Fundamentals of the Peace and Conflict Field

1. Multi-Disciplinary Approach

2. Culturally Appropriate

3. Collaborative/Participatory Process

4. Adjustable Interventions

5. Empowerment

6. Interactive and Participatory Learning
Abdalla, Amr (2009). University for Peace.

Some Characteristics of the Field of Peace and Conflict
1. Recognition that conflicts are inevitable

2. Conflict and peace apply to various levels: interpersonal, family, community, organizational, national, international and global levels

3. While conflict can be destructive and harmful, peaceful approaches can make it positively transformative

4. Conflicts may be manifest or latent

5. “No one wakes up in the morning thinking that s/he is the bad guy!”

6. “There is no road to peace; peace is the road”
Abdalla, Amr (2009). University for Peace.

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