Miles Lilly May 29, 2012

1. Discuss Columbus’s accomplishments as found in the assigned reading. Support from text. The text starts on Sunday October the 21st. At the very beginning, he discusses arriving at the island and meeting the natives. He describes the island in lush terms stating, “This Island exceeds the others in beauty and fertility. Groves of lofty and flourishing trees are abundant, as also large lakes surrounding and overhung by the foliage, in the most enchanting manner.”(Columbus 138). This island, according to one of the footnotes, is an island in the Bahamas. While still on this island he discusses trying to locate riches and later decides to go look for Cuba. He believes that Cuba may be home to a multitude of riches. On Tuesday Oct. 23.d, he decides to depart from the current island and go look for Cuba. On November the first they arrive in Cuba. They did not find gold, as Columbus states, “The Admiral saw no gold among them”( Columbus 141). The rest of the text discuses encounters with the natives, and the exploration of the island. In summation, Columbus succeeded in exploring some of the islands surrounding the coast of the United States.

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