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BILL BAME The Volunteer Newsletter of Peace Corps Kyrghyzstan "Issue Six June 1995 Volume Two. Dear Readers We bring you the swotlen potential of spring, in the soutly sivolien rivers; swollen, bursting blossonss; swollen clouds thick with succor the smell of swollen young berries, We bring you the south rich apd brimming with life, We tear this Bill Bame from our loins and hand it to you glistening with te abundance that is southern Kyrgyzstan, Welcome. Welcome to the Jalal Abad oblast Letters to the Editor Dear Editor | tied your damn recipes and I got the trots! You penple should be punished, severely big Rita in Kook Yan Gak Dear Eds Where IS the Issvk Kol oblast? Minnie in Hanabad Dear Mr. Bame Eds You kids are eo talented and wonderful. viggled and gi ‘you a brownie and a smooch! XOXOXOXOXO, Tillie in Kara Kol just led. Fd love to give cach of A Solicitation by Mark Hannafin For every ounce of glory that is Jalal Abad, mineral water, a health resort, clashing Kyrayz. and Uzbek mafias and the finest home brew Mint Juleps this side of the Pecas-there is a pound of poverty, villages wipet-out by landslides, forgotten collective farms and internat, strangely enough I've been working with a local children’s fund with seemingly no ties to organized crime or the government. A wontan named Kimsan and her family run a store which sells the basic local goods like vodka and cigarettes aud takes the proceeds to buy clothing and food for poverty-stricken children tn the villages. While she’s no sociologist, Kimsna gocs to villa the oksakals in the neighborhood where the poorest children Tive (ie-those in big, famili orphaned, or with one parent) and band delivers food and/or clothing, Itappears to be effect and very legitimate. So T had some old Children’s clothes sent over by my church at home, sive was really grateful to bring, the clothes tw children here and asked to have gyre sent Ifanyone has old clothes or knows of an organization which would like to perform some good outreach TURGE you to help not only the children jn our area but this genuine organization which is embarking on the impossible and never heard of before: learning how to help themselves which have requested help and asks A thank vort note will be sent if vou send packages EE Saginbaeva Kimsan Kurmanboka Street #17 Apt.? A Diatat- seo 715000 Kyrghyzstan Last Words from K—Done Toate on at jet p KI & K2 ty the tine oF "Pathor and San" by Cat Steven by Erie Brown Ws not time f make char ake Ht easy Youre still young just eka 1s yonr Fault there Have ty Knows Steal a itt settle doen if sou: can marry look al Hs 494 kL Dat geeks happy We avery once Tike you are news, and ve nose that i's not & to be calm when vou townd you've por sinther yoar w go but take your time, think a Tet Think of ever things you've got. For you will sull be Ree tomorrow but KL will not How can we (ry te explain, When we de Poaee Conps turns awa again, Its always been the same, “PIL look inte iv From the momer wen always busy Now there's «way ancl wy htioae ave haves lo po) away and we know We have to go AIL the times that we've tried telling, Peace Corps all the wainees that were wrong, insilys H's hard but its harder when they igh Ir they were Tight weal agree, but its then they Know not me now there's a way andl we haw We have to go ave hah one phones she fin away and we know we have t0 yo. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Il voe bow n toes Voe bo wo on tt ¢ THE GOOD. Southern Patou with chiekpeas dant tomato Salad (yes, the youd, Views tren: airplanes that take your breathe away ts not just Acroflod, Putting "Be" a the end at questions. ORbe? Spring GREEN H's short but sweet. Spontangons holidays. Neighborhoods, The BAZAAR, cheap almonds, walnuts. peanut Whacky Uzbek pattern combos THE BAD-Siones, snowballs and "Fuck yous! thrown fran unknown soutees, a tee stadents with: ADD GAttention Detter Disorder), Bal, Drink and Sit-a-thons. and THE UGLY-Sheep intes whimsical shapes. Big, Bottoms. everyting in s sttted in “don't know when VI be back agai this category seems ts come back to sheep: Cockroaches-see PCMO tor a killer recipe, Anabrea Store Life Advice Pm in their cultury Bo Hesible Slave fan TEACHING ADVICH This was the 1ifst piece oF mail to arrive ab my site almost two years ath Havas funy aur fornwer APCD, Martin, Upat the paper up on my reirigenator door and Ws one oF the few papers lo stay there my entire wo years in conntry, ‘Those fist weeks Cread it ggjain sygain As awonths went by Eread it less sind fess, baat when Hild notice if, once mv avsbale, Fl smile to myself ane read il again, VMUIN THEIR CULVURE- so Ecantinue ta wear those long, drew dlowing, granny skirts Flotest. dnsteac of 1 pair of shorts BE ELEXIBLE. so what if nny iephane from Bishkek (ies ito Osh airport instead of the schectuled Kil koa? 1 mieans Fget an extra three hour sconie bus toany: fawn ancl an opportunity tw mort more people HAVE PUN: ay students, neyghhors, tora fiends, fellow PCV's and Peace Corps shalt have all boon large partof my “Tua” in the ‘stan, Every minute of every day 48 aot always fim and often the Tite here ean be frostating, You will have as much, or as hitle, fn as you create 1 ite is full af sexvned edoonees jon all uf a fu fined fdpllneat ine avhat ave dda ho etoaege failure Se iccess tho lear dingerent altitens Wi die) hoe fo Fimit ourselves. ML aie ned fra fecanul chance 48 th ubility to recugarise ant th sonnuge to acl Barbard Barbar Debbi 1 1995 45, sallag ne ela Pi ower ‘Two Simple Things May, the time of the year here in the Stan when we Klers decide what's important and what's not, what to keep and avhat not to keep Sure it would be easy to leave you the tangibles, my coffee maker, peanut butter, music, clothing cle, However, Foose to leave two simple things that have made my life here a lot easier and put The first is Jack Hillmeyers Snack Cake Recipe 1-2/4 cup flour Tcup water Toup sugar 1/3.cup oil 1/4 cup cocoa 1 tsp vinegar tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp vanilla 1/2 tsp salt 1/3 cup chocolate 1/3.cup walnuts chips Mix it all in the same pan that you bake it int Sprinkle chocolate and walnuts on top. Bake: about 30 minutes. You know your oven better than Ido. Variations: sprinkle your favorite crushed candy bar on top, instead of chocolate and walnuts. | like Clatk Bars. Or frost with Nutella~Now only 15 som in Bishkek List Pyscezek The second and final thing that | leave you is: ‘TEE HEE HEE Come Any Time The woman at the bus stop kept looking. at my shoes and spitting seeds into my bag, We got on the bus and a drunk guy harrassed me at 730AM all the way to school. Ponty had a twenty but the bus driver gave me change in teens. A group of kids laughed at me and imitated my wake I was spenking Kyrghyz to this old woman, but she kept answering, me in Russian. Iheard a "fuck you from around a tree. An older teacher looked at me disapprovingly when I tried to shake his hand with a glove on. My first class started on time but ended early avhen the kids forgot their books. Iris in the Uth grade asked me what a canon" «vas and after deciding to draw One for her | realized Id drawn a perfect penis en the blackboard. | was stuffed with really greasy palo at lunch anid told if 1 dint finish it the zavuch would be insulted because he "made" it although in reality his wife whom he putfed out of the 7th grade to marty him, slaved all morning over the Kazan, The affermyon clases went by aad Twaited an hour forthe bis It started to S00 sven the bus came it wise reat Barpy bus and packed the rot My fake rubbed against some guy's smelly dopa while a Gabushka pushed my pelvis into 9 crowd ot little schoolgits, so she ould get oif the bus while it was still stopped. fot home and the ckectricity had gone ot Hen the water and the sats 1 thought abou! slept immediately ‘At about 500 the doorbell rang Gos who the hell could tis be? Fopened the door with slew of excuses at the feady te turn visitors aveay Noone there,» then a litle face, A Title Russian face on the sais ase me if Fa a English teacher. She told we she nevded help with hor alphabet. We started to read, the Sit on the floor in my hallway going over the A BCs Her ame was Natasha, She only cared abit th bak seemed, Soon she sacl she ha 40g. 1 It her out and watched her carry her book carefully slown the staits, Please come any time H finally said. I meant it You have your excellent days. Mark Hannafin And Other Interesting If) owe anybody any money, good! fuck trying to find meo-Ken Peavler Ken, you owe me forty som.—Tom ve discovered the secret... shashliks E.Eversmann im :