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81245866 Know Thy Nature Part 1 Breath

81245866 Know Thy Nature Part 1 Breath

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Know thy Nature (Part 1 - Breath)

by Thinking Hearts
(happynhandsome@gmail.com) https://www.facebook.com/ThinkingHearts




Thoughts from Thinking Hearts:
“Curious by nature, in a life so uncertain Thirsty for the truth, which is so certain I sought for some water in our scriptures the fountain Though I can’t understand fully what it contains I am amazed & speechless with what I could ascertain This is just a speck of dust from that golden mountain Thankful to my family for helping me in what I could attain Grateful for the wisdom and works from all the chieftains Wish I repay every atom of it through my gratuitous tearstains” This effort is to share what I read, understood and enjoyed about the scientific aspects in breath management and the essence of our nature in Indian scriptures. The quotes and examples are from multiple areas like Yoga, Siddha systems, traditional Chinese medicine etc. Any shortcomings you notice are purely reflective of my abilities to understand and express. A piece of my mind is available @ http://ragsgopalan.blogspot.in My other works which you may be interested in: 1. Time = Space (Science in ancient India – Language, Arts & Temple Culture). Read it from

2. Collection of English Poems by Raguram Gopalan 3. Collection of Tamil poems by Raguram Gopalan
(All books can be read on line / downloaded https://www.facebook.com/ThinkingHearts?sk=app_182667455607)

Feb 2012, Version 1.0 Please feel free to copy and reproduce in whichever form or shape as you deem fit without any acknowledgements. I have shared what I have received and not created anything on my own.  If I have acknowledged books / authors please recognize them and ensure that you either buy their books or donate to their cause. They deserve all the credits.





A divine soul   With a noble goal  Walked this earth   When divinity was dearth  Beyond any treasure's worth   To avoid our death & rebirth  Seek his guidance & grace   For he shall ever embrace!  





1.  Puraka (Inhalation) ..................................................................................................................................... 5  2.  Life is a billion breath package! ................................................................................................................... 8  3.  Right & Left – Solar & Lunar Breath ............................................................................................................  1  1 4.  Know your Breathing rhythm .....................................................................................................................  7  1 5.  Micro GPS for your Breath (Space and Time Coordinates) ..........................................................................  0  2 6.  Breath, Time, Timings and Tamil ................................................................................................................  3  2 7.  Food & Breath ‐ Why can we live few days without food but not without water? .......................................  6  2 8.  Breath, Sex and Progeny ............................................................................................................................  9  2 9.  Tricks with the tip of the tongue! ...............................................................................................................  1  3 10.  11.  12.  Basics of Emotional Energy management ..............................................................................................  5  3 Thoppu karanam / Kaan Dhand / Super Brain Yoga! ..............................................................................  2  4 Bahir Kumbhaka ...................................................................................................................................  7  4


I am sure not many would disagree with me on that since Mind. As I said breathe is the thread that binds the Body. I am giving those 2 poems as below. சந்திரபானிலக்கணமுங் ேகாளுநாளுர் தயங்கியபக்கங்கரண மிேயாகவாரம் வந்துெசால்லுஞ்ேசாதிடத்ைத யறியாதார்கண் மனநிைனவாயறியும்வைக யுளேதாெவன்ன விந்தவுடலுயிர்நிைலைய யறியாதார்க் கியாமறியவியம்புவைத யாேதாெவன்னிற் ைபந்ெதாடிேயயான் ெசாலுஞ் சரநூறன்ைனப் பrந்துநீபாெரன்று பரமன்ெசால்வார். In this book it is stated that first Lord Shiva taught this secret to Goddess Parvati and interestingly Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva “Lord tell me if a person does not understand cosmology (Astrology – science of time and space) then is there any way that person can understand the worldly secrets”. For this Lord Shiva said that “If one understands his breath then he can unlock the universal knowledge within himself and he taught this Saranool. mind and soul. One of the oldest scriptures in Tamil is Sage Agasthiyar’s Saranool.1   . I am going to add that “You are your state of breath”. சரம் பார்ப்பான் பரம் பார்ப்பாெனன்பது ேபால means. first the importance astrology / astronomy as a subject and the second is from the answer to this question that the macrocosm can be understood through microcosm. food and breath are interconnected. the universal knowledge and the ocean of birth and death can be overcome by humans only if they know how to manage their breath”. If there is something which we came into this world with and would carry till we leave this world.    1. This emphasizes 2 things. “You are what you think”. probably unchanged then it is our breath. Nool in Tamil means book and also thread. PURAKA (INHALATION) In the series of sayings. “You are what you eat”. He also states that just like a huge Ox can be controlled by a rope through his nose. whoever can see movement of Saram / breathe they can able to see the almighty. -. Breath is equated with God in many scriptures and in Tamil it is called as SARAM (சரம்) and equated with a thread that binds.

so let’s get the terminology and its meaning right before we start this book. Everyone has to practice it three times every day morning. the vital force. It precedes every religious practice of the Hindus and everyone has to practice it before he eats. before he drinks. The subtle essence of all energies is called as Prana. Prana is just not limited to breath. noon and evening in his daily worship during Sandhya. before he resolves to do anything. Prana is often confused with breath.   . Breath is Sthula. sex. we gain Prana from Sunlight. For example. retain your youth and if you desire you can evolve spiritually? Do you know that your breath has its own space time coordinates within your body? Do you know why you can survive without food for few days but cannot survive without water? Do you know the linkages between breath. gross. ‘Svasa’ means inspiratory breath and ‘Prasvasa’ is expiratory breath. subtle. Prana or energy. Prana is Sukshma. Pranayama occupies a very important place in Indian religion. Breath is external manifestation of Prana. food. can help you to achieve healthy and long life. kind words. One of them is called the Akasa or ether and the other. breathing. Pranayama is an exact science. time.    ெசால்லருெநடுங்கயிற்றின் வருணமான சூரத்தினார் துவக்ெகனுமா சீர்மந்தன்னி னல்லாருமூக்கணாங் கயிறுேகாத்து கலந்தீங்காய்வருகின்ற நஞ்சுட்ெகாண்டு ெபால்லாதகாலப்பாம் புண்டுமிழ்ந்து பூதலத்திற்பிறந்திறந்து ேபாவேரனு ெமல்லாருமியாஞ்ெசால்லுஞ் சரநூற்றன்ைன யிகழா தார்சுரர்மூங்க rகழ்ேவார் தாேம. timings. pleasant wind. Breath like electricity is gross Prana. – 2 If you are interested in any of the following questions then this book is for you. progeny and food? Do you want to know a 60 second yogic technique to manage your emotional energy and clean up your subtle body? According to the Hindu Philosophy the whole nature is composed of two principal substances.       Are you aware that nature has endowed a breath count which corresponds to your life span? Do you know the math behind it? Do you know your breath has a rhythm and pattern and managing this. mind. good deeds etc. language.

language (Tamil). To the extent possible and as understood by me. I hope you like the compilation and I look forward to constructive comments if any.    Breath is one externally available and controllable gross item which can manage Prana and our mind effectively. Aspects of linkage between breath.e. There are only two objectives which I have in mind when I compiled this. It is Prana that sets the mind in motion. Siddha system in India. We cannot under the name of religion or nationality say that this is not applicable to me as it is applicable for every individual in the same measure. so also the Yogic student removes the impurities of the body and the Indriyas by blowing his lungs. But even the most intelligent is not wise today as they tend to either ignore or ignorant of this knowledge. Unlike religious scriptures which tend to impinge on individual belief this topic is scientific and universal. The first is to share what I read and found it very interesting and the second is to invoke your interest in however small measure possible so that I kindle your thirst for such truth that drives you to approach an expert and learn more of this and spread the knowledge. food. It is Prana that moves the mind. This book is all about sharing some of the interesting aspects of Indian wisdom about ourselves and our nature which I believe ideally should be part of our curriculum. In this book we shall focus more on the breath than Prana and types of Pranayama.  This is not a preaching or canvassing document for a particular belief.  This is not a medical prescription. i. but the sad part is we are reading / practicing them without understanding the basics and nature of breath. by practicing Pranayama. In some places I have drawn parallels with the traditional Chinese medicine. There are enough books about Pranayama and its benefit. Currently most of us follow systems and rituals based on some blind belief. timings. I decided to compile some of the interesting aspects of breath in this book as per Yoga.. mind. I want to unlock the scientific aspects behind them and inter linkages between them. The vibrations of Prana only produce thoughts in the mind. What this book is not about?  This is not an expert commentary on any topic. Just as a goldsmith removes the impurities of gold by heating it in the hot furnace. Happy reading!   . sex and progeny was amazing to me when I connected the dots. by strongly blowing the blow-pipe. time.

    2. A breathe has four components – Inhale. Effectively it’s the rate of breath which changes with time. LIFE IS A BILLION BREATH PACKAGE! According to Hindu scriptures. Exhale. we spend 12 a minute while sitting.because there is no such thing called non-living thing) are endowed with a life span which can be calculated by the number of breaths we take. In our daily life we expend energy to get things done. When we expend energy we breathe heavily and hence withdraw from our current account of billion breaths.  The natural age endowed to a human being is 120 years.933 billion to be precise) which is endowed to us by nature as our life span. Irrespective what we do. It is told that all living beings (in the traditional sense . They say that when we manage to exhaust this current account then 'death" occurs. Not many realize that when we were born we have been given a current account which is filled with a billion breaths (approx) and we are programmed to continuously withdraw at some rate from this account and this program is called as "Life". Retain. The thing that we need to be clear about is when we sleep. Hence under extremely excited / tense situations we expend far larger quantity of breath than our budget. Now recollect that Swami Chinmayananda said “Time is nothing but a period between 2 thoughts”. each and every thing in the universe undergoes a cycle of birth and death. what if I tell you that the math about one’s life span is controlled by our breath and the nature endowed count for every human being is the same? They say that the effect of Karma and the consequences of our action in this life impact this naturally endowed life span. Against a budget of 15 a minute. Retain outside. As a wise man said. 25 while sleeping. fear. including the universe itself. Now let’s get this little more nuanced. 32 during sex and between 32 to 64 breaths a minutes during emotional upheavals like Anger. In normal day today life there are only 2 components – Inhale and Exhale. we recharge our body at the expense of larger breath counts than what is budgeted to us. So. The math goes something like this:  We are supposed to take 4 seconds for one breath. so it is 15 a minute and 21600 for a day (15*60*24). we seems to be wasting our breath that includes sleeping. Some key items to be noted as follows:  The very essence of saying that “Anger or Fear as emotions are suicidal or it is like holding a hot iron rod and it injures the self first before others” can be well understood since we are losing a part of our endowed life because of these emotions. 18+ while running.  So it is – (21600* 360*120) just about a billion breaths (0.    . “Language of the gods is mathematics”.

that irrespective of your religious beliefs. “Yoga Chitta vrtti nirodah!. The impact of   . life force is acquired and our immune system strengthened. Hyper Beta state. This is a mild meditative state or a conscious state which is tension or anxiety free. Scientists today have assigned names for the mental states which are as follows:  Delta Wave – Less than 4 Cycles per second (CPS). They say that the Joy center in our brain works at 17.     The importance of "Pranayama" can be better understood now which is stressed for the longevity and health. I would encourage you to visit www. That which removes the vibrations of the mind is called Yoga”. healthier it is for the human being. Ultra Beta states. Theta Wave – 4 to 7 Cycles per second (CPS).bevolution. the deeper our breaths.magnetic pollution on human life and they state that above 33Hz panic. In Pranayama. Using Cordless DECT phone in our home invites an electro-stress of 100Hz shock waves being sent to brain continuously. They have classified few more states like High Beta. Pranayama is the only way for effective breath management and longer life and don’t listen to idiots who attribute a religious motive to this science. This is our normal wake up state in our worldly life. Beta Waves . Our body recharges itself in this state. This means we are permanently in the state of electro-stress. all the 4 cycles of breath are effectively used and the mind is calmed for better health. The secret of youth and healthy life is therefore effective breath management. This is what Sage Patanjali told in his Yoga Sutra as definition for Yoga itself.    So today scientists say that lower the mental frequency. The state of electro-stress starts at this stage. It is the dreaming state and the yoga Nidra happens at this state. Normal exposures to electricity which is at 50Hz disconnect our mind from our higher mental states. I contest. many thousand years back. anxiety and nervousness start. We would see in the later chapters as to why continuous sleeping cannot increase our life span and why after longer periods of sleep we feel tired. the younger we are and the longer we live.65 Hz and below. At this deep meditative state the breath is almost suspended and this is the difference between this and deep sleep state. It’s a deep meditative state and also experienced in deep sleep state. The longer we retain the breath. During this state the subconscious mind is active for any programming.org. But we have rejected them as either superstition or mythology or just because it is written in an Indian language propounded by a Hindu Sage.  Let me quickly correlate the frequency of our mind and breathe.>13 Cycles per second (CPS). They have been working on the impact of electro. Alpha Waves – 8 to 13 Cycles per second (CPS).

We are both ignorant and indifferent to the fundamental activity – breathing that is an inseparable part of us. so that you conserve your breath for longer and healthier life”.    Bluetooth. Breathing is simple and air around us is free (so far) but we tend to ignore the effects of managing the same beneficially. cancers and other diseases. So we are in some sort of a trap of electromagnetic pollution and it is important to protect our health and the health of our family. We generally tend have a tendency to take things for granted that are simple and free. I just want to wish you that “May every moment of yours be a breath taking moment. Our ability to drive ourselves to the edge without an internal credit management for this current account of breath drives our risks higher of being "liquidated" earlier than budgeted. This book gives some secrets and techniques to quickly gain back our health but most importantly understand the nature of things within us. Life is a billion breath package and how much have you used up so far? Let’s look at more interesting aspects in the next chapter! Happy reading!   . 3G and Wi-Fi services are also highlighted which results in hormonal disturbances. stress related disorders.

The objective of the article is not to talk about Sushmna but look at the rhythm we have between right and left nostril breathing. Ida. Pingala. Surya. Out of the 72000 nadis / meridians in the body there are 3 nadis which is very important. It is actually the name of the nadi and the breath is called Surya (right) or Chandra (Left). +ve. Pingala.    3. -ve. Not just Shiva any yogi doing meditation or not would always have his staff supporting his left hand and not right hand. Chandra. The basis of this chapter is our Indian Yoga / Siddha system. Similarly left side of the body is called as female. Yang. it is important to know the basics behind this activity. Can you answer why? Figure 1: Lord Shiva in a meditative pose with a supporting staff in the left hand Irrespective of whether we consider that breathing as an activity that we perform or we identify our very existence with breathing. (have you recognized that most of the organs are symmetric along this meridian?) Right side is called as male. When we breathe through our right side and the breath that comes through the right nostril is called Pingala and left breath is called Ida. the Arthanareeswarar image and the Star of David conveys this aspect only. The Yin-yang symbol. All nadis carry subtle energy called Prana or Chi through our body. RIGHT & LEFT – SOLAR & LUNAR BREATH Now look at the picture of Lord Shiva below depicting to be holding a staff as a support to his left hand.right and left side. Mathi.    . These 2 aspects are bipolar yet non-dual in the sense one cannot exist without the other. Ida and Sushmna. Ravi and so on. Some of the interesting aspects are given as points below:  If you divide the human body vertically along the sternum it has 2 symmetric sides . Yin.

Ask your Yoga guru about this angula measurements and I am sure most of them would not know it. 3 and 4 actually highlight the 3 Nadis and 7 chakras. then it is effectively 16 angulas of breath length. sexual potency and long life. health. spirituality. compassion etc. Left breathe characterizes humility. I have not come across this but it is my interpretation and hence may stand corrected in future. creativity. Yoga states that if you breathe through the right nostril (Solar breath). Each Tala is 6 Angulas and hence neck to navel is 12 Angulas. From neck to navel is 2 Talas and naval to start of the thigh is 1 Tala. drive. In figure 2. truthfulness. then it is effectively 12 angulas of breath length and if you breathe through the left nostril (Lunar Breath).    o   . I shall explain why I buy Figure 2 over others. There are multiple schools of thought and I have produced all of them.    Figure 2: Nadis and Chakras (From Internet) Figure 3: Nadis and Chakras (From Internet)  Figure 2. o If the height of a man is 9 Talas then the torso which is neck to start of thigh is 3 talas. aggression. the solar breath starts at navel / nabhi chakra and hence 12 angulas. Let me explain this 12 and 16 angulas concept as I understood. We know that every human being is endowed with ~ billion breath package and the concept of long life is based on how much breath you save and not waste. enthusiasm. You would note that the flow of nadis is different in all the pictures. obedience. Right breathe characterizes solar power and hence physical energy.

The more we breathe through the right nostril the wastage is low and you would lead a long and healthy life. Any yogi would be leaning to his left or supporting his left hand with a staff or standing on his left leg highlights that he is doing effective breath management to live longer. This can be done by leaning to the left even while sitting in a chair or by pressing the left hand on to a staff. This is what is depicted in the image of Shiva. It is always better to go with what your guru says and that’s what I do. When you want to breathe for long and healthy life you should breathe through your right nostril.    o The lunar breath starts much below at Mooladhara chakra and hence 4 angulas below the nabhi chakra and hence 16 angulas. by NC Panda)   You would notice that the flow crisscrosses between your nose and brain and this is one of the reasons why our sides of the body are controlled by the opposite sides of our brain. which is wrong in my opinion. One angula is 11/8th of an inch.   . This would not be applicable for the exhaling length of the breath outside us. I have noticed that some schools tell us that 16 and 12 angulas are the length of the breath from the nose when we exhale. The easiest way to breathe through your right nostril is to close the left nostril or more easily press the left side of the body slightly. I would like to highlight that the distinction between nadi and breath. The Pingala nadi may still start at Mooladara but the solar breath is from the nabhi chakra. Now let’s try to answer this question I asked at the start of this part. Alternatively when you breathe through your left nostril the breath wastage is more and they noted that it hampers long life and good health. o Figure 4: Nadis and Chakras (Book Yoga Nidra.

If you or your kids have a blockage of any nostril say right nostril is blocked. Vaasi means combination of fire and air which is our breath. There is no need for medication like saline and nasal drops. If you want to switch from left to right then change the pose to left side with the left hand pressed on the ground. Let’s look at some simple Dos and dont's:  If you are diseased (even headaches. Try switching the breath over for a doctor-less. This staff is pressed against specific points in hand or armpits. It’s very important that you take the advice of a qualified yoga guru / Siddha doctor. self administered relief. running low on energy) you may want to note that you may be breathing through your left nostril and not right. Balanced breathe are of 2 types. The quickest way to change the breathing from one right to left nostril is to sit like the Swamiji in figure 5.    Figure 5: Cuddapah Swami Sachidananda Yogeeswar    This staff used by the yogis is called as “Vaasi Dhand”. Right side breathing increases the overall heat in the body and hence requires some bodily thermodynamics. please turn to your left and sleep and you would notice that the blockage is cleared within seconds. Please note that this is not cure since the root cause is not addressed for a disease.     .

This typically happens during dawn and dusk which is when the consciousness switches over based on daily rhythm. sleeping.  In short as per my understanding. If you are travelling East or North direction then a solar breath is good. Elders prohibit us from doing any worldly activities when the breath flows equally through both the nostrils. fighting. It is told that the right side / solar breathing is very critical for healthy and long life and we have many examples of yogis and rishis living for many many years using these techniques. When you sleep in the night it is preferable to sleep turning to your left. During this stage the sub-conscious mind is active and any thought / act during this stage becomes energized and powerful. feeling very cold because of weather try switching over to right nostril. construction of wells and ponds. The choice is left to us if we want to accept and benefit from these techniques or not. Please note Hindus who do Pranayamam during Sandyavandanam. This is a very special breathing technique. o  As per Sage Agasthiyar in this “Saranool Sastram” he says the following activities can be done when the left breath is active: o o o Wear new clothes. Equal breath through both nostrils and left nostril based breathing is recommended only for meditative purposes. this spells disaster. If you are travelling South or west direction then a lunar breath is good. Jewels. interface with government officials. but consciously training ourselves helps us with healthy life. any heavy work. Now breathe is stationed in Ajna chakra or the eyebrow point. As I understand this is wrong. learn arts etc. meditation.   .    o First category is when the breathe flows balanced in both the nostrils. buy houses or take possession / occupy new house.  As per Sage Agasthiyar in this “Saranool Sastram” the following activities can be done when the right breath is active: o o Teaching. I understand we don't have any control after we slept. We notice most of the half baked gurus tell people to balance the breath in both nostrils throughout the day. It is recommended to maintain this state during our worldly life too which is easier said than done. agriculture. taking medication. do only left nostril based breathing. The second category of balanced breath is there is no noticeable breathe at all because of deep meditative state. all physical activities in worldly life should be performed when the right nostril is active.This not only helps digestion but also is the best breath management possible while sleeping. giving employment. Selling things. marriage. A male's sexual attraction increases with right nostril breathing and the female's magnetism increases with her left nostril breathing. we saw that we are endowed with a natural breath count and also we have seen 2 important types of breath in our 3 nadis.   So to sum up. If you have poor appetite. taking bath etc.

Happy reading!   .    Next let us look at what is the breathing rhythm which nature has endowed us and how should we manage this.

Don’t blame me if you have a running nose . When the universe is formed it is told there are 5 things which are linked to primordial rhythm. can control all the elements. mental health.    4. This breathing rhythm is universal and we can check just by placing our back of the palms under the nose and breathe little forcefully. Solar and Lunar. The breathing rhythm within us is as follows:  This right and left breath alternates every 2 hours between the nostrils depending on the time of the day and day of the week and linked closely to the Sun and moon cycles.new moon to full moon and vice versa. long life. spirituality etc. This is the rhythm we need to be aware of.      Vibration of the space (விண்ணும்) Vibration of the words (பண்ணும்) Vibration of thoughts (எண்ணம்) Vibration of the eyelids (கண்ணும்) Vibration of the Earth (மண்ணும்) It is also told that whoever can control any one of these. Let us understand how a rhythm is established in nature between the 2 types of breath and the time of the day and more importantly with the positions of the sun and moon. Most of us are not aware that our breath has a very rhythmic pattern unless it is disturbed by a physical activity or emotion and management of this rhythm has been linked to physical well being. So far we have seen that breathe has an overall count. The period when the moon is growing / waxing / between new moon to full moon is called as Shukla Paksha in Indian calendar. I can confidently state that most of the meditative techniques revolve around these 2 aspects only. KNOW YOUR BREATHING RHYTHM Everything in this universe is subject to a rhythm. then you can gain control over the elements. Lunar Cycle (moon’s cycle) alters every 15 days as we know . Obviously the other 15 days is called as krishna Paksha which means black / dark. This is what we will see in this chapter. it has a periodicity and there are 2 important types of breathe viz.     . Shukla means white. This rhythm in every living being is linked to the primordial rhythm of the universe. Since the first 3 are beyond the control of an individual it is always told that if you control the flapping of eyelids or the vibration of the mind or both. Vibration of mind can be controlled through the breath control techniques and the vibration of eyelid is controlled through meditation on light which I am not going to discuss here. Let’s understand that if we want to control our breath then we should know its rhythm. wealth. The 2 hours rhythm between right and left nostril based on the time of day and day of the week and lunar cycle is given in this chart below.

To know your breathe now just blow a little forcefully on the back of your palm. I shall explain the importance of 4am to 6am time slot in the next chapter. On Shukla / waxing Thursday. I need to add a word of caution that there is a school of thought which states that the breath alternates every one hour and not two as mentioned above and the reference point is 6am and not 4 am (considering it as the sunrise). Wednesday and Friday .   All our Pranayama if you note would be to give symmetric breathing pattern and restore the imbalance if any. I have the following suggestions on the difference of opinions:  I would request you to ignore the exact timings for the time being since it is more important to understand that there is a rhythm. You may not need the chart as it is very simple to find out which nostril is active. Also the cut over from one nostril to another is not smooth.between 4am to 6am the breath is on the left side and it alternates for every 2 hours.   .between 4am to 6am the breath is on the right side and it alternates for every 2 hours. Go with what your yoga guru tells you. I have just done that. Sunday. the breathe starts on the left side at 4am and on the krishna /waning thursday its on the right side. Theipirai is waning Phase of moon) Monday. The beauty about our system of knowledge is that we always saw a rhythm / order governing every aspect of nature and this was linked to the primordial rhythm. Both the schools of thought don’t deny this and agree very much that there is a rhythm. Tuesday and Saturday . Please note that as per the yoga system only one nostril is active any time and not both (most of the times).    Figure 6: Breathing Rhythm (Valarpirai is waxing phase.

 I can request you to ensure that your breath is solar for any worldly activity. ensure that the entire day your breath is solar and never lunar. o On specific days of the year like 1st of the Aadi month or Aashada maasa. Our traditional way of life is very rich and offers secrets about us and the nature around us. but only give a high level idea of some of the techniques and tools we still have and can be learnt from the right gurus. Some yoga schools also recommend some of the following practices for health and wealth: o Wake up at 4 am in the morning and for 2 hours ensure that the breath is on the right nostril as per the chart. Typically the lunar breath would be active during times of illness. But the important points I wanted to drive is. This helps you to live longer and wealthier.    Now let’s see what is the use of knowing this rhythm?   When one is diseased then we can notice that this breathing pattern has out of rhythm.   Breath management is one of the fundamental concepts which we should be aware of but we are not. Now these are just few basics listed here to invoke your interest into self learning and you should approach an expert and take guidance before you practice. Now I am not going to elaborate on them.  Happy reading!   . let us be passionate to learn about them and be rational in accepting or rejecting them.living or non-living confirms to a rhythm and order. Even if you are walking you can switch to a solar breath just by holding something like an umbrella or a news paper under your left armpit. From last chapter you know how to switch the breath from one nostril to another. Every being . o On every full moon (Pournami) – this is when the new month breaks as per Hindu calendar continuously for 48 or 72 hours ensure that your breath is solar and never lunar. Let’s always be conscious to learn and understand this rhythm and order. They teach you some ways to maintain this too.

the breath location and its time would also vary accordingly. its location and the time of the day pattern. Google  Let me ask you this question:  In every school of yoga or meditation they prescribe that the idle time for doing mediation is 4am to 6am. While everything would have its own merit but if I create a very calm.     . noiseless environment and if I am fresh. we cannot do mediation with equal efficiency at all the time. can I do meditation all the time with equal efficiency? The answer to this question is NO. The caution I want you to exercise is that whenever you see time of the day being given in a Hindu scripture the start time always corresponds with sunrise. But can someone answer why? The other question which needs to be answered is why “Brahma Muhurtam” so special that it is the most recommended time slot for meditative practices. This is more aligned with nature since the start of the day signifies a change in the nature (such as sunrise). If not please approach the global guru… Mr. Why? Elders used to give vague answers saying it is “Brahma Muhurtam” or we are fresh after a sleep and the world around us is peaceful and calm. MICRO GPS FOR YOUR BREATH (SPACE AND TIME COORDINATES) I am progressing on this chapter assuming that everyone knows about the 7 chakras and its location and characteristics. The start of the day in Hinduism is Sunrise and not midnight like we have in the Gregorian calendar.    5. Please consider 6 am as the sunrise time in the chart below. Let’s try to answer that question with breath. Since Sunrise may vary from location to location.   The breath changes its location based on time of the day and is captured below.

 I also want to draw your attention that the start of New Year like Uttarayan (Jan 15th) or start of every season (there are 6 seasons in a year as per Hindu calendar) or time of the day or day of the week everything is special because of its effect on our breath and nothing else. When we control the breath as an input ingredient then we can control our mind and hence our health and life.00am. which means bad times start for an individual with a spoilt mind. At the same time when our mind is very emotional then breathe which is erratic. This is wrongly interpreted as   . The effect of nature / macrocosm on us is actually on our Buddhi (which is the brain or the discriminative faculty) is very difficult to detect and control but the external signal for the state of our mind is the breath. As very famously put by this saying “Vinasakaale Vibhareetha Buddhihi”. In Tamil there is a saying called “விதிைய மதியால் ெவல்லலாம்”. Ajna and Sahasrara are the center for meditation and are chakras which control higher consciousness in an individual. Breath within us is both an input ingredient and also an output indicator. The breath stays at Ajna and Sahasrara from 3. This is why Brahma Muhurta is the right time for meditative practices. This is a secret in Indian yogic system which is not understood by many. its Location and time   If you add all the breath counts.47am to 6. We just need to realize this and be sensitive to this. it will add up to 21600 for the entire day. heavy and arrhythmic is an output indicator. Nature has an uncanny way of influencing our mind based on our Karma so that we do either good or bad things led by our mind. These centers are energized and the Prana is seated in these chakras between 4am to 6am.    Figure 7: Breath. Hence by understanding the right way of breath management we can control our fate.

Breath its respective location within our body based on the time of day. 2 important types of breath – Solar and Lunar.    “We can win over our fate by using our mind”. But the word மதி means Mind and also Moon. So. I am continuously amazed at the extent of richness we have in our traditions. I am sure this chapter provided you with the micro GPS tools within your body to locate your breathe. I don’t want you to consider tools and techniques I have articulated as prescriptive but consider it as just motivational for you to pursue this knowledge. position of the sun (Time of day). So to summarize. What I have highlighted so far is the characteristics of this breath and why it is important to manage it. A life span of 120 years and hence a billion breath package comes to us free. where is your breath right now? Happy reading!   . type of breath and day of week. The secret meaning of this saying is if we control the lunar breath then we can win over our death / fate. we understood that the nature has endowed with:       Breathe length (which is 4 seconds per breath). Hence a breathe count (21600 per day). A rhythm for this breathing which is dependent on phase of the moon.

     . As you know:   A day is divided into 24 hours and each hour with 60 minutes.  In ancient India the concept of time and its measurement are sacred.   Do you know why any yogic exercise / meditation / Pranayama are given a count that is multiple of 24 (in terms of counts or minutes or days)? Do you know why in Siddha / Ayurveda medical system the treatments are generally prescribed for 24 days or 48 days? If you don’t know the significance of 24. So each hour has 2.85 micro second (Tatpara) to linearly 155+ trillion years.facebook. (https://www. If you have not read I would encourage you to read my eBOOK Time = Space.5 Nazhigai. read on. TIMINGS AND TAMIL As you know by now that I always harp that in ancient India all things are interrelated with each other and one forms the basis for the other. The fundamental unit of time today is a second for day today life. we had measurement as small as 1. Let’s look at breath management.com/ThinkingHearts) To my knowledge. Since earth is always rotating one cycle is 360 degree – it takes 24 hours to rotate around itself and 365 days to revolve around Sun. Chapter 12: Vedic concept of time & its measurements. If it is 15 breaths a minute than 360 breaths takes 24 minutes and hence the fundamental period (not unit of time) of measurement is Nazhigai which has 24 minutes. 60 such units make one day. BREATH. Two Nazhigai is called a Muhurtam which is 48 minutes.    6. When the ancient rishis defined the fundamental period of time (and not unit of time) they wanted that it should correspond to one full cycle. TIME. I hope you noticed both of them (Nazhigai and Muhurtam) are multiples of 8 which is the fundamental resonance numeral. Also how do we equate a spatial measure (rotational distance) with a time value when it comes to Intra-day measurements? Our rishis considered that each breath as one degree and one cycle can be considered as 360 degree or 360 breaths. time. Both of them are very significant measures. In ancient India a day is divided into 60 units and not 24 hours. timings and how Tamil as a language are interrelated. continuous for billions of years and accurate. and each unit is called as Nazhigai which has 24 minutes. But both these measures are not fundamental for intra-day measurements. I am tempted to quote Swami Chinmaya who stated that “Time is the period between two thoughts”.

உமிழ்தல்.     So the most fundamental period of time where anything completes 1 cycle in Microcosm is 24 minutes or 1 Nazhigai. This state has emanated from the Pranava and was not been created by someone. Again as Indians. Till then let’s ignore the science in our scriptures stating that these are mythology. குமிழ்தல். When we understand the science then we would not be fanatic but supremely confident and this confidence about the superiority in our language or culture is the contagious aspect that is required today. If I am right. Tamil language has 12 vowels and 18 consonants both combine to form 216 letters (உயிர் எழுத்து . Since you have stilled the breath. The other aspect I want to highlight is that the same concept is used to overcome death by stilling the breath and mind. lets us wait for someone to come and tell us this in English with a theory for us to accept it and award them noble prize.      Withdrawl (Amizhdal) Imizhdal (Overflowing) Kumizhdal (clustering round in an order) Umizhdal (Emitting) Tamizhdal (resulting into a well defined form) These are the first stages from the Big bang till a well defined shape is formed. many of them would not know the answer. originating from the luminosity of the original particle is called Tamil. religious and superstition. தமிழ்தல். Because we have become emotional idiots.Uyir Ezhuthu (Life / Energy letters – 12 letters) and ெமய் எழுத்து . we are fanatic about our language / culture without understanding the science behind it. then it is effectively 12 angulas of breath length and if you breathe through the left   .Mei Ezhuthu (Body / Matter letters – 18 letters) We have already seen that “Yoga states that if you breathe through the right nostril (Solar breath). As per Tamil scripture Aintiram. Tamil is word based on the final resultant state called Tamizhdal (தமிழ்தல்). Our ability to take pride in our ignorance is really amazing!  Breath and Tamil language: Just go and ask someone who is fanatic about Tamil as to “Why Tamil was named as Tamil”? & not something else. They are அமிழ்தல். Hence a language as rich with the sweetness of inherent order. Now the last level is called Tamizhdal which results in a well defined form. இமிழ்தல். the initial universal evolutionary process consisted of 5 stages and they are can be imagined as movements of particles during the Big bang. you have not moved in the time-space scale and also the breath is not wasted which means you can achieve immortality in the state of Samadhi.

Siddha medicine and meditative purposes too. The 18 consonants correspond to 16 Angula breath of Chandra / left breath with the addition of Manas – மனஸ் (mind) and உயிர் (life). (18 Puranas).  The combination of vowels and consonants total up to 216 alphabets in Tamil (216 =18*12) corresponds to one hundredth of 21600 breaths in day. So to sum up:        We all are endowed with a rhythmic breath count which corresponds to our life span. This also means all Vowels originate in our navel. (18 different Siddhas) பதிெனட்டுப் புராணங்கள். Breath rhythm is used to define the fundamental period of time called Nazhigai and this is used for yogic exercises. Breath has a significant linkage to a language like Tamil and hence Tamil with divine words and a breath like rhythm is a language throbbing with life.  The 12 vowels correspond to 12 Angula breath of Solar / right breath.    nostril (Lunar Breath). There are 2 types of breath – Solar and Lunar which has a specific rhythm and pattern to it. அய்யப்பன் ேகாவில்படிகள் பதிெனட்டு (18 steps in Lord Ayappa temple in Kerala). Please note that vowels and consonants create a word with life just as much we would have a living body by the combination of left and right breath. This number 18 is what is reflected in பதிெணன் சித்தர்கள். ேயாக சாதன முைறகளி ஏற்படும் தைடகள் (நிைலகளும்) (18 step process of Sidha Yoga) பதிெனட்டு. There are more such significances like Mahabharatha war took place for 18 days. and health. Our whole body is very well aligned with nature – Lunar and Solar cycle based on which the breath rhythm is aligned. பகவத்கீ ைதயில் பதிெனட்டு அதிகாரங்கைள (18 Chapters in Bhagavad Gita). then it is effectively 16 angulas of breath length”. Let us look at some more interesting aspects! Happy reading!   . I am going to highlight the correlation between this and Tamil language. All consonants originate in our Moooladhara Chakra.

Why can we live without food for few days but we cannot manage without water more than few hours? Though I am not a great eater but I am ever amazed at the types of food.WHY CAN WE LIVE FEW DAYS WITHOUT FOOD BUT NOT WITHOUT WATER? Let us start with the question in the topic. the son of Aruna). the black colour of fire the colour of earth. they knew was some combination of those three beings (devata). 'The red colour of burning fire (Agni) is the colour of fire. the white colour of fire is the colour of water. 'Whatever they thought was altogether unknown. When you start thinking about this you really don’t know when you are crossing the boundaries of Ayurveda (Medicine). In this article we would not focus on the impact on our mind based on the quality of food but we would focus on the interconnection between Food and Breath. its grossest portion (10 parts) becomes feces. at the age of twenty-four. As per Hindu belief our mind gets 2 predominant inputs which keep us our mind alive. taste and its impact on us as an individual and the society. Whatever they thought looked black. by which we perceive what cannot be perceived. Yoga. its middle portion flesh (5 parts). The 2 inputs are Food and Breath. Spirituality and Psychology . by which we know what cannot be known?” When his son acknowledges his ignorance on this he starts explaining things from evolution.all look seamless without any definite borders.    7. He says that water is produced from fire and explains whenever anybody anywhere is hot and perspires. conceited himself to be well-read and stern. The most interesting aspect of food and its manifestation is as follows. and its subtlest portion mind (1 part). His father being a very wise man wanted to teach his son a lesson in humility and wanted to highlight that his self conceit does not befit him. Water and Earth are the basic elements which manifest themselves in all the loving beings. Furthermore he says that Fire. they knew was the colour of water. This is the beauty of Indian wisdom. FOOD & BREATH . Water he says produces food (earth). a discussion between Svetaketu Aruneya (the grandson of Aruna) and his father (Uddilaka. water is produced on him from fire alone. Culinary.  'The earth (food) when eaten becomes threefold (16 parts). The following is an excerpt from Chandogya Upanishad. Learned men knew that 'Whatever they thought looked red. “Have you ever asked for that instruction by which we hear what cannot be heard. So he starts by asking him. they knew was the colour of fire. I am not producing the entire conversation which is very interesting and you should try to read this from Internet or books. Whatever they thought looked white. having then studied all the Vedas. they knew was the colour of earth. When Svetaketu returned to his father.   .

Sir. &c. 'In the same manner. and becomes breath. my child. His son Svetaketu already realizing his mistake.' His son replied: 'They do not occur to me. its grossest portion (10 parts) becomes bone. consists of sixteen parts. when churned.e. and you will not be cut off. its middle portion (5 parts) marrow. breath of water.) when eaten becomes threefold (16 parts).' 'That which is the subtle portion of curds.' His father explains that your mind is weak and the recollection of your knowledge is difficult since you have not had food for 15 days.     'Water when drunk becomes threefold (16 parts). and its subtlest portion (1 part) breath. and becomes mind. mind comes of earth. its grossest portion becomes urine (10 parts). The traditional treatment for infertility in India even today is to give medicated cow ghee for the man of the family to eat it for 48 days. speech of fire. Abstain from food for fifteen days. The discussion continues this way. for breath comes from water. Svetaketu abstained from food for fifteen days. my son. That which is the subtle portion of water. Then he came to his father and said: 'What shall I say?' The father said: 'Repeat the Rik. rises upwards. its subtlest portion (1 part) speech. rises upwards. the subtle portion of earth (food). when consumed. requests his father to tell him more and his father continues. That which is the subtle portion of fire. when drunk. its middle portion blood (5 parts). For mind. butter. my child. comes of earth.  Figure 8: Food and its conversion after digestion  'For truly. and Saman verses. He asks his son to have food and realize that he can recollect his knowledge. my child. rises upwards. Yagus. if you drink water. 'Fire (i. when eaten. This is because semen is produced from Bone marrow as   . breathe of water. rises upwards.  Man (purusha). in oil. speech of fire. and becomes speech. but drink as much water as you like. and becomes butter.

This small section answered few questions and emphasized a lot:      Why we can survive without food for few days and not without water? The depth of knowledge in understanding the nature of almost everything our ancestors possessed.    per Ayurveda / Siddha and quality of semen would improve when the good fat content (this is from Cow’s ghee) is increased in the intake. Most importantly the linkage between breath and food. It also highlights the way son has a respectful discussion with his father and his father’s concern in making his son realize his mistake. Happy reading!   . Importance of Vinaya (humility) and not just Vidya (education).

you would find people probably mastering the right nostril breathing before sex for a male child. How a Male. If the breath is balanced between both nostrils then the child so conceived would be with neuter gender. In my opinion it is also good in one way when people today don’t know these secrets. Now the effort is just to present the poems and not provide a medical treatise here as proof for the same. if the bladder is full of urine to be excreted then the child so conceived would be dumb (cannot speak). 2. Children with disabilities “மாதா உதரம் மலமிகில் மந்தனாம் மாத உதரம் சலமிகில் மூங்ைகயாம் மாதா உதரத்தில் வந்த குழவிக்ேக' மாதா உதரம் இரண்ெடாக்கில் கண்ணில்ைல. female and twins are conceived குழவியும் ஆணாம் வலத்தது ஆகில் குழவியும் ெபண்ணாம் இடத்தது ஆகில் குழவியும் இரண்டாம் அபானன் எதிர்க்கில் குழவி அலியாகும் ெகாண்ட கால் ஒக்கிேல” – Thirumantiram 482 If the man during sex has right / solar breath then the child then conceived would be a male. 1. So what we note is the sex of the child is determined by the father’s breath and the constitution of the child like sensory organs is determined by the mother’s quality of breath. May the qualified medical experts be interested in such studies and enlighten us on these subjects. I came across this more than a decade back and found it extremely interesting every time I read it. SEX AND PROGENY Sage Thirumoolar gave a treasure of information about breath and progeny in his work Thirumantiram. Thirumantiram 481 During sex if the female’s intestine is filled with feces then the child so conceived would be a dullard. in English. When the movement of Prana is opposed by Apana then it shall be twins. If the breath of the man during sex is from left / lunar side then the child would be a female. In a land where female feticide is very high. BREATH.    8. If the female’s body is filled with feces and urine then the child would be blind. I am going to quote some of these poems and give the closest interpretation that I know of.   . I am sure you would also like them.

If the breath is not dense enough (in tamil the word is இைளக்கின் which usually means diluted and hence I have used dense / thick) then the child conceived would be lame with poor skeletal structure.    3. 'பாய்ந்த பின் அஞ்ேசாடிய ஆயுளும் நூறாம் பாய்ந்த பின் நாேலாடி பாrனில் எண்பதாம்' I found it difficult to understand this but yet giving you the interpretation. Don’t you think that some of these aspects especially the types of breath and the breathing rhythm should be part of our curriculum? Happy reading!   . that can unravel some of the secrets which we have been having for a long time. (One matra corresponds to about 20 years of life. that if the rhythm and the measure are equal between male and female the offspring would look very beautiful. There isn’t enough research by modern science – at least to the extent I know. Sage Thirumoolar also tells that the age of the child is also dependent on the quality of breath of the male at the time of sex. Now the objective of this chapter is to show the importance of breath and the extent our ancestors knew about it and mastered the techniques for healthy and long life. Similarly if it is 4 matras then the child would live for 80 years. பாய்கின்ற வாயு நடுப்படின் கூனாகும் பாய்கின்ற வாயு மாத்ர்க்கில்ைல பார்க்கிேல” Thirumantiram 481 During sex if the male and female’s breath are of same measure then the child conceived would not have any deficiency. Children’s height and quality of skeletal structure “பாய்கின்ற வாயு குைறயிற் குறளாகும் பாய்கின்ற வாயு இைளக்கின் முடமாகும்.) 'ெகாண்ட வாயு இருவருக்கும் ஒத்ெதாழில் ெகாண்ட குழவியும் ேகாமளமாயிரும் Sage also says. If the male’s breathe is 5 matras then the child would live for 100 years. If both happens – breathe is shorter than normal and diluted then the child would have a hunch back. If the males breathe is shorter than the normal then the child would be short in height.

applications in martial arts like Dim-mak etc and most importantly they have made this into a practicing art. Let us first discuss as to why this should be done? Again I would like to highlight that this not written from a position of authority but certainly is shared as a practitioner who has experienced the benefits first hand. TRICKS WITH THE TIP OF THE TONGUE! No. meditation and martial arts schools. Connecting the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth or top palate of the mouth is a well kept secret in Yoga. Figure 9: CV / REN Meridian (Internet) Figure 10: GV / DU Meridian (internet)   . acupuncture. Since we are discussing about Prana and Breath management. I would recommend you to Google and read about basics on Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM roots back to Indian scriptures and Nokku Varmam but Chinese medicine has developed this into multiple areas in a much matured way like acupressure. this is one of the important techniques to bridge the Vital force and nutritional force within the body.    9. I am not responsible if you have any "different ideas" after reading the headline and the topic is not misplaced in this book. I came across this technique while reading about Tai-Chi secrets and got it well corroborated during the Pranic healing classes.

Both of these meridians begin at the perineum – that part of the body between the genitals and the anus.governs our movement) travels up the spine . bisecting the belly button .and ends at the tip of the tongue (actually below the lips as shown in the figure). There are 72000 Nadis in human body which are the energy channels and there are 12 major organs. These two meridians.and ends at the roof of the mouth (Between the nose and lips as shown in the figure). are important because they “contain” the secret of energy and vitality. They say that Ren meridian is the Yin Channel and DU meridian is the Yang channel and both of them nourish our internal organs and provide the much needed energy. soft tissues of the body.through the Chest. The CV also known as REN meridian travels up the front . Two meridians are known as the Master Meridians – they are in charge of all the rest.    Figure 11: DU 26 (Internet) (Internet) Figure 12: Yang and Yin energy flow  Both these meridians run through the 7 chakras.through the hard bony tissues of the vertebrae.The very fact they are called “vessels” gives us a clue. There are 12 main meridians that energize our major organ systems.    Let’s look at few basics:  Energy channels that carry Prana / Chi are called as meridians in Chinese and Nadis in the Indian system. They are called the Conceptor Vessel (CV) and the Governing Vessel (GV). a vessel is some sort of container. The Governing Vessel (GV also known as DU meridian . over the bones of the cranium . There are two predominant energy types in the body which are called Nutritional energy (which is generated from our food) and the Vital force (which is naturally    . the Master Meridians. A meridian is a line of energy.

Saliva may secrete and you can swallow the same. In Chinese it is called as “Da Chiao” or building the bridge. Figure 13: Closing the microcosmic (Internet) Figure 14: Marma points in head (Vedic Health Care system by Ram Lal Shah) The only reason I have given Figure 14 above is to highlight that acupuncture is not new to India.  These 2 meridians terminate at DU 26 (below the nose) and REN 24 (below the lips).    endowed and generated through the natural living / elements). The above book explains   . As Indians we may take pride that we too had this knowledge but we just lost this for whatever reason. They say just massaging these 2 points the energy levels within the body increases and the health improves. Both DU meridian runs through the upper palate of the mouth and the REN meridian runs through the tip of the tongue. It should settle down quickly. When one knows how to manage the vital force he can derive nutritional force from the vital force without eating for a long time and this is how Yogis manage. We have to give all the credit to Chinese to nurture and develop this knowledge for so many years taking pride in their culture and wisdom. Our body needs both the energies but adept Yogis know how to generate and nourish the vital force and live a long and healthy life. When you keep the tip of the tongue at the roof of the mouth completes the “microcosmic circuit” and allows the energy to flow between these 2 meridians.  First let’s see how to connect this. Take the tip of the tongue to one inch behind your upper teeth inside the roof of your mouth and without pressing hard just touch it softly and let it settle down there.

 The advantage of doing this is feeling more energetic. talking etc.  Doing Mula Bandha (You can google if you want to know more) helps this circuit to close at the perineum. I suppose this gives the same effect of closing the circuit. Actually doing Jalandhara bandha should provide the upper lock but I have not seen or read any text highlighting this. This is the lower lock and connecting the tongue is the upper lock.    concepts of Acupuncture in the ancient treatise “Sushrut Shalya Chikitsa” and the marma points in the picture have a name in Sanskrit and not in Chinese. Pranayama practice or during meditation. Happy reading!   . Here the tongue is taken further back and inserted into the hollow area of the nasal pathway from the top of the throat. "Kechari Mudra" is similar but an advanced form of this. You can connect your tongue to your palate if required all the times except when it is not possible like eating. It is believed that amrut from bindu flows down and is collected at a point called Lalana chakra located somewhere between the throat and nose. Don't connect the tongue to the palate when you are excreting / urinating. When Siddhas practice meditation with Rasamani they may ask you to keep the rasamani under your tongue. It is certainly recommended that you connect the tongue to the palate during your Yoga classes.   It is told that new born kids by default have their tongue connected to the palate even when it is sleeping.   Let’s look at the basics of emotional energy management that was in practice in ancient India and then we will look into one of the yogic secrets to balance subtle energy within our body in 60 seconds. noticing that one’s aura expands as we do it. I have read some reports that it helps in improving the overall speed of recuperation too.

making it feel insecure. depressed and unmotivated.    10. This moderation starts from the day the child is born. BASICS OF EMOTIONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT Staying with internal energy management. explain the basics and then would give you the technique.   . I want to lastly touch upon a very important technique for effective energy management within 60 seconds. I believe. On the other hand excessive retribution and absence of mother’s touch actually increases the levels of nor-adrenaline in the child’s body. was disturbing me for 2 reasons:   When a young boy decides to sacrifice his life for such a trivial thing I am just wondering where are we headed and this disturbed me a lot. Punishments / canning were so common during my school days and what has changed so much in the last 2 decades that this drives suicidal tendencies among kids. like everything else the love and affection we shower on our kids also needs to be moderated. I am still trying to figure out this aspect. It is believed that a child's psychological development in the initial years is largely due to the “touch” sensation it receives from its parents especially its mother. influence your psychology and hence an essential sub-system of your “mind”? If you are interested to know why artists also have a great sexual drive? How to manage the excess energies in your child or how to manage the excess sexual drive in teen just reaching puberty? How to balance the energies in your chakras within 60 seconds? News clips in the last few days (June 2010 – that’s when this was written) about how a young boy committed suicide after his school admonished him for his mistakes (probably canned him). said one wise man. I am going to build up the case. Let me start with some questions:     How chakras / psychic centers in human body. “Good living is in balancing the extremes”. Everything in life needs to be balanced and this is the secret to happy life. As we understand excessive affection (excessive physical contact) increases the dopamine levels in the kids and makes it disobedient and selfish.

I believe it is wrong to fully keep teachers or school responsible for such incidents. Figure 15: Location of Chakras in human body (Courtesy: Internet)   . Canning – Definitely no   The more I thought about this. Let me qualify that I am not passing the opinion for a specific incident in news but sharing a larger perspective. Have I been admonished / canned by my father and did it have a positive impact on me? Definitely yes for both the questions Would I agree if my kid’s school admonishes / canned them for potential situations? Admonishment – Yes. the more I am convinced that the problem lies somewhere else. The issue is in improper emotional and psychological development of the child for which the parents are largely responsible which manifests and drives them to the extremes like this. I could not understand any other way to explain the problem.    So if there has to be a balance between showering affection and admonishment then that should be at right times and at right levels. How as a family and as a society can we do this in the right measure? I tried to answer the following questions:  Have I been admonished / canned at school and did it have a positive impact on me? I vaguely remember getting canned in primary school but don’t know / can’t remember if that had a positive impact on me.

This is the main reason why they become unmanageable. Ego. Athletes typically have a very strong basic chakra. It is said that typically human beings like us constantly live in the lower 3 chakras which deals with survival (Muladhara). anger and jealousy. Swadhistana / Sex Chakra. Human beings are psycho-somatic organisms and our western medical science is still in the nascent stages of development to understand the psychology of a being. There are schools which talk about 11 chakras but let us keep it simple to understand the concept first. You can Google about chakras if you need more details. subliming the energies and taking it to the higher chakras from the lower. They say that the path to enlightenment is all about recognizing the potential. Visudhi / Throat chakra. Anahata / heart chakra. Without going into too many details let me highlight the following:  There are 7 Chakras in the body they are the Basic / Muladhara chakra.    Let’s also look at the Indian Yogic way on the root cause and the solution to the problem. adamant personalities should be having over activated Manipura chakra. Indian philosophies. which means bulk of energies revolve around these chakras. They are largely obsessed with brain and central nervous system as the components of human mind and our energies are devoted to unravel them. Our day today life style significantly congests energies in the   . These are the psychic and energy centers in the body. procreation (Swadhistana) and seat of lower emotions (Manipura). store and distribute life force energy for various systems in the body and each of them is responsible different psychological aspects.    So typically when someone has lots of physical energy then it is attributed to overactive Muladhara chakra. They generate. Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara chakra. The results of over active Swadhistana / sex do not require any explanation. Manipura / Navel chakra. This is the seat for lower emotions like greed. Typical egoistic. compassion manifests in a person and so on. in my opinion have a very comprehensive view of this and one of the subsystems of the human mind that is elaborately discussed are our seven chakras which apart from having a spiritual dimension has a significant psychological dimension too. Let me explain the concept first and then identify the root cause and the solution to this. This chakra is also related to prosperity and hence people who are poor would have under activated / weak basic chakra. When the Anahata is activated then energies of higher emotion like love. kindness. When teens reach puberty they tend to have more energy concentrated in their sex chakra.

Before I go on to explain the 60 second program let me establish the link between the overactive kids and the Chakra energies. Martial arts. Does not matter what we say they have to expend their energies and hence they become very naughty and troublesome at times. people forgot the purity of the subtle body but made this issue as a societal norm. Walking is a great way to balance the energies. So a person who is highly creative . One of the greatest learning for me recently is the understanding that the first step to conscious living is in being aware of this aspect that manifests in every action of ours. So one of the secrets of happy and healthy living is all about first cleaning them and balancing the energies in all these chakras! These chakras are part of the subtle body of the individual and it is this paranoia about protecting one’s subtle body gave rise to “Caste and untouchability” issues in ancient India. In just 60 seconds clean the chakras and balance the energies. In the course of time. This over energized basic chakra typically helps them find our weakest nerve and make them step on it at the weakest moment. Visuddhi in the throat represents higher creativity (active in artists.    chakras. Interested? Then Read on. since the energy channels are connected and shared. work out in the gym typically cleans and balances these chakras without us knowing it. engineering experts. Hatred and anger congests heart and Nabhi / Manipura chakras.  All the fitness programs like Yoga. designers. Another interesting aspect I read is about the linkage between Visuddhi chakra and the Swadhistana (sex) chakra.by default and by god’s design should be very active in sex life too. painters. pollutes them and makes it either over or under activated. This perhaps explains why artists have a very active sex life. Fear congests throat / Visuddhi chakra. software professionals (not the programmers but the architects) etc and Swadhistana is the center of lower creativity and procreation as explained – they both are connected with each other.     . How can we balance the energies in these chakras and is there an easier way to do it? Would you be surprised if I say that there is program to do this in 60 seconds? Yes. their Swadhistana also becomes highly energized. Children typically have highly activated Muladhara chakra and as they reach the puberty. poets.

let’s understand what we accomplish when we do this to a kid who is in school just living their abundant energies in an intense and innocent way.    Figure 16: Chakras and its characteristics Now coming back to our original topic of canning and admonishments.   .

It can’t be an expression of our inability to control the situation or them. You may want to note that the Ajna chakra is connected to Muladhara Chakra and an active lower chakra means a higher will / adamant attitude within us. If you have any doubts on the aura and Chakral energies. Terrorists and sadists are bunch of helpless souls whose heart chakra is full of hatred. Now let’s come to most interesting part. congested and their basic chakra is full of energy to be utilized for destructive purposes.     When we or our kids are engulfed by a sense of fear then we pollute / congest our / their throat chakras. balanced with advice but more importantly it is for the betterment of the receiver. After admonishment give them lots of love so that they still feel loved. You can try once to understand your Aura and gain some confidence on this. As individuals depending what stage of life we are in and what our nature is we all have abundant energies in the lower chakras. If you spare the rod then you spoil the child. It is important to highlight that their Ajna chakra which is their seat of will. That stems higher creativity importantly among other visible effects that are known to us. It equally applies for adults too for relevant situations.   . But this should be rightly balanced. should also be very strong for them to stick to whatever they do. Kids generally love everything by default and hate things that are not in tune with their frequencies. the heart chakra gets polluted or congested. It simply called as the “Yang side of Love” as it is done in the right measure. So should the admonishment be avoided? I would say not at all. there are Kirlian scanners available today which can scan and give the energy level and the quality of energy in human body just like X-ray machines. Some pointers as below:      The admonishment should not be an intemperate outburst of our anger or impatience. It can’t be the manifestation of our ego “I have told you something and you are not listening”. and now if the Upper chakras are congested then how do these move up?   Taking this further. When they develop a sense of hatred for either the teacher in the class or the school itself. When we are angry at our kids then we pollute our heart chakra and pollute our kid’s throat and heart charka with the fear of admonishment we instill in this. The intention should not be to punish or control them but to correct them. Instill a sense of self esteem in them that they voluntarily repent for their mistakes.

    I am not going to delve too much into the Chakras and emotional states of the individual but refer you to figure q6 which captures all aspects of Chakras in one shot. To sum up our subtle body is responsible for our emotional states and scientifically it is the state and quality of energies (Prana) in our Chakras that mostly determine our health and emotional state. Happy reading!   . This is an age old yogic secret and captured today by the western world as Super brain Yoga. In the next chapter I shall deal with a quick way of balancing energy within our body within 60 seconds.

If it is done properly as per procedure then the energies in the lower chakras move up and vice versa. This is a very simple and effective technique to clean the chakras and balance the energies. Maste Choa Kuk Sui. (Sit down and get up). takes Vishnu’s Chakra (one of the weapons of Lord Vishnu) and swallows it. The sad part of this is that most of us don’t understand the reason behind the rituals and most of them are labeled as superstitious. Karan – means ears which has mutated to Thoppu Karanam in Tamil. Lord Ganesha who is a kid then laughs uncontrollably on seeing this funny squatting by Lord Vishnu. as a kid then. Here one is asked to hold the ear lobes with alternate hands (right hand should hold left ear lobe and vice versa) and then do squats. It is said that Lord Vishnu once was visiting Kailash. Lord Vishnu tries every trick in the book and finally performs the first “Thoppu karanam” or “Kaan Dhand” in front of Ganesha. balancing the subtle energy system. The actual term in Sanskrit is “Dhorbihi Karanha”. Lord Vishnu requests Lord Ganesha to return the Chakra but Lord Ganesha refuses to do so. What is ever astonishing is the fact that most of the Hindu rituals are a sublimed and well blended action of spiritual development and yogic science with a practical application for common man. Lord Ganesha is always represented as the Lord in Muladhara Chakra. How have this ritual / funny practice come back to light and is a topic of discussion now? A noble soul.    11. Now let’s understand the history of this Kaan Dhand as per Hindu scriptures. Lord Vishnu takes it and walks away. When he laughs uncontrollably the chakra which is swallowed by Ganesha comes out of his mouth and falls out. Lord Ganesha. As you can imagine this was ignored since it was given free of cost. THOPPU KARANAM / KAAN DHAND / SUPER BRAIN YOGA! So what is the 60 seconds yogic technique program? Have you heard about “Thoppu karanam” in Tamil Nadu and “Kaan Dhand” in Hindi? This is the 60 second program to balance the energies. Auvaiyaar’s Vinayagar Agaval in Tamil says ”Mooladharathu moondezhu Kanalai Kaalaal Ezhuppum Karuthu arivithu”… When the ‘Thoppu Karanam” is done properly it activates Muladhara chakra (including other lower Chakras) and this energy from basic chakra has one way to move and that is upwards. a Chinese Philipino understood the secrets of Yogic science and tried to explain the benefits to the larger public. Then he branded this as “Super Brain Yoga” and charged   . the adobe of Lord Shiva and on the way he sees Lord Ganesha. Now look at the significance of this story and the actual science.

memory loss etc.Output .youtube. there were many takers. We have taken our body for granted. We are talking about movement of subtle energies in the body and hence we need to be more sensitive to ourselves. This takes our awareness of our body.com/watch?hl=en-GB&v=KSwhpF9iJSs Check the testimonials here: http://www.    about $12-15 per session to teach this and Yo!.Process . I am going to explain “Thoppu karanam” as a process with COPIS as the tool.superbrainyoga. Since this book is written keeping some of my friends in mind – who are educated yet ignorant of our rich past. Never proceed to next stage unless you understand this follow and are prepared to follow it. Energy moves freely when there are no blocks hence it is always advisable to do a little bit of stretching and if possible deep breathing before doing this.Symptoms" Conditions: This is the set of dos and don'ts to start with.Process .  Be more sensitive to yourself and your body . Check out here: http://www. (It is ideal to practice Thoppu karanam after a brief session of Pranayama on an empty stomach.pranichealing.Supplier".org/ Google about Super brain Yoga and you will get some You tube videos also where they have discovered that this simple exercise / ritual also mitigates issues of Autism. a very popular mapping tool in Six Sigma studies is slightly modified for my topic as follows: "Conditions .Input .html http://www. Western doctors tried this out on few mentally challenged patients and they found significant improvements.)     .Acronym for "Customer -Output . Avoid using a cell phone or listening to iPod during this 60 seconds just like we do it when we are jogging or in a tread mill.Input .org/SuperBrain/SuperBrainYoga.Most of us are not sensitive and not aware of the changes in the body. COPIS .

ie. There is normal tendency to look down and hence the upper torso bends / curves to the front. (Now you know why this topic was included in this book. In few days you should feel the difference. Also please ensure that if you stand in front of a mirror then you should be able to see your thumbs. Keep the spine straight but not tense. Avoid this. Most of us should feel mentally fresh with more energy (at the top of our head) instantly. don't worry. Avoid doing it after 6 PM in the evening as sometimes the energy in the head may prevent you from sleeping early. Energy from Muladhara / Basic chakra moves up to the brain and hence mentally we are fresh and more active. Prescribed is 7 squats a set and a maximum of 2 sets per day. This may end up with some undesired problems. Stand comfortably and keep your feet shoulder width apart. 14 squats.     It is ideal to be a vegetarian as meat and pork eaters have significant amount of dirty energy in their bodies and hence do not practice this till you predominantly survive on a vegetarian diet. Never over do. Face East direction. never ever overdo. Problems of over doing this are discussed in the symptoms sections. autism and increases grades for dull/ weak students. Some key outputs for this activity are as follows:     Partially awakens Kundalini energy. Connect your tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth palate.     .How to do Thoppu Karanam / Kaan Dhand    Wear something comfortable. Quite a number of studies are available now that it helps mental disorders. People about 40 years can face north. Cleans the chakras in a quick way and balances the energies in the chakras. We are what we eat. I am highlighting it here also since this is very important. Ensure that the right hand is outside and the left is inside. Process .) Hold the ears with alternate hands as shown in the figure 17 and 18. Look straight. Remember you are going to squat. If you are not feeling so. Please ensure that you don't increase the count just because you are keen to see the results.   Output: Actually don't worry about. So.

org/SuperBrain/SuperBrainYoga. http://www. It is important to get the sequence right. GET UP . Now squat fully without bending your upper torso (try as much as possible). Thanks to them. This isn't a religious activity but a yogic exercise without any chanting. inhale softly and as you try to get up exhale softly. It helps in your spiritual development also. Sensitivity to our own body. Do it 7 sets to start with a day and increase it to 14 times. A squat and getting up is one set.  Figure 17: Thumb position Figure 18: Hand position (Notice right hand is outside)   Both pictures 17 and 18 are from Pranic healing website. When you squat please ensure your heal is still on the ground. Inhaling and exhaling are through the nose only. Do it in front of your Pooja room and thinking of Lord Ganesha. "SQUAT . And of course a vegetarian diet and little bit of physical exercise. as you squat (sit).   Inputs: The inputs for this activity are the following:      Our faith in yogic science.EXHALE".   . NEVER EVER OVER DO.html It is told that if you keep your left hand outside then the energy would move down instead of moving up. Please note that in our normal exercises this sequence shall be in reverse. Atheists and non-Hindus can still practice without this step. Faith moves mountains (within us).INHALE.pranichealing.     I also encourage you to visit this site. Will power to adhere to a schedule and not to overdo it.

over heating of the body. If you notice people who are doing this are doing it mechanically and incorrectly. pain and discomfort.    Symptoms: Normally there are benign symptoms as described above. so that we can avoid losing another kid to the emotional and stress related stupidities! Happy reading!   .      People with high blood pressure. knee / joint problems. But avoid doing more than 14 times if you are practicing it in the correct procedure. May I also suggest that we start each and every day with this 1 minute exercise and may I also recommend that this exercise for the parents. skin rashes and sometimes excessive or unregulated sex drive. I am aware of the practice in India to do this 108 times in the Ganesha temple. I would strongly encourage you to see videos in you tube or articles in the internet to fully convince yourself of the benefits. I really don't know what this means but it certainly is not a desired state to be in. Again ensure that they don't overdo this. the technique is approved / certified by western doctors and it is safe to do it. It takes less than a minute to 7 counts and the results are tremendous. which needs specialized treatment. Also approach a Pranic healing / Yoga teacher to guide you. kids from the age of 8 years can practice this. teachers and the students be made compulsory. we can do 108 squats mechanically there is nothing wrong it that. This is not advised for females during the monthly period and not certainly for pregnant women. I believe. Experts say that Non-vegetarian diet practitioners and over doers of this exercise. some may experience "Kundalini Syndrome". weakening of the body. Any signs of discomfort are seen. I believe. To the comfort of my ignorant yet intelligent friends. please discontinue and consult a doctor or a qualified yoga teacher / Pranic healing practitioner. They say over doing it may lead to undesired results like insomnia. underwent hip surgeries please consult a doctor or a qualified yoga teacher before doing this.

“I was born intelligent but education ruined me”. then internal retention. Then I came across this piece of information from a book – may be about 15 years back. I thought that this saying had a “rebellious and a cool factor in it” but I never understood how true it is. I can’t explain the feeling but it was very painful to understand it was just not me but most of us are ruined by our education system. In this step our internal space is kept as a vacuum since we have completely exhaled the air and we are retaining the air outside. During my college days. The momentum so built during this phase adds energy to the next inhalation and also the absorption efficiency of oxygen and the elimination efficiency of carbon-di-oxide are enhanced within our cells. exhalation and the cycle ends with external retention of breath called Bahir Kumbhaka. BAHIR KUMBHAKA A breath cycle starts with inhalation (Puraka).    12. Just to emphasis this aspect I have named the concluding chapter as Bahir Kumbaka which signifies just not the end of Cycle 1 but seeding the start of Cycle 2. I used to like the saying.   . Most of us are not aware of this step at all.

I have just touched upon the basics of just one aspect of our nature – our breath. till then May we meditate on the supreme truth! Satyam Param Deemahi!   . I am sure Lord Macaulay is laughing in his grave even today. a truly dominated nation”. to increase awareness and nothing more. which is her spiritual and cultural heritage. We have been educated & we still follow Macaulay’s system of education and looking at our state. Considering some may find it difficult to read the text in the picture.  I shall meet you all with the next Puraka.. If not us. Seeding the kids with such basics would help them in the long run. well being and harmonious living and don’t you think that this should have been part of our curriculum? Why is it today we are. such high moral values. The “Knowledge and nature of our breath” is such an important topic that is linked to our very existence.    Even today no piece of paper as small as this. such caliber. let our kids and the future generation turn the heat on Lord Macaulay’s grave so that he repents for what he did. Such wealth I have seen in this country. her culture for that if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good. they will lose their self esteem. and therefore I propose to replace her old education system. who is a thief. 2/Feb – 1835 “I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar. More importantly let’s take initiative to learn and teach our own kids. and greater than their own. the way we are? As we share and learn from each other. unless we break the backbone of this nation. increase my determination or even infuse a rebellious form of energy within me to the extent this picture with the message can do. let’s consciously spread the word for the benefit of the community. their native culture and they will become what we want them. can change my mood. that I do not think that we would ever conquer this country. here is the reproduction of the message in the picture is as below: Lord Macaulay’s address to the British Parliament.

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