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2006-07 Christian Family Co-op - Spring Semester - Parent Work Schedule

Permanent Assistant Positions: 9-12 Chemistry - V. Bendt, L. Stopford 9-12 Consumer Math - G. Pawlus 9-12 Induct. Bible Study - A. Stick Set-Up: C. Wallace
6-12 Art - K. Gelser, G. Pawlus 6-8 Art - D. Rolston 3-8 Drama - B. Grubb 1-5 Science - T. Barber 1-2 Geography unit- J. Stepp
1-2 Art/Spanish - J. Scott K - S. Taveras
Date Jobs 6-8 Logic/ 3-5 Art 3-8 Drama Playground Playground Playground Clean-Up
Coordinator Literature Snack Time Lunch Time End of Day
(10-10:30) (12-12:45) (1:30-2:30)
1/12/07 Gelser Cole Barber Hector Barber Barber Bendt Stopford
Cintron LeFew Cintron Cintron Crenshaw Cole
Pawlus Gelser Cole Nagel Gelser
1/19/07 Hall Barber Cole Cole Cole Crenshaw Narankevicius Hector
Gelser Gelser Hall Hall Perrault LeFew
Hall LeFew Hector Scott Pawlus
1/26/07 Cole Cintron Hall Rolston Hector LeFew Spenceley Bendt
Hector Wallace Stepp Scott Tate Stepp
Cole Swett Stimpson Taveras Stimpson
2/2/07 Cintron Gelser LeFew Stepp Stimpson Spenceley Pawlus Cole
Rolston Stimpson Tucker Stepp Tiley Gelser
Swett Wallace Swett Crenshaw Hall
2/9/07 Hector Hall Stimpson Tate Barber Stopford Nagel Bendt
Swett Gelser Cintron Tate Narankevicius LeFew
Hall Cole Taveras Perrault Rolston
2/16/07 LeFew Hector Wallace Hector Gelser Tiley Scott Stimpson
Barber LeFew Hall Wallace Spenceley Stopford
Rolston Hector Barber Tate Swett
2/23/07 Stimpson LeFew Cintron Stepp Stepp Cintron Cole Bendt
Cole Stimpson Stimpson Crenshaw Taveras Gelser
Swett Swett Hall Tiley Hall
3/2/07 Swett Stimpson Gelser Tate Tucker Cole Crenshaw Pawlus
Hall Wallace Wallace Hector Nagel LeFew
Cole Barber LeFew Narankevicius Rolston
3/9/07 Wallace Rolston Hector Gelser Cintron Stepp Perrault Stimpson
LeFew Hall Cole Stimpson Scott Stopford
Hector Gelser Swett Spenceley Swett
3/16/07 Cintron Swett Rolston Rolston Hall Scott LeFew Cole
Stimpson Stepp Hector Spenceley Tate Gelser
Stimpson LeFew Stopford Taveras Hall
3/23/07 Cole Barber Swett LeFew Stepp Tate Tiley Pawlus
Wallace Swett Stimpson Taveras Crenshaw Rolston
Tate Swett Wallace Nagel Stepp
4/13/07 Gelser Wallace Barber Pawlus Tucker Tiley LeFew Stopford
Cintron Wallace Wallace Barber Narankevicius Swett
Gelser Barber Cintron Perrault Bendt
4/20/07 Hector Cintron Cole Cole Cintron Cole Scott Gelser
Gelser LeFew Cole Crenshaw Spenceley Hall
Rolston Gelser Hall Taveras Hector
5/4/07 Swett Cole Hall Pawlus Hall Hector Tiley Rolston
Hector Hall Hector Scott Crenshaw Stepp
Hector LeFew Spenceley Nagel Stimpson
5/11/07 Hall Gelser Rolston Pawlus Stimpson Stepp Narankevivius Swett
Stimpson Stimpson Swett Stimpson Perrault Bendt
Wallace Tucker Stopford Scott Cole
5/18/07 Wallace Hall Swett Swett Wallace Swett Stepp Hall
Wallace Cole Barber Taveras Stimpson Hector
Gelser Cintron Tiley Spenceley Pawlus
I have tried to be as fair as possible to everyone. If you are available at more times, then I have put you to work in more spots. And believe me, I APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL
EVER KNOW!! YOU are the backbone to this co-op! Without you, this co-op would not be able to function. If you have any questions or I have made a mistake by putting you in two places at
the same time, staying late two weeks in a row, or working on a day when you won’t be at co-op, please let me know as soon as possible and I will work with you to correct the problem.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this co-op. You are a blessing to each child and family that attends.