st NB. Sura al-Najm (The Star). except for Love for the Master of the Arabs and non-Arabs.damas.O leader of Prophets Traditional qasida O leader of all Prophets. his character and his way of life. Pure in character and noble personal traits. He was given signs (ayat) and Suras. He is the most pure and and select of all people. the one on whom I rely. Like a moon. www. In this my dunya and in my afterlife. He is the best who ever left traces on earth. O Messenger of Allah. o you my Support. take me by my hand.co. So divest yourself of the two universes. You are the door to Allah. which describes the first Revelation. or ever will see. An oath was sworn "By the star when it declines". There may be slight variation between the arabic text and the recitation of the Munshidin 1 Quran 53:1. He is the source of wisdom and Sacred Law.uk .1 Good health and sickness are not alike. Courtesy of www. good and wholesome is his heart. A righteous witness for people of right and wrong.sacredknowledge. No eye has seen. from the people of Mudar. He is the Master of Masters. The great helper of the people of desert and cities. A human being the like of TaHa.

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