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NYU Letter to Fleurimond

NYU Letter to Fleurimond

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Published by: propertyintangible on Jul 22, 2012
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A ptivat tnive\rty tn th.
Co.sayBusine$ Larv Crotrr, PC
H!.linelon Slario.,NY I 17,16
Rc Ariel Fl.urimpr.j.d
Referd.cc G.rade to your loltcr Io Mr Ten an.e Nolxn ofJune 11,2009,lvhich NJr Nol.n
Ar ah nlslifulion oI highcr leamDg, New York UniveNiLy
grcxdv vahLes 1.lc]lc.tLal
pmpeny bollr ils orv. rs 1vcll as that ofolhcs lle L.ilersir! nho is conuilrdJ lo thc
!ol.n thal indiv uaL should rccejle
qrpiopriate and fxn compcfslrtur ror work
perfomrdd Asaresuil, Lhe ricwexpre$ed rn]'!ur lelteL dral Ms rlcuiimol]d hadnolbc.n
compensaled lir her work on bchalfoflhe L,mvereity caine as a surPrisc to us Frth .u'
diliserce wc undcslaN that y{ .licrt w!! re[n,cd tu]d paid rs an.n,llovee orlhd
for nll of the volk rhlr shc
perfoim€d oi behalf of drc \YU Adnetics
Dqrarrrent, includnrs b0r.ol lnn,ted r..reation oathe
ssue we'busconsde:
rohalebeer arork for hne for lh€U.ircsilv,
wbicb,,bs.trt anv
other xgreenrer to the co.hry, rcDaiN the
of dre Lnn c^nv.
M.rcoler, $e mdorsldd thal Ms flcurimond d .ot work alotre on lhc dcsiAn, cortrr!
r. ber asserlior to the CopyjSht Oftide Inslcad, thedesign was lhc resuhol rhe wot( ol.
orindividlah, ea.h oIwlrom, like you.lieDt, EceLved cotupeNalion lbr hh or llcr
codnbltion b the rvork rs dr empLoydc oI lhe Lniretunr Therefort.
give. tbe
collaborauv. cforl associated wnl crealion of thc dcraD, Ms Flennmond cnnn.l bc
dre tread ol NYU Alilelici nc{ tnxscoi
ErtLlRo-nc MAir
!t 8lI1tll!!\.r!
,.r !
hh l
Case 2:09-cv-03739-ADS-AKT Document 72 Filed 09/l4/ll Page 3 of 9 PagelD #: 674
As a conscquence, abse evidmce fion your climt lo ltte oonkary we consider lhe \!ork
to have been n wo* for hire, any producl lhdcfiom !o be propny or the U.rve6riy, and
the matter to bc .csolvcd accodi4ly.
Associalc G€neral Counsel
Laslly. ve noft rnat tle design
you cnclosed with your letter contains dre len6 "NYU" at
dre cafs.cck, ad also lhal lhe copydghheghtrulion
your clien( filed k nmred Oion: rh.
N)'! All Star" w€ Nould nalurally be concemed by ary use by Ms lieftinond of our
nork to susgesL mdoEoncm or sponso6lip by N1'U, or th.i NYU h rhe sotrtc or anv oi
herprcducts or seFices, vidlout secuinA our
Pleasc do nol hesilale lo contact nd shotrld you wish 10 dncuss thk is$e tunhei
. t'- /1
Case 2:09-cv-03739-ADS-AKT Document 72 Filed 09/l4/ll Page 4 of 9 PagelD #: 675

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