Super Ferritic Stainless Steels

Add Cr, Mo

Ni-Cr-Fe alloys eg, 25CR-35Ni-Nb

303, 303 Se

Add Ni for Corrosion resistance in high temperature

Add S or Se for Machinability

No Ni for ferritic

Duplex SS eg: ASTM A-49 309, 310, 314, 330
Increase Cr Lower Ni for Higher Strength

Add Cr & Ni for Strength & Oxidation

Add Nb+Ta to reduce sensitization


Add Ti to reduce sensitization

304 (18-8) 18-20 Cr, 8-10 Ni, Fe
add Mo for

Add Cu,Ti,Al Lower Ni for Precipitation hardening

Precipitation hardened SS eg: 17-7 PH steels

304 L
Lower Carbon to

pitting Resistance Add Mn, N, Lower Ni for higher Strength

316 L

reduce sensitization

316 201 , 202
add more Mo for pitting Resistance No Ni addition Lower Cr Martensitic

317 L

Super Austenitic SS

Add Ni,MO,N Corrosion resistance

403, 410, 420 317

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