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for Ac)vism session 1: Naviga)ng city data resources

Susan Mernit, Barbara Grady Oakland Local

City info resources:

City main site: hDp:// City council & city council commiDees calendar, agendas and reports/memos, hDp:// Mayor Quans site, hDp:// index.htm Oakland Police site, hDp:// City Auditor, hDp:// Oakland City ADorney, hDp://

Cri)cal links to nd stu

Index page: Oakland city government: hDp:// Legistar calendar with all commiDees, agendas, report links: hDp:// Business index page: hDp:// Quality of life index hDp://

Work arounds
Search the web: pdf + date range Search the city sites Request public informa)on: hDp:// Resources/PubInfoRequest.html Sign up for email updates (new):
City memorandums: hDp:// City news room(last updated April): hDp://

Poor taxonomy/structure to site Poor search; confusing results, not able to search by date PDFs are uncopyable; hard to nd; incomprehensible naming structure Weak alerts, no RSS feeds, so hard to track, monitor or keep up Security by obscurity/best kept secrets

Open data pla]orms RSS-enabled fees Readable PDFs BeDer search structure More tutorials on using the site Use cases

Preso on scribd: hDp://