The Adventure to Candy Kingdom By Yumul

Adventure Time

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sorry. I guess you’re riding this solo... besides. Instead. who said I was sleeping?!? FINN Oh. he-he. looking cool and stuff FINN No-problemo. Finn puts arm around Jake. my friend. Jake! Wake up bro! Finn slaps Jake like a faggot and Jake wakes up violently. they’re made of candy! (CONTINUED) . JAKE/FINN Wooooooh! Jake looks sad and all JAKE Aww man. Jake shows Finn his invitation to the party in the Candy Kingdom... JAKE Oh. Jake looks sad and shit..JAKE AND FINN GET THE INVITATION . Jake does not react to this... they’re all friendly people.. I’m just gonna get nervous and be a wallflower and stuff. I guess it’s time to phaaar-taaay! Jake does a strange arm dance while saying the previous line. A hand appears with his invitation. JAKE Ahhhh! I wasn’t sleeping. FINN Jake. JAKE No. I got something cool to tell you! I just got an invitation from Princess Bubblegum to a party tonight in the Candy Kingdom! Did you get yours too. here it is. he just gets the invitation. man. Anyways.HOUSE/CORNFIELD TREE Jake runs into Finn and wake him up. but I don’t know anyone there.

I don’t too. Focus on Jake as he does the Quotation marks with his fingers. Like. nice one Finn. I’m Finn and this is jake. didn’t you know? You gotta be smooth the ladies. JAKE Okay. JAKE Haha.. hey handsome... FINN Actually.. HEY LADY!!! Jake talks from a far. Hey Lady. Didn’t think I’d meet you here... man. close to frown... LSP Ugh. JAKE So. hi. man. Call her Jake! JAKE Lady. let’s see. but I’m counting on you.. he whimpers and pushes Jake to talk. uhh.. I know! Let’s ask her. Jake’s voice gets louder to a shriek. How do I put this? (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Ughh. Close up on LSP’s face which is blank..CONTINUED: 2. Finn taps LSP’s shoulder... You never did tell me where "Candy Kingdom" is... bro... FINN Uhmm. FINN Nah.... JAKE AND FINN MEET LSP AND FLAME PRINCESS ... faggoty/suave/childish/. Then close up on Flame Princess.yeahmyfriendhassomethingtoaskyouguys.CORNER OF A STREET/ISO PARKING Duo walks along.. Uhmm. FLAME PRINCESS Do I know you peo-ple? Finn acts smooth but halfway through his line. She does a head side-bob as she says her line..

cut it out.. bro. FINN So. EARL OF LEMONGRAB Halt. and a view-up on the Earl is shown. you and your suit. There is a line that is guarded that they must cross. That’s probably why I’m the flame princess. foooool.. Can you check out my youtube video... SHOW Corporate Relations Video. it’s pretty normal to me. FINN Hey.. They near the Earl. JAKE Look at you. We got a party to go to and things to do. you know. getting your moves on Jake nudges Finn’s side. (really slowly) Hoooow dooo yooou geeeet toooo caaandyyyy kiiingdooom? LSP It’s like so easy. FLAME PRINCESS Oh Finn. What’s it like being hot all the time? I mean on fire.CONTINUED: JAKE (cont’d) Uhmm. hehe.. you. before I tell you? FLAME PRINCESS Yeaahh!! Because we are so going there too.. so easy. Like here. walkers! You-hooo shall not paaass. hey Flame Princess. (CONTINUED) .. GANG MEETS PEPPERMINT BUTLER AND EARL OF LEMONGRAB BELLARMINE 3. I mean. Group walks along and they see the peppermint butler and earl of lemongrab. yeah.. JAKE Out of way lame-o. man. We can join you! SHOW Human Relations Department Video..

one. JAKE Okay. that’d be like to violent and stuff. INSERT Externals video. Close up on the Earl. 4. on three. forbidden to cross this line. After video. Stop being such a square. threee. Ehem. we’re not joking. this sucks man. EARL OF LEMONGRAB We only stopped you so you could watch this reaaaally cool video. JAKE Okay. Fighting is bad. FINN Yeah. Jake ties the Butler and the Earl.. (whisper) Jake. two. and crying. LSP No. Finn does a square shape with his hands. Haha. haha. you know? FINN Yeah. Sobs. Finn whispers to Jake. EARL OF LEMONGRAB Nooooo. (CONTINUED) . you gotta let us pass.. and on three.. dazed out. Jake is pissed. Finn. FINN Hey.CONTINUED: EARL OF LEMONGRAB You a-ha-re.. Finn pushes/punches the Earl’s. I mean it’s jsut a line. after this we’re gonna take you as prisoners cause you guys suck. Finn is sleeping beside the princesses who are also sleeping. we gave this bozo a chance I say we fight him to the death. We’re going to be late. Penalty is imprisonment!! PEPPERMINT BUTLER We will imprison you. that’s right.

Finn. I don’t wanna walk anymore. JAKE What. look. FLAME PRINCESS Oh. huh. . JAKE Hey. Group walks as flame princess gets tired. let’s just stay here while we let the Flame princess play for a bit. please watch mine too. I’m gonna punch you so hard. You’re gonna cry. and you guys gotta bring us. JAKE Aww.. Peppermint Butler does puppy dog eyes. Jake makes a strange noise. Problem solved. PEPPERMINT BUTLER Oh. it’s Beemo! JAKE Yeah. I can’t punch you little guy. buddy? (CONTINUED) . Okay. I’m just burned out I guess. INSERT Academic Affairs Video.CONTINUED: 5. I got a idea. Jake calls Beemo. flame princess we gotta keep going. GROUP STOPS BY. Masters.. Check this out. And Beemo arrives. FINN C’mon. pretty cool huh? I taught him that.FIELD BY MATTEO. We don’t really know how to get to the Candy Kingdom. Now. FINN Hey... FLAME PRINCESS Finn. THEN MEETS THE MARCELLINE. Pleading. I’ll watch your video too. I’m prett tired.

Besides I didn’t even think this glob was alive. we’ll save you lumpy space princess! The duo see marcelline biting on LSP. indeed. Jake curls up into a ball. Finny-Finn. FINN Sweet. BEEMO Oh. Finn! FINN Oh no. like that. hurts you know. I was just having fun. Marcelline is biting on her. Finn. FINN Marcelline. JAKE Something’s happening! Snap out of it. Watch the video for fun first! INSERT Communications Video. time to play a game. but I’m outta this. Will you watch it Finn.. After a bit of staring blankly. FINN Let the lumpy space princess go. or.CONTINUED: 6. LSP Hey. MARCELLLINE Anyways Finn. you know.. LSP is screaming non-reactively. problem solved. Beemo makes noises then plays a video. I’ll watch it okay?! (CONTINUED) .. stop. LSP screams. Close up on flame princess as she stares out Beemo. or should I eat her instead? FINN Ahh. or I’ll fight you!! MARCELLLINE Aww. I just wanted to show you this cool music video I made. hello.. I thought we already told you to STOP EATING PEOPLE!!! JAKE Sorry.

SECLUDED ROOM Group is travelling as they here laughter. It’s the Ice King. I’ve been feeling a bit party-ish lately. I hate it. Finn. GROUP MEETS LADY RAINICORN. And how splendid that you have lots of princesses with you. and I don’t suppose you let me tag along with you guys.. buddy.CONTINUED: MARCELLLINE Oh. JAKE Holy crap. but you better not eat anyone!! JAKE Maaaan. Close up on the duo. We need help.. AND ICE KING . how lovely of you to walk into my trap. oh man. LADY RAINICORN Ichibiza. What’s the occasion? FINN Ahh! Ice King. while Jake and Finn are cornered and the group to. big time!! FINN Yeah. 7. you’re making a wrong move I’m telling ya. ICE KING Oh hello there. we’re going to a party and I won’t let you take them! JAKE C’mon. Lady Rainicorn flies in. I hate it! INSERT Finance Video. we’re toast. I hate vampires. we’re stuck and the princesses might get captured. lets take this Ice Clown all the way Down Town. Ice King throws ice balls. Oh man. get out of the way. hanyesu dare koto nanjikino! (CONTINUED) . oh man. FINN Okay.

JAKE She says Princess Bubblegum was worried we got lost she sent Lady Rainicorn to pick us up. ICE KING Actually... Ice Poop? FINN Good one. Jake! You’re getting good at that name-thingy you do JAKE Thanks man. I’ve been practicing for a while now. Talk about timing. The Ice King gets beaten. I’ll never find a queen! Err. love. ICE KING My princesses. we got a party to attend. we’ll keep the Ice King busy. JAKE Any last words.why not? Ice King looks ptiful and starts to cry. (CONTINUED) . am I invited? FINN Of course. etc. and while on the floor. FINN Get on princesses..I believe I had my last words to say! I was a child when I first started capturing princesses FINN Could you make it faster. While the Ice King focuses on the escaping Princesses. Now. and stuff..CONTINUED: 8.. I do! And oh how I love parties. not! ICE KING Whu .. The duo attack the Ice King.. Princesses get on while saying things like be safe. nooo. what?! The duo attack the Ice King.. follow us. ICE KING EHEM .

Ice King. Ice King is sulky. and I guess you could come along as long as you promise to not kidnap any princesses.. finish the jam! Finn nods his head. JAKE Awww. But the rest way out man. ICE KING Deal! JAKE But you’re still really ugly.. man. And your breath stinks. JAKE Finn. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Jake and Finn! . or watched my video. I was just joking around. FINN Not cool. You coulda just said he was ugly cause he is.A CONDO/PARTY THEMED PLACE Jake and Finn arrive with the Ice King. Ice King is Happy faced.. INSERT Secgen Video.CONTINUED: 9. ICE KING Nobody invites me ever. JAKE I’ll make it up to you by watching your video. And your guest? (CONTINUED) . I’m sorry.... GROUP IN CANDY KINGDOM . as the party is in motion. That was a teeny bit to far. JAKE Because you’re ugly! Super duper ugly. the ugliest fugliest bugliest Ugly! Finn is quiet. Finn is nodding his head in agreement.

... Princess Bubblegum to All PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Welcome to the Candy Kingdom my loyal friends and Ice King. good enough. JAKE Hey. I officially announce this party started! Everyone just dances randomly. Close up on each one... okay. so why’d we have to watch all those videos? FINN I don’t know man. I trust your judgement.. woooooh. Close up on Jake and Finn. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM If you say so.. anyways. he promised he wouldn’t do anything funny. We got our eyes on him. Jake hurt his feelings so we thought why not. Random dancing occurs. . Whispers to Finn PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Why on earth did you bring the Ice King?!? FINN Well..CONTINUED: 10. JAKE Hmph.

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