NBC, Ron Allen & Obama: Did NBC News Engag;e In Fraud to :Protect Obama?
hits Posted DY larrvsincleiruaza on Sunday, May 4, 2008 of Plunderbund.corn}, "news" reports: to by and

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In February 2008, individual-s by the: name of Nate Green, of Iowa, Eric Gibbons, of NY/NJ, Eric Ektun aka Eric Vessels (Owner/Founder 'rubesccktedu, of and many others have repeetedlv made false claims about me and distributed a constant bereqe of fabricated


Harack Obama Drug Scandal
deflect an),





facts that




in smoking




gay,<;e.)( in 1999.

ADVANCE..INDIANA ANDY MARTIN REPORTS' urnheaddc Cao's Blog ctttaenwells. nants.outthere blou For Truth about Barack and Michelle, ubame'e deal-s, payment'S and there contradrcttons to hi'S call for channe f=re.e Republic Nccnb etferv.com SavagePolitics.com The Speech That Revealed So Much The Tide Awake.5WE SAW THAT WordPres.'S.com wordpress.orn WWW.Rense.com (The Fir-st news organization to report on this story)

Ho-wever, r-1ay2008 SMTWTFS 1 4 5 0. 7 :2 9 3 10

now the having



Did NBC/MSNBC claims?



in fraud,


false' statements




with the



to protect


Obama from

to respond

to these


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Did NBC!MSNBC false statements


Ron AI Ie·11in cooperation

with the: Obarna







the: fake


Post article,


out right

as facts?

Ba-ack Db ama'w Past tsn't :5,0 Clean Glob-e & Enquirer l-OOKAT BofAADDRESS ON ME IN JAN 2007 MSM SEARCHES ubamas account of his NY years often differs ....... Some Truly great photography and original videos bV a Friends Son & Why won't Obama release his IL records ZAZZlE PRODUCTS

Thinking About Throwing In The, Towel.

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The foliO-iNing FAKE Washington 21, 2003. David The day Axelrod with Dan Parisiof





distributed to a polygraph copy

among exam listed


above posted

named later




blocs than,

I have


to mention Campaign

here,on and

February specificallv

I flew to Los Angeles,

CA to submit


was determined

to. have been

set up by the



tnc.) The


at Digg.oom.


washmnton Feb.2t

post Editorial pg 1.212, :;20'(18 law StItt To Be Djsmi5:sed .2007 Lawr-ence Sillda'l" approached .campa-rgn offkials of the Sen.Bara~ Obama (:ampaigll .... and told them a very distllrbing offkials I"u/ed it off.- as "jlJst someone story. Rob



SincJair Fwerai In late fall


Allen of the .sen. bu-ck~ n

Obama ca'mpaigli stated.

Afte,. the meeting

had concluded

me cemoemn

t.rying to make a

'Radio Intervi'ews
$100 .... 00(}.OO as I"estitution for his. d'ent .. Elill curmtrrqham C;aO:5 Blog Interview caosblcq.com aloqtalk Radio Interview with Larry .3-15-06 ElIl"'igue. y Joe Ntaml Morning Radio Interview 4-14-8 Jeff Ren5'B Interview 12.3-08 JEFF RENSE INTERVIEW 3-10-08 Jeff nense rntervrew 42,8-08 Jeff Rens.e Interview 43-08 Jeff Rens.e rntevrew 226-08 KTlK in the Morning, Chris BakerThe Jim Sumpter Show The Right Perspective

The folloWing

week they r-eceweu a phone call ....rom a man claiming f

to represent

Mr. Sinda'r .... and demanding harassment lrliflais

t.ewrence S,n,dar,- has ffled a fede,-al suit against rnterner web-site fa,. viewillg homemade Mr. Sindai,-'s limu tn Gurnee .... t in 1999'. I that presiding

Ba,-a.ckObarna and others


smce the gay man released atld M,..Sindair .shered

his video on YiJuTlJbe.c.IJm a .... in the back of a

videa'S.... alleging

that ....he Senato,. fmm t

oral sex and cocerne

The Post has learned extensive thrssliit. tawrence

Judge Donard Wil5ll'n

is dismissirrgthe

c;ase, due to credibility wal"ralft sound credible

un /o1r;.Sjm;Iair.Stat.ing standards .... hich w are

that the cumplainant

has an

rec-ord of rmscntevcus

conduct. Further

more such allegations

not found in matters

in.eluded in


Sin.clai,. was convrcrert were

of ··f,.amr two

times and ilivestigated and Indiana.

eight times Mr.Sindarr etso

iJvel" 25 years ....or trying f has an extensive recorc

to seClire



··black mare- charges. The Washingfun Post

May 2008 April 2008

TWIJ of the defendants has 'earned. n

pulrti-cal frgures I'll Ilrinois

of drug ccrrvtctrons.

March 2008 Ron Allen it seems is employed by NBC News and was essiqned to, the Obama Campaign! Now the whole world is aware of the NBC LO~'e Affair with Barack obeme.

Youtube Videos
uarack Ellrigue y Joe Mi;ami Morning Radio Interview 4-14-8 King Naker (Axell"'ods ubamaj YT Vide.o Larry Sind;air's, Fighting on Youtube video Larry's urtqtnal voutube \lideo Larry's Response voutube vtdeo Pt 1 Larry's response Youtube video Pt 2 Larry'.!> respon:'5-e-

The' Chris


"I get a tingle


my leg evervtime

I hear

him speak,

~ to

# I.



nbama namnatnn




Keith otberrnan practically breaking down and crying when. having to ask Obama about his relationship with



Wright, so. what is Ron,Allen's fettish with

responds to Larry thru Attorney Andre.!! W Lopez SuperXdusivo 4-09-08 Interview Pt 1 sunerxclustvo 4-9-08 Interview Pt 2 The Kinda chenqe ubame fll"'ings Video (A MUST WATCH)

Bar-ack Obarna that would Ju-stify NBC/MSNBC allowing such a claim as the one's above to' be made about me by oneof its Po-liticalreporters?

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Ron Allen and NBC/r-1SNBC should now report on why thev claimed know this to. be completely false. this.

I lor someone claiming to' represent me, called the Obama Campaign demanding :HOO,OOO when they

In fact, no one could have contacted the Campaign claiming to- represent me when I still had nat even cone to' the media about any of

this until mid to late necember. and in fact I had not even spoken, directly to. a


media person until January 2008 about this issue. NBC/r-1SNBC you need to. answer

NBC/1'1SNBC has been aware of these comments!


faked Washington Post article evert longer than me, yet they have not once claimed that Ron Allen of NBC/MSNBC denies making reporting on anything to do with this Gamapign season.

Why?' NSC/MSNBC has been acting as the Official Nedie Pimp for the Barack Obama Campaign for- some time now. That is clear to all who have

turned away from the network for its lack of objective

I demand that N8C/MSNBC and Ron Allen come.forth immediately and either admit that Ron Allen (NBC/MSNBc's) chosen one from having to eckrtowledce his past acts before the, American Voters.

never made such statements or that NBC/MSNBC and Ron Allen,

knO'wingly made false statements about me to. protect Barack Obama and to influence other media outlets to shv away from a factual storv to- prevent their

I demand an immediate: and public eppcloqv from Ron Allen and NBC/MSNBC for their slanderous and false: statements about me, as well as a public admission. by NBC/M5NBC.as:to their actions. Posted in 2008 camparqn, Coverp, khmeskr, Stuart Klimaski 2008 Election, 2008 prestdentral Democrats, campatqn, 2008 prestdentral Sinclair, Michael electron, aarack obama, ubeme, prestdenttal uruq aarack Murder, nbama ubame Drug .scandal Camp, Attacks,

Dell1o'cl"'aticUndel"gl"'ound.com, & Asseciate.s patrtck j=rtzqerald,


Donald Young, Drugs. Scandals. and news, Presidential

Sex, Election,


2008, Greg Beck, James R. Db ama GI"OUP,Ray aeckerman,

P.C., LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Larry paul Levy, pulttrcs, General, election, chrts Politics Vandenberg

Nuke sev, Nichelle pr+martes, uerack news, obama, nrack Cocaine,

is a j=raud, nprah, Levine, 2008 Presidential & r'overp, Coverp, khmeskr,

Public Citizens ubama


Tony Rezko, US Attorney Candidates, nhrcaqo

& Feliu LLP, voutube.com, chuck Todd, nocatne,

candidates uerack nbama ubame

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Andl"e.s,W Lopez, nerack campatqn,


Scandal, aarack Murder,

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posted in, 2008 nampatqn, Klimaski

2008 Election,

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election, Mukasey,

aarack Michelle

Drug .scandal Camp Attacks,

OemocraticUnderground.com, Associate.s patrtck


Donald Young, Drugs. Scandals. and news , Presidential

Sex, Election,

2008, Greg Beck, James R. Obama GI"OUP,RillY aeckerman,


rs a j=raud, nprah,

Fit.z:ge.ri'lld, paul Levy, polttrcs , poltttcs


Public Citizens


Stuart Levine, Tony Rezko, US Attorney General, Vandenberg & Feliu LLP', voutube.com, news, obama, prestdenttal candidates 2008, prestdenttal Candidates, 2008 prestdenttal electron, Andre.s 'W t.opea, Bar ack ubama, uerack ubama Dl"ug Scandal, uerack & coverp, nhrcaqo Police, chrcaqo US Attol"'ney, chrts Matthews, Election chuck Todd, r.ocatne, crack Cocaine, Denise Lee, Oigg.com, Donald Young, DRUGS, Election, 2008, Eric Ekton, Eric Gibbons, Greg Beck, James R. Klimaski,

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Oemocri'lticUndel"',ground.com, lody

nemocrats, Weis, Keith news, obame, and news, SEX, Videos I .332

ulbermeu, khmaskr & Ass 0 crates P.C, t.errv sunclarr, Levine, Lies, Michelle obame, MIKA BRZEZINSKI, Nurder, My aareck ubama.com, nbama Camp Atti'lcks, obama for Al11el"'ici'l, obama ts a j=raud, nbama Sex, PA Presidential prtmarv, plundeebund.com, polrtrcs, Politics Presidential .superxclusrvc, Comments nPolitics, Presidential Primaries, Puerto Rico, Ray Beckerman, TUCC, US Attorney, Rev. Wright, Vandenberg Reako, Ron Allen, SCANDALS, Scott Covington, & Feliu LLP, WAPA TV, whttehouse.com, crack Cocaine, voutube The Piano Store, threats" nhrcauo Tim nussert;

& r oveen, r.hrcauo Police, Denise Lee, Digg.com,

US Attol"'ney,

chrts. Matthew:s, Chuck Todd, nocatne, Election 2008, Eric Ekton,

Democri'lticUndel"'gl"ound.com, lody



Donald Young, DRUGS, Election,

Eric Gibbons,

Greg Beck, James R. Klimaski,

Weis, Keith news, obame, and news, SEX, videos I 332

ulbermeu, khmeskr & Ass,ociates p.c., Larry srnclarr, Levine, Lies, Michelle ubame, MU{A BRZEZINSKI, Nurder, My'Barack ubama.com, nbama Camp Atti'lcks, rrbama for Al11erici'I, nbama ts ,a j=raud, nbama Sell, PA Presidential Primal"\f, plunderbund.com, polrtrcs, Politics Presidential .superxclustvc, Comments. » Politics, Presidential Primaries, Puerto Rico, Ray Beckerman, TUCC, US Attorney, Rev. 'Wright, Rezko, Ron Allen, SCANDALS', Scott Covington, Vandenberg & Feliu LLP, WAPA TV, whttehouse.com, The Piano Store, threats" Tim nussert; Yeutube

Paul Levy of PCLG,Intentional!ly Discloses .MyPersonal Information

Paul A. Levy, Esq. Attorney for r-.1ZMOLLY and uemocraticunderorcund.ccm

It eppears that Paul Levy, Attorney with Public Citizen Litigation Group, believes he is entitled to- call me all kinds of things while at the same,time committing criminal acts himself. On Aporil3D, 2008-, with Mr. Levy's full knowledge, Public Citizens Litigation Group, posted on their 'Website (the following was posted on BHDC comments b-yPaul Day and "the Final sev" aka Paul Day!Mitch/MzMolly!Concerned '125. The fianl sav seid: Larry sinclair is ownedu http://www.citizen. ol"g/ documents/SinciairMemoOpp.pdf p-ostedApril 30th, 2008 at 8.:44 prn Citizen/Hike)



notice of pleadings Filed in the SINCLAIR

TUBESOCKTEDD,et al. case to promote themselves.

In this posting Mr. Levy and PCLG made reference to exhibits in the

pleading, which could and would be accessed by anyone Ilia PACER. Defendants supporters, friends, and I believe defendants themselves began poetinc these exhibits

around the, internet immediately. In Exhibit "D" of Affidavit of Paul A. Levy, Mr. Levy went to. great lerroths to delete the "dete of Request, name of person requesting, address of person requestinq, and amount paid by person requestinq" my Colorado Department oaf Corrections files (which I was told by CDOC on Friday may have been.obtained illegally). Yet Nr, LeV)', in Document 12-.14, DECLARP.TIDNOF WM. TOBIAS "'ORROW, ESQ., Exhibit -1, did knowingly, intentionally and illegally disclose my Social Security number to the same individuals that have continued to threaten me, attack me, and misrepresent me, not to mention to anyone who agrees to pay (or even those University Students who have been using school resources to defame me) 0,.'08cents per page' for access via PACER. Nevbe Mr. Levy needs to answer to these acts since he is claiming people have the right to. make false statements and not be responsible for them, should Nr, Levy be held responsible for I!::nowin.gly and intentionally disclosing my Social Security number? "'r. Levy, since you .say the internet is a forum for expressino opinion, my opinion is you are personally the lowest of low life's and y,ou stand on your soap box preaching how Citizens have a right to protection while at the- same time intenticnellv disclosinc my information which, in fact is a criminal act. I do now believe you should be liable for your actions. Let one single person or qroup attempt taoaccess my credit reports, bank account information or medical or social security or tax information and I will not rest until you are dis- barred and have lost any financial gains you have made to this point. This sir is not a threat of any kind, it is a promise. Posted in 2008 Campatqu, coverp, kltmeskr, Oprah, Klimaski Stuart 2008 Election, 2008 Presidential Democrats, Beam, Patrick Campafqn, 2008 pee.sfdenttal etectjon, nbeme, Bar-ack Gbama, Murder, obame Ba-ack Db ama Drug SC<lnd<l1&. R. ubama is a Fraud,

DemocraticUnderground.com, & Associates Levine, P<lri.s-iFraud/WhiteHouse.coln 2006 Presidential


Dc nald Young, Drugs, Scandals, Nuke sev, Michelle Politics, electron,

Sex, Election,


2008, Greg Beck, James

P.C., LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Michael Filzger<lld,

Camp Attacks, Public Citizens presidential nbama

Politics. and new.s, Pee.stdenttal & Feliu LLP, voutube.com, Andre:s W Lopez, uerack

Prilll<lries, aerack

Ltttqatf nn Group, R<lY candidates

Beckerman, Drug Scandal Digg.com, P.c., Larry

Tony Rezkc, US Attorney Candidates,

'General, Vandenberg

news, obeme,


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2006 Election,

2008 presrdenttal


Drug Scandal, Klimaski


& Coverp , Chic<lgo Pulice, Levine, Lies, Michelle

Chic<lgo US Attorney, Election

Coc<line, Ceack Cocaine, nbeme.com,

[}emocr<lticUnderground.com, R. khmaskt, Politics, threats, nbema Camp Attacks,

Democe-ats, Deruse Lee, Jody wets, & Assocrates nbeme Rico, &. Feliu is a nbama fOr" America,

Donald Young, DRUGS, Election, Sind-air,

2008, Eric Ekton, Murder, My uarack

Eric Gib-bons, Greg Deck, James news, obeme, and news, Peestdenttal


Fr-aud, Ob ama Sex, PA pe-estdenttal R<lY eeckerman, Rev. Wright, LLP, WAPA TV, whttehouse.com,

Prim<ll"Y, plundeebund.com, I 205 comments

Politie:s., Politics


Prtmar-l es. Puerto vandenberu

nezko, SCANDALS, Scott Covington, Youtub e Videos

SEX, superxclusfvo,

The ptano Store,

TUCC, US Attorney,

Rev. Wright: I Ask You To Do What Jesus Would Do!
Posted bv larrvsinclairnaza on Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008 Open Letter to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright: The Ship is Sailing

Dear Rev. Wright: I am posting this open letter to you, to appeal to, you, please DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, Tell the truth about Ber-eck obeme. You and I both know that you did counsel Barack obeme in the fall of 2007 on how


best address my request to' him to come clean about his 1999 crack cocaine use.

You and I both know, that even though I never once mentioned the sexual encounters b-etween Bereck Obeme and myself to his campaign, he did acknowledge said sexual encounters to you and your former Choir Director Donald Young. You and I both know that rsarack obame and Donald y,oun.ghad an intimate relationship with each other. You know that Barack Obama knows who murdered or had Donald Young murdered! Rev. Wright, you claim you are running for Jesus not for votes, And you know why Donald Young was murdered. If you

So I appeal to- you now, DO WHAT JE.SUSWOULD DO, come forward, be honest, and tell the truth!

honestlv had nothing to- do with the planning, assistirm, and executing of Mr. Younc's murder, then just come, clean with what you know about Bar-acks involvement as his Pastor. DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, and give this mart's family closure and e sense of peace again. Rev. Wright please allow Barack obeme to be required to answer for his lies, betravel, and selling of his soul far the scle curocse of winning an, election. about aereck's confiding in you as to the, truthfulness of my alleaations against him. I truly hope you will stop protectinu this man, stop ellowinn this liar end his handlers to. ebuse, attack and slander those of us who speak the truth about him. Rev. Wright~ you have the. power to put all 'of this Co-meforward


re-st once and for all by being honest and telling the. American People, that Barack Obama admitted to you I am telling the

truth about his druc use and sexual encounters with me in 1999. DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO! Posted in 2008 Campaign, r overp, Kltmaskl, Stuart Kltmaskl 2008 Election, 2008 Presidential Democrats, Campaign, 2008 presidential Nlchael election, Nukasev, uarack Michelle ubeme, aarack ubeme Drug Scandal & R. Obama

D-emocraticUnde-rground.ccm, &. Msoci<lte.s Patrick Fitzgerald, US Attorney

Digg.COHl, D-onald Young, Drugs, Politics


Sex, Election,


2008, Greg Reck, James aroup,

P.C., LEGA.L REPRESENTATION, Lar-r-y Sincl<lir, Paul Levy, Politics, General, election, Cocaine, Vandenberg

Obama, Murder,

Ob<ll11<1 <lIl1PAtt<lcks, C

is a Fraud, Oprah, Levine, 2008 Presidential & coverp, Young,

and news, Presidential


Public Citizens prestdentral Democrats, kltmaskr


Ray ueckerman, 2008 Election, Donald Sinclair,

Tony nezko,

& Petru LLP', voutube.com, news, obama, OemocraticUnderground.com, R. kltmaskr,

candidate-s Denise

I Tagged:


2008 prestdenttal U S Attorney,

Andres, 'W Lopez, O<lr<lck Dbam<l, Barack Crack Cocaine, Greg aeck, fames

Obama Drug SC<lnd<ll, Barack & As,'5ociate:§

Obama Drug Scandal

Chicago Police" chrceqo Election

Lee, Oigg.com,

DRUGS, Election,

2006, Eric EktOll, Eric Gibbons,

Jody wets,



Levine, Ltes, Nlchelle Obama, Murder, My Barack Obama.com, news, obama, Ilbarna Camp A.tt<lcks, Obama for America, Db-arne is <I Fr-aud, Obama Sex, PA Presidential Primary, Plunderbund.c-om, Politics, Politics and news, prestdenttel Politics, Presidential prtmertes, Puerto, Rico, Ray ueckerman, Rev. Wright, nezko, SCANDALS, Scott COVington, SEX, superxclustvo, Youtube Videos I 409 Comments

The ptano Store,


TUCC, US Attorney,


& Feliu LLP, WAPA TV,


Posted boy larrvsincleiruaza

,Murder Connection Investig.ation
on Wednesday, April 3D, 2008


of post made yesterday before Obame threw Rev. Wright, his farmer "mentor" who Barack Obame now claims has never been his "mentor, did not vet my castor before I decided to. run for the oresidencv, ~ nbama said.


under the speeding bus. "1

"For 20 years, Rev. Wright has been a 'friend, mentor and pastor: This is how Sen. nbama de-scribed him in,a letter dated February 5, 20'07. ueuverec ro my erromevs office was etso delivered tu the CPD a.c..('l]rnirrg ro the Department.

The same package

This re-post is because the information is important and needs tc

01'" looked at closely. Note: The letter- is addressed to "Peter Fitzqer'ald" but sent to US Attomev for Northern IL Patrick Fitzgerald's office, so' I am assuming the author made, a typo.

'ronv nezko Originallv posted



on 4-2,9-08

This morning .a package was delivered to the offices of Montgomery B. Sibley, Esq., who-is representino me in,my suit aqainst the, Internet Bloggers and my issues concerning Barack Obama, and Donald Young. Below are three pages out of a package of many received addressed to me in care of my Attorney. I have no idea where these carne from or who they came.from, as there is no return, address and no Post Nark that I kno-w of at this time. What I do know is that the dates on,these letters are interestinc in and of themselves.

M. reukaeev, US Attorney General

It is important to remember these were not emetled You can review them by the fo-liowing link to .pdf file Posted in 2006 Campaign, r overp, xhmaskr, i'5 a Fraud, Stuart Klimaski

P, Fitzuerald, "'_ •

01'"axed, f

in fact we are sttll not sure how they were


at this p-oint.


Citizen Campaign, 2006 presidential Sinclair, Michael electron, Mukasey, uarack Michelle cbeme, cbama, aarack Murder, nbeme Drug Scandal

2008 electron,

2008 Presidential nemocrats,

Democr,aticUnderground.com, Assm:iates Oprah, Patrick Tony nezko, Fitzgerald,


Donald Young, nruqs,




2008, Greg Reck, James R. Obarna Camp Attacks, Obama Group, Ray Beckerman,

P.C., LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Larry Paul Levy, Politics, General, electron, Cocaine, Politics Andres vandenberq

and news, prestdenttel W Lopez, aarack

prtmartes, uarack

Public Citizens presrdentral Democrats, ubama



US Attorney

& Feliu LLP, voutube.com,

news, obama,

candidates uarack uentse

I Tagged:

2.008 Election, Donald Sinclair, Sex, Rev.

2006 Presidential & coverp, Levine, Wright,


2008 presidential


Obarna Drug Scandal,

Obarna Drug Scandal P.C., Larry

Chicago Police,

Chicago U 5 Attorney, Murder, My uarack

Crack Cocaine,

DemocraticUnderground.com, Obama Camp Attacks, Politics, threats,

Lee, Digg.com,

Young, DRUGS, Election, tres, Michelle PA Presidential Whitehou.se.com, Primary,


2008, Eric Eldon, E.ricGibbon'5, obama.corn, Politics Politics,

Greg fleck, James R. ktrmaakr,

Jody wets, xnmaskr prtmerres,

& Associates


news, obama,

for America,

Ob ama ts a Fraud, ubama & Fehu LLP, WAPA TV,

Plunderbund.com, Videos

and news , Presidential The Piano Store,


Puerto Rico, Ray Becker-men,

nezko, SCANDALS, Scott COVington, SEX, superxclustvo, Youtube I 107 Comments

TU(C, US Attorne.y,


Thinking About Throwing In The Towel.
Posted boy larrysinciair0926 an wednesdev, April 30, 2008

This post will be brief and to the point.

I am sick of being threatened and misrepresented

by Lawyers


ha..... filed .swo.rnaffidavits: in a Courtof e,

Law that are

completely untrue, simply for the purpose of ccrtrevinc

me' as something they Know I am not.

I am sick of being lied about, attacked, and being accused of Cteingthe

author of comments that were in fact posted by the likes of Paul Day, Mitch, Denise Lee, Eric Gibbons, Eric Ekton, all while poetinq under my name. I am tired of people. thinking that this Country gives them the right to lie, poet false documents, etc. end ettack individuals families and anyone else they please because of a lying, rnurderinc, crack srnokinc egotistical piece.cf shit named Barack Obama. Like this isgoing to. make us better. Well I am thinkinu about throwing in the. towel. Why? Because.these people have Lawvers.that have rnonev helping them make And they are allowed to get away with it long enough to. qet thes.e

outright false statements under oath before e US District courtin.the

form of 545 pages at a time. that level? NO.

outright li-es posted on their web site and ask for even, more money from obame supporters to continue. to represent the. people. will the court allow them to, ,get awav with it in the long run? Probably not, but do I have the rncnev to fight thernon

Today, I actually finally for the' first time since' all this started broke down crying and just wanted to' burmee jump off the Blatknic Bridge without the bunge.e cord. You have


be crazy to' stand up to power and money in this ccuntrv,

There is no such thing as "Iiberty end justice for all" in the United States of America env more. about envone seeking to be, President of the United States. whets the: point? If What

I am even starting to wonder why I ever thought it was important for; the truth to- be told does it matter if Obama pets in the white-house I am signing off for the night. Posted in 2008 Campaign, Coverp, Kltmaskt, is a Fraud, Stuart Kltmaskl Oprah, and fires up a crack pipe?" and maybe I will not. Campaign, Donald

Nichel!e Obama can sleep with a man that she knows is laying in bed and car seats with other men, and raise herchildren

with that man, then what does it matter>

r-tevbe I will log back on tomorrow 2008 prestdenttal

2008 Election,

2008 prestdenttel Young, Sinclair, nruns, Michael

election, Nukasev,

uarack Michelle Public

ubeme, Obama, Citizens

aarack Murder,


Drug Scandal

& R. Db ama

De.n1o-cl"'aticUndel"'gl"'ound.con1, nemocrats. &. A~§.ociate~ Patrick Fitzgerald, U.SAttorney Chicago Paul Levy,

[}igg.com, pohttcs, election, Cocaine,


Sex, Election,


2.008, Gl"'eg fleck, James Group,

P.C., LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Larry Politics General', Vandenberg

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and news, Pre,sidential Barack



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Obama & Wright: Which One WH'IRat The Other Out First Over The Donald Young :Murder?
Posted by lerrvsincleirusze on Tuesday, April 29, 2008




WILL IT BE OBAMA OR WRIGHT THROWING THE OTHER UNOERTHE DONALD YOUNG MURDERBUS? Monday, while at the Press Club in Washington, DC Rev. Wright answered a question in part boystating "aarack is going to do and/or say 'what he has to-to get elected." Well Obama DID exactly what Rev. Wright said Barack Obama would do. Nornents auo, Bar-ack Obama Dna nationally televised THE BUS! ADDED 4·-30-08 @'5:00AM Cent,.al Time speech, THREW REV. WRIGHT UNDER

1 po se this avestton 1. 1 have stated Is.sue of his

far two reasan 's: with M,-. Yaung ,'ast fall 1 was ta'd ··lfarack is .discussing with his Pastar haw best


that tn a caswersetian



deaJ with ,the

in 1.999," This reads

til the understandi.ng

th.at Rev. Wright was






and my claim's alillut

lfarack Obama. 2. Ba,-ack Obama made the statement Wright being' Rev. Wright. comptet yesterday that Rev. Wright did

shaw any concern kn.ow mer-e

tor him

(Obama) or Ms campaign tn ,-egards to Rev.

And it is: my OPINION that bflth of these ind;viduals thai ta be rr ue.

tha.n has been ttdd about Mr. YiJUlIg's murder_A.nd a

e unbiased inv-esUgatinn shou'd prove

No-where's the question. Who is going to be the first 'one.oontactinc authorities and pointing the firmer on the other in reuards to' their involvement in the Donald Young murder first? Which one of these "fine up standing fiqures" are going to start making deals to save their own hides and try to pin 1'1r.Young's murder on the other- first? I personally would bet Barack obema, because if he does not, his."Audacity to Hope" is shot down faster than his fraudulent rise. Is the end near fO'1;" Barack Obame? wreck no-w.

will he finally be held accountable for his actions? The media will most likely give him a free pass yet again, only the media cannot stop this train Posted in 2008 Campaign, Coverp, khmeskr, nprah, Klima'5ki 2008 Election, 2008 prestdentral Democrats, Campaign, Donald 2.008 prestdentral Young, Sinclair, Public nruus, ruttzens Michelle electron, ubeme, aarack obama, ubeme aarack nbama

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I Teqped: 2008 Election, uarack nentse Lee, Digg.conl, P.CO,Larry is a Fraud,

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Posted IJy larrvsincleiruaza

Brings Strange

Delivery To My Attorney's


on Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This morning a packaue was delivered to. the offices of Nontuornerv B. Siblev, Bsq., who. is representing me in my suit against the. Internet Bloggers and my issues concerning Barack obeme, and Donald Young. Below are three paces out of a pack-age of many received addressed to. me in care of my Attorney. there is no return address and no Post Nark that I know of at this time. I have no idea where these came from or who they came from, as

What I do know is that the dates on these letters are


in and of themselves.

..... In

It rs Important to remember You can review them by the following link Posted in 2006 coverp, kltmeskr, Campatqn,

P. Fitz.gerald, US Attorney

these we.re not emaued 01'"axed, t

in tact we are stu! not '§ul"'ehow they were delivered

at thts potnt.


.p-dffile 2008


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Group, Ray Beckes-man

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Opr-ah, Pau! Levy, voutube.com, Lopez, aarack

Public Citizens Litigation

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2008 presidential election, Andres W chrceqo U S Attorney, Cocaine, Crack Election 2006, Eric Eldon, Eric Gibbon5"

Cocaine, DemocraticUndergr.ound.com,

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neako, SCANDALS, Scott COVington, SEX, 1102. Comments Cocaine, Crack nbama.com, Politics, SEX,

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2008, Eric Eldon, Eric nrbbons, Murder, My aarack Plunderbund.com, Politics

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for America, Primaries,

Db ama is; a Fraud, Obama Secc, PA Presidential Rev. Wright,


Rezkc , SCANDALS, Scott Covington, Youtube \lideos

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Chicago PO Meeting, and "Ethical" High iPriced Lawyer's, Add Another One To The List
posted boy larrys.inciair0926 on Monday, Ap-ril 28, 2008,

I have aqreed to meet in person with Chicaqo Police Detective McVickers on a date convenient to him next week. I ern sure the CPD has received a number of emails, calls and complaints from the very people who have continued to attack, smear and misrepresent me. So people, please, give the Police a little bit of credit for knowing what there is to know about me. Ma-ybe those who have and continue to obstruct the investigation into Mr. Young's murder should submit their personal department for background checks and possible obstruction charges? information to the Chicago Police



The follcwinq comment was "Ethical" high-priced Lawver records which I am sure will this in a non-biased manner

ernailed to me this afternoon, so I thought maybe we should expose the details th a t Mr. Jack Black fails to disclose about the at Kllmeskl g Associates. If this "ethical" Lawver wishes to dispute this information, I submit they produce the firms phone confirm my statements as to my being contacted by Donna. I further submit that it is interesting how Law Students looking at are being attacked but Fem a le Law Student from the U of MI is pr a ised for her biased attacks on me.

Iack Black s.afd,

on Ap-ril 28th,




It seems Larry has pulled

in "Dan the law student" with one of his false assertions? Lees see we have a man who- claims Barack Ohama had a choir director murdered among other things. ,\\'hD has beeuconvlcted ofFR. .. !\UD and ether various crimes yet a "law student" is going to take his word nu this matter?

bffp:!ldanisoutthere.wordpress.cowI2003104127/tubesocktedd-attorney-skirtiog-etllical-mles!#comweots Yes, it's always good to take the weed of a lying felon over a reputable "high priced" attorney Dan. /sarcasm Dan is knnwn as Mnntgnmery in other circles?

am beginning

to wonder if

The following comes as a claim of responsibility for shuttinpdcwn a. bluqqer and for giving Klimaski & Associates a "heads up" What this individual did not know was that Klimaski & Associates were put on notice before their offices even opened and they have been qiven the opportunity to withdraw or be forced to. All these Obama bloggers are only making: people ask more questions. not less.


just me aka democrarista Jack Black ..







I checked in to' Mr. Klimaskis website and informed him about "Dan the Law Student" and Larry's charge that he hadl 'Contacted him via a "contact us" form on their website. Hey l try. It's. the best I could 00_ Ifhe really did have dealings. with Larry" I'm sure Sibley will send off something about the conflict. 1 hadn't seen that being done yet so I gave the guy a heads up,

Now you can decide if Klimaski & Associates and Ray Beckerman are "Ethical" high-priced Lawyers as defined by Jack 'Black'?)! I have been notified yet another Attorney has filed formal appearance today. I am looking; for my PACER password so I can access that filing and post who the attorney is. Posted in, 2008 namparnn, 2008 Election, 2008 prestdenttal campatnn, 2008 nrestdentral election, aarack nbama, aarack nbama Drug .scandal &. DeIllOl::ri'lticUnderground.com, Democrats. Digg.colll, Donald Young, Drugs, SCi'lndi'lls, Sex, Election, Election 2008, Greg 'Beck, James R. Klimaski &. Associates p.e, LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Larry stnclarr, Michelle Obama, Murder, ubeme Camp Attacks, ubama is a Fraud, nnrah, paul Levy, Politics, Politics and news, prestdenttal prtmartes. Public ruttzens Lrttnatron nroup. Ri'lY aeckerman. Vandenberg &. Feliu LLP', voutube.com, news, obama, presidential candidates I Tagg~d: 2008 Blectlon, 2008 Prestdenttal Candidate.5, 2006 presidential election, Andres W Lopez, uarack Obama, uarack Dbama Orug scandal, uarack Dbama Orug scandal &. ccverp, Chicago Police, cocaine, Crack Cocaine, DemncraticUnderQround.com, nemocrats. nentse Lee, mnn.com. Donald Young, DRUGS, Election, Election 2008, Eric Eldon, Eric ctbbons. Greg Beck, James: R. kltmaskt, :Klima5-ki & Associate5' p.e., Larry Sinclair, Ltes, Michelle Obama, Murder, My Barack Obama.com, news', obama, Obama Camp Attacks, ubama for America, trbeme is a Fraud, Gbama Sex, P'A. prestdenttal Primary, Plunderbund.com, Politics, Politics and news, prestdenttel poltttcs, Presidential prtmartes, Puerto Rico, Ray "Beckerman, Rev. Wright, SCANDALS, Scott r.ovrnnton, SEX, superxclustvo. The ptano Store, threats, TUCC, Vandenberg & Feliu LLP, WAPA T..... Whitehouse.colll, , Youtube utdeos I 179 Comments»
Coverp, khmeskr,


PO Meet to be Scheduled;
2.5, :2008

More High Price Lawyers;



b-ylarrysinciair0926 on Friday, April

Friday has become the day for everything to. 'come out like a flash flood, rushing and without 'Naming. contacting us, as below

I forgot

to, update you on the fact that there are people who ere

Tr.ank you for your letter of Apn117, 2008, whi.chl read With Interest. We are beginning to hear from others with similar stories to yours. I will
respect your request to keep your Identity and personal

information the following


To update on the issue of the Chicago Police, let me, inform you



1. Chicago Police Detective investigating the Donald 'rcuno murder has: made it clear to Montgomery B. Sibley, Esq. that I am not in any way the subject of their investigation" but that they are investigating an unsolved murder and they would like to speak with, me concerninn the information I provided in my affidavit. That thev would in fact, like to know if any of the information, on the communication's between Nr. vounc and myself might indeed assist them in,solving this: crime.

2. I have agreed to meet with this Chicano Police Detective and r-1r. Sib-ley and the CPD will work tocether to set a tirne and date for this interview. As it stands right right now, this meeting will most likely take place within the next to. to 14 days. A-gain, I have to say that

have no reason to believe the CPD are at this time doing errvthinc other than, investigating the information provided them.



Two Attomevs file formal acne arance in the us District Court for the District of Columbia today.

One from DC and the other from New York.

What turns. out to attorney's informed


even more interesting about counsel for Tubesocktedd is.that Iin fact contacted and discussed my case with this Klimaski office and one of their 2.008 seekinq representation. Afte,r sending the. firm an email seekmn representation, I

in ranuarv/rebruarv

contacted bv a lady named Donna.

I was: Check

after explaining everything to' Donna, several days later, that plr, Klirnaski did not believe he. could assist me. Now something smells really fishy here.

out the fee's this firm sought in a Minnesota case. These' are not cheap players.

James R. Klimaski
Klima.ski &. Associate5 16,25 r-tessechusetts Suite 500 Washington" DC 200035-200f http':! Ave., P.C. NW

I kli

m asktl a w.lawofftce.cono"

Attorn ey.s..Shtml[.r 7 712.17 _1 '

Now the second Attorney appearinpon

behalf of Tubesocktedd is a bloqqer,


Ray Becke,.ma-n




New Ymk, N'i 10017
1~'~n~119II1w.inMwY~ inr~~r Ieo!:Jrliri!j1 'ilW, City, I ;;m~~loQ(V~OO~~ 1l!O'g!:lfJ~r~ ;Y.IIl~==,r:;;.• ;-00 in .'Sl.'jr~ hm.1.'!j1hf &R-lill, up, Im"""M~ 19i~ ~:;I...w~.,[\,oring rh~ .ind:tJ.:si_ry_ ;!~I~(rh~h;-ldoo~J~nla!Y1-97&, /Ol:il ~~"",,,~J JIE'~r.; I h .. VE' I.m Myw.w1;cW1-~I~~nJy~(cDlm't!."roEJJ(IIpfiGJJ, O'crJI'E'.inrh~ (i~Jd o(:j.iwr ..I ~ ropyn;.nr wifh~n ~~~ooc::iffl'TlllI1ic~fiGn-~,. oopyrJgh~.m!1

I ;-I~:;. dQ o!:llp~r~'~ ;'Jl,!l.:S,;,~.raI_b:~.Tf_~

reen ~g

£Jrig.~lj:m, l"'.p.r:e:;:~Jlrin;O=LIIII&I~mll.':;:~.r::; pI~3I~,;,d i.!;..::oo~I.'!r

in !>_I.'J1:;o Drol.'ghr by rm .::;ill,;.g~ a-f,l~ lilii~rsil_i_o,:s IIIhQ

lMl.!:;or_ry. irl

by fn,;, II1GIf.iM PJClliIe

,th;;, 5!!JlOOro!:l( rh;;, Nog; pre.-s~r

Im;".~I_ry ~

1h~ PeDpI~.



wjm,_ 3II1d

loJ ~pr,;"s~n[__

~Ie irlf~Iesi,~

pre~~.Mn_:;j U;J~ir


:1~~proo~s-s righi.s.in ~OIiWl

wilh Ih~ RlM·~

CiijJi'~fj~ w~...". 'ifreol,;,;j

~i iR!:tifJ.liIoo-s "'( mg}j~I'",!1l}oaibn



You will

be r~CEoi\lini:l y.nLJ! prlmf :;h.OOly

IH I'll be faxin{l

i1 to y,~u when

i1 =mE;



Looks like we will soon see yet even more "hiuh o-riginal ORDER.

price" Attcrnev's coming off the. sidelines onto the playing field. How many of the-se Attorney's are there going to b-e PCLG has,elreedv forced two l'olOTIONS TO COMPELto be filed because they refuse to follow court rules and the courts

ignoring court rules end court orders, and stalling.



to compel

Question is, what is so important about the identities of these penple and their pcstinqs that they r-equire such expensive lawyers: to try and keep it a secret?

Posted in, 2008 Campaign, coverp, kltmaskr, Klima:5ki

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2008 pee sf denttal Sinclair, Michelle



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Sex, Election, Murder,


2008, Greg Beck, James R. is a Fraud, Andre'S W Greg Beck, Camp threats, Vandenberg Crack Cocaine, Eric Gibbon5, ubama new'S, obeme, & Feliu LLP",

p.c., LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Larry and new.5, Presidential candidates PrimarieS', nbama


Camp Attacks,

Oprah, Paul Levy, pohttcs , Politics voutube.com, Lopez, aarack news, obema, trbama, aarack

Public Citizen'S' Litigation 2008 prestdenttel &. Coverp, Murder, Drug Scandal

Group', Ray Beckerman. cendtdetes, Election Chicago Police, My uerack Cocaine,

presidential nbama Demo-crats, trbama


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DRUGS, Election,

,Klima:s-ki & Associate-5. P.C., Larry Primaries, Puerto

t.res, Michelle Rev. Wright,


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is a Fraud, ebama

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and news, Presidential The Piano Store,


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TUCC, Vandenberg

& Feliu LLP, WAPA TV', whttehouse.com,

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Chicago PO Request:
Posted b.y lerrvsincleiruaze

Is Obama & Rev. Wright Having' Troubl:e Sleeping?

on Thursday, April 2.4, 2.008

"a,' .
,. .....



As reported the. affidavit

yesterday I provided

the Chicago the Chicago

Police did leave Police Department

a message

on my answering


and did later

make, contact

with my Attomey



in regards


on April 1, 2008. for ob ....cus reasons), i is from the Chicago the information Police Department's in the affidavit Homicide in regard-s Division, Division 2. I can further confirm

I can now confirm that the Detective The date time

that the Detective did state

(I will not identify would

the Department

like to speak

with me concerning

to the murder

of Donald Young.

and place

of this meeting

is still to he determined.

I 'Mould think that this (if the Chicago these court two, gentlemen some difficulty Police, was contacted vesterdav, Posted Coverp, presrdentral candidates, Police, Ekton, America, Primaries, voutube Eric boythe Chicago no' reason

Police ere truly sleepinn Senator Obarna

seeking agrees

the truth

into. Mr. Young's, deeth, that In, addition with court

and not being


boythe ubema/Axelrcd is stalling


'Mould be causing the day after of the I with, the Order

right now.

But I too have: to consider to go 'on FOX News? Mr. Levy to comply Police Department campatqn, Donald obama Barack 2008

I was not contacted rules on Pacer). other election, Scandals. ubame Gbama Lee, prestdentral Drug Digg.com,

until after

Ob-ama was b-eat in PA, and then on cornpvinj; is e little suspicion up on information aarack Levy, an timing in a murder Drug Beck, pohttcs

DU.com/r-1z:r-101Iy's Attorney Yes there than followinq aarack

(you can find the latest I have

Motion before

the court to, compel the Chicago prestdenttal

etc ... but as I said investigation. .scandal LEGAL and 2008 news" prestdeuttal 'Chicago Eric for 2006, nbama &

at this time to believe 2008 Sinclair, Public Election, Michelle election, Reck, Li'lrry 2008

is doing anvthinu prestdenttal Drugs.

in, 2008

campatqn, Larry

obama, Paul

nbama Greg polrttcs, 2008 Drug

OelllOl::raticUnderground.com, Primaries, 2008 mbbons, Puerto urdeos Crack ruttzens

Democrats, ubame, Andres Sincli'lir, SCANDALS, Ltttqattcn

Digg.com, Murder, Group, W Lopez, Lies, Scott

Young, Camp'


Election, uprah, Barack candidates

Election I Tagged: Gbama



Attack::!i, Barack Oenise

is a Fraud, Scandal,

voutube.com, Obama, Democrats, nbama, Primary, Covington,

newsv obama,

Election, Scandal camp

presidential Cocaine, Greg Rico, I 198

& Coverp, Election Attack!'i,

cocetne, Ohama

OemocraticUnderground.ccm, Michelle Sex, PA Presidential

uonald and

Young, news,

ORUGS, Prestdentlal



My aarack The

obame.com, Politics Store', Piano


, obama,


is a Fraud, Rev.

Obama Wright,

Plunderbund.com, SEX, superxclustvo,







comments ~,;-

Chicago Police Acknowl'edge
Posted boy larrysinciair092.6 on Wednersday,

Young' Aff.idavit.

April 23, 2008



On April, 1, 2008 I sent vouno

via fax a notarize Church, cove


to the Chicago IL.

Police Department





and the.

murdered http-:/

Choir Director, rncla ir092


of Trinity United Christian III I 2 0081 04 a rnessaqe

in Chicago, chtca

I larl"Vs

6 .wordrn-ess.co I received

I Oil



go-police-dep a Chicago.

i'I rtm

entl Detective. asking that lor Mr. Sibley contact him at the

At 9:25am number I notified cccoerete stand


time todav,

on rnv answering



Police Department

given in the rrreseaue. Mr. Sibley and Mr. Sibley and the CPD Detective. did speak by phone. investigation This is all the info-rmation into the communications that I can report at this time. I have previously stated I continue I will to

with the Chicago commitment.

Police any way that

I can in the sincere


Mr. Young and myself

and his death.

bv that

While I am somewhat CPD is doing anything

suspicious other than

as to. the amount following

of time as well as the timin-g itself of the CPD responding provided to them.

to- my affidavit,

I have

no reason,

at this time,

to believe


up on the information

Posted coverp,

in 2008

Camp-aign, Larry

2008 Sinclair, Public cocaine,

Election, Michelle election,


Presidential Digg.com, Murder, Group,

Campaign, uoneld nbama

2008 Young, Camp news,

prestdenttal Drugs. obama, nentse nbama ubeme Lee, My Barack

election, .scendals, presidential Drug Digg.conl, Sex,


Obama, Paul

Barack 'Levy,

Dbama Greg poltttcs, 2008 Drug

Drug Deck, Politics

Scandal LEGAL and 2008

& news, Pres-idential chtcauo Eric for

DelllocraticUnderground.com, Prtmartes, 2006 Gibbons, Puerto Videos, crack Citizens

uemocrats, nbama, A.ndres Sinclair, Sex, ;.;;. SCANDALS, Litigation

Election, nprah, uerack candidates

Election I Tagged: ubeme obarna, news,


REPRESENTATION, Presidential Candidates, Police, Ekton, Americi'l, prtmar+es, voutube Eric

Attacks, uerack

is, .a Fraud, Scandal,

Youtube.corn, ubame, nemocrats, Obama, Primary, COVington,

Election, Scandal Camp

prestdenttal Greg Beck,

W Lnp ez , uarack Lies, Scott Michelle

& troverp, Election Attacks, 2008,

Cocaine, Db ama

DemocraticUnderground.com, Larry PA presrdentte!

Donald end


DRUGS, prestdenttel



Obame.corn, Politics Store, Piano

news, threats,



ts e Fraud, RiCO, Rev.

ebama Wright,

Plunderbund.col11, SEX, superxclustvo,

Politics, The



TUC.C., WAPA TV, Whitehou.se.com,

I 149 Comments

Obama C:la'ims Blackmail,
Posted i:J.ylarrvsinclairusze on Wednesday,

But 'Never Reports
April 23, 2008

It To Authorities

.. Why?



In an article parole or he would When I came

with the tell "false"



in 2007 press sexual clann

(reprinted the ubame.

below) The between [Jaiming me). who

aarack uberne myself I and/or

pbama campaign and


his. campatqn they ubeme


<'Iformer claimed the

High School; that this incident


who was demanded Why?

on money

for drug



to blackmail about



The Dbarna states



stortes to the the drug and

did not report in 1999, the

to authorities. and internet silent

out about ever

encounters about me. re-pres-enting that seemed anyone


Db.arne surroqetes. money

network no 'Such

.supportes-s statement There trying that

began was

circulating made with the the

a 'Similar



me demanded

to keep


by me or anyone Obama campaign This has

is- a pattern to blackmail, they <'Ire true.

discloses the



uarack the


is immediately which

labeled I stake

as. being


ill or fact


to 'Work at getting

M,SM, o ignore t


in my case

mv life on the

The: Db ama media away

campaign being the from




a persons and yet they


wllil'e warding fail'ed Senator obamaz

off any



his own!

Why is it that



is, according the

to his campaign,

subjected truthful

to blackmail,


to report

a single



to Law Enforcement?

1.5 it to keep

alleqattons an opinion, cleansing

bei_ng made

aqatnst think

'rhts next guys


is. just

but I personallv to get them look tried start


pre s.s has. crawled

so far up E!arack





,ar_s,e, that



will need article

r-ep-eated from the


out in the title read

en-d. how ev en the the so I cannot Barack press tried to spin Wake Obama up press., as a victim. internet being stop Then used research have to help what tried aarack happened to. throw Obama at

Read this me the escape

Chicago back

Tribune, have and

at their Then to get


to thi-s guy, last the

how he was 45 days truth about


into custody.

everything the real

Obama!Axelrod be heard. Obama.





How they

me put in jail

his own actions,


BV Maurice Pcssfev and Ray Gibson I Tribune staff reporters 7:30' PM eDT, March 2.3,2007 http://www.chicagotribul1e.com!ch i-07 0 3230ba

me - youth,U,,44578

0 .storv

In the introduction

to' his 1995

memoir, "Dreams from My Father,




noted that except for his family and several public figures,

he had chanced

the names

of most of the' people in the book "for the sake


their privacy." as the media, nbama's own campaign, staff and others have begun to dig into, the. book and reach out to,

More than a decade later, that privacy is rap-idly evaporating friends, classmates and associates of the. presidential

candidate. and the Obama campaign, which doesn't always kno-w what those people might say. who's ever touched

The. experience

has been an uncorntortable I'm not enjoying

one for some of those individuals race, ~ Obarna

"This is something

about the presidential

said in an interview.

"ro'e getting screwed

I'm fine with. Suddenly everybody

my life is subject to a ccloncs copv on the front page of the newspaper. ~ At the same time, beceuse supp-ort elements incorrect. Chief among these individuals is Keith Kakuuawa, Known in "Dreams" as "Ray," a high schoo! friend two veare ahead of Obarna who rails in the book against the racism of the way some of these individuals were pcrtrevec in Obama's memoir, they are in a position to discuss recollections-memories crucial moments in his life that that he acknowledges could be

of his candidate self-portrait.

They also could be in a position to. confirm or disp-ute obama's

of their elite prep school in Hawaii. Kakuqawa, senator's who has: been convicted 'of possession of cocaine with, intent to. sell, carnpaiqn. Kakugawa said he

sought money from

the campaign after contacting

Obama on March 15, according to. the chances ,as he ran for president and

being approached about obeme

by multiple. news outlets and that he' did not want to hurt Obarna's if he didn't get the money. said he, hadn't talked to him since high school.

later held out the threat In confirming Informed shame," his friend's

of telling false stories

identity during an interview had been incarcerated,

earlier this, month, 'obeme replied: "I'm sorrv

that Kakuqawa


tc hear that •... Keith's in prison. Is that right? ... That's

who, Ray was based on ..... That's a

"What you just told me. ebout much."

Keith illustrates some of the reason, why I changed names in the book," Obama said. "My hop-e was not to intrude on their privacy too

Since their high, school years, the men's lives took dramatically pcs.sibilitv pnscn. of returning




Obarna campaigns to- become the nation's first alack p-resident, Kakugawa faces the his March 10 release, from

to prison. As of late last week, he was wanted on an arrest warrant for failing to report to his parole officer following

Since 1995, Kakugawa has sp-ent more than '7 vears in California possession of cocaine, twice fo-r possession violated terms of his parole. Repeatedly contacted boy the Tribune, Kakuqawa

prisons and months in Los Angel.e.s County Jail. He has been arrested

and convicted

four times for

of cocaine. with intent to- sell, and once. for auto theft. He. has been imprisoned

£2 times, often because he has repeatedly

declined to answer questions,

saying he 'was granting an interview

to The Wall Street Journal because

it was "going to be

a positive story." The newspaper Kakuqawa Democratic directed a Tribune


an article. about him in it'> Friday editions. He did so on the, advice of Devcr ah Adler, the: heed of the carnpaiqn's research department and a former

reporter to the Obarna camp.

National Committee

research director who worked far the Clinton White House'. to contact Kakuqawa, he called Obema's Senate office end "qot patched throu qh to the senator on his eel! phone and the senator

While the Tribune was attempting referred him to the campaign/

said obama

campainn spo-kesman Bill Burton. these. p-eople. were callinn him and he was asking what should he. do."

"They had a nice. conversation," Kakuqawa

Burton said. "He was getting contacted by reporters-all

told the Jo-urnal that obame

cautioned his old frien-d against talking to reporters,

but Burton, said that wasn't true. The: senator told Kakugawa that he should

call the campaign, before soeakinu carnpaicn

to the media,

Burton said. TIIt wasn't to- tell him not to talk to reporters."

officials said thev told Kekuqawe that he was free. to speak to anyone and tell the-m whatever they wanted. the campaign fo-r money, acco-rding to cbeme's communications director, Robert Gibbs. "He contacted our campaign and in discussions about

Later, Kakugawa asked

wanting help, he asked that money be wired to him" via Western Union, Gibbs. said. "We told him we would be happ-y to make calls to social service agencies, but we could not and would not sen-d him money ." According to Burton, Kakugawa asked the campaign for money and then e.eplicitlv characters in obarna's life had attempted similar efforts at intimidation. John McCorm!ck cDntributed to this report. raised the possibility that he could make up false stories about Obarna, implying that he

would do. so if the campaign did not send him money. The campaign said it had not contacted any law enforcement

officials because of the threats: and that no other

Tribune national

cDf"f"'espDndent '.fi.cnaef Martinez and Tribune stoff reporter


Victor, Similar minds . .I had just copied to paste that exact same paragraph in post when I read yours: raised the possibility that he could make, up false stories about Obarna, implying that officials because of the threats and that no other

"Accordinq to Burton, Kakuqawa asked the campaign for money and then explicitly he would characters in Obama's life had attempted similar efforts at intimidation." -O"}03230 bam a- youth,0,44S] 8 u.storv

do-so- if the; camp-aign did not send him money. The campaign, said it had not contacted any law enforcement


" ... no OTHER CHARlI.CTERS That's an, add statement

... ehv So that


implies straight,



ARE "other to that premise. Donald


characters" comes

in BO's life? up to' pinch your wallet, you don't report him because no other


Let me get this

according Interesting


if a robber

"characters ... have. An additional



efforts"? Hmmmm.

parallel too

to LS' case:

as with Burton,

BO put up his lackey,


to the task

of "qo-between".


with Young

the tie was


too close.


perhaps became As we-re you,

hot a propertv, I, teo, mercy, was struck decided waffle-eatin' by the description as "false" about of Keith Keith K's ... tories" s about attempt. BO from High school. But our BO is so magnanimous and charitable that


he, in his benevolent

not to go to the BO. this


K's "extortion"

BUNK. Not our bird-flippin', Sounds like BO either somehow. the

A.) thought Perhaps Keith once,

he could have Young's K was Jealousy removed

situation got in, the by being

with LS handled way sent as has back been




in which

he had Young's


K's "handled" heart record

or B.) he, sent it. Whatever him sporting


to set things wrong,

up end in, that

it got bun-gled considering aspect conveniently Alas, if that


or perhaps: violation,


bollixed to. send

went back

way in, which him up. plan,

to jail for e carole

perhaps soft chink

it was Y'oung's in Larry's:

job to try to- ferret

out LS' venerability to prison to.

as well. "we-ked shut

let's: do it again .... Perhaps

80 hoped,

as with Keith

K., to. find.that

was the


was far too, smart what they Sounds have;

for BO, and there


nothing (and

for which unsuccessfully) and Barry

he could

be sent


to prison.

In fact,

look at the modus Larry back too jail?'


of the

Mitch Squad; Keith, from Jay and

isn't that


bee-n trying

so desperately The "keith, Jay,

to' do 10 these


months-send noticed them satisfied

Richard-and days she. recalls that

Barry. she Jay,

like a clique. make Barry

Ri-chard, a turn.

club ", I'll bet people

back if one

at High School, blending asked around,

One there:

of 80's would

teachers under the be others

his Wahabi


how BO would Richard, and

it e point for others Club"

to be the, one to "line the to have "a ntics ", I wonder.


and that

he wasn't

with just

in and flying

radar. In fact who remembered

had to hold BO hack

I'll bet heand

his clique, got noticed.

I'll bet,

the "Keith,

and their

MORE BO "DOUBLE-SPEAK"? " ... In oonfirming Yet in th-e several "Kakunawa his friend's paragraphs identity later: that obama cautioned his old friend Burton said. against talking to reporters, c.ut Burton said that wasn't true. The senator told kakuoawa th.at he should during an interview earlier this month, obeme said he' hadn't talked to. him [Kakuqawa] since high school. ...

told the Journ.al before

call the. campaign Wonder

speakinp didn't

to the. media, catch

"It wasn't spoken

to tell him not to talk to r eporter.s." with Keith K since high school and both Keith K end his agent, Burton state he did.

why the reporters

this .. .BO 'Says he hadn't

I also- wander I fear Victor From Obemas

if it's possible is right; it could

for someone be that Get this

to. soeak gent's fetal

with this is none

Keith too relax

Kakugawa~' bright. and

In what


do you


he is currently,

if he was





Perhaps take

a bit of alacrity breath,

in sceakinu 2008/04/22,

with him is in order. et 11:.47 PI'-l


in the


a deep

Candy obema Nah


had friend it can't

who huuqht He must linked: individuals





did a lot of prison





off by his campaign.



he approached

his old friend


last veers

be true. you these-

be schizo.

From the "Chief of their



is Keith



in "Dreams"

as "Ray ... e high school •





of cbema

who rails

in the book


the racism

elite' prep


in Hawaii. convicted said of telling identity had of possession he was stories being false during of cocaine approached Obama earlier with intent by multiple if he didn't this month, "I'm to sell, news get the Obama ,sorr{ sought outlets money. said he hadn't that. talked to him since Is that high school. right:' That's who- Ray was based on. That's a money from the campaign after contacting Obama's Obama chances on March 15, according to' the: and

Kakuuawa, senator's later held

who has: been campaign. out the threat his friend's Kakug:awa


and that

he, did not want to hurt

as he ran for president


In confirming Informed shame." that

an interview





to hear


in. prison.

Since prison. Since violated


high- school of returning




lives too-k dramatically last week, he was

different wanted


k Obarna warrant

carnpaiuns for failing

to become.



first officer







to prison .


of late

on an arrest

to r-eport to his parole


his Nerch

10 release


1995, terms

Kakugawa of cocaine,

has spent twice



f years of cocaine

in California with intent

prisons to sell,

and and

months once

in Los Angele~s theft.

County been


He has


arrested often

and convicted because

four times he has



for possession

for auto

He. has


12 times,


of his parole. boy the Tribune, newspaper Kekuqewe declined about camp. to answer questions, saying editions. of nevorah House, officeenc "got patched through to the senator on his cell phone and the senator Adler, the head of the campainn's research department and a former he was: granting an interview to The Wall Street Journal because it was "going to be

Repeatedly a positive Kakuqawa Democratic

contacted stcrv." directed National was The

published reporter research to contact said Obame said.

an, article

him in its Friday

a 'tribune Committee,

to the obama director

He did so on the advice for the Clinton White

who worked

While the Tribune, referred "They him to the had


Kakuuawa, carnpaiqn

he called spokesmen




Bill Burton. boy-repcrters-e!l talking these people but Burton were calling him and wasn't true. he was The asking senator what told should Kekuqewe he do." that he should

a nice ccnvecseticn," told the Journal before said asked would thet speaking they

Burton obeme

"He was getting his old friend Burton said.

contacted against "It wasn't to speak to obama's Union,



to' reporters,

s aid that ." they

call the, campaign Campaign Later, wanting could officials

to the, media, that

to. tell him not to talk to reporters to anyone and tell them whatever nobert

told Kakugawa

he was free according

wanted. "He contacted to make our campainn calls to social and service in discussions agencies, about but we

Kakuqawa help, not and

the campainn that money

fo-r money, he wired

communications Gibbs said.

director, "'We told


he asked

to him" .... Western ia

him we would

be happy

not send kekuqewa life had

him money." asked attempted Michael the campaign him monev. similar Martinez efforts for money The end then said explicitly it had raised the possibility any that he could make officials up false because stories about obema, end that implying no other that he

Accordinq would characters Tribune Hrnmrn I wonder Victor,

to Burton, in Obarna's national verrrrrv what Can

do. so if the


did not send


not contacted

law enforcement

of the threats

at intimidation. staff reporter John Nccorrnick contributed to. this report. ""

correspondent interesting. those. post "false" this

and Tribune

stories comment

he was

going the ring

to tell the: pr-ess, latest for post on this and subject MZMOLLY, pleas-e? The" ubama'e at 8:41 PM colonoscopv ........ LS


under in the:

From Second






Posted coverp,

in 2008

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The: ptano

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Obama's ColonoscoDY: Get in the fetal position. relax and take a deep breath
Posted bv larrysinciair0926 on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 race, ~ Dbama

"This is something my life is subject

I'm not enjoy-ing about the presidential to a cclonosccov on the front page

said in an interview.



I'm Fine with. Suddenly


who's ever touched

of the newspaper.

Obama's Coilonoscopy: Get in the fetal position, relax and take a deep breath
Posted by larry.sinciair0926 on Tue-sday, April 22, 2008 race, ~ Dbama ~ said in an inter v iew. ~Me getting screwe-d I'm fine with. Suddenly everybody who's ever touched "This is something my life is subject I'm not enjoying to a colonoscopv about the presidential

on the front page 'Of the. newspaper.


The above






in a Chicano

Tribune have


frorn Narch


What I personally




this comment In fact,

is this is exactly

what people

the Obamanots could possibility

and Obama


Rican Campaign



W Lopez have. done in the internet up and scraped!


non stop to me.

I do. not think these

find an millimeter

of my colon that they

not crawled

Evert more and/or ccmcletelv the obama about stories,

interesting false)

to me is the fact that the nbama me contacted ecccrdinc the Dbama

internet campaiun

hit squad

went so far net long ago. ,as to post and circulate to. tell False stories makes have been. the victims and surrogates if the Obama claim about [If threats Campaign last year, have the same let that

a faked

Washington. There every needs

Post erticle seems


I boy out




did not pay me $100,000 buddy. Someone produce for money

(all of which was to be a pattern curries lookinu

yet the cempeiqn past actions! for money

to. this Tribune

article from

his high school things. cannot


end its supporters claim has been

and surronates So Far the press made against

of 'Claiming they

to tell false, stories

time something to start request

Senator because

Obarna's me asking

and a large. part of the country me boythe Obamencts aereck nbama secret.

be the end of these

into the-se

the same

and yet the' Campaign

a single

by me or anyone


to. keep the truth, about

When eereck nailing him.


has submitted

to the colonoscopv

that he, his surrogates

and supporters

have subjected

me to, then

he can talk about

his being okay

with people

What do you say Bareck, breath easier.

lay down

bend your

le.g up toward screwed,

your chest

and take a deep


It won't hurt for long, once the truth

is Dulled 'Out you can relax


Or since you are fine with getting

bend over

and spreadern.

ADDEO 4-22-08 As of this update e,nco-uraging Posted Coverp, prestdentral candidates, Police, Ekton, Al11erica, prtmertes, Youtube Eric



pm CT found a direct link to the obemafcrernerice network to the spreading of false statements about me over the internet and a network Oof

I have: indeed

such, attacks namparqn, Larry

and statements 2008 Sinclair, pubttc Cocaine, Election,

using the network 2008

along with Digg.com Campaign, Donald ubama Bar-ack 2008 Young, news, presidential Drugs, obama, Denise ubame nbama Lee, ejection, Scandals, prestdentrat Orug [ligg.colII, Sex, Bar-ar-k Ohama, Election, Oprah, Barack Young, news, news, and threats, candidates Scandal, 'Donald Paul Bara ck Ob ama 200B, 2008 Orug nbama Greg Levy, Politics, Drug Beck, Politics .scandat LEGAL and 2008 news, presrdenttat Chicago Eric for 1008, nbama

in 2008

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is a Fr-aud,

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De'lUocraticUnderground.com, L:arry Michelle Sex, PA Presidential

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My aarack

Politics Store,

is a Fraud, Rev.

Obama Wright,

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The' Piano

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Second Attorney throws hat in the ring for DU.co:mm and MZMOLLY
Posted by larrysinciair092_1S ettcmev on Monday, April 21, 2008 of uemocraticunderorcund.ccm and its user MzMOLLY.

A second

has enter-ed

the ring on behalf

In reviewing

the court's

file this evening

on the Pacer


I noticed

Public Citizen Litigation attorn

Group filed a formal ey-appe.ar-ence


on be-half of oemccraticundercrcund


r.1zr-101Iy today.

In that Filing you will note that GREG BECK appears

with Paul A. Levy.


Greg Beck

Equal ]usticeWo,-ks

Fe"c-wF Pl/bUe Citizell Ut.igat.ioll Group

1.600 20th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 58B-l00() Gr8p

I E-ma'if:



Group's new OnJin.e their online sp,eech. years, ,he worked as a JusUre Ciinic, tile ceuse ot

Beck is UJ.e Equal JUSti.c5WorKs feilow at Public Citizen Utigation Group far 2005-2007, tnat protects .the r:ights of consumers on th,e Intemet.by providing an.d cnnsemer rign ts through Jitigatj{}fl and the provIsion of .online resources received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern

He is in charge Df d5v5JDping the Utigation

a project free sneecn Mr, Beck

sonrnons to those faced with actual Dr threatened lawsuits. The Project advances to those who have been targeted as a resultDf summa cum

Univ,ersity il'J 1997, graduating


During the next severa!

softwaffi developer and became interElsted in issues of digital rights, In 2004, Mr" Beck.eamed his Idw cecree summa cern !dude from the UnivBrsity of Winois CoJlBge ot law, where he sef1v'ed .;3SArtides Editor of the University of IHinDis law Review and received the Outstanding Clinical Student award for his work in tile coHeges Civi} lJtigation dinic. During law school, Mr, Beck .c,ompiete.d intemshIps f.or a legal aid .clinIc and for a federal district ocee-r judge, and conscmer- Idw, From 2004-2005, He enso spent a sr.lmmer as a Jaw d'erk at fur the Honordbl.e Mic.ha~l R" Murphy Public Cmaen Litigation Group, where he. worked on issues of First Amendment Mr, Beck cJr:;rked

of the United States Court of Appeals for tile Tenth Orcutt. Mr, a.ed: is a memberof tne District of CDlumbia Bar and tn:: Ji/inois Bar. of suit or being sued for making statements on, the internet. I .thought this to be

The' fallo-wing is a section fo-r PCLG's own handbook on people being threatened interesting seeino how PCLG did immediatelv

pest a paid fo-r internet press release when they responded to Counsel over pu.com subpoena.

~,.L.b.f""",*,"nilipollo~m'II"1""~wili;illr~L.B";;"'! omUiIi_~'OUIIM:II .. d~IIIIIII.;;o" .JooJ1II' ..... f~· ...ill....,:l'OUr~

If'lh-: d:IolI~lino~"J ...,R1I!I.",o:mpr«ll''''

..:tJ will "01",,,,IIlII 1

=, I~-l

"",""" •

.m.",.L~"w.:MQlu""'oj[fw.u~ ... ~"~~III.oh_lT~mo.w1. m.""",,"l"ll1~"mJ"il;nll:!iIll(o;j ..bJli,,""oJ~j"ilr doa~ ..... Itf"'I'~'"I",,,,,ru."'''''lII1y '''''fOO"~""",,,,, .. ~;u.''''''',"'''l''''>;4'''dw.ill~''''lo~I<I!.~ "<lloPJI",·;>,j;niOOO h 1".~.1':"11! ![Sh;l"tw"'!MQi!W"H I rWWi"LI"l"mtIIHI"jjTj'

.-.J:iIio:,i;Ilt"""_" ..

1 h.a ve cooted this direcHy from Public Cnrzens utrgati{}n Groups website, and ~just oeoeuse someone says - or even reports!n RepubJicauon ora'

til eir

advice fur in remer bl.agging.

writing - that Joe Smith has c.Dmmitted a serious crane does n.ot m-ean you can safi:;!y repeat It

(ibef can b-eequaJry a oesas for liabHity as tile ,original statement

cnnsrder whether others will deem me SOUf"Ce WIll deem the source reputable~ http://www.citizen.org/dccuments/ACFE6B9.p-df Why is it that every time snrnenne contributors, Barack Obarna? Copied from comments section

by PCLG?"DU.oom, DU.com

gets involved here thev have ties to Chicago and IL?"WhO'is paying for r-lzMolly's being represented

The only reason I can think that PCLGwould try to prevent ccmplience end/or to protect obame campaiqn.

with the Subpoena is to try and protect

1'1zMoily from being held reeccneible

for her own actions,

I guess these people have a lot of money to fight with, but it is not going to step me. Okay people, you decide, this has Chicago connections written all a-ver it. They are going to try end break the bank on simply servinp these panple.

Posted in 2008 Campatqu, r overp,

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Camp Attacks, uerack

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and news, Chicago Eric

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Groull, Youtube.com,

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Denise Lee, Digg.col11, Donald Young, DRUGS, Election, My Bas-ack Dbama.com, Politics, Politics n8ws, ob arna, and news, Presidential


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is a Fraud, Obama sex, PA presrdentte!


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Prtmarf es. Puer-to Rico, Rev. Wl"ight, SCANDALS, Scott Covington, Youtube Videos. I 134 Comments)~ Candidates, 2008 pre.sf denttal election, Larry Andres srnclatr,

The Piano Store, threats,

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Bas-ack Obama Drug Scandal news, obame,

& Coves-p, Chic<lgo 2006, Eric for

Police, cocetne, Americ<l,

Crack Cocaine,


Oonald Young, ORUGS, Election,


Elcton, Ertc Gibbons, Gl"eg neck,


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No, I am not dying anytime soon if I can help it! But not for Obama Squads reasoning!
Posted bv larrvsinclairnazs on Monday, April 2.1, 2008,

The,folia-wing is another "orofessicnel" describ-ing me' and what I do or do not suffer from medicel!v. Oh, and needless to sav, this "orofes.sicnel" states he/she has came to said conclusions based on my voutube video. This comment was sent from the comments section of Bigh.e.adDC.com. In fact if this "orofessicnal" had taken the time to read the

Contrary to this "orofessicnal" opinion, I have never tried to use mv health as an excuse for envthino. complete filing (which b-eingfiled. Larry, .isn<tin any danger of dying for any reason, which is o.dd given that he claims to have been by the way to this date has neither been denied ,01'" ranted) g

he/she would have found that there are many many reas-onfor the motion

t:ermfnaffy rH for at Jeest four y.earst wnicn he says

In an ,effort ro get a Pueblo, CO warrant dismissed from tne safety of another state he submitted a ~Matj.on ro Dismiss .... document ro the Colorado cowrs.rn that he is ftteJTIlina{ly


and sE:ltlereiy disabled with nerve damage, all th~ way back in 2rJ041! (By th~ way, the Motion to Dismiss. did not work-and he's sWI wanted an

felony Chdf!IBS hum 2001,)

Now, one point he/she made is true as long as I have anything to say about it. I am not going to die anytime. soon as long as I can help it. As 100ng s no one shoots me a in the head that is. But people keep fo-rgetting that only Gad knows the date fo-r that. I guess all rhinos considered, I lock look coed and I am thankful every day that I still take care of myself; I clothe myself, bathe myself, dean my own home, etc..,. Ldo have times when I cannot moved my" legs for hours at a time, or when I cannot hold anything in my" hands, or avert stand long enough to shave or brush my teeth. vet I still take care of myself without any assistance.from anyone at any time. And I do-that largely because of the following; (I HAVE OELETEO PERSONAL INFORM'ATION AS I DO NOT NEED THE OEJAMA SQUAD ATTACKING MY DR) But


,0,11.&[ VISi: SLI:rJmr/
r..!ooJ •ty ttr~~h Flfd!:,', ~ning

L~mr~rr;~W&ld.aISalT,l)da.),a;ppoirlmer.t:I ~Ihk ~~oil1Tle11:sao,ai8:ble, MII~!)~.


\l1~t;!!,n.dP<iljE!,'tlf!fomte!;iOIl V;~lllnfurr1ilrcl')~ 'i4'1-lJ'JX.8 l"I,'/T~flA WSindair F'~til~t tlOO1~~ilP~I!o~ ,l,_r:l1rlli 'I:~i)P~1



AJvr!ilIn,;!I,W O~I'4li1lNl

fENCLUr-f8 I)jll:,;\i._l1'il!d~OU11r.O(18

"llfils·LA~ !'!!t.:(H"d-a.f

OI.,l"El<. ~~BI; H:lJJI1" I';;tror,~il(j




~ IAELCT , A, Ei!;;Il"TI1'E rtIJlE50A1L'O.s


LG tr.;;;II1~_~, I'W~~

'r"ourCurr-alit maw~ll.i:i) ZW'I~M TAA"JR.\TE :~I1BifNCFt:1 12.!io-'GORTM:R PR::X:H.DR:'ER.'QlN!: WJ.EATf '() lII~QRI"'~ Eo~Wc:.a.IIIIE""iEmHCl ;C~FACC'L


~t;:~PED fQr~~~

scss lHROAT)10-<!M:;.Io'I- tozn

ere li"'!LiiI

~~ fel>(l(ol;llQr eure iiIroIlarolJ ''3 (loIugh E\lE~Y 1 2 HJUR5 II.':: t-:e~[:ED

tHLOROlii::~ "'m_""RIl. TiW-Pf lA~_IAl1__EIi'iT.r.N~.e-12,':-1~Io1~L Of;;SlISP

1 OR ~ -E.'l.fPOONFLLS 1'or.p:oug")

(C(w¥81"E~r) 1~r-9-M:::aIACT N
/lERO ~~t,Jr.F"';~ltJ! flGL (EFF8I;0fI~) l~~O:;:CF.2· PREGA'Eiflll_I.J.J ~."RJC.\) 5[]~~ O~

~~RPIfJI.I: EGMG CRTi!m~",I<i'$ !.I1'tI~UTl~&~I~ Al.I!IUTERJL-If'M1R:.)PllM Tlll.QIi'-m; a !By


~~Bflail)' O~Elta:! Wrl.;.e

!Jks.eCQn!;li.ct =cri:lEl~r:I

a jar

.lCETAMaJ(yH<:N_I'!!"fI)'lOCODOH:: lH2~1Iio!;.C;R.T ...~B

lW':lLab~ IQI,!rtiJn(l$~.:f;l'{;M;

ii lhB:a

a~.a11.f Il"II"M Whl!fl

In :rc:tITl1"8Clca1i:J(

list. ~ur



lmpOJt.aolki U;

~M ~liHrrrEldlG3lom; 3r;o ~E;1~. ph.;uwo,lC!" d!red)o'-s! IE~.t.w noire

bl!'r~[!;:l'Ar mesceucre

MI~':; re1i~ ere


reeced -lis

1Il!ldi:;rli'Qn~, pease GIlrt;:m ~r M:! allnw LIS HrT\'! fO relJii:1oIi

PI~$eb-rtn; ~f~iicri,lti:K',

~[I \i")WI tl'IEI:!.1::ii"!t r:plfs, i~h;;Ill!'J~, ~~ hl!rl:ul,-!loo "",,~r·~he-c·;n.llt~Tc!'rug~.

~rG'll~~ml ~tin ~mjmn~::;) IiJ Eaahdnl~ ~I~L h'l~ludH 1i5s t".aI~s.kM4J ~o-:If tredlml1"IDYl1 U~ Ill.jal~ '!!QIIl" ilocl:l!'

And with ell that I still function fo-r myself and on, my own, Posted in 2000 Campaign, 2008 Election, coverp, Dell1ocraticUnderground_com, Obama news, obeme, presidential

2008 Presidential Democrats, cendtdetes

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2008 prestdentte!

aarack nbama, aarack cbama

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aarack cbama

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Young, DRUGS,Election,

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Good Golly Mz'MOLLY! Wherein
Posted i:J.ylarrvsinclairusze on Sunday, April 20 2008

the World

is 'MzMOLLY?

WHER_EIN THE WOIU_D 1S MZMOH. Y? TIMZI'-1OLLY~ user name. for the Democr.aticUnderground.com a is protected by the First Amendment, have removed post and comments and threads on this user. Journ.al by the same. name, is claiming she has .a right to defame, slander, and libel me on' the internet and Mzl'-10LLYhas deleted pages of her Journal, the Du.com owners But no. need to. fear, I'lzMolly has appeared on a regular basis with our friends at hbee alone with, Paul Day,

Since the Subpoenas were sent to uemocreticundercround.ccm,

Mitch the Bitch, Concerned Citizen, et, OIl.


Y.' now, It seems MzMolly wants to redefine what is legal and mo-ral and proper to fit "our"

I think I am starting to see Mzr-lolly and her suppoters position very dearly terms?




Posted on: Nov 23 2UO'l. 10:47 AM'





Group: Memb.ers Posts: JQi[led: March Member 1t8

QUOTE (Br.otherRog


No-v 102004,03:08


04 NIJ.:

Tom, r e (Which leaves, me wondering: Who are the -4 per-cent of voters who .suppcr-ted Kerry but believed "moral values," to he more rmnortant than the economy, the Iraq war, health care, etc.z) On Nov. 2nd I received a phone call from a poollin.g gr-oupo.I told them th.at I voted for Kerry. They then asked me' a series of questions, including "How significant was moral values to my vote. ~ I answered "verv siunficant". Of course, I didn't have abortion [lorgay marriages in mind, rather I had the moral values of oppossino the unjust war with Iraq; the lies and deciet of the Bush, Jr. administration, and the cuncarn for health care, low income housing, ccvertv etc.

And, I think

I scree with both. of you. we need to take the phrase "moral values" and re-define it In OUR terms.

What is moral about killing' innocent people in Iraq? What is moral about the 'COntinued lies from this administration? What is moral about not caring for the poor? What is moral about cutting pel! grants/opportunities What is moral about increesinc poverty? What is moral about a lack of health care? What is moral about

for Americans to succeed?

We need to stop running from the issuers) they supposedly champion and expose. their hvpocricv with fervor.
Forum: Progressive chrrstranttv . Post preview: #93-3 . Replies: 24· Views: 1165

Seems r--lz:1'-10LLY also been active' has not agree with. Also seems he/she we.ll M2.MOLLY,et 81


some time on the internet scene.


he/she feels he/she

is entitled to attack anyone' and


that she



and the croup

that is attacking me and my family non-stop,

are openly stating their intent to destrov

me, that is their stated purpose.

you cannot destroy me, nor can you intimidate

me and my" family into my shutting up or retracting

anything I have said regarding

The. folio-wing is Just cyberspace.

nne of







Barack Obarna

have a longing




Seems she is quite active in

which again beqs the question, "where in the world is MzMOLLY?"

TheCenterforProgressiveChristianity //tcpc.i mzmolly
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i ndex.ph p?showuser=


[EJ mzmotrv

Posted on: Dec 25 2004,

03:03 PM


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Groupo: pcsts.r .Joirrad Marcn Member LLa

Memc.ers 43 : 2304 Nc.:

Agreed. And, I think we need a VOCAL movement that expresses "Progressive Christianity" our own version of the PTL. We need Liberal "televangelist" to come OUT with their faith. :hi

Heck, I re-cently found out Billy Graham is a registered Democrat.

Fa-rum: Debate

and utelonue

. Post Preview: #1172·

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Posted on: Feb 26 2005,

11:21 AM


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Gr~I..Ip': MO!mb'2r5 Posts.: .Joine MEm:h Member d: 43 23No.: 04

Are,their any good

I am struggling with wanting to teach my dauchter about Jesus/God etc. but most of the information available to kids is promoted from a "Conservative christian" point of view. proqresswe Christian childrens books '(au all can recommend?


And, if not, who wants to help me write some.


Forum: prouresstve

uhrtsttenrtv .

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Posted on: Feb 26 2005,

12:07 PM


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Posts: March Nernber

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QUOTE (rhe+teekshall

@Feb:23 2.005, 05:31




I'-ly comments about Jesus etc being turnoffs in mailings may seem extreme to some of you, it comes from a sense' of frustration that I've dealt with. Let me .sugge.:.st cornprornise: evervtirne he's mentioned in a mailing, add a couple of sentences about his stance on social a issues,

I like the idea of "reclaiming" the name of Jesus. Defining Jesus,in a way that meets the understanding of Progressive Christians.Much like the UCC is doing now.

Forum: Progressive


Post Preview: #25,85 . Replies: 57· Views: 2793

Now lets take a look at yet another MzMOLLY profile. What are the odds that there are all these Mzl'-lOLLY's out there? Is there a Mz.i"lOLLY fan club or impersonator club out there? NOTE THAT ALL OF THE INFORMATION POSTEO HERE IS POSTED BY MZMDLLY HERSELF ON THE INTERNET AN[) IS PUBLICLY AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE WHO DOES A SEARCH. Good Gollv, I'-lzMcdly you have: been a busy bee>.Thank YO'U for your comments on hbee, they will pro-veto' be very valuable in the expoeinc ell for the world to see'.

WheFe in the world iisMzMOLLY?
Posted in 2000 Campaign, coveep, Db ama, Murder, voutube.com, candtdatea, Cocaine, Election America, Politics, 2008 Election, 2008 Presidential Democrats, candidates Obama is a Fraud, Campaign, pohttcs, 2008 presidential electron, uarack Obeme, aarack ubeme Drug Scandal Sinclair, Group, Orug Scandal & DemocraticUnderground.com, Db ama Camp Attacks, prestdeuttel election, news, obeme, 2006 presidential Digg.com, Donald Young, Drugs, Scandals, Politics 2008 Election, Police, Sex, Election, Primaries, ebama Election 2008, Larry Michelle and new!>, pee stdenttal Baj-ack nbamev Public Ctttae ns Litigation Campaign, Orug Scandal,Barack


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Eric Gibbons, ubama Politics

Eric Vessels,


LEGAL REPRESENTA.TION, Lies, litigation,

Db ama, MSNE!C,Nur-der-, My'8arack is a Fraud, Politics, plunderbund.com, SEX, superxclusrvo, voutube.com

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A Change of Heart: Guess I can withstand
Posted by larrvsinclairnaza on Saturday, April 19, 2008

the efforts to shut me up.

At no time did I or Word press ever say that Word press was shutting me down. I said Word press had bequn.trying to shut me out, by removing my post on this bloc from the-ir search results and by recently refusinn to show my new posts, as it does all others, under recent po-ststagged with any of these taos., when first published. 2008 Campaign, Barack Election, Michelle 2008, Election, 2008 prestdentral Campaign, 2008 peesrdenttal


2008 presidential Presidential


ABC NEWS, Andres

W Lopez,

Obama, Barack election

Dbama Drug Scandal,


Dbama Drug Scandal & Cover up, Candidates Crack Cocaine, DemocraticUnderground.com, Sinclair, FOX NEWS, Larry

Candidates, [}igg.com,

CBS NEWS, Chicago Police, Do neld Young, DRUGS, LOS ANGELES TIME.S, Dbama for polttrcs, SEX,

CHICAGO SUN- TIMES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, CNN, Cocaine, Dbama, MSNBC, Murder, My Barack Obama.com,


2008, E.ric Vessel's, Eric Ekton, Eric mbbons,


New, NEW YORK POST, NEW YORK TIMES, news, obama,

Dbama Camp Attacks,

America, Dbama is a Fraud, ubama Sex, Oprah, PA Presidential Primary, Parisi Fraud/WhiteHouse.com Scam, Paul A Levy, Paul Levy, plunderbund.com, polrtrcs, Politics and news, presidential' candidates 2008 Campaign, Pres-idential! election 2008 electron 2008, peesrdenttal Presidential sunerxclustvo, Youtube.com Primaries, Public Cttlzens threats, Litigation Group, Public Citizen Litigation Group, Puerto Rico, Rev. Wright, SCANDALS, Scott Covington, voutube Videos, Youtube.com, The Piano store, TUCC, uncateeortzed, WAPA TV, WASHINGTON POST, whttehouse.com,

As a result of these actions by Word press, I was going to stop oostino on a regular. basis. But I have: decided to continue rnv daily operation of this Bing regardless of whether Word press shows my post in their recent post sections or not. The support, I have always known was out there. I do not want anyone of you to' ever think I did not know YO'U were there. But what has really made me: decide to'

iqnore the recent actions: of someone at Word press end continue, is the remarks by all those who felt they had somehow shut me up. SO NO, WORDPRESSIS NOT SHUTTINGME'DOWN, NORAM I SHUTTING[I0WN. These recent actions by word press in my opinion can be best understood bv looking at the recent Cooqle actions in deleting pages, vehoo, AOL, 1'-1SN, Daily Kos, nemocraticundernround bashing rne, and even deletinc a large number of those. end voutube suppressinn counts and deleting pages other than those:

So forgive me if my statements were, not clear and causec people to think something else, Larry Sinclair never has and never will back down from a fight that he knows he is in the right on.

Posted in
Coverp, Larry Politics r.ampatqn, Obama,

2008 Campaign, Michelle

2008 Election, Obama, Murder,

De_lI1ncraticUnderground.con1, and news, Presidential 2008 E.lection, Barack Eric Obama

2008 prestdenttal Campaign, nemocrats, [}igg.com, Donald Dhama Public Camp Attacks, Obama Cttiz ens Litigation Drug Scandal

2008 Young,



uarack ubeme, aarack ubeme
Election Fraud/WhiteHouse.com presidential election,

Drug Scandal


Drug'§. Scandals, Oprah, Parisi

Sex, Election,

2008, LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Scam, Paul Levy, candidates Politics,


is a Fraud,


Group, Youtube.com, candtdates Digg.com,

news, obame,


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2008 Presidential Barack

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, 2008 presidential

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Drug Scandal,


up, CDS NEWS, Chicago Donald Young,



[NN, Cocaine,

Crack Cocaine', Del11ocraticUnderground.com,

DRUG5, Election,



FOX NE'WS, Larry




MSNBC, Murder,



NEW YORK POST, NEW YORK TIMES, news, obama, Obama Camp Attacks, Ob ama for America, Ohama ts a Fraud, Obama Sex, Oprah, PA Primary, Paul A Levy, Paul Levy, plunderbund.com, Politics, Politics and news , presidential candidates, Prestdenttal Politics, prestdenttel Public ruttzens Litigation Group, Puerto Rico, Rev. Wright, SCAND-ALS, Scott Videos, C.ovington, SEX, .sunerxclustvo. ') The Piano Store, threats, TUCC, WAPA TV, WASHINGTON POST, White-house.com, Youtube YoututJ.e.com


I 7,3 Comme.nts

This Blog will Die at exactly 00:00 hours April 20, 2008
Posted b-ylarry.sinciair0926 on Saturday, April t9', 20-08 00:00' hours Ap-ril 20, 2008. WordPress has for what ever reason banned any new po-stfrom appearing inenv shut out of appeanno at all. I will simply stop posfinq here. I an opening the blco up so all the vile attacks and lies that Catego-ry it

This b-Iogwill not p-ost any further p-ost effective other

has attached t-o it. The last two pod were cornpletelv

in the re-cent pod of any areas of word pr-ess, In addition a search of WardPre.s.s shows every


attacks of me b-ut does nat show this blcq

Anyone wishing to contact me may do so boyemail. I will not delete the bloc, have been thrown, at me everywhere else can be done here, One message


for Paul Day.



back, because someone, will be watching you. Take it any way you want.

THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WAITING. FOR THE f'.-1EDIATO DO THEIR JOB, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THE AMOUNT OF f'.-10NEr'OBAMA FOR AMERICA IS PAYING IN ADVERTISING. I AM STILL FIGHTING THIS AND THESE INTERNET WARRIORS IN COURT. 2008 presidential uruqs, scandals, Oprah, election, uarack ubama, Election 6arack OtJ.ama [lrug Scandal &. CoverD, DemocraticUnderground.conJ, Sinclair, Michelle ebeme, Murder, and news, prestdentral Candidates, & coverp, Oigg.com, ebame uruu Scandal prtmartes, uemocrats, ubeme Camp Public Citizens

Posted in 2008 electron, Digg.com, Attacks, Litigation electron, Blectlon, Fraud, nbama

Donald Young,

Sex, Election, presidential ubeme,

2008, LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Larry Scam, Paul Levy, poutrcs, uruu Scandal, uerack Politics 'ubeme I Tagged: 2008 Election,

ts a Fraud,

P,ari'5i Fraud/WhiteHous.e.com uerack

Group, voutube.com, ADC NEWS, Andres Election

news, obama, W Lopez, uerack

candidates 'ubeme 'Crack Cocaine,

2008 Presidential Democrats,

2008 pre-sidential CBS NEWS, 'Chicago Police" Donald Young, ubama Politics" Covington, DRUGS, is a poutrcs SEX, Obama,

CHlCAGO 5UN- TIMES, CHIC-AGO TRlBUNE, CNN, Cocaine, 2008, Eric Ekton, Eric Gibbons, MSNBC, Murder, My Ber-ack ubama.com,

Del11ocraticUnderground.col11, ubama

FOX NEWS, Larry Pi'lrisi


LEGAL REPRESENTATION, Lles, LOS ANGELES TIMES, Michelle camp Attacks, for America, SCi'lm, Paul A Levy, Paul Levv, ptunderbund.com, Group, Puerto Rico, Rev. Wright, SCANDALS, Scott Youtube videos,

NEW YORK POST, NEW YORK TIMES, news, obama, Primary, Fraud/WhiteHouse.com WAPATV, Primaries, Public Citizens. Litigation

Ob ama Sex, nprah,

PA peestdentrat

and news, Prestdentlal superxclustvc, comments »

Pultttcs., Prestdenttal

The Piano Store, threats,

TUCC, uncateqortaed.

WASHINGTON POST, whttehouse.com,




Ten Me Obama, why hasn't a s'ing,ie'Media outlet .shown this to be untrue?
Posted hI' larrysindair092_1Son Saturday, April 19, 2008 Funny how all the pr-o obeme blcqqers continue to. attemp-t to scare me off by disto-rting and disclosing mv past. By claiming that all the 1'I'1SM media outlets have spoken with me and that I have refused to cooperate or that they have investigated my claims regardin-g Bareck Obama have found them to be falsetwhich by the way is totally untrue), they have in effect gillen the MSr-l's love affair with Obame an 'out for not reportin-g the story. Yet, with all these internet hit men, they have failed to ever do one simple thing. They have failed to p-roduce e single, objective, reputable media organization, that can say they have found my charges .aqainst Barack cbeme to he untrue!

David Axelrod, Barack Obama and Michelle Obarna, have continued to. lie, intimidate, smear, misrepresent, and steal everv vote they have ob-tained in the Presidential Primaries. cemceicn. Hell, they have done this even in the Senate Berack cbeme and David Axelrod and

Michelle Obama have claimed evervthinc said about them is .a smear, or race b-ased, or is meant to distract from their message. What message? The mes-sage that if you say scmethinq unflattering you will he attacked, threatened, intimidated, harassed, and even murdered? Has Barack Obame fcrcotten this man,

After all Donald Young was b-yall accounts a caring, loving and gilling p-erson. aarack obame of all p-eople should know how loving he was. Mr. Young 'Wasso loving to Bar-ack Obama he allowed himself to be u-sedto try and get information out of me as to who I had disclosed Obarna's past: to. very well have sacrificed himself for obeme, who betreved that love and trust with MURDER? There have been recent claims on web- sites that I came forward with my claims after obeme stated he had not kept records. of his schedules while, in.the IL Senate. Please, Barack Obama has records of his cell phones while, in.the senate. contain, those cell phone numbers. Why is he refusirm I am sure there are contact numbers somewhere in Official IL Senate records that would to release them, as requested, and as he is required to do under IL State law? It would be so very easy to do! So loving of Bar-ack Obama that he may

In the very same past their have been claims that Obarna and Axelrod have in fact b-eenusing the time that the media has ionorec this story to p-uttogether a story about where obema was' on the nights in question, so they can hit the media with it if they run the story. been doing that. But when thev fabricate an I have 'said all elonq that I would expect obeme and Axelrod to have See this p-icture is clearly made up


those alib-i's;end up b-iting you somewhere you do not want to be, bitten.

just as any stcrv Obama and Axelrod might have the nerve to give to explain away the truth if the media decided to report the, story. Rather than b-epaid off by Obama for America to icnore it. Paid off not necessarily in money, b-ut in access to the candidate, favor-s, political advertising dollars, etc.. The' recent defense of uemccreticundeqround by Public Citizen Litigation Group is clear warning to all America, that there is no such thing as "freedom of Speech", it is onlv "freedom of Sp-eech" when it is obame speech. Interesting b-unch of people nbama used to net where he is today but no claims they were nothing. Sounds like. Rev.

Wrights sermon

about rich, wrute America and then uoee ott to live next dour. Nixon, bent the law a-she sa'..... Obarna has already shown he will eirnplv fit, sav it

Wake up people and smell the Foluers, b-ecause if you thought Richard M. "Tricky Dick" does not apply to him. Say what you want about me, but I know Bar-eck Obame

was in that Limo with me and my hotel room

in November


And I know Ber-eck


was sexually

involved with Donald Young before he was murdered. So enain I ask, with, evervthinn Posted in 2008 Digg.com, Attacks, Litigation election, Election, Fraud, ubarna Election, 2008 said by the obamanots, presidential Oprah, Parisi election, why hasn't a single, reputable media organization been eble to say I am lying'? aarack nbama, Election aarack 2008, nbama Drug Scandal Politics, Barack & coverp, Larry DemocraticUnderground.conl, Sim:::lair, Michelle Obama, Murder, Primaries, nemocrats, Obama Camp Pub-lic Citizens Police,



Drugs, Scandals, news,

Sex, Election, presidential nbama,

LEGAL REPRESENTATION, I Tagged: 2008 Election,

is a Fraud,

Fraud/WhiteHouse.com Barack

Scam, Paul Levy, Obama Drug Scandal, Sinclair,

Politics 2008 Obama

and news , Presidential Presidential Drug Scandal Candidates, & coverp, D-igg.com,

Group, voutube.com, ABC NEWS, Andres Election 2008,


candidates 'Crack Cocaine,

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Obama's boy! Axelrod's not so secret, secrets
Posted DY lerrvsincleirusza on Friday, April 18,2008 The followtnq is. a post from 'romno.esee.com. I have chosen to reprint it here' because lately the Obarna/Acelrod internet hit squad has been p-osting photo shopped and Faked court documents, records: that ARE nOT available throuqh FOIA, even though, those pcstinq them ere claiming otherwise, and have even had some of these faked documents filed in database of certain PRO Obarna sites in the hopes of making me look so bad no one will report the truth about Barack Obarna, his drug problems, his seeking sex with gay men, and his and .cccelrod's willincness to win at all cost, even murder. The, Daily kcs, nemocreticundercround. Pub-lieCitizen Litigatio.n Group should be proud of their efforts to. force the American people into accepting a person as President who will engage in such acts to keep his own actions from being revealed. Pub-licCitizens Litigation, Group and 1'-1r. Paul A Levy can rest assured that their position of fighting me in, motions hell to suppress and protect someone who has yet to even be determined entitled to; protection by the us Constitution, I WIU BE IN MY CORNER FOR EVfRY ROUND. There will toe NO throwing in of any towel on my part, Like they say, follow the money and you will find the King Maker. TOGbad rxooole/voutube won't be paying any of the money they received from obama for America to. hide. their user. I ·guess the Conspiracy that is unfolding may be somewhat of an unexpected challenge to Nr, Levy. 3/27/2008

Personal Asides: If I Can ...

If I Can Think 'of This Why Can't the. Feds2'_David Axelrod

Has Been, a Busy Boy ..HUH? wanne

Hear Obama Cuss? You Can.

Why doesn't the 'rreesurv .. .elonc with other agencies such as the Comptraller of the currency and bank regulators .armnunce that no longer will the. fed'S write down the value of sub-prime mortgage packages but will only do so only when there are actual losses: i.e. a bank will recounize mortgage? Also- why doesn't Hank Paulson buy dollars in.the currency a loss only in the case cf a defaulted exchange markets that will shore up.the

dollar allowing the Fed to eliminate some of the liquidity that has been awash since 2004 while at the sametime making essential loans to. those banks end financial houses to Keep the economy afloat? If I can think of it why can't they? Just asking.

Axelrod. If you think David Axelrod has more than enough to occupy himself with the media strategy of the thus-farsuccessful Obarna race, take a look at "The Chicago Daily Observer" "Newsweek" about a hitherto schemes for a variety of corpo-rations and front gro-ups deer example, to move the Children's' Museum being quarterbacked media here are by Axelrod at cdobs.com which has a stoev from fo-r David looks a little' tired, to many shell companies to keep track of. unknown secret company Axelrod is running which, floats up public relations to the heart of Mayo-r Daley. The move, into Grant Park which has spar-ked strident 'opposition thus far is to un cover this gem end not the local media?' Because mod of the liberal but Axelrod>

& Company known a·sASK, Inc. Why did it take "Newsweek"

in the tank not just to obeme


Like all successful authors, eereck


has recorded

his two books, including the first

best-seller, "Dreams: from

My Father.


In it there is some modified cussinu


of course the author records that, too. The. cussing is rather mild, scetcloqioal

rnostlv but let it be understood that for the first time in U. S. history a presidentialcandidate

has recorded himself cussing ...unlike the Nixon explectives that came 'Out on the secret taping system (when Nixon forgot the machine was orr) end Dick Cheney telling Sen. Pat Leahy to perform an impossible biological act while reporters overheard. Hat tip tao Hugh Hewitt for this one. How much you wanna bet that some dirty trick artist willdo.ctor the: tape, string the explectives posted By: Tom nceser at 3/2712008 8':55:00 AM Posted in 2008 Election, 2008 Digg.com, Attacks, Litigation Cocaine, Donald ubarna Young, is a Fraud, together and mislead the publico

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