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Fred's Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Training Program

Fred's Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Training Program

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Published by Frederick Chu
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Published by: Frederick Chu on Jul 23, 2012
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Laying Foundations: about 1 month.

● Mother Stances: Start by just assuming each stance momentarily to make sure that it is being performed properly. Then gradually go towards holding each stance for 10 relaxed breaths. Horse-Riding, Bow-Arrow, False Leg, Unicorn, Single Leg, Four-Six, Goat, Horse. ● Flexibility: Various stretches, especially for the legs and hips. ● Footwork: Practice moving about in various stances with the arms just dangling or fists held at the waist. Learning Fundamental Hand Patterns: about 3 months ● Continue stances, flexibility, and footwork. ● Fundamental Hand Patterns: start by performing each movement in isolation on each side. Then incorporate patterns into footwork and string them together into a short set known as Lohan Asks the Way. ○ Bow-Arrow Level Punch to the heart / False-Leg Tiger Claw lean ○ Bow-Arrow Finger Thrust to the eyes / False-Leg Threading Hand ○ Horse-Riding Low Punch to abdomen / False Leg Hand Sweep ○ Bow-Arrow Horn Punch to temple / Bow-Arrow Intercepting Palm Beginning Combat Sequences: Spend about a week on each combat sequence. ● May expand stances to incorporate stances with hand-forms for force training. Continue stance training. ● First four combat sequences (too long to type out, just going to use their names) ○ Perform each sequence as the initiator perhaps 10 times, then perform each sequence as the responder perhaps 10 times. Eventually practice the combat sequences as the set Black Tiger Steals Heart after becoming competent in each combat sequence. ○ Black Tiger Steals Heart: level punch ○ White Snake Shoots Venom: finger thrust ○ Precious Duck Swims Through Lotus: low punch ○ Hang a Golden Star at Corner: side attack Expanding Hand Techniques ● Next four combat sequences incorporating the right leg mode and expanding the number of hand techniques. Eventually practice the combat sequences as the set Fierce Tiger Crosses Valley after becoming competent in each combat sequence. ○ Fierce Tiger Crosses Valley: pressing attacks ○ Dark Dragon Draws Water: concealed attack ○ Alone Chop Hua Mountain: chopping attack, intercepting attack ○ Horizontally Sweep Thousand Armies: intercepting attack, flowing attack Kicking Techniques ● Art of 100 Kicks: alternate daily training sessions with stretching and this short kicking set. Perform each kick 10 times on each leg from various stances. Best to begin with just standing upright and then move on to performing kicks from different stances. High Kick, Side Kick, Thrust Kick, Groin Kick, Whirlwind Kick

Next four combat sequences which focus on adding kicks. Eventually practice them as the set Happy Bird Hops Up Branch. ○ Happy Bird Hops Up Branch: laying a trap, side kick ○ White Horse Presents Hoof: pressing attack, thrust kick ○ Yellow Bird Drinks Water: breaking pressing attack, groin kick ○ Naughty Monkey Kicks Tree: flowing momentum, whirlwind kick

Felling Techniques ● Breakfalling: learn how to fall properly without busting your head open. ● Next four combat sequences which focus on gripping and felling. Eventually practice them as the set Fell Tree With Roots. ○ Fell Tree With Roots: felling an opponent who is in the right-leg mode ○ Lead Horse to Stable: felling an opponent who is in the left-leg mode ○ Farmer Hoes Rice Field: shoulder throw to break their head or spine ○ Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountains: pushing someone away

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