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JALAL-ABAD ISSUE The Official newsletter of Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan + Spring 1996 AZ OBSIACT « AB KATA -. cultural experience?!?” Aconvenient guide to local cures for what ails you peceececesscecce OUR FRIEND, THE POMEGRANATE eeeccee: Deer renenececseveser2ecccerescocessae se 00000 Congrats! ‘The staff of Bill Bame would like to congratulate K2fortwo sterling years of service, and K3 for keeping at it and mak- ing it to the half way point. We hope you all have a great trip home/summer break or wherever you might be headed. INTRANATIONAL So long, K2 Perspicacious Message from Chris Mr. Chanon’s easy reference guide to Vernacular Auditory Observations Russian with Professor Pam Some Insight on the Moloko Women WRITINGS Peepholes and Collective Souls Come back to Kara-Kul, Dean Mastin Looking for India: A Triptych A Thought Provoking Recommendation In the Shadow of Osl The Hanky Mystery HEALTH A Convenient Guide of Regional Cures to Common Maladies Interview with Lowell Important Medical News ENTERTAINMENT Scruples How many times have you, People™ Crossword puzzle PamLittle List of Be-ran Don'ts Bishkek: A big time song RECIPES Our Friend, the Pomegranate Roach Recipe Two Easy Desert Recipes This Bill Bame, the official newsiet- e ter of Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan was brought tc life through the hard work and dedication of many. In no par- toular order these people and orga- nizations are as follows: Damon Clyde, Julie Poppe, Andy Duvall, Pam Jettcoat, Katie Klimowicz, Kate and Craig Redmond, John Bernstein, Chanon Bemstein (honorary Jalal-Abadian), Mike and Michelle, all volunteers and staff serving in Kyrgyzstan, our racious hosts, the Macintosh owerBook 150 known as "Bob", various Sorts of pixel bending soit- ware, anything able to be associat ed with the word ‘funky’, the propri- etor of the “Gulnara” photo salon in Jalal-Abad, the Ulker cookie compa- ny, the Kyrgyz national bus system, innumerable cockroaches, the * Iranian symbol of quality, cool pirat. ed American movies on Russian TV, and not the least by any means, the hardest workin’ man in show busi- ness, Mr. James Brown, Copyright © 1996 Permission granted to reproduce for educational need DEPARTMENTS It's a sheep eat sheep world out there. Letters to the Editor Guess what I got in the mail? TEFL tips QS POLY SELBSROLSv+CORPIS None of the enclosed anicles or stories represents the views of Peace Gorps as aa organization, or the United Slates gov ernment 25 a whole. Often, they don't even represent the views of the wrters themselves. We ask you To kagp this dis lamer in mind when the dasire to throw us to the wolverines creeps up. That having Geen stated, no animals were harmed tn the making of this issue of the Bill Bame. Il you don't count sheep that is. Our ist draft was created on sheap sn, wilh ink made trom the jice o! a Boiled sheep's gall bladder. Dont blame us, we were just Using available materials, and sup potting the local economy. Actually, its a scapegoat You're looking for, tha's @ mighty ctue thing to be doing. In any ace that is truly what you're looking for, any offending remarks were probably maze by Oamon Clyde who lives in Kars Kil Thats Kara-kul not Kara-Xol Yes, Kara-Kul isin he dalal-Abad oblast, rear Toktogul dam. Ite almost a guarantee that he ives to far from you 10 make i worth your while to find him and beat him Up. He does however, really enjoy viel tors, But not those carrying a grudge. He would be quick to warn you that tis not Healthy to kaep things bottled up Insido you, unl your nerves are al jumbled vp. This doven' necessarly mean that he condones Violence in any form, especially Asainst is person. ‘So feel ir@ (6 come visit Kava-Kul anytime, f you just want o hang out. Leave your mental baggage at home, though, Mou ean, please bring some pinto beans and Zuko, since nether is available in the entre JalalAbad oblast They would be much sopreciated items. Well now, alter reading Ths, | hope you've a a itis me to let yout om sown, don't you feel a Iittle better. The strass you've just saved yourself has more than likely saved you fro anerial hardening later in lle, Now go outside and buy yoursellaretrashing arsk. If Damon was there, H woud Be on him FEISS) 4 siast ofan oblast oe oe eee eceserccccvccescccescces Lyd Shegg tat sheep won Wy ner, rom the palatial corporate offices of Fe Bill Bame publishing empire, 1 welcome you to the Jalal-Abad e: tion, T hope you are all doing well stim- ulating the language lobe on the collec- tive cerebral cortex of Kyrgyzstan. In a way it is quite amazing work. In anoth- er way it is quite..., well I'll just say that it’s quite something else. But what am I telling you for? Fending off ennui, and taking on yet another job that has nothing to do with my field of study, 1 sometimes stumble into sociology. Amid the froth- ing turmoil that typifies an average Kyrgyz public school, or facing the wall of profoundly vacant stares so common in institutes of “higher knowledge,” undoubtedly these are ripe environ ments to form hypotheses about life in our home away from home. Sometimes it seems to me that a single, unified the- ory will emerge to help describe patterns of occurances here, if only given enough thought. “I should be able to figure it out, although maybe not entirely,” I think to myself. However, discouraging events can be lurking just around the corner. Sampling data from the field is quite easy, but difficult to analyze. Even as mind and body, try to absorb the cul. tural reasoning behind the boulder-sized snowball dispatched by a delinquent lit- tle thug from the roof of an apartment building, a theory may seem unattain- able. The band of giggling cherubs who hurl greetings, rocks and epithets with equal vigor may not provide much more insight. Hours of contemplation, focused on the tip of a straight razor etching grades out of existence may not glean a single clue. After reviewing this kind of sensory input, it’s as difficult to digest as last night's 6apaxwHa. Who knows, the solution may be too obvious and there- fore overlooked So far I've been unable to reach any concrete conclusions. This could be interpreted a§ discouraging, but an answer will become clear before my time in Kyrgyzstan is up, or I will give up try- ing. Sometimes acceptance is the most reasonable and honorable end. After all, it won't be the only thing that remains a mystery, but if continued, there might be untold rewards With this new conundrum, apathy might seem inevitable. Then again, something may have been learned after all. Without much more delay, it should be noted that this issue of our fine irregularly occurring publication is focused on providing the rest of the country with perspectives from our oblast. So with a big “Howdy” and a tip 0” the pen to all those who helped out, welcome to the Jalal-Abad issue of the Bill Bame. Enjoy! ag The Editor ¢ @ ¢ Bill Bame Jalal-Abad Issue Spring 1996]