: 1-''& hls . pr.!l. 'I e 'f. !.1.8J. reet ·L..WW l'~~ verses is now regularly sungin all 'the monasteries of the .dinD the_. .D:ivine Mothler 1 -' I "'.~~.w~u. . .~l..a'~'..s believe d to m confer whatever 'boons one desires. .Djri'~lUJi.. his sjj'dh. ""I~~Ie.lJamo'~'stlU d ~. -A m rosary at 'I" er ~..' I~OS'· ara ..r.~. tuti'I(Hl t'O 12)1. e!au·!~·Y.stanza enc S wlUm the..r.ffl.~:.Yi~a. J!._.. ~'~'n. verse is :~self s~id to be 81.J' . !Il._ 0. h ~ . f.r' a ]-11 ~~ S· .'ti Tic a'n~·A~.3.' :'..._. '..I' L..Bntr:a (m ys:~ sy 11a le or formula).W ..:.'a:ti~nlf P9w.C h .1 dav oe m.g] ~'u.n n .~.:JIgIY..":'.~ "_ ~~. (0 .-:h··· : .1I1l11b '.."~.~. th is dd .. _ '::c a. e .o....~·-.". beai '.y . ~""""""'~' ~n. - The work describes the exp.(I re four exquisitely beauti ful hymns iJ..-....• -....!'''''::'t "'liI] :' "a. _ '!I'iU~ R~Jt ~ l.f··.alIy· is par of this Ni·r...'w~.Hvani. of 'the $oqalli~puia(w.:".~_ AR "'Till.11.~'.. .!1I"'!J ~Y¥.~o'is of g. 'other' D:ivlne) '.t~.sluti. is.: [ ". iI ~ [__ ... symooi iI'I'zlng.~ wor k adc resserd to the n-' :evl." it ~the powers that emanated fro . ar the en..... three ~!L. ). r. •• I • ..ct:u. Th e ~ast 0".~-: g. !J ._ lUJ'. f .. .·t·· '-' ' u o.ans"~ has l_··.i.J't.._. eV.. T-I1.JI.9.uspu:l. . . words..J' p.ors:hipi ofthe . " . '..sislra' (an esoteric treatise) ~and each OIf its. .. '..: becom e '? ss oeiate"d'·:. The t hree verses of'l .' .the. M.~ ·:·~"" . " ..fl" erea ib.y.".rUI..alii. Joi. r. '-.L:~~~v I "... H'. it.!_- _:_ '.'.I. .-~¥'. 1 . Su bha and N'jsumbha'N and had restored the heavenly abode to them. '~giir'· 0'''' s"v'te ~ftI ye~'Ii''C' 'it'hA !jJ'~'n' "~iili!!'r:iil:!nn~fi-·C-i!iiilt:nn-·of a.OU. bodies of .U . ~ . smee There . '''''0': l'~ui . rr [H ln the eleventh chapter.0. t ic b Hence a eeremonia ~ chan 'ling of 'I'be 5'~. it is considered as .~v__..e the B'h'8g. 'f.. _ •.'·'Y'. :-.Q under study are ..I'[I.k. . .-.••• .11~..hvmn oft ~. . '.!~.h WI.d·· T"n--"'nl'. J L!I te'.. .::' -_' I J - [ ". -~- attai ned a [l 'i ndeoende n t S'hl'IIll'S r' ~'m.~.1~ <).: .·e'su aI...f::ca.~) ('[:0' . these ann earl n:c..... u -~'J II][U~ J _ tI. 1I1~.n'~S:·· da 0"-·' .Ihe te.' _ _ .. I OJ._ s:Ji .au. ros -I· ..U Co. s 'J' ~ .·1 ... the ..''Q inc'arll.hym.t~'ctBitii~n fact. .:.JIA P·:-IIII. . so.a's[j and chanted these three verses they have: 111Of'iI.mal' Ii".

I'.llIl!["!I~"CII[ul III Om sa'~"a'm"" l. I.t:..tr.. .. 1".._11.fj'~'"' ..am. .. . _ _ III _.m.I~["-I( -..'~~ ~a. .Ie t ~.: _.:i...'h'~.1' [.ft'~nl'o~l'v.:_" rm~' has . ~.: COM.~uf':1 w'hich Is repeated .. '1':Ii 'U II "s: I" > I. ma'Ilt'r:a.f~i'(sage) alf this . -. ili.·:_· stanzas.:s.'(' A" '-.e eJ! 1 _" s..~v~d'"0"'me! G''. 'jlriy.. .[' affUcti1on.lI: a '§"iO'~ ~'all'.. .anl.s. is. aU.Il"e· J 1 oJ J e three . -'.n tr e case 0'._.." '-"J"". L considered as a.rd.a~Y'c' ..infJItj 'J-iJ/" ' live's'.I.~ F'fJ''!:lim'" .3:J"'V§:rth' a:sidhik. 'e earner h i'..J.lf. [J:~ . d th ~ zns'h na. 1.'. . th.11"1". 1_ J • ths . '~" .·_.o:s!:..I"IC."6 rr -e [o:Jj. the ether words are j1ts The 'w'o'. es '. ..ILIl""I:_: ·t' I '0.I. FoUow'ru-trg . .II!.. Ob eisence suri! a·' c.:"ama. .. . zne a.en ( .. . commenting 010 the bymn.IOm~'-"~ 10..~ "'h 'h '~. .. is also kept '~nmind 'whU~."'....u ze -'--' _Ill '!I!'-! = _ [~..0::'.yam'bake gauri naei)/11:9'i na... ".'~L 0_ IlillJS h base .'".·-_.Ii' . !. .1' ~ .. '!. .)tmn.' ~'"'O'''/ru.' .' l.'s-·va'n-. .~O· ·'"n"a ~S'· oi a euspicious! Sive! Accomplisher of B'JJI (r)1rur) .--' (SA.~j_ H!!_- PAl.iO l' "~I:I! " r .~ ~ ~ anllJstu. ~'IOmhrim' ~ Hence. s:. aiso lJ'S b ~.. • _. _ 11._'0'0 tne fl'trst ' word I . '__ ' I...Ramakru ]ln3 Order during the evening servic .".:Jjl 'I II.al +.m.th::' ancient tradition we mary state that Srl Ramakrishna '~Sthe .a'r.·'·0-·' N~' ~:"".ilI:.. is the substantive and..". h'y-:'m'lr'fIi.{.O:11.adject ives.". this point.rra.. ..aU OU. t.ailo:.~l. and Sri Sarada ~ r:)evi. ) 'h""') e f '1:. aesuesi R' e.the de'vB:ifa (de:ity) ~'[ the vin1yO/ga (appUc3.·lusp~:Cl.f'.luge tiO.flid··~ ded since 'ith-:·'I. .':s '.."n. '~''Y:mn.'·ion) is and cha:orina 'it for 'the destruction of' ..h is the C1U)'llda's (metre)..:!ir-" . . fter the a 'hymn...' '..: It.m.".1 1.. 11". 'ij·. _... .b.M iNTARY in.I:S." .Jj.. be .I..d'" nl ~ T.. . .

<'W--Il.: 10 u:r religious 'tradition considers eer -·a.' -.. !! 'L. since Sri Ramakrishna has 'been accepted as an .(. e ~ '. all. J "I '~.d510 on .' va.rit.I Si'vie': Parvatl.an.of the guru (spiritual preceptor). at once. spouse 0" the Divine. 'the Holy k 'h '1-d h .ydisappear . as citi or pure.r in.' .am. and :(.. is. votee o. " :. The word can also mean "101 auspicious One'.11. 0'" This epithet ap!pl'i.. auspicious) :.. '~ f. the S:pOU:S6 0"£ S. Wba't makes :aUthese ausp 'i IC. 'them. r.. nee • !' • .i Sarada Devi) stepped 'upon excreta.'e fee. consciousness. touchmg the free'.tul'a:s'i leaves (basil) offered in worshlp.gal.. .e1'I. really the presence the Divine JMor_he.D'CV:i 1·. For instance.'I!II'P~ r-··e·'·S·:·'S"IIIIO'··O .es.a" hearing the sound of a conch or a temple bell. as 'the C-aIl'dJ 'm'tse~.: Iy' 'to touc h-her . ~ ! A ladv d'.I! Sri RamakrishnaI ''W·'''R""""I . m:e:nJ'taU:y Impure in spite ofrepeated washing an'". the auspiciousness Oi" the aru.' J .ed I unon 'bi'm as Siv:a Himself did not believe that Sri Sarada . W~· iCi1! _~__ ~V II f'~ YI~' _.gives us an inkling of this q'uaHty jn Sri Sarada Devi . I" nen '5:_ e d~d' 't.flQ:. the same as the previo us. even sprinkling of 'the Ganga water.sp.JlII.as..51 'fu~fUm .78): .d. . smell] . An interesnag incident .:i n th~ngs as very auspicious. seeing a cow' 0'[ a Bri.iiJgaly-e":· (: uspiciousne 5S.8:va'. 'otner as~ e d tne ".the. '_. 'of : U thar is..es.··rciOU:i.i 0us' is." She.8.hm. 'When an old widow' 0./Ii... . I'. to the :Ho'~:y 'Morther Sri Sarada Dre'V'I a]80 in her cosmic aspect .f 'has.• l Sarv.i'r.of' a]'~ r desires ~and t he attainmen t ofsupreme ent iOU 8'IJ'spi ciou ·:n.' ing of im~:u. declared ('5.I __ '_ lJ' ._ 1. M .rso 'L.an. .a (Incarnation) of God." : .fj'IfJ.' Jayrambati (parental village 'Of'SI.._:~\" O··'O:· . L .g 'the.

I.rt:h.. There are several instences :in the Ufe of Sri Sari da Devt where she has yi.al'. giv.0. __ . One.I€J .dfj]g . a.i"liif'.'.e) . and moks« ( iberatien) ~ When the Divine Mother is pleased.am'a (pleasures '_:f' the flesh).~ _. scriptu re If-y. ICOU~.0 tbe :mportun!ti 6S of ber diisciples en . She wi:ll.. 'U'L"' d'b ~ .a:y vouchsafed a 'vision in which she ealized tn iis" Ss'cv. '~'hl.'.·· ·la~.rth. __ ~ taking initiation. may be._.P.oy 'f. •• e-e-: . ne I grandson of Napharchandra Kolay 'was saved from imminent death.rha'sidh'ike (accompllsher of . fact. U' derstand II h" true import '.goddess._. strange way she 'was.' a:.~any air'a~Jthese four ar 'h'ss. h n:S\l[d:ro. ..~Jll[.. SS ra. purify ing !IL.our desi res also e . Th en V.• .ani'n'D.l ~gio:n~ The :c~rd'~ar-·~'~i:P m 'a~'y':' so be taken 3~ 'm ··. be A.• I '_' ~ . a disciple J\. 'WI aned a~waY'.'R' was eurecd .. Th .'. _1~. the phrase.~Jl~.lj (righteousness) .J .elded '1. logical 'Y from l the p!r.ev~.1}Yit:'(give.. _1 _. our O1inO'··.~ lit I. i As for people 'who sought spiritual solace from bier by 'e.52.._ er 'h. of memory and ( in uition) I ¥ -W' !lUI ~j'.a" is.l~.. 1 __ ~ 1 I . aspect of the Devi has been christened as ~':Medhid!ev'i~the .'8rl'ha's (I'he ends 'or goals o:f' human life) : dharm'. ":JI' ILa.r' of re fu g.d.. you ng man addi cted to dr-inking '. l~1 iti [_. their number was. the same as 'the four puru'.:··.!i'. devotees and responded to their prayers.' L '1[:'.. one d..ir\flti ~ In a..lUi. and purified.11 . 'this.a.aU dl esires): ~A.1J. (w'lealth)" i.RAT] SOiNOS .:This foUows.ous pithet ~One 'who fi._ 'h_ C: j rODlC ttcnes. r V I~ V I . _'_' U. '" ..u .- [ I. fa len woman was aeeepted as.ar. interpreted as 'one ~~'hoenables us t~ e e . .

'O ]f wh'·. . s.t te fire as. . '.e:ing. Ca'I}'4l'descri'bes.ll'. 'm-i~'1.0 be referred to her ~ I' ser wise counsel used 'to!prove remarks bl:y oorreet. ': '.:: -0 Light l'. "'~ [0' "10:. In the case of Sri Si81 rada Devi '-.d1 mean . too...A.QI.ym'bo:1 0_. ..fishna Order used ._ 'i'wb:it.! In Her cosmic form... .. then it woul.1 _~ I! as.' dam" of in tuition ~ It May' be men noned here 'n'h a_' several kndtl. the white [One: (ever covered with ashes)" the Devl.light: and consciousness. ..ssaid to have three ey.ghI'" 8. B. -. :M'.1e.a. of 'the 'Oc\ii-:M:a:hik.8. u~ ~ ~ I. The. I!. three aspects. ~'h"'. us : rom I fe ar s and Tryamb:ake (the three-eyed One): S~ya :~. .a.~".e One'.. is the eye t oif 'wi '.M'. the moon. e arnd . Laksml. he third ".Her three eyes.as. must have three eyes . i. ".te is taken Consciousness' ~ Niray(1)i: 'The spouse of 'c[:-.'ti.A TI SON(jS 5'3' III .'..vati.~ ViI"'..e.Y problems of 'the Rama .. the :D! 'vi'bas the sua.. Us. ..ally cc vered b~ysnos -) and the consort of i Siva.the daughter ofthe 'be' HimalaY'3s (e te'rn."C'R:ce His Sak. refuge and protects d a ngers.au'.e.iUl.s".raya.ahi: aksmi and .R. a..ahisa:r.

..rl[on. . human beings Hi'S abode by' . I ' 11'~ .1: I'li'lli '. I IILI v!iZt.: v _ __.isana:ri1 s3'kti..I.. d th '. '_" Lil . ·1(·0····be (. . .. !I·1111 ·CQ:·Mt. t' O' : "':'n' . i ~/'" sro...ra (Supreme Ood) tbat Is responsible 'I-Of fh ~. is.~. ! " : ".-'. 'The Sak. ueiities ""..( _till I _.i.sanim laJe tibh'iu'.'i' . . H'o:-w· ver ..._ _" 'Ii I!.~.S'::"1I'1IP. " I .g coniceived ~S" the fern I1e· of'I.-.. and d .0 . same ~~~k'··t"I"....' '~..' 01' Ii. ) " ClII II! _ .am1o 's. "." '.:: _). .ll.~ d·· 1 an' d 'estructio 1. n··'"TL.".L 1~'wJI V-V.""Il"'11 'N-·G·'··~ Al . "~l" .. creati on-.rs't.' 1 iI til II' . ~. - - - 6.t:e I(·.r __ ". Ii -I~ ! -.~ _e. Jl .g_ I". . ~ t'h' 11 .y-:' 1 .1 ~ . and destruction in that order) ~They form the ·H'in. II !J.m-_ ~ aecep I' h-' e world p~··fnC-IQSS···'. ".' ~:' I.! .. ~. ". t el'ngs -.. LU. . He is often.T e.se.c.hit.. S'::'O' ..:.h'ute S'8nB:tan.. IYJ .liviD.} ya (destruction) lBO' [O"D perpetually in.::__....'P.i... T1p..AiIENT·' A'D'V' _." lul'·'·. - ":.gi:""'JI~'Ii"~ !t. ..preservation.. ··~. __' II ~ .Q'smJ'C :iemg.l!1~11 .-T.iwin.I' [~lm.r:s. 1'0 th same order. -=. n ~... _r_~._ II II¥ I 'o"!J QJJ. I '1IIl .' ~ eter .W ~ _.. _ g _. .. three are one rr • Ii '...JI~r..lll" "'a-11 A:ceording ~'O·'· ._. '_ ~.'~.w'Doj'e proce ss.iv:a~ach connected with one aspe ct o-f' the process (creation .ei'" - 'I th« eunss . these .destruction) .tU' te .'l. and Rudra or S._." q'...' . the same ]sv8.L.. 1_ Si ~ !II.·...gu~..e I[no: -'.i or power o'f each of them i. al'J[Ojn~! p.' .1 . '1' . .]ljr.:.. IjgI.:.. .··r·' -r t O·-: f:'·: .!A. .. ower beh ind I. IR..'.t' e :.l..' _.. msort These are Sar v Laksmt and Piarva:ti (Kall or Durga). in their hearts: (c) One .··_ 2 .._ I ~ = I..'..J. .. 1 . J~~ n.' '_":'~.' I...C.... ·. D'6V[..·:· .tisthli~·ti'vilJ B.v ::.duTrinity.'~nd . pra'l. '.~. '. . pictured a'Sth ree d iffere nt de''':t~"e:~Brahm. u'J}3sra'ye .".~ A:'" . . n cien 'l~.b. r.O.. " '.A.ower b eh .:._. .~ Visnu. Full of It Ibicssed) Na'-r:av'"!I'ni"Obeissnce 'I-O'~IU'O"IU" :''J!"-~.._..0. It'! JiI! _ '. H' " 'w h 0 ts t"he a~'0 de '0f-) .' . _~ !:1IRI [til. I. b.am'aye'.··. "h C" .54 ~. _.a-¥!UILlJ._."V. l s.~ ~'." . ..~ _ .:: ~._ I .il" ~ 'II: !Ii '_ ...'. S.8 cyehc order ~Though i'~..I...t. :. n.an human be..!'i r(crea tion) " "c:t/Jlj:ti' (preservation] ~ a ad.. III! .- l. _ g.. pres ervation r .' '.~ ·. ~r...~'s·r. H·ii·ndu'i.[~J.aya:ILlJi n'.:. .:.·I I.~".. '.J.= _ ~..rva.

..IU d .givin. .}':.R.' i .~.U ~. Guo(jis'~!'tle (su _ sport '. . II .gu.'.'.~a 'h. . A'·· .ril."prurij~u..~. morherh like un .~'~'~ie.though : he had '~:O suffer a h)l...~I~f mes . '.. '...'~-. fearlessness.rrvac "aja and . both epithets bold gond. the uncaused cause. rim 11"'0b .U aliti .. e w --0 stretch their i hands to receive are 'pOO'F'. '!I! t::lll.. . .by that and so on..I. and 'I ..m.. Vl_' ~I~ ~ • wei~'I-xnown mer d ents O~_ 'illner I" f rettect these great virtues...'·"1-. Sallc:U L G(J.'it! renunetaucn. ~I...al P' wer. [!it•• .(j'. 'wi :dor...ta'uJ8s==the three fundamental ubstances II! !!i :I' i '''' of: the matrix or Prakrti identified with them. •.. 11. m1of '.~_.I' _ 0 .. motherly love towards one. .·. da uievt was 't-:L rer snory 'v" many ble ssed qua. renunciation. Devi v .• 'bile~...o': '_. ....-.111 .~ " h· b ".Sa.s..ye' (full of blessed qualities}: Here..~l'ama.rv8.... (Mathe' Nature].~ '.U~S' t".D! ·~a... of 'm'" '-..' . . U1C. ..:./)/~: .:'" e _.: ~...~. ':.. s-ad '" ''r---u~_.. 'M'..Jag :"I. . W :t·'·] e.'."'p'.a.r- i r r ' .~'+: . h ~ £.''1' the 1':iIr.h·. . '~'po··'· S~··.ljr':'I: 'Th_D. lac elfish .ara'nf can mean 'the Ancient One or 'the Eter I a'~One".. ~n . mes ~'_ ne .nat.".. ~herefore Sh has p erforce to be rnii I "lim &IU~'g::_'r4!.. !! ~~. -.. while dech Jr:hg ~n the : ..'.una': are . I. r etc S::me of th e irit ·. I -'0 . Since the Delli ts ~-.oal pura Ashrama) that an tho•..11. "T:nJ{~lt~~ and ·.Hrci ng 'the d acoit couple: w le .l _": .··.. -.. '1I1~ .. lite f11 F 01' j nsta nee ::Ie arl es s ness '. 0' ['f:' rmge sum money by a Mat wari devotee: wisdom.".' . I .. ' .ness U 'I.c .ln hga. f tbeoull.~_iI'.'IIi. . Since She i. '" aumi·'...:1 c .ns 'quality' or 'virtue".g. rejecung ~ ie ot er "o. ..l_ ual po . c. spiritual shelter 'to an and sundry .:.:U1g. '"" v OJ ....'s. '.c . .~'...'.oer. unset~ f'·IS.' .a"l]li:: "Sa!n'.' . e. :1 -..

'..his verse _the words '~.re not i:nd:igen. what ls given in.ging " It 'm3_Y sign ify the de: .emovlng 'the afflictions.._ !lI!:______:.. B.m'ble' a. ~l' '"""b" ~".ar:aysl]i lIa'm'ID '~s.I i1 '" IL·.[ 'thre atened by an imals ev etc.( 'thr _ he devotees to get '~'h" four pu. -IYI~'J.A'. __ .~.'y."Jl'"'[0. . [II 'j V .-r"'.nce .' d I~I'''O: ed *'0: t-h: .[.. . '--:·c-n'o.' a10:: Mo'the:r of .:' G'.' ._...aY.rO._.:-. harasse d b. '1\._.·. 0.n[.nd' a:fflicterd souls wh'o hl.·.· .'i _ their pra .I..' CO '".:.. epeated four a~~ t'i mes ~n .~ si. are generally _..l .::..~_ .don' as it.)lJE" 'AD'Y' .:n...'.e"rSB. _. '. _.ers by . !l !l .ons 0.tion )'. ~ JI:I.B. '~ . :-C'.. 'h' ose' hiu.IJIC.tti can also mean: (a) thos who have surrendered to you 'or fb fu~fi~me'nt of thei r desi res..u'" I D' ..f'n ieted: (Ib) 'the indigent .'n 0. Af~. ~ .1" .o. "0'" y: :~('iIIIU" u. _"_:'_: _..jr.:_.Eillle.:__ .: oi "'[1'1 -"..:::i'm J' _. SaIT...~~.tLr "1--[ -:.1 ~ Ir"'!.ru~a'rtba's 0.B.'" 0'" '. .~.'.l'lle-.Ul'usl£rha' (. Dev]: 'The word can mean 'the Effulgent One' 'One who 'plays 'w:"th cr :.io:n of these epithets to Sri Sarada Devi. ~ J • '.A. ~ hough 'n hey a.'.' surrender e '-ld. ' ." ". [~~IJ. an. note on sa rvar 1:11 a sidhike' under the (:ir.>ifq'1[1 t (~'I4.s:l verse w.tih1a're (destroyer Being Urn compassionate e the afflictions 0. "y'iif.~ p.moksa! or lib en l. " DUluiess N"""-~"""" .:o' . OF A(' regards th e applica t.:S sud rob be: s .th ~ '.[e:.~I ..tute'..~..'~" iI! .'_ '.q.ar..for~' '''rqlsfq '~ja:ya'fl!.u.~'l'..'" '['.3111" She responds to .. Lf __ .."'11::' selves to'._ .:"'0" tectio :'n'" D'" if..E.1' n 'C i. emphasis 0'0 the :four[h.J: _". .1f~. . were.".f----' the I. -= I~J 'IY!!__:.'. ..."_l~V.~re 0.1.~. . __ I..a..!~ :. .~..56 T " 3.iU suffice.-.:_ It·. .I.'.. ' The 'w'o:rdl' ~{ar~u]agata:dill. (c) the ones afflicte by disease.

.g..'t ru I~ 1.ra'idlJl.' '- c .1" . !tl I . .--:.t' " t'he .!i'~"'e.. 'II... k J't .. '.ess.1. The areat tsi of the U nan isad has thus.itfd~v.r.ce the mother Oln '~:h}ecb ~ d Is .:liOg or n e wortc -renounctng :m.of ~ e ~~~'11. ' [.'l!ir. _:_"Q. ' th .. ls the fervour 'with.' ..'t is.1 that 'gr.j!i . The f:irs't '~hingtin this.PRAKRTI." + .J. .() advise him regarding the social conduct he bas.Il .ea.~U¥.tl.jo.d in... wbieh S:d g. piven the r earthly mother a precedence over the father ~and even the preceptor h imself ~'with rel/I. .r.r-!!!. I t 'is a..'..3 S e'njo~in.!iji~'.a~" ~ up· .:1 2)" '.-.B'.+tiI 'l 'it ~ . b=l~~"''''.cid'". m Ij !II II!' 'II' .'·. well.tirrya~ l1pan..cp._ _.fbi .s.PARAM.bh'a' 'Consider your mother as.api' .' 'M'~' '-'..totr. the scriptures the preceptor goes 'On 'I.A.W~.i. I ~. truth and lead his H:fe in accord ance wi th the tenets . Hs. but never bad _m otherl ' w·rt ...8y' be born". ·..m..~s~ec~at'es :~n hi Dle'v'~ap=-a'. J" ..on. '~'.rd 'to the respect to 'be :dlOWl1 '.f "--:"f...-S.1J.P1 it."'".gcourse 0. .lt I~ 9. 'tOI cultivate.T" I..:£ Vedic studies..ku:mata na bha!v:a't:i'·~'!'A bad so:n m.' '-"'-"-:-::"0' TK" .1IJ1 ·_.of dlui:rm'!i' .af:i.lo 'va .'.na:ua\~.ka.M.Eh y d'u. ' ...~ eb 'Id . S I"".~.-.~ .e. lNTRODUcrJON 'Tbe s:~ udent ~after ha vlng fin shed. C"."d. God' (Taiit. .ra:.:i.~V'It.Ji''l! . ". -m" perio -'·-.'. _IS r. JlO.ksamj..(1 'I.l. .c'.' .. ~."'.I.orrl. has Just approached his revered preceptor 'to eet fro m him parting advice After exhorting him to sp eak 'the.e.. I~ l 'i 'j'_.. d. '.IiP'Cru.~.~ CCo '~.AM' .n.q {'1lf~..known 'ftlct and a ~~O matter of' au r di rect a experience thet 'the i'ntlue:IDJJ....utf!O J~i'¥c't:a' Ie ''V.' . . "~'.ii" 1""".i~'a~. his :11!oin.lry ...y . .:.~ .

Ji .'.1 [.. however greai 'm'3y be. Ifthe effi."~ 1'". merciless '~nmeung OUI! punishment 'when the chi d Ierr s N. 'A~V inl.'.5 the Supreme Brahman :t.g. One whole Pursna the De'vi.adoring it as th. body ln "... as God i.::: IU ~. amakrishna So it hl the behef of the dev otees of Sf~' that Sr~ Sarada Devi..!tiI" . in a female form as His consort.-.:nY~'bi.:'.e. The concept oft.~ br" attained the. in its Dev~. . .'" !UI "_'.j "..devo :ed to the expleits of the D.. No wonder that man casts his God in. Is . - ..58 and authority and '~s. :" Mother of file U nive .nde"ua . be agle in accordance with his own promise (O.: . I"".j..ita!!..s. R .viin.so the merchant Samadhi (see the C.msellf'. .makrishna.I.' Iii . '.Purina' is wen known.8. .c3 CY '0 "the worship of the Divine Mother had been taught by Sumedhas and proved by t he king Suratha as a.rJ:kt.no. acme of' [he spiritual life.. Father stands for power I ~ III demonstrated even more vigorously by' Sri Ramakrishna in recent times. Ibb. . minions 0'.ne consort. 4~7) ~Hindu theology declares that God inea rn ates in 'a'hum an -0'"rm~'" :I~. She cannot bear to see her IchUd castigated.' M:irk. C.he mocherhood of'G." J . 'K. Wor..1111. people consider and worship Sri.~..a'n'dr" it was I) ii' Ei!' II life._.ng new to 'the Hindu mind. W'rk.e Mother. female 'form. We see it as early as the ~g-vieda 'itself. 1It" transgressions.se . Today.'1i" 11.. He.ot 'so the mother..ir~ the Mother with tbe attituc e that She i. his d~vi. m al -.a~ The. wh: incarnated Himself in a human body 'to fulfil the need of 'I.n .s!elf.~a'va't:a~'is.a'odi of '~b.~_ .1 J' .C'..s'hi'p'pin. As for the hymns on Her' 'they are just too numerous to be mentioned.~.: a.' './l.'.t. 'i'nva'rwab~:y brings His Sakd orpower. a human form and that 100 '~n ..od is.

IlIQl.J. Prem a:~ i £g.bh'. Iir' a.r' '. . ti S and swuging it as b:haiana t(:rp:~e se her is filii: I~jn..n'~'n.~..1 " .~ n'lFiic.oUS W.. . ·Wi·t"b. poetic genius.l I!J. q'U'ietl.' __ ..flu.. ~WII.m V.'fijii)'9 ~ .. " vtrtues..II'lill~ iO"':f: IDO··· -'v d e.11.' .. ..II.'-:"Vt'I. I.~IP.. F..b ut '1Ii1IInL~·e~..nda.n' _. B':·rg.J1..e-.0'1' Ad vait a.l. .. ' "ie'' .e:k.11 l' .l.l : gl'_Y' '[1...... til". . Abhedananda.ndas:~.wam!i...anu after 'l!I'~~~...'"-.i x 'h.Mother :: ."I.0 ut of'tm'6:se las..~la are the jch'.Oj~Qb'''''' n 'li"lir'. '!Ii)'I9i"g"n' ':'..'bm· . sue.W .ana:nda~ $.. Shivan anda Saradananda."1:5 tt!"U'IFiICII' ~IWI~ '~ 'Y'~..~. n". 'm' . 'e ' ~'I cb U=.11.D.:ns.." .I. we can. ~. say that Swami A bhedana nda is 'the fs:i of '~. :d Sarada Devl is the !de'lla ta'..~tll j ..~_ l~iU!!!""".O····N":: ..l" U 1. ... 3 • none other than rhe Divine Mosher H:e:rsj~I'f" hat this T behet is OO'E w'i'Chout fouadatien becomes clear by an unbiased and careful st:u.eo.. and He has composed :s.16 '~'~. IFf..M.I ..a ' s mother' ."-.!II S·:-.Ia y!'..31 I.Il..orn." .~ .·_. 'H::id~flofj' ber 'n.' .]i ~ 11.1I1 I -.•._'u.~ _ '. to manklnd ~'A.I and up.lIl'rii~ "H .d:~. 1I1V~~1 ~if" ~l~ 1.h~lI!u.'ea:r.a. a I!!I'I if.:..'3'y . I 1 .neseienc our. ]" "0:5. ~ 'I = '.. . ~D 19 POu. Ramakrish nananda.~lv .t.'U~':r'~""D' ove. of 'II 'II d' 'L.·.a.UvUJ." .~g 'to.3rnurn. teed'I u.~.~'f/: rh 'e Ram_a hl"~ '!fo' na iO. ..: a n..'i .. .n g'lo:rv and withdrew herself from the stase of' the wor:~d after be i.IIl'[1 'tri~."b.-.~ AA'iF'~e~'~ _'_ _:'.y e"dlJ~b~~: e highest ideal of woman hood in all Us' '('.- R'i\\T~ .u. urn S'U'.'..l. . .· "9" ...f ~.~~.·" .g:i'r...r..:. Abhedananda was speciaUy' ...Aler _ _ ___ '_' . U". 'verse describes 'the various glorious q ualit tes of the .h'i:s hvmn ..totak'. I.'oUowing.llll~ ch osen here 'ir. . -~- ~ -- ~ ~l -~. b . an U's"'. T'i .'~'rv 'nlJ!A'il'll known an .. through anda-s-ea .'[Il..J As ~:heM'odl er. W""" muD ' aste F~ is . their noble lives. the highest realizat ion .. . L ...IIII'J .ted w·i tb deep S. . -.. '. Yoganande. crbiose to an· ._ G!.s. . of' exqu isite beamy on S:d Ramak ri shna an d two 0:0 Sri Sarada Devl ~...]I ~"1I'i'I1 [Illl_~ I!l.III"""...1 I .a~n:sJu"'ru'I~. .".'. !ljl!!l!! 'This fi:r.. A 4.' I~I lr"' 'b''':_:.I.~._I~! . '.ill..ns loonvineed that her self-appointed duties 'we:re "IJ'~ lll.-. ~.I:~:U:lFa.1 fine.'I"il'lil his own ·W'··.. the usual t radition.~ I I 111~!i:l.g. '1FiiIIe'vit' 1l1l'~"1i1"lll.~ d u~:VI.. B rahmanand 8)".I.A" '.. o .as '~O ent I'f -.. . -~ ..o.er .'...~!llL~ l~rI..· ~:gi"m·.A.ch:i:~d'fen': Swamis V'iv.n:n.' .'I1l0"'t :6:0 . ~.I~...~' A:"'· '0"'1!'I1'01' these i m _.:al. her lii':I'II'1Ii~~ .~. p h .._ .eka:n. . J!....1:\.. so were her spiritual .~...v. _. a j'" to Swami 'V:iv. 1.~. till .9b..un '.yul.11$11 ~ i:: .iyo. ' '..t '~W""O .

160····· . 'if"Ii''Il'"..l' . ·.- l [1:11". ILI .1 ..rti (Supreme Pra "rti) ::The procreatrix air the material cause 0. . ... IlffJ!~iU - .II.. I.'f"g.r!!.Cj IS'unJiem!e in hlu'man Iotm._. '.... All.ili""'l~ ..' prsksti rb p' 'B r. i.~.".. 1"".l1iga~. d_ __:''J'l__:'____ A..!!I.II s."._"_..III:M!.8.' ... 'vfkrtj' or modification ~According to the . '. II ~ r l!!!l! .I J1U !I ...'·'_'lll- ~..t'lli' ".0.:. .I.or::~n-jtes t··· tb "c". - j. _:~~.r" Bestower oiboon end b~lisS'! Distress ot souls removesr '~_ ....r Uoi)ii '. .. ii ' . '. _ _l t!" _.!I.a-tosalka~irh' ..~i·r"J'°D· 'I·:r.JMI"'A·-. \'F"'a~._ _. J t" a:'C'n'-:-d p..t _ ~ I"'J' . rU'I._. .'GI 9m' J~ g'~:I'-m'~·:--· eII'f·a '_'JJmrif'''~n'c JI.r~~ ~. .."m" .l '-1". Q -. '.]1 U' ..~1 JIIJ Tbou mskest them comemed and tree.I:i!IJ-'!!!(1 rl ..'(:..' '. '_.~ 11''1~'''\O-'' IJ. ._·<. A: __._ " ~£~~ . other words are adJ. '_.. ~ J~ P am~ '.m. 0'Great Motber ottbe world" selutstions everm --'T:L'e-'-'e.:. .II"" :L.R--:-:' "y. _._.t:a-se'vak.1 1Wr-A _' . g 1. . '!!i..or ~_.amama bha 'Va'm-~:-i \V: 'iJ"\gdji"m "a" iI"'~ii':nloOl'd" IL. [LI ..iiI~:I. U .: B~ m":I'V [~!~. ..iI. 1_ '_!l..OJU]._'t. a..::_ iiJI! 1" .he thing itself is.tI CrI IIJI.. e '~W' Iv'Ji I._. eetives to 1 .i. It COr" ·:M··M" ~'I\..':.ara. ~ ~1...ii '" 'FOrni ~ Ilu.!~QFrMj·II"~ rU ". thing is called its prakrtlr." . '_ I_ H' "!:II' 6 IU:J... ..".. 11"1... • '~0 Pea -"f.m··"-..-".. -.' ' Ani.'.. h-II. I' . __ . I _.a' pIT3:k.:·. J~a Let nsid er them one by 'O":'-'~~ V ilv '. !Ij_·rl:."..".__: ".. The last line 'is the principal sentence.. I :"_['.s'rn. -.I.. :"~m···J~ *.'hIIO:U [!II! as gIl to L. I:..JJ'U. 1.l. il'iIi g.~I. . I I~. ~ ~~I!!J - 'JfY~ .D. ':r"0 i~ [0.!h·· '0':-:-: su trender a _[ "'T'h.~ . . ..I ~I " Para.I:IIJ. d'" An .. "_ lll. '.'p.nln·' te __ no'.o. I '~c J Q HI 1~Il.[I:'ii I"._.. 0" which .

p. or 'mIUk.~ .-:.au'..'_' '~...' . . "'ill. . hl1m.~~.~... . h·' _e'll.B'ram'a' p' rektti..:. :t.lIj.am... 'j'PI\'.maya..' . com from a 'sense of dualitv '~.'x·em'~m'iil:ii' 0' f" I the snake coiled '-.i. ..... . t' ·'·.0: . -.'.~IV.! -.'.III'1I.iJ! . ('.'VBS'Uam .ltSEJJJl S b .-.III·. ..Q. V. relation 'between the tWOI be-log one of no:n---difiere:n1ce Of [ta'djtmya'~ "--":: .. ' bereon).'.'.fu.~_IS wor.~ I~~I~. 'd:-I Ica.-.1't·~·· .o'··"!lIA ~.::!' 'n li'lirii"!iih'lf"..11.' de 'I'" ·:"!:Iot'i.cause .Ihll !Ii.i']IoP .'L.ng retuge '10 h .'e B" 'L.'I'.. 'I...F.. I s·· til: ... . f..L end.D.l'a.. relanonstnp b lw.L".ma ... be also gives the example of fi re and its buri ng power. t"!!!I1 I ~... '_ B' I.IJ!l!ir.. b eO"'"...d-' .r-J¥c. I!.'Ii-..1'.a'nk.. ~.. .~..-. - .'·jl.a~ U p'. !.. Brahman and the latter . _. idei +~"~~d' :·_.~'--..at I ....l!.1" Hence Brahman ~s '... ' '1I. vce:n ._ .d'iU. -_'.c-.Il....-.9'1"'~'n'~ y I.I.j-.~. .ii' .'.8." ·.~.".~ I .-~I!~'!a~".__ t.L.anllill.~ C8. e I~~' l!. . .' 1i.U.' I!I. U'E.II" ...i!!....:..~lIl.IL. ra.·.a:tah.v .-.- presen .' •.yo:fl'~. Mother Sarada Devi.'e\m..__ fear '_ ~ Iii V J!~.af."Q ~t[ll~ .-" ::L.--'. n-bh« .I wl'tL. .[ IIJ._' . .. 4"\ ·.g. ' an.!. _ . tne . .tt·. krishna o·ii'i:jI~~ ~Jl~I~ upS~rl.42)'" savs 'that . IV~iI![8:. .. ..:rd~d as 'ver.i!l!. d·:-· ee8.. v ing . '1 ~...1" I l'.y--j ~ 'The same 'U'p-.-.. r. ..lnIUIHliD.R"'.I6ii.~'~··.-·'ii.II~..total libera tion itself ~ S:~ee she is dayas'v~:u·'up.._.1 ..IJ '" ..lll!!li.. ..Ue J].!P c!l..Iv l.a1l3'_.lmJ ..~'!fnl ~ l _¥ ' Illliiir. h .. . be it a ti nsel or. _" _ ."__ ' _ I ..fi'~'$:au .a..I'. Jl '_ .eY .:·Jamla.mans...s e !'!:IIkit. :..A.--. ma y. .. 'm' ean ::-..~ ir. TiL.'-:(.~ 'reo ". ~'I!..·"'·~_I:__ itself. .0.S"" _..~i:r'i~~ '-.AT~ SONGS 61 . 1 uena 'eil ~"~. &' "U~J'...'h-.wee'ft tn e two" hW h" iteness " to le::x:p.'....!~ti''. lled .iV '!!..-.(l'iii.f..il." ..- '.n.. ' '.4:'" 2:·13'~' ~~~IY. _ I . .she i Smee one goes b e.' ~ Ii .j. . sarvabbava'mu'la'b s.... ·e:nv~_ ""'" '_ ' .' I!!I ]I 1..a ~p.~~g:as av':_aya:""'I'" .... pa.A.ng t he root 0. rega......e . h''. A \ !I' jill"... uel.8S..'..a".I. -~ m ate -'.· '8 L j IS asso CUUed.Uel . [ . ._.Q.."..i the consort of S\riRamakrishna who is.'Ih ' .~. Somedmes..II'l!. ~ ~..iI.#.11 'm-'. n'a l'i.'I' Bra h : ~i'man I' If sne 'Is fearlessness Itselt.'¥~~ 'if'Ii.·..~.'efeo:n. .'.-. cause.I • l' ': speclal power often designated .~ all b OODS..ill 'ii:iI~ .au rears.' '! - . -' _ . ..l'!." '.p-!!!. ..Lit.1(111 (vi 'd-:' e '. 2-'1 ~/" I"b-':: -. ~.1 "":" t. '.ng of W.a'~ · d 1' ":' ~ .....d:CI.bh"tj'yam.· e· anta.. esignatec d as..AI u .of' ~ ..-'e-.!I!!L~... _ ':=d' . '~~"_" .g..h ns ".tt. .· I I same wh ..." j \ .~"I.R.f. 'f:f"'~. 'lUI O'~'iiI. beio.: - -- - ~j I.lI " " ._..t . .r:aIU.' ".r_h.~~ bestower nif·... '. ano th e er . as depicted later n ---. : ilLS.le I " it- Consequently._..'d'vat.. ""'" as " ...L.I. iii:1!.i.~scommentary 'tl[~.:.aran .(d the I~" '.. .up.".I JIV~' ... .-.o"nt" .':HI"~'_' . _:_Cb.. _.:_.a. .'·.I!) U it. :J ii-sri'tiy'a'm' i'ti a bha.I"!i"t'r~. R! ~'Il..' . ess IJ J" l~!j]! Tb-' e B' . AI.the '0'. "d-. an. i1: b / ta.j . the. ~ .!_" ~'.. I lLl. .e:r.. ~ ...I'ril.'~ernadv'ely': This mundane existence (s'aJnsjra)~. . ' mJ' 1 'Ii !I rbli. v..~e. I El" i.'- r~ " I . .:. . . ean b d" ee .:n~a!di' (bestower of b oons): Sh e .-.a.a' ..0 f 'it'h-'~ ': .. 1~~~11..~ 'i"U"'t'-h'-.Blws. sne :IS tne -n1O'0..P 1 U = .J'-IJ'.'.L:.~I'yBrahman byhis vote .~. . asked for ea rnestly .. " I.. _::.a-.. 11. the . and i-~~.WI1W form er .. =~O~. ." '1" . 'II .i!.jns rsranman ..an:isad mentioned 'd' esianates noeranon or i!!'nlu.r:akrti here . ~..

. a boo.ra'~riipa.. divine H play . t hi.y is thrown upon the' shoulders .j' in order. her he so le pu rpese of . -' .a:y' fo r " 8.res'po:ns. 'to. 'P'ICOp'. 'to com e down in a humen form whenever .~~ give whatever he r chi ldren pr.• Hence a tremendous . In.a.hest a.g.'is ful . is.Ie are co i stantly'sufferin.J:r..---"0 says Sri Ramakrishna.. sh. she has. parched hearts 0:' people.ou d lalw:ay:s cui tiva teo the.iyi) ~ This applies 'to her .{j'. she. it is ridiculous .0 ask: lot' ~a brinial as.cause of physical and mental maladies ~They naturally turn towards God after ex haust ing a~n.r. [. So '.m'.bound by their previous karml.of her devotees who should be ca. come into being through my OW'" inscrutable power (01'.ra (dispeller o:f 'the distress of people) : The 'wor~d.says :in the iuiti (4.: e comes down a.t }..[e protection of' .~dj. It is in answer ~'O such prayers o. fact.g "L:~.'one.rg€ '" she 'w·j.. The Lot -.ris born out of her own free w~'U~! due.efld in selecting their boons.e .incarnasion .. busy run soothing -.nd aJ that leads to the highest '" N:a.: . the emperor..f people in distress that she has descended." man" to :fulfHHi:.62 {ve.dhaTma~ Moreover being the is consort of the Lord.i.a.othe. They should neve" ask fOlr 'Such things as wi n.skill1.'6) : 'I. They are born in spite lof themselves w·be.biU'..lna-tipa'-n.~.a~~ '"The only purpose of an so a"v:atara~ 'i'h..' is. 'U~timately in crease "heir bondage and ma lit e 111'emsuffer ~Standing before.Jari (the wearer of the human form) :: The ordin ary mortals are born here beiag.:rle:asthe :M. If the Lord ls busy putting 'the bou' se of dh[. human re sources cbe to dispel th ir di· tress.of misery. habit of .e' her' compassion tor an.gl :fOf' th.

j)ga':tas..raqi..o ave surrendered} h .r to get wor~d~y desires fu~'fin:_d.S. se'v.ARA.. It must be accompanied by feel ~ . urrende r ~ ng s '1.' 11.:1S '. ':5 wirhour saying that She 'win also give ordinary contentment (which also Is to:~a)':: y 'fulf~n. ~ anc also the: consort o:f the incarnation 0:(' the e Lord..·- .T~.total contentment ('£>fa).e'i . c-. ·· S .r. fut ilment of' al thelr multifarious desires. they are 'sure to get what they want.ve not only what they 'want and have asked for.·r and offer worshipful service to Her. rare virtue.tOS.. 1. She: will gi.are constantly pestermg the 'Divine :fOf' the. for Cil.'.'_". Sar:a'nj'a:ati is total surrender ~Jf [!b.t:jon :.3.J.or spiritual progress attained . "~I . piralJilma to . certainly fulfil their desires. :a hum ble mood of self .1 __ 't hose servams of hers ·w:~·=.ing th.As.a'ajJ. She 'wi~.ahman the primordial caus . they must becom •.d devotion.U and pi -odl'l!Jce. b iy respectfully bl)wino down "0 Her This bO'wino down is not L. ~! of ~ Contentment is a.~'a or liberation.e~y bodily posture. U ni versal Mo. Of course.f.'theF-. u)' [:O·i'R.r£Ul'a. but also that w'hic'h (_~he'Yhave not..-ivais worship ful service... already d. :.: 'ffica1ci QUS.'_' la. viz In(1. The easiest and 'the mos . It <sdue to the lack of i' that _~ '-'0 1.o:a ra-se va k» _.amii (I. there is. .Q:Karl' (giver O'.g: I..' . . L _".·~contentment . os' p'ti.am.. -'111'["' these devotees lesser dest re . H f orm ornomg 't hi . iit go:.Blk:a's and sa. SONGS 63 [5a. . - 11 ender them selves to the Divine 'Mot.l:ii jana'nf (the Supremc .." I " . 'This wH]1put an end to' their desires once. one cone .'he is [he.esedbed lin the int ~od'Uction~.1 1 .. plul.tiim i. Morher of the worlds) . ._'_ -'~'-'_: -I" . since she is.k·.."·.'he.er.. ::ut" 'then -. bow down 'to) : W'hetbe. the Deity is to be propidated.P... e doi doi ..rsQ'.

f 'not min .. .ill.[ ~" I lll..J '! ~ -. lsa 'vas'~al Un:[J.[.:.)' " ~tq.!IiJl'dh'lq(I lUi..~ ! The.!I (."".~~.anc c evotee no ·:QOWs.C'::--'.d ~'ii1 -. .po..~~._ 1.. .~'-Il. .bha' va sa:gar:a'p. ' S'.obeisat 'lee" ce unable to' '(hi w b ado:r'at'~o.'Ut Ii.D 10'. I.r~iof 'the ..c' ind icates ~ "lUI . '£::.a (9 .IUU~'. Him and ll)l. 'tLIS' .".. U~.. ' k -.oet e rh~ now' prays fo her again 'with a view' to drawing her at' tention 'towards her many luckless children who have aequired the ~iQ..2 ry po werful we..g:~ii'm'" ." .... Lord repeatedly bo w down 'to. Jl ~~DIL~.r nature. dyin.a. 'J VI· .J !I.pa!y. 'e "U ' '" lS ~r.alities lL p'-.""" ViI 'II. ~-td'!II d (-aft' 1i411rtl ~..n In" the .. '. ... _ 1Ii_!I f~lg.'I L •• ~ __ ' .! surrender ~I...L lUll IQ • feeling o':'. ~t"i"'. p".. ...!iJ!!~..~' vI.al}lim .Ii :.m'ama>" ~btt tbiIne. .t I' ".g.j'..-'-" ".ara Karim .~ H'.".-~.ams's:klar.Oit... 'n·c. utiO'.lIl"ii~ . the ret of her de d' her b"._ &11. .][1 g .£". . ssed 'q'..~e. " I'."._:_" :"'1 _ asks Arjuna in the . ( Jil. ..3' i I~v .:_:_ ~O'... "~".0 .-~ ..' '~I\J. 'i( II - g'U113 -hina' .a:' i'·s'. _ .mam.a'I'"ya' ..nlw j~gatjm 1 .lu. [ JUl.~.A"RA .~.. • ~ . Ur .nv" 10'1'k e~SaL~."..!lIlln~.'_ 'l .anv other W'.J.yut:tin s k:r. ~L' g'~J' it! -.: _~.I...e.P1tu1iJ'..~Id 'F'".ilI51ft:l1 . ('_" .B-par:adha .]8) tries to' propi tj ate U1.. • '--::-"~ "" -.III. .! " i After describing the Mother's bi._: _ '_ ._ ~j' '¥ I.:.~ ~~ .d' 11.'C: !ilI~ .C Supreme b:y' jus' n.a:. "~.samuddh'lJ f.. ff Ill" 'UI"I~i1i'ftl q1j" "'j'14t~'Gf4-htu.!v.IlI'g c _ m SOiN'(iS 'ill • The w'_"~o. ~:-.~l 'J~ . 64'-._ .gh.i piarim jana.(..# . !!.:5.__ ~. .II".. :_: ~ lUI . -h' d's 0' f'~a d" "..' 'I'!!~' .' na " "I)' .he ~~.".8 mohaga'ta. '" bo '~" wretc I.OW ..34) to 1 I' • . LIJ~ .· ~ _ o v· ~'I.g.r'~. '.' . . U.!.n t'ar.nis'lJ'.!Lr-~ habit of constantly erring :: '. ! I j 'The.IIb.

T~y sons bound in' m'iya~scbsin WhiG' have virtu. -. To ~JTY' them scross tbe .' " O.Otf faults). Coming under its spell. of Ins.1 to 3) as daivi-stJ~m:p'a '[h.2~ Thro""gh' .arthly sea I . a d . ~hc)f have practically ruined the sel ves .. .' .~: _ . Or".'. .t. mista k mun innumerab IC· and cd ies. the wordeuna mav also m ean th e nd. 'l'j'-'" f· .SiS on. renunciation etc. t.e~cy Thou save do. "uri tv of m:~ etc.MM NTARY .his" '~:: y have committed e errors 10 .m'."S'r~ Ra:m.'.g.ay cla im 0:£1 the Kingdom ol'IGod.J' virtues -ike dev oti 0[1.. ses. ssion .m'ohagat.lI~krisb~n. aparadh..' inrto n de: usi on) ~ The vi' tues are those described in the (iita (16... . r' J' .d commiasson.: S'..ymn ern Sri Ramakrishna Added to t.a (:[a~~.e divine ''1ualities.e' none to' say~ Full oicrimes snd ever ~ain~ 0' 'bIDH art the lon'lY ship.h (! worki. ~ knowledge. h. due to their inordinate attachment to 'lust and greed' a.La~ ~ J JJ~w " l t~ .)f berg. : ~.ve se JI' !~l IE (Om' hTim etc. Be m'-c-y-'...6.a sed to say: which :i:'t~klf i'$ the u greatest mobe or delusion. 'uJ'h'iichS'waml:i ViV'ek~ nanda describes in the .p~.lUI :. ~JIII'~llt' etioas ever to T. hese child' en ".'6:5':: . hese children of hers have never cared to eulrivate those great virtues w hieh wfn enable them to 1.0 Q:r:C'8t Mofhero:flt. r-om .guQahJo'B' (virtueless). are ..: __ . U ke fea lessness.ayuta (full . an. ~~ ders. famous. . I .].

~1.Ja.m pas.· _~ V[~I people .f .. h.~ Re'no. s .-"0" . ."...I'n··'·ieh '-'0'.m·. the i~ across the ocean of It .some how '10 get into ...a't. I _.' I •• _~' '.~ 'iI'!!:' [IIJ r. ~"" '-.O·.. TLC" .ya'm . 'p.e' CO.----. _ ~ ':In-'Iy ... [..".. ' . .BI"am t..arf tara'l}'l .Wl. '_' .1(. " . .~'on.·lo.o~ i :s" '.·'·S· o Im--' _ .lm..en. •__ !~ ~. mverse. .... .':.. .. ~ oith"IQ esrtb .e. ji~ tne 'U" . h::.' ..s's'"bl llC onlly ·10···· the 'M.--su. I _' "L. t.kustUma'm par:l.otbe elf . _....' . ~. ~ _ ~l .s." ..." 'Q' .. IS·. 7 .a'.' ~ _..'.. '.a.·· .. my mind-bee. '.i:ara'-pjrak'...m p'iva bhfri:g. ~ . ~..O. IS ' u every " e..---: . -..i t or jus. dtJyj's~aT.11-..ay .'..:at~v{!t_. ~: " ::'(- '.uge ship .. · --..lp:..a..-. .' -.~I.bh'a'vas'ij..~.Il ~·['!I.est virtue L: n.':'~ sen se-ti"0" I • IW- 1 • . carrying hund II. smee e:r~' ~..~" .'-.b'.Uj..'~.'.'-' 'I compassion. -e - . ~gL...u'noe.l...'e..Ji Ii.'. -.aah.! One h~_.'1.·· ~"~.._ [ . .:=:·..-. 0 .lUi.On 1···~ Il.ansmigratory existence jtse:~'.b-' ..capable of... U'Il..e . .· ~.-1 ..'-. 'au 01."'. ···uru·lamr .nam''._ W"·/~'F·'" . .a m.~p.·s u.. CItIranam '.1 3... .. ~ .0": -.' " PI.i' (verse i8)1~She is fike a .n..this ship carries reds ont.. i r.hrty:a sadi...r.~g su. . · . N··"".·d '.m. .:'".. "~ii!iiI'g..:'B or ~ ~ " .'.It . '~'" ..ils ~'!S:-.t) bhllj' Vta.~'a.. I.ro. : 'be picked u'p ~That s .: p.'-. 'Ii. 1_. ~.lul I!~ IU·.ara m ._:..ARATI: 80 "'08 1 •• .~.aram Jan. t·II.]l 3: _ I II ~l 31 v. a-san t"r.. !!- ..

~ . ~ . They appear sweet in the eeginning but turn out to e. 'I' So -..nd I .)[·J] 1'.: .In p: .1.' I • . __ [!"'l The mind is.compared here to :1 bee.. '--[.:i i't takes a.··~[iI!l ••• 1_. .N' os .·... ..].'·-·-s ~'o·:·..!..rilleaecrar of 'Lotus-teet' "o.P. 1. t_.1.::~ .IIi.. 1_ •. from object to bi ..J e. 1Il.... '11 i I _I- -l....vicara'd j'ti a' .m God and br~ngs1I1~:S~ry ~ I I.•.'·.i_. 'J(! juice.~ .I"\_A'''I.._1_. :.Q' .a.. ' Drink .takes the min d arwa.u.'poisonous juice 'from the wayside 'willd flowers.41 nl." j I' I.! lti b eeomes vJ~a.. I-T'h bi f th h d fl .f'ignorance:.·_'·I.[".1" - - - [f.. '" . f' t d-I . b rus oee 0':'"h re mmc is now engagea..}-·:.=l. ever fi.~ [_.>ljI 1 . IIV~!l :_. An o'bj eet of sense is called vifa.p t. .1. __ ' _.':t-·-' _-_. . 1..black . ewers ( 1I'.fJ. ..r..:aJ' s."" I.J" •. The bee. Tn'~n'l)i..." .iv*h·.OJ I ..lI!. z. Ao .~'"D"'. . .""" ".J=t.a· . ..j" • J' - _ . The mind·:is fun lof the darkness rO.lects.'_.:_.ce.-. [" -.C·O:··iM·-··1l~J¥'1J .e o..:n.ab.~7s'ava-kusum[a)' Material e-nJ·'O'y· ments aile the pojsenous '~'.:.' n ." -.-.1 rm 0": .. .. [0:' [:'c senses aile the 'WI... ~ _' ~ l . '.:'"n.oj" . -·ea····. .-.1..8._ tt va.tkJn.cease to b-I...a[Q ti 'ViY'lJ'ia va ti ba lill' manah p.Ij.:_.. 1/." • - be bitter P oison II .- 'OJ .t·E·""-"T·AR'v " ... z.~[ moves.g'the._ ill J. _ j .I.1' !Il i.. !e.g on the venomous flowers of the senses 18J. '. Y··IS: sknstkm ·s·~ ever ._ _ __ _.if.....y:: ~ J' J' fro.Mother of the' world" Be m··. ri ..11 r ..ll[ mIT.111 the end (Oit:i._.[cl~t~!e. l '.o:-~ Thee! .lJ. :__r...Y nee 010e. i i -_!-- l_ ----- '_ . o .'-. III 'Ii."" -thEn'!J'.. 'iI"IiI'II.' y c·. '.' !. 'The aspi ra n t bas to eajole thi --m i:nd tO a._ :'. "d·-' .ce th. ~ TI!. Greet .::c-.__"'__:'~. '_ ':JI -..c ..J' i: vi$ay:a._" t_J '_ •.ummate '1. eonstanny S U...t .~'" R . Ico... compa. _:. : _:_·~a:__:..L'a __ tho"IU-'.. flies constantly So the mind. -' . a._..:. eH' :. The bee is._'.i Vie up its· ha bit of ali·. 's mi nd fro:m the thoughts 0'1' the Supreme -'vi s..lso.S. .:C1.8)...v[.-w'.ca ra m'B rto'.e.h"~ Thus by its verv nature i~.''..1J} ~..·.. o _." OJ [-c·· .ID. Thus 'Vi:S~fl"a " \.._.3._... "IFl' '''''0'..

'.': .~'~'V f!b-·..t.7d-. IJIiY'i~' i' "t.CCl'T8'nasray:':'s: . aspi 'ant being' rade blessed in' he process.:. Grsa·n' t tb em rei: IUCl~ a.sb's. t ~ ' I~j' tee ~: .ven before.·' take ·~O the pure lotus of the Mother's feet. . mind to better u.~J Tske their salutes ever and on.~IlA··_. 0 merciiul Mother! Tbysotts bowing to Thee suon. 1.. .A. ~"a'esu k t .."'f' A 'p' : (Ill L '_ ~ . '".when purified and well-directed ."~ ~ihU 'il I I.'that redeems So say 'ih.'. scriptures (. m I ways.a.. fu.. II! .a. T.~' y: . '~iIl·... _"..it..am'.~l. and G.1 . The poet now supplicates the Divine Mothe to show' Her special grace towards Her children who have heeded rhe advice gi.·.. Only 'thus C2Ul it be re deemed. 1 .. . i • ...f.Ii I'iii u:[ . 'in the fitness o things that 'the: 6 is aspirant shouk try his best to w. Hence i: quite. .b·mndu rVpa'ni~'a~d 2.an'e'n'a krp. the. 'fj te 4.~ II _~. ..n of the nectar of peace and eternal beatitude..ay.o'stu .. Pity: plesse.'.. 'thus: ~'im--·' ~'r: rn .mrt.. ~ .5:1 . I It is 'the mind that causes bondage and it ts the mind again . • i lI'U..Il'Sm'. e' vi' sute« p:'--::-'Fa.":n over his.

Sr:i Ramakrishna used . Henee '~" pecial grace j.!iPi'21't i.. '0 ne. to :sa.d 'er vision of Pi.rv.ow·~ her :rd:s c-'hi'lld:ren'who have specially taken refuge in her..on necessary? Yes says the poet c"in_)i~' she: ha 'S OOrV'rCJCd her self '~-l_"ith the v..k.:yhat Sarada wasSarasvatl Herself (as her very name t suggests). ~O·N~'~' __:_ ' . giving the gift of refuge at her holy fe!~'t They do not crave for anyablng else.\aly:a~. since she is the Universst Mother.m~:. at bel' grace does flow towards all beings 'YihrQ are reaUy her O'W'[I. IV . '5 not the Mother automatleall y.ti (whose aspect :Kilii is) as a little gmr'l entering into her body. children. smee they have managed to give up vif. IJ-' !F What Is that soecial grace? Just this much: cara'J:.th.a ' .'li.ksI.. She is here requested to show' her grae . n • 3 v ru:z 'efo're ~ birth he rmother Shy' masundari Devi h .t. .a.. Her I.r.. look ar these children and btess them? Is a..ma' and h.li.. to b -:shown s ' to'W' u~ th -. but O'f Laksmi.I !R A-' ' .t 0.t is but natural for us 'to suppose 't.a'hiila.e'" Sri R.r..." n :M a:h ~rk. '11"..' .. ndre also had a similar vision. special s. Hence the belle :."~:IArlj Oil :. M.pplica. '~:.m\dana'. .D I" and Mah asa.· mach.u. But these ehildren 0' 'her who are now bowing down tOI her are 0'[' a special type.3VC chosen tOI adore her lotus feet.is~ay:a. because they cnow '['h~ 'hey get everything by getting thisl .e:il of modesty '! .us.-iI1t" . the ve ry pe rson ~fica ti 0 n of the t'h ree deiti es . . _ _ II Ii '!3.a..

~l.0" .. j. 1.'Q' ~1~IV '1' '.. ID'~V··.Ev:er since trom sin end sil.nl :.'.l"'ii..g.fl... ~~. . '8' .'-·..a s.. I ...' -'....rada" . of her eve '.:~'.Q.Q.a:~:.tly out ~ . 'R .~'lIi"Iii.' 'S:. I'·" 'c . ¥' ~ "u.J II . '~v ~u __~~ :-th e ~. 1~~..'·:J'-v '.I.. I~ I.r.· . sh -.1-: . ~ .y..~l1e IL.. knowledge and wisdom and free us from these sins.. .:..m .!IJ~ . '_. . .e: have erred" we have sinned !!.:-.• ~w. d WlS: om. g) ." be ti'-. nas .5"~ 10 S. Q'II':!..g:'iIf"!9i·d·-g' b·~' II.. I~II ~"I .'-'. I v -~~ ) •••• ' .e S:·J. [ . -It' _'. thee iddess "a.•. AU sins are 'the.~J!\'. ..~._tes..1.'I.-:-..".: .ra .a..lam. iiQ. ...-~ l. .'-.. tne grver '0I al r k at 'I know 'I e:_g. t I ~ ."..noe h.. ~ h~ lan.'1ed .''''. a Id-I~!E'!"'r'-..8j\..v':-I"'~~..f] :_m~. .~"r'0"''" ~r_1 _' ·wo.'1 '_ h'.~ ~ gre.d that 010 dest Y'is . . C'::O': '".I'~'.Q.~emp h" '"zec t us 'point.m.f'!j:'. rm . . I" ~"t. Protect us' from the meshes of these mistakes and shackles of sin ~ cries the: :poet".ifi"'p-'llit.<... ' n .... c.. Ion .. ..~:a.' 'h-'i'"I . he ~s '. J. .t 'be gre atest om ament lor a 'w'orm.. results of tgnorance of our real nature '. .SIi!ltSO S·····.'iI"'ii£'"'.'~..· a.J\._._ WI. pleesc. Q J _..1'f''i1 _. in 'c<I'111Id~n:g: wo "Ir''md·._1: - II" .ILi~~ IV.' 'iI'" .go ._' ~ I~~ 1_._· 'C .. Protect us.r'l's h na tnmse ']f' '~..AD" ~'" oueh ~t? .. CQv'e._ ~ _ _.11'6 . ayJ"kca. she .I..U~U"II' ~"W.~ _~.::.C'.. l ssluu: Tbee. ear-rings !OJ b e.~~g ~'U. ".. in 'Modest veil'. " .!llil .'_.a"vr. .l he .. from tIl·.gra'cio'u's Mother ? Giver oi wisdom.ra. I!I ~ 'S·.Ie' I.. '"·" nowl Q. ..d·. . In this an d the next two verses there ..ess . J '. -:- '1" _.s.m.ys. .. .'.A' . .o. - ."'... ( rn ~n.O·. IIL~Jj~ . Ii ~ _. and :11._. . .' 'JI - . IA _ ~.a _'_'.'·w: . onl y 'W. .an. A y.: f·..llla il".J]W . .e"'a"-:"..· U'. a.lj~IIlLIl~~~!13 A····· slance Df. -..en'oe s "e WIQU.~.sh . .~'p.iIi:I'!i '~a~~.J _ _ ~ ~ II ~ !Wi lL . d' _ .'~IGiV'e.:..-. .. she 'is l.: lJjll~' I . srn ers JW"~ .r~ . .. ·So 1i"'r-=e . . .~jjOjlF: ~~. _ .s.~ -"'dl~II' ····r-'t....' .y'.·d 0' r ~.~ 'n".if''II/f I 'Q 1'1..... IU!S.f"Q f . J " _- I.' ".'Il.:-.._ I I I~.. '=' ["'0" I~. show to the wor . "' herself with a Y'leH~Sa.H~).' TltU1J: is the.':. I'~q .._.DJ.~' a or 'S:··:·::.' \ ~.'oIi:" v' ~J' .r.g ti..e~1 !.a.- "' Jjl~.'_'1.w.. . ~JilJtIll._' _.ld ah a... l. L)\gJ.t"'d"~ lUi into a nherd .a.a'. .~. ide'nl~f:ying himself with the ordinary devotees. __ .iI...I."-". '!.I. ':~'I-I"d" 11 .e'!ii.r w. _!_ _ ._.01.glll'Li~.-. ij. . transto . ..···~1 '..'er. CO!MMENTARY She wa nted to.'[-.1. i"Ii'F lUi .'he ni d sne i Jnana . _ . :-.e ~.IL 1 I.

_1I1'Jllg. ' 1- II! COM'M -NTAR'\" She is rjma. JlL"I~ _ '..karaml J' p_ ~ :rallla..-.orces ave 0' [ entered deeply into Ra'Rl. ":li'_gJIg·.8'm'adhi at the ag.rsince her marriage at the age of five. · . 1 its oOII'OUary that she is Ever dear '10 her be are: w' .g'-'o&{'F8 !I.ola ~ Her life..' _ ~.'li Pi ~[£:-f'.I..E'v'e. ~J [~~.l1I !! !I! U . .11'g jll!!!' . she bee arne ._: 1_ I ..P'lfB.m~' w.'..k:· ~. Hence t:h Is epi thet ~ Or..ARA~.mimi' m'uhuT' muhuh ~ ~ s. _. her Ii'fe 'was one con nnuous m editation on.:iti.IlJl !!l 'Ii!'gll~ .0 ~~. r~-''i$ o· " U... which she .: ~. the to name of Ramakrishna agam. ~ [i .and Ioving ad on Ilion of Ramak r isb'rJ a.iJ ha". no separate existence apart from him" being his spintual iJ [!II'!I! '!Ii! 1 n consort. till :berm.-'" _' 't.tan=ll. _' .l.. Ii"'''. :SONGS 71 of the specialqualisies ofthe Mother foltowed by obe·~sQ:nlce to her :.t . krishna .kii r:i'i er i _ .BrHis name is ioy to Thee. S. .a~ta".e o'f' :sixly-six.~ '.".. l... By 'Such uninterrupted -.c:aU ed thus..am a-·sra"va. g.ta dbhlj va.tanji ta'-.l!-a-:priyi.ri! Ramak risbna.a~dbh'av. she "is. . Thy besrt to Rsmsktisim« doti» remsin.p.. o Embodiment 0.P "'iii 1II.::.k15na'-O..n ad. This naturally leads . ".." !iiI ttJf..h.:m· .'~p~ :I"I'~m'· . Issiute Thee ever over sesin.[ His thought elone.~" _C'itI. ~b hle'. n ~!p-ri :.a'r:a'fj...'.. '.j nee she .long.ked to hear over and ._ n&rJl va [ .

..3. C~nIM" I ..Y-embodiment or purity._ _. even h e the G · of . .' n. ..~ L qr."Oi.P'llvit'ram n::J y~1 caritam y:as~aQ p~vitrarh jlv(J'nam farha' (!'. I "_ w~ 1. even as iron ls transfcrmed into glo~d(1'[: th' touch of the philosopher's stone.· A"··T' r I' '. wi sh lor .~11'L~ad l!41[tl\+Nlll~I{ I. -"]j" ~" s' .1 7~ Noble Thou hsst e cberecter.J..u h 1i. Immaculate purity even as in Sita was i er especial virtue. ..r'. ijif' t:U '~l'i .BlS. V'" d a.._.~a'f'Iil:lillCC' I ':fi' e.72 A. Nay" she W. Her conduct was pure.ga. 0 Mottu»: Tbou Incsmste Purity fin .a v.' _.r SuID. t •• .C '_ . the ve.iAl .. __ ~.a " 'WUw~ .isv.'K· II..a. "'I.8. 'R '_...r..ad become one W:it.kurm'o tss .. or as dirty 'W' ler is made holy by contact Yl~th'~ e G3. _ 1'101: b .." Her 'W' ole life was pure. '_ '_ : · "·'k urn.ijwi" g " vi dliftta~=4T ..'OS.m~ 'L~ng" was coloured by that of Ramakrl J.n.Ii:fe' divine ~ Ever I bow t:o Tbee..ilra ..\roprs b.. That is why she could impart purit Y' to her ch wid ji us t by .~1O'1" EN' _ I~ .. ren ~ook~ Those who came In touch with ..' m'o nan1uh . who. •• ~ ~ =_ hna .ai J-~ai' ...er wei e transformed. Pun "is' Thy' . S: hiJi!" . IIfq ~qifgil~14tfttr '~l t'14 i{ ~ ~: II t~f.1 [ __ 11 ~ . I[[I .r!t 'R·'·' ."" ~..a~'[ip~'iny..



8' 0 Sara:da, Goddess Holy JI Killer IO,{ mise syin souls resigned, Sa'vi'ou.r' oiReligicm in e.~ery'age,; ,~y Y~gilldra' W:OiF"hipped',; o Motber ki l.! d" Givest 1'0\1;(: end wisdom Tll'DU" Grece Incarn'at.e, to Thee I bo'w,,,

De'vi' (goddess) : " e root eli-v h as several senses ~ the chief ones, being (i) ~tOIshine' (d,url)~,U) 'to sport' (kt.i~a) ( and (i;j,) ''to, 'esire to conquer (v,jigl,ii). She is at""i, :sjnee 'h' "h ...;i'" ~ fU S e IS rese 'd e t In ner .;.:r~~:wn.ie asp ct. B' enc ",='lng, 'lIn 0'f 'II.. ", '1'," snow led ge an" "_:.,,.,J ,-" sne IS respien d'iem'Ii>", I'D he "11"-- ,-, ec ,', and wISu,om,- '11;", rer ruman


aspect also, since '~wg'hr~' ;ym.bo~ru7.le:s, knowledge. Or, she is, ,..:I ,iIf, ,'.' 11" uC ,VI, ",", Sln.ce" 's-he ~''pO ,~', ,~- ,,'I"h',~, 'Jiio'1,..~ :_ , WO (,I bv ~ ,e,a,~lng,; ,,', 'IN L 1,lJ) ,Y Stt_,~',al. ng and destroying i,t:., Or again" she is ,de'vi, since i as 'Kili' Of Candl she desired to cenauer all 'the evil forces ;
!it",,, ,',
;P[f-"'" ,.", "

or as the Mother' of ,al,n; 'she desires ~fO' conquer the hearts of 1 h e,r ern "n.,g, C hild reD.;8, t h~rouBh"ave ~ , ,I, "



-, ••••







-'.... :--





(pleased '. gracious) : She :is p~f,a'satl'na:"ever pleased ever gracious ..:N[ot,3 single da,y in her Hf onean 'h "d sue put on :1 w:ry :f'ace, even m tne .~,' he nut " .h "d f le[l" '~('st 0', gra,ve



'1io.'IJ~,1f" R ;L'I,l~11'0' ·)m''lilU.:Ji'
MI'] rl ~,!


rion " S 1e


'n h e

person j fication

0:1 grace,

,k rapa'.rn,8iyi (verse 4) .
.Pr.s'."al'a-ar,r:i-hant'ri (the killer of the- - ise :ii, s of the sou ~sresign ed): She k ~:I] O:1r dest roys the 'miseries, 0:1 sou ~s s

who resign themselves unto her, sur: mder them 'elves at her feet ..This misery may be, physical due to. diseases etc .. Or. :il ma.y be:due to the problems posed by others in social '0'" I.t L., th II • .., I rl' ["':iIi' ite. .. .'[~ may ne d ue to '~ie .0. stacles l:n spmt ,a~,nre .. 'W~ud:e'vetmay 'be the complexion ot this. misery, j't; just d i' appears Into ,t h., air if ,on:~:y'~h,,- evotees can sur render n d th =- m's :_ves w~rh in tense resi gn ;3rton, I
I· I.'


Someti rne s, i~ ml,a.:Y be that the devotees get th e strengh

'to transcend ,aUthese worries andmiseries :L~spite cent i111 ue ex istence .

O'J' their'

(w(n~shipped by Y'oa:rndra) : Y'ogii dra or Swami Yogananda was h r first disciple who served her for u~ irtee n long years ", w.itb match ~ ess devotion.

0". tb e epith t may mean 'wors J'i ,ped by the Lore of th e y'Olaii.!C"'~'when taken I in ~ lilJ~n-ler'3l ell 'i'ii"'Q'Y" She '1'11I'og;~ 1\, cw .~ """..~.J r . on worshipped by Sri Ramakrishna him;· e~'f the, :kin,g of yO,g;;,.~
, , l ...





_', ,.





J.~ ~



as a~ by other yogis like Swa m i. Vivekananda and others, so
·Y:ugaldba'rma'~:p.i!rrl .savi-~Iurof religion in every age) :. (

Sinee the Lord comes down :iinev'rery age for the prote: tion of dbarm',3' ~the. Rel igion she too, comes as h'i s con sort an d helps him i tne aceom plishme 'l,o( tba~ purp ose ~
B'h·,a.kl'j~vijiiiina...djt1'; [giver of love and wisdom): Bhak.t:'i' is supreme leve of 'God. Vijd,j;.na is, the :s.peci,a·~

~'I[lus:ion~ but as God Hi 11l1Se~r. BO",h these are ~'i'k.cthe

know] dge which enables one to see 'lhe' '1VOf'~d" n, ,'It
he . other · ivc'~ 'thee ,eHlngl,)~ ask for ~cm a_;'jI,' pine for them.


an twa

s~de ',0

tn,' same coin.

to ~hos"-,-

A alread- re "!e, red t· the ther was th, ,','_r)' inc nu ti: n of' compass ic In~ -'" 'he'll,' -'1'" it was the fob' er couple of'


:a'rii,pii (i n,-arn;~u~on


compass ~,.n)l ~ i

Telc-bhelo, 'the mulberr; robbe 'nlz.m.d!J the drunkard Binod Behari Scm, ~h SW' epe r ~.- man being kicked l y o ,',C'T' husband ~ th devotee o· refuse b'· : 'v.""'; rni Brahmananda, ..r the ~,at ...and " a~'\ rs " 'If' her hO'U,IC"'h ~d~, MO'lher wa'~J'wa)r" a~~ compassion 'widl,O't. ~ 'the' east
~e5,i'~(])t and with no exception ion

Th ,;-" :_'O'il"h:', r se rns '~O :11,a..e respond .d '1.0' the earnest entre atie: , If 'h_r devotee-children to I,,I 'W' her ' race ~O"'~:' .':,them ~,W ar Jf'IC'U~' s be Toes it. 'il b in' d. scrib . d no .. :

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e... 1 'I'~:. .. 'f~' .•.. .OUf hi. ..nd of love i. b~ I n" . S'_]~h ...ow "TS ! ~Y' gr~~~lc' . ·j We ..n. I: '."I.- 1 101 virtue cha.I)II.. !.. lrtu es worth the . she w f..~.Ir'ever : . o· .\I !Il I IIW _ .' 'for the ".' .V'I~ no . Is rhis not onderful? Such a conduct ~spossible only for the M.be U' mede U:·· h'oly . 1.·:/': again . Can :it be that the M!ol~h. 'nd·.:. that al ur faults and foibles are being trans orm ed inn ments and virn . For age .-: _ 'al~' ~ llll'll. •.~:!:. man has: ecome U··:· to tr insitory strok -' of._---.ar of your totusfe . FilC'C' .. -'~.. thv~ errin ..' ...~ P !..~ '1'" " .'. :::-"W _ (__ .. "our' affe etion.~' :nd )'iet 'Y'.. r.. bl ~din. naml!'· t. The Mo~he.._. but li.ghl tie of 'Love divine ~·I.' t·.~'._.' /I~.' ]ldl b..01. your di ··inc 10 U~ resul t of this b .~:s: eart.cnh:e.Idl .:I . 'Thr:o\D.r :"o..' JI ·· h· .'. .. "_ IUI~' '~i~ .D. :'III. . ')' _ -If. itory ?' For a moment a doubt creeps lnto the mind" the dev :'be striking fear Into m~.. .. u~ .' -ihoiW us..d._'.Ia'p' b.' mother t place H anid clean it. '. her . This ma be remem .. :.'.1 ..'.pr. "r~ 'It' :: 111-' " '.'S.e··' ""aid that ' it. ' I ·:hfr 'enl" :11.'. "_.~ even :tIS the base metal is converted into'.e::r.-IY· ..~. : o· f'..I . '(lM MIE·. boast of.. .'_. Ffljd"d 'va':'~"I':-il'ii In _ .iI! . :nil!"' : Bo·"··u.._.r Divine.ur endless tolly~ . O~'IU-t!Ill~- 1'. U :31-:..b.~.~T."C :.. luck.. Gran'tin1g 'er Th'y' .o' tn b !t.' the philosopher's stone .f:sgrace also is tran .. us into ..t is 'th 'dUI: -If 'tho . D·. gging he':r to.best ___ ' " /J .1i~d lit ay d'~r·ty iiI/Ie -f ~n a- mnd.!~ ~'.:_'nign 0 wonder! hlo'w 'Thy metcy shl.~..arts Wild. e...'(llJf lap Ln..Ail'tY _ Bv giving producing .

_ ~..s.". .Q'ml~H1f t..ma't.~ ~ e a. 10." '. n ~.h l~ O"'.1 love..er'yhearts will be soothed AI b '51..e: i ete rn a 'I pea ee.11 a .oe n'i'l:y. dm .m .~~ium'y'le'Sle' ~C'1 Spti nkle In their hesrts erid. no .bha"v'a .a'v.nif n.n. 1. A drop 10.e-'Oif.."f$ iii':: W.jG' ~1iJ...'n. I:! Be graciou S Uri to th ese :SO'riIS of y() U rs for ever and anon I Their hearts have g...~"tRft''Ra tf II 'g .arVin8 y..I' .-TA: .fo\\ln dry.UJ.aiiqi~I'ra:'fit '('dlf'al'~ -ii. II' ~ p'ras'~da ." '~ftir$¥4-'f!r416' '.1.. ill" Mo'thc.(l't 1sut.aif '~JI~: :~~~i' +~ lfi{' . being scorched by count ess worries of 'tho worldly :1ife over millions of births! 'Bu.f' 011a y you. II ~ -' 1 -o gracious drop of your immortal I. ·"r~·: C" ~ 71 'iRiI~\i. 11\.t' I ['&'-1'V !i"j... y m 'hi eart an d S.p8rP:J ~j - .Iot. '. !'~ove This ru.r! ~ beg yOll humbly w~'th . h-'ieri1'1 .a~l. ro ICUJD:Y' peecel 'C'. ..a..'I: those .l~.ya.g the idea. i' -- l'O~Be loving end grscious to Ttty sons.81~.e~u I' re msik a bindu m' ci ra d'a'S'd bsdtte visinc« cittsm klzru tu~l~llsantJU'fI' S .. can J• tID st spn..8... Iii 10.:!!' . " bl b _ M· .. M'-I t!"'i1'11 E:' .QlU...~'. A TI A. 'III .

78 la n. the M~ot. A.nd Motbe: Sara:da . The word gurl[l may also mean father. the Tescher oisll. wlth this 'Verse. Goddess Divine! In b'osom hollding Tbeit lotus teet.~~'.a.' l p.gain r . u the great Teacher of the world. 'OMM.aJ'u:ta'tio'n'. So the poet says : "I bow down to them. 1 .s to both be e er oi mine.il nlim siira'danJ de"Y'un rim8 k !.lot~l'S feet. SJi Ramakrishna 'is ~he _jagad'-gu' . again and . Hence he 'isthe Father of 'the world.ENTA'RY The hymn ends..ada~p'aldmletayo~ sfi'tva pr:a'Q1amimi m' UI'lUF' munU'1.e at their holy '~. S. Salvation Hiesin ~a'k~ngre'fug.h. Hence the fina~ obeisance. she is. An.am' aadgu10u m' ja.erof all.1 1'1~ 0 Rsmskristme.

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