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wwe Dt) Lo The Volunteer Newsletter of Peace Corps Kyrgnyzstan Volume Two. issue Seven ‘August 1995 TEFL TIPS Oral_matching This activity can be used as a review or practice activity. You need to prepare questions and statements and their logical responses. Put he sentences or individual slips of paper and mark each one with an “A” or "B (A= beginning phrase; B= finishing phrase), Make enough pairs for each student to have at least 2 slips. This example will focus on 2- word verbs. A: Where do [ catch the #25 bus? B: You can pick it up at the corner. A: You look like you need a ride, Ben. B: 1 sure do, Can you drop me off down town? A: Mister, this is where you get off the bus. B: At this stop? Thanks! Keep a master list of your dialogues so you can monitor the students’ responses and prompt them when they get confused. Hand out the slips and have a student with an "A" slip read it out loud. The other students need to listen carefuily, but only the one who has the matching "B” slip responds. Continue until all the matches have been made. Picture Dictionary Provide pupils with the materials to make their own picture dictionaries. Pictures and original drawings may serve this purpose. Give them the English labels for the pictures and assist them to arrange them in alphabetical order. summarized from a handout given by Robert Rosenberg Concentration/Memory Game Play a concentration/memory game to enforce vocabulary. Have several pictures and matching vocabulary words written or drawn on smail cut out squares. Turn the squares over and mix them up. Students have to match definition with picture. The students compete for the most matching pairs. The Day ‘The weeks in Issk-Kul had been great - lots of sand, lake sun and rewarding teaching experiences. The weather was also great - we actually slept well at night and didn't sweat. We had great meals three times a day and sickness had been at a minimum, We hated to go. So, why did we leave? Why didn't we jump off that bus and run for those beautiful mountains? Because of the magic even that was to happen when we arrived back in Bishkek. What could it be - you guessed it - that glorious occurrence - "SITE ANNOUNCEMENTS.” With these two words running through our minds, we boarded the bus for the S-hour ride back. The magic day arrived, but school stared late. We had 3 1X2 hours to kill before we would hear the news. Many of us ran around Bishkek buying “last minute goods.” When asked, “Well, how do you know you'll need them?" by one practical-minded volunteer, we paused momentarily. We quickly resumed our activities, however, because - you see we had it ALL figured out. The thinking went something like this, "Well, if there are THIS many secondary slots, and THIS many people, and THIS person studied Russian and I"VE HEARD this place has a lot of Russians, and WE requested such and such and HE requested so and so...on the other hand, MARRIED people can handle isolation and they'll put MEN in such and such spots...then we MUST be going to XXXXX!" The final result of all this musing being an “I's Gotta be this" list consisting of each volunteer's name and his/her golden destination. The hour (or should I say half hour) finally came and we filed into the sweltering hot room upstairs at School 27. Everyone was in an exceptionally good mood, but there were some butterflies in several stomachs as well. We sat down and began hearing the cheerful voices of our “Star Fleet” as they hummed the theme to "Star Trek." We laughed and hoped that they would hurry. They introduced themselves ("Captain Cat," "Medical Officer Bones Glucksberg.” etc) and explained the voyage we would take 10 the "New Galaxy.” Finally, Finally...the first five destination envelopes were handed out. The alphabetically privileged recipients entered the “transporter and - deep inhale of anticipation - announced their destinations. Amid cheers and squeals (mostly of delight) they were beamed via flashlight to their “future homes." As the galaxy became full, the noise grew louder - but there was always that silent moment just before each person opened the envelope - when everyone was eagerly anticipating with enthusiasm their ultimate destination may we hold onto that feeling - we truly have a "new galaxy." to explore (even if our speculations were a little off.) Missy Morgan | Top 10 Things to Improve Lake Issk-kul | 10. Please remove the rocks from the bottom of the lake (weeds too!). 9. The guards should go to the showers and adjust the water temperature for use every morning. 8. Watermelon without seeds. 6. Guys should wear suits and ties every day. F Give Ramzia a whip, and a month's supply of Charmin. 4. Turn up the Kyrgyz techno music and get some Eurotechno, too 7. Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies each day at school. | 3. Ice cream vendors on the beach (not just shaslik), | [- We want more baklajan! (eggplant) | 1, Saving man needs a speed boat. [Compiled by Sara Bailey, Lara VanDyken and friends Tribute to Grateful Dead Legend (in his own words) “What a short, strange trip its been...” “Jerry Garcia “Top 10 questions to ponder: How many days will you go without washing? What will you consider inedible? Where will you go for yous birthday? When will you vegetarians break down? Why did you bring so many pairs of shorts? How many cockroaches will you kill before requesting Raid from the states? 7. Will you wear shoes in your house? | 8. How many times will you read the same letter? 9, How long will you go without sex? (Married couples or self - not included.)| 10. Why would you ever want to_go home? J eR SRE |