Our challenge in the IT section is to make systems better and make the work of the system users easier. This form is meant to be diligently filled by the users of SunSystems in different departments expressing their true views about the functionality and impact of SunSystems in their daily work. a) You have been chosen to respond to the guided questions in this form because you are a SunSystems user. b) This questionnaire consists of 3 sections with guided questions all relating to the use of SunSystems. Please respond to questions in the section of your interest. c) Questions relating to the module that you use are mandatory for you as a respondent d) Please feel free to express your views accordingly as no names or Identification numbers are required on this form. e) We advise that you truly express yourself in regard to the way you use the system because this form will be used by the IT department to devise means of making the system better for users. f) We highly appreciate your time and patience in responding to the questions in this form SECTION 1: General Views 1. For how long have you used SunSystems in your work? < a year > a year > 2 years

2. According to you, which of the following best describes SunSystems as an accounting system? Manual Automated Combination

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Sun General Ledger General ledger, reporting, transaction entry etc. Accounts Payable Suppliers, payments, invoices Account Receivable Customers,incoming payments,bank reconciliation Sun Fixed Assets Fixed asset management, depreciation Corporate Allocations Post your corporate allocations questions here SunSystems5 Order Fulfilment and Inventory Management Sales Management Discuss Sunsystems Sales Management here

  Purchase Management Discuss SunSystems Purchase Management here Inventory Management .

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