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Sharma for their entire support in my summer internship project. I am thankful to DILIGENT MEDIA CORPORATION LIMITED for permitting me to perform my project with them. The entire working period in this project was a very good experience. My area of study was to take customer feedback from areas like Parihar Chowk. Warge .ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is a great pleasure for me to present this project which compromises of “Study of Customer feedback about DNA newspaper in Pune”. I take this opportunity to thank all the people and colleagues who have helped me during the project. Yogesh Gautam 4 . This project has given me an opportunity to have a closer look to the corporate work and their culture. And last but not the least I express my gratitude towards my parents who were of enormous help to me during and after the project. I thank Mr. Circulation) and Mr Vikrant Madchetty (Marketing -executives) for their co-operation and help during my project. I express my gratitude towards Mr Rajneesh Singh (Deputy Manager. M. Pashan. Kothrud Zone . It would have been impossible for me to complete this project successfully.K. In the duration of two months i have learned many things and experienced them what i have read in my books. Aundh.



software industries. The project title given to me was to increase the sales in corporate industries including manufacturing industries. 7 . PROJECT TITLE The title of the project is Study of customer feedback about DNA newspaper in Pune. The company is a new player in Pune market. Another reason to choose this company was that. DNA was the most suitable organisation to work in.. The company is in the growth phase and at a very strong No: 2 position in Pune . The company‟s product is an English daily newspaper and the company had conducted a `strong promotional campaign before and after the product launch. the company is not so old in Pune and there were many activities which were carried out regularly to increase its sales. The bottom line was to take feedback from potential customers about the product.5 crores ) in India. facts. I found that there is an immense scope to carry out the project on any given topic. I found it very challenging as I wanted to learn something new. A customer feedback survey was conducted prior to the product launch to design the product and to include only those views. service industries which gave me a very good exposure to interact with the key personal in the administration and human resource department. I found the work culture excellent and a close view to the corporate world. so it gave me many options to choose any one topic & conduct my research studies.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT This project was carried out in one of the prominent and leading organisations in the field of print media industry. “DILIGENT MEDIA CORPORATION LIMITED” popularly known as DNA (Daily News & Analysis) Pune. which has the highest subscribers of newspapers ( about 6. The reason behind choosing DNA NEWSPAPER as a company for carrying out the project was that the organisational has a strong brand name and is one of the biggest conglomerate in the field of print media industry from the family of Zee Group and Dainik Bhaskar. and news in the newspaper which would satisfy the news readers in Pune.

411016. MARKETING / AD SALES OFFICE Diligent media Corporate Limited Shop No. 4 & 5. Yerwada. DURATION The duration of my project was from 21st may to 21 July METHODOLOGY FOR CARRYING OUT THE PROJECT The data was collected through personal interviews and questionnaires and the data was taken from the office MIS to contact the subscribers to take their feedback. Pune .411001 BRANCH OFFICES The branch offices are located at Pimpri. 8 . Aundh. and Kothrud. HEAD OFFICE Diligent Media Corporation Limited 1099 / B Shirole House. Model Colony. Pune . Appa Balwant Chowk. Mahesh Lunch Camp. Opp. Swargate. Hadapsar.LOCATIONS Diligent Media Corporation Limited has over 8 branch offices and 1 bureau office The Head Office is located at a prime location in Model Colony. Nalstop.

As per the customers feedbacks the company must make necessary changes in its existing product and include or add supplements on jobs. The company must work out a contingent plan to carry out promotion activities in those companies who have different policies and rules about conducting activities in their premises. 2. The company can add extra supplements on special occasions and at the time of festivals as a part of innovation. 9 . 3.CONCLUSION 1. 5. careers and health. The company should pay attention to stretch its supply of newspaper to new locations which would increase its sales and also help to discover hidden markets. 4. The company must carry out periodical feedback survey from the customers to make necessary changes in the product which will help to maintain the market share and gain more customers.

10 .Objectives OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT The title of the project is “Study of customer feedback of DNA Newspaper in Pune.

Salisbury Park. Improvisation of product as per customer feedback. 2. To get the data which will be useful for the company to formulate its marketing strategies? 2. 3. To take feedback from the potential customers. Viman Nagar. The scope of the project is limited only to the people who are English newspaper subscribers or readers. Secondly the scope of project is high in the areas where English daily newspapers readers are low as a result to design a new strategy for these areas. 3. Aundh. Nigdi Pradhikaran. Appa Balwant Chowk and Kothrud where the number of potential readers of English daily newspapers are high. 11 . SCOPE OF THE PROJECT 1.PRIMARY OBJECTIVES 1. The scope of the project is very high in the prominent regions of the city like Pune Camp.


NAME OF THE COMPANY Diligent Media Corporation Limited PRODUCT NAME DNA (Daily News & Analysis) MISSION STATEMENT India‟s fastest growing English daily SLOGAN Read the world COMPANY LOGO LIST OF COMPETETITORS There are eight major English and Financial daily in Pune market: The Times of India 13 .

First Floor. Navi Mumbai-400 705. BRANCH OFFICES IN MUMBAI The branch offices are located in Vashi. Plot No. TTC Industrial Area. BRANCHES AND OFFICES IN MUMBAI CORPORATE OFFICE DNA Wing. BRANCHES AND OFFICES IN PUNE 14 . Nariman Point. Oasis Building. El . Lower Parel Mumbai-400013 Tel: +91 22 3988 8888 Fax: +91 22 3980 100 PRINTING PRESS Navi Mumbai DNA.201. Ghatkopar and Thane. Mahape.Business Standard The Financial Express Mid Day Hindustan Times The Indian Express The Sakaal Times The Economic Times ***Out of these. The Indian Express and The Sakaal Times are close competitors of DNA. MIDC. Ph # 39802200. Khar. Andheri. Kamla Mills Compound.

Bhopal. Secundrabad. and Swargate CORPORATE OFFICE Diligent Media Corporation Limited 1099/ B Shirole House.The branch offices are located in Kothrud. Banglore. Chennai. is a joint venture between two media houses – the Dainik Bhaskar Group and Zee Group. With a reach of more than 120 countries and access to more than 250 million viewers globally. Patna. Pune. Chandigarh.410501 NATIONAL OFFICES OF DNA The national offices of DNA are located at Ahmedabad. Guwahati. Indore. Ujjain and Varoda.411016 PRINTING PRESS Chakan Industrial Estate Kuruli Gaon Chimbli Phata Pune Nasik Highway Chakan . which owns DNA (Daily News & Analysis). Srinagar. Jaipur. Kolkata. Hadapsar. Nasik. Divar (Goa). Thiruvananthpuram. Yerwada. Aundh. New Delhi. Zee TV has 15 . Nagpur. Pimpri. ABOUT DNA Diligent Media Corporation Limited. Ranchi. Model colony Pune . ABC.

the UK. Haryana. Targeted at a young readership. The Group has transformed itself into an integrated media conglomerate with operations spanning the entire media spectrum. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Jan 6. the US. Punjab. The Dainik Bhaskar Group has soared to the top of the print media industry in India with its flagship Hindi daily.The idea for starting DNA is conceived Feb 4. 2005 . the Caribbean and Africa. DNA provides readers with a composite picture of Pune and the world. Canada. Divya Bhaskar is the largest circulated regional daily in Gujarat.Survey Phase I Begins Apr 25. including Asia-Pacific. Rajasthan. 2005 . views. the Middle East. and the Gujarati frontrunner. Divya Bhaskar. Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. 2005 .created a strong brand equity and is the largest media franchise serving the South Asian Diaspora with presence in major global markets. analyses and interactivity. 1 Daily Hindi Newspaper). 2006 -DNA office at Lower Parel starts functioning July 29. Through news. Its interactive platforms seek to bring the reader and surfer at the centre of its news activity. 2005 . 2005 -Press rolls out 1st issue\ CORE MANAGEMENT FOR PUNE BRANCH 16 . Dainik Bhaskar (India‟s No.Foundation stones for Mahape press laid Mar 22.First DNA teaser campaign Apr 2. While Dainik Bhaskar has a big presence in Madhya Pradesh. DNA is the voice and soul of Pune. Himachal Pradesh.

Ahmadabad 3. Surat 4. They are as follows:1. Jaipur 6. Mumbai 2. Bangalore PRODUCT PROFILE 17 .DNA EDITIONS DNA is published in six cities. Pune 5.

city events. ACHIEVEMENTS 18 . company expansions. one page DNA opinion which has editorial material and spiritual articles. one page India and national news. It also has 2 to 3 pages of classified advertisements. DNA AFTER HRS DNA After Hrs is the first pullout or supplement with comes with regular DNA issue every day. It is a light pink coloured supplement which covers news on BSE and NSE. two pages global sports news and one page Pune sport news. stocks. It compromises of local page 3 news. shares investment suggestions. regular ups and downs in the market and latest updated share prices. horoscopes. DNA MONEY DNA Money is the second supplement which comes with DNA every day.PRODUCT RANGE AND VARIETY MAIN ISSUE The main issue is of 22 coloured pages compromising 5 pages Pune and city news followed by one page Maharashtra and state news. mergers and acquisitions. and a quarter pages called DNA YA! Especially for children. two pages world news. crosswords. multiplex schedules and time tables.

fashion trends and lot more. events and entertainment across the world. The price of DNA is Rs.50 from Monday to Saturday and Rs. 10. properties. sports and light entertainment on daily basis with special supplements on education. career. resulting in excellent of coverage of news. DNA has the best of journalistic talents in the country that put together their creative abilities. business. DNA “ME” is a monthly lifestyle magazine which is designed especially for women readers. It is offered in an international format with separate sections for news.3/. clothing. 19 .000 subscribers in Pune making it a strong No: 2 brand in Pune. leisure and lifestyle equipments. DNA AND ITS OFFERS DNA was launched in Pune on 16th January 2008 and has received an overwhelming response from its esteemed reader in Pune.colour newspaper IFRA Asia Award for the best newspaper award Winner of IRS 06 and IRS 07 Award for best SPORTS coverage. In mere 2 years &s eight months DNA has emerged as a strong player in the print Media industry and currently has over 1.1. The paper brings a refreshing change to Pane‟s newspaper scenario. It compromises of glamour news in addition with international gadgets.on Sunday. health.The first Indian newspaper with an international format India‟s first all . women and Children.

The firm has an opportunity to extend its supply in a new market.SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE COMPANY STRENGHTS:    Strong Conglomerate (Dainik Bhaskar and Zee Televisions). 20 . THREATS: Increasing intensity of competition amongst industrial rivals. Strong market share and brand WEAKNESS:  Poor market share in outskirt areas. International format and all colors. Strong financial condition. Poor coverage on jobs and career related news. OPPORTUNITIES:  The company can collaborate with different firms to increase its sales.

 Vulnerable industry driving forces. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND 21 .

Philip Kotler SERVICE MARKETING MIX 22 . MARKETING – Marketing can be defined as “analyzing. -----. build.THEORETICAL BACKGROUND OF PROJECT SERVICE MARKETING SERVICES – The service industries journal defines services as any primary or complimentary activity that does not directly produce a physical product that is the non goods parts of transaction between buyer (customer) and seller (provider). planning. implementation and control of programs designed to create. and maintain beneficial exchange with target buyers for the purpose of achieving organizational goals.

   Services Product Price Promotion Place People Process Physical Evidence PROJECT INFORMATION As stated earlier the project research is carried out in TWO parts as follows. . PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE OF DNA NEWSPAPER It is claimed that every product has a LIFE CYCLE. To give recommendations to enrich and innovate the product as per the feedback. To take feedback from potential customers about the product. It is similar to the human life cycle. 2. The 23 . 1.A product Life Cycle is a diagrammatic representation of life cycle of the product in four phases.

A PLC can also be termed as product market life cycle as it is related to a given particular market. and the shape of the curve vary widely for different products.e. decay in its sales and ultimate death. The helps the marketer in pre planning the entry of new product in a market in prolonging the profitable stage. the duration of each phase. attains maturity in a particular market and sooner or later it is found to enter in its declining stage. 24 . i. grows. The product life cycle indicates that a product is born or introduced. in meeting the completion and in long term decisions on investment of product .length of the life cycle.

Growth 3. Introduction 2.TIME PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Every product moves through a life cycle having four stages 1. Maturity 4. Decline 25 .

Low prices. Marketers have to adopt measures to stimulate demand and face competition through additional advertising and sales promotion. In spite of competition there may be rising sales and profits. Products are bought cautiously on a trial basis. Profits also increase at an accelerated rate. In this stage. It may be gradually displaced by some new innovation. MATURITY: During this stage. rising marketing expenses and declining profits are the important features in this stage. manufacturing and distribution efficiency are vital factors. product development and design are considered critical. Overall marketing effectiveness becomes a key factor in the stage of maturity. Additional expenditure is involved in product modification and improvement or broadening the product line. price becomes the primary weapon of competition and the advertisement. In initial stage. It may be wiped out from the market by other new innovations. sales promotion expenses have to be reduced considerable. product inevitably enters the decline stage and becomes obsolete. sales revenue begins to grow. when the product is introduced in the market. During the growth stage. product requires heavy advertising and sales promotion. For marketing success. 26 . A marketer is expected to keep new products ready to fill up the gap created by demise of existing products. but the rate of growth is very slow. In this stage. Sales drop severely. the rate of increase in sales turnover is very high. In mathematical term. DECLINE: Once the peak or the saturation point is reached.INTRODUCTION: In the early stage. competition dwindles and even then the product cannot stand in the market. The firm gives top priority to sales volume and quality maintenance may have secondary preference. Increasing marketing expenses and falling prices(in the bottle of market share) will reduce profits. effective distribution and advertising are considered as key factors. Cost of market development may be considerable. large production and distribution costs. At this stage. increasing competition. GROWTH: It is the period during which the product is accepted by consumers and traders. Weaknesses may be revealed and they must be promptly removed. the end of growth period as at the inflation point on the sales curve. Profits may not be there due to low sales volume. keen competition brings pressure on prices. Cost control becomes the key to generate profits.


The BCG Growth-Share Matrix is a portfolio planning model developed by Bruce Henderson of the Boston Consulting Group in the early 1970‟s.It is based on the observation that a company‟s business units can be classified into four categories based on combinations of market growth and market share relative to the largest competitor, hence the name “growth-share”. Market growth serves as a proxy for competitive

advantage. The growth-share matrix thus maps the business unit position within these two important determinants of profitability.



DNA comes under „STARS‟.

Stars – Stars generate large amounts of cash because of their strong relative market share, but also consume large amounts of cash in each direction approximately nets out. If a star can


maintain its large market share, it will become a cash cow when the market growth rate declines. The portfolio of a diversified company always should have stars that will become the next cash cows and ensure future cash generation. DNA is in the growing phase. The market share is increasing steadily. The initial investment is very high accompanied by high returns. This makes DNA to fall in STARS category.



31 .

In short research is an art of scientific investigation. There are several common objectives of 32 . However each research has its own specific purpose. DEFINITION :- „„Systematized effort to gain new knowlegde‟‟ …………. OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH The purpose of researech is to discover answers to questions through the application of scientific procedures.One can also define the research as scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on the specific topic.Redman & Mory Research is thus an original contribution to the existing stock of knowlegde making for its advancement.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY MEANING OF RESEARCH :- Research in common paralance refers to a search of knowledge. The main aim of research is to find out the truth which ishidden and which has not been discovered yet.

4) To test a hypothesis of a casual relationship between variables (such studies are known as hypothesis testing research studies). 1) Research includes scientific and inductive thinking and it promotes the development of 33 . 2) To portray accurately the charecteristics of a particular individual. Doubt is always better than over confidence. SIGNIFICANCE OF RESEARCH “All progress is born of inquiry. for it leads to inquiry & inquiry leads ti invention”. situation or a group (studies with this object in view are known as descriptive research studies). This is a famous Hudson maxin in context of which the significance of research can be well understood.reasearch as follows:- 1) To get familarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insights into it (studies with this object in view are termed as exploratory or formulative research studies). 3) To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with whichit is associated with something else (studies with this object in view are known as diagnostic research studies).

2) The role of research in several fields of applied economics whether related to business or to the economy as a whole. 34 .logical basis of thinking and organization. has greatly increased in modern times. 4) Research has its special significance in solving various operations and planning problems of business and industry. 5) Research is equally important for social scientists in studying social relationships and in seeking answers to various answers to various social problems. 3) Research provides the basis of nearly of all the government policies in our country.

5. 2. The major purpose of descriptive research is of state of affairs at present.DATA ANALYSIS METHOD The research type which is used in the project is “DESCRIPTIVE TYPE” in which surveys and different fact – finding enquiries of different kinds are conducted. Selecting the sample. Following are the steps to be followed while carrying out diagnostic research studies:Formulating the objective of the study (what the study is about & why is it being made) 1. The researcher has no control over the variables. Reporting the findings. 3. He can only report. what is happening or what has happened. Designing the methods of data collection. Collecting the data. 4. One of the aims of this research was also to take feedback from potential customer and to give recommendations to make necessary changes in the existing product. Processing and analysing the data. 35 .

DNA.) INTERVIEW:- The interview method of collecting data involves presentation of oral – verbal stimuli and reply in the terms of oral verbal responses. In the case of telephonic interview the telephone numbers of the respondents were given to me by our MIS Department Head. This method can be used through personal interview or telephonic interview. The company had the database of all the customers who are the current subscribers of DNA. 1. The method which I used for collection of data was “Telephonic Interview” . This database is used to identify the customer ID when he lodges a complaint against DNA. The main advantage of using this method was. 1) The data provided was accurate and of customers which were subscribers of dna.METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION FOR FINDING OUT CUSTOMERS SUGGESTIONS AND OPINIONS ABOUT DNA NEWSPAPER. 36 .

5) Cheaper method of data collection.2) No wastage of time as well as money in making wrong telephone calls. manufacturing units and educational institutes. In the case of personal interview a particular number of people were chosen who are to be considered to be the potential newspaper readers. 3) No field staff was required. These people were mostly from software companies.) This method helps us to take opinions and suggestions from the employees personally. (only those who are DNA subscribers). The company employees were visited and interviewed with the same questionaire during the lunch timings. 37 . The main advantage of using this method was:- 1. The interviewed employees were selected randomly. 4) Their was a higher rate of response. First we have to take a prior permission from the HR or ADMIN dept of the company to conduct a small interaction with the company employees during the lunch hours to share their opinions and suggestions about the newspaper.

) This also create a positive impact on the individual and a part of branding of the company.A. 38 .2.) QUESTIONNAIRE The questionaire was designed to take feedback from customers. SOURCES OF PRIMARY AND SECONDARY DATA PRIMARY DATA: The primary data was collected through „Telephonic Interview‟ and with the help of questionaires. The form of questions were “close ended” . The questionaire which were prepared to obtain the data were “structured questionaire” in which their were definite. in the market.A newspaper as well as to take information about different auxillary services of D. concrete and pre determined questions. their opinions and suggestions about D. 2.N. The questions were presented with exactly the same wording and in the same order to all the respondents.N.

SECONDARY DATA: No secondary data was available. SAMPLING SIZE DESIGN DIFFERENT SAMPLING TECHNIQUES All items of any field of inquiry constitute a „Universe‟ or „Population‟. 39 . The selected respondents constitute what is technically called a „Sample‟ and the selection process is called as „Sampling Technique‟ The survey so conducted is called as „Sample Survey‟.

hotels and bpos .) Type of Subscribers General Subscribers Software Firms Manufacturing Industries Hotels BPOS Total Numbers 300 25 25 25 25 400 There are following two main types of sampling techniques: 1.) Multi-Stage Sampling F.) 5.A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population.) 3. The population size was 65000 subscribers including industries.) Cluster Sampling D. 1.) Area Sampling E. The sample size in the research study was 400.) Stratified Sampling C.) 4. It refers to a technique or the procedure the researcher would adopt at selecting items for the sample.) Sampling with probability proportional to size G.) Sequential Sampling 40 .) PROBABILIY SAMPLING A.) 2.) Systematic Sampling B.

2. Random sampling ensures the Law of Statistical Regularity. PROBABILITY SAMPLING: Probability sampling is also known as „random sampling‟ or „chance sampling‟ Under this sampling design every item of the universe has an equal chance of inclusion in the sample. which states that if on an average the sample chosen is a random one the sample will have the same composition and charecteristic of the universe. This is the reason why random sampling is considered as the best technique of selecting a representative sample. In addition to be more specific. the type of sampling used was “CLUSTER SAMPLING”. Since the clusters were in the form of geographical areas the cluster sampling in such case is better known as “ AREA SAMPLING”.) NON PROBABILITY SAMPLING RESEARCH METHODOLOGY TO FIND OUT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK In this research studies the sampling technique which was used is “PROBABILITY SAMPLING”. 41 .

Random sampling from a finite population refers to that method of sample selection which gives each possible sample combination and equal probability of being picked up and each item in the entire population have an equal chance of being included in the sample. a convineint way in which a sample can be taken is to divide the areas into smaller. This applies to sampling without replacement ie once an item is selected for the sample. Thus in cluster sampling the total population is divided into a number of relatively small sub divisions which are themselves clusters of still smaller and then some of these clusters are randomly selected for inclusion in the overall sample. CLUSTER SAMPLING: If the total area of interest happens to be big one. on – overlapping areas and then to randomly select a number of these smaller areas or clusters. AREA SAMPLING 42 . it cannot appear in the sample again.

43 . QUESTIONAIRE 400 SCALING TECHNIQUE USED: The scaling technique used was the Graphic Rating Scale.If cluster happens to be some geographic sub divisionsin the case cluster sampling is better known as AREA SAMPLING.Especially when the concepts to be measured are complex & abstract & we do not possess the standardized tools. RESEARCH DESIGN RESEARCH SAMPLING DATA COLLECTION SAMPLE SIZE PROBABILITY SAMPLING TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW. In other words cluster designs where the primary sampling units represent a cluster of units based on geographic area are distinguished as area sampling. SCALING TECHNIQUE:- In research we quite often face measurement but may not obtain it.

It may be stated here that the scale is continuum. 1) Making a judgement about some characteristic of an individual & then placing him directly on a scale that has been defined in terms of that characteristic. MEANING OF SCALING:- Scaling describe the procedure of assigning numbers to various degrees of opinion. attitude & other concepts.Alternatively we can say that while measuring attitudes & opinions we face the problem of their valid measurement. consisting of the highest points (in terms of characteristics eg preferences. This can be done in two ways viz. SCALE CLASSIFICATION BASES:- The number assigning procedures or the scaling procedures may be broadly classified on one or more of the following bases:- a)Subject orientation b)Response form c)Degree of subjectivity d)Scale properties e)Number of dimensions 44 . 2) Constructing questionnaire in such a way that the score of individual‟s responses assign him a place on a scale. favorablenes. etc) & the lowest points with several intermediate points between these two extreme points.

There is no specific rule whether to use two points scale or three point scale or scale with still more points. 45 .average. When we use rating scales.f)Scale construction techniques RATING SCALES:- The rating scales involve the qualitative description of a limited number of aspects of a thing or traits or person. In practice. three scales are generally used to seven points. we judge an object an absolute terms against some specified criteriaie we judge the properties of an objective without reference to other similar objects.below average” or “excellent-good-average-below average-poor”.”above average. TYPES OF RATING SCALE:- 1) Graphic rating scale. In my research studies. 2) Itemized rating scale.”alwaysoften-occasionally-rarely-never” & so on. the GRAPHIC RATING scale was used. These ratings may be in the form of “likes-dislikes”.

Under it various points are put along the at the appropriate point on a line that runs from one extreme to other. Causal analysis is concerned with the study of how one or more variables affect changes in another variable. In my research studies to analyze the customer. Fair 4. It is thus a study of functional relationship existing between two or more 46 . Good 2. Average 3. Poor DATA ANALYSIS TECHNIQUE:- The data analysis method was “causal analysis”. satisfaction the scales were as – 1.GRAPHIC RATING SCALE:- It is quite simple & is commonly used.

This analysis can be termed as regression analysis. Causal analysis is considered relatively more important in experimental researches. whereas in most social & business researches our interest lies in understanding & controlling relationship between variables then with determining causes persue.variables. 47 .

48 .

DATA ANALYSIS Which newspaper do you read? Newspaper Times of India Indian Express Sakaal Times DNA 49 .

of readers 197 36 97 143 9 50 .Others No.

51 .

reading one or more than one newspapers. COMMENT: 52 . The total subscribers of DNA in Pune are above 1. 10. This is a very good achievement since DNA is a new player in Pune market i. Mid Day and Business Standard etc. ***Other newspapers include Hindustan Times.e.000 making it a strong No 2 in Pune region.INTERPRETATION: From the above graph. *** Out of 300 people some are multiple readers. Sakaal Times and The Indian Express. we can say that the number of people reading The Times of India is maximum followed by DNA. just 3 years & 6 months old and it has captured a very good market share as compared to its close competitors ( The Indian Express and Sakaal Times) making it a strong No 2 newspaper in Pune .

How did you come to know about DNA? Advertising type Hoardings Door to Door Campaign Through Colleagues Others No. of Respondents 57 193 37 23 53 .The company must carry out periodic promotional and annual renewal campaigns to maintain its market share.

54 .

There were hoardings which were put on Bus Shelters. Mobile SMS and Telephone calls they received from the DNA office. The company must emphasize more on Door – to – Door campaign as this has been found a very effective in brand awareness. COMMENT: 55 . As per the feedback most of the people came to know about DNA because of the Door – to – Door campaign.INTERPRETATION: DNA carried out a vigorous publicity campaign prior and post its launch. *** Others option include with the help of Radio. The company must stress more on these type of campaigns in their future product launch . on Streets to make people aware of the product. The representatives which visited households to book the annual subscription of DNA was the most effective form of advertisement as maximum people have responded to this option followed by hoardings and some of them came to know from their friends and colleagues about DNA. Traffic Police Sheds.

What/Which Section of DNA you like the most? Sections DNA Money DNA Sports Classifieds City News Speak Up After Hrs Others 92 73 31 110 45 121 36 56 .

57 .

58 .

maximum respondents said that DNA After Hrs is the best part of DNA. Also many respondents say that the city news coverage in DNA is equally good.INTERPRETATION: When asked about the product. 59 .

and DNA YA! which is a children special page.A. Price of D. *** Others include DNA Opinion which covers editorial articles. COMMENT: The company must maintain the same price till the product becomes stable in Pune market. Are you satisfied with the price? Yes 376 No 24 INTERPRETATON: The annual subscription scheme is not available in this year. COMMENT: The editorial section must enrich and modify other sections of DNA with the help of customer feedback about what the readers actually want in other sections to be published. This price will also help the company to maintain competitive advantage and keep a stable market share. is 51 Rs Per month.N. spiritual articles etc. 60 .DNA Money which is considered to be the backbone of the newspaper also got a positive feedback followed by DNA Sports and Classifieds.

What would you like to add in DNA newspaper? Health & Nutrition Jobs & Career Lifestyle & Fashion Others 91 164 25 20 61 .

62 .

jobs and careers as the coverage to these sections is very poor in DNA. women special. Also equal number of feedbacks has been received to add contents covering health and nutrition related news.INTERPRETATION: The maximum number of respondents has given their feedback about including a separate supplement which will be covering jobs and career related news. How would you rate DNA as compared to other newspaper? Excellent Good Average Fair 63 . COMMENT: The company must add news and articles covering health. news on NGO etc. The other feedbacks which were received were to add supplements on social issues. nutrition.

94 115 75 16 64 .

65 .

66 .

This is as per the feedback received from the customers. international format and better coverage to news as compared to its competitors.INTERPRETATION: DNA as compared to other newspaper is a very good newspaper. 67 . COMMENT: The company must make necessary changes in the current product and add new features to make it more Attractive. There has been a tremendous switching of people who have switched from one newspaper to DNA because of its different features like all colour format.

68 .

In your point of view does DNA cover Sufficient news & we can say that there is no need Of other newspaper? Yes No Can't Say 69 .

165 105 30 70 .

71 .

72 .

Ssss 73 .

India news. world news. This should be focused for making necessary improvements. state news. but the coverage on health related news and career news is very poor which does not make it a complete family newspaper. As a result out of 300 subscribers.INTERPRETATION: DNA covers all kind of news including city news. global sports. many subscribers have given their feedback to cover the health and career sections as to make DNA a complete family newspaper from all aspects COMMENT: DNA is a family newspaper covering news on all sections and subjects. How did you find the company representative? Good Average Fair poor 105 85 74 . Pune sports. But DNA has very poor coverage on sections like health and nutrition. as well as page 3 and glamour news and financial news in the form of DNA Money. jobs and careers.

90 20 75 .

76 .


As per the feedback. the company must give attention or improve the quality of manpower as there are equal feedback received about the fair quality of manpower utilized by the company. COMMENT: The company must carry out an effective training sessions and short communication sessions to train the representatives which are send for direct marketing with the consumers. This will help to get more sales Are you satisfied with the delivery of the newspaper? Yes 78 .The company representatives which visited the households and the company premises for the annual DNA subscription were found to be good by most of the subscribers.

No 225 75 79 .

80 .

81 .

Would you suggest DNA to your colleagues. Still there are some cases in which customers have problems with their local area vendors about not delivering the newspaper on time and regularly. COMMENT: The company can appoint some new vendors or change the existing vendors which are not efficient in delivering the newspaper on time. friends & others? Yes 82 .INTERPRETATION: Most of the subscribers are satisfied by the delivery of DNA daily to their residence.

No Not sure(Depends on future service) 165 95 40 83 .

84 .

COMMENT: A periodic feedback campaign will be helpful in this condition which would take recommendations from the public to bring out innovations FINDING 85 . news coverage. Some have given a negative feedback as they think that the newspaper is covering vital and essential news relating jobs and careers. A few people will decide depending upon the future service and quality of DNA. outlook etc. format.INTERPRETATION: Most of the subscribers had given their feedback that they will suggest DNA to their friends as the newspapers is overall a very good in regards to price.

 The most recommended and liked part in DNA newspaper is the page 3 supplement “ After Hrs” follwed by “ DNA Money”.FINDINGS AS PER THE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK  The most effective promotional campaign was the Door – to – Door campaign. City News and DNA Speak Up. 86 .

 Other received about the product consisted in adding supplements covering essential and vital topics like women issues. 87 . supplements on ayurvedic medicins and their uses and supplements on employment news by government sectors.  DNA is rated good by maximum number of readers on overall parameters like news coverage. works by NGOs. newspaper outlook and lucidity of language.Maximum number of people are satisfied with the price of Rs 51 for a month. print quality.  Maximum number of subscribers are satisfied with the delivery of newspaper on time and in proper condition.


the right person was not available to response. It may be noted therefore. Similarly. that this survey is based upon the responses of small sample representing a large avoidance. the sample selected represents the universe. Secondly. so the data obtained may not be authentic. Sometimes. Thus. In case of any sample survey. 89 . 5. 4. 3. However this representation does not indicate the actual behavior of the whole universe. non-availability of data or relevant information may lead to misinterpretation of facts. the study was under time constraint. the result obtained there upon should be considered only as representation & an indicator of the total population.LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT 1. The feedback received was also taken from customers who have subscribed to English newspaper for the first time and cannot be considered up to the mark. 2. which restricted the sample size.

90 .


 The company representative which visited the households as well as the company premises and the work places of employees was found to be good and possessed enough knowledge and skills to make people understand about DNA.  Maximum number of people is satisfied with the competitive price of DNA ie the psychological pricing strategy is the best price strategy adopted by DNA. we can say that majority of the customers have given their feedback to include separate supplements on the topics like jobs and careers. health and nutrition. 92 .  From the customer feedback survey conducted.CONCLUSION AS PER THE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK  DNA is liked and appreciated by its readers and now officially at a strong No: 2 position in Pune.

 When asked to the people that. Nearly about 65% of them replied YES. coverage on social issues in order to increase the awareness on social know how.  The other feedbacks included problems related to the delivery of newspaper. coverage on articles which are specially focused on women issues in the city. relatives and others. coverage on NGO‟s. 93 . “ whether they would recommend DNA to their friends. 15% replied NO and the rest of 20% said that their decision depends upon the future quality and service of DNA.



DNA can carry out periodical customer feedback surveys in major potential areas to modify the product. 3. the company must train the manpower which will be utilised in order to make the sales strong and the representatives would be able to express them and the company in a better manner. 6. The company can publish separate pullouts covering these subjects and make it available with the newspaper on some particular day of the week. DNA can make its product more enriched and innovative by covering the important topics like Jobs and Careers. 4. 2. Health and Nutrition etc. 96 .1. For eg: Jobs and Career supplement will come with DNA every Thursday. 5. DNA speak up can be enriched and made more dynamic and strong so as to take social issues in concern. More emphasis should be paid on the Door – to – Door campaign as it is found to be the most effective form of advertisement as compared to other forms. Before carrying out the personel selling campaign.


98 .

BIBLIOGRAPHY Books:-  Marketing Management (12e) IE ---.Namakumari  Marketing Research (7e) ---.S. Day  Marketing Research ----.Philip Kotler.S. ---. Abraham Koshy.Ramaswamy ---.Aaker.Prof C R Kothari 99 . Kevin Lane Keller. Kumar.Mithileshwar Jha  Marketing Management -.V.Planning Implementation & Control ---.

com  www.google.com  www.Websites:- www.com 100 .wikipidia.com  www.dnaindia.dainikbhaskar.


Order No:-…………………… Yes . I want the copy of DNA-Pune Edition to be started at my residence/office/shop from 1st or 16th I will settle my bill directly my vendor on monthly basis.FEEDBACK FORMS USED DURING PROJECT DNA-Order Booking Form Date:-……………………. 102 .



First Name

Mrs. V


Last Name

Delivery Address:
Flat No:-……………………. Floor:-………………. Block / Wing:-………………… Age Society Name:-………………………………………………………………………………… Gender M yrs F

Street:-……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Residence Area:-……………………………………………………………………………………………… Phone Owned Rented


E Mail:-………………………………………………………………… Number of Members in the Family <=3 Newspaper purchased English Marathi Business 4 5 >5

Monthly Household Income:-





Skilled Self-employment Officer/Senior/ Executive - Middle Small trader Clerk/Salesman Student Shop Owner Supervisor Retired Businessman/Industrialist Officer/Executive-Junior Housewife


S.S.C./ H.S.C. Graduate Professional

Under Graduate/Diploma PG General and above

Graduate General PG Professional and above

2 Wheeler 4 Wheeler Brand Name:-……………………………………..

Customer Care Number:25667916/17
I have agreed to subscribe the copy of DNA .Please handover the confirmation copy to DNA and start delivering the paper at the above address on a daily basis. **This is not a subscription offer Hence no advance payment is necessary

Readers signature……………………………… For office use
Division / Zone Code:-…………………………. Area Code:-…………………………………………. Supervisor Code:-………………………………… MRE Name:-……………………………………….. MRE Code:-…………………………………………. Society ID:-………………………………………………. Vendor Name:-……………………………………….. Vendor Phone No:-…………………………………. Vender Code:-…………………………………………. Depot Code:-…………………………………………..


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 2 0


Business. exclusively for you.DNA-BREAKING NEWS THAT DRIVES PUNE To.…/…….to……. We have the best of journalistic talents in the country that put together their creative abilities./…. event. at discounted rate only. and carrying a proper photo identity-card.. As you are aware./20__.. Daily News Analysis They may visit our society from Date:……. between …….…/20__ to…. and entertainment across the world. ………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………… DNA To. The Concerned Authority of the society. we will visit them in the morning and in the evening. who deserved nothing but the best in life. 106 . resulting in excellent of coverage of news. We would like to extend a special offer to all your residents. It is offered in an international format with separate sections for News. Code of the society: …………………………………………………….…. We are grateful to the citizen of pune who have accepted our product wholeheartedly because of which we had secured strongest No. Their stamp of acceptance is of immense importance to use. keeping in mind their busy schedules. We have drawn up a special offer. The paper brings in a refreshing change to pune’s newspaper scenario. and has received an overwhelming response from its esteemed readers.. Sub: Permission For DNA members to visit your society Dear Sir. was launched on 16th January 2008. The team members of DNA are allowed to meet the members of our society. Our well-trained team. (……………………………………………………………) Signature & Name of Chairman/Secretary …………………………………………………………………………….2 position in pune. Sports and light entertainment on a daily basis. attired in the official uniform. DNA (Daily News Analysis). We seek your kind consents to personally meet with the residents of your society. will visit your society for the same.…(time) Name/Society: ……………………………………………………….

(Authorized Signature) 107 . Yours Faithfully.Thanking you. Rajneesh Singh (Circular Manager) #99229220064 For-DILIGENT MEDIA CARPORATION LTD.

108 .