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About Punjab National Bank

About Punjab National Bank

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About Punjab National Bank (PNB


Punjab National Bank was registered on 19 May 1894 under the Indian Companies Act with its office in Anarkali Bazaar Lahore. The founding board was drawn from different parts of India professing different faiths and a varied back-ground with, however, the common objective of providing country with a truly national bank which would further the economic interest of the country. PNB's founders included several leaders of the Swadeshi movement such as Dyal Singh Majithia and Lala Harkishan Lal, Lala Lalchand, Shri Kali Prosanna Roy, Shri E.C. Jessawala, Shri Prabhu Dayal, Bakshi Jaishi Ram, and Lala Dholan Dass. Lala Lajpat Rai was actively associated with the management of the Bank in its early years. The board first met on 23 May 1894. Ironically, the PNB Website now claims Lala Lajpat Rai to be the founding father, surpassing Rai Mul Raj and Dyal Singh Majithia. PNB has the distinction of being the first Indian bank to have been started solely with Indian capital that has survived to the present. (The first entirely Indian bank, Commercial Bank, was established in 1881 in Faizabad, but failed in 1958.) PNB has had the privilege of maintaining accounts of national leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shrimati Indira Gandhi, as well as the account of the famous Jalianwala Bagh Committee.

Punjab National Bank, popularly called P. N. B., initially started its business on 12th April of the year 1895. With their mission to provide banking services to the un-banked, they aim to be the leading player in global banking. Over the time, they have become a known name, especially in the Indo-Gangetic plains. The huge network of this bank includes over 5, 100 offices, which include 5 overseas branches and more than 60 million customers. This bank has continued to maintain their leadership position for its strong fundamentals, superior brand image as well as huge franchise value.


Type of services provided by PNB
This bank in India offers various financial services in numerous segments. Some of them are mentioned below along with their individual products: Agricultural Banking
• • •

Farmers Welfare Central Sector Schemes Agriculture Credit Schemes PNB Farmers' Welfare Trust

Corporate Banking
• • •

Cash Management Exim Finance Exporters’ Gold Card Scheme

Financial Services
• • • • • • •

Insurance Business Merchant Banking Mutual Fund Online Trading Real Estate Investments Retirement Planning Scheme Tax Planning Scheme

International or N. R. I. Banking
• • • • • • • • •

Gold Loan Scheme F. C. N. R. (B) Account Foreign Inward Transfers Letter of Guarantee Non-resident Deposit Schemes (Ordinary, external and foreign currency) N. R. E. Account N. R. O. Account P. N. B. – N. R. I. Remit Scheme R. F. C. Account


M. S. M. E. Banking
• • • • • • • • •

Artisan Credit Card Scheme Garrage Yogana Gramin Chikitsak Scheme Kushal Udyami Laghu Udyami Credit Card Pragati Udyami Scheme Sahayog Scheme Sarthak Udyami Scheme Vikas Udyami Scheme

Personal Banking
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

T. M. Card Balika Shiksha Bal Vikas Current Account (Smart banking) Combo Deposit Scheme Credit Card (Global) Debit Card Dugna Deposit Scheme Fixed Deposits (For 555 days, 777 days, 1000 days, 1111 days and victims of road accidents) Loan (Car, education, housing, personal, professional, two wheeler, against property mortgage and for pensioners) Mitra S. F. Account Pensioners’ Overdraft Facility Scheme Prudent Sweep Rakshak Scheme Recurring Deposit Salary Account (Total freedom) Shikshak Overdraft Scheme Shikshak Sweep Scheme Term Deposits Vidyarthi S. F. Account World Travel Card


Credit Card (Global) Security Alerts Share Trading 4 .Social Banking • Special Schemes (For women and weaker section) Other Online Services • • • • • • • • • A. A. B. (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) Bill Payments E-Tax Payments Internet Banking Mobile Banking Money Transfer P. S. B. N.

Scheme for integrated Development of Small Ruminants and Rabbits. Central Sector Scheme for Salvaging and Rearing of Male Buffalo Calves. Scheme for Establishing “Poultry Estates” and Mother Units for Rural Backyard Poultry. grading and standardization.Agriculture Banking  Farmers Welfare Central Sector Schemes:    Capital Investment subsidy Scheme for construction/ renovation/ expansion of rural godown.  Scheme For Financing Agri-Business Projects With Venture Capital Assistance From Small Farmers' Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC). Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for construction/ expansion/ modernization of Cold Storages and Storages for Horticultural Produce.  Scheme for providing credit for projects for Development and Strengthening of Infrastructure Facilities for Production and Distribution of seeds. Scheme for establishment / modernization of Rural Slaughter Houses.       Dairy Entrepreneur-ship Development Scheme (DEDS). Central Sector Scheme on Pig Development. 5 . Scheme for Strengthening of Agricultural Marketing infrastructure.

The condition of three years may be relaxed in case of new farmers having a good amount of deposit for the last three years provided the same is secured by 100% liquid collateral security or loan is secured by 50% liquid collateral security and 50% by mortgage of land. b) SUB-LIMIT: 20% of the overall limit or Rs. 30% of the overall limit or Rs 3 lakh which ever is lower (including 20% of the limit or Rs 2 lakh. whichever is lower.2 lakh. c) ELIGIBILITY: Only existing good agricultural land owner borrowers who have been continuously availing of any farm advance against mortgage of agriculture land and having no NPA record for last THREE years as on the date of application will be eligible. Agriculture Credit Schemes: Some of the Agriculture Credit Schemes offered by PNB are :  Pnb Kisan Ichchha Purti Yojana: a) PURPOSE: Loan is sanctioned for productive purpose (production and investment credit) related to agriculture and allied activities. d) EXTENTbOFvLOAN: Loanblimitbwillvbebtheblowestjof: 5 times average annual (2 years) income from agriculture and allied activities of 6 . and Consumption. However. for rural housing activities) is given for consumption purposes. loan for housing purpose will be allowed only if the mortgage of agricultural land for non agriculture purpose is permissible in the State. Rural Housing related activities. whichever is lower is given for rural housing activities. If the land mortgaged is in the name of more than one farmer then all will be eligible jointly.

consumption needs (other than housing) & working capital for allied activities. For housing loan maximum repayment period is 9 years including gestation period of 12 months. Need based term loan within overall ceiling of Rs. Required approval from competent authority for plan. 3. Maximum age limit at the time of sanction of loan is 60 years. Applicants above 60 years but maximum 65 years may be considered for sanction of loan if all the legal heir join as guarantors. f) REPAYMENT OF LOAN: In case of Production Credit/Consumption Credit aggregate credit into the account during 12 months period should at least be equal to the maximum outstanding in the account. 2.10 lakh including cash credit limit mentioned above & loan maximum up to Rs.2 lakh for Rural Housing. 7 . Scheme For Financing Mushroom Cultivation g) PURPOSE: Loan is considered for Investment Credit and Working Capital (For initial one crop only).thekborrower. Other requirements of Bank’s Housing Loan Scheme are to be fulfilled.. e) RURAL HOUSING LOAN: If the land for which the house related loan is given is in the name of spouse then spouse will be co-borrower. etc. Maximum limit: Rs. 1. will have to be submitted. EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. a. For Main Agricultural Activities the repayment period is allowed upto maximum of 9 years. or 50%kofkvaluelofkmortgagelland. 2. For allied agriculture activities repayment period is allowed upto maximum of 7 years.10 lakh Nature of maximum limit of Rs 10 lakh may be as under:• • Maximum Rs 5 lakh for cash credit limit for crop production. 3. 1. h) ELIGIBILITY: Loan is considered for individuals as well as for large sized units possessing adequate experience of mushroom cultivation.

(i) Scheme For Financing Poultry Farming Scheme for financing poultry farming provides for investment credit for construction of sheds and purchase of equipments on the one hand and production credit for purchase of day old chicks. ELIGIBILITY: For subsidiary activity: Small farmers.REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Maximum 7 years including gestation period depending upon repaying capacity of borrower.. He should be having adequate land/shed where he/she proposes to establish poultry farm. respectively. He should be having required land/shed where he intends to establish or enlarge a poultry farm. EXTENT OF LOAN: Extent of loan will be need-based. For main activity: Investment credit will be provided as medium term loan whereas production credit will be given either in the shape of cash credit limit or as an integral component of investment credit. would be recovered in maximum period of 18/12 months providing gestation period of 6/3 months in the case of layers and broilers. etc. feed. 8 . Unit size: Minimum size of the poultry unit to be financed as subsidiary activity should be 500 birds. REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Production credit. on the other hand. Financial assistance shall be made available to the intending borrowers as under: PURPOSE: For subsidiary activity: Investment credit will be provided in the shape of medium term loan for acquiring fixed assets whereas production credit will be given to meet the working capital requirements in the shape of Short Term Loan. For main activity: The applicant should be well experienced in running poultry unit and should be engaged/desirous of engaging himself in such an activity on commercial basis as his main vocation. landless agricultural labourers or any other persons who are underemployed and intend to supplement income through poultry. medicines. if given as short term loan.

ELIGIBILITY: >> Individuals >> Individuals undertaking commercial dairy as main activity. etc. cows/buffaloes or cross bred cows for milk production. milk-processing facilities..e. Financing individuals for purchase and rearing of calves upto the stage of first lactation. construction of milk houses. (v) Financing For Other Innovative Animal Husbandry Activities: 9 . Financing for other innovative animal husbandry activities.Repayment of investment loan shall start after adequate gestation period (upto 12 months in the case of layers and upto 3 months in the case of broilers) in suitable monthly/quarterly/half-yearly instalments over a period of 6-7 years in the case of small farmers depending upon their repaying capacity. FINANCING FOR MILK PRODUCTION ACTIVITY i. Composite loans are also given for purchase of milch cattle and one month concentrate feed requirements as also for cultivation of fodder crops in integrated manner. II. III. viz. namely. Cost of transportation of animal from cattle market. Financing individuals for purchase of good quality high yielding milch animals. Providing fodder for the animals. A unit of 2 milch animals is considered viable minimum size for such an activity for continuous production of milk. undertaking dairying as subsidiary activity. cattle breeding. (ii) Scheme For Financing Dairy Development Programmes Dairy projects are financed for the following activities: I. Construction of shed(s) for keeping the animals. EXTENT OF LOAN: Need-based loan is provided. Purchase of dairy machinery or other equipments of dairy business. PURCHASE AND MAINTENANCE OF MILCH ANIMALS (LACTATING COWS/BUFFALOES) FOR MILK PRODUCTION: PURPOSE: Bank provides loan for following purposes: • • • • • • Purchase of good quality high milk cows/buffaloes. salvaging of dry pregnant cattle.

etc. Financing for construction of milk houses (Dudhghar) by Village Milk Cooperative Societies.No 1 2 3 4 Repayment period Type of (including gestation Investment period) Cross bred 5 years cow(s) Buffaloes 4-5 years 2 Graded 4-5 years Murrah buffaloes Cross breed calf 5-6 years rearing Loan Installment period Monthly/ Quarterly -do-do-do- Gestation period Repayment to be linked with lactation period. EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. Financing for milk processing facilities. -do-do30 months (vi) Scheme For Financing Fisheries Development SCHEME FOR FINANCING INLAND FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT AND BRACKISH WATER FISH AND PRAWN CULTURE: 10 . Salvaging of dry pregnant cattle. REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Loans for purchase of milch animals should be repaid as under: - S. Financing for development of pasture.PURPOSE: Cattle Breeding through Artificial Insemination.

farmers having perpetual right of cultivation of minimum 2 acres of land. Carts And Draft Animals PURPOSE: Loan is given for purchase of draft animals. ELIGIBILITY: Farmers owning minimum 2 acres of land. co-operative societies. association of persons who have adequate know-how and necessary infrastructural facilities for implementation of the scheme EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. Persons belonging to category of `Landless agriculture labour’ are also financed for purchase of animals and carts for providing self-employment. EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Repayment period is fixed through Monthly/ Quarterly/ Halfyearly intervals as under: Assets Created Bullocks only He buffaloes & drawn carts (Jhota Buggies) Camels only Bullocks & carts Animal drawn carts only Camels & carts Repayment Period 4 years 4-5 years 5 years 5-7 years 5-7 years 5-7 years 11 . fertilizers. purchase of inputs like oil cake. purchase of fish prawn.E. ELIGIBILITY: Loan assistance is extended to farmers. shovels.PURPOSE: Financial assistance is extended for Construction/renovation of ponds/tanks.. animal drawn carts for transport of agriculture inputs & farm produce and other such purposes. ropes. purchase of nets. companies. baskets. organic fertilizers and other feed materials upto the first harvest. REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Loans need to be repaid within the period specified as under: Pond fish culture: 5-8 years including gestation period with yearly mode of repayment. fry and fingerlings/ fish seed/ prawn seed. (vii) Scheme For Financing Purchase Of Animal Drawn Vehicles I. construction of sluices. individuals. Brackish water fish/prawn culture: 5-10 years including gestation period with halfyearly mode of repayment. hooks and other accessories etc. boxes.

Provision for initial recurring costs also forms an integral part of term loan only. However. bee knife. sugar. sting proof rubber gloves. gloves. feeder. NATURE & EXTENT OF LOAN: Short term loan upto Rs. etc. plant protection chemicals. 12 . solar wax extractor. REPAYMENT OF LOAN: Maximum 5 years including gestation period. smokers & bee veil. REPAYMENT OF LOAN: One year. He/she should have a deposit account with bank for at least six months. he/she should not be working as an ad-hoc employee. plastic drums for storing honey. EXTENT & NATURE OF LOAN: Need based term loan. queen gate. hive tool. ELIGIBILITY: Small and marginal farmer(s)/ agricultural labourer(s) who are trained in bee keeping and individuals/Association of persons/Companies who possess adequate experience in bee-keeping and are desirous of taking up bee-keeping activity on commercial basis.5000/-. purchase of colonies. Small gardening equipments. Applicant must have vacant land in/around residential house with right to use such land. Recurring Costs such as purchase of foundation sheets. ELIGIBILITY: Applicant be employed in a Government/Semi-Government unit or in a Co-operative/Private Sector Organization of repute. Staff members are also eligible provided they have sufficient space to undertake such activities. Pensioner of Central/State Government or other Government Undertakings and should be having pension account with financing branch. honey extractors. (ix) Scheme For Financing Kitchen Gardening PURPOSE: Loan is given for initial expenditure on fencing. medicines. fertilizers.(viii) Scheme For Financing Apiculture (Bee-keeping) PURPOSE: Financial assistance is made available for meeting: Fixed cost such as Construction of honey houses. Professional and self-employed person having previous dealings with the financing branch. Wives of employees of Government/Semi Government bodies and other organizations as aforesaid are also eligible provided loan for the purpose has not been raised by their husbands. purchase of inputs like seeds. etc. purchase of equipments like bee-boxes. Land development. The applicant should have adequate income for repayment of loan.

13 . For short term credit.(x) Scheme For Financing Green Houses PURPOSE: Construction of green houses. NATURE & EXTENT OF LOAN: Need based. repayment period may be of one year or as per KCC scheme. Medium term loan for construction of green house. having some experience/training in green houses and are following modern Agricultural technologies.. purchase of equipments. purchase of equipments/machinery/inputs and other requirements including post harvest operations and marketing. REPAYMENT OF LOAN: 5-7 years. labor and post harvest operations may be given under bank's KCC scheme. machineries etc. Short term loan for purchase of inputs. ELIGIBILITY: Progressive farmers who own required agricultural land.

06. One day. Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) for skill development. and 3 or more days’ duration training programmes at FTC premises on agriculture and allied activities. PNB FARMERS’ TRAINING CENTRE PNB Farmers’ Welfare Trust (PNBFWT) is operating 10 PNBFTCs across the country to provide training facilities to farmers. Three months/six months programme on computer applications.D. This Trust is registered under Section 12 A read with section 12 AA(1)(b) of the Income Tax Act 1961. Three months duration training programme on cutting. PNB Farmers’ Welfare Trust. respectively. New Delhi on 22. The Trust has also obtained exemption U/s 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961 and is authorized to accept donations which are exempted under above Section. women and rural youth. Malkiat Sandhu are the President & the Vice-President of the Trust. Residential programmes are also absolutely free of any charges. 2.9. 14 .2011.PNB Farmers' Welfare Trust Punjab National Bank has created a Trust namely. FTC at Talai is a joint venture under Tie up with ITC Limited. PNB Farmers' Welfare Trust is established with the basic objective of welfare of farmers without any profit motive for the Bank. 2 days.2000. V. In addition. CAPACITY BUILDING & DEVELOPMENT Free of cost trainings are being undertaken at FTCs as appended: 1. on-location training programmes are also arranged in the villages at the doorsteps of the farmers. 3. 4. Kumar & Smt. Sh. tailoring and embroidery for ladies. The Bank’s Chairman and Managing Director is the Chairman of the Trust and Executive Director & two Chief General Managers and three General Managers of HO are the Trustees.This FTC was inaugurated by Hon’ble Union Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee on 11. duly registered with Sub Registrar VII.

of Trainees 71794 No. of Trainees 103 % Achievement OTHER INITIAITVES HEALTH CLINICS AT FTCs FTC Sacha Khera. of Programmes 102 No. Since inception 161 such programmes were so far conducted from which 3556 women derived benefit. of Trainees 70000 Achievement 2010-11 No. Embroidery etc. KISAN BANDHUS AT THE DOOR STEPS OF FARMERS 15 . Mehraj and Vidisha have started health check up facility for ladies. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Since inception. KISAN MELAS During the year 2010-11 Kisan Melas have been organized by the FTCs which evinced lot of interest among farmers of respective areas. of Programmes 2500 No. Till March 2011 FTCs have provided training to 60829 women. FTCs have been providing training to women in Agriculture and Allied activities. FTCs also conduct exclusive programmes for women.TRAINING ACTIVITIES DURING FINANCIAL YEAR 2010-11 The Nine operational PNBFTCs inter alia conduct training programmes for farmers. Other FTCs shall also be providing this facility in due course. of Programmes 2550 No. Neemrana. The overall performance of the FTCs during Financial Year 2010-11 is as under: Target 2010-11 No. computer courses. women and youth in rural areas. Cutting & Tailoring. children and also the trainees during 2010-11 This facility is made available once a week at FTC complex.

The achievements of Kisan Bandhus in business facilitation and in implementing the scheme for financial inclusion till March 2011 are summarized as under: At present 118 Kisan Bandhu are working at the FTCs. Tehsil Berhampur. the bank has appointed Farmers’ Welfare Trust and its Farmers’ Training Centres as Business Facilitators /Business Correspondents. BUSINESS FACILITATION & FINANCIAL INCLUSION PNB has approved Business Facilitators and Business Correspondents Model for financial inclusion as suggested by RBI.93. ESTABLISHING OTHER FTCs i) FTC KARAPALLI. The Kisan Bandhus also arrange to form Farmers’ Clubs/ SHGs and hold Kisan Goshties for popularizing the concept of financial inclusion among the villagers.95 lacs as financial support from NABARD towards 50 % of recurring training related expenses incurred by the FTCs during the year 2009-10. Government of Orissa has allotted 7 acres of land at Mauja Karapalli. So as reach the people of remote rural areas for implementation of the model. The Foundation Stone for the FTC.• • • PNBFWT is implementing a scheme of KISAN BANDHUS whereby local youths have been inducted and trained at each of the FTCs for actively pursuing Financial inclusion. Out of this 107 are working at Centres where bio-metric smart card based transactions are taking place. The Kisan Bandhus repeatedly visit the villages for involving the financially excluded families in the process of economic growth by providing them financial counseling. Under the FI Projects. Ganjam to PNB for establishing PNB Farmers’ Training Centre. extension services and helping them in their saving/credit linkage with the banks. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Orissa State. TEHSIL BERHAMPUR. 16 . UPPORT FROM NABARD Trust thankfully acknowledges the receipt of Rs. Distt. remaining 11 are engaged in other activities. On an average 60. Karapalli Complex was laid by Shri Naveen Patnaik. Biometric Smart Cards are being issued with technology support to the account holders.000 credit transactions are taking place in these Biometric Smart Card enabled accounts every month. The construction of FTC premises is being taken up. DISTRICT GANJAM IN ORISSA.

Maintenance of Adult Literacy Centres.81 lakh assistance was given to 27 Children.25. District Ganjam in Orissa on 13. Construction of Toilets in Schools . The cumulative amount of expenditure incurred till March 2011 in adopted villages is Rs. SPECTRUM OF ACTIVITIES UNDERTAKEN IN ADOPTED VILLAGES. These machines are being used for free of cost demonstration among farmers and in their fields. Solar Lights. Development of Village ponds etc. Construction work shall commence soon. 1. youth and children. Libraries.51 lacs.This Ninth FTC has however been operationalised temporarily from RITE premises at Karapalli. Scheme for Financial Assistance to Meritorious Children Of Tractor Borrowers introduced in 2010-11. A wide range of activities are being undertaken in the adopted villages with the aim of improving the overall living conditions of the villagers as also to aid the development of the rural women. (RAJASTHAN) Government of Rajasthan has allotted 8 acres of land for setting up a second FTC in Rajasthan. 17 .5. are some of such activities.ALWAYS IN SEARCH OF NEW AVENUES FOR SUPPORTING RURAL INDIA.04. Punjab Farmers’ Commission has given 2 Happy seeder Machines in Punjab based FTCs namely FTC Shamsher Nagar & Mehraj. In the first year Rs. Providing Water Coolers in Schools . Activities of FTC Sacha Khera. A composite FTC-RSETI (Rural Self Employment Training Institute) is planned at this location. Installation of Hand Pumps.2010.0 lacs each per village. RECOGNITION/ACHIEVEMENTS The activities of the Trust have been appreciated by many visiting dignitaries from RBI/Banks. PNBFWT . Neemrana and Vidisha have been covered by Door Darshan & All India Radio. ii) FTC JHALARA PATTAN. Tehsil Berhampur. AIDING DEVELOPMENT OF ADOPTED VILLAGES All the operational FTCs except Karapalli and Talai have adopted one village each and are taking up community and other activities with a sanctioned budget of Rs. NABARD and State Governments representatives.

the avowed task of leveraging the training facilities available at FTCs for the agribusiness and rural credit growth in the operating area 18 . MARCHING AHEAD The Trust has set for itself. Trust and its FTCs are significantly contributing towards enhancing the image and brand equity of Punjab National Bank and in fulfilling its CSR commitments as well. Credit counseling and Market Advocacy through 20 Farmers Clubs in Jind District. Haryana.NABARD has recognized the Training capabilities of FTC Sacha Khera and entrusted it with the responsibility of implementing a pilot project on Technology Transfer.

can be sent you through electronic media as per requirements of your funds Managers. Option III : You can choose Option I or II according to your client profile and indicate to us client-wise. The Bank offers the above services at most competitive rates. Option II: Credit to your account through our CMS after realizations.Corporate Services Cash Management Services Punjab National Bank had taken a major initiative for managing the funds of Corporates. The Scheme offers the following options for you: Option I : Instant credit through our CMS to your account. We shall collect your receivables from your representative or your business associates at more than 2700 CBS branches spread across 935 centers all over the country and pool the same at the branch specified by you. if not instantaneously in many cases. pending clearance of funds. The services are essentially meant for pooling your funds spread across the country at a place of your choice with the least time delay. The charges for the services are given as under:(Charges in paisa/Rs. The services can be custom designed to cater to your specific needs.. 1000) For Metro locations (metropolitan cities) For Non-metro locations (state capitals & District HQs) For Remote locations (all other locations) Exim Finance Services offered to Exporters • • • • 25 paisa 50 paisa 90 paisa Pre-shipment finance in foreign currency and Indian rupees Post-shipment finance in foreign currenc y and Indian rupees Handling export bills on collection basis Outward remittances for purposes as permitted under Exchange Control guidelines 19 . A host of Daily/weekly/monthly reports and special report including center-wise reports generated at our HUB at Delhi.

• • • • Inward remittances including advance payments Quoting of competitive rates for transactions Maintenance of Exchange Earners Foreign Currency (EEFC) accounts Assistance in obtaining credit reports on overseas parties Services offered to Importers • • • • • Establishment of Import Letters of Credit covering import into India and handling of bills under Letter of Credit Handling of import bills on collection basis Remittance of advance payment against imports Offering utilisation of PCFC ( pre-shipment credit in foreign currency) for imports Credit reports on overseas suppliers Interest rates : Particulars Pre-shipment Credit i) upto 270 days BPLR System w.10.50% FEDAI) (ii) Usance bills (For total period comprising usance period of export bills.e.50% advance (iv) Against incentives receivable from Govt. 01.50% covered by ECGC Guarantee (upto 90 days) BR + 0.50% period as specified by FEDAI and grace period. wherever applicable).2010 BPLR minus 2.Upto 180 days (iii) Overdue bills upto 180 days from the date of BPLR minus 2. 01.50% Base Rate System w.75% 20 .75% BR + 0.75% BR + 0.2010 BR + 0.75% BR + 0.50% covered by ECGC Guarantee (upto 90 days) Post-Shipment Credit: (i) Demand bills for transit period (as specified by BPLR minus 2.08.f. BPLR minus 2. BPLR minus 2.e.f. transit BPLR minus 2.75% BR + 0.75% ii) Against incentives receivable from Govt.

75% BR + 6.50% beyond 180 days. 01.2003 BPLR System w.50% (ii) Post-shipment Credit BPLR + 3.2010 BR + 3.25% PNB EXPO GOLD CARD FOR EXPORTERS Punjab National Bank is having a ‘PNB Expo Gold Card Scheme’ based on the scheme drawn up by Reserve Bank of India.2003 Sanctioned on or after 01. or having overdue bills in excess of 10% of the previous year’s turnover Exporters undertaking exports on collection basis will also be considered provided they have been dealing with our bank for a period of at least three years. Exporters with minimum rating of "BB" as per risk rating module or ‘A’ based on seven pricing parameters will be eligible. The scheme ensures easy availability of export credit on best terms.f.e.50% the date of shipment (upto 90 days) Deferred Credit: Deferred credit for the period BPLR + 3.00% BR + 6. . to credit worthy exporters with good track record.f.e.75% BR + 0. 01. or in RBI’s defaulter’s list/caution.08. Fixation of Credit Limit 21 . 2 lakh Particulars Sanctioned upto 31.50% (upto 90 days) (vi) Against retention money (for supplies portion only) payable within one year from BPLR minus 2.50% BR + 0.10.(v) Against undrawn balance BPLR minus 2. Export Credit Not Otherwise Specified (ECNOS): (i) Pre-shipment Credit BPLR + 3.02.00% BR + 6. The salient features of the scheme are as under: - Eligibility under the Scheme • • • • All Exporters including those in small and medium sector with good track record and credit worthiness will be eligible.00% Term Loans to Exporters (Over Rs.01. Exporters with accounts classified as ‘Standard’ continuously for a period of three years with no irregularities/adverse features in the conduct of the accounts The scheme will not be applicable for exporters blacklisted by ECGC.2010 As per terms of the sanction BPLR Base Rate System w.

taking into account the size and nature of the export order. respectively. A stand-by limit of 20 per cent of the assessed limit may be additionally made available to facilitate urgent credit needs for executing sudden orders. Foreign currency term loans to Gold Card Holders given on priority basis. Gold Card holders would be given preference in the matter of granting of packing credit in foreign currency. In case of unanticipated export orders. In the case of exporters of seasonal commodities. norms for inventory may be relaxed. Requests from card holders would be processed quickly within 25 days / 15 days and 7 days for fresh applications / renewal of limits and ad hoc limits. the peak and off-peak levels will be appropriately specified. Tenure   The card will be issued for 3 years to be renewed automatically for a further period of 3 years unless there are adverse features/irregularities in the account. 22 . The performance of the exporters to be reviewed on yearly basis to decide continuation/amendment/withdrawal of benefits to Gold Card Holder.• • • • • • In-principle' limits will be sanctioned for a period of 3 years with a provision for automatic renewal subject to fulfillment of the terms and conditions of sanction.

Organised racing.  Uniform Premium for persons of all age-groups up to 80 years’ age. No Medical Examination for entry at any stage.500 kgms and is used only for social. in multiple of Rs.Financial Services 1. 5 Lac. Cover for 4 family members under single premium Age Group covered: 3 months to 80 years.1. Insurance Business Punjab National Bank has taken a number of initiatives for the benefit of its invaluable customers and has virtually become one stop shop for various financial products & service • Health Insurance  The Product has been got designed exclusively for PNB Customers and only the A/c Holders of PNB will be eligible to take cover under the Scheme. Hospital Cash etc.  Cover available for Minimum Sum Insured of Rs. 23 . The policy does not cover use for Hire or Reward. Cashless facility available at a large Net Work of Hospitals.  Premium much lower and quite comparable with all available health insurance products in the market. also available under the Scheme.00 Lac. SALIENT FETURES: A Family Floater Scheme. The Premium Structure (Inclusive of Service Tax) is as under: Sum-Insured Premium 1 Lac 1717 2 Lac 3259 3 Lac 4536 4 Lac 5674 5 Lac 6705      Vehicle Insurance Private Car Package Policy Brief Description : A Private Car is defined as any transport vehicle /car /omnibus whose unladen weight does not exceed 7. The policy will be serviced by TPAs (Third Party Administrators).1 Lac. On payment of extra premium the policy may be extended for Personal Accident cover as well. up to Rs. Cost of Health Check-up. domestic and pleasure purpose and insured's own business.  Other benefits such as Ambulance Charges. Speed testing and carriage of goods (other than samples) in connection with any trade or business or use for any purpose in connection with MOTOR TRADE.  The product available in all PNB Branches across the country.

Covered Risks : Fire. disease contracted or injury sustained during overseas travel and which is primarily in the nature of an emergency and which is necessary to be undertaken immediately.000.V.The premium has to be paid in US dollars. Section 1 : Fire and Allied Perils. Householders Insurance Policy Brief Description : The House holder's Insurance Policy is a comprehensive shelter that protects your house and the various contents in it against a variety of risks. It is a single policy that takes care of a number of contingencies. Set. Breakdown of domestic appliances. Damage to tyres unless the motor car is damaged at the same time and any accidental loss or damage suffered while the person driving is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. Pedal Cycles. Hurricane. irrespective of the country of visit. Set. Section 4 : Plate Glass. Lightning. Section 8 : Baggage Insurance. Section 9: Personal Accident. Malicious act. Riot and Strike. Earthquake. Section 6: T. Terrorist activity. T. The policy is divided into 10 sections. and maximum is 12 months. Flood. Public Liability Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Study Brief Description : This policy provides indemnity for expenses incurred for medical treatment for illness. Depreciation. Typhoon. Sec 1(B) and a minimum of any 2 other sections are compulsory. Storm. inland water.V. Personal Accident. Please see the policy for more details 24 . Burglary and Theft. Section 3:All risks. Covered Risks : The policy consists of 2 sections covering different risks. Baggage Insurance. Wear & tear. The minimum period of cover is 2 months. Section 5 : Breakdown of domestic appliances. Section 7 : Pedal Cycles. The sum insured is US$ 75. Tempest. external means while in transit by rail/road. Mechanical/ electrical breakdown. Section 10: Public Liability Covered Risks : Buildings of class 'A' construction. Landslide/Rockslide. If necessary. Section 2: Burglary. Plate Glass. failures or breakages. the expenses would be reimbursed up to limits prescribed under the plan opted for. Explosion. Since the cover is available as per plans. It also covers damages by accidental. lift or air in addition to the legal liability required by law Major Exclusions : Consequential loss. the policy can be renewed.

Defects existing at the time of taking insurance known to the insured but not known to the Insurers. 25 . his cottage industry. stock of from products. personal insurance and mediclaim Covered Risks : Residential building against fire and allied perils. external causes and operational deficiencies. animal driven cart. Cattle and Livestock. Pregnancy including miscarriage and child birth.processors. gun. poultry. poultry. electronic score boards etc Covered Risks : Under this insurance you are covered against all kinds of accidental. machine for medical use. It lets a farmer concentrate on his business.processors. agricultural pumpset. Any claims for dental treatment except as a result of injury. livestock. tele . honey bee. hospitalisation expenses for him and his family Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy Brief Description : This policy offers you financial protection in case your electronic equipment suffers accidental electrical and machinery breakdown requiring repairs and /or replacement. baggage while on tours. Kissan Package Insurance Brief Description : The Kissan Package policy is a comprehensive policy specially designed by Oriental that seeks to cover losses arising out of a wide variety of risks and perils. free of many worries. This policy covers all types of computers including micro . TV/VCR. Major Exclusions : Damage due to any cause for which the manufacture and/ or supplier is responsible. Pedal cycle. Personal accident. household goods. Loss or damage due to interruption caused by the failure of electricity service or supply. Electrical and Mechanical breakdowns due to internal causes.communication instruments. films and television studio equipment. word . The policy is divided into 15 sections offering protection to the farmer to his personal effects.Major Exclusions : This policy cannot be issued for less than 2 months.

be it Retail. Income Schemes are available. 26 . Corporate or Institutional. In recent times Mutual funds have gained rapid popularity as a good investment vehicle and public at large is attracted towards MF investment. PNB has been distributing the products of Principal PNB Asset Management Company Pvt. which has variety of schemes and income options offered by Mutual Funds which can suit the financial preferences of all classes of investors. Ltd.Mutual Funds In an endeavor to enlarge the range of services available to our customers. Equity oriented schemes are available which have a higher potential for capital appreciation. some of the schemes of Principal PNB AMC & UTI AMC are as under: PRINCIPAL PNB AMC: Principal Growth Scheme: Open-ended equity fund with an investment portfolio of stocks diversified across different sectors of the economy. The following benefits. since July. To suit various type of requirements of the investors. For an aggressive investor with appetite for risk. 2004. Principal balanced Fund: Open ended fund with an equity (diversified) component of 51% to 70% and Debt component (including Money Market) 30% to 49%. intrinsic to investments in Mutual Funds have inspired greater confidence amongst the investors: Transparency Efficient Performance Liquidity Convenience Tax benefits Range of schemes: Mutual Funds offer schemes keeping in view the risk profile and risk-return preferences of investors. Principal Income Fund: Open-ended fund with up to 100% investment in Debt instruments (including Money Market instruments and securitized debt) Principal Income Fund – Short Term Plan: The scheme is meant for investors seeking stable returns over shorter-term investment horizons compared to the Principal Income Fund. For a conservative investor with expectations of stable returns and low risk. from its designated branches.

Principal Index Fund: An Open-ended fund that tracks S&P CNX Nifty (NSE) closely. International Equity portfolio out of the permissible investments as defined and permitted under the regulations from time to time and provide returns and/or capital appreciation along with regular liquidity to the investors. Principal Large Cap Fund: An open-ended scheme to invest in the stocks of the companies having a large market capitalization. The aim of the fund is to provide its investors returns commensurate with the Nifty. The objective of the scheme is to generate regular returns and/or capital appreciation / accretion with the aim of giving lump sum capital growth at the end of the chosen target period or otherwise to the Beneficiary. Principal Child Benefit Fund The scheme is suitable for an investor seeking long-term growth and accumulation of capital for the beneficiary. Principal Infrastructure & Service Sector Fund: An open-ended Equity Scheme with an objective to provide capital appreciation and income distribution by investing predominantly in Equity/Equity related instruments of Infrastructure & Service Sector companies. The fund is suitable for investors who would like to diversify investments into other markets / securities by taking advantage of the potential growth in the global markets and thereby reduce the risk of having a portfolio predominantly invested in India.Principal Cash management Fund: An Open-ended fund that invests 100% of its corpus in Money Market instruments and seeks to provide an excellent avenue to park very short term cash surpluses and earn returns linked to the call money market rates. Principal Global Opportunities Fund It is an open-ended growth fund. The fund is suitable for investors interested in long term capital appreciation. Principal Personal Tax Saver Fund: The scheme is suitable for investors seeking income tax deductions under section 80C(2) of ITA along with long term equity-market returns from investment in equities. The investment objective of the scheme is to build a high quality.. Principal Monthly Income Plan: 27 . Principal Tax Savings Fund: An open-ended Equity linked savings scheme suitable for investors seeking income tax deductions under section 80C(2) of Income Tax Act along with long-term equity-market returns from investment in equities.

UTI MUTUAL FUND: UTI Infrastructure Fund: (Formerly known as UTI-BASIC INDUSTRIES FUND) An open ended equity fund with the objective to provide Capital appreciation through investing in the stocks of the companies engaged in the sectors like Metals. etc. Engg. It aims to provide medium to long term capital gains and/or dividend distribution by investing predominantly in equity and equity related instruments which offer high dividend yield. UTI Index Select Fund: An open-ended equity fund with the objective to invest in select stocks of the BSE Sensex and the S&P CNX Nifty. Building Materials. UTI Equity Fund: UTI Equity Fund is open-ended equity scheme with an objective of investing at least 80% of its funds in equity and equity related instrument with medium to high risk profile and upto 20% in debt and money market instruments with low to medium risk profile. MIP attempts to provide income on a monthly basis and is. education.An open-ended income scheme having periodical distribution with no assured monthly returns. travel. UTI Children’s Career Plan (Balanced): 28 . hotels. UTI Services Sector Fund: An open-ended fund which invests in the equities of the Services Sector companies of the country. The fund does not replicate any of the indices but aims to attain performance better than the performance of the indices. therefore. Oil & Gas. entertainment. particularly suited for investors seeking regular source of income. One of the growth sector funds aiming to provide growth of capital over a period of time as well as to make income distribution by investing the funds in stocks of companies engaged in service sector such as banking. finance. Chemicals. etc. training. UTI Mid Cap Fund : An open ended equity fund with the objective to provide ‘Capital appreciation’ by investing primarily in Mid Cap stocks. telecom. Power. UTI Dividend Yield Fund: An open-ended equity scheme. UTI Leadership Equity Fund: The scheme seeks to generate capital appreciation and / or income distribution by investing the funds in stocks that are “Leader” in their respective industries /sectors / sub-sector. insurance. UTI Large Cap Fund: An open ended equity Fund with the objective to provide capital appreciation through investment in top 50 companies in terms of market capitalization.

Right Issues. Investment can be made in the name of the children upto the age of 15 years so as to provide them. IPOs. Bankers to the Issue (Collecting Banker): 29 . the Bank is holding following Licenses from SEBI: • • • • Merchant Banker Banker to the Issue Underwriting Debenture Trustee 1.e. practice or business or enabling them to set up home or finance the cost of other social obligation. after they attain the age of 18 years. FPOs.Management of Public Issues i. MERCHANT BANKING ACTIVITIES: The Major Merchant Banking activities which the Bank offers to its clients are: • • • • • • Issue Management .An open-ended debt oriented fund with investment in Debt/G-sec of minimum 60% and a maximum of 40% in Equity. the Merchant Banking Division also looks after the following activities: • • • Marketing of Merchant Banking Business Monitoring / Supporting Capital Market Service Branches Refund Paid / Payable MERCHANT BANKERS ASSIGNMENTS: At present. as Book Running Lead Manager Bankers to the Issue Payment of Dividend Warrants / Interest Warrants / Refund Orders Debenture Trustee Underwriting Monitoring Agency Besides promoting / marketing the above Merchant Banking Business in the Bank through specialized Capital Market Services Branches. etc. Merchant Banking Cells and identified branches. a means to receive scholarship to meet the cost of higher education and/or to help them in setting up a profession. MERCHANT BANKING Merchant banking primarily involves financial advice and services for large corporations and wealthy individuals.

e. Merchant Bankers 30 . The necessity of creation of debenture trust is to organize the large number of debenture holders and facilitate interaction by the companies issuing debentures with a single entity rather than individual debenture holders. Our large network of branches and strong bonds with various capital market constituents enable us to offer better solutions for clients. which is similar to Demand Draft Payable Account under Finacle. Follow on Public Offering (FPO) and Right Issue. all debenture issues (public rights) of the companies with the maturity period exceeding 18 months are required to have "Debenture Trustee" and its name must be stated in the prospectus of the issue. the Syndicate Members. the Registrar and most importantly the issuer Company. enables us to provide Escrow Collecting Bank/services and refund Bank services related to Initial Public Offering (IPO). postage and handling cost. which can be suitably converted by the corporate for updating their in-house database This new facility will help in solving the major problem in handling these assignments i. This will also help in reducing the cost of reconciliation. needs a high degree of close co-ordination between various capital market intermediaries such as the Book Running Lead Manager. 5. Payment Of Dividend Warrants / Interest Warrants (Paying Banker): • The Merchant Banking Division has also got enabled a functionality of a new system in CBS branches for payment assignments. Debenture Trustee: • • In terms of SEBI guidelines. reconciliation of accounts. 2. The product has the following unique features that ensure that the payment account of the corporate remains reconciled at any point of time: o Facility for upfront uploads of the instruments issued by the companies into Core Banking system o Online payment of the instruments by CBS branches o Validation of instruments details by the system o Online status update of paid instruments by the system o Online MIS on paid/unpaid instruments at any point of time o Facility to cancel lost instruments and to re-upload duplicate instruments issued in lieu thereof o MIS on cancelled instruments o 100% reconciliation of the corporate dividend / refund order payable by a/c by the system without manual intervention • • Facility to provide MIS on paid / outstanding instruments in ASCII format. The process of collections.• • Being a licensed Banker to Issue registered with SEBI.

• • 31 . Therefore. Utmost attention is required for monitoring the proceeds. Though. As per SEBI guidelines lenders cannot act as Trustees to debentures/bond the issues of the Companies who are their borrowers. to secure the repayment of principal and payment of interest thereon.• (holding valid Registration with SEBI as debenture trustee) act as Trustees for the debenture holders to accept security created by the company. taking action for safeguarding their interest and enforcing their rights in times of needs. in terms of SEBI guidelines. in case of issues. it is mandatory for the issuers to appoint 'Monitoring Agency' if the issue size is more than Rs. which exceed Rs. branches of the Bank must not obtain 'Debenture Trustee' assignments of the parties/companies which are availing Credit facilities from our Bank. the Company issuing the shares to public shall make arrangements for the use of proceeds of the issue to be monitored by one of the financial institutions. Monitoring Agency: • In terms of SEBI (DIP) guidelines. submission of statement as per SEBI guidelines to the company reporting of defaults etc. on the insistence of Merchant Bankers and Stock exchanges. the issuers of issues of less than Rs.500 crores. after acceptance of the assignment. 6. 500 crores are also appointing monitoring agency.500 crores.

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