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New Ufe of 5 rebels

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All they did was to lay down their arms, and got easy money in return. Ngayon p, 8 Dalawang miyembro ng mga rebeldeng New People's Army (NPA) ang napaslang habang isa namang sundalo ang nasugatan sa magkahiwalay na sagupaan sa bayan ng Magpet, Cotabato kamakatawa. Peoples Tonight p. 12 Two suspected members of New People's Army (NPA) were killed while a soldier was wounded in separate encounters the other day in Magpet, Cotabato.

Engkuwentro: 2 NPA utas


2 Reds dead, soldier hurt in C'bato clash


Outstanding Soldier 4


Manila Bulletin p. 8

The Metro Bank Foundation, Inc. and the Rotary Club of Makati Metro have named Army Colonel Milfredo Mamaclay Melegrito, a native of this province, as one of the winners on the 2012 search for The Outstanding Philippine Soldier (TOPS). Daily Tribune

Military anti-riot personnel during Noy's Sona taught on how to deal with rallyists 5

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Military anti-riot personnel, who are on stand-by for President Aquino's third state of the nation address (Sona) on Monday, were subjected to human rights and rules of engagements seminar yesterday to properly guide them on how to deal with rallyists during depfoyment. POI p. A-1 The Aquino administration came under fire yesterday for blaming the judiciary for the slow progress in the investigation of human rights abuses. Daily Tribune p, 1 The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) yesterday challenged the Human Rights Watch (HRW) to back up its claims with evidence that paramilitary forces with links to the military behind the killings of anti-mining activist in the country. Phil Star p. 1 The vessel was photographed by a Navy surveillance plane deployed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Western Command (Wescom) in Palawan last Tuesday. Standard Today p. A-1 The military said Thursday it will defend Philippine territory in the West Philippine Sea at whatever cost amid reports that the 30 Chinese vessels earlier reported to have arrived at the Spratlys

Palace hit for inaction on rightskHlings



Come up with proof on killings, military dares infl rights group 8


Chinese landing ship spotted 9


Sino fleer fishing in PH waters- military 10




are fishing at the Zamara (Subl) Reef, which is within the Kalayaan Islands Group off Palawan province. Coast Guard needs help to duplicate Russian response tn order for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to duplicate the "strong response" of Russia and effectiveJy protect the country's territory from encroaching foreign ships, its sea and aerial capability should be beefed up, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said. GovJt, MILF now focused on new entity - The govemment and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MtLF) are now focused on setting up a new autonomous political entity as both sides push through the 15-year talks in a bid to strike a peace deal during the term of President Aquino.


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July 2012

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All they did was to Jay down gram and scholarship, Vestuir said their arms, and got easy money the rebels will also undergo skills in return. development training, counseling, and health services. .. Not only more than 1"'10,000 cash each, the five communist The official said that since the lorebels who decided to go back cal socia! integration program was to government folds will also be started last year in the province, a given livelihood assistance and free total of former communist rebels scholarship for their kids as part have already availed the benefits. ofthe social integration program, Vestuir said they hope to. enaccording to Lt. Co!. Noel Vestulr,. courage more communist rebels commanding officer. of the 20th to surrender. Infantry Battalion based in NorthHe added that they will also providing security for the former and ern Samar. "This would enable the former their families to ensure that their rebels who abandoned their armed former comrades would not be able struggle and returned to the main- to exact revenge on them for turnstream of society to once again live ing their back to the rebels. normal and decent lives along with The 4,000-strong New People's their families/, said Vestuir. Army has been waging more than Vestuir said the five rebels were four decades of armed struggle among the recent batch of sur- against the government. After the renderees in the province through negotiation was stalled, the military negotiation with local officials and and other groups have been pushmilitary commanders. ing for localized peace talks with Aside from cash, livelihood pro- NPA units.(Aaron B. Recuenco)



July 2012


2 ----

EtlgltlJ\lV¢nt1"6.:.·..• ~.·.~~*'-u~~i .••
...'.Dalawangmtyerl1bro '
.Almy(NPA)an:g '

Batwrten OS}atig may40NPArebeiS sa 8rgY,AlllalJel ng~~¥<'lng no. Sa n<lsat,}fl1gengkl.lWf,intro ay napataya.rtQqalaiNangre:f:jeldr .·l1akasaiukuy~nPang[naalal'l1angpagka"a~dantal1,nangsa.ght •pa•.nakasagupal1tirnanryg
'.febeldesaBrgy ..&·.ngputvkanay

•$poKesrnal1f~~p'FP,·E.asterl1.lvl!fldaI1Iili'lYOrn~~;oaKongala:'l.· · • •)to fig urnaganang fllakasagupaflfittiJpangt\.frnyspnhlrWintrY .
.mgasundaloanglnayao. pa!,R.·.

Cotabato karnak


napasl<:it19 habailgtSanamanQsuflda,lpang .'

'..og •m9a ·. eb~!{!'E!rigN:eVil,•. eop'je$ ... .r p . nasagupaan;sEl' kayCommotibre > '......•.

nasugata!1arigfsan~sundaloJQr.cantos: .: ··•·.·· '.,·•.•.•...........•..•..•.•....... ·•.......- · . ··•• . .:

revealed that elements of TWO suspected memthe Army's 57th Infantry bers of New People's Battalion were on patrol Army (NPA) were in the area when they killed while a soldier encountered at least 40 was wounded in a NPA rebels. separate encounters The encounter left the other day in Mag· two rebels dead. Their pet, Cotabato. identities were not yet This was confirmed by available as of press time. Commodore Santiago After an hour, anothNebres, spokesman of er encounter occurred in Armed Forces of the PhilBgy. Bagumhayan that ippines (AFP)·Eastern resulted in the wounding Mindanao Command. Nebres said the encoun- . of a soldier who was imter occurred at around 10 mediately taken to the hospital fOT treatment. a.m. in Bgy. Amabel, MagZaida delos Reyespet, Cotabato, Palanca , f'. \-z... Initial investigation




AFFAIRS ... EmaiJadd:Gacpa_hpa@yahoo.Com~ Tel no. (02) 892~f693,Local: 5287.5295····




TARLAC CITY - The Metro Bank Foundation, Inc. and the Ro.1 tary Club of Makati Metro have I named Army Colonel Milfredo !Mamaday Melegrito, a native of this province, as one of the winners in the 2012 search for The Outstanding Philippine Soldier (TOPS). TOPS is an annual search which recognizes and pays tribute to the outstand. 'ing gallantry, dedic.atlon, commitment, professionalism and integrity among members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines I (AFP). MeJegrito, who is currentI Iy assigned at Camp O'Donnell., I Sta. lucia, Capas, was chosen under the Commissioned Officer Category of the Philippine Army. The 50-year-old Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Science graduate will receive a trophy ! and a cash prize of 'f"300,OOO. The awarding ceremonies will be I on September 5. (Mar T. Sup- . nad)









'")'t) July 2012

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Military anti-riot personnel during Noy's Sona taught on how to deal with rallyists
Mario J. Mallari
Burgos stressed the 500 anti-riot troops from seven CDM units ofthe SJTF-NCR will act in support ofthe National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO). "I'hey wiH be on alert for possible deployment but coordinating closely with the NCRPO," Burgos said. The AFP spokesman, however, maintained that , the military will not raise its alert level in connection with the Sona on Monday at the House of Representatives in Quezon City. "There is no raising of alert. We will continue to monitor and coordinate with the NCRPO and other law enforcement agencies," Burgos said. "We have not monitored (any threat) but as I've said we will continue to monitor and coordinate with the security forces and ground forces," Burgos added. Thousands of rallyists from various militant and ,cause-oriented groups are expected to troop to the streets during the Sona in different parts of Metro

Military anti-riot personnel, who are on stand-by for President Aquino's third state of the nation address (Sona) on Monday,were subjected to human rights and rules of engagements seminar yesterday to properly guide them on how to deal with rallyists during deployment. . Armed Forces oflt)p Dhllippines spokesman Col. Amulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr. said more or less 500 members of civil disturbance management (CDM) units from the Standing Joint Task Force National Capital Region (SJTF-NCR) were briefed by AFP-Human Rights Office chiefBlig. Gen. Domingo Tutaan. "Aside from training in crowd control this morning, they had seminar on rule of law, protection of human rights and international humanitarian law, particularly rules d.' engagement," Burgos said. "This ..:ilI guide' actions of the soldiers once they are del \oyeu, • ",p adued,


.... ,;>'




..·:n&.·(ft},892-~{~.·.5D1;5D&··· .••..••.•

f_ 0 July 2012


From page AI

ough investigations;. suspects were not arrested; and obstruction by the military whose personnel have been implicated in the abuses.

"We remind Lacierda that all these fall within the responsibility of the executive branch. And for him to say that he did not agree with HRW because index crimes are going down in the first quarter of the year is ludi-

crous," Carlos Conde, HRW's Asia division researcher, said in a statement. "Edwin Lacierda is uninformed at best, dishonest at worst." On Wednesday; Lacierda brushed aside HRW's castigation of Mr. Aquino for failing to stop the killings' of environmental activists, blaming the judiciary for the government's failure to prosecute rights violators. He said the judiciary was separate from the executive branch.



~Y.'fIB~rgoni()aridDJYap ":






.·.+HEiAQUlN()i~drrlinistia.: lon-carne .underfireyester. t .... dayi61.blamingthejudiCiaty· for the slow progress .in the investigation .·of human' rightsabuses~ '. '.'> ......•. Responding ..•. tbthecon" tentiot( .of . presidential spokesperson Edwin Laclerda tharcourrs were to blame,'

.. ·.HurnanRightsWarch.CHRW)·
cOUrK The

.said that only asmall number. of cases .'had been filedjn
.: . .... ............•........•... NewYork"based . watchdog . outlined several' reasons: .Investtgations were stalled; witnesses were afraid to come out or were the targetof violence; Iaw enforcers were eithertoo inept or compromised to conduct thorPALACE/AI 6

Yesterday, Lacierda told reporters that HRW should share with the government whatever evidence it had so that those responsible could be prosecuted. . He also said the military was doing its best to go after officials implicated in rights abuses. "These people are being hunted down. And we will not stop until these people are found," he said. HRW has documented three cases of critics of mining and energy projects allegedly murdered by paramilitary forces since October2011. . Several investigations by HRW, the United Nations and the government's own commissions have affirmed this, Conde said, adding that the United States has been withholding foreign military financing from the Philippines precisely because of abuses by military and paramili. tary personnel. : "Instead of mouthing baseless retorts .to discredit reports of military involvement in these abuses, the Aquino (administration) should start punishing officers and men in the Army who violate human rights," he said .

tLamest of excuses'
The National Union of People's Lawyers (NUPL), counsel for the families of miss. ing activists. Karen Empeiio and Sheriyn Cadapan, said the presidential spokesperson is "glued to ivory towers should come down from the hill arid see the reality from the ground." "It smacks of ignorance, ifnot duplicity, to conveniently invoke separation of powers this time and pass the buck solely to the courts for the government's failure to punish perpetrators," NUPL secretary general ..Edre Olalia said in a statement. ' ." "It is simply the lamest of -excuses, as it disregards the efforts of victims and their families to casesagainst rights violators, no thanks to Aquino. It simply mani- e,-., , ~:-- -: ,.,..:'.:-, fests this administration's low regard for the pursuit of justice for the victims and, in" .. . .. putting an end to killings and impunity. With this frame of mind, it is no wonder why Maj. Gen. Jovita Palparan Jr. remains -6-


l--T~no·.~-1i9t~52a1'~. .. .. . .

,.".;.-.-.....•..:'•:• ..,.. ,""' ._>'...•....-.••.. .,.,'"" ••... • ""' -,.: ,.-:-,-

.. -.










free from arrest up to this time," said Karapatan spokesperson Cristina Palabay. Palparan has evaded arrest over the disappearance and illegal detention of Cadapan and Empefio. Bagong Alyansang Makabayan secretary general Renata Reyes reminded the gov" ernment that it was the victims that filed rights abuses cases, not the government. - "Fact is, the government has not shown much interest in human tights as seen from Aquino's previous Sana speeches where the issue hardly merits any mention. When they do mention it now, palusot pa (they have to make excuses)," Reyes said.

NPA atrocities ignored
For its part; the Philippine Army yesterday asked its critics why they were not talking about atrocities of the communist New People's Army (NPA), its executions of militiamen and the use of land mines and child soldiers. "Records will show that the number of reported human rights violations have dwindled over the years .. We have also acted on the complaints about human rights abuses and sacked soldiers who committed abuses like the ones responsible in the alleged torture in Basilan," said Maj. Harold Cabuno.c, the Army spokesperson. Cabunoc said the NPAhad issued "press statements declaring our soldiers as criminals, and imposing death penalty through executions." . He cited the case of Gino Olugar, a militiaman who was executed by NPA rebels in Camarines Sur, joining "the long list of mili- ,. tiamen" who had been killed by the group. "Shall we forget the murder of Swiss and longtime North Cotabato resident named Patrick Winneger? He was executed by the NPA for suspicions that he is a military supporter. We don't need to resort to blind finger-pointing because the NPA owned up the crime," he said. , For its part, the Armed Forces of the Philippines said HRW should support its claims with evidence. In a briefing, the AFP public affairs chief, Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr., said the military had always been open to investigation of its personnel over alleged human rights violations and' extrajudicial killings. "It has never been the policy of the AFP to use force beyond legal means," Burgos said.

With a reportfrom. Nonnan Bordadora _ _..,.


•.•. _ .,."... ., .. ,.. ..>._.. .-•• "

...•. _.......

-Email ~d:tJaCpa~h~.COm~Tetn~~(o2Ja9i1ml
. , .. , '. .." , .. ' ._.. ,.. .

LOcal: smms
-", ..•..,. .'._-' .




July 2012

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..•... MarceloBilrgosJr, stressedthe tnilltaryisopen for any .illwstigation in connection with the alleged involvement of its troops In the extra-judicial
killings of activists as alleged by
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The HRW, through its deputy director for Asia Elaine Pearson, said the New York,baSed HR\¥. that while President Aquino has "That claim has to be supported enacted decrees to encourage mining with pieces of evidence. The AFP has investment In the coulltry; he has done been open in terms of investigation. little to stop attacks on We will cooperate with investigating environmental advocates. agencies,' he said. Thf! HRW cited the killings of anti"If they have complaint, file it to minipg"activistslike Italian priest proper venue. When it comes to Father Fausto Tentoria in Cotabato investigation, we will cooperate ... if it . and Gerry Ortega in Palawan, arrong is an ongoing case, the AE'P has others. nothing to do with it. (But) whenever The HRW said paramilitary forces we're asked to submit personnel for with links with the AFP as being questioning, we will do that,' Burgos involved in the killings of anti-mining added. activists.

Frompage 1

"Contrary to that, our Cafgu and their handlers which are regular personnel of the APP have been involved in undertakings as far as preservation of environment is concerned," Burgos said. For his part, Army spokesman Maj. Harold Cabunoc expressed disappointment over HRW's accusation against the .military. "Weare saddened by the relentless flurry of accusations hurled against the Philippine Army, accusing military personnel as behind the alleged extrajudicial killings,' he said. "Records will show that the

number of reported human rights violations have dwindled over the years. We have also .aeted on the complaints about human rights abuses and sacked soldiers who committed abuses," he added. Meanwhile, Malacaiiang yesterday asked the HillV to help the Aquino administration stop extra-judicial killings in the Philippines by providing any information on the perpetrators. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda, at a press briefing, said the government would not hesitate to bring these criminals to justice. Mario J. Malian and PHA



July 2012

page: __ '_

, The vessel was photographed by a Navy surveillance plane deployed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Western Command (Wescom) in Palawan last Tuesday. The Chinese ship is an~

From Page 1

chored at the Ch i.nese-occupied Subi Reef, close to Pag-asa Island, which is 0Ccupied by Filipino troops and civilians and is part of the municipality of Kalayaan in Palawan. "We are doing our best

hi" ships



A Navy surveillance plane monitoring the activities of Chinese fishing vessels in the disputed Spratly Islands has spotted a Chinese landing ship in Subi Reef (Zamora Reef), an area only 12 nautical miles from the

Philippine-occupied Pagasa Island. .1 The Chinese troop and logisti~s sh~} a Yutin.g f class with bo~ No, 934, IS t armed with three heavy : guns, built-in cranes}tA.d . a helipad.
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· with what we have," Wescom spokesman Lt. Col. Niel Estrella said of their surveillance and monitoring operations on the current security developmerit in the Spratlys. Estrella said that monitoring operations yesterday were hampered by bad weather in the area, Wescom commander Lt. Cen. Iuancho Sabban had intensified air and maritime patrols in the disputed region in response to the recent grounding of a Chinese frigate within the waters of Palawan, particularly in the vicinity of Hasa-Hasa Shoal {Half Moon Shoal), followed by China's launching of one of the biggest fishing expeditions in the disputed region, Sabban said that Hasa-Hasa Shoal is part of Pa1awanwaters and the area is outside of the disputed Spratlys. .Aside from China's landing ship near the already heavily fortified Subi Reef, Wescom is currently monitoring the activities of the Chinese fishing fleet in Kagitingan Reef (Fiery

Photo taken by a Philippine Navy surveillance plane shows a Chinese landing ship near Zamora Reef off Philippine-occupied Pag~Asa Island. .

Cross Reef). Latest reports said 29 Chinese fishing vessels, a Chinese maritime surveillance ship, and a merchant vessel were photographed anchored at Kagitingan Reef is ;~~~~f[dU~~O~~::;a~~~ forces, a Wescom surveillance plane also monitored a lone Vietnamese fishing boat near dozens of Chinese fishing ves-

sels in the area. AFP spokesman CoL ArUnion Reef as well as other nulfo Marcelo Burgos has islets and reefs in the area admitted that in the absence of are within the hexagon area a credible territorial capability, composed of 95 islands, cays, the military's action is confined shoals and reefs under Kalay- only to monitoring the Chinese aan town based in Pag-asa aggresstve behavior in the 1~~6)::u:J~~~~~i!~~ ~~~l~;;~~e~:!~rs in the West ~• :·~:::.1693.~.···""'·.•·~i"':"··-="'.-.""':-5281""'.·.····.-·.···-:5295-.· •.·""'.-.-~:.-:.-.· •892"' ••· ••• President Ferdinand Marcos, He said the civilian leaderthat led to the creation of an ship is addressing the rest of island municipality in the the territorial disputes in the region, .9Yest Philippine Sea,





:;J-() July


Page: ,15..- \

Sino fleet fishing in :PHwaters ita ry
THE -rnilitary said' Thursday it will defend Philippine territory in the West Philippine Sea -at' whatever cost amid reports that the 30 Chinese vessels earlier reported, to have arrived at the Spratlys are fishing at the Zamara (Subi) Reef, which is within the Kalayaan Islands Group offPalawan province. Defense Departrnentspokes, man Peter Paul Galvez said they were aware of China's military might, but the Philippines' Armed Forces were duty-bound to enforce the country's severeignty and maritime laws. "As long as it's within our capability, we will be enforcing what we can in support of our Coast Guard," ~vez8aid, "Of course, it will be under
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the purview also of Foreign Affairs because the department will always be ready to support all other agencies in ' enforcing the law and the integrity of our country." The department On Thursday said it needed to know the exact location of the Chinese fishermen before they could act on the matter, "We are ascertaining the exact location of these foreign vessels ill Philippine waters which will direct our response," Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez said in a statement .He said the Philippines had "dominion, sovereignty and jurisdiction" over ~tingan and the Zamorareef The Zamora reef is within the 2OQ..nautical- mile exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, but China insists it owns .90 percent of the South China Sea despite similar claims by Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines.. The "invasion" of the Chinese fleet came after Beijing established a legislative body tasked to form a government of Sansha, a newly-created city whose function is to administer the ParaceIs (Xisha), SpratJys (Nansba) and Macclesfield Bank (Zongsha).'L. Li Jieyu, a political studies researcher at the Communist party school of Hainan, said China established Sansha to . safeguard its territory" "China must stand fum on issues concerning sovereignty," Li'Wrote in a commentary in the China Daily newspaper, Galvez said the military had also received reports that fue Chinese vessels had also cordoned off the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal using ropes with attached dinghies. . 1?uthe did not say if they would arrest any the Chihese ··1ish~ who would be caught fishing on Philippine waters. Aseparate report said the Chinese were already exploitingthe marine resources at the Kagitingan Reef, about 100' nautical miles southwest of Pagasa Island, but Western Command chief Lt. Gen.' luancM Sabban said the area . was not within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.

florante S. Solmerin, Macon Ramos~Araneta and Sara Susanne Fabunan. with Bloomberg.



July 2012


'Coast Guard needs help to duplicate Russian response'

By EVELYN MACAIRAN In order for the Philippine Earlier reports said that exclusive economic zone (EEZ) Coast Guard (peG) to dupli- encroaching foreign ships,. its cate the "strong response" of sea and aerial capability should Russia detained 36 Chinese in the far eastern Primorsky ..", Russia and effectively protect be beefed up, Sen. Miriam De- fishermen and seized their two region. The Russian coass guard the country's territory from fensor-Santiago said yesterday. ships for reportedly entering its


fired warning shots and opened targeted fire to stop one of the ships, a trawler that had been fishing for squid. No one was
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before the Senate votes on the SOVFA, ~rom Page 1 Santiago said. . She added conditions set in the treaty reported killed or wounded during the must also be examined thoroughly. incident. Meanwhile, President Aquino said that Santiago admitted that the PCG's present state would not enable it to ap- the government is "preparing for conpropriately respond to foreign ships, such tingencies" in case the tension escalates, as China's, that enter the country's EEZ. although he expressed confidence that ."We could not drive them away. We China would avoid building up militarily. "Wedon'tthinkthatisalikelypossibildo not have a superior coast guard vessel to do that. We cannot do this alone ... it)' at this point. Wewill always endeavor : That is why our allies in the developed to de-escalate and pursue that option of states should extend help to us by giving talking about this dispute and resolving it us airplanes, long-range surveillance air- peacefully," Aquino said in an interview . craft so that even from a far distance we with ANC. Aquino believes that the Philippines could already monitor if there are ships has been bending over backwards to approaching," Santiago said. There are reportedly countries that are maintain peace in the West Philippine interested to acquire a status of visiting Sea and that "we have not engaged in a forces agreement (SOVFA)with the Phil- media war." "We've tried to be as reasonable as ippines but Santiago cautioned, "They have to prove their sincerity to us (first)." possible. We try to look at it from their For instance, Australia should demon- perspective. We're waiting for appropriate strate its concern and give the Philippines response from their side," he said. The President reiterated that the Philipequipment that could be used by the peG


. pine Navy ship was pulled out from Panatag Shoal after the Philippine Coast vessel arrived to show that the incident was being dealt with from a civilian perspective. Despite the military's limited capability, the Department of National Defense (DND) is prepared to secure the country's territory. "As long as it's within our capability we will be enforcing what we could in support of course with our coast guard," DND spokesman Peter Galvez said in a chance interview. "The department will always be ready to support all other agencies in enforcing these laws and the integrity of our country," he added. Galvez stressed, however, that they would continue with the diplomatic appreach to resolve the issue. "We continue to believe that at the moment, peaceful means would still be achieved and as We have said earlier, the use of force is not the solution," he noted. - With Aurea Calica, Alexis Romero



July 2012

Page: _A-_2_t"

on new entity

Gov't, MILF now focused

COTABATO CITY - The government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are now focused on setting up a new autonomous political entity, as both sides push through the IS-year talks in a bid to strike a peace deal during the term of President . Aquino. The two panels ended their three-day, 29th exploratory talks in Malaysia on Wednesday with.a consensus that both sides would continue discussing the wealth and power sharing framework for a Moro-led self-governing entity that would eventually replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Government chief peace negotiator Marvic Leonen said two panels are set to meet in August for another .. exploratory talks. Leonen expressed optimism that the two panels are now close Government chief peace negotiator Marvic Leonen (left) poses to striking a finalpeace deal, while with Malaysian facilitator Tengku Oato' Ab Ghafar Tengku Mothe Malaysian facilitator of the peace talks, Tengku Dato' Ab Ghafar Tengku Mohamed, was quoted by www.mindanews.comas describing the talks now as on the same page, but different paragraphs." MILF chief Al-Haj Murad earlier told reporters that the peace talks have barely achieved anything solid on the political front, and that both sides only have the April 2012 "decision paints of principles" as the only tangible outcome of the negotiations. Leonen said at the opening of the 29th exploratory talks that both sides are now at the "door of an agreement" and that all they need to do is persevere in forging a final peace deal. - With Jose Rodel Clap ana


hamed before the start of the 29th exploratory talks of the governentandMILFpanelsinKualalumpurJMalaYSiaearfythi~week.