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Name _______________

Period _______

Mountain Dew Point

Condensation the change of state from a _______ to a _______

Dew Point the ___________ at which a _________ condenses into a __________

1. What forms on the outside of the cup filled with ice water?
2. Why does that happen?

3. When you leave a bottle of soda out in the sun why do droplets form on the inside
of the bottle?

4. How does that relate to the water cycle?


Supplies – piece of wax paper, eye dropper, water

Use the eye dropper to place several drops of water on wax paper (spread out).

1. What can you observe about your water drops?

2. What happens when water droplets come close to each other?

3. How does this relate to condensation?

4. What do we absolutely need to form clouds?

5. What variables of condensation have we discovered here?