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MR. S. JONES: 2008-09 January 12 to January 16, 2009

8:54 Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom
9:05 Gym Language Gym Language Gym
Basketball U Is Part of Us Basketball U Is Part of Us Basketball
Drop Step to Basket Complete Story Dribbling Conclusion No Dribble Game
Hook Shot Assign Activity 2 Questions 2-1-2 Defensive Formation 2-1-2 Defensive Formation

9:50 Language Language Language

U Is Part of Us Discussion Activity 2 The Job of Raising Children
Read To First Break Point Class Discussion
Discussion Questions Summary Learning Card

01:20 Nutrition Break Nutrition Break Nutrition Break Nutrition Break Nutrition Break
10:30 History 8C Math Math Math Math
Confederation Test Correct Exercise 5.4, 1-28 Correct Exercise 5.5, 1-36 Correct Exercise 5.6, 1-22 Correct Exercise 5.7, 1-27
Multiplying Fractions Dividing Fractions Fractions and Decimals Order of Operations
Exercise 5.5, 1-36 Exercise 5.6, 1-22 Exercise 5.7, 1-27 Exercise 5.8, 1-23

11:10 History 8C Health Language Health Language

Confederation Test Bullying in Canada Hornblower Rick Mercer's Rant Hornblower
Profiling The Bully The Mutiny Simon Webbe Video/Song The Mutiny
Part 5D Questions Part 5E Questions

11:45 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Duty 12:20-12:45 Lunch

12:45 French History 8A French History 8A French
Preparation Time The Expansion of America Preparation Time 72 Resolutions Preparation Time
Manifest Destiny Provincial Powers
1:25 Religion History 8A Religion History 8A Religion
Do Sacraments Bring Us Closer Distribution of Core Notes A Journey To Belong 72 Resolutions Experience of a Lifetime
To God? Pages 49-50 of Text Federal Powers Pages 50-51 Text
Summary Learning Card Questions and Discussion Questions and Discussion

1:45 History 8A French History 8A French Art 8A

Charlottetown Conference Preparation Time Canada: A People's History Preparation Time Monochromatic Art
Summary Learning Card The Quebec Conference

2:30 Language Discussion: Language

The Quebec Conference
Silent Reading Silent Reading
Media Bonus Marks

3:00 Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal