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Volume one Number Two November 1993 ‘A Toiter from the Editor: 1 wish wo extend congratulations tol lor completion of our fist ve months in “The Stan”. I hope that this ove second edition of Bill Bame finds you all ative and well Bishkek is currently under a fresh blanket of snow. The city looks beautiful, The locals have broken out the winter wardrobe. It looks lie fu hats and high boots are essentials | ere. As of this pring, my quest forthe perfect hat con’:aues. Even though shlapa-less, life i in Bishkek has been treating me pretty well. Don’t get me wrong. Tspent tie fist mond easing my apartment with shampoo, and had absolulely no elie that this country krew about daylight eavings hve, Fer the most par the good days slighly outweigh the bad. Just 3 couple of weeks ago I received news thal Iwill come an aint in May. I's just amazing how oe le uch a positive atitude hel Yorker”. Aldkough I doubt it Tecould be a whole new fixon life for me “the cynical New Timagine i's time for me to get ta the point. This if my fist job as editor of anything. So tet me know wiat you think. Please grt back ty me with’ any input. | am looking forward #9 seeing you in Di “Ray bo Author's Note : a, ‘writing this ve week Sees “MAY GOD HELP YOU!” A. Akaey Spesch of the President of the Republic of Kyrghyzsian at the official ceremony of sivctring im for the Volunteers of the Peace Corps of the United States on the 24th of August, 1993 Duar Peace Comps volunteers! Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Friend! T come to this reception io express my respoct and gratitude to you, your country and all the Ametican people. The United States ‘of America his given and consinues to give 10 the Kyra Repabk ng ale end port Your country helps us ta 4 sway Out off economic crises ard Hoenine firmly eatabiishyd in the wi lent and frep country. Th aver forget this h atsudh a difficul Kyihyz people will Which you give (0 in our lives. Aragries proved to the world shat it is a country of fee people, not only living fee, but helping people in other countries to get and kevp freedom. Today we look at ou relations with the United States of America as the uniting of two democracies young and: sure ate as the uniting of people who confess ly same human welaes. he at Lam being evicted. Positive attinude “Fa astute examiner of American democracy, Alexis dToquevilie, tried to understand America’s greats and expressed, ierather eloquently: “leis a very just counby. I America stops being just then it ‘wil stop being greet” "Therefore, te help you give us i very important nt ony for us but for yout promotes justice, preservation, end evelopment as the American way of Lie ‘Thar’s why ivelps you to remain a great country, Ofcourse this isnot he only reason Duta part ofthe reason. Peace Corps Volunteers win people's respect cordiaence and friendship because of their scltess aad whole hearted service in the remote estrers of ie world. Today the first group off Teace Corps Volunteess are taking ae oath: They want t6 work i Kyrgyzstan, mot in the performar duty, but atthe call of th and vou, As Tunderstand all of you to Kyrghyzsian wilh one aim: (0 help us in saving our problems while living with us real frends in a hard period of our lives. This Bim lies our eespeet and gratitude. We regard your aviv ( Our country as 8 graphic display of friendly feclings of ‘America to Kyeghyestan of thele heart Please see page tw. } want to assure you, dear frends, that your mission in Kyrghyastan will have all necessary assistance from the proper state authorities. As for the population of our country without any doubt, you will have no problem. Kyrghye people are distinguished by their friendliness and hospitality, they are respecting and reciprocal. personally don’t know any case when someone carne to our country with food intentions and didn’t find a greeting of kindness, Besides our people have 2 predisposition to new knowledge and language Let me express sincere gratitude 10 President Clinton and the former Director of peace Corps Elaine Chao for organizing. Peace Corps work in Kyrghyzstan. From all my soul I wish you success in the fulfillment of your noble mission in Kyrghyzstan, May God help you. possible: fEric Boyle = stud KarenE. = “key” artist. Michelle H.- treading on our coattails. Lisa P. + playmate and happy hostess, Andrea S. = Once again cams the tle of “tantalyzing typist.” alter kicking Lisa off the computer (Erie Brown did some photocopying and read Lie sports si tion while we worked) Greetings from the Mile High “town” of Karakoi! by Eric Eversinana I'm writing to you my fellow intrepid Volunteers, a8 [sit cating my latest atlempt at nanco 1 still haven't managed (0 imbue it {with mud favor, but I'm gevang closer. Suggestions wow'd be appreciated. Atleast the "Mathew Sweet ” ape hasn't given up ‘on me yet. Some senses are more important than others oll Kacakol has been a mixed blessing. My schoo! situation is good. My two colleagues are very competent and the Students are, for te most part, on the ball Trmteaching 21 hours a week because we'te shorchandvt exe wacher. Ske quit 10 minutes after meeting mein August literally. The mixed part of this blessing has been Kasha Soo; at's dhe name of my apartircat complex. [refer to it a8 “a low-rent suburb of hel.” Thave of you who passed your Dishkek days in Vosto! 5 can sympathize, | Lnow. Sa far Ihave been beyond anonymous. ve besn “out to dinner” once s0 far and, ‘consideviag my lack off cooking expertise, Sm starting 10 feel a lite slighted—well, at least my stomach is. I did have a visit from thuce of the younger teachers from my school managed (somehow) the linguistic feat of keeping Diem here for two hours. On their sway out, though, Drey made ave promise that Lyéoulda't tell my principal that they had come, “Girls dan’t vist boys in Kyrghyzstan,* x at Yeas, 1 think that's what they sald. they said. The situation in the town ts eimple— 1no gas, no petrol, no coal, no rmeney. Anoticed today that the kiosk. are also out of Snickers ‘You kawow tims are tough... We do have Twix, but they/re running 7-1/2 Som Urese days. Gas is 5 Som/liter and the bus to Bishkek now runs 35 Som each way—it was 22 three weels ago. Our daily market and te border with Kaza"hstan are closed dus to Cholera, {don’t know about you, but I'm brake, ‘The schoo! couldn't find a fridge that worked. AND it could afford. One day, we saw a beautiful new mode! sianding alone in a shop. "711 split it with you,” I ventured. Dea) done, pocl.ets empty, At 20:30 Som z bucket, fruit for sapens has also talen its 10". Etc ‘hs for regional volunteer news, Cattoles, after five weoks and 8 apastnents, has final’y found 2 place to live. It seems the people who lent the origina) place didn’t realize they had to vacate their posse as well. With the University not starting, until Octob2r 88h her only work has bers debating whether to leave today or tomorraw. So far she has somehow always opted for the Ibter, And I dearly love her for it Carolee and I did manage to make the hellish 4 hour and 50 km journey to Yaldi Sao to visit Adria, It's pretty much a one horse town whtere she much to her dismay—is| famous. Taldi-Soo hus very nice people but that’s about it. They come ty Karakot on Sunday ing, Cur Sunday bazaar Well, that’s it for row. At the rick of sounding sappy remember the Replacements “we are goung,/ despite the years /we arc concerned /w2 are hope/despite the times! ‘Take caro my friends. P.S. Truman felt in thece weel:s— bring books in December! [Some of the people that made this | i | | ASK BILL © tne sevce cou tor vou Dear Bill Got any ps for fiying here in the ‘Stan? - Grounded in Georgi ‘Ace reporter Michelle Haugh, with 600 Srequeist flier miles under ker belt, tackles ‘his question Andrea and [ound out the hard way But Americans just don’t travel by air without dollars! In order to pay in Som, you rmuist have some kind of evstificate with 2 “official stamp.” Stating Usot the above rmantioned American Peace Corps Veluntecr dees indved live and work ia Kyxghyzstan and is rot in possession of, within acc2 0, “American dollars. The two of us plan to use {is vacation woe! in Bishkek to secure certificats9 for all. This should make transportation to December IST alittle more tolerable! Rest assured it’s quite the adventure for thase of you who will be ying! ‘A few tips: Qne—pack lightly—one bog that you can take with you to your set ‘Twa—Donv't put your passport on the soviet nacnopa(s) at the xacca window. You may never see it again. Three —Duy your ticket early (@t the Aapobaor office f possible) to avoid the huddle masses atthe airport ticket windows. Finally:—always act like ‘you knaw what's going on—and keep the areras in the bags: i's hard lo convince people iat you're not a tourist otherwise. PS. - It's 39 km from the airport to Bishkek. Dear bil How can I get ready for the wint'c here? - Numb in Naryn Vim sure that this is a question gnawing on everybody's minds. We've heard the rumors and the horror stories, but the Bill ne wana Repo tem doce » winter socks, anil good, shows. Two to three warm blankets are also a 00d idea. He also sugrestad buying an electric heater and an electric cooking plate, ‘because there may be problems with gos. Sergey, Administrative Assistont, agreed with Eldar: “The heat may have probloms.” He m.ntioned that gas lines may Ieak or be unavailab'e during the winter, but electricity should be more or less a constant. Electric heaters and cooking plates ace preferable Karina, Administentive Accounting, Assistant, said frat warm clothes are the ‘most important part of winter. She said “You ‘will not freeze.” She algo declared that winters are warmer in Osh and Jalal-Abad. She buys food in the markets during the winter, Potatoes, onicns, and lots of ment axe always available in Uishkek. They are bout 11/3 the cost of the summer produce, and “You won't have a lot of choice.” You can alo find tomatoes and cucumbers, but “They are very expensive.” A if we didn’t have enough fomsto and cucumber seled ¢ ning training. Regarding life in the villoge, Eldar told 2 gromuner tale. He recommended canning and storing food. "It is high ime in bee and November to meke winter stores: fresh storage of potatoes, 27r0ts, onions, and gavlic.” They should be stored in sacks ina very coo! place- under the ground or ona baleony. Be sue the sacks are covered with something watm, like an old blanket, to prevent (vexing. Sergey suggested canning frisand vegetables. ‘The members of Gulnaa’sfarily also “can veggies... for the Winter.” Good thing we had those lessons with Susan. When asked for a tas bit of advice, Fides warned voluntosrs in private houses to have enough coal: “A good amount of coal for the winter is Goes tons. ..rnaybe four.” Sergey also chimed in “Take care of 4." Lastly, Gulnara recommended #9 1s ‘cop yoursell warm...» kee rything ware: Your thoughts, your body, and feelings.” Keep those fuzzies warm too. (Gavi luc Bilt (with h ip ftom Bric Doyle)