Mamaril, Karl Edgar A.


Engineering Management April 24, 2012

Statement of the Problem:  The Grandview Morning Press is in need of a stable time table for every load of works they are having. The work of the stuffers seems slowing down because of such indefinite time for doing the papers. Moreover, the surmounting prize of the paper is definitely one of the problems why the profits are continuing to lessen.

Objectives:    To have a plausible system of management in order to create a good manpower. To not forfeit a precise code for a better job result. To extend the creativeness and wise management of the stuffers in the paper itself.

Areas of Consideration:   The production of papers during summer is much more than of ordinary days. The number of stuffers must be just enough for the number of papers to be produced.

Alternative Courses of Action:    Revise the code into a manageable one; no downside in such away it would satisfy the efficiency of the stuffers. Produce a job directory that can flaunt the specific job each personnel should do in specific time not just to be paid overtime. Have a right prize for the paper with accordance to its value to refrain the company from being jeopardized.

Conclusion:  The lack of guidelines and proper perception of management affect the production.

Recommendation:  That the said alternatives be pursued immediately.

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