At present parliament of India is full of relatives more than ever before.

Fathers and sons, Mother and daughters , wives of the politicians , widows, uncles and nephews of the politicians . Has democracy in India become a monarchy ? A few years ago, when standards of behavior in the parliament of india were nose-diving – what with acrimony, physical demonstrations, un-parliamentary language and constant shrill bickering, a perpetual partisan divide and even occasional exchange of physical blows becoming the order of the day – former BJP prime minister Vajpayee wished that politics of india would live up to the age-old ideal of vasudeva kutumbikam (universe is a family ). In present scenario it seems that vajpayee's wish has come true, and at list Indian politics has become a family business or a family affairs.The biggest winner of the 2009 general elections was not the UPA but rather the dynasty in India. Over the years, many young faces from political families have entered the parliament with free ticket to Politics – Rahul Gandhi , Rajeev Gandhi , Priyanka Gandhi , Uddhav Theray , Raj Thakeray , Sameer Bhujbal, Nilesh Rane, Milind Deora, Priya Dutt, Varun Gandhi, Jyoti Mirdha, Deependra Hooda – to name a few. At present, 27 Members of parliament in Lok Sabha belong to political families proving my point that Indian politics has become a family affair, where parliamentary seats are heirlooms to be passed on. Grass root Leaders and young leaders with no patronage matter little, and given the huge money and muscle power involved in elections, non-family upstarts can only dream of power from the sidelines. All this has reduced politics of India to a kind of family business where merit is not valued and there are no opportunities for Common man. Politicians from rich family background don’t understand the problem of common man as they are habitual of sitting in ACs and they know only how to do business and Make money. With this mindset they earn lots more but never understand difference between Politics and Business i.e. Social Work Vs Work for Earnings.

When i see present politicians of India i find most of them coming from or some way related to the prominent political families of India. Its make me think that whether the Indian politics has become such a family affair in India.

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