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Images of Kathmandu January 6th 2009

One of the many squares hiding behind the street front shops

This square is much more enclosed and has a Hindu temple in the middle.

Kathmandu is a city that is just wonderful to wander around, if you can deal with the chaos and the
bewildering number of alleyways and squares, hidden from the main streets by shop fronts and passages.

The place is thriving, since the end of the conflict, yet still in need of more reservoirs to make more
Hydroelectric Power – 16 hours of load shedding at the moment makes it hard for businesses to thrive.

There are constant strikes and road blockages and marches protesting absolutely anything, some of the
causes are good ones – the raising of the minimum wage, others not so well thought out..........
It's still a fascinating place to wander around and everyone is so friendly!!!!!
Orange seller with bicycle These small street stalls sell great pakoras & samosas
One of the temples near Durbar Square How do you pierce a dreadlock?

Stickers Grain & Pulses

A butcher's stall School kids, late for class

Freak Street scene – the old hippy area Busy streets