Typing tutor 12

Description: Typing Tutor 12 Deluxe teaches you to type with short, quick lesson s. Within a few weeks, those small steps help you to reach skill levels that wil l serve you and your career. Save time and energy and increase your productivity by being able to typ e with greater speed and accuracy. Whether you are just beginning to learn to type or you are a touch typis t, Typing Tutor 12 Deluxe will reward you with improved typing skills, one step at a time. You'll learn to type as you read excerpts from over 1000 classic books Play 8 fun mini-games that reward you as your typing skills show improve ment Customize lessons to test areas you think you're weak in Install notes: 1.Download Daemon tools lite 2.Mount with Daemon tools lite. Or burn to disc with your favori te burning software. 3.As long as the file is mounted or the disc is in the tray it w ill work. 4.Enjoy and seed!

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