The Lifecycle of Silkworm

Presented By: Nirbhay Saxena Class: VII- G

The silk worm has a unique lifecycles. • The life cycles consist of four stages: – Egg – Larva: Caterpillar or Silkworm – Pupa: Cocoon – Silk Moth .

silk moth lays eggs. After three days. • Fertile eggs might hatch in about two weeks after being laid in the middle of the summer . they will turn white if they are infertile. or turn black if they are fertile. • All eggs are lemonyellow.Stage I: Laying and Hatching of Eggs • First of all.

Stage II: Larva • After hatching the tiny larvae grow the best if they are fed on the new soft leaves of the mulberry tree. • They switch over to larger leaves as they grow. The silkworms (larvae) do nothing but eat. .

. the larva change into the brown pupa. • Cocoons are shades of white. cream and yellow. Further changes inside the pupa result in an emerging moth.Stage III: Pupa • The silkworm will spin a silk cocoon as protection for the pupa. • After a final molt inside the cocoon.

where the silk is unwound from the cocoons and the strands are collected into skeins.Production of Silk from Cocoon to Factory • The production of cocoon for their filament is called sericulturedesirable stage for the silk producers. called a filature. . • The cocoons are delivered to the factory.

• Bailing : The silk filament is reeled into skeins.Producing Silk: Filature • Sorting cocoons according to the color. this raw silk is shipped to silk mills all over the world. shape and texture • Softening the Sericin or silk gum through a series of hot and cold immersions. . size. • Reeling the filament : Unwinding the silk filaments from the cocoon and combining them together to make a thread of raw silk. as the sericin must be softened to permit the unwinding of the filament.

Stage IV: Imago • An adult silk moth emerges from the cocoon about two weeks after the completion. . • The body of the moth is covered in short fine hair and wings are creamy white with faint brown lines.

Begin Again! • The silk moth lay eggs to start the lifecycle again. .

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