Geography II




CS (MAIN) EXAM, 2010

Paper II

I~ 8-0TN

-K-H H B




Three Hours




Marks : 300


Each question is printed in English. Answers both in Hindi and

rn.uet be written in the medium specified in the - Admission Certificate issued to you, which must be stated clearly

on the cover of the answer-book in the space provided for the purpose. No marks will be given for the answers written in a
medium other than that Admission Certificate. Candidates should specified in the

attempt Questions No. 1 and 5 which are compulsory, and

any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each Section.
The number of rnarhe carried by each question is indicated at the end of the

Illustrate your answers with suitable
shetch-rn.ape and diagrams.

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narn Shadnagar Gahirm. whether physicaVcomlllerciaVeconornic/ecological/ environmental/cultural in not rnore than 30 words for each entry. mark the location of ALL of the following for which 1 (one) rn ar k is given to each correct entry.ere Jaitapur (e) (f) (g) (h) Parichha (i) Sal toro Kangri Shencottah Gap G) (I) (rn) (n) (k) Banas River Phalgu Sirpur Sanand Drass 2 [Contd. A a&as outline :map of India provided to you.. 3 (three) rnar'ks are allotted for each write-up... 4x15=60 (a) On the .atha Point Ca1im.------------------------------------------------------------.Na rcorrd arn Kavvayi (b) (c) (d) Krishna pa t.] River Co) 8-DTN-K-HHB . Write in your answer script the significant geographica1 relevance or strategic importance of these locations. - SECTION 1.

~ 3=t q ~l 5U ~ I tp II ~cR{§l 1 (-u. cfit q tffq CfU i '1f1 J n f~Cfi ~ ciI Cfl "CI'Q qoqfq{oil"4/'8i~FdCfi ~ <?t{99i 30 -B. r~ftCh afq:.(§log C1i qF"t~51 1R I 3i q ffS!!f(9 J.qal ql~2 ~ct~.:P R Jlrn".l ...f. 3i14<:hl ~ ~ 'iU(t1 ~ N':ft qit a::tqr~F(1 ~ $I Slfq F~ -en: ~ f:qf0ct CfJlf\i1l!:. (fZ) 'fI::ir.Otl r:ll:~rC1f{9(1 ft. Cf} I R1 fl:p..illCfl/31If2t.:cn) let FE ~ ft. (~) (~) qR=ag.gfBj Chi if ~ ::c:llful!: I 51 c=ltCfi ~ ~ ~ 4x15=60 """II Cfil::g q (~) (71") (~) (:s) (~) (~) Chlql41 ~t£l1I Q2r=t'l :t'1IG:.rQ: . (-q)) ~ ~ 3 (~) rMr~q:7 -=qffl 'li1f(1Cil/cufU ~ en ICfidl ~ ~ atcn ~ 1<1 if ~ R4ct m "lfT e IlOiRCfl J4 ~"{"q .rQ: 51~Cfl 1.1 BIM1l{i" Cfli1l:U 3'i{1{IC1 ~ (~) (c:) ("3) ~l=i Cfi12 I = ~r:tlfi lhl&j ~ (s) fu~9:~ . ~ CUT) B-OTN-K-HHB 3 [Contd..rQ:.qy Ifi.~ ~@.n/ qIRr~f11Cf)1 I ~~Cf} QfctfJ! ~ fC.

alayan Orogeny and illustrate how the process has affected the geornorp hic characteristics of Macro divisions of Himalayas. B-DTN-K-HHB 4 l Corrrd. (a) Discuss rn ap. of surface water 30 (b) Examine the problems and prospects of agro-based industries 30 4.] .2.. Explain Him. 60 3. Assess as to how surface water utilisation affects 30 food production and food security in the country. the spatial distribution of Natural Vegetation In India with the help of a sketched 30 in Bihar. (a) (b) Discuss the ernerg+ng pattern utilisation in India.

cit ~ fiP""I k1<q l%fi ~ ~i? tt. (on) (~) 1:@IRlfS4f1 4I"""1f:q51 c"-"I '&CI Fa ~. J!lll Pi Ch Fci (1{U I CfiT ~ ctt fii.{ q4d~ cfiT ~ 5{9f) c€lf.JtL:( aih: 3G16{OI ~..] .. 'l"'4lan ~ 30 c61f~C£ ~ 3q41~1 I 4. m2f fEn .. ~. ~ SlFct=tC'q lIT i". if. ~ t%~1 .~ tot ~-3"llllfdCfi ~ .:st l{ il I ~an 1ffi(f f4t?R if ~-~ if ~-~ I d{J'pfj cfit 'f1l. fip:IIC1~l ~ '"'$i I~t.rqf chl f.f"€tf 30 ch1f'l1 C( (1:9) 3ilCfi61"1 cQf~l{ 1% ~-~ @IQ d('CIIC!O"i ~ ~ @I':l ~ ~ t if I aq4111 fCh'fi 'lit ~ 5ICflI{ i:=t 30 Cf){(41 8-DTN-K-HHB: 5 [Contd.. 60 SU1iRtCfi 30 51iflR ~ 3.2. (en) ~.?llldl it 'l4l{cl "tR -:r..

ernpor-a. Write (a) (b) (c) (d) about the following in about 250 words each: 15x4=60 Role of physiography Offshore Spatial Ethnic in cross border terrorism. ecology oilfields and coastal pattern of soil erosion in India of North-eastern States the occurrence of 30 diversity 6.ion and examples.r'y India. (b) What affects is Regiorrafi srn ? Discuss the developm_ental how regionalism with suitable process examples. Park help How does the ecological with suitable for-mat. 30 8-0TN-K-HHB 6 . of a National conservation restoration ? Explain 30 8. (a) Outline the role of Class II and Class III towns in process towards of India balanced and urban indicate their 30 the urban contribution (b) de'veloprnerrt. the help of a sketched rnap and bring out the 30 of the disease. (a) Define an 'EpideITIic~ and discuss 'Chikungunya in India. (a) Explain how Dernogr-apb.ic Transition created 30 DeITlographic Divide in Corrt. (b) IdentifY the regions regional pattern affected by Chikungunya with .SECTION B 5. 7.

~ 3q~it} e~144tf) ? cfit 30 (en) ~ cti1f. r~qfuI SlCfiR 7S{Td qlf{r~ro&i ~'~ I '8q~[~l{ g~:~lq.5....J\QO "Fcfi 'ii..t : (en) (lSI) {OillOf I llR !4f4if. [(\'4 p R::~n if 3o::fCh 41JIG""l Cl)f d~:{g <=61f'i1Q 1 {i'\crt'l9l ~f1H q}T WaJuT if fCflf{ aeJ~{On ~ri5(1 ~ 8.J1Q> am 'Eiuf(1(1 .~~ Cf) on (~) ~qdC: cqr{(f ~ ~ ~ QIRfJ24foctl1 il 12GT ~ q «~rt 'lFi~i}i . >lCfiI~1 :.. (en) ('i1I~qf~Cfl -iTrT cfiT ~ CfiT tifJI4dl ifil~ ~ ~ it 30 r:q~"12Roql qft dqff:4Rt lR ~ C~) {«9IR1b4a ~"... 'f2I1 r~ 51R1 ~ 4 ~-~ cfit 1~k114~ J 6.IT I ("{Sf) SOJIe.f.<IChdl ~ it cp:rr dl?Y4 ~ !41~J1iIChdl I ? dq~ fCf)'H 3<I~p:on fifud 51CflJ( fqCf)I'8IFlCf) 30 54s:f)q TR ~ B-DTN-K-HHB '61<101 ~ 7 ..: c:pf III =-t II(j Cfit 30 cfiT ~ Fc12hlff ('&) 2I~I"""f(1 chlf.slrC1~ 54s.qIfC4d cfi)r~tt I Q~~neEl =i J I{\ <0{ l"flrtf-q5f it f-q~""2r:p:1I -~ ~ qt:"€IFi q))Pst~ ~ t cpf II -iTrT ~ !)lIe-PilCh 30 Siffl{e\q ~ 7.. ifCfiChlll fP::Ji:f)I ('11 ~ cqr«f if \i1~ iFctlCfil q q))f\51ct Fn B9fi+iOI ~ -2T ~ fqif( 51Chl { 30 fCb:q I Sl. ~ 'Ep4~ if 3i I~ WN7T 250 ChI :tl<l -q 15x4=60 311 c:=i <:fiC11 G if ~ ("12:14 q)l f{1 Chl.:ti 4 (q:)) ~ ~'"iCf)1 &i ~ if .aiP. Rqr~r~(1 fMF@t:.

"..i)&1 s:I:it .:[ R:t~ if grJib-< I J/~.>j Wt.. j.jj i5 3ft'? alfJre iT C51=f-?1-q:.<f/ fllf#e I Jl4~/...:. .~ II I 3I¥:t1 'l.-a1 3Ik 3iUJi1 .{a~/-fl?f fif.).fj if :fflt 1fW_:pf [JQT ~ I til®! J/~.. 3Ik ~ ~ 3R7 mtzr« C/5T t4te 3ri!J?5I lJfi5 W 3iMd A{ifr:c ~ "# fCtlli 5 11[!" rrr kbql 3i1'<-g«iiP "$ 317.5 3f1~ fR' 31frlRfb ctitf 3k5 wtrtt fds'?"fJ ..~ CfX 3fITtRstrl 1fW_:pf.I B-OTN-K-HHB I ~ .fCb : 300 Rc=4$ JH!~ &..jj -$ 3rl.:rcff mc1J} I Ji:trt "tit&47 1 3tk 31RcnQ ~ I mCf57 lTcff "# JRilCb fas:rtfJ· cfFT JRild5 7Jf? ~ i&US >I~.>f ~ ff..ZIJ ttar ~.qn:zp:f .< IStW(fJ1 if fMw& if 3114 3ri!J& R4d 3k5 &s sirr if fi:r? I 3ft'" 311Ft ctii "<"I!jRirl q5t 'Ht::14rlJ Note: it Nee ~'<!iI-RF1Rr::jr 3Ik 311~·<ilf d57fJre I on English version of the Instructions is printed the front cover of this question paper.

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