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Published by: Dr. Naeem Mushtaq on Jul 22, 2012
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1492 1677 1763 4th July, 1776 1780 1784 1787 1789

Arrival of Christopher Columbus Treaty of Middle Plantation Crown’s Royal Proclamation American Independence The Court of Appeals in Cases of Capture established Treaty of Fort Stanwix Northwest Ordinance passed Rectification of U.S. Constitution Department of War established First Judicial Act promulgated

1790 1794 1823 1831 1832 24th Feb, 1855 3rd March, 1863 1881 1887 1890 1894 1924 1934 13th Aug, 1946 1966

Indian Trade and Intercourse Act passed Treaty of Canandaigua Johnson v. McIntosh Cherokee v. Georgia Worcester v. Georgia Court Of Claims Act passed Court Of Claims Act amended Approval of 1st jurisdictional Native petition The Dawes Severalty Act passed Battle of Wounded Knee Curtis Act passed Citizenship for Native Indians Indian Reorganization Act passed Indians Claims Commission Act passed Original Jurisdiction to Federal District Courts

Skelly Oil Comp. Native Village of Noatak 121 .1968 1976 1978 1991 Supreme Court decision in Poafpybitty v. United States Court of Federal Claim estalished Termination of Indian Claims Commission Blatchford v.

Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation Powhatam Confederacy Shownea Indian Tribe 122 .APPENDIX III LIST OF RELEVENT NATIVE INDIAN TRIBES Houdenosaunee: (New York) League of Six Nation or Iroquois Confederacy Mohawk Oneida Onondaga Cayuga Seneca Tuscarora North-western tribes (Washington) or Puget Sound Tribes Puyallup Nisqually Muckleshoot Duwamish Other tribes Golden Hill Paugussetts of Connecticut Passamaquoddy. Penobscot of Maine Narragansett of Rhode Island Papagos Mashantucket Pequot Indian tribe Alaska Indian tribe Wampanoag Indian tribe Pueblo Indian tribe Cherokee.

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