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Cathy OBrien Mark Philips - Trance Formation of America MKULTRA - 1995

Cathy OBrien Mark Philips - Trance Formation of America MKULTRA - 1995

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The life of Cathy O Brien.
The life of Cathy O Brien.

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I no longer had any mind of my own. I was absolutely void of free will and
was now totally robotic. So was Kelly, We wore our Charm School smile at
all times, and did exactly what we were told to do. The only characteristic
noticeably out of place was Kelly's age-inappropriate programmed vocabulary
and mannerisms. Outsiders attributed this to her traveling within the country
music industry. My public image was a programmed personality that always
smiled, looked and talked like the proverbial "air-head" blonde that kept out-
siders away by socializing only within my controlled environment. This
lifestyle appeared quite normal for my role as Houston's much younger "wife"
in the country music industry.
When we were not traveling, I began each day at 4:00 A.M. with a
minimum of 2 hours aerobic exercise. Afterward, I tended farm animals and
did other chores, then cooked Houston a large country breakfast which neither
Kelly or I were permitted to share. Houston would then order me to work to
exhaustion on his 100-acre farm while he watched. These chores included
hauling, stacking, and feeding out hundreds of bales of hay to our livestock
each year; maintaining miles of electric fencing; cutting acres of grass with a
push mower an average of twice weekly; busting concrete with a sledge hammer
and mixing and pouring new cement; digging by hand and maintaining a two
acre vegetable garden for canning; cutting, hauling, and slacking firewood for
Houston, his neighbors, and friends; shoveling pick-up truck loads of creek
gravel to fill in enormous potholes in the gravel road leading to 11 rural
residences including Jack Greene's; and anything else Houston could think of
that would wear me down. Houston's exhaustive, slave-driving work orders
made my father's seem benevolent in comparison. The "best" of days were

I ate "like a bird (Byrd)," following Byrd's orders of 300 calories per day-
with no sugar or caffeine. My metabolism was low. I was trained to compute
calories like a machine, eating more like a rabbit than a "bird", I had to count
every calorie, from a simple taste of what I had to cook for Houston to semen.
Houston ensured thai Kelly and I never got more than two consecutive hours of
deep per night. He accomplished this through automatic mental "alarm clocks"
that woke us up at two- hour intervals-Kelly with asthma, and me with panic.
These tactics contributed to Kelly's and my total inability to resist mind control.
Traveling in the country music industry was no easier than existing on
Houston's farm in Tennessee. It certainly lacked the glamour that outsiders
usually associate with entertainment industries. CIA covert drug operations had
permeated the industry. Entertainers were used to buy, sell, and distribute
cocaine brought into this country by the U.S. government for the purpose of
funding the Pentagon's and CIA's Black Budgets. Nashville's local
government, from my perspective, was totally corrupted by these criminal
covert operations. Cover-up, murder, drugs, and white slavery prevailed.
Entertainers usually made n big only when they participated in CIA operations
and/or were slaves themselves. I know of numerous entertainers in need of
rescue and deprogramming from their mind-controlled existence, because it was

discovered that voices could be harmonically tuned through mind control to
captivate audiences. To quote my father, "Spies, like singers and actors, are
made, not born". These entertainers have endured much of the same
programming as I to permit them to carry out government operations in the
course of their travels.

Norwegian Caribbean Lines (NCL) cruise ships depart regularly from
Miami, Florida and travel throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. NCL
provides pleasure cruises to the public complete with "entertainment" like that
of Alex Houston while carrying out CIA operations. Sue Carper, former
director of entertainment procurement for all NCL cruise ships, would ensure
that government covert activities staging were properly orchestrated. She
rotated entertainers like Houston from ship to ship in order to avoid the scrutiny
of clean U.S. Customs and Immigrations inspectors. I routinely took cruises
with Houston, muling cocaine and/or heroin out of Haiti, the Bahamas, Mexico,
the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico to fund covert operations. While I was
robotically carrying out transactions as ordered, I was also prostituted to South
and Central American drug lords and politicians, as well as filmed
pornographically. Houston made sure I was in the right place at the right time
and switched me into the proper mode for each activity I was forced to carry
out. In the early 1980s, this included passing messages to and from Senator
Byrd, Baby Doc Duvalier, my Cuban contact, Puerto Rican drug lord Jose
Busto, and others.

In keeping with NCL's Caribbean operations, Byrd adjusted his use of
programming themes to include the mirror-reversal, interdimensional, Air-
Water mind-control theme used on me by NASA and the Jesuits. I often saw
dolphins playing in the ocean while being transported from port to port via the
Cruise ships, but the popular "whales and dolphins" mind-control theme was
avoided in favor of a theme more suitable to my experience-that of the Sea-
Bird-Robert C. (Sea) Byrd. He told me, "Atlantis1

has long been the epicenter
of alien activity. The path is so well warn that there are holes in the fabric of
time and space whereby airplanes and ships, even people, timelessly seemingly
disappear, transformed into another dimension alien to this world. Likewise,
we (aliens) came in, entering through the mirror reflection of the hole in the
fabric of space, the deep blue sea. Some of us entered Earth's plane as whales
and dolphins. And when we emerged from the sea, some of us came flying out.
Or is that in? At any rate, we are here. Watch for the flying fish when you are
out to see/sea. When you see one, you will know it is kin to me. A flying fish
by any other name is a C. Byrd. A sea bird. Robert C. Byrd."
The drug business was booming for the CIA, and the only "War on Drugs" I
witnessed was that launched by the CIA against its competition. As quickly as 1
brought the NCL suitcases of drugs into the Port of Miami, they were usually
transferred to Houston's factory custom-built Holiday Rambler motor home.
Concealed compartments were built into the walls for hiding the illegal drugs.
If I drove the drug-filled motor home on to Nashville rather than deposit the
drugs en route at Warner-Robbins Air Force Base in Macon, Georgia, the bulk
was stored in the Hendersonvilie Mormon "food storage" Bishop's Warehouse.
Some cocaine was delivered to a music distributor in Nashville, Tennessee,
where it was carefully packaged in participating entertainers' cassettes, for
delivery along their carefully scheduled travel routes. Houston always kept a
large amount of the cocaine for his own use and distribution. Oftentimes he
ordered that I deliver the drugs to specific entertainers at the Grand Ole Opry

and/or at the local shopping mail when we were not traveling. Most often,
however, the larger loads of drugs remained concealed in the motor home for
distribution to CIA drug drops while we traveled the country music industry.
These CIA drug drops included an abandoned amusement park near
Youngstown, Ohio; Diamond Caverns2

campground in Park City, Kentucky;
and Swiss Villa Amphitheatre in Lampe, Missouri. I was aware that tons of
drugs were being handled via our military, but the hundreds of pounds I muled
were targeted for exclusive private distribution.
An example of a typical Caribbean drug operation centered around the NCL
port of call. Key West, Florida. Houston took Kelly and me to a nearby tennis
court under the guise of playing tennis. In reality, I was to meet with CIA
Operative Jimmy Buffett, who devoted more time to the proliferation of CIA
criminal covert activity than he did to his music career cover. Buffett was
playing tennis. Referring to him as though he were to be my tennis instructor,
Houston said, "There's your instructor. As soon as he gathers the balls, he
should be over here to meet you."
Noticing us, Buffett strode over and shook hands with Houston. "Hi,
Jimmy/ Houston said as though they were old buddies.
"Hi, Alex and Elemer," Buffett responded, sarcastically using Houston's

stage name.

"Oh," Houston said. Never one to know an insult when he heard it, he
continued, "What do your friends call you?"
"What does it malter to you?" Buffett asked. "Uncle calls me Jim. I take it
you're not the contact,"
Houston pointed to me, "She is".
"That's more like it," Buffett smiled. "A little Byrd told me I'd be meeting
with a Diamond in the Rough."3
"I prefer a Diamond in the Buff," he said, "I've got a studio across the

As we walked toward his studio, I was oblivious to the meaning behind his
conversation. with Houston and commented, "I understand you're an instructor.
I wish I had brought my racquet."
"I'm not that kind of an instructor," Buffett explained, "I'm a point man for
Uncle. And you've got an appointment with me. I have some instructions to
give you." As we entered his studio, he said, "Welcome to paradise," and
gestured me in. We went into the small living quarters, which may have
appeared even smaller due to the electronic equipment, acoustic guitars, and
furniture that filled the room. A black mirrored coffee table, atypical of
cocaine users I'd known, was the clearest spot in the room, A gold razor blade,
cocaine residue, an ashtray full of marijuana roaches, and a fanned deck of card
with the queen of hearts on top lay on the table. Tropical plants further
cluttered the room. Standing between a perched, stuffed parrot and a banana
tree, Buffett was saying, "Key West is a key place to be. It's the key to the
Caribbean - Cuba, Panama - anyplace that means anything to Uncle these days, I
hold the keys. I'm keeper of the keys and I hold a few of yours." Looking at
his parrot, he continued, "The bird/Byrd says you respond to pair-o-dice, look
deep into the parrot eyes."
I did as instructed, and Buffett popped out the bird's ruby red eyes, which
actually were dice, into his hand. "Roll your eyes high while I roll my pair-o-
dice," he ordered as he rolled the dice across the table. Stopping at the deck of
cards, he picked up the jack of diamonds. "I am a jack of all trades," he

cryptically continued. "And I trade in whatever Uncle orders. An order has
been placed. You must follow orders and go to that place. Go to the White
House Inn at the pier. Carry your laundry bag (full of cash) with you, and see
the man in black. (My Cuban contact almost always wore a conspicuous black
trench coat.) There is a launderman on the dock itself. They do all my
laundering for me, and will be expecting you. Watch for the sea-man with the
duffel bag. When you see the military green duffel bag, approach the desk.
When he says, "I need this laundered, but I do not have the time," you say,
"Welcome to Paradise. I will make sure it is cleaned and delivered on time."
Then give him your duffel bag of 'laundry' and say, "This has been properly
laundered for you". Take the duffel bag. It will be light as a feather. Return
to the Inn and enjoy the buffet."
Changing modes, Buffett unzipped his shorts as he asked, "Do you like a
buffet? I have a Buffett buffet for you now. And if is Paradise!"
I carried out the drug transaction as ordered, the whole ordeal lasting a
matter of minutes. A buffet was spread in the courtyard of the White House Inn
at 4:00 PM just as Buffett said it would be. But due to the food and water
deprivation necessary to maintaining my mind-controlled trance, Houston forbid
me from carrying out this last part of Buffett's instructions,
Alex Houston Enterprises was another side business that Houston used to
cover for his CIA criminal covert activities. It included the relabelling of G.E,
capacitors for the "energy savings" companies, Queen Electric and Phase Liner,
he shared with his former wife and first CIA mind-controlled slave. She was a
Catholic processed Puerto Rican blonde beauty. These G.E. capacitor banks
were sold internationally as energy saving devices, when in fact they provided
one more means of transporting drugs from the U.S. around the world.
It was Houston's G.E. capacitor scam that provided me insight into the
elaborate Long Island docks drug network run by U.S. Congressman Gary
Ackerman (D. NY).4

I first met Ackerman in 1981 when Houston was booked
into the Woodberry Music Festival with known CIA mind-control victim
Loretta Lynn.5

Lorctta's road manager, Neo-Nazi pedophile Ken Riley, who
was also Alex Houston's best friend, often assisted Houston in handling me.
Riley in turn handed my Charm School programmed keys, codes, and triggers
to Congressman Ackerman, who skillfully accessed my Alice In Wonderland
mirror theme programming. After snorting a couple of lines of coke, he
stepped into the center of a three way mirror where he positioned me and
proceeded to sexually gratify himself in my throat. Ken Riley, and other
involved members of Loretta's band, all laughed as Ackerman stumbled around
the room while pulling his pants up from around his ankles and complaining that
he "couldn't stand for sex like that". The term "Ackerman syndrome" was
coined after that in reference to sex that drained a man of his energy, and
circulated among "those who know" for years.


NCL cruise ships routinely pass through the so-called "Bermuda Triangle," and Byrd did

not miss this opportunity to tap into old programming base installed by Senator L. Bennet



When Mark and 1 turned in detailed information on this drug drop to law enforcement,

our lives were endangered to the point that a foreign Intelligence officer intervened and

subsequently saved our lives through a timely tip-off.


"Diamond in the Rough" was a term used to describe an MPD/DID slave actively engaged
in programming via torture conditioning.


Congressman Ackerman's Caribbean cocaine and Asian heroin operations have not
hindered his position on the Congressional Post Office and Civil Service Committees, nor the
Asian and Pacific Affairs Committee. It is important to note that, as a matter of Congressional
record, Ackerman openly opposed compulsory drug tests for all federal employees.


Senator Byrd proudly claimed Loretta as his mind-controlled slave and told me, "I
literally made Loretta what she is today, and she is maid to order". Loretta's son and secondary
mind-control handler, Ernest Ray, told me, "I know what the Byrd did to my mother. I can get
away with murder... All I gotta do is call him and I'm free as a bird/Byrd."

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