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The Outcomes Vocabulary Builder booklet contains key language from the Student's Book and is organised by unit so that learners can easily refer to the words they need while they are studying. The Outcomes Vocabulary Builder contains: • Common collocations and phrases • Practice activities • Regular language boxes for extra information on word families, word-building and phrasal verbs • Answer key Also available for the student: • Workbook - additional language and skills practice, a Developing Writing section, extra activities for the Outcomes Vocabulary Builder and audio CDs for the listening activities. • MyOutcomes - online practice for grammar, vocabulary and all four skills. Use for self study or interact with your teacher and get feedback on your progress. Pin code available at the back of the Student's Book.


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Guide to Pronunciation Symbols
Consonant /Р/ 1Ы 14 Sounds pet bed time dog king garden fox, leaf van same zebra, is light mat name hot red young what bath weather fashion television cheap, catch jumper spring /pet/ /bed/ /taim/ /dog/ /кщ/ / ' g o dan/ /foks/, /II f/ /vaan/ /seim/ / ' zebra/, /iz/ /lait/ /maat/ /neim/ /hDt/ /red/ /JAO/ /WDt/ /ba 9/ /weBa/ / fasjan/ / , teli' vrjan/ /г/i р/, /каег// / djAmpa/ /sprirj/ Vowel /1 7

Learning vocabulary in collocations and phrases will develop your fluency. And doing a little revision regularly is the best way to learn vocabulary. That's what the Outcomes Vocabulary Builder (OVB) will help you with.

/к/ /9/ m /V/


HI /ml
/П/ /h/ /г/ /1/

/1/ /е/ /аз/ /a / /0/ /э:/ /о/ /и / /л/ /з 7 /а/

see win very every cat farm clock wall book moon cup world letter

/si:/ /win/ / ' veri/ / ' evri/ /km/ /fa:m/ /klok/

It has been written to provide you with the important vocabulary in the Student's Book and to show you how these words are commonly used. It does not include easier words which you should know from lower levels such as boring, or unusual words, which you probably don't need to remember at this level.

What each entry contains
• Each entry has a short explanation of the word's meaning and often gives information on other forms or opposites. • There is then a list of up to six typical collocations and phrases that the word is used with. • Regular language boxes provide extra information on word families, phrasal verbs etc.

/Ьик/ /ти:п/ /клр/ /W3:ld/ /'lett/

How the OVB is organised
It is organised to make it quick and easy to use in class and to revise at home. • Each unit in the OVB contains the most important new words from exercises, texts and listenings in the unit of the Student's Book. • The units are then divided according to each double page of the Student's Book and the words within those pages are written in alphabetical order. • At the end of each unit there are exercises to do. • There is an answer key at the back of the book.


Diphthong (two vowels together) /ei/ /90/

/w/ /6/ /а/ /// /3/ /*/ /«/ /0/

/ао/ /31/ /В/ /е»/ /оэ/

wait phone mine house noise near hair pure

/weit/ /faun/ /main/ /haos/ /nDIZ/

/ho/ /pjua/

Ways you can use the OVB
• Read the word list before you study the unit in the book. • Translate all the words you don't know based on the explanation. Check the collocations for each word. Do they make sense? Are any different to your language? • In class, if you have forgotten a word, look it up again. Write out the collocation list and add one of your own. • Cover words in the list and say or write phrases with the word. Then compare with the collocation list. • Choose five to ten words from the list to learn each day. • Put eight new words in a story using the collocations listed. • Do the exercises at the end of each unit some time after you've done it in class. Then check the answers in the key. • Write a list of the words you find difficult to remember and write sentences using the words.

Remember: Sound is not the same as spelling, for example, the word 'is'finishes with the letter's' but the sound is Izl. Iu.1 ii. When writing the sound of a word (its phonemic transcription), always put lines like these //on either side of the word: /vaen/ Stress shown with marks like these ' shows the primary stress in a word. For example, / ' go dan/ gcmien , shows the secondary stress. For example, / , t e l l ' V l j j n / teleiuiiati

PACES 8 - 9 abroad when you go abroad,you go to a different or foreign country: I'd love to live ~ /she travels - a lot /go-for a holiday Istudy accent an accent is the way you say words. You can tell where someone is from because of their accent: she speaks with an American -la strong French - (very noticeable) /aslight ~ (not very noticeable) involve when a job or a course involves something, it includes it as an essential part: the job ~s talking to people and solving their problems I it -s a lot of hard work I it ~s computer programming management management is the way of controlling and organizing an organization.The management is also the group of people who control an organization.The verb is manage: he's studying business - Ishe works in - Ithe company has good - I improve - of the organization I she manages the whole hotel mile one mile is 1.6 kilometres. Miles is often used to mean a long way: the town is soo -sfrom Moscow I the hotel is only a ~ down the road I a tiny village that's ~sfrom anywhere (not near any towns) / it's ~s to the nearest shop (a very long way) remind to remind someone about something means to make them remember it. Be careful -you cannot use remember with this meaning: she reminded me about my doctor's appointment I can you - me to phone home? I he ~s me of my brother (he looks like my brother) / that song ~s me of my wedding (it makes me think about my wedding) rude if something you say or do is rude, it is not polite and might upset people: it's - to ask people their age I I'm sorry-1 didn't mean to be -1 how-I I a very - man I he knows all the - words!

seat a seat is the place where you sit: come in and take a - (sit down) / I'd prefer a window - (a seat next to the window) / the - next to me/the best - in the theatre /you can book ~s in advance I the front - of a car top the top person or thing is the highest, most important or best: a - head teacher (one of the best) / she's the UK's - athlete I score - marks in the exam (very high marks) / he's in the - class (the class with the highest level) / they live on the floor (the highest floor in a building)

PACES 1 0 - 1 1 available if something is available,you can get it or buy it. The noun is availability: they want to make language learning more ~ to students /the game is - in the shops now (you can buy it) / her books are widely - (you can get them in lots of different places) /they're -forfree / I'm always - to help you (I can help you) / What's your availability for a meeting next week? bilingual if you are bilingual,you speak two languages very fluently. You can also be trilingual (able to speak three languages) or multilingual (able to speak many languages): I'm - in English and Turkish /grow up - Igo to a - school I be totally - / be almost continuity if there is continuity, things continue in a similar way without changes or problems: there was good - between teachers I we always try and maintain - /it's important not to lose - / we had six different teachers, so there was a lack ofdeal with if you deal with something,you do what is necessary. If you deal with a problem,you solve it: her job is to - complaints I he has to - lots of different people in his job/have to - some difficult customers / a difficult problem to defend if you defend something,you say you think it is good when other people say it is bad: a lot of people criticized the proposals, but he ~ed them I he tried to - what she had said I he should stand up and - himself (say that his ideas are right) disaster if something is a disaster, it is a complete failure: the policy was a - /the party was a total - I the evening was a bit of a dub if you dub a film, you change the speaking in it from one language into another. The adjective is dubbed: do you like watching foreign TV programmes that are -bed into your own language? I it's been -bed into English environment an environment is the place or conditions you live in or work in. Note that when we talk about the environment we mean the natural world: the school provides a good - to learn in I it's a safe - to play in I a good working - I they learn better in a good learning -

evidence facts that show if something is true, or show if someone is guilty or innocent of a crime: the police are still collecting - I there's no - against him I there's no - to suggest it's true fluent if you are fluent, you speak a language easily, without making mistakes.The adverb is fluently. The noun is fluency: a - English speaker I I'm - in Spanish /you write very fluently I1 need to improve my fluency get by if you get by, you can do something quite well, but not very well: I'm not very good at French, but I can just about - I1 don't know much about computers - but I - / he gets by at school - but he's not very academic head the head of a country, organization or department is the leader or manager. To head something means to lead it or be in charge of it: he's the - teacher (the leader of a school) / the queen is the - of state I the - of the company I he's -ing the negotiations improve if you improve, you get better and if you improve something,you make it better.The noun is improvement: my English is really improving I toyour language learning /the economy is improving I he was very ill, but he's slowly improving (becoming healthy again) /the government needs to - public transport I there has been a big improvement in your work keep if you keep doing something,you continue to do it or do it many times: - practising until you can do it I - trying I he -s phoning me I1 -forgetting to send that email /he~s telling me I'm wrong lack if there is a lack of something, it is missing. If you lack something,you do not have any: there was a - of evidence I the idea failed because of a - of interest (people weren't interested in it) la of effort (not trying hard enough) I the country ~s money to improve education I he completely -s talent maintain if you maintain something,you make it continue. If you maintain a building,you keep it in good condition: / can - a conversation in French I a good relationship with my neighbours I we try to - high standards I they haven't -ed the house very well (they haven't kept it in good condition) / i t costs a lot to - the school (to keep the buildings in good condition) motivation your motivation is the reason why you do something.The verb is motivate. If you motivate someone,you give them motivation: he has no - to study / some students fail because of a lack of - /1 lost all my - to go running during the winter I their teacher really knows how to motivate them pick up if you pick up a language or some other skill,you learn it by seeing it or doing it, without studying it in a classroom: / picked up a few words of Turkish when I was staying there I they haven't

studied it at school but just picked it up off the street (by playing outside with otheryoung people) / she picks up languages very easily I1 showed him how to do it and he picked it up very quickly point the point of something is the reason to do it: what's the - of studying for exams? I there's no speaking to him (it will not achieve anything) / the - of coming here is to learn English I1 don't see the - of spending a lot of money on clothes policy a policy is an idea or plan that a government or organization follows: what is the government's - on education? I health - I it's against company - to employ people under 16 / they want the government to change its - on immigration progress if you progress, you get better at doing something. Progress is also a noun: students - at different speeds /to- slowly /to- quickly I he's definitely -ing /she's made huge - this term (she has got much better) provide if you provide something,you give it to people or make it available: I'll - all the food and drink I coffee will be -d in the break I they should people with more information I this will -you with a great opportunity question if you question something,you say that you have doubts about it and think it might be wrong: they -ed the prime minister's decision I some people are-ing the government's change in policy I he was -ed by the police (the police asked him questions) /she -ed his motives (wondered why he was really doing something) range when there is a range of things, there are a number of different kinds of thing: we discussed a - of topics I deal with a wide - of levels I the company provides a - of services /see our full of products rely on if you rely on something,you need it and trust it. The adjective for someone you can trust is reliable.The opposite is unreliable: she has to - her parents for money (she needs her parents to give her money) / they - everyone else to speak English (they need everyone else to speak English) / you can't - him (you can't trust him) lits a very reliable train service (you can trust it) / he's totally unreliable (you can't trust him) reply if you reply to someone, you give them an answer. Reply is also a noun: he replied in English I she didn't - to my letter I sorry for the delay in -ing 11 still haven't received a - from him 11 asked him a question, but he gave no - (he didn't say anything) report a report is a written document or a TV or radio programme that gives information about a subject. Report is also a verb: the government has published a new - on the war I according to a recent - I the main conclusions of the - I a TV on crime I they will - back to us next week (they will tell us the information they have learnt)



8 We do a lot of trade theEU. 1 study management a small business 2 widely available What'syour next week? 3 befluentin Spanish speak three languages 4 improve your English showabig in your English 5 have no motivation 6 rely on him a lot to play better be a very worker the team PACES 1 2 . it is working: the train -s every 30 minutes (it goes every 30 minutes) / the buses don't . It's a complete mess.the table hard /1 -ed my knee on the side of the table (by accident) / / heard a .key / have no . Trade is also a verb: the company does a lot of . you talk to them in a friendly. grow up (become an adult). p/'d: up (learn). people say apartment: live in a ./ invent (or make up) an . (work) 2 Can you remind me Ana a call after the class? (give) 3 I'll be available any problems at one o'clock. just keep (try) 5 I taught myself how and now I make my own jumpers. 1 2 3 4 5 6 a language easily in French a film into English food and drink the situation your language learning В Match the nouns to the verbs. without a teacher: is it possible to . Can you get some when you go out? 7 I'm going to stay at home this weekend and sort out /pick up the house.her to the doctor (take her to the doctor very quickly) /1 -ed the last question of the exam (did it too quickly) / I'm in a . you hit it. 6 We'll provide everyone an opportunity to try it. In American English. 2 She really reminds me my mother. 1 I'm not very good with computers but I get by / deal with. you think about it again and decide what you should do. 5 It's company policy to wear jeans. you learn it from books or by practising yourself. 6 We've almost/a//en out / run out of milk. Rush is also a noun: / -ed out of the house (left the house very quickly) /we had to .smoothly (without problems) / the car -son diesel A phrasal verb is a verb and a particle that are used together with a particular meaning.(i don't have much time) / do my homework in a sort out if you sort something out.at the door (the sound of someone banging) chat if you chat to someone./ a furnished .after midnight / the train and bus services usually . dub provide get by review improve pick up 4 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 5 .get by (manage). 2 I have to deal with / rely on a lot of difficult children in the class.the situation next week / a . However./ he's got poor people .review if you review an idea or a policy. 1 to collect a) motivation 2 to lose your b) chat 3 to make c) report 4 to publish a d) evidence 5 to have a e) management 6 to work in f) progress PHRASAL VERBS A Choose the correct phrasal verb. In some cases the particle does not change the meaning of the verb. (deal with) 4 If you don't have any success first time. PHRASAL VERBS W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold. 4 There was a lack interest in the idea.(the business of making money by encouraging tourists to visit an area) /they .of language policy skills your skills are the abilities you have: she's got good language ./ management ~ / learn new . Let's go inside. 7 I read a report crime in New York. 1 The job involves withyoung people.This is true for action verbs like walk and run.The adjective is chatty: we-ted for a while /1 often . 5 Many people don't have a car and rely on / make up public transport to get to work. 4 Can you lend me some money? I rushed out / sorted out of the house this morning and I forgot to get my purse./ a top-floor .with companies all over the world rush if you rush.in the city centre / look for a -to rent / a ground-floor . it is extra: we've got a room / give you a ./ there's no -for being so rude flat a flat is a group of rooms you can live in.my life (make it more organized and deal with problems in it) / . informal way. They ran out of food and drink (they used all the food and needed more). walked.my holiday (organize it) / .with someone / she's very chatty (willing to spend time chatting) excuse an excuse is the reason you give for why you did something wrong: what'syour -for being late? / give an .1 3 bang if you bang something. mean that the person rushed. rely on (trust)./ have computer . 3 The film is dubbed English. He picks things up/gets by very quickly. make up (invent). you organize it: I need to . she rushed out of the house / let's walk down the stairs / they ran away with my bag 11 fell over. It is usually part of a larger building. often because you do not have much time. 9 There's no excuse that kind of behaviour.all my papers (organize them and put them in order) spare if something is spare. Bang is also a noun: / was -ing on the door for ages /to . Look up the verbs if you need help./ a good . 1 Their house is miles anywhere. Review is also a noun: the government is going to its drug policy / we will .(with furniture already in it) / live in a block of-s run if a machine or vehicle is running.change (small amounts of money that you do not need) EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. (wait) COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with the verbs in the lists.with Europe / improve the tourist . Look up the nouns (a-f) if you need help. Chat is also be a noun.(he doesn't get on well with people) teach yourself if you teach yourself something. 3 He's very intelligent. ran or fell. For example. The other phrasal verbs in this unit are: deal with (solve).English? / he taught himself the guitar /1 taught myself how to cook trade trade is the business of buying and selling things.time / have you got any .with China / they are worried they will lose / they want to increase . (knit) 6 There's no point here in the rain. sort out (solve) В Which TWO words in the list below are NOT both a noun and verb? bang policy head progress lack question remind rush reply trade PATTERNS A Put the verb in brackets into the correct form [to + infinitive or-ing). you do something or go somewhere very quickly. I fell out with my brother (we had an argument).to her on the phone / have a .the problem (solve it) /I'm trying to . sometimes adding the particle changes the meaning of the verb: He walked out on his wife (he left his wife).

with me for being late /she was ./ the university can't provide .1 7 approach if you approach something.you cannot understand something: she tried explaining it to me. they correct it and give it a number or grade: / didn't expect to get such a high .any crime here (almost no crime) join if you join someone.said anything all evening (he said very little) / there was . you no longer like it because it is boring or annoying: I'm with my job / You look a bit .that you missed his birthday /1 was a bit .in the town I I'm living in student behind if you are behind with work.to break the world record / she succeeded in her .to talk /he's a bit . It can be a game that you lose. sad or guilty: I've got a high temperature and I feel .him /you can't everyone all the time Sometimes the verb can have a different meaning to the -ed adjective. you go towards them and speak to them: a woman -ed me in the street /you can always . slow or not doing as well as you should.us for dinner / please .with myself for giving up smoking I I'll be . A more formal word is vomit: / think I'm going to. it should happen or arrive at a certain time: the baby is .at work / he spoiled the friendly .us} I do you mind if I-your /'she can't come now.you go to where they are so that you are with them: would you like to .ever see him (very rarely) / we were so far back that I could .about not inviting her / he gave me a .he's in a funny . flat or hotel where you can live or stay: the tourist office can help you find .the queue (stand in the queue and wait) mood your mood is how you feel: she's been in a bad all day (feeling angry) / listening to music always puts me in a good .to help (willing to help) / .to arrive at six o'clock / my rent's .debate about the problem miserable if you are miserable.with this awful weather /1 was ./1 always feel . they get divorced or stop being a couple.because of musical differences / the teacher split us up because we were talking terrible if you feel terrible./ run a . you feel happy because something bad or worrying has ended: it was a to hear you weren't hurt / he gave a sigh of . they stop working together: he's just .to save the child / he failed in his .with her exam results /1 was really .life / the search for a ./ I felt .last month / his death was a great .when her parents died / they live in an .1 5 accommodation accommodation is a place such as a house. you plan to do it in the future: he -s to carry on hugging people / I don't think she -ed me to see the email / what do you . they have committed a crime: I feel a bit . boredom: / was falling asleep with .after 20 years of marriage / the band .schedule break down if a machine or system breaks down./ the club's got a great ./ I'm getting .is open 24 hours a day /all the ~s are busy at the moment /you need to dial g to get an outside ./ he got top ~s in the test I get a low .soon / ~.The verb is discover: scientists have made an exciting . bore: football ~s те/ I'm sorry to-you with my problems confuse: / don't want to -you by giving you too much information / this research -s matters further disappoint: / don't want to .to do about this? isolated if someone feels isolated. but she'll . you are sad or angry about something: he was quite .next week (I will receive it then) exhausted if you are exhausted.when I heard what they'd done / they were .I losing the match was a big pleasure: is your trip for business or-? I it's a .with his stupid comments / he sensed the tense .village / this was just an .when I spoke to him / I was very . you try to do it.relationship / we should have a .next month /the train was ./ I'm absolutely .against drink driving discovery a discovery is something new that you find or learn.today (I have to pay it today) / my pay's .you are unhappy because something is not as good as you wanted or expected: she was .them /1 hate to you.FEELINGS PACES 1 4 .to hide the truth I he -ed to climb Mount Everest campaign a campaign is a series of actions you do because you want to win something or persuade people about something: his free hugs' campaign has been very successful / they are starting a new . If a group split up. or money that a company loses. exhaust: we've -ed all the possibilities (tried them all) / what will we do when we've -ed the supplies of oil? (used them all) The nouns related to -ed adjectives can vary a lot in their form.with my exam results /1 feel .incident (just one. it stops working: my car broke down on the motorway / the central heating's broken down I the company's payment system broke down cheer up if you cheer up./1 thought I was going to die of confusion: There was some ./ the pass . you make them feel happier: I'm sure she'll .see the stage (it was very difficult to see) / there's .about disappointing them /1 feel -for not telling you the truth /are you OK? You look -! throw up if you throw up. you are very angry: he was about the damage to his car /1 was .(a strange mood) pleased if you are pleased with something./ this is an important new .with his girlfriend / they decided to .of murder (a court decided that he was guilty) hardly almost nothing or no one: he .about how much I have to pay / she looked very disappointed if you are disappointed.that no-one told him about the party WORD FAMILIES AND -ED ADJECTIVES Most -ed adjectives come from verbs that are commonly used./ I've had some problems with my ~ / there's plenty of good .look when I asked him where the money was / he was found .to work with you (it's enjoyable) exhaustion: she was suffering from ./ could you hold the .you get nearer to it. When a teacher marks work. they feel very alone.with my work / he's . you feel very ill.to us all / I'm sorry for your mark a mark is the number or grade you get for a piece of work or an exam.it's not that bad /1 bought her some flowers to cheer her up /1 need to do something to cheer myself up / he needs cheering up confused if you are confused.about who had won / put your name on your bags to avoid disappointment: book early to avoid .against poverty/a military against the rebels / an election . If you cheer someone up.of waiting furious if you are furious.hear you (I can't hear you very well) / ) . If something is miserable.by her death /she was too .anyone there (there were very few people) /speak up . not part of a series) line a line is a telephone number or connection. An isolated place is far away from towns and cities: she felt very ./ there's a nasty . you are very sad.to know I'm not the only one with problems / the doctors gave him pain .ten minutes ago / they were .you feel bad because you think you have done something wrong.(medicine to get rid of pain) split up if two people split up./ it's a .to argue with him fed up if you are fed up with something.(makes me feel happy) /I'm not in the .to go out / ignore him ./1 was up all night throwing up / he threw up all over the bathroom floor upset if you are upset.The opposite is ahead: I'm really . it makes you sad: I felt PACES 1 6 . If someone is guilty./ he was weak wili\ relaxing .1 can . Attempt is also a verb: he made a desperate ./ they discovered gold in the mountains intend if you intend to do something.the competition / the project is two months .by the film due if something is due.him with a problem (talk to him about it) / the company -ed me and offered me a job / things became more tense as the election -ed (came closer) atmosphere the atmosphere in a place is the feeling you get from being there: a hotel with a lovely 6 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 7 .to meet you (said when you meet someone for the first time) relief if you feel relief. you start to feel happier.you are happy or satisfied with it: / was really . but the concert's already sold out please: / knew the result would .and I'll try and find her for you loss a loss is when you lose something. It can also be the sad feeling you have when someone close to you dies: fh/s was the team's third this year / the company made a big .you are late.about it / we were all very ./ the government launched an anti-smoking . but I was still ~ I I'm a bit .by the end of the week /1 was too . you are really tired: sit down -you must be.is 40 per cent /you lose -sfor bad spelling /the teacher hasn't marked the exams yet meaningful if something is meaningful it is serious or important and useful: he finds it hard to make connections with other people / she wants to have a .to get elected I it was a deliberate .as soon as he walked in attempt if you make an attempt to do something. A help line is a number you phone to ask for advice: you can call our help -for more information I the customer service .at school / the company's fallen . you are sick.because I haven't rung him for ages /1 feel .at how much it cost guilty if you feel guilty about something. If you approach someone.at not getting the job / he was very .

2 The bus broke off / down on the way home.by Head Office / I'm hoping to get . but she completely ~d me / we can't ./ he lacks the necessary to be a doctor speech if you give a speech. 1 make/do an attempt to do something 2 get /launch a campaign against poverty 3 make /do an exciting new discovery 4 earn/get good marks in an exam 5 give /speak a speech 6 solve /finish a mystery С Which of the following words do not collocate with the nouns? 1 a good / bad / funny / upset mood 2 a nasty / tense / isolated / friendly atmosphere 3 lovely / handsome / amazing / beautiful scenery 4 successful / high / low / top marks 5 a positive / angry / disappointing / exciting response PHRASAL VERBS Choose the correct word to complete the phrasal verb. you stop things from damaging it: a friend came along to . 8 They don't do anything to protect themselves the sun.next year / he -dfrom Harvard with first class honours (top marks) heat heat is when something is hot: I don't go to very hot countries because I can't stand the . this is your opinion of it: / ./the was unbearable during the day / keep the butter away from the .when everyone left / he's had a -year / what a . Do you fancy out later? He's due in the next few minutes. If you ignore something. 7 I was very upset the whole thing. 5 They have started a campaign poverty. PATTERNS A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list.circumstances / her disappearance was a complete mystery / detectives are trying to solve the mystery nervous if you are nervous about something.at how much poverty there was /1 was .at the end of the dinner / we had to listen to some boring ~es PAGES 1 8 .between a doctor and his patients scenery the scenery is the countryside that you see in a place: we passed through some lovely . 11 He graduated philosophy the Sorbonne W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the sentences with the correct nouns and adjectives from these verbs./ he has no social .you talk to a large number of people about something: the chairman delivered an inspiring ./ she gave a .watching a film? /I've never fancied trying yoga /1 ./ beautiful shocked if you are shocked at something.him .doing something different find if you say that you find something interesting.1 9 fancy if you fancy doing something. reduce the .between a parent and child / the . Howdoyoufind nights? 8 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 9 . your employer gives you a better job and more money.him /the animals are -edfrom hunters /you need to -yourselffrom the sun / wear goggles to your eyes response a response is an answer to a question or letter.with Sara / a love-hate -1 the.and cook it gently for a few minutes ignore if you ignore someone.to your letter / his comments provoked an angry skills skills are things that you are able to do.before I made the speech / he was so -. you cannot move from that place: we were . COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit. especially things you can do well: she wants to improve her computer . etc./ he made an acceptance . his hand was shaking promoted if you get promoted. 6 He's such a bad mood. Look up the nouns to help you if necessary.in traffic / we were .by the news / I was . 10 She's been promoted a higher position.on the train for hours / the children were . She couldn't hide her when I told her. 1 The awful smell almost made me throw up / down.in a lift for two hours / I was . 1 I was really disappointed not getting the job.lying on a beach incredibly boring / did you . She was suffering from after the run.you want to do it: do you . 3 I'm totally fed up him complaining all the time.to see so many people using drugs stuck if you are stuck somewhere. It was a I was by the time we finally got home. you feel worried or a bit scared about it: / get very .before exams /1 was quite .to supervisor / now I've been ./ once the soup is boiling.in front of a computer all day unlike if it is unlike a person or thing to do something it is not typical or normal for them: it's .The noun is mystery: we heard some . It was no trouble at all.the exam difficult? /how are you -ing the course? graduate you graduate when you get your first degree at university: she ~d in law last year (she got a degree in law) /I'm going to . 9 I am writing response to your complaint of 2 August. 2 I feel a bit guilty forgetting his birthday.you stop things from hurting them. bore 1 confuse disappoint exhaust please 3 4 5 6 7 8 make an acceptance s h what's the pass m k? phone the customer service h I run an advertising c__ __n develop your computer s s live in student a n В Choose the correct verbs to complete the collocations. I thought I was going to die of I I was with myself for giving up smoking.a bit . boring. It's unlike him so quiet.I'm on a better salary / she's hoping to get a promotion soon relationship a relationship is the way two people feel and behave towards each other: / have a good .The noun is promotion: / was . you don't pay any attention to it:just .(he doesn't know how to talk to other people) / she has good organizational .to our idea / there was a disappointing -from the public / I'm writing in . 3 I'll buy her some flowers to cheer her out / up.at how old he looked /1 was .sounds / why are you being so . but I haven't had a -yet / we got a positive . or a reaction to something that has happened: / wrote to him last week. 1 have a love-hate r__ _p 2 take some pain r f He failed in his attempt the world record.he's being stupid /1 said hello.you are very surprised and slightly upset: / was .on the way I they stopped to admire the amazing .going for a coffee? / do you . 4 They were absolutely furious me for staying out all night.to the school / the head teacher made a short . There were so many to choose from.with my parents / he doesn't want people to know about his . arrive 1 2 3 4 5 6 be break go hear work 2 3 4 5 I was really when he told me he couldn't come to the wedding.inside all day because of the rain /1 don't want to be .them to be late / the storm was anything I've ever seen EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.about it? /she died in . I felt a bit To avoid .him to be so quiet / it's .this problem mysterious someone or something mysterious is difficult to understand. It was a relief that he was OK.you don't listen to them or speak to them.day (with bad weather) / the weather was last week (very bad) protect if you protect someone. 4 He's split off / up from his girlfriend. I don't know what's wrong with him. can just one person speak at a time? The kids were really because it was raining and they couldn't go outside. If you protect something.

Debate is also a noun: the government is debating whether to reduce taxes / this is a hotly ~d topic (a lot of people have discussed it angrily) / we need a public ./you can hire a local .negotiated a pay rise traffic jam if there is a traffic jam on a road.subjects at the school / some countries have military service / -ID cards damage if you damage something./ a poor . repeat is a verb .price highlight if you highlight something. the rides are the machines which move around and which you can go on for fun: they've got some great . Damage is also a noun: this crisis could the economy / a lot of buildings were ~d by the storm / this story could .you ask them for money for something you have given them or done for them.city / are you interested in ./ their dream of a new home turned into a./ they decided to set up a .history? bargain a bargain is something you buy at a much cheaper price than usuahyou can always find lots of ~s in the sales / that's only £30 . your stomach hurts and you might be sick. For example./ the financial .There is also an adjective guided: we were shown around by a tour . from under the ground./ thousands of people were sent to the ~s / millions died in the -s decorated if something is decorated.gold.the low number of public holidays / we need to . The noun is rejection: they -ed our ideas /he -ed my offer I the company -ed my application / the fighting started again after the rejection of the peace plan reopen if a place reopens.near the city / visit some ancient .his reputation / the cinema suffered serious . it is connected in some way.TIME OFF PACES 2 0 .of the city / the shop is in the old Jewish .it's a real castle a castle is a big old building with strong walls that was built to protect the people inside and to give armies a safe place to stay: go and visit the old ~ / there's a ruined .ruins / an .there/goon all the . If it pours with rain.even though 'store' is also a verb. you damage it so that it is not as beautiful or enjoyable: the bad weather -ed the holiday / the new buildings will -the view / don't ./ there are some really scary . someone charges you too much or does not pay you enough.mosque I an ./ the . with lots of verbs that start with rethere is no extra meaning of'again'. it becomes open to the public again after it has been closed for a while.but 'peat' is not! PAGES 2 2 . Mine is also a verb: ancient salts/ it would be interesting to go down a . this adds the meaning of'again'to the verb./ the beach was a strange -for a wedding / the talks are taking place at a secret .wage / .it's a total rip-off! spoil if you spoil something.height charge if you charge someone.town / visit all the .ed with rain all day raise if you raise an amount or a level.on the hill concentration camp a concentration camp is a set of buildings where lots of prisoners are kept and sometimes killed during wars: a Nazi .trial / she wanted her .taxes ripped off if you are ripped off./ most of the men here work in the -sla coal miner I a mining town / it's too expensive to mine for coal here prayer prayer is the act of speaking to Cod.if some people get paid more than others /his lawyers are demanding a . there is a line of cars that cannot move forwards: we were stuck in a ./ wander round the . restore does NOT mean 'to store again'.(without paying) / they offered us a bigger room at no extra compulsory if something is compulsory. the rules or laws say you have to do it: maths and English are .(in which people become angry) entitlement your entitlement is your right to receive something./ attend daily ~s / pray to Cod / pray for their safe return (ask God for this) reject if you reject someone or something.I he's too young to go on the ruins ruins are the parts of an old building that are still left after most of the building has been destroyed.house prices / she's about . it rains very heavily.you can't take away the letters re to make another verb. The industry is mining./you're only allowed one piece of hand nightmare a nightmare is a bad dream or a very difficult and unpleasant situation: the holiday was a complete . The adjective is ruined: there are some Roman .down tomorrow / it .in the pre debate if people debate something.event I an .day location a location is the place where something is.you make it flow out of its container.to show you the city / buy a good -book (a book with information about a place) /go on a guided tour of the castle (a tour when a guide shows you around) historic a historic place or building is old and important./ their offices are located in the city centre medieval the medieval age in Europe was from around 1000 ad to 1500 ad: a .the party trade union a trade union is an organization that tries to get better pay and working conditions for workers: most of the workers belong to a ./1 still have -s about the accident pour if you pour a liquid. Historic events are very important events that happened in the past and will be remembered in the future: the city has a lot of buildings / an . etc./ heavy .age of the people in the class is 18 / the European .share of the money / a . The noun is reopening: they've just -ed the old cinema / the museum will .next month I they -ed the road last night / we were invited to the reopening of the restaurant restore if you restore something. For example. Charge is also a noun: they -d us 20 euros for a salad / he -s £30 an hour /you can use the library free of .between diet and cancer / cultural and economic -s between the countries luggage your luggage is the bags and suitcases you take with you when you go on holiday: Shall I carry your -for you? / we were scared of losing our .on this subject / a heated .this problem / the report -s the need for action link if one thing is linked to another. it is made to look more beautiful. Rip off is also a verb and the noun is rip-off: workers are being .castle / the old square in the town centre /studying .(where there are lots of banks and offices) / the main shopping . It just has a different meaning! Also. For example.you increase it: the restaurant had to .you say you do not want them.coming from the mosque / say a .peace to the country after the war rides in a theme park./ have you got anything for an -? 10 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 11 . they discuss it in a serious.history /a painting mine a mine is a big hole in the ground where people digand bring upcoal. you repair it so that it is as good as it was in the past: they've been restoring the old palace for years /they~d the old mosque to its original condition I the church has been beautifully -d / .of the city guide a guide is someone whose job is to show tourists places and tell them about the places they are visiting. The adjective is located: the hotel is in a beautiful . Link is also a noun: the lack of holidays has been .The people who work in mines are miners. you break it or harm it. reopen means 'open again'.its prices / this policy could unemployment / . with some verbs that start with re-.3 average you calculate an average by adding two or more amounts together and then dividing by the total number of amounts: the . formal way before making a decision.ed to people becoming ill from overworking / the two facts are closely -ed / doctors have established a .The verb is entitle:you have a legal to 20 days'holiday a year / the ticket entitles you to one free drink / everyone is entitled to free health care fair If things are fair. The verb is decorate and the noun is decoration: the church was beautifully for the special day / we all helped to decorate the Christmas tree I why don't we put up some party decorations? desert a desert is a large area of dry land where there is very little water and very few plants or animals: not many animals can survive in the -/go trekking across the Sahara -1 be lost in the district a district is a part of a city or town: the main housing . usually because of something you have eaten: I've got a really bad -1 it might cause an . everyone is treated well and treated in the same way: it's not . The verb is pray: we heard the call to .monuments / the peace agreement was an . very old: we visited some .1 ancient if something is ancient. You can also say that it pours down: shall I-you a drink? / it's going to . it is very. Here are some more examples: rearrange remarry rethink rewrite rebuild redo repaint replay retake (an exam) remake resell reuse However.criticized the plan to close the factory / the .I the city was left in .after the war /an old ruined temple temple a temple is a religious building for certain religions: a Buddhist/Hindu/Sikh -1 we visited the ancient ~s WORD BUILDING: VERBS THAT START WITH RE Sometimes when a verb starts with the letters re.by the company / we got -by a taxi driver / the hotel tried to rip us off / I'm not paying that much .you talk or write about it in a way that makes people notice it and tells them it is important: he wants to .for hours / the accident caused a upset stomach if you have an upset stomach. salt.

this mess (make it tidy) confirm if you confirm an arrangement. it moves. 4 If you find you don't need your tickets. 2 You are entitled 20 days holiday a year./ it's much warmer today than it was yesterday / the warmest room in the house / I'm cold -1 need to . they our offer. The temperature 40°C yesterday. 3 Shall I turn out /warm up the soup? 4 The infection should clear up / pour down in a few days.The adjective is stormy: there might be a.in profits forecast a forecast is a statement about what people think is going to happen in the future. E Which of the collocations do not go with the nouns? 1 have / cause/fall an upset stomach 2 find / come / be a bargain 3 be sent to / die in / send a concentration camp 4 set up / belong to / open a trade union 5 carry / make / lose/your luggage PHRASAL VERBS A Choose the correct phrasal verbs. 5 He two years after his wife died. 3 There is a link diet and cancer.later / the plane crashed in a /as we were driving home. The noun is humidity: the afternoon was hot and . Drop is also a noun: The temperature ~ped to minus ю'С/ prices have ~ped dramatically / there's been a . 11 There has been a drop student numbers. Look up the verbs if you need help. The wind the roof off the shed. 1 coal / salt m __e 2 a Buddhist/Hindu/Sikh t e 3 the weather/economic f t 4 a beautiful / strange / secret I n 5 do serious d e 6 turn into a complete n _ _ __e С Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs from the list. 6 I would hate to go amine. because it will just get dirty again /it's a film that is definitely seeing / it may not work but it's -atry / the castle is well .broke (it started) / stormy weather / a stormy relationship (with a lot of arguing) turn out the way something turns out is the way it develops or changes: the afternoon turned out really sunny / everything will -fine in the end warm if something is warm./ a very climate / can't stand the humidity /go per cent humidity reach to reach a place or level means to get there: the temperature might . 4 We were stuck a traffic jam.The past participle is blown: my umbrella blew away / the wind blew the roof off the house /1 was nearly blown over chilly if it is chilly. 2 We have to the doors every few years.36X tomorrow / we finally -ed the top of the mountain / he -ed the age of 100 storm when there is a storm. D Match the sentence halves. 4 I'll phone to confirm d) with rain. it becomes better.later / the infection should ~ in a day or two / we need to . 1 decorate a room put up go on a 2 a tourist guide tour 3 a beautiful location the hotel is in the city centre the men work as 4 a salt mine 5 daily prayers 6 some Roman ruins 7 a legal entitlement 8 a chilly day 9 confirm the time 10 a humid day 11 a terrible storm WORD-BUILDINC A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs. Look up the verbs if you need help. 8 He wanted to go all the rides. a . it is very hot and there is a lot of water in the air. 7 They pray Cod every day. it goes down.worth if something is worth doing.in student numbers /a 20 per cent . 2 The government wants to raise b) the economy.cleaning the floor. so I had to for someone's safe return a temple this ticket you to a free drink there was a slight in the air send written 90 per cent weather COLLOCATIONS A Match the adjectives to the nouns. 2 It's going to pour down / turn out this afternoon.a visit PACES 2 4 . it is quite hot in a pleasant way. 5 This crisis could damage e) taxes. you say that it will definitely happen. 5 It is difficult to survive the desert. the weather will . 1 ancient a)event 2 a fair b)age 3 a compulsory c) ruins d) relationship 4 the average e) subject at school 5 a historic 6 a stormy f)trial В Use the collocations to complete the missing nouns. you can always them. blow 1 2 3 4 5 reach reject reopen spoil They the road last night. 3 They had to the cinema after it burnt down. VOCABULARY BUILDER 13 12 OUTCOMES . 6 My essay wasn't very good. Unfortunately. If you clear something up./ next year's sales .the booking in writing / they sent me a letter of confirmation drop if an amount or level drops.the date of the meeting / .5 blow when wind or air blows. The past tense is blew. 1 Some restaurants try to clear up / rip off their customers. W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold. 10 They charged us €20 a salad.outside / the evenings are starting to get quite . you'll have to it. Look up the adjectives if you need help.it is cold. 3 I think it's going to pour c) this problem. 5 Everything will rip off I turn out fine in the end. J rebuild remarry repaint resell retake rewrite 1 If you fail your exam.the soup up? (make it hotter) EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. 1 The hotel is a beautiful location.up a bit / shall I . lots of rain falls and there are strong winds. 1 He thinks it's important a) the date of a to highlight meeting.s humid if the weather is humid. Chill can also be a verb: it's a bit . based on the evidence available: what's the weather -for tomorrow? / the -said it's going to snow tonight / a pessimistic economic . you make it better: hopefully. 9 The town was left ruins. The noun is chill. The bad weather our holiday. there is a good reason to do it: it's not . There is also a verb warm up: the weather was nice and .The noun is confirmation: he phoned to ./ there's a slight chill in the air I put the wine in the fridge to chill (become cold) clear up if something clears up.the misunderstanding between us / we need to .

/you should always wear a ./ have your T-shirt on ~ (with the front part at the back) complicated if something is complicated./ his leg was in .with computers /this film's . If you are off balance.policy unreliable: he's very . slip if you slip. you talk to them and give reasons so that they agree to do it: her teachers ~d her to start doing judo /1 tried to .the door in / give it a -I move a move is a change of position in a sport such as a martial art: / can do the basic ~s / I'd like to learn some more advanced ~s / that's a difficult .for 6 weeks / when are they going to take the . Before the semi-final./ her room's so unusual: it's ./put your . he's a horrible -I course a course is a large area of land or water for races or games: arace. Someone who does this is a bully: the big kids used to ./ they reached the skating skating is the sport of moving over ice on shoes with metal blades on the bottom.you hit it with your foot./ he won his ~./an . Kick is also a noun: / can't even ./ use your .visit unfair: that's -I /an ./ keep your back -/sit up .before a game /you need to know how to fall . The score is how many points or goals each team has: / -d a goal / Casol -d 23 points / Arsenal -d in the last minute / What's the ~? / the final .childhood unhealthy: he looks .to help / he's ./ it's important to defend well / he's an excellent defender kick if you kick something.The activity is training: how often do you have to -? / he -s hard every day / we .at shooting / he's .in the competition? / we didn't very well (we weren't very successful) helmet a helmet is a hard hat that you wear to protect your head: a cycle . If your muscles are stiff. it is hard and difficult to move. When your body bleeds.you do exercises and practice to become fitter and better. for example unfit.sometimes /you need good .9 backwards if you move backwards.leader unlikely: it's .with the bad weather unnecessary: there was an .line /1 can't kick the ball .a lot / I'm -ing for a marathon / a training session tournament a tournament is a competition with several rounds and matches.defeat / an ./ the machine doesn't work . it is not good or useful: I'm . you try to put the ball in the net. your body is more on one side and you may fall: it's difficult to keep your .in the first round 14 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 15 . you injure it by stretching it too much: / pulled a muscle in my leg / I've pulled my hamstring (the muscle at the top of the leg) / she pulled her calf muscle (the muscle at the bottom of leg) season the seasons are the different times of the year.game / it's a very . you hurt a part of your body./ he's talking ./ the machine isn't working .at football / he's . The noun is also shot: if you get near the goal.experience / an ./ he was badly injured in an accident /she has an injured foot persuade if you persuade someone to do something. You can also say that something is rubbish if it is very bad or stupid: I'm . there is the quarter-final: they lost in the . it is covered in blood. a season is the time of year when a sport is played: when does the football . you are very bad at something. The adjective is injured: he's got a leg .(when he stands close to the net) / the crowd cheered when he kicked the ball into the back of the rubbish if you are rubbish at something./ a serious ./1 need to buy some new ~s.mistake unfriendly: she's very .to lose / we were .decision / it gives them an advantage unfit: I'm so -I / too .nose / there were .decision / an . The verb is defend.speech / an ./ how do you keep so-? / they're worried he won't be -for the match on Saturday /1 need to improve my fitness You can add un.start? / the end of the tennis . you use it to get what you want.you tell other people that you are very good at something or you have very nice or expensive things: he's always -ing about how good he is / he was -ing that he'd never failed an exam / she was -ing because her parents had just bought her a new car bully if someone bullies you.if you keep saying how good you are / he's very .7 PACES 2 8 ./ they got knocked out of the ./ that's -I autograph if a famous person gives you their autograph. they hurt you or laugh at you because you are different from them.battles on the streets /your nose is bleeding / his head was bleeding badly boast if you boast./ don't be so -I bloody if something is bloody.what to do untidy: he's really .him to change his mind / we managed to . they hurt because you have used them too much: my legs are .(for horse racing) / a golf fit if you are fit.The opposite is unfit. so he's in the final next week / we got through to the .weather for winter/it's .to lots of adjectives to mean not.delay / cause suffering to animals unpleasant: it was an .accident / an .you are very bad at it./ the team has a strong . you move in the direction that is behind you.of the situation /-of an opportunity / they took advantage of the defender's mistake and scored technique a technique is a special way of doing something: he taught me some new -s/ it's always good to learn new ~s train if you train for a sport./a tennis .he'll win unlucky: they were .to read unacceptable: .off? properly if you do something properly. sometimes unfairly: he took advantage of his opponent's injury / .advertising campaign unsuitable: those shoes are -for climbing unsure: I'm . just -I / I'm useless at -ing / that was a great shot! straight if something is straight. which continue until there are just two teams or players in the final: he won a judo . If something is useless. The past tense is shot.situation court the court is the area of hard ground where you play some sports: a tennis ~ / a basketball defence the defence is the group of players who stop the other team scoring in a game. If you do something backwards.trained pull a muscle if you pull a muscle./an chair unexpected: the win was quite -/an .lifestyle uninspiring: an ./1 feel a bit -1 I've got a ./he managed to get the ball over the ./it's hard to skate .The adjective is slippery: / -ped on the ice / she -ped and fell / it's a bit muddy .you do it in the opposite way to normal: he fell . you do it correctly:you should always warm up .child unpopular: the president is very .to play in the match unfortunate: it was an . it is covered with a hard substance to protect a broken bone and stop it moving: she's got her arm in .behaviour / the proposal is uncomfortable: these shoes are really .in his job/an . you get a point or a goal in a game.in my arm after the injury / build up your .the ball in a straight line / they ~ed and punched him / they tried to .NEGATIVES INTERESTS PACES 2 6 . you are healthy and can do exercise without getting tired.The shoes are called skates: we went ./ the ground's very slippery /the roads were very slippery stiff if something is stiff./ the bus service is quite unsuccessful: the plan was -/an .The noun isfitness:I'm going running everyday to get ./ I've lost . it is difficult to do or understand because it has a lot of different parts: we learnt some ~ dance moves / chess is a .to do judo /she lost her ~ and fell / my opponent threw me offbig-headed if someone is big-headed./an . they think they are better than other people: people will think you're .it's - WORD BUILDING .for him not too phone get on how someone gets on is how successful they are: how did you ./ improve your and fitness take advantage if you take advantage of something.me / she was bullied for wearing glasses / some kids get bullied for being clever / there's a lot of-ing in the school.at tennis /the course was .be careful you don't .neck I the window is a bit ./ Federer's very good at the ./ someone asked me for my ~ balance your balance is your ability to stay steady and not fall over.was 3-0 shoot if you shoot in football and other sports. your foot moves accidentally and you lose your balance or fall. In sport.1 he's not .him plaster if you have a part of your body in plaster. blood comes out of it: he gave me a ./ have an . it does not bend or curve: stand in a .last weekend/she's really good at . You usually slip when the ground is wet.smell / an .on /take off yourinjury if you have an injury.to happen / it's extremely .(with your back straight) useless if you are useless.score if you score.atmosphere unhappy: he's very ./ summer is my favourite semi-final the semi-final is the game before the final in a competition. unable: sorry I'm ./ she watched his every net the net is the thing in tennis that you hit the ball over. It is also the material at the back of a goal in football: I always hit the ball into the . and the players are defenders: Joe is quite good in ~ /she usually plays in .(it won't open easily) strength strength is the noun from strong: this sport is a real test of. The verb is injure. they sign their name for you: the fans were waiting to get his .

/ the radio was on in the -1 there are mountains in the . 2 I'm rubbish football! 3 He's useless tennis./an annoying ./ it was a very moving jump if you jump. 6 He took advantage his opponent's injury.on my phone set if you set a challenge or something similar./ I wanted to go to the . 7 The picture had some mountains the background. 3 You'll have to hard if you want to get into the team. Warm-up is a noun: it's important to .onto my mobile /1 need to change the . I can hardly walk! 6 He punched me and gave me a b у nose.our readers a challenge / the teacher always -s us too much homework /she-an essay for next week /the company always ~s high sales targets suit if something suits a person or a situation.music /1 -ed a great song /you can . 4 It doesn't cost much to music from the Internet.movies from the website / you can go to their website and . 1 a strong defence he's a good 2 Just shoot! a good 3 he'sveryfit improveyour 4 a serious injury she was in an accident 5 mind you don't slip the roads are 6 he's very strong improveyour 7 train for a sport do a session 8 it's a real challenge a job В Tick the words which are both a noun and a verb. 2 I'll never get into the team . 7 She me to try tennis. no! I think I've a muscle.it's quite a c__ __dgame. you give it to someone to do: we want to . 16 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 17 . it is convenient or suitable. you move your body gently so that you are ready to start a sport.him / that new hairstyle really s her EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.1 need a new . able comfortable fair fit reliable usual 1 The bus is always breaking down . The opposite is upload or post: to .you take it from the Internet and put it on your computer. 5 Our teacher wants to us a challenge./ do you enjoy a ~? I teachers have to provide a . you move very quickly or suddenly. 1 He usually plays defence.the service is very 2 I'm sorry.I'm r__ __hat sport! 3 They all stood in a s _ _ _ _ t line to have their photo taken. 6 I can't play football . The adjective is challenging: climbing this mountain will be a real . W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold./ he chose the music he'd like played at his. often because you are surprised: / -ed out of bed when I heard the alarm / everyone -ed up and started dancing / he -ed in the car and drove off / I -ed when I heard the door bang I you made me ~! (you frightened me) ring-tone the ring-tone is the sound a mobile phone makes when it rings: / like your . download persuade pull score set suit train 1 He a goal in the last minute of the game. it makes you look good: this musics my mood / the time of the class doesn't -me / working part-time s my lifestyle I that jacket doesn't . but I'm to come to the meal on Saturday.for their students / it's a very challenging job download if you download something./my job's become boring .warm up when you warm up. 6 Working from home my lifestyle.properly before a match / we did а ю minute warm-up weights weights are heavy metal objects that people lift in order to strengthen their muscles: he does ~s in the gym (he lifts them) /you should try lifting -s to build up your strength /a ю-kilo . 1 Baseball has a lot of rules .updates for the software funeral a funeral is the ceremony you have after someone has died: over 200 people attended his . 4 He's always telling me how good he is at tennis . 2 Oh. 1 kick 2 score 3 shoot 4 bat 5 course 6 bully WORD-BUILDING A Complete the sentences with a negative form of the correct adjective. it is behind other things so you do not notice it very much: they had music on in the . 3 I can't wear those shoes .1 background: when something is in the background.he's so b__-h d! 5 My legs are sos f. If a piece of clothing suits you. Look up the verbs if you need help. 5 She's got her leg plaster.noise challenge a challenge is something difficult which you want to try and do. 1 a basketball a) helmet 2 a race b) pitch 3 a cycle c) court 4 a football d) course В Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list. 1 make /do weights 2 tootfend/possafuneral 3 to have/keepyour balance 4 to reach/arrive the semi-final 5 to build up /make up your strength 6 to have /suffer уош arm in plaster D Complete the missing adjectives./ a ~s machine PAGES 3 0 . 5 It's very to have snow in the summer./ I downloaded a .of the painting / there was a lot of.I'm too COLLOCATIONS A Match the two halves of the collocations. 4 He always boasts how good he is.they're too 4 It's if some people get more money than others. Look up the nouns if you need help. С Choose the correct verb to go with each noun. 8 You can download music this website./ we want to set our readers a .

to people. A person who does this is a researcher: he works in and development / we need to do more ./ we could .(who makes new software for computers)/a civil . you warn them that it is going to happen in the future:you have to give a month's . The verb is support. or brings you money or satisfaction./ I'll get a .job /a mixture of . Abuse is also a verb: she gets a lot of-from her boss / children who suffer -/ sexual/physical . The noun is variety: the work is interesting and very . doing it gives you pleasure./ a senior . singing.and temporary staff / after 3 months.for a big law firm /1 need to talk to my . or fax them over.The machine is a photocopier.planning the advertising campaigns /I'm not ./ she was emotionally abused at work bend if you bend something.The people who do this are performers: my son's . PACES 40-1 PACES 38-9 ID card ID stands for identity./a very . they help you and understand your situation.The noun abuse abuse is violent or unfair treatment of a person./train staff to deal with problems / she wants to train to be a police officer varied if something is varied. bridges etc) / do a degree in engineering / she works for an engineering company finances your finances are the amount of money you have. Bend is also a noun.of the whole department / she's .ifyou want to leave/hand in your . it only lasts for a limited period of time: a .you control something or are responsible for it: be .job / my boss is very .for you / we can run off a few quick -ies / send a .here? insecure if something is insecure.in coal mines have improved a lot / they have to put up with poor living . we can email people and we can even text them or SMS them. you entertain a group of people by acting./ their job is to pack all the ~s I get the ~s ready for delivery / phone to place an .WORKING LIFE PACES 36-7 delivery delivery is the act of taking things such as goods or letters to a place. they need a lot of your time.at work (say you are going to leave) / he asked me to do it at short notice (without much warning) order an order is a request to make.you persuade them to join./ they're working to a very tight ./ a very well -ed piece of work / a TV researcher rewarding if something is rewarding. The verb is deliver: we'll get the order ready for ./' a very . especially to talk about ways of sending information.conditions / a-flat dust dust is the very small pieces of dry dirt that cover surfaces. Demand is also a verb: a physically .The verb is compete: advertising is a very .market / there's a lot of competition for jobs / the company faces competition from abroad / small companies find it hard to compete in the market contract a contract is a formal legal agreement between two groups.boss / we'll support you whatever you decide to do / his parents offered him financial support temporary if something is temporary. railways. or make photocopies./ the workers are demanding better working . The subject you study is accountancy: he's an ./ she doesn't have much ./ get a permanent . etc.(a job with a lot of responsibility) / refuse to accept -for the problem / be responsible for packing all the orders /you will be financially responsible for any damage accountant an accountant is someone whose job is to organize financial records for a company or a person.damage recruit if you recruit people for a company or an organization. attention and energy.(who designs roads. it lasts for a long time or forever: he's looking for a . The adjective is 18 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 19 .future / financial insecurity / growing economic insecurity involved in if you are involved in an event or an activity.to get into the building / have to carry ./ send the .accommodation /a./ emotionally .a new one for you perform if you perform./ I've got a . Order is also a verb: we need to complete this .into the subject / carry out market . The noun is competition.at all times /сап I see your -. etc./ pick up the goods from the - is performance. dancing.sorts out all my finances /she helped me do my accounts / work in the accounts department /he wants to study accountancy bonus a bonus is extra money you get from your boss because you have worked hard or done well: all the staff get an end-ofyear ./ my .industry / a very .child / children make a lot of demands on your time / they are demanding a pay rise engineer an engineer is someone whose job is to design or make machines./a very experience / they will be generously rewarded / a reward for all your hard work supportive if people are supportive./ we're -ed to work 37 hours a week deadline the deadline is the time or date by which something has to be done: when's the -for this work? / we have to meet this .if I meet all my sales targets / a Christmas civil servant a civil servant is someone who works for a government department./he deals with the company's ./the country is accused of human rights . For example. they offered her a .contract /workers I living in ./ their .of your passport / I'll photocopy the contract and send it to you / the photocopier is out of order / who does the photocopying in the office? MACHINE-RELATED VERBS We often make verbs from the names of machines. The noun is accounts.people for the company I volunteers / be -ed into the army / a recruitment agency (which helps to recruit people for jobs) / the industry is facing a recruitment crisis responsibility your responsibilities are the things you have to deal with.s Ia victim of . everyone in it is trying hard to do better than everyone else. ID cards are official cards that prove who you аге-.off in charge if you are in charge.(with a high rank)/get a job in the civil service / apply for the civil service (apply to work there) competitive if an industry is competitive./ a position of . bridges.course /receive . The subject you study is engineering: he's an electrical . It says what one or both of the two sides has to do.range of products / prices vary quite a lot / they offer a wide variety of courses warehouse a warehouse is a large building where goods are kept before they are sold or moved to shops: he works in a .address training if you get training at work.you are taught how to do a job.in the lake / chemicals that are used to preserve dead bodies / the police are still examining the conditions conditions are the situation or place in which something happens: they work in terrible . you take part in it: they were . there is not enough space: the office is a bit -/we work in . please? notice if you give someone notice about something. we photocopy things. Support is also a noun: my colleagues are very .easily / the job involves -ing over a lot and lifting heavy objects I she bent down and picked up the letter / -your arm / there's a sharp . Research is also a verb.are in a mess / he's got financial problems / the end of the financial year form a form is an official document that has spaces for you to add information:/?// in a -/ complete the .The noun is insecurity: his job is very (he could lose it) / the workers face an ./ the company won a big sales . it changes a lot or it consists of lots of different kinds of things. Contract is also a verb: he's only got a temporary job ./a big furniture .The adjective is bent: a strong metal that won't . supply or deliver something.that project / get . we can use a fax machine to fax things./ ./ sign the -/ifwe delay. Reward is also a noun: a veryjob / it's financially . we could lose the whole .The noun is photocopying: I'll make a . The noun is demand.crime permanent if something is permanent.they need /you will get on-the-job -/go on a . using a photocopier In the same way. The verb is train: give workers the .contract / cause .designing the software / he was mainly . Photocopy is also a verb. The verb is vary.ing in a school concert / she writes and -s her own music /the play was first -ed in 1854 / she gave a brilliant performance / he's a great performer photocopy a photocopy is a piece of paper that has been copied from another piece of paper by a machine. All the people and departments together are called the civil service: she's a ./ driving -are poor cramped if a place is cramped.job/a . especially by someone stronger.by Saturday (get it ready to deliver to someone) / they were late with my .group of people / a .The adjective is responsible: the directors have a lot of .(with very little time) / / don't want to miss the - research research is the study of something in order to find out more about it.in the road / the wheel got bent out of shape body a body is a dead person: they found a ./ a mechanical ./ an application . electrical equipment. roads./ we make daily deliveries / send it by express (very quick) / we can deliver direct to your door demanding if a situation or a person is demanding. Dust is also a verb. The adjective is financial: / need to sort out my personal . The verb is reward./ they pack all the orders for .of 30 sales reps / he was put of the team / who's ./a software . we can phone people using our telephones or mobiles. you make it folded and not straight.you have to show your .The noun is recruitment: . it is not safe or protected.

about football / they have endless arguments expose if you expose somebody to something.you hit it hard against a hard surface: she -med down the phone I he -med the door in my face / the bus -med into the back of a car / he -med his fist down on the table stare if you stare at something. (lose) 20 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 21 . 3 Her parents make a lot of demands her time.such as vomiting or headaches I some patients suffer . (be) 5 I don't want to risk myjob. or to stop it from being destroyed.at a computer all day / it's rude to .them to danger / a lot of children are still-dto cigarette smoke grateful if you feel grateful to someone. 2 She's very mean her money.The noun is lifting: he has to .f the floor was covered in ./1 have to leave-/ I'll do it swear if you swear.words at work wage your wage is the money you get for your job each day.The adjective is rotten: sugars your teeth /the wood had all -ted / rotten eggs / rotten meat side effects side effects are unpleasant and unplanned effects of a medicine: they test new drugs for . you do it immediately: I'll phone him . В Choose the correct preposition./he started to .you .heavy objects / .historic buildings / different ways of preserving fruit / preservation of the environment/food preservation put up with if you put up with something unpleasant.The adjective is risky: I don't want to . or lift it up.at me/don't .for all your help / I'd be very .those shelves /the road was hot and dusty endlessly if something happens endlessly.my life / if you go too close. 2 Can you do this in / at short notice? 3 The miners work for / in terrible conditions. (supportive) 4 He got the job through a agency.dead bodies /the need to .in front of the children / I never use . 7 Who is responsible this problem? 8 There is a variety courses to choose from.high levels of noise / they have to .catching the disease / he has -ed everything he owns /young drivers often take ~s / it's risky to invest all your money in shares / oil exploration is a risky business rot if something rots. you use rude or offensive words. 1 it's ready for delivery we can on Friday 2 it's your responsibility who is ? 3 receive training new staff 4 varied work a of different courses 5 perform on stage she's a great 6 risk your life a job С Write the jobs from these words. 1 accountancy an 2 civil service a. Risk is also a noun.you put it in a situation where it might be damaged or destroyed. The past tense is swore./ he talks . 1 They face a period of financial (insecure) 2 There's a lot of forjobsatthe moment.easy to find / their furniture is cheap /he did ./you need to .thing to say / don't be . 4 Who is in charge the warehouse? 5 She was involved organizing the event. 5 We're very grateful/or/ to all you've done./ a layer of .rotting meat / nurses often have to . (recruit) 5 She received a of£iooofor finding the money./ clouds of.well in the exam / a period of relative stability risk if you risk something. The adverb is gratefully: the families are very -for the work I've done / I'm . you touch it or move it:you shouldn't ../ these drugs can have serious slam if you slam something. 1 get/doa bonus 2 fill in / write a form 3 get /make training 4 carry / wear an ID card 5 do/give notice to quit your job 6 gain / earn a wage D Which TWO adjectives do not collocate with job! cramped demanding insecure permanent rewarding supportive temporary В Complete the sentences with the correct nouns from the words in brackets.you keep it fresh.at people /she was staring into space / I couldn't stop staring at her straight away if you do something straight away. slam preserve expose swear handle perform 1 on the stage 2 someone to danger 3 with care 4 historic buildings 5 the door 6 shout and В Match the nouns to the verbs.The adjective is endless: she was tired of./ workers who are exposed to . 3 engineering an 4 research a.if you could phone me / all suggestions will be gratefully received handle if you handle something.dusty: wear a mask if there is a lot of..cleaning and polishing the shoes of the rich / it rained .(the lowest wage allowed by law) / they get a bit more than the average . The noun is preservation: chemicals that help to .dirty nappies / Fragile . COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with the verbs in the list./ the drug causes some nasty .him! relatively if something is relatively good. 1 He's got a job the civil service. you accept it or tolerate it:factory workers have to .The past participle is sworn: sometimes customers shout and . The adjective is relative: a . Look up the nouns if you need help..(photocopy) PATTERNS A Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (to +infinitive or -ing) 1 He's contracted 35 hours a week. 1 sign a) an order with a company 2 meet b) a contract 3 carry out c) a deadline 4 place d) research С Choose the correct verb to go with each noun. (competitive) 3 Hegetsalotof from his family. (rewarding) 6 I can't make a copy because the has broken.with money / she's too ./ they pay him the minimum .with care! lift if you lift something. 6 Why is he always so mean with / to me? 7 You shouldn't put up with /for these terrible working conditions.cramped living conditions /1 won't . 6 The deadline the work is Friday.you are glad that they have helped you or given you something.you look at it for a long time: I don't want to . 1 She works in/on a warehouse.to your little sister nappy a nappy is the white cloth a baby wears around its middle: nurses often have to handle dirty nappies I change the baby's -la bag of disposable nappies preserve if you preserve something.me up so I can see/go to the gym to weights / don't do any lifting or you'll hurt your back mean if someone is mean.any bad behaviour /1 don't know how you . 8 Why are you staring at / to me? W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold.quick and easy way of earning money / it's . week or month: he earns a good ./ they are protesting about low ~s / an hourly/daily/ weekly - EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. Look up the verbs if you need help. (work) 2 Were you involved in the product? (design) 3 Who is responsible for the office? (clean) 4 He's training a teacher. it decays as a result of slow natural processes. it is good when compared to similar things. they are not willing to spend any of their money or they are unkind or cruel: he's very . you move it to a higher place.to buy a new one / that was a . it seems as if it never finishes.you make it possible that something harmful or dangerous will happen to them: the workers were -d to dangerous chemicals /you mustn't . Look up the nouns (a-d) if you need help. 4 Farm workers are often exposed to/at dangerous chemicals.

you have enough time to do it: she can't . It is usually expensive: a beautiful ./ I've gone into my ./ the washing instructions are on the .unemployment / there's masses of food left over match if you match something. Fit is also a noun: the shirt doesn't . but it's a tight . size.him a favour (he did me a favour so I must do one for him) plain something that is plain is simple.through the door /1 like this jumper. The noun is storage: the answerphone can . pots.you try not to do it or experience it: try to ~ repeating words when you write / / managed to . natural material which is produced by an insect called a silkworm. Upgrade is also a noun: / need to . not dark.its star player exception an exception is a person or thing that is different from others: usually it's cold in December./the-on a bicycle / the prisoners were kept in ~s (tied up with chains) do without if you do without something.of jam / a tea . keeping food./ he made a good -for the house / the shoes were on special . or growing plants in: a clay -for cooking / a cupboard for -s and pans /a.day! hang if you hang something somewhere.in the car for me? / there isn't much ./ the floor's . It is used as a prefix. In Britain.their price (make our price the same as theirs) / the company has -ed the sales it made last year (achieved the same amount) /the blood they found at the murder ~es his / those trousers don't -your jacket offer if you make an offer.The noun is insult: he -ed me several times / they're -ing us by offering so little money / how dare you ./ what a .8 hours sleep a night /the team s going to have to . it is the right size./a .soil / play tennis on acourt cute in British English. you suggest a price or deal: that's my final .of washing powder / they want to improve the .blue shirt /a .murder / a period of . it is not the same level.to live in London /1 can only just . you keep it somewhere when you are not using it. joined together in a line.in front of the fire / lie on a .to pay the rent brand a brand is the name a company gives to its product: he only buys designer ~s / a famous .little dog/she's so gorgeous something that is gorgeous looks beautiful or tastes delicious: о ./ the grass is very . across all its parts./ this could put us ./ a small -figure I heavy ./ we risk going - OUT Prepositions like out can have different meanings when used in different expressions.you make a design in it by cutting it.in the car/the sofa won't .rug /a .€JOOO on my credit card / Tom ~s me £10 / how much do I-you?/1 ./ a holiday (travel and accommodation are included in the price) pot a pot is a container that is used for cooking./ the kids hang out in the outfit an outfit is a set of clothes that you wear together: / need to buy a new -for the wedding / that's a nice out of business if a shop or company goes out of business.industry / 22 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 2B .up to 10. there is enough space for it: there's .for 200 people / is there .was rubbing on the shoe / my~'s sore label the label on something you buy is the part that has the name of the brand and other information on it. something which is cute is small and attractive./a new .in your case / he goes for a bike ride every day.language retail retail is anything to do with shops and selling goods to customers: / work in . it continues for a long time: the battery ~s quite a long time / those cars - forever / he was being nice to me. you do not buy it or use it even though you would like it: we had to .protest by students / he was accused of.holidays because we couldn't afford them /1 can't . in a slightly childish way./she's got . you get a better or more recent form of the same thing. etc: a lovelyhand-painted .up your coat insult if you insult someone.you put a label on it: he'll only buy something if it's got a designer .your jacket on the back of the door / . colour./ the ./ I'm overdrawn at the bank owe if you owe money to someone. you have borrowed money from them and have not paid it back yet: / . smooth. and as an adjective and noun: --producedcars (produced in large numbers) / they make clothes for the .The adjective is carved. You can wear a small chain as a decoration: she was wearing a delicate silver round her neck / a heavy gold .to buy aflat /1 can't to take time off work /1 couldn't .a new car / I can't .scarf / a dress made of.your clothes in the wardrobe/(up) a painting / . The adverb is unevenly: the colour on the walls is a bit .to dance / can you make -for us to sit down? / there's plenty ofover here / a large sofa would take up too much rug a rug is a carpet which covers only part of the floor. If you can afford the time for something.plate /the cups are all made of .at the bank / he's got a big . it has to close because it is not making any money: a lot of small shops are going .on the floor / spread a .on the grass to sit on store if you store something.blue eyes / a .me/ it -s perfectly / we can't all . with no extra parts or decoration: 0 .with the .(at a cheaper price) package a package is a combination of several things that are offered to you together for one price or as part of one deal: a special ./ the teams are .image bright bright colours are light and strong. quality.3 avoid if you avoid something.me! / they shouted insults at us last if something lasts.you put it so that it is held at the top. but this year was an .you find something which is equal or similar: we'll . but there are often one or two important meanings. but I knew it wouldn't mass mass means that there is a lot of something.suit /the food was quite . cups.of Tim (he is not going) / we don't usually allow days off.GOING SHOPPING PAGES 4 2 .that is offered to new employees / I've bought a whole software . Your heel is the back part of your foot: wear shoes with high ~s / my . out often means no longer in a place or situation: be out of business: no longer doing business be out of power: no longer in a position of power be out of fashion: no longer fashionable be out of the game: no longer playing because you have lost or been injured be out of date: no longer relevant.The verb is weave: a hand-.colours / the kitchen is lovely and .my mobile /1 can't . it is often called a shopping centre: we usually shop in a out-of-town shopping .my computer I the airline -d me to first class /1 downloaded anfrom the Internet woven a material that is woven is made from threads that are crossed over and under each other. a lot of light comes in: she wears a lot of. modern or fashionable be out of danger: no longer in a dangerous situation be out of trouble: no longer in a bad situation i be out of hospital: no longer in hospital drop out of university: stop doing a course at university be thrown out of the class: be asked to leave the class have a tooth out: have a tooth removed be knocked out in the semi-final: to lose the semi-final and so be no longer in the competition overdraft an overdraft is a debt you have at a bank when you have spent more than you have in your account.you have enough money to buy it./ use .(there isn't much room) heel the heel is the bottom of a shoe at the back./ there are some -s to this rule / we're all going out . For example.market (to be sold in large numbers)/a . it can also mean someone is good-looking: what a .silk rug / they have a house / he's-1 this ice cream is .pot / it's made of .souvenirs silk silk is a fine. without fit if something fits.the rush hour /1 think Sam is -ing me (trying to avoid speaking to me) carve if you carve wood or stone. If you label something.basket / the women weave cloth to sell / a weaving machine PAGES 4 4 .5 afford if you can afford something.plastic hat /it looks a bit .500 messages / a music player that can ./we can all get in./ a ./ a flower room if there is room for something./a shop selling ./ it's made of pure uneven if something is uneven. In American English. If a room or house is bright. and the bottom doesn't touch the ground: . or a thick blanket you can sit on: a handwoven . It is used to make bowls. etc: a lovely .light /the sun's very chain a chain is a set of metal rings.ornament clay clay is a kind of soil which becomes very hard when it is dried and heated. and it's a good ./ the economy has grown unevenly upgrade when you upgrade something.their names in the wood / a beautiful ~d wooden mask / some lovely carvings on the front of the building china china is a special kind of clay used to make plates.The adjective is overdrawn: / have a €200 . you say something rude to them or about them.000 songs /1 ~d some of my old books in the garage / the goods are ~d in a warehouse / there's not much storage space tacky something that is tacky looks cheap and unfashionable: a . etc.The noun is carving: visitors like to . but I'll make an ./ check the before you wash something / the -s sticking out on your T-shirt /-your suitcase with your name mall a mall is a very large building containing lots of different shops.

woolly jumper /a. Look up the nouns if you need help. A trend is also a fashion: he looks quite .matches your skirt trendy something which is trendy is very fashionable. so she dropped out of 24 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 25 . D Match the adjectives with the nouns. 1 Long hair was popular a few years ago. another person has had it before you:you can buy fridges ./ a great ./ a tracksuit ./ what time does the -finish? hang around if you hang around. 1 Would you like to hang up /hang around your coat? 2 It's best to shop around / do without to find the best price.outside the cinema / wait in the -for hours / be at the front of the./you should improveyour . waiting for him./ she's got lovely ./ the . 2 The company got / went out of business last year./ wear clothes I'go to a . but it doesn't me. 2 The plates are made china.hair / Why can't you just do it? Areyou -? top a top is a piece of clothing that you wear over on the top part of your body: she's bought a new .old shirt / ./ a ./he's on a special . 4 My computer's quite old -1 need to it. Look up the adjectives if you need help.bar I high heels are quite . Sometimes people wear a name tag with their name on: can you see the price ~? Ithe shop assistants were all wearing name -s tight if clothes are tight.you eat less food because you want to lose weight: we have quite a healthy .at the moment / a low-fat . 1 store some old books need more space 2 an uneven floor paint something 3 an overdraft at the bank be the bank 4 a trendy bar it's the latest in hairstyles В Tick the words which are both a noun and a verb. 1 a beautiful silk a) little dog 2 a shop selling tacky b) dress 3 acute c)souvenirs 4 lots of bright d) colours 5 a thick e) woolly jumper W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold./ go to a .it's out of 4 She wasn't enjoying her course. 1 He gave /made an offer for the house.therapy (shopping to make you feel more cheerful) scruffy if someone looks scruffy.was delayed because of rough seas / the .before you buy / .you look tidy and wear quite formal clothes. Someone who is thick is stupid: he was wearing a .for weddings / what was the .skirt / this jacket's too .to France / we went on a ./ get a . 3 You should make I eat a balanced diet 4 Do you have / own an overdraft at the bank? 5 We had to go / wait in the queue for hours.price (the price something is usually sold for in the shops) // think I need some . 2 He works in / at retail.car /a ..are on at the moment / when do the . 1 shoes with high h s 2 a designer I I 3 a shopping m _ _ I 4 a tracksuit t _ p 5 a healthyd__t С Choose the correct verbs to complete the collocations.to find the best price / -for a bargain smart if you look smart. they fit close to your body: . danger date fashion university PHRASAL VERBS A Choose the correct phrasal verb./ their house is worth a .because of a heart condition fake something fake is not real. but it costs a .the . 3 You can thousands of songs on some music players. 3 I like to shop around with /for bargains. COLLOCATIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list./do the shoes feel -? thick something that is thick is not thin./that .book /the wall's are very .passport /give . If you go on a diet.I he made a. 3 You can't use this passport .before you buy second-hand if something is second-hand.ID/he ~d his own death ferry a ferry is a large boat that transports people or cars across a river or sea.of potatoes / would you like another-? / have a second . 4 I hope we don't have to do without / queue up for tickets.The verb is queue (up): there was an enormous . now.start? / wait for the .jeans /a .€20 note /use a . 3 Which brand soap do you buy? 4 I bought this the sales./ don't offer me chocolates . they are untidy: he looks . The opposite is casual: it's important to look -for an interview / you're very . party or similar event: the club is a good -for parties / the castle is sometimes used as a .I'm on a ./ the .on the stock exchange / he lost a . 4 The sales are in/on at the moment.7 diet your diet is the food that you eat./ she spends a . 1 afford 2 label 3 fake 4 at g'g 5 queue 6 venue WORD-BUILDING A Complete the sentences with the words in the list.like? a s 3 EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. 5 She bought me a jumper. Fake is also a verb: the painting looked like a .1 eat a balanced . but it's out of. В Choose the correct preposition. Ferry is also a verb: we can take the . to see if we could get tickets /1 can't -for long / there was a lot of hanging around helping a helping is a portion of food that you serve: she gave me a huge .hair shop around if you shop around.at the moment / this hair style is the latest trend PACES 4 6 .coat / a . 2 They knew they were out of when they saw the rescue helicopter.jeans /a ./ she earns a ./ that's your third-I queue a queue is a line of people waiting to do something./ is this the end of the ~? / theyjumped the . В Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit.across the lake / we were late and missed the .you go to several places to find the best price before you buy something: it's a good idea to . 1 It says what size it is in /on the label.sank fortune a fortune is a very large amount of money: It's a lovely ring. you stay somewhere waiting or doing nothing: we had to outside the stadium./ a —looking guy / wear .are you going somewhere special' I wear something sales the sales are when shops sell a lot of things cheaper than normal for a few weeks: /got this coat in the . J fit last match store upgrade 1 How long will the batteries ? 2 They said they would the other company's price.on clothes gig g i g ' concert of rock or pop music: I've got some tickets for a-on Saturday / a Rolling Stones .(they went straight to the front of the queue) / we had to queue up for tickets venue a venue is a place where there is a concert. 3 We had to hang up / hang around for ages.clothes shop tag a tag is a piece of paper or plastic that is fixed to something to give information about it. 1 She carved a flower the wood.

just because an adjective starts with in-.experience of working with computers / the course is very . maths and science are the ./ have a very attitude inoffensive: an .to pay all my bills each month /1 .joke insensitive: he made some really . not just ideas.comment / an .you spend all your time and energy on somethingyou feel is very important.to make the opposite. Abuse is also a verb: the . he -s to the Danish system of education as a better model / she -ed to China as an example ofa rapidly growing economy / to support her argument she -ed to the situation in Spain pushy if someone is pushy. Scream is also a noun: she started -ing when she saw the mouse /1 -edfor help / he was -ing with pain / he 26 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 27 .The verb is revise: / did some last-minute .before the exam / plan your .WORD BUILDING . IT is the use of computers for storing and sending information: he works in the company's ./ the meeting was a total .subjects /you have to study five .you make them behave in the way you want them to behave.as in inflexible: inaccurate: .comments / a very .team /an .The verb push is not as negative as the adjective pushy: teachers have to deal with some very ./he doesn't have much self— rigid if something is rigid.experience /she asked a completely irrelevant question respect if you respect something.teacher inflexible: his manager is very .beliefs / learn .my notes before the test / I'll .course /а~ kit flexible if something is flexible.course / do some .of the class cover to cover a subject or situation means to include it or deal with it: the course ~s areas such as citizenship and the abuse of illegal drugs / the book -s the whole of the eighteenth century I the lecture -ed several important topics / we'll . it is notfixed.to be thrown out of university if you cheat in an exam / we -d to win that game extend if you extend something.about her tests / they tried to reassure all the . the opposite of intelligent is unintelligent.with the pressure core the core of something is the basic and most important part of it: English.The noun is encouragement: we .understanding of the disease inconvenient: I'm afraid that's a very . The opposite is theoretical A practical person is good at dealing with problems and is usually good at doing things with their hands: he has a lot of .you understand why it is good or special.to understand some of his ideas / she found the course a bit ofa - PACES 5 0 .jazz / it's nice to be -d by your boss / do a film appreciation course assignment an assignment is a piece of work you have to do as part of yourjob or your studies: have a lot of reading ~s to complete before the end of term / hand in your .The noun is appreciation: teach students to ./ he has worked hard to achieve his goals appreciate if you appreciate something. Respect is also a noun: it's important to nature / a teacher needs to gain the kids'-/ if you behave badlyyou'll lose everyone's .the importance of wine in French culture /he -sthe good things in life / learn to .The adjective is encouraging.department / do an .but can change when it needs to. you are worried about it.the paperwork this weekend / let's .too lot of jobs / that's not really . happier or less stressful: my boss agreed to .NEGATIVES SCHOOL AND STUDYING PACES 4 8 .qualification practical if something is practical. The verb is push.(people can abuse it) / he started to . you try very hard to do something that is difficult.you shout in a loud high voice because you are angry.to some adjectives to mean 'not' ./we have .you look at it to make sure you understand it: I'll ./ they were impressed with his academic ~s / that's quite an .you think it is right for you to get it because you of what you have done: / think I .up! (stop being so serious) postgraduate a postgraduate course or degree is one that you do after you receive your first university degree: do a .with the workload /she seems to be coping with the stress very well / he can't .after his wife died / I can't . or thick! struggling to cope with the workload /we .is a big problem in this area /an .answer / some of the facts were indecisive: she can be very .9 You can add in.time incorrect: that's the .research / .in the murder enquiry / some exciting technological ~s encourage if you encourage someone to do something.The opposite is inflexible: the course is pretty .by next Friday / he was given a difficult concerned if you are concerned about something. it is fixed and cannot be changed easily: they have a very . excited or scared./ clear all your ~s (repay them) / / owe him a huge ~ of gratitude (I'm very grateful to him) dedicated if you are very dedicated. The opposite is irrelevant: they learn skills that are .you look up to them and admire them or you treat them well./ there's been a . The noun is observation: they ~d the animals for several weeks /you can learn by observing more experienced teachers / he was placed under police observation / be admitted to hospital for observation point if you point to something during a discussion or in an essay. it's easy to lose . it doesn't always mean you can remove the in.at times inexperienced: they're still quite an . usually after a lot of time and effort. stupid. tell us if you have any . If you respect a person.1 cope if you cope.you try to persuade them to do it.help desk lighten if you lighten a difficult situation.you make it longer or bigger.you make it easier./ it gives you a real sense of . it is useful and based on real things you can do to improve a situation.(you learn skills as well as ideas) /he made some suggestions / she gave us some ./a remarkable . The noun is extension: the shop has -ed its opening hours / is it possible to . you deal successfully with a difficult situation: He found it hard to ./ the whole project ended in go through if you go through something.parents sometimes / a .training /call the .at the scene of the accident /do a.to the discussion / when you apply for the job.you watch it very closely in order to understand more about it.the deadline? / I need to .to yourjob / the staff all showed great dedication / thanks for all your dedication deserve if you deserve something.the answers observe if you observe something. Struggle is also a noun: she -d up the hill with the heavy bags / I'm abuse abuse of something is the use of it in a bad way. For example.man invalid:your password is .students /a .working hours IT IT stands for Information Technology.The noun is dedication о very -teacher / a-father/mother /be.his own children / a good teacher is good at -ling the class / the government -s every aspect of their lives / learn to -your temper/as a young teacher./ my work schedule is quite .diet scream if you scream.skills debt a debt is an amount of money that you owe someone: / managed to pay back all my ~s / he's in (he owes people money)/she got into -/ it's difficult to get out of.ideas on how to bring up children / she's on a very .of power / the voting system is open to .you show that it is important to you.advice revision revision is the work of studying for a test or an exam.you show how important it is and you use it as an example to support your ideas: in his book.salesman / our teacher really pushes us to do well relevant if something is relevant.that topic later on in the course development a development is a recent event that changes a situation: his obsession with getting top marks has been a bad .a holiday after all that studying / you ./ treat people with ./ I'm afraid your ticket is i However.course /get some .well in advance / you'll fail if you don't revise properly struggle if you struggle.drugs when he was ц achievement an achievement is something good that you have managed to do.information / their estimate was wildly incomplete: the building is still .education system / he's got some .my visa before it runs out / they've built an extension on their house first aid first aid is the basic medical treatment you give someone when they have an accident or become ill suddenly: doctors gave him . Control is also a noun: he can't even .The noun is concern: / asked my daughter why she was so ./ we still have an . it is connected to what is happening or what is being talked about.of illegal drugs / alcohol .students to follow their own interests in their research / cigarette advertising -syoung people to start smoking / my parents always ~d me to work hard / the teacher is always very encouraging / my friends offered some encouragement /young children need quite a tot of encouragement failure a failure is someone or something that has not achieved success: I felt I was a complete .the atmosphere /. The verb is achieve: getting a degree is a great . they do whatever they can to get what they want.members of the public asked for a meeting with the police / lots of people have expressed concern about the matter / the flu outbreak is causing concern among doctors control if you control people. even if it sometimes makes other people angry.parents / .my workload /she made a joke to try and .modules / their .

You should learn to yourtemper.it cost much more than that in the end.as an excellent school /the course enjoys an international . 1 dedicated doctors show great 2 do plenty of revision exam your goals 4 encourage someone give 5 pushyparents a lot of parents their children 6 a great success in your career WORD-BUILDING A Complete the sentences with a negative form of the correct adjectives. services and equipment that are available for people to use: the school doesn't have very good .up/a . you officially stop them from going to school or doing their job for a period of time because they have done something wrong. COLLOCATIONS A Complete the sentences with the verbs in the list. If you have success.bin / clear up all the ./ she lacks self— (the ability to control her own behaviour)/ ifyou break the rules./the new course has been a great . I achieve 1 2 3 4 5 6 cheat cope do pass work __d No. My parents have always encouraged me hard. 2 She's only just started teaching.in the street / pick your . it is not very safe because there is lots of violence or crime there: it's quite a school /a . but it said it was 4 They started building the new theatre two years ago. he'll get/do a detention.The noun is suspension: he was -edfrom school for cheating / she's been -edfrom the police force / both players got a three-match suspension victim a victim is someone who has been attacked.me while I'm working / there were a few brief interruptions litter litter is things that are dropped in public places and make the places look untidy: don't drop ./ she has had some .tends to .rate /the play was an overnight . it can't be 2 o'clock-that's an time for me. Look up the verbs if you need help./a medical .area skip if you skip something. 2 I must make/do some revision tonight. in order to do well. so I a holiday. hurt or injured./ the company's . enthusiasm or people enjoying themselves: a very .in the park lively lively means full of life./he's had five ~s this term discipline discipline is making people follow rules and punishing them if they break the rules. 1 do a postgraduate a) skills 2 be a complete b) failure 3 believe in strict c) discipline in schools 4 have excellent sports d) course in engineering 5 learn core e) facilities С Choose the correct verbs to complete the collocations. 5 He was suspended school fighting.class / there's usually a reason for children -ping school /1 had to . 1 averyd_d__ __d teacher 2 have complaints from some с _ n parents 3 they're a very I _v __y class 4 a school in a r__g h area 5 a very r _ g _ d education system PATTERNS A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list.of bullying / the ~s of crime / sending food to the earthquake ~s warning a warning is a statement telling someone about something bad that might happen to them./ we tried to assess the damage attention attention is the thought or interest you give to something you are listening to or watching: she never pays . It usually means you have to stay at school when other students go home: / got a -yesterday / the teacher gave me a .you get a good result: I applied to go to university but had no. so I asked my boss to my workload. Look up the nouns if you need help. Children often school if they are unhappy.area / the school has a atmosphere reputation the reputation ofa place is how good or bad people say it is: the school has a very good for sport / it's gained a . They've decided to opening hours to attract more customers.in this area interrupt if you interrupt someone. Suspend is often used in the passive. 6 He's very .he never thinks about other people's feelings.service / a lot of couples have marriage guidance .in class/сап I have your .class /a .from the school / this is your last .here / there's a lack of . The teachers push the students good exam results. 1 I can't cope the stress. 3 Don't forget to hand in/put in your assignment./ it has excellent sports . accurate complete sensitive valid 1 convenient experienced 3 a great achievement foran 1 2 3 4 5 I've been working hard./ the students are preparing for their final . but it's still 5 The first estimate they gave us was . В Match the two halves of the collocations.please? / he loves being the centre of .you say or do something to stop them when they are talking. so he deserves his exam. The verb is assess: the teacher made a quick . I had too much work. you do not do it or have it: we decided to . contact the student ./ they want to improve the ./ you're such a -I counselling counselling is advice you can get from a someone who is trained to listen to people and provide support: if you're having problems. D Complete the missing adjectives. 28 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 29 .after the divorce detention a detention is a punishment you get at school. energy./ it's important to maintain classroom .with her writing / the drug has a good .suffered rough if a place is rough.this area at all assessment an assessment is a judgement about what something is like or how good it is./1 hope the project succeeds PACES 5 2 .and shout at people when he's angry / she let out a loud success success is the noun from the verb succeed. I warned you not that again! She's struggling with all the work. 1 He got /did a warning from his teacher. He was suspended from school for in the exam.breakfast I let's the next exercise suspend if you suspend someone. working etc.of the class / the school uses a system of continuous .you break the rules in a game or an exam.3 affect to affect something means to have an influence or effect on it: these personal problems are -ing your academic work / the bullying -ed him really badly / the storm didn't ./ he needed a lot of. Use to + infinitive or -ing. 4 Please give /pay attention! 5 If he does that again. so she's still quite 3 I typed my password in. W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold./1 warned you not to do that EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. Discipline is also a verb: the school believes in strict .teacher / it's a very . 6 They offer help to victims bullying. but can I ask a question? /don't . 2 She seemed very concerned her exams. often in a crime: he was a . The person who does this is a cheat: she got caught -ing in an exam / he always -s at cards / he accused me of being a . control deserve extend lighten skip He's worked hard. 3 Have you ever cheated an exam? 4 The college has a good reputation music.(with everyone watching him) cheat if you cheat. The verb is warn: she got a written .The noun is interruption: I'm sorry to-.you will be disciplined (punished) facilities the facilities in a place are all the buildings.

Stock is also a noun: they don't .me! /1 ./ a stomach - 30 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 31 .French cheeses / the shop ~s a huge range of sports equipment / I'm sorry./don't have sweets now . or produced: I'm allergic to dairy ~s (foods produced from milk) /he won't use any animal ~s / his job is to develop new -s / bring a new ~ onto the market raw if something is raw.dish / Can I have some chips on the -? stuffed food that is stuffed is cooked with a mixture of other foods inside it: chicken . buttery: a lovely .in price PAGES 5 8 .eater / a holiday for .talent (not developed yet) / only see the .courage / this is only allowed in circumstances /an exceptionally good meal goods goods are things that are produced so that they can be sold: the shop sells a wide range of .it so-so (per cent) / ./ electronic .you make sure people know about what you have: they should in the paper / it was -don TV /the company is advertising for new recruits appetite your appetite is the normal feeling of hunger you have before a meal: that walk has given me an .quickly starving if you say you are starving./he works .taste crunchy: . you choose it: / think I'll .to death I help the children in Africa stock if a shop stocks something./ walk around in . The verb is starve: / was .tourists / his ideas have -ed a lot of interest / she -s a lot of attention ban if you ban something.the steak greasy if something is greasy./ a rough - adventurous if you are adventurous./ my hands are .to say hello split if you split something.pepper stew a stew is a mixture of meat or vegetables that is cooked slowly in a sauce: we had a delicious ~ made with goat meat / a chicken ~ / a fish ~ / make a nice .on the walls because of the damp overseas if you go overseas.happen sooner or later / they're -find out exceptional something that is exceptional is extremely good or extremely unusual. you go to a different country across the sea: he often travels .5 WORD BUILDING: ADJECTIVES THAT END WITH -Y PACES 5 6 ./you can get special chocolate for ~s / she's got diabetes / he suffers from diabetes dish a dish is a particular way of preparing food. it is soft and easy to eat.about food I a .curry sugary: ./ the college has a lot of. If you transfer someone.you cover an area with it.travellers bound to if something is bound to happen. you go to visit them: / went .you have a rule or law which stops it happening.it was very fussy if someone is fussy about food. it is certain that it will happen: we're-find a good restaurant somewhere in the town / it's . you explain it to them carefully: can you talk us through the menu? /he talked us through the contract tender if food is tender. A tender person is gentle and sensitive: the meat was .8 EATING PACES 5 4 . You also say that someone is starving if they are dying because they do not have enough food.jam on toast / ./ leather left over if something is left over.you move it to another place./ boil the potatoes until they are .9 advertise if you advertise something./ .the bill? / they agreed to .rain / that accident was . you say that they have caused a problem: / .student (very good) / he showed . it is empty and not filled or covered with anything.steak mouldy: go oily: . The noun is leftovers: is there any soup ~? / use any meat that is -/put the leftovers in the fridge manners manners are ways of behaving that are considered to be polite: it's good . there are lots of kinds of food that they don't like or refuse to eat: you shouldn't be so . it covers an area or affects more and more people: . You can also say that you have this extra dish on the side: would you like any ~ dishes with your fish? / I'll have a salad as a .for work / they live . it means you are very hungry.eater go for if you go for something./ this is a slight on a traditional recipe / there is considerable . it can make you fat if you eat a lot of it: try to avoid -foods such as chocolate / potatoes are quite filling if food is filling.carrots / the meat is still ~ in the middle / have . it is not cooked.it'll spoil your . there is no-one there: the city centre is -at night/ the beach was .drinks watery: the soup's a bit - bland if something is bland.with lemon and tomatoes /a. you like trying lots of different and exciting things.by lunchtime / I'm absolutely . that you eat with your main meal./ what's in the ~f talk through if you talk someone through something.is spaghetti bolognese / there are plenty of ~es to choose from I a meat ~ / a traditional Creek fattening if food is fattening.here / they should improve the deserted if somewhere is deserted. usually of vegetables or salad./ that man has no -I mould mould is the blue.students (from other countries) round if you go round or over to someone's house.you only have to eat a small amount to feel full: a ~ soup/ I've had enough thanks ./1 like the ./ they stock Italian .the profits / we'll .texture salty: too spicy: a . If someone is bare.hair product a product is something which is made.the media for all the fuss / don't . it has no taste or character: that cheese tastes .the cake intofivepieces spread if you spread something.and juicy I the steak is very . The opposite is unadventurous: he's not a very ./ he's got a good .biscuits juicy: . The adverb is exceptionally: she's an . they have no clothes on: the place looks cold and . not developed or not changed in any way: -fish / ./ a .offish / it's got a funny (strange) ./ the walls are completely .(there are none in the shop) /doyou have any more in ~? transfer if you transfer something. it has not been eaten or used.more customers / .to serve other people first / talking with your mouth full is seen as bad . white or black substance that covers food when it becomes bad. you send them to another place: the company -red me to the States (sent me there to work) /she's been -red to the sales department / we were -red to the hotel by bus /1 want to . It usually means it has a lot of the noun or is like the noun. If a thing spreads.building disorder a disorder is a medical problem: a lot of teenage girls have eating -s / he suffers from a heart . grown./ his food is a bit .kiss texture the texture of something is how it feels to touch: / hate the .(I don't feel hungry) attract if something attracts you.meat I .plants won't withstand frost /a. Ban is often used in the passive. it makes you feel interested so that you want to see it or visit it: the restaurant wants to .the government for the mess / who's to-? / human activity is to -for climate change decor the decor is the style of furniture and decoration in a building: a smart new restaurant with trendy .butter on bread / .data (not organized yet) side a side dish is an extra dish.you divide it into smaller parts which are usually equal: shall we .the good news (tell lots of people) / the disease can ./ I find that music a bit diabetic someone who is diabetic has an illness and cannot control the level of sugar in their blood./ the company has moved production . Ban is also a noun: They should adverts with really thin girls / smoking is -ned in all public placed / he was -ned from driving for three months / the government has introduced a on smoking bare if something is bare./ people are ./young children are often quite ./ shampoo for .feet blame if you blame someone or something. it has it so it is available./ a lovely smooth . it has a lot of oil or fat in it or on it: the chips are a bit . A tender plant is delicate. Dishes often have names: his favourite .on the bread / there's . that book is out of . The illness is called diabetes: I'm .song /a .I500 to my savings account variation a variation is a difference between things that are generally similar: the dish is cooked all over Italy./ I've lost my .for dinner / he popped .to see Tim / they invited us . but there's a lot of regional .7 We often add -y to nouns to make an adjective like greasy (from the noun grease). The adjective is mouldy: there was blue .fish rubbery: a .

Something that is tough is also hard or strong.exam / it was a . advertise attract ban split spread transfer 1 2 3 4 32 OUTCOMES the bill between us butter on bread him to another office something on TV PHRASAL VERBS A Choose the correct word to complete the phrasal verb. If someone's voted out. taste./ the beach looked limited if something is limited. you exchange it for another thing can we .choice of dishes / there are . Look up the verbs if you need help.your behaviour is too extreme: how did he .farming is expanding / anfarmer overpower if one thing overpowers other things. 7 There isn't much choice . so apply early look out over if a building looks out over somewhere. If you overreact.numbers of tickets / places are -. it looks pleasant and makes you want to try it: the food didn't look very . 4 Whodoyoublame thisproblem? 5 Fresh fruit is packed vitamins. it is very full and contains a lot of people or things: the town centre was .time at school (with many problems) vote if you vote for someone.with my job and see if it gets better / she finds it hard to . С Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit. 1 Some people are starving death. estimate 1 2 3 4 overpower stick stock swap The shop Can you The pepper Can we the window? 5 I think I'll a wide range of products. it is too strong so that the other things are not noticeable./ she gave me a very . If you underestimate. places so that I'm next to with this job for a while. there is not very much of it or not many different things: the menu's quite. 6 Shall I talk you through/over the contract? VOCABULARY BUILDER 33 . deserted organic fattening raw generous tender limited good in 1 She doesn't eat chocolate because it's You can eat vegetables cooked or Cook the meat until it is lovely and At midnight the town centre was She gave me a very portion of chips. 7 It's difficult to stick a diet. 3 He was banned driving.places? we -ped phone numbers (told each other our phone numbers) terrace a terrace is an area just outside a building or room where you can sit: the restaurant has a overlooking the sea /sit out on the .with vitamins / an action—film (full of action) react if you react to something. Look up the verbs if you need help./1 try to watch my . 4 He was voted off / over the show. you behave in a particular way when that thing happens to you. you choose them in an election./ the pool looks . value or strength of something. 8 Who did you vote in the election? W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold.estimate if you estimate.with my own ideas / I'm going to . your guess is too little: can you the cost of the wedding? /1 ~d that there were 200 people there / / overestimated how much food we needed / he underestimated how long it would take generous a generous amount is a very large amount: the portions weren't very .to a diet / we all have to . fish. it has a view of that place: our room looks out over the sea / the front window looks out over the mountains / the house overlooks a main road organic something organic is natural and does not use or contain artificial chemicals: the food is all-/ I only drink . or difficult to do: the steak was -and overcooked / the plastic is quite .(difficult to break)/it's a very . your guess is too much. 2 They invited me round /down for a meal.helping / they offer ~ discounts for groups / a very . 3 The restaurant looks out/or/overthe lake.donation inviting if something looks inviting. you continue to do it or use it even when there are problems: / think I'll . you guess the amount./ aroof tough food that is tough is hard and difficult to eat. 2 I'm afraid those toys are of stock.when you told him? /she -ed badly to the news / they -ed angrily / the government -ed by closing the embassy /1 think you're overreacting stick if you stick with something. they defeat them.milk / . 6 She reacted badly the news. If one person overpowers another.the menu's quite 2 3 4 5 Fried food is often too The biscuits had a lovely Salmon is a type of I love hot food./ she's put on .decision to leave /she had a ./a . The adjective is overpowering: the onions .(eat carefully so that I don't get heavier) / he worries about his - EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. they lose their position after an election: she was ~d off the show / the public -dfor him to stay in the competition / -for the Republican Party / the Conservatives were -d out at the last election weight your weight is how heavy you are: / need to lose .to the rules swap if you swap something. 1 he's diabetic suffer from 2 a filling meal feel 3 an exceptional student 4 there's some food left over put the the fridge 5 some mould on the cheese a piece of bread WORD-BUILDING A Complete the sentences with adjectives formed from the nouns. 6 food is grown in a natural way. or voted off something.the taste of everything else / an overpowering taste of lemon / her perfume is overpowering /government soldiers -ed the rebels packed if something is packed. COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with the verbs in the list. butter 1 2 3 4 5 6 grease sugar spice water 5 6 some new customers smoking in the building В Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list. 1 a traditional Italian d _ _ h 2 he doesn't use animal p__ __s 3 they sell a lot of leather g s 4 suffer from an eating d__ __r 5 a restaurant with a roof t __ __e D Which of the following words do not collocate with the nouns? 1 good / bad / strong manners 2 spoil / lose /findyour appetite 3 lose / put on / get weight 4 a smooth / rough / big texture E Complete the sentences with the adjectives from the list. please. 5 The Democrats were voted off / out at the last election. This soup is horrible and You shouldn't drink too many drinks. 1 I'll go to/for the apple pie./ the train was . or overlooks somewhere. If you overestimate./ the drink is . the cost of the holiday? all the other flavours.

them / my parents are separated (they no longer live with each other) spacious if a room or building is spacious./ he's showing some management: they criticized his poor . so we need to find a replacement run-down if a place is run-down.The adjective is separated: we want to have rooms for the kids / they sleep in . they are not together or joined to each other. Dark colours are not light or bright: the flat is quite . you repair it.block of flats /a ./ -new offices tile tiles are square.of housing / we're short of time / short of money 34 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 35 .effect of climate change interest interest is the money that banks charge you when you borrow money from them or pay you if you save money with them: They charge 15% ./ I'll give it a . Double can also be an adjective: the house has ~d in value since we bought it / the new company ~d what she was earning in her old job /a .in the area / they are planning a new housing - WORD BUILDINC: NOUNS THAT END WITH -MENT We can make nouns from some verbs by adding the suffix-ment./ the local authority want to limit . but he has . it is small and does not use much space: a .The adjective is dramatic: prices have fallen .rate is going down (fewer babies are being born)/I've never been back to my birthplace / the birthplace of the tango (the place where it started) development development is the building of new houses.in myfuture / buying a house is a good long-term . it has a lot of space in it: a lovely .5 affordable if something is affordable.(the number of babies being born) / the divorce . Rise is also a verb.on the motorway / we need to fill up with .prices back back means in the direction behind you./ the area has changed ./ send the .house /an .and needs a lot of work /a . The verb is invest: / see this course as an./ I'vefinallypaid off mypetrol in British English.of £10 million / she sold it at a .skills treatment: be given special However.the batteries / they want to knock down this building and . as in development: appointment: make an . it does not always mean you can remove the -ment to make a verb. there is not enough of it. Your birthplace is the place where you were born: she gave -to a baby girl last night / the . a garage is a building next to your house where you keep your car.before we leave / .The past participle is risen: a sudden .it with a shopping centre / she's had a hip replacement / the secretary has left.is quite high / a low replace if you replace something.to protect the environment / the new housing developments are -ed at tackling the housing shortage birth your birth is the time when you are born.on / shall I turn the . it is very large in size or amount. The back ofa car is the part behind the driver: look .we must have a . It is also a place that repairs cars./ the area has enormous . walls.car dark if a place is dark.in food prices / there's been a dramatic .area with lots of social problems separate if two things are separate./ some banks are offering -s at low interest rates / a lot ofyoung buyers can't get a .seat of a car block a block is a big building with lots of different levels. If an area is built-up.bill was very high leak if something is leaking. Fix is often used in the passive: / need to .do you pay per week? / the . Separate i! also a verb.with the doctor / keep your . but environ is NOT a verb! double if a number doubles. it changes a lot in a short time. it has lots of buildings in it: they want to . people say gas: we ran out of .is nearly 8% rise a rise is an increase in amount or size.next month / everyone can vote in the general . Tile is also a verb.shall I light thefire?/ a faulty electrical wire started the . it increases by 100%./ protesters set . you remove it and put something new in its place. For example. there is not much light in it. you pay money to the owner so that you can live in it. If you rent a car. offices etc: the land has been sold for . The back of a house is the area behind the house.over the last few years / a dramatic change / a dramatic improvement election an election is the process in which people vote to choose someone who will hold an official position.HOUSES PACES 6 4 .all round the sink / the kitchen floor is tiled PAGES 6 6 .fat / there isn't enough .prices keep going up profit profit is money that you make from selling something.up?(so that it is hotter) / we haven't got any .a bridge over the river / a newly built block of flats / houses built in the 1960s / they live in a very built-up area compact if something is compact.of fats /an office .I she bought the painting as an . means to make it. Aim is also a verb: I'm determined to achieve my main . the teacher might ./ pay . A block is also a group of buildings with streets on all sides: я .The past tense is rose.bed / a room (for two people to sleep in) dramatically if something changes dramatically./ invest in property / invest money in the stock market mortgage a mortgage is an amount of money that a bank lends you to buy a house: / took out a 2s-year . you pay money so that you can use it for a while./ take the car to the .beds / keep work and pleasure .in the front room / it's cold . but I'll have a .is it next? (in a board game or a game of cards) inevitable if something is inevitable.The adjective is short of: there are serious food and water ~s/the current ./ the job requires specialist improvement: make a steady ./ they would like to pay for the whole house in one . there is the possibility they can improve in the future: the fiat needs decorating.(go to it) attachment: an email .just because a noun ends in -ment. it is sure to happen and cannot be avoided or stopped: war now seems ./ the company's -s rose by 12% last year / who will -from the deal? rate the rate of something is the number of times that it happens over a particular period of time: the birth . The adverb is enormously: they live in an . environment is a noun.The adjective is tiled: we've bought some new -for the bathroom / roof-s / we want to .in a different format equipment: high-tech . it is cheap enough for most people to buy: they're looking for an .garden / lock the. petrol is the fuel you put in your car. flat pieces of baked clay that you use to cover roofs. bridge.colours like brown and blue/ she's got quite .more skyscrapers in the city / .on the loan / .rates went up 1.is rising / a drop in the crime .office /a . road. after all your costs have been paid.whose ./ it's getting .to the embassy / call the -brigade / try to put the ./ a tower-[a very tall building) /we took a walk around the -1 walk five ~s build to build a house.over your shoulder / children playing in the .The past tense and the past participle is built. In American English.pressure at the moment / the film was enormously enjoyable / the town has changed enormously fire fire is the heat and flames made when things burn: have an open ./ he's only a young player./ this /son . water or gas is getting through it or escaping from it. Leak is also a noun: the roof is -ing / water was -ing from the pipe / look at all that water . and floors.housing / good quality products at . Rent is also a noun: I'm -ing a small fiat in the centre of town / he ~s the room to students (allows students to live in it in return for rent) / we -ed a car for the week / how much .to get it repaired / stop at the next ./the current unemployment .outside / . it is in bad condition: the flat's very ./a gas potential if a place or person has potential. but it has a lot of.needs fixing / turn the .amount of money / I'm under .in oil prices /the number of people unemployed rose again last month / interest rates have risen a lot recently root the root of something is the beginning or cause of it: we must get to the -of the problem / what's the ./ who will win the ~? / he was elected president go a go is one single attempt to do something: / don't know if I can do it./ if two students are talking./ the house has a double ./ she hasn't reached her full -yet rent If you rent a house or flat. Profit is also a verb: the company made a .5% last month investment an investment is somethingyou spend money on now because you think you will make money from it in the future.living room / their fiat is very .in life / set yourself long-term ~s / the government . The noun is replacementyou need to . or a place where you can buy petrol (this is a gas station in American English): park the car in the .fiat in the city centre / a bathroom /a . etc.7 aim an aim is something that you want to achieve.at the moment / our ./ the .door / sit in the./ .cause of poverty? / the war has its -s in religious differences shortage if there is a shortage of something.hair enormous If something is enormous.the lock on that door / the central heating needs -ing /1 need to get my car-ed garage in British English.out/forest ~s can spread very quickly fix if you fix something. The verbis elect: they're holding an .and fill up with petrol heating the heating inabuildingis the equipment that provides heat for the building: we've got gas central .

you try hard to find a solution to it: the government must ~ the country's housing shortage / they need to . Look up the nouns (a-e) if you need help.area / a quiet .hotel / a .of the city posh if you think someone is posh. 7 The shops are a short distance of/from here. 1 an enormous amount it's changed of money 2 sleep in separate beds her parents are now 3 buy new tiles for the floor is the kitchen 4 prices have fallen a fall dramatically in prices 5 vote in an election be as prime minister 6 a good investment for in the future property 7 the area is wellthere are good connected 8 a residential area the idea was popular with WORD-BUILDING A Complete the sentences with the correct noun from the verbs.approach to the problem / scientific innovations / we try to encourage innovation outskirts the outskirts of a town or city are the areas on the edge of it: they live in an area on the . education.the area / -the city streets /they want to organize a clean-up of the city connected if something is well connected.the problem of poor discipline in schools take out if you take out a loan or insurance policy. it is not very lively. A budget is also the amount of money available to spend on something: a . If a piece of equipment is dead. 1 light ad__kroom 2 very small anen__ __s house 3 in good condition a r -d n area 4 shared they have s e rooms 5 withnospace asp__ sflat 6 expensive ab t airline 7 industrial are I area W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold. (appoint) 2 His work used to be very bad. 6 The house has doubled value. 4 They replaced the old cinema a new school. 2 They sold the house at /in a profit. but it is a long way from where you are: the school is quite a . 5 They sold the land development. 2 We keep the car the garage. 5 There's water in the garage-the roof must be В Match the two halves of the collocations.differences clean up to clean up a place means to make it clean and tidy. according to their jobs.airline (which sells cheap tickets) /sell at a . 3 There has been a big rise for / in petrol prices.area I the company is trying to be more . 5 There is a serious shortage of/for housing. If a place is posh. please.system / she's very conscious of. Look up the verbs if you need help. 8 Their house is in / on the outskirts of town. 1 They bought the house for / as an investment. 8 We had to pay interest the loan.everywhere / the walls are covered in -1 kids have sprayed .issues / vote for the Green Party innovative if something is innovative./ taxes have risen . it uses new ideas or methods.over recent years / a steady increase in prices / steady growth in the economy tackle if you tackle a problem.accent /a. from happening there.unemployment / do more to . 3 The central heating's broken .(trying to help the environment)/a discussion about . A resident is someone who lives in a place: a popular ./ I'm half— this morning (very tired) distance the distance between two things is the amount of space between them. but not factories or businesses. but it's very . there are lots of trees and parks there. it doesn't work anymore: the area's completely . you do not like it because too many tourists go there: it's a lovely little town. 3 They rent the room students. 6 We are in/on a tight budget.The noun is connection: the area is well -for transport / he's a very well-man (he knows a lot of people) / there are good connections between the capital and other towns dead if a place is dead.travel insurance PACES 6 8 .you can see it or hear it.street / local residents are angry about the situation /a UK resident touristy if you think a place is touristy.at night / the battery's . If something is in the distance. 3 They are planning a new housing (develop) 4 I'll email the invitation to you as an (attach) 5 They said that the fall in profits was due to poor (manage) COLLOCATIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list.from here / it's within walking .on the bus shelter / a artist green if a place is green./ it's a bit too for me now / the whole area has become very - EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. or stop crime.you think they are ofa higher social class than you.The adjective is steady: Unemployment has fallen . 1 a general a) tiles 2 the central b) election 3 roof c) rate 4 a long-term d) heating 5 the divorce e) investment С Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit. (improve) 36 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 37 .a loan to buy a new car /you should . 1 I'd like to make an with the doctor. etc.crime / . build clean up fix leak rent 1 They want to a new bridge across the river. pollution. Clean-up is also a noun: we need to . it is more expensive than places you are used to: he spoke with a .9 budget budget is used to suggest that something is cheap./a very .we need to get it 4 They really should the city streets.and stick to it / we're on a tight . 1 take the car to the g e 2 pay i __ t on a loan 3 takeoutam__ e to buy a house 4 a drop in the crime r e 5 a r__e in food prices 6 get to the r _ _ t of the problem 7 a serious s__ __e of housing 8 within walkingd _e 9 sprayg_ __ionthewall 10 t h e o _ _ _ sofa city D Use the opposites to complete the adjectives from the unit. В Choose the correct preposition./a longrelationship / we don't get on so I try to keep my from him /1 hate driving long -s/l could see some people in the graffiti graffiti is words or pictures drawn in public places: there's . The noun is innovation: a very idea / an . etc: he grew up in a working—family / a middle— area / some countries have a rigid . 7 We paid for everything one go.of town / a shopping mall on the .(we don't have much money to spend) / the project is already over .restaurant / one of the -est parts of the city residential a residential area ofa town or city is one where there are houses and flats. you get it: they decided to . but there has been some recently.the kitchen / the police have done a lot to .price /you should work out a weekly .steadily if something changes steadily. it changes gradually. Green also means connected to the protection of the environment: this part of the city is quite . it has good links with other things. 1 They're building a new block flats.(it has spent too much) class a class is one of the groups which people in a society are divided into. 4 This is the root for /of the problem. 2 They their house out to tourists during the summer.a mortgage / . background.

The adjective is subtitled: a French film with in English I there are -for the deaf / thefilmis subtitled tragedy a tragedy is a very sad story or real event.next week still life a still life is a painting ofa collection of objects which the artist has arranged: a .landscape /a .it! calculate: ./the Asian .by Cezanne la. stone or metal.to do nothing possess: . not objects or events: . If you catch someone. or play in a team together: he's in the -for today's game / he was dropped from the .through the season installation an installation is a work of art where objects.show squad a squad is a group of people who work together in the army or police force.the house demonstrate: against the new law Noun appreciation: show your calculation: do a rough completion: send the form to us on congratulation: give her my -s contribution: make a big decoration: put up party ~s demonstration: go on a - PACES 7 2 ./the ~ explores the idea of the individual alone landscape a landscape is an area of land that has a particular appearance: we looked out over the beautiful ./ hire a fancy dress .him in the lead role./ their journey ended in ./ a .Italian food / an .ideas audience the audience is the group of people who watch or listen to a performance./a . catch if you catch a film or event.amount of money keen if you are keen.painting by Turner plot the plot of a film or book is the story: the book's got a good .The adjective is tragic: the play is a ./ a Shakespearean .of styles in his paintings /a of flavours / the show fuses circus and drama Verb distract: don't hi ml elect: .for an exam select: he was -ed for the team suggest: / -ed going out Noun distraction: have too many ~s election: hold an injection./ a . For example.community / a .view of the mountains / the landscape's .you watch it.mistake / make a mess / I'm dreading going to the dentist exclusive something that is exclusive is only for a limited number of people.Picasso/the document is .The verb is also cast: the play has an excellent ./the local .1 abstract something that is abstract deals with ideas or feelings.way of life / encourage development / the government ministerfor affairs scenery the scenery on a stage is all the decoration./ a rocky . usually rich people: the city's most . If you are keen on something.film / a ./ take the first .ooo people / the minister addressed an of young people /the show attracted a huge . Notice the final 'e'of the verb is removed.on sport / I'm not that . photo or description ofa person or group of people: о ./the black .during the interval sculpture a sculpture is a piece of wood. For example:fuse (v) .looked good turning a turning is where one road joins another road: it's the next . The verb is fuse: it's a . when you are pretending to be a different person: the dancers wore colourful -s / the ~s were amazing / he arrived in a cowboy .(police officers who deal with illegal drugs) stroll a stroll is a slow walk for pleasure.ofs.of fruit / draw a ./ the accident was a terrible ./ a . motion Verb appreciate: thanks ./a tragic accident / his tragic death trailer a trailer is a short advert for a film in which you see some short parts of the film: did you see the forthe new lames Bond film?/ the .on the right I the -for Manchester / we missed the .of European and African music / he uses a .by a Dutch artist/a multimedia .scenery / we had a .along the river/a .a film later? /1 only caught the end of the film / I'll you later crowd a crowd is a large group of people in a place or at a sports event./ I'd love to have my .performance / I feel -/that's-! 38 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 39 .you are worried because you think it will be very bad: the food was .concepts / discuss ./ the film had an allstar ./ a bronze .10 GOING OUT PACES 7 0 ./ a famous French sculptor showing a showing of a film or programme is a time when it is shown: there's a-at 7.experience of the Chinese way of life incredible something that is incredible is large or very good: he gave an ./ a -of unknowns / the director . it is around the middle of it: the school is about .on him Opt: .use by residents / an ./ a desert .down Columbus Avenue / we got about .was very simple / they usually change the . and exaggerate (v) exaggeration (n).noise / spend an .on spicy food /1 think he's quite on her spectacular something that is spectacular is amazing to look at: the .my bag operate: doctors decided to . furniture and pictures that show where the play takes place: the . they gave me an integration: the school encourages location it's a nice operation: have an heart - option: have no possession: all his -s were stolen rejection: receive several -s revision: do some lastminute selection: have a good of food suggestion: that 'so good - WORD BUILDING: NOUNS THAT END WITH -ION We often make nouns from a verb by adding -ion./perform in front of an ./ there'll be a repeat ./ a .I the miners form a close-knit ~ costume a costume is the clothes you wear in a play or film or at a party.at the game / the went wild /1 went out with the usual .by Rembrandt / a of the queen / he painted a lot ofself—s / a family .The artist is a sculptor: a wooden .after his recent poor performances / a police bomb . you speak to them.art /an painting / the course will deal with . The past tense and past participle is caught: doyou want to. programme or speech: the show has a big ./ a complicated ~l I couldn't follow the portrait a portrait is a painting.a new president inject: .drugs integrate: they find it difficult tolocate: the airline can't .a form congratulate .firework display /a .was beautifully done/the .a degree reject: / was -edfor the job revise: .fusion (n). which has been made into a shape by an artist. or halfway through it.through the park / we strolled around the old town terrific something that is terrific is very good: the food was .performance / she looked -/the landscape's absolutely .stamp collector I he's very ./ his friends are a nice dreadful something that is dreadful is very bad.(police officers trained to deal with bombs) / the drugs .30 / thefirst~'s at}/ go to the late ~ / the afternoon ./1 bought the on CD subtitles subtitles are the words of afilmor programme which are written on the screen./she's a .by Picasso / a .painted rural something that is rural is in the countryside or connected to the countrysides .designer halfway if something is halfwayalong something./ the trip provides an .play / she gave a .disco/an . If you dread something that is going to happen./ make an ./ an exhibition ofpainting soundtrack the soundtrack ofa film is the music that goes with it: the film's got a great .you like it a lot: he's a cyclist /a. lights or pictures are placed in a space to make people think about something: an .up the mountain /1 fell asleep through the film / he got injured .her on her success contribute: a lot to the project decorate: .ofa woman / a huge stone ./ the film is trying to reach a wider community a community is a group of people who live in the same area or share the same interest or identity in a bigger society: they live in a small rural ./we took the wrong - cast the cast of a play or film is the group of people who play the different parts.you are very enthusiastic.offer for our readers fusion a fusion is a mixture of two different things. It can also mean a group of friends: there was a huge .I .3 authentic something that is authentic is real or original and not copied or fake or made especially for tourists: . Not all words ending in -ion are based on a verb.restaurant /an neighbourhood / the beach is for .how much we need complete: .The verb is also stroll: we went for a .

1 The village is in a very r I area. 1 al__ e painting showing mountains and trees 2 ap _ _ _ t of a famous person 3 thes у for a play 4 a wooden s_ __eofacat 5 as 11 __e painting of some flowers 6 theso__ __ckofafilm В Match the two halves of the collocations. they are doing it a lot: / was sweating .though / personally.this promise / he was punished for -ing the rules / lots of people .really w d.you think it is not as good as everyone says it is: the restaurant's OK-a bit . 1 costume 2 cast 3 squad 4 stroll 5 sweat 6 council WORD-BUILDING A Complete the sentences with the nouns in the list. 1 a bronze sculpture a work by a French 2 a film with subtitles the film is 3 a terrible tragedy a accident 4 don't exaggerate I think that was an 5 a pleasant day 6 running makes me sweat we were surprised feel hot and В Tick the words which are both a noun and a verb. it makes you feel sad or emotional.you do not do it: his prediction -ed to come true / he -ed to turn up to the meeting /the brakes on the car-ed (didn't work suddenly) / his eyesight's -ing (getting weaker) / the business is -ing (not doing well) keep if you keep a promise or an agreement. better or more extreme than it really is.5 break if you break a promise or rule.here like crazy if people are doing something like crazy. minute crazy place out way W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold./ it's a very ./ the concert will sell out very quickly / we'd better book now before the show sells out sweat when you sweat.her appointment (she didn't go to it) / they should to their side of the agreement last-minute something that is last-minute is done just before the time limit finishes or just before something is going to happen: we had a . with a cast Hollywood stars./ a -film PACES 7 4 .(make sure that you keep it) sold out if something is sold out./we ran moving if something is moving.paintings / he's a bit .you must .winner / they reached a deal / do some .please send my 4 The house is very nice.evening / what a surprise / have a .stroll through the park / she seems very ./ they accused him of breaking his election ~s / he made a .The noun is also sweat. you do what you have agreed to йо-.in that school / the rug looks a bit . COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit. 1 They've got a new installation a French artist. The verb is move: the play was very . If you fail to do something. water comes out through your skin because you are hot.moving those heavy boxes /1 was covered in . If a show or concert is sold out. The noun is exaggeration: It was huge-and I'm not exaggerating / the media have ~d the problem / that's a bit of an exaggeration! fail if something fails to happen.to the airport / ask for a . The verb is sell out: thefilmwas completely ./ write to the town exaggerate if you exaggerate.(crying) / he was close to . and in an ideal 5 There's a wonderful of food to choose from. 6 I've got an exam tomorrow so I need to do some 7 I've got to have an on my leg. 3 The trip ended tragedy.(almost crying)/she burst into (started crying suddenly) /he reduced her to (made her cry) / / had . I think champagne is . with subtitles English. people have bought all the tickets./ it's a . it does not happen. 6 We had a very p_ _ _ t evening.of laughter rolling down my face EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.place to work /1 was pleasantly surprised promise a promise is something you say that you will definitely do in the future:you must keep your . 3 He made a dr f _ l mistake. appreciation location selection congratulations operation distraction revision 1 2 3 4 5 run like feel out of be sold a lastleave half decision through the film 1 I can't concentrate because there are too many 2 The audience clapped to show their 40 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 41 . D Complete the expressions with the words in the list. 5 His paintings are strange ./1 got a . all of it is gone because people have bought it. 8 I was tears at the end of the film.scene /1 find the music really . 7 I'm not very keen classical music./ as a player he's very pleasant if something is pleasant.this promise /1 always . 1 perform in front of an a) turning off the motorway 2 follow the b) audience 3 take the wrong c) plot in a book 4 go for a d) tears 5 give her a e) stroll in the park 6 burst into f) lift to the station С Complete the missing adjectives. or you feel that you do not belong there: I felt a bit . 9 It's a high-budget film. 7 Wesawas__ __ r firework display. for example after you have done exercise./ they were screaming . 4 Have you seen a trailer the new Bond film? 5 We missed the turning Leeds. you feel nervous or uncomfortable because the place or situation you are in does not suit you.in this room / something so old seems .change of plan / they scored a ./ he smelled dirty and sweaty tears tears are drops of water that come from your eyes when you cry: she was in .in such a modern city overrated if you think something is overrated./ that's . 4 He's a very к n cook./1 worked up a . 2 The painting is just a copy-it's not a c. it is nice.revision lift if you give someone a lift.weird something that is weird is very strange: he did some . 3 She's done very well . you do not do what you should do: I'll neverforgive you if you .my word / she didn't .to us / I'll hold you to that . 2 It's a French film.in the hotel/he was completely .the speed limit /he broke the law and was sent to prison / they've broken the agreement council the council is the local government in an area: the local . The adjective is sweaty: / was -ing like crazy / my hands are -ing / the exercise made me . The adverb is pleasantly: a ./ I was moved to tears / his speech really moved me out of place if you feel out of place. you take them somewhere in your car: I'll give you a. 6 His food is a wonderful fusion different flavours.broke its election promise / complain to the . you say that something is bigger.

horse. A breed of dog.in the country's history / what'syour ./ demonstrators started throwing ~s at the police / the boat hit some ~s and sank / driving along a rocky mountain road trek if you trek.for an hour before we could land / . Release is also a noun: the report was ~dyesterday / the animals were ~d back into the wild / he's due to be -dfrom prison soon /she was -dfrom hospital last night / they are attempting to secure the .where I could hardly walk anymore predict if you predict what will happen.The noun is introduction: rabbits were ~d to Australia from Europe / the animal has been reintroduced into the country / the government plans to-a new law / the introduction of tighter security measures point a point is one particular time or level in a process: the animal is back from the .in the election campaign / money played a major ./the ./1 need to cut the. like a snake: there was a snake in the corner -ing at me / the cat started-ing at me jungle a jungle is an area of thick tropical rainforest: we spent a few days trekking through the . Arrest is also a noun: he was -edfor smuggling / he's been -ed on suspicion of murder / the police -ed her for speeding /you 're under . you keep them and put them together so that they will have babies.The people who lived somewhere are the inhabitants: this rare species of shark is known to .was blue with cold / the gang smuggles tiger ~s into the country /she's got very sensitive .The noun is prediction: some scientists are -ing that 23 per cent of all mammals could become extinct within the next so years / experts . it goes somewhere where it cannot be seen or it stops existing. When you learn new verbs. you say what you think will happen in the future. Crawl is also a noun: babies learn to .tigers I bears have been -ed into extinction I they should ban the -ing of rare species / police are still -ing for the gang /I'm house—ing at the moment (looking for a house to buy or live in) / the -for the murderer / the number of elephants killed by hunters illegal if something is illegal.a tree / we hid .000 people / the first inhabitants arrived here in the ninth century introduce if you introduce something.The adjectives are distracted and distracting. you look in it carefully in order to find something that is lost or hidden.means connected to computers and the Internet: the information must be stored somewhere in -space (on the Internet) /a -cafe (where there are computers) / the problem of -crime (crime that involves the Internet) destroy if you destroy something.where I couldn't stand it anymore I it got to the . The noun is disappearance: the snake -ed into the long grass / their traditional way of life is -ing fast / he's just completely -ed / the police are investigating her disappearance distract if you distract someone. you go all the way round it or you draw a round shape all around i t Circle is also a noun: I saw an eagle circling high above us / the plane had to . you do a long and difficult walk. you live in it. Release is often used in the passive. If you reintroduce it.at about six months old / I managed to .showing at the ABC cinema / the current political situation / he's interested in current affairs (recent social and political events) cyber-cyber.of kids global warming global warming is the slow increase in the earth's temperature caused by polluting gases: .is your dog? currently currently means at the moment.if action isn't taken / an .on the web? VERBS OFTEN USED IN THE PASSIVE Some verbs are often used in the passive. The person is a hunter: it's illegal to .the correct answer / we drove round in -sfor ages crawl when you crawl. The adjective is rocky: there was a huge lizard lying on a . it is against the law.the station clock / wear something warm -your coat PACES 7 8 . Search is also a noun: my bag was -ed before I was allowed through /1 was stopped and -ed by the police / too police officers are -ing the area / the police conducted a thorough .to the phone /1 saw a cockroach -ing across thefoor / we -ed along the motorway / we went on a pub (we went to lots of pubs) disappear if something disappears./ they cut a path through the rock a rock is a large piece of stone. but also to pay attention to the grammar that goes with them.9 action it you take action.to my flat (my flat is a long way away) underneath if you are underneath something.The noun is destruction: 50 per cent of all animal species could be -ed by global warming / the building was -ed in afire / prevent the destruction of the environment / weapons of mass destruction extinct if a plant.threatened to kill anyone who got in their way / there were-fights on the streets /a .THE NATURAL WORLD PACES 7 6 .in the company? / the economy played a key . etc.his feelings / she hid her disappointment hiss if something hisses.has affected wildlife all over the world / the government should do more to tackle . often through jungle or across desert. The adjective is predictable.in my decision / the monthly parties have an important social search if you search a place. it is directly above you or it is covering you: the bear was lying . they take you to a police station because they think that you have committed a crime./ lie on the hide if you hide. The adverb is illegally: sell . it no longer exists. you stop them from concentrating.early this morning breed if you breed animals.you put it in a place or start to use it for the first time. but smaller: there were two or three rose ~es in the garden / we could hear something in the -es / a large animal was moving around in the . For example: arrest: he was -ed and charged with murder ban: he's been -nedfrom entering the country fix: my car is being -ed at the moment move: / was very -d by the story release: their first CD was -d a couple of years ago suspend: the service has been -ed until further notice transfer: your call is being -red./a VOCABULARY BUILDER 43 . Arrest is often used in the passive.you damage it so badly that it no longer exists. is one particular kind: they ./ take whatever -s are necessary / what's the plan of-? (what are we going to do?) / we need to act quickly /she's acting on the advice of her lawyer arrest if the police arrest you.of extinction (it was nearly extinct)/at one .you try hard to find it. especially in order to deal with a problem.es circle if you circle something.000 plant and animals species are . Search is often used in the passive. The adjective is current: 16./the Amazon .needs to be taken soon / the situation calls for decisive .you let it leave a place where it has been kept. Hunt is also a noun.threatened with extinction / I'm writing a new book / the film is .volcano (not active) /thousands of species are currently threatened with extinction / their language is now on the verge of extinction / can the animals be saved from extinction? gang a gang is a group of people who spend a lot of time together./can we stop ~? / we can now see the effects of-/ the issue ofhunt if you hunt animals.you go somewhere where people cannot see you or find you.of sheep / what . If you hunt for something. often for criminal reasons: on organized criminal .7 bush a bush is a kind of plant that is like a tree. it is important to not only learn their meanings.you do this for a second time. you do something. The verb is act: .sheep / the animals are bred in zoos / the most popular .to buy alcohol if you're under 18 / the items were being offered for sale illegally inhabit if you inhabit a place./ the police made an .of SO prisoners role a role is the purpose or position that someone has in a particular situation: horses have played an important . or you make it available.I thought I was going to die /1 reached the .The past tense and past particle is bred.you move along the ground on your hands and knees. it makes a long's' sound. animal or language is extinct. you chase them in order to then kill them. Please hold the i line threaten: / was -ed with arrest if I didn't move back 42 OUTCOMES I skin your skin is the natural covering on your body: my . The past tense is hid and the past participle is hidden: I found a scorpion hiding in one of my shoes / she hid in a cupboard / I hid her present under the bed / he tries to ./ hide in the long .that the situation is going to get worse / the ending of the film was very predictable (you could predict what would happen) /it's difficult to make long-term predictions about the economy release if you release something.goods via the Internet / it is .The noun is distraction: / hope having so many people around won't-you /1 was -ed from my work by the noise / he seemed very -ed when I saw him /1 found the music distracting / it's difficult to work when there are so many distractions grass grass is the low green plant that grows all over the ground: children were playing on the .The noun is extinction: the plant could soon become . Trek is also a noun: we went -king through the jungle / they -ked across the Gobi desert / it's a real .the table I let's meet .fresh water / the islands are only -ed by birds / the area is -ed by around 20. or you move along very slowly.of the area / have you done a .

I he used poison to kill his victims scratch if something scratches you.is smelly I the stinks I the . The wild is the natural environment: there are . around your brain: he fell and fractured his . 8 He was caught by a (speeding) camera С Which TWO words in the list below are NOT both a noun and a verb? circle hunt crawl habitat search trek action arrest breed COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with the verbs in the list. (free) 5 The police are carrying out an (investigate) 6 She used to kill the rats. it makes a small cut on your skin. 1 an active I e__ __tvolcano 2 it's totally legal l\ I to do that 3 the animals are perfectly tame Iw _ _ d 4 they're quite gentle I а edogs 5 the two men were locked up Is _ t f _ e 6 these mushrooms areedible/p__ __s VOCABULARY BUILDER 45 В Complete the sentences with the correct words from the words in brackets. it can kill or harm you if it gets inside your body. (destroy) 2 These animals now face (extinct) 3 I thought the film was too (predict) 4 He believes in of speech. bridge.and threatening behaviour I he gets very .la water -la petrol - EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.(In danger of becoming extinct) speeding speeding is the crime of driving too fast./you have to clean the -regularly I it escaped from its .industry I there are plans to construct a new bridge free if something is free. 1 Something was moving in I at the bushes. 2 They hid on I in the long grass.gas I some types of mushroom are . The noun is investigation: scientists are -ing the causes of the disease I we will -how the accident happened I they plan to carry out a detailed investigation I he is under police investigation (the police are investigating him) lick if you lick something.very much 11 tend not to with the people from work I I'm not feeling very sociable today stroke if you stroke something. The adjective is sociable: she doesn't . 1 I was distracted my work by all the noise. Match the two halves of the collocations.11 was fned £130 for . 6 An eagle was above us.press (newspapers that are allowed to say what they want) /50 political prisoners were -d last night I they believe in freedom of speech habitat the habitat of plants or animals is the natural environment they grow or live in: the animals' natural .of bear / over the past 500 years.The noun is poison: / was bitten by a. Look up the nouns (a-h) if you need help. The verb is construct: the . 820 ./ a man climbed into the lion's construction construction is the work of building something.I forest -s hectare a hectare is 10. investigate threaten 1 2 3 4 5 6 lick predict search stroke a place for evidence your lips what will happen to kill someone how something happened a cat or dog В Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list. etc. You can also keep fish or snakes in a tank: / keep the snake in a .you say you will do something bad to them. it grows without help from people. 3 The animals were released the wild. Free is also a verb. controlled or limited. Smuggle is often used in the passive: the animals are ~d into the country I he was arrested for smuggling exotic animals / she was caught smuggling drugs /they were part ofa people-smuggling gang I they were accused of drug smuggling species a species is a particular type of animal or plant: a rare . 8 The road is still construction.in my bedroom la fish . 6 Tigers are threatened extinction. you try to find out the truth about it. A spider across the floor. People used to tigers for their skins.you move your tongue across it: he lets his dog . 7 The animals are kept cages. Threaten is often used in the passive.The noun is threat: they ~ed to kill me if I didn't give them the information I 76.I he was caught by a speed camera straight if you go straight to a place. especially if they refuse to do what you want them to do.you take it from one country into another illegally.000 species are currently -ed with extinction (they may become extinct) / the factory is now ~ed with closure I he received death threats I terrorism still poses a serious threat wild if something is wild. 1 It is important to prevent the of the rainforest.to bed threaten if you threaten someone.should stay out of the sun Isufferfrom a ~ disease Ia banana skull your skull is the bone in your head. 2 He was arrested murder. you spend time meeting friends and other people for fun.I people let their dogs run .sometimes cage a cage is a structure of metal bars for keeping animals or birds in.is full I clean out thepoisonous if something is poisonous.(being built) / work in the . Look up the verbs if you need help. Look up the verbs if you need help./ they were arrested for smuggling animal ~s smuggle if you smuggle something.you go there directly without stopping anywhere else on the way.snake I . 4 We went trekking through Ion the jungle.1 aggressive if a person or animal is aggressive.you will be taken . The noun is freedom: the animals were set . disappear into the investigate the bushes boy's stop distracting me seem very a mountain path a large rock be shot by a group of hunt for animals be illegal inhabit a place smuggle goods threatened him with violence sell goods meet the ofa place be arrested for pose a serious The snake at me. they behave in an angry or violent way towards people: an ~ dog I / was scared by his . 6 We observed the animals in Ion their natural habitat. like in a zoo: / keep the bird in a . 7 I don't socialise/or/with people from work. They animals in the zoo.animals I the animals were bred in a zoo and then released into the - PACES 8 0 .is being destroyed I it's interesting to observe them in their natural -la coastal .horses on the island I -flowers I .his face I she -ed her fingers I he -ed his lips litter tray a litter tray is a container inside a house where cats go to the toilet: the . it will you.000 square metres: thousands of ~s of forest are destroyed every hour I a small farm of 200 ~s investigate if you investigate something. a) global warming 1 cut the b) grass 2 belong to a criminal c) role 3 try to prevent d) gang 4 play a major e) skin 5 take decisive f) tank 6 have sensitive g) action 7 protect endangered 8 keep them in a fish h) species D Use the opposites to complete the adjectives from the unit. 5 If you annoy the cat. The noun is speed: he was arrested for . 8 You can keep snakes on I in a glass tank. it is not locked up. (socialise) 44 OUTCOMES .of the road is a threat to wildlife I the stadium is still under . 5 The animal skins are smuggled to I into the country.to your hotel I1 went home after class I she went . especially a house. 3 The snake hissed at I to me. Scratch is also a noun: the cat -ed me 11 -ed my arm on some bushes I it's nothing it's only a scratch I there were a few scratches on the car socialise if you socialise.I they are campaigning for a .you move your hand over it in a slow and gentle way: he ~d the dog I cats love to be ~d I he -d her face gently tank a tank is a large container that holds liquid or gas. breed 1 2 3 4 circle crawl hiss hunt scratch W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold. (poisonous) 7 He's a very person.have become extinct I tigers are now an endangered .cream for dry ~ / people with fair . В Choose the correct preposition. 4 What's her role the company? 5 Scientists have discovered a new species frog.

carryingyour luggage in a bag on your back./ hippie ~s / he dropped out of college WORD BUILDING: NOUNS MADE FROM PHRASAL VERBS Some phrasal verbs can be made into nouns with similar meanings. If you say that someone is a character.with his time /an extremely . Half./ we're both quite chatty and .step.smile step.grandparents grow out of if you grow out of clothes./ that was an idiotic thing to do indulgent if you are indulgent with someone. they like some of the same kind of things: we've got a lot of .you become too old to enjoy doing it: kids .and affectionate / it was .is a prefix that you can add to words for family members to mean one generation back from that member: my grandfather is 75 and my grandfather is 102 / my . The character of a place is all the qualities it has. It also means someone who decides to live an alternative lifestyle and to not be a part of normal society.half. and sometimes allow them to have more than is good for them. you become too big to wear them.schoolchildren outgoing someone who is outgoing is friendly and likes meeting new people: he's very funny and .to help her complete her degree / I'm here on a hy someone who is shy feels nervous and uncomfortable around other people.for over 40years / there'll be a big .can also be added to words to give the meaning of 50 percent: my dad remarried last year and now I have a --brother / I'm --dead this morning (very tired) / / guess I --agree with you /you can get--price tickets idiot an idiot is someone who is very foolish or stupid.est friends competitive someone who is competitive always wants to win or be more successful than other people: he's very sporty and very -la highly player / why do you have to be so-? demonstration a demonstration is a public march or meeting to show that people support something or are opposed to it.relationship /she looked at me with real intensity -mate -mate is a suffix you can add to nouns to show that two people share a space or an activity together: I get on really well with my flat. they are very serious in the way they talk and behave. Sometimes the nouns are one-word nouns.is a prefix that you can add to words for family members to show you are related to someone through a second or a later marriage: my mum remarried last year and my -father is great /1 don't really get on with my -brother / a -daughter / her -son / his -mother / my-brother stubborn someone who is stubborn refuses to change their mind or to see anyone else's point of view: why do you have to be so-? / he's got a personality sweet if someone is sweet.with his daughter /she's very .in Australia / I spent six months . they behave badly: she can be quite . particularly people they do not know: she's quite quiet and .you mix it in until it disappears: heat the mixture until the sugar -s / the powder will .with you about this / have those two fallen out or something? / we had a big falling-out a few years ago get into if you get into something.protesting against the new law I a .in my country / the hotel offers a wide range of outdoor activities / there will be some organized group activities in the morning / he's involved in illegal activities backpacking backpacking is the activity of travelling around an area fora long time.when she wants to be / he's very . you show how much you love or like someone.towards her grandchildren /she indulges the children too much / the food is all free so go on indulge yourself intense if someone is intense./ the hotel has real .their clothes so quickly / don't worry-he'll . Sometimes the words from the phrasal verb appear in the same order in the noun. kind and nice to other people: he's very .is a prefix that you can add to the nouns 'brother'or'sister'to show you share one of the same parents. you get on very well with them and can talk to them about anything: I'm very ./ he's painfully ./ he drives like an .kids/she's the brightest student in her class close if you are close to someone.(extremely shy)/he's very .he's going through scholarship a scholarship is money that is given to you by an organization so that you can afford to go to school or university: he won a .interests / it's knowledge that she's going to leave / it's for the good (for the benefit of everyone) / we have a lot in .you treat them especially well. but he's grown out of it now half. The person is a backpacker: / met him while I was ./ they have a very . sometimes they are the other way round. The adjective is idioticyou can be such an .of you / our teacher talks to us as if we were .great.to go and talk to her /she gave a . The verb is drop out: he's a bit ofa .with girls /I'm too .3 affectionate if you are affectionate.in support of the arrested men / thousands of people demonstrated against the new tax determined if you are determined.you mean that they are an interesting person: my brother and I have quite similar s / there's a nasty side to his .to make that decision / the king is a very powerful man 46 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 47 .to my older brother / my sister and I are very / they're a very -family /1 only told my . If you grow out of something./ they have absolutely nothing in fall out if you fall out with someone./ she can be a bit too . they are willing to give money or help people.5 activity an activity is something that you do.ofyou to help / she's such a ./ we don't have much in .struggle now that the president is ill / I'll do everything in my . The verb is indulge: he's very .of wearing black all the time / it's just a .person generous if someone is generous.I a pro-democracy . The noun is intensity: he's very serious and quite .to succeed / we made a . they are pleasant.1 don't want to ./ a very .to help (everything that I can do) / / don't have the .boy I that was very .(the person I share a flat with) /go out with myclass-s / he's got three houses / her room-/go out for a meal with my works naughty if children are naughty.aunt / his . angry or stressed: she's very relaxed and . they do not easily get worried.to study Physics I she was awarded a. The noun is a falling-out: we fell out over a girl I look .offer/people take advantage of his generosity / an act of great generosity great. upset.for him (he doesn't usually do things like that)/she's a very likeable common something that is common to different people is shared by them.child / a dog that has been starved of affection /1 just want a bit of affection bright someone who is bright is intelligent and clever: he's a very-young man / very .you have a big argument and stop talking to them. sometimes they are two words joined with a hyphen (-)./ my parents are worried I'm going to end up becoming a .The verb is demonstrate: an anti-war .round Asia / I'd love to go for a year / we stayed in a cheap little hostel for backpackers character your character is all the qualities you have that make you an individual. The noun is determination: he's a very-young man / he's . The noun is generosity: she can be very ./ she has a very personality phase a phase is one period of time in the growth or development of something: the first .of the project is nearly finished / he went through a .in cold water a dropout a dropout is someone who leaves school or university before finishing their course.sometimes /you've been a very .sometimes /a very -young man / a very .trouble at school I he got very into politics a few years ago / he's started getting into drugs (taking drugs)/she's been getting intoyoga recently power if someone has power.little girl PAGES 8 4 .12 PEOPLE I KNOW PACES 8 2 .effort to clean the place up /he has shown real determination / they played with great determination dissolve if you dissolve something in a liquid.kids on your own Noun check-in: I'll meet you at the falling-out: they had a big walkout: the union ordered a rip-off: it was such a breakdown: have a nervous downpour: get caught in the upbringing: have a strict - easy-going if someone is easy-going. The noun is affection: he's very sweet and . If people have things in common. Phrasal verb check in: checkyour bags in fall out: let's not about money walk out: she walked out on her husband rip off they tried to rip us off break down: cars sometimes pour down: it's pouring down bring up./shouting at her was very out of . you become interested in it or involved in it: / always used to .attitude towards life / a friendly .it once he gets older / he used to wet his bed. they are able to control other people.The adjective is powerful: he remained in . .you do not let anything stop you from achievingyour goals and doing what you want to do./he went on the big . for example a sport or hobby: golf is the most popular free-time .sometimes / our boss was a bit of an .

48 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 49 . b) I've got a sister and two -brothers. If you lose touch.relative / it all happened in the past (a long time ago) / it's just a . Harm is also a verb: one drink won't do you any . b) I've got feelings about moving to London.he's incredibly 8 Don't be so -no one's following you I against the war have great an act of great yourself look at someone with great a hostel for a leader a very.email / the pictures are sent . 7 He's popular his classmates. 3 a) My -grandfather is 92.you stop seeing them or talking to them.between us touch if you are in touch with someone. you feel frightened of other people for no reason.of an ancient city /most of herfriends have joined social networking ~s on the Internet / my favourite webtrack down if you track down a person or a thing. great mixed half step COLLOCATIONS A Match the nouns to the verbs. you are not completely sure that it is a good idea: he's got serious . especially when they move to a different town: we keep in . damage or problems that you cause.he's always involved in deep conversations.The noun is paranoia: it's fine -you're just being .you see them or talk to them regularly. so now I'm -dead. 1 an affectionate child show a lot of 2 an anti-war demonstration 3 he's determined to succeed 4 a generous offer 5 be very indulgent 6 an intense young man 7 go backpacking 8 be in power for ten years 9 boost someone's ego С Complete the sentences with the correct adjective from the list. 3 Those children behave so badly-they're really 4 She never gets stressed .with my old friends from school / are you two still in ~> via via something means through or using that thing: we keep in touch . 2 a) My mum has remarried.I'm very 2 Kidswhoare usually do well in exams. 5 They slowly got into / drifted apart over the years.politician reservations if you have reservations about an idea. you are unsure how you feel about something.that someone is following him / there's a lot of paranoia about terrorism at the moment popular if someone is popular./a camp . A site on the Internet is a place where information is available or people can talk to each other: he works on a building .via email / try and stay in .people you went to school with / I'm trying to-a copy of the film on DVD / the police finally managed to track him down in Oman EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. 4 We dropped out of7 came across some old photos in the bottom of the wardrobe. 4 a) It's difficult to teach a -ability class. bright naughty competitive paranoid easy-going sociable intense stubborn 1 I like to win . b) I've got a -aunt in Scotland. 5 We've finished this phase the project. 1 goon a) an idiot 2 drive like b) relations 3 win c) a demonstration 4 go d) a scholarship 5 maintain good e) backpacking В Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit..once the course finishes / we lost .done / there's no asking /he would never harm his kids / this crisis could seriously harm the economy mixed if you have mixed feelings.relations relations between countries and organizations are the connections between then and the way they behave towards each other: the two countries have managed to maintain good ~ since the end of the war/she's studying International ./ if really boosted my .after university / I'd love to get back in . Е Complete each pair of sentences with one of the prefixes in the list. W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold. 1 a popular free-time a __ __y 2 have a nasty side to your с r 3 have a lot in с n 4 keep in t h with someone 5 boost someone's e о 1 a) I was up very late last night. 3 He first got into / drifted apart politics when he was at university.reviews / there was a reaction to the news paranoid if you are paranoid. The way somebody comes across is the way they seem to other people: / came across a great website /she came across some old photos in the cupboard / he comes across as quite shy distant if people or things are distant./we visited the . 6 I love meeting new people ./ they are trying to./ the experience destroyed my .because they don't have enough in common / we slowly drifted apart over the years ego your ego is the opinion you have of your own value and importance. improve between the two countries / we want to establish better-with our neighbours / this incident has damaged . 1 He's dropped out of/grown out of all his clothes! 2 She's always coming across /falling out with her friends. man D Choose the correct phrasal verb. 2 Dissolve the sugar the lemon juice. most people like them: he's a very .I'm very 7 He never changes his mind . they are not close to you or not closely related to you: he's only a .friend / a . Someone with a huge ego is an egomaniac: a young man with a huge . 3 She's quite generous her money.you find it by accident.emotions after seeing him again /she teaches a —ability class / the film got very . so now I've got a -father. and you believe they are trying to harm you. Someone who is egotistical thinks they are very important. 6 He's quite shy girls. 1 I'm very close my sister. b) I -agree with you. 6 I managed to track down/grow out of my cousin in Australia.teacher/he wants lots of people to come to his party so that he looks ./he's very with the fans / a ./I support the idea.about her ideas / his colleagues expressed major .she's very 5 He's very ./ sometimes exercise can do more-than good / don't worry-no . but with some site a site is a place that is used for a special purpose.Things that are mixed are partly good and partly bad: he's got -feelings about going to university /1 had very . 4 He's quite indulgent his grandchildren.satellite / we flew to Tokyo ./ making the film was all just an - trip for him (something he did to make himself feel important) / she's very egotistical / he's a complete egomaniac! harm harm is injury.7 come across if you come across something./ he's really . Look up the nouns if you need help. you find them after a long and difficult search: there are websites that help you .Singapore PACES 8 6 . they gradually become less friendly or their relationship gradually ends: People .about the plan /1 have a few minor .memory drift apart if two people drift apart. 8 I have some reservations his ideas.

boat or plane you are in does not move about much.you offer them some money to persuade to do something for you./he was accused of taking -s (accepting them) bureaucracy bureaucracy is a negative word for all the rules. so I looked for a pedestrian deck the deck of a boat is the outside part where you can walk. it is uncomfortable because it is not smooth and the car or plane you are in moves up and down a lot.the next morning / In ig8i Mai Ho finally . The adjective is discriminatory: a lot of women still face sexual .Newcastle on our way to Scotland harbour a harbour is a sheltered area of sea near the land where boats can stop and people can get on and off: we'll be coming into the .that again /he's going through a difficult phase / we have to . or homeless people.how much food we would need / they're trying to . systems and paperwork that organizations use. you feel extremely frightened: ft was a ./ it was a rough . The adjective is bureaucratic: the company is trying to reduce unnecessary .cameras / . If you are terrified./ homelessness is a growing problem in the cities land when a plane lands.(the part of a plane where the pilot sits) desk a desk is a place in a large building such as a hotel or airport where you can get help and information:you can ask at the information ./he got stopped going through -/ there is now much tighter . you leave your country and go and live in another one.light (with very few bags) /she spent a year -ling around India tyre a tyre is the ring of rubber on the wheel ofa car or a bicycle.at about WORD BUILDING: ADJECTIVES THAT END WITH -LESS We often add -less to nouns to make an adjective like homeless (from the noun home). it makes you feel extremely frightened. uneven part on a surface: the road was really ~ /we had a very -fight / the car hit a bump in the road /1 got a nasty bump on my head where I hit it on the pavement calm down if you calm down./ take a deep breath and .possibilities homeless: he ended up hopeless: it was a . Bribe is also a noun: the teacher ~d the kids with sweets /he was accused of bribing government officials / we had to .when I fly /1 always get .of the bus / passengers aren't normally allowed on the flight . angry or upset: she got into a panic and wouldn't .The noun is anxiety: / get really ./ we walked along the .the world /1 usually try and ./ how do you cope with anxiety? / it helps to share your anxieties with others bend a bend is the curved part in a road. it leaves the ground. family and neighbours / we need to . people say a car: they sat in a first-class ./ it took me a few minutes to.a lot for work / I'd love to. and the car./we reached the border .machine worthless: a .we will be -ing shortly /1 get really anxious about flying especially at take-off and landing / it was a nice smooth landing line a railway line is track that trains travel along: the train had to stop because there was something on the ./1 tried to calm him down /you need to calm yourself down a bit carriage in British English. If you bend something. a carriage is one of the separate sections of a train. The past tense and past participle is set off: we . plane or bus: It was too windy to go out on ./ the meeting went smoothly / the trains are running smoothly again (without problems) take off when a plane takes off.in the road / be careful .flight / the road was . The noun is take-off: we didn't . you shouldn't overtake on a -/a sharp .with 160 friends.on the motorway / I've got a spare . you go and collect them: I'll come and pick you up at the airport /1 have to pick the kids up from school security security is all the systems and actions that help to protect a place. If you go travelling.5 bribe if you bribe someone.piece of rubbish и o'clock / please return to your seats . People who have nowhere to live are called the homeless.experience / it was absolutely -/I'm terrified of snakes traffic lights traffic lights are coloured lights next to a road that control traffic and tell cars when they should stop: stop at the . The noun is check-in: we'll go and at our hotelfirst/you can. you take it away from them as a punishment: the teacher ~d my mobile phone / the boat was ~d by the government / the police -d my passport crossing a crossing is a boat journey across a sea or river./ the earthquake left thousands of people . It is filled with air: it's a good idea to check the ~s before you set out / we got aflat . you experience it.guards set off when you set off. Bend is also a verb.1 can't work him out at all PACES 9 4 .3 anxious if you are anxious. etc. If you calm someone down.crossing /it was a . A crossing is also a place where you can cross something like a road or a border: we had a very smooth .(in the part of the ship under the deck) / we sat on the top . Smooth can also mean without problems. The noun is bump.you go from one place to another.online for yourflight / do you have any bags to-? / there was a huge queue at the check-in desk / check-in time is after midday confiscate if you confiscate something from someone./ it's a very fast . you give your personal details and sign papers so that you can enter. river.until 9 o'clock / we took off about an hour late / we got to the airport an hour and a half before take-off terrifying if something is terrifying. Your ex is someone who used to be your husband.security before we can board the flight / we'll .this is a tight ~ / a ~ in the river / the road bends sharply to the right / can you bend your arm? / she bent down to pick up the coin bumpy if a journey is bumpy./ the whole system is very bureaucratic discrimination if there is discrimination. The verb is discriminate.(because of their colour or race) / a victim of religious . one person or group of people is treated unfairly. In American English.The past tense and past participle is bent. If you go through a place.the police to let us go /you could try offering him a . it comes down to the ground.soon /a pretty fishing .late in the afternoon /the road was busy./ the . A smooth journey is calm./ phone the help.you become less excited.The noun is emigration: people -for a wide variety of reasons / my uncle ~d to Canada / some people saw emigration as their only option 50 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 51 .at the airport / they plan to tighten further / ./ critics say the new laws discriminate against women / they say the new laws are discriminatory emigrate if you emigrate. you begin a journey.(because of their sex) / they still suffer racial . The past tense is overtook and the past participle is overtaken: The taxi driver overtook another car on a tight bend / it's too dangerous to .here /1 didn't check my mirror before overtaking pick up if you pick someone up in a car. boyfriend or girlfriend: he didn't want to invite his —girlfriend / a group of—soldiers / the —president / he's an —smoker (he used to smoke) /she still keeps in touch with her ex go through if you go through a difficult or unpleasant time.turned red as we drove up / turn left at the next set oftravel if you travel.before exams / the silence was making me feel . you understand it or find an answer to it by thinking about it: we tried to . The problem is homelessness: a lot of ex-soldiers end up .you move it so that it is curved: when you're driving. you spend a long period of time going to lots of different places: they-led to Japan last month / he has to .why the plane crashed /he's a strange guy . you move in front of it. you are worried and nervous about something that might happen. careless: a mistake endless: there are ./a busy .13 TRAVEL PACES 9 2 .The noun is landing: we .is added to nouns to show what job or role someone used to have.The adverb is smoothly: we had a ./ a women-only check in if you check in at a hotel or an airport./ there's a huge amount of .up to Edinburgh (the trains are fast)/it's a direct-from London to Birmingham (you don't have to change trains) overtake if you overtake a car when you are driving. angry or upset.early tomorrow smooth A smooth surface is not rough. It usually means'without something'.in the back of the car / we had to change the ~s work out if you work something out./ the reception ex-the prefix ex./ the town provides overnight accommodation for people / they are trying to raise money to help the./we went straight to the check-in . you pass through it on your way to another place: she's been through a very difficult time /1 don't want to . A deck is also one of the different levels or areas on a boat.wall homeless if you are homeless. A bump is a raised. you have nowhere to live. Security in an airport is the place where your bags and belongings are checked: it took us ages to go through .involved in keeping immigrants out / there's too much . wife.you make them feel less excited.with anger useless: a ./ they had to hide in a tiny space below ./ a second-class .situation painless: a fairly experience powerless: he felt completely sleepless: / had a night speechless: / was absolutely .

The verb is interrogate: / expected a long. and the mark on the paper is a stamp as well: they didn't . This block is also called a stamp. in order to get information. 5 a terrifying experience I was absolutely В Complete the sentences with the correct words from the words in brackets. they say that they have certain beliefs.rain in the afternoon / a . The verb is persecute: he fears he will face . 1 the first-class c__ __e 2 a pedestrianc__ __g 3 turn left at the t с I s 4 apply for a v _ _ a 5 We were s d to the bone after being out in the rain./ that shirt is furious if you are furious. 1 3 bumpy journey a on the pavement 2 check in at the airport the desk 3 the plane lands at six have a smooth 4 a smooth crossing everything went a lorry on the motorway around Europe by train their passports when they come into the country 4 your bags before you goon holiday 5 a seat in the theatre 6 your alarm clock for 7 o'clock В Match the two halves of the collocations.argument light something that is light is not heavy: it's OKthe bag is only .7 compensation compensation is money that you receive because something bad has happened to you: the victims of the crash are asking for -from the train company / he was awarded £50./ victims of religious -/he was persecuted for being gay refugee a refugee is someone who has left their country because of war. so we went up deck.fence a fence is a wooden or metal structure that separates two pieces of land: they have built a high ./ wear something . 1 The government is worried about the amount of from the country./ have you applied for a -yet' / he was denied a-1 my . 2 She's travelling to/for Canada tomorrow.my mobile before I left /1 need to . 5 It took about an hour to go security at the airport./ they are stillfightingfor ~ / he wants ./ a ./ he revealed everything under» / / was interrogated by the officer for hours persecution persecution is very bad and unfair treatment of a person or group of people. 1 We stopped on /at the traffic lights. you are extremely angry: I'm absolutely .because it's going to be warm / there was some . but then behave in a way that goes against those beliefs.The noun is reservation: I've -dseats on the train / I've ~d a room at a hotel / sorry that table is already reserved / I'd like to make a reservation. after all he's said /you're such a hypocrite! immigration immigration is the process in which people move into a country to live and work there. 5 The plane takes up /off at 7 in the evening. 3 We can ask the information desk. overtake stamp 1 2 3 pack travel reserve set PAGES 9 6 . 52 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 53 .story / an-film / a very . religion.my own website stamp if you stamp a document.official (someone who checks the people coming into a country) / the government wants to prevent illegal immigrants from getting in /the country welcomes immigrants interrogation an interrogation is the process of asking someone questions.song EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS Complete the sentences with the correct preposition./ my clothes were absolutely . you move the controls so that it will operate in the way you want it to: sorry I'm late .to the bone W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold.runs out soon uplifting if something is uplifting. Look up the verbs if you need help. 5 We were furious with /about the delay. 1 It was just a mistake.before we leave / he -ed his bags and left / have you -ed our passports? recharge if you recharge something electrical. 1 abend a) around the airport 2 the top deck b)camp 3 security c) in the road 4 a fence d)of the bus 5 a refugee e) cameras С Complete the collocations with nouns and adjectives from the unit.to stop immigrants from entering the country / they climbed over the security ~ / put up a garden .around the airport hypocritical if someone is hypocritical.for his lost luggage filthy if something is filthy. 1 Just try and calm down /up. careless painless speechless useless PHRASAL VERBS A Choose the correct word to complete the phrasal verb. (restriction) 5 I'd like to make a at the hotel. you press a mark onto it with ink and a small patterned metal or wooden block.you put your things into a bag or suitcase so you can take them somewhere: / couldn't decide how many clothes to . it makes you feel happy and full of hope: it's an incredibly . race.you are extremely wet: take an umbrella or you'll get .my alarm clock / remember to . you make the necessary preparations for it to start: he wants to his own business / I'm going to . 1 Have you checked your hotel yet? 2 It was sunny.the timer silly if something is silly.of him to take that job. it is extremely dirty: a ~ city / the room was absolutely ./ it's so . please set if you set a machine. (reserve) W O R D BUILDING A Complete the sentences with the correct adjective. 4 We'll set off / up at about 10 o'clock tomorrow. The adjective is reserved. (emigrate) 2 The police searched the lorry for illegal (immigration) 3 They took me into a small room to me./we were . 4 There are new restrictions in / on immigration. please.camp restriction a restriction is a rule or action that controls or limits something.lost time pack when you pack. 4 We watched the boats coming the harbour. R Choose the correct preposition.it's ! COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with the verbs in the list.000 . a natural disaster etc: The ship's captain agreed to take the ~s to the safety of Malaysia / the war has created thousands of~s / the government has agreed to take in the ~s / a .The verb is restrict: the government has introduced new ~s on immigration / they have imposed trade ~s on the country / it may be time to lift the ~s / there are parking ~s in the city centre / the new laws restrict freedom of the press set up if you set up something. 6 There may be some I t rain this afternoon. (interrogation) 4 The government wants to the freedom of the press. 6 I bought her some chocolates to make up with I for her disappointment.the battery reserve if you reserve something. often in an angry way.you arrange for it to be kept so that you can use it.1 forgot to . etc. 4 It is a simple and operation.you do something to make it better: he bought me flowers to -forgetting my birthday /when I was on the motorway I drove fast to .if he returns to his own country / they are trying to escape political .1 was with surprise. usually because of their sex.mistake to make / tell the children to stop being soaked if you are soaked.meal make up for if you make up for something bad./he was subjected to a police . Someone who does this is an immigrant: the government has introduced new restrictions on .my passport /1 need to get my visa -ed / he ~ed the date on the application form /the document needs an official visa a visa is an official document that gives you permission to enter a country: she was finally given a .to go to Australia /1 need to sort out my . 3 I've had a few nights recently.about them losing my luggage / they had a ./ a senior officer conducted the .The person is called a hypocrite: she thinks that all politicians are ./ / handed my passport to the . 2 I couldn't say anything . 5 This kettle doesn't work ./1 still have to . it is childish or not serious: it was a really . 3 They emigrated in / to Australia. you put more power into it: I forgot to . 2 What time do we have to check up /in? 3 I can pick you up/ off at the station.

/ there's a loose .(with the button on the right of the mouse) /double ./ music from the 1980s is having a bit of a-1 there has been a . It is also a place where you can keep important papers: / deleted the . especially when it had been hidden or secret: a look at the history books -s the names of many old inventions /he promised he would never her secret /the documentary -s the truth about the drug trade revival if there is a revival.'sdown at the moment (not working) / he has a good .you should always make ./ this machine isn't connected to the Internet delete if you delete something from your computer.of all my receipts good if something is no good. it has no human help. but I can't open the . If something is saturated./ I'll send it as an .1 bitter a bitter argument or fight is very angry: they had a . The verb is connect: if the Internet isn't working.The verb is revive: the product is enjoying a . they meet new people and make new contacts: / logged on to the ./ we need to sort this out attachment an attachment is a document you add to an email message.a drop-down menu/shops .copies of files /do we have a .The adverb is externally: the computer has an . Scan is also a noun:you can ./ it's a popular holiday - PACES 1 0 2 .of his brain to check for problems socket a socket is a hole in the wall or in a machine where you can put a plug: there's a .on my phone was showing that I had a new message keyboard a computer keyboard is the part you use to write on the computer.3 allow if a thing allows you to do something. you write a name or password to start using it.problem / this is becoming a .(extra people) / they've asked for more troops to back them up cable a cable is a thick wire that carries electricity or digital information: she tripped over a loose ./ they never reached their .product / this model is . your foot hits something by accident and you fall or lose your balance: / -ped over the cable /he -ped and fell I she -ped down the stairs -friendly we add -friendly to a noun to show that something is easy or good for a particular person or thing: all our products are environmentally-(they don't harm the environment) /the website is user— (easy for people to use) / a child-restaurant (willing to accept children) gossip gossip is informal information about other people's private lives./you will need good -skills/ press the delete key log if you log on to a computer or website.to them revealto reveal information means to make it known to people. To network computers means to connect them together.button / simply select the file and press - difference if something makes a difference. etc. The verb is back something up-. but that didn't do any good (wasn't successful) icon an icon is a little picture on a computer screen: click on the printer .harddrive / the .of the first personal computer / the . If you gossip.are increasing / he's got ASAP if you do something ASAP.operation on his heart / fund a .advisor (from outside the company) the project is externally financed file a file is a named document on the computer. pipes. something becomes popular or successful again after a period of time when it was unpopular or unsuccessful.The opposite is log off: / can't ./ turn the ./ the . it is completely full of products. If a person does something automatically. you talk about other people's private lives: he told me all the latest . machines or people which are connected./ they seem to spend their time -ing about the boss inferior something that is inferior is not of very good quality./ a --sharing website /1 keep a . it is increasing and very successful. it makes it possible for you to do it: the machine ~s you to make copies of documents / the service -s customers to access their Internet account from any computer / the money will ./an underground click if you click on something.11 forgot to attach the file back-up if something is a back-up.walls of the house / this medicine is for .on to the network / you need a password to . it changes a situation and usually makes it better: the extra money will definitely make a-/ raising the minimum wage will make a huge .The noun is technology: therehas been a lot of.on the wall / make sure you plug the keyboard into the right spill if you spill a liquid or powder.new exhibition microphone a microphone./ there has been a . it is extremely wet: the market is already .project / the gallery is putting on a . is something you speak into to record your voice or make it sound louder: plug the .on the icon at the top of the screen / right ./the message ./an electric . you use a machine (called a scanner) to create a picture of it on a screen.The opposite is internal. they do it 54 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 55 . building. When people network. you make it fall out of its container by accident: mind you don't coffee over the keyboard / he -ed sugar all over the table / I've -ed some wine on your carpet trip if you trip.with cheap imports /he was .use only (you mustn't eat or drink it) / the managers decided to consult an .fight with his family /a dispute boom if something is booming.in standards in schools / student numbers have ~d / his popularity is declining / he can't go out now because of his declining health destination your destination is the place you are going to: we finally arrived at our .of the website/ he was the car's decline if there is a decline in something. but it made no (didn't change the situation) display to display something means to show it clearly so that people can see it.the organization to buy new equipment automatically if a machine does something automatically.on /1 -ged off at 6 o'clock major something that is major is very big.innovation in the last ten years/great advances / they are confident they will find a solution to the problem / this is one of the benefits of modern technology PACES 1 0 0 .issue / he had a .on the file to open it connection a connection is a point where wires. Each letter or number is a key that you press: be careful not to spill coffee over the . you do it As Soon As Possible: Can you do it ~> /I'll get back to you with an answer .to the older one (not as good as it) / he feels .9 AIDS AIDS is a disease that makes your body unable to fight other infections: he died of . Boom is also a noun: the property market is -ing / business is -ing at the moment/ tourism has -ed in recent years / there's been a huge .you move your computer mouse to show that thing and then press the mouse: .off network a network is a group of computers. person or idea which you can use if necessary./ have you got any ~? /1 never pay attention to. it only exists or lasts for a short time: their success was . etc. serious or important: we have a . Decline is also a verb.of friends / there are plans to network all the computers /you should get out and network more plug a plug is the part ofa machine that you put into a wall or another machine to connect it.TECHNOLOGY PACES 9 8 ./ the epidemic in parts of Africa / deaths from .of interest in home cooking / the success of the team has revived interest in the sport saturated if a market is saturated. The display on a computer is what is shown on the screen: the program will . it decreases in amount or becomes less successful.their goods in their windows /the college always ~s the exam results on the noticeboard / there were some lovely works of art on display (arranged for people to see) / a nice display the shop window / we looked at the display on the screen external something that is external is on the outside or comes from outside an object. it is not useful or has no success: this old computer's no good now / it's no good asking Mark . or mike. A display is a set of things arranged so that people can see them.plan? / the police officer called for .I get a new .in sweat / my clothes were short-lived if something is short-lived./ the government was technological something technological uses machines and is based on science and modern knowledge.to people's lives /1 tried talking to her again. you remove it. start by checking the .The opposite is superior: it's an . The verb is attach: / got your email.by accident / create a new .the pictures onto your computer / put the documents in the scanner / they did a . The verb is plug it in: put the .The adjective is declining: the housing market is in . join./ the market has been . it is an extra thing.he doesn't know anything about computers /1 tried saving the file again.into the socket /is the computer plugged in? / plug your MPs player into the computer scan if you scan something.argument / a . organization.in to the computer / he used a to make himself heard / please speak into the . The delete button is the button on a keyboard that you press to delete something: I ~d an important file by mistake /she read the message and then -d it / think carefully before you press the .in exports creator the creator of something is the person who made or created it: the .

for opening cans / a clever kitchen . Look up the verbs if you need help.success (very quick) panel a panel of material is a large flat piece of it: a of wood / the water is heated by solar -s (panels of material that make energy from sunlight) /fit solar -s on the roof plant if you plant something.off electricity solar solar means connected to the sun: .in /a 6o-watt ceiling the ceiling is the top surface in a room: the room has a low ~ / a high ~ / a -fan / hang something from the cool something that is cool is fashionable and attractive: their new phone looks . 5 It's a useful gadget to I for opening bottles./ he was wearing a really . 8 They had a b r argument about the money.of the file / it's important to .it describes the second noun. an AIDS epidemic /a flu epidemic admin staff / teaching staff cableTV / closed-circuit TV a telephone company / a car company a computer display / a window display the printer icon / the paste icon keyboard skills / people skills a brain scanner / a computer scanner yerb-. 3 He promised he wouldn't her secret.energy /the biggest planet in thesystem standby if a machine or person is on standby. When machines are on standby. 9 The website is quite user-f_ _ __y.a tree in the garden / they -ed flowers in the front garden / the thought someone might have -eda bomb (hidden it in a place) run we use run off or run on to say what type of energy a machine uses: a radio that -s off solar power /its on batteries / most cars . The first noun is like an adjective .power / panels / .in fact it's quite s __ f d. 6 His car runs with/on electricity. they do a job well. 2 That old computer's n o g _ _ d now. for example ceiling fan. without needing to think about it./put a new . 1 Fix the aerial to an e __lwallofthe house.way of doing it / make ~ use of resources / the admin staff are highly . they are not being used. is the glass object that you put in a lamp or light: we use energy-efficient lights / the -'s gone (it is broken) /you need to change the . W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold. but are waiting and prepared to be used. 4 The new model is inferior to / of the old one./ the department needs to improve its efficiency fan a fan is a machine that makes air move so that a place is cooler. The opposite is inefficient: the newer machines are more energy— (they use less energy) / the car's veryfuel— / it's not a very .you can change videos into different -s / what is the file in? /1 tried to change the . 2 He was the original creator of /from this program.you press a switch to start or stop the electricity: .you put it in the ground so that it will grow: . Format is also a W O R D BUILDING A Match the two halves of the compound nouns. • allow delete display plant reveal switch 1 Be careful you don't an important file by mistake.train / the film was an .process / he gave instructions / it's a . В Choose the correct preposition.on petrol / some cars . Look up the nouns (a-f) if you need help.immediately./ he loves all the latest ~s overnight if something happens overnight. it happens from one night until the next morning: you shouldn't leave machines on standby . format a format is the design or type of technology which is used to keep information. 4 The system you to store a lot of information.the document correctly gadget a gadget is a small machine or device which helps you do something useful: a .generator (for producing electricity) straightforward if something is straightforward./ would you like to stay -? / take the .question subsidise if the government subsidises something. 4 Plug the computer the socket./ the system shuts down ~ / it adjusts the temperature -/1 . hotter or less smelly: he turned on the ceiling .T-shirt efficient if a person or thing is efficient. 6 She tripped a cable.heater COMPOUND NOUNS We often put two nouns together in English.to use / applying for a passport is a . 7 You shouldn't leave your computer standby.The noun is efficiency. 1 a loose connection the printer to the computer 2 a revival of interest it might in his films interest in the sport 3 a lot of technological the benefits of innovation modern 4 the doors open an door automatically 5 an efficient heating we must improve system 6 the government increase government subsidises farming to industry В Which TWO words in the list are NOT both a noun and verb? boom decline display format gossip icon network scan socket switch 3 4 5 6 the admin good keyboard a window the printer c) epidemic d) scanner e) skills f) staff COLLOCATIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list./turn offthe.in case they are needed / the hospital has a .it was quite s t -1 d.The first noun is never plural . 7 It's not difficult . it provides some of the money for it so that it is cheaper for people to buy or use. The adjective is automatic: the machine does it all . 3 His success didn't last long . 6 Don't forget to the computer off when you've finished. without wasting time or energy.it's really с II 6 There's room if you want to stay о _ __t. The noun is subsidy: the transport system is ~d by the government / the EU -s farmers / they want to increase government subsidies to industry switch if you switch something off or on. they often have a little red light: / always leave my computer on. 4 The market is already s _ __dwith products. or light bulb. 1 There has been a decline standards. В Match the two halves of the collocations. it is simple and easy: the photocopier is very .put my hand in front of my eyes / he asked me for help and I ~ said yes / the automatic doors opened bulb a bulb. 5 We decided to a tree in the back garden. 1 I spilled orange juice in/overthe keyboard./ she's very . 1 make a a) destination 2 die of b) panel to the roof 3 use a c) difference 4 reach your d)AIDS 5 change the e) microphone to make yourself heard 6 fit a solar f) light bulb С Complete the missing adjectives. 3 I tried to log to the network. 2 They usually the exam dates on the notice board./an electric -/an extractor (to take old air out of a room) /a ./ the police are on .the light on / the computer -es itself off / . 2 Click the'save'icon.ceiling fans but never ceilings fan. 3 I'll send the document as/for an attachment. 5 I scanned the photos my computer. 1 an AIDS a) display 2 a brain b) icon 56 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 57 . 5 I love your T-shirt . Look at these other compound nouns.off your mobile phone / Where's the light ~? EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

after that meal / the food gave me an attack of- dizzy if you feel dizzy./ a fatal .The adjective is sprained: / think I've -ed my ankle / I've -ed my wrist / he's -ed his knee / it's probably just -ed but you should have it X-rayed swollen (up) if a part of your body is swollen (up).rash on my hand /1 hit my head and got a ./ a re you on any . means to make them better. it is bigger than usual because of an injury or illness.The noun is itchiness.7 acne acne is a skin condition which causes a lot of bad spots on your face. The person who is addicted is an addict: coffee is very ./ new drugs to treat attack to attack a person or a place mea ns to try to hurt or damage them by using violence.weather conditions I the industry has been adversely affected by the poor economy antibiotics antibiotics are drugs that are given to people to cure infections and to kill bacteria: the infection should clear up with ./ the doctor prescribed a course of .sometimes / if you stop drinking coffee./ she -ed a chicken bone by accident virus a virus is a very small living thing that can enter your body and cause a disease. food and drink comes back up from your stomach and leaves your mouth.The adverb is adversely: he had an reaction to the drug / the flight was cancelled because of .to the treatment / some patients react badly to the medication sneeze when you sneeze./ is carried by mosquitoes / the doctor is treating him for .condition /a . A computer virus is a program that can enter your computer and destroy information.The verb is itch: a really . I come out in a reaction if you suffer a reaction to a drug or a type of food.The noun is swelling: his knee was painful and ./ have you come into contact with an infected person? /he is infected with HIV/a highly infectious disease / it's important not to infect other people itchy if a part of your body is itchy. When you sneeze.5 adverse adverse effects or conditions are bad or harmful. When you vomit.The noun is irritability.of nerves childhood your childhood is the time when you are a child: о poor diet in ./ new anti-.is that it makes you feel sleepy / the doctor recommended trying a different .at the moment I I'm taking ./you should try to avoid -s swallow when you swallow something./ the doctor took my ./ he starts sneezing as soon as he goes near a cat /1 think I'm going to sprain if you sprain a joint in your body./he was lying in a pool of - PACES 1 0 6 ./ there is a definite link between ./ I need some stronger ./ he was fully conscious during the operation /she was knocked unconscious when shefell cough if you cough.viral infection when he was on holiday painkillers painkillers are drugs which reduce or remove physical pain: the doctor gave me some ./ try not to pass the . other people often say bless you: the dust was making me. medical word: go to bed and drink lots of .the parts of a cell that control physical growth.defect / they may be able to treat the disease with ./ a viral .you find it hard to sleep: she suffers from terrible . development. between your stomach and your neck: I've got a infection / I've been having pains in my.This is a formal./an allergic ./ have you got anything for a ~? diarrhoea if you have diarrhoea./ she was born with a serious heart crack if you crack the joints in your hands./1 sometimes get terrible pains in my malaria malaria is a tropical disease that is spread by mosquitoes: he caught ./ she finally regained ./ the soldiers came under ./ I've been off work all week with a .The verb is irritate: She gets very .INJURIES AND ILLNESS PACES 1 0 4 . it moves from your mouth into your stomachyou shouldn't .for two days (drinks.worse / I used to have terrible .for my chest infection blood pressure your blood pressure is the force with which your blood moves around your body:youVe got very high . A disease that is incurable cannot be cured: he's now completely ~d of the disease / there's no -for the common cold / scientists are still looking for a . it moves or happens more quickly: coffee makes your body . You can also say that a part of your body is infected. doyou have any other ~? / the . a lot of liquid waste comes out of your bottom because you are ill: have you had any .cough / I've developed this ./ what can I do to .ofa cold include coughing and sneezing / I'd been ignoring the-for ages vomit vomit is a more formal.for exam pie your knee: the ./ when I'm stressed.it's horrible! cure to cure someone./she suffered an . etc: He's got a .in her wrists are very swollen / don't crack your . you hurt it byturning it too much./ he's got a genetic . Diseases can be infectious if they can move from one person to another.The verb is react: have you ever had any ~s to any drugs? / she had an allergic . there is a bacteria or virus in part of your body that is making you ill.The noun is dizziness: It was really hot on the underground and I felt . you feel as if you are losing your balance and are going to fall over.this pill / it hurts when I . or if you speed it up./ I'm on . you cannot stop taking it or doing it once you start.eventually cleared up addictive if something is addictive. it is bad and unpleasant: I've got a ./ he suffers from severe .you can suffer withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and irritability /the cream irritated my skin (made it painful) joints your joints are the parts of your body where two bones meet and can move together.you force air out of your throat with a short./ my arm had swollen up from the bee sting /put some ice on it to reduce the swelling symptoms symptoms are the signs you notice in your body that show you have an illness: apart from a headache.at all? /1 had awful .in the blood condition a medical condition is a long-term illness or health problem: she's got some kind of medical . Vomit is also a noun: have you -edat all? / he was -ing up blood / the smell made me want to .to the prawns/she suffered an adverse ./ drugs to reduce . you pull or bend your fingers so that they make a loud sound: -ing the joints in your fingers can cause arthritis / don't . It particularly affects teenagers: washing too much can make ./she had a difficult cholesterol cholesterol is a fatty substance in your blood.The adjective is viral: colds are caused Ьу-es/ he picked up a nasty .can lead to problems in later life / I've got very happy memories of my .ing / I've had a nasty -for weeks /a smoker's .engineering insomnia if you suffer from insomnia.The verb is infect: / had a nasty chest ./an ear . The opposite is unconscious: he lost . Attack is also a noun: the dog suddenly-ed me and bit my leg / the virus ~s the brain / a violent racist . The verb is swell (up).I he's -ing a lot at night /1 couldn't stop .two hours later /he was drifting in and out of .for AIDS / he's got an incurable medical condition disease a disease is an illness that affects people or animals. you blow air out of your nose with a loud sound./1 don't want to take .on my legs /I've developed a nasty ./ the drug acts as a mild .is caused by a virus / he's got heart .your fingers .drugs speed up if something speeds up. loud noise.you might have a heart attack: try to eat foods which are low in ./a highly . You become addicted (to it)./ mosquitoes spread . Cure is also a noun.(causing death)/sexually transmitted -s factor a factor is one of the things that has an effect on an event or situation: -s such as smoking and high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks / a person's weight is one of the major -s fluids fluids are liquids that you drink. you feel as if you want to scratch it./ the joints in her hands are really ./a viral infection 58 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 59 . they become angry or annoyed very easily. medical word for be sick or throw up.worse irritable if a person is irritable./an incurable . it is connected to someone's genes .all over / I'll give you some cream for the itchiness /1 know it itches but don't scratch it medication a medication is a drug that you take to cure an illness: the main side effect of the . or cure their disease or illness./ my -felt really tight and I could hardly breathe consciousness consciousness is the condition of being awake and being aware of what is happening around you.and then I just fainted / have you had any dizziness at all? infection if you have an infection.(measured it) / / need to lower my ./ the doctor put me on .drug /some computer games are .and heart disease / he's got high . it affects you in a bad way.the application process stimulant a stimulant is a drug that makes your heart beat faster and stops you feeling tired: coffee is a .rash /1 feel . Diseases are often caused by infections: the .at all? nasty if something is nasty. Cough is also a noun: the smoke was making me .chewing gum /1 can't . The adjective is conscious./ she suffers from lowchest your chest is the upper front part of your body.on to other people / the email contained a ./ he's completely addicted to chocolate / he became a heroin addict arthritis arthritis is a medical condition in which the joints in your body swell up and become painful: my grandma's got . but no food) genetic if a disease or medical condition is genetic.as a teenager / she suffers from -1 my .my computer? / we're trying to ./ take a couple ofrash a rash is an area of red spots that you get on your skin if you are allergic to something or if you are ill: I've got a .cut / he picked up a ./ the medication just made my . If you have too much.

Look up the nouns (a-f) if you need help.this summer /put some .of soldiers from the area PACES 1 0 8 . You fall down the stairs: / slipped and fell down the stairs and broke my leg.withdrawal withdrawal is the process of stopping something. malaria condition stimulant sunburn suntan virus 1 She's got a serious heart 2 is carried by mosquitoes. 1 She fell off/ over in the street./ creams for treating . j attack cough faint sneeze sting vomit 1 People often say 'bless you' when someone 2 The smoke from the fire was making me 60 OUTCOMES . you drop off it by accident: I fell off my bike and hurt myself / he fell ofa horse and broke his shoulder /1 fell off a ladder PHRASAL VERBS WITH 'FALL' sting if an insect stings you. 6 She had a very happy с __d. 4 The joints his hand are very painful.the crash / he's -d three heart attacks so far / there were no survivors from the plane crash / they are still looking for survivors EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. you might fall over: / slipped on the ice and fell over /1 was running and I tripped and fell over. 1 a _ __e weather conditions 2 g ^engineering 3 a highly a __edrug 4 a very i у rash PHRASAL VERBS A Choose the correct word to complete the phrasal verb.lotion on / she came back from holiday with a deep tan / she looked tanned and healthy survive if you survive an accident or a dangerous situation. it sticks a sharp part of its body into you and hurts you.on her face /1 fell and -d my leg / a badlybruised arm faint if you faint. 6 I was worried the dogs might us. 4 Some teenagers get terrible a __e.The past tense is bit. You fall off something you are standing on or riding: she fell off a motorbike and was lucky to survive. 4 Some drugs make your body speed up/down. 3 She's got a nasty r__ h on her arms. you use your teeth to cut into it or make a hole in it.9 bite if you bite something. Bite is also a noun: a dog bit me on the leg /don't . removing something or taking something away: People who suddenly stop drinking coffee may suffer ~ symptoms like headaches /1 need to make a ./ take these simple precautions to prevent . The past participle is bitten. 7 He has to take drugs to reduce his с I. your skin looks healthy and is a nice. С Match the two halves of the collocations. 2 Takesomep_ s if you've got a headache.from my bank account (take money out) / the gradual .The noun is survivor: she was incredibly lucky to . 2 He fell off/ down his motorbike./ put some suncream on or you 'II get sunburnt suntan if you have a suntan.your nails /1 was bitten by a snake /1 woke up covered in mosquito -s / he had a nasty . 1 I've got a rash my neck. 3 I've got a pain my chest. the plane crash your joints illnesses the pills your nails В Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the list. 5 A snake bit me the ankle.your skin is red and painful because you have stayed in the sun for too long. The adjective is sunburnt: / spent the whole day on the beach and ended up with terrible .on his leg bruise a bruise is a dark mark you get on your body if you are hit. dark colour because of the time you have spent in the sun. Sting is also a noun: This bee stung me on the arm and my whole arm swelled up / / got stung by a bee /1 had a painful on my arm / a nasty sunburn if you have sunburn. E Complete the sentences with the correct noun. you do not die. 1 The food gave me d __ __a.you suddenly become unconscious for a short period of time: I felt dizzy and just -ed / lots of people -ed in the heat /1 was so hungry I nearly -ed fall off if you fall off something. The adjective is tanned: I'm determined to get a good . 5 AIDS is caused by a 6 If you stay in the sun too long. 1 prescribe a course of a) fluids 2 have high b) antibiotics 3 have an ear c) reaction 4 have an allergic d) withdrawal symptoms 5 drink lots of e) infection 6 suffer f) blood pressure D Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit. The past tense and the past participle is stung. 3 Coffee is a 4 I'm determined to get a decent this summer. J bite 1 2 3 4 5 6 crack cure sprain survive swallow the disease is highly put ice on it to reduce the some diseases are it can cause a infection a badlyface 3 I felt really sick and thought I was going to 4 Wasps won't you unless you make them angry. or a tan. VOCABULARY BUILDER 61 If you slip or trip. you'll end up with F Complete the missing adjectives. 1 she lost consciousness he was during the operation 2 I feel dizzy a feeling of 3 a chest infection 4 his knee was swollen 5 doctors can cure the disease 6 sometimes she's very irritable 7 she's got a virus 8 he's got a bruise on his arm COLLOCATIONS A Complete the collocations with the verbs in the list. 3 I fell over /down the stairs. W O R D FAMILIES Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold. Bruise is also a verb. 5 A lot of older people suffer from a _s in their joints. 5 I thought I was going to with the heat. 2 You've got all the symptoms a cold. your ankle. The adjective is bruised: he had quite a few cuts and ~s / she had a nasty .

/ they are calling for an immediate .you think about it carefully before making a decision./ who currently holds the world right a right is somethingyou are allowed to do by society or by the law: trie struggle for human -s (rights that all people should have) /they campaign for the -s of immigrants /the women's ~s movement /you'vegot no .amount of money on clothes / it was a ./do you believe in ~s? / what does my . especially athletics (running. or maths: a famous ./ the . it is joined again after it was broken.left-wing politics /a.The noun is redundancy: 5.say? midfielder a midfielder is someone whose position in a football team is mainly in the middle of the pitch./ the -has ended close down when a business closes down.1 1 affair if someone has an affair.said it's amazing ridiculous something that is ridiculous is crazy./ some of the workers were exposed to.waste of time / she was wearing a .who campaigned for the rights of black people / a gay rights .is Aries PACES 1 1 2 .solution to the problem / . For example./ our -s don't match / my . show.The verb is vaccinate: they are hoping to develop a . The adverb is ridiculously: That's -I / she spends a .in Cambodia / they left the country during the dictatorship / millions of people all over the world live under dictatorships founder the founder of an organization is the person who first started it.of a new film / go to the ./a .to study abroad / a home improvement influential an idea or a person that is influential changes other people's thinking or way of doing things. staple or clip pieces of paper together . In the same way.of the latest Hollywood film / be invited to the redundant if someone is made redundant.to help poor children / we're raising money for . and from substances such as uranium. you give it the same name in order to remind you of the person or show respect: they named the metro station after Eddy Merckx / the street is named after the country's first leader / I'm named after my grandfather radiation radiation is the form of energy that is sent out from nuclear reactions. etc. distance.NEWS AND EVENTS PACES 1 1 0 . ceasefire if there is a ceasefire.The adjective is radioactive: Marie Curie studied . Pass away is a more formal and polite way of saying die: did you see in the paper that Sven Larstrom passed away? / my grandmother passed away last year / he passed away in his sleep premiere a premiere is the first time a play.The verb is Mack: he didn't know his . number. etc.000 people will be made . that a person or group has ever achieved when doing something: he set a new world-for the 100 metres /she broke the world .against 62 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 63 .of the Turkish republic / the .to say that scheme a scheme is a plan or programme of action by an organization to help people do somethings government . then couldn't get it. etc./ he gave a description of the .leader / they have to do compulsory service /the government should take . we can nail things to a wall. often as part of an organization: a human rights .from the 1960s / she collects Elvis . Some people believe they determine your character and future: what .I join the company pension unify to unify a country or group means to join separate parts of it together.sickness / a highly radioactive substance radical things which are radical are extreme or involve a big change in the way something is done: some of his ideas are very . we glue things back together. is: the film has had great -s / the show got terrible ~s I mixed -s (some good. but they may get VERBS TO DESCRIBE HOW TO ATTACH THINGS We often make verbs from the names of things we use to attach things together. they have died. the two sides in a war agree to stop fighting for a period of time: the two sides have agreed a ./ did you hear that lay and Selma are -? / they've split up.the different groups / a unified approach to the problem (with everyone working together) vaccine a vaccine is a kind of medicine you take so you do not get a disease in the future. film.The verb is found: the . Capricorn.and sellotape (or just tape) things together.with his secretary attacker an attacker is a criminal who uses violence to hurt someone.you make a legal written agreement to give them work: Manchester United have -ed a new striker / they've -ed three new players / one of the big music companies wants to them stab to stab someone means to put a knife or another sharp object into their body: He was -bed 15 times and left to die/she was -bed to death / he was -bed in the neck / she -bed a fork into my hand star sign a star sign is one of 12 characters associated with the month you were born (Pisces. they have to leave their job because the company is changing or is having economic problems./ she got a research . film or show is shown to people: hundreds of celebrities will attend the .(the person who attacked him)/she was able to identify her .jumping and throwing)./ trade unions -s athlete an athlete is someone who is very fit and takes part in competitive sport.movement / soldiers moved in to liberate the city from the occupying army / they are trying to liberate the country from a dictator mathematician a mathematician is someone who teaches or studies mathematics.preacher in a church record a record is the best time./ he was awarded a . they have a sexual relationship with a person who is not their wife or husband: she found out her husband was having an .of the company / the city was founded in the tenth century / the newspaper was founded in 1864 grant a grant is an amount of money that a government or organization gives someone to help them do something: the scheme provides ~s to teachers to pay for training / he applied for a ./he had an ./he was part of the . some bad) / / always read the pages / the . If people are back together.when the factory closed down / 500 workers are now facing redundancy review a review in a newspaper is a comment about how good a new book./I managed to glue it . The verb is compose: a who wrote piano music / one of the greatest living -s / he composed his first symphony when he was only 13 consider if you consider something./ they got . The exchange rate is the price of foreign money: what's the . A country ruled by a dictator or a system where a dictator rules is called a dictatorship: Pol Pot was a .The verb and noun is influence: his ideas were very .1 3 activist an activist is someone who does things to try and change political or social policy.has gone down horoscope a horoscope is a prediction of the future based on the month or year you were born in: / always read the -s in the newspaper/a daily . especially classical music./an auction of pop military something which is military is connected to the army./ did you see who attacked your back together when something is back together.rate for dollars at the moment? / the . The military is a country's armed forces: a ./the company donates a lot of money to composer a composer is someone who writes music.are you? / let me guess your ./ a lot of people were made unemployed when the factory closed down / the shop's having a closing-down sale exchange exchange is the buying and selling of foreign money.The adjective is athletic: He's the greatest . The adjective is unified: he was a military leader who helped Italy / . If something is considered (to be) the best.struggles in Brazil / the women's .action / a dictatorship /he served in the -for20years name after if you name something after a person. Leo. The verb is liberate: the country is still fighting for ./ I was made ./ they are trying to negotiate a ~ / it's not clear which side broke the .actor / he was strongly influenced by hip-hop music / my parents had a huge influence on my life liberation liberation is when a person or a country is made free./ a highly .outfit / it was ridiculously expensive sign if you sign someone. etc)./ he's a brilliant memorabilia memorabilia is objects from the past which people collect to remind them of a particular person or time: the bar is decorated with . it closes forever: the shop might have to . they are in a relationship again after they were separated: / took the TV apart. then lots of different people have that opinion: Euclid is -ed the father of geometry / it is widely -ed to be his best film / I'm still -ing the offer / it's not -ed polite to talk with your mouth full dictator a dictator is a leader ofa country who was not elected by the people and often uses violence or strict laws to control the people.to help unemployed peoplefindjobs / go on a training .of all time / the country's top ~s / she belongs to an athletics club / he's very athletic (fit and strong) charity a charity is an organization which does not make a profit. unreasonable or looks silly. the midfield:o brilliant young -/one of the best -s around /he managed to dominate the midfield pass away if someone has passed away. It collects money to help people or to provide information: He set up a .

3 Five hundred workers at the factory have been made 4 He's got some very ideas. 9 I prefer the original version the song. 1 play a t e on the piano 2 appearonat t s__w 3 pluckupc__ __e to talk to him 4 have a number one h _ _ 5 join the company pension s e 6 campaign for human r s D Complete the sentences with the adjectives in the list. 1 She was stabbed three times the chest. The adjective is courageous: he was widely praised for his .any post to my new address hit if a song.you say ' how good you think they are. 3 I was named/or/after my uncle./a simplified of the story will a will is a legal document which says who should receive someone's money and property when they die: my aunt left me a house in her . Elderly is a polite way of saying old. (radiation) 4 Most children are now against the disease./ a popular ./ it took real . 4 We went to see an exhibition of works local artists. or you do something to thank them for something they did for you: the money must be repaid in full / he can't afford to . sculpture. it is very successful and makesa lot of money: he had a few big hits in the igSos / a number one . Praise is often used in the passive.punishment praise if you praise someone or something. you give back money that they gave you. 4 She me when I first moved here. (influential) 2 They are fighting to the country. 2 The crisis could the country. quiz or competitions .(write and sign one)/she threatened to change her .me the link for the website? / please .i dictator В Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.1 5 barriera barrier is something physical or mental that stops people going somewhere or doing something: they put a . PHRASAL VERBS A Choose the correct words to complete the phrasal verbs. 10 My grandfather left me some money his will. 1 call for an immediate a) charity 2 read your b) memorabilia 3 attend the c) ceasefire 4 donate money to d) grant 5 apply for a research e) horoscope 6 collect pop f) premiere of a film 7 be exposed to g) record 8 break a world h) radiation С Complete the collocations with nouns from the unit. Look up the nouns (a-h) if you need help./ it's important to make a . 5 The school doesn't believe in punishment. 1 They are planning to several new players for the team. 3 Two men attacked him and him to death.you become their friend and treat them in a kind way: they ~ed an elderly widow / he ~ed me on my first day at work bravery bravery is a quality which means you can do dangerous things or suffer pain without showing fear or showing that you are hurt. 6 Alh8 year olds have to do service. Tune is also a verb: she can play a few simple -s on the piano / my favourite ./ it was a very brave decision /you're brave! contestant a contestant is someone who competes in a game.disability / there was a strong .so that I would get nothing EXERCISES PREPOSITIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. so he doesn't go out much. etc. (courage) COLLOCATIONS A Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the list.(with the correct notes) / / hate listening to outof— singing (with the wrong notes) / will you help me .malaria / a safe and effective ~ /the polio . back together physical elderly radical military redundant W O R D FAMILIES A Complete the expressions with the correct form of the word in bold.is King Lear / the gallery exhibits ~s by local artists / the complete ~s of Nietzsche PAGES 1 1 4 .widow / my father's quite . 7 I'll forward the email you. 2 My grandmother passed away /over last year.on the CD / she can t sing in . 2 They keep splitting up then getting again.of the song do you like best? / his ~s of well-known songs are very popular /1 prefer the original .across the road / a security .attraction between them / building roads is hard . 1 recognise your they threatened to attacker 2 a brilliant midfielder play in the. 1 The factory may have to close up / down./ physical disability is no -to a successful career / they want to break down cultural ~s befriend if you befriend someone. you send it to them after it has been sent to you: I'll the email from head office to you /can you . 5 Police have put a barrier the road. 2 He was one of the founders the company./ a contestant on a . (liberation) 3 This is a highly substance. Praise is also a noun: he was widely -dfor his courage / the book was ~d by the critics / he was full of praise for our work repay if you repay someone. 1 My teachers had a huge опту life. 3 Scientists are hoping to develop a vaccine AIDS. The elderly are people who are old: an . 6 She's applied to be a contestant a TV talent show. 8 Everyone praised him his achievements.on a reality TV show /one of the -s won f i million /the -s on a talent show courage courage is the ability to do somethingyou think is right even if it is dangerous to do. 5 How can I you for all your kindness? В Match the two halves of the collocations. film of book is a hit./ she appeared on a . 64 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 65 .now / the problems that are faced by the forward if you forward something to someone. by an artist: Shakespeare's most famous ./ one of the judges on a tune a tune is a series of musical notes which are pleasant to listen to./ their first CD was a massive physical something that is physical is connected to your body rather than your mind: he has a .work / a . book. befriend repay sign stab unify 1 My grandfather is very now. A tune is also a song. The adjective is brave: going back to rescue the children was an act of great .my guitar? version a version of something is a form of it which is different from other forms: which . (vaccine) 5 That was a very thing to do./you can be vaccinated against flu work a work is a painting./ he won an award for .to stand up and tell the truth /1 finally plucked up courage (found enough courage) to talk to her / it was a very courageous thing to do elderly someone who is elderly is old. 3 a ridiculous idea they're expensive 4 the country's top he's very athletes to music 5 a great composer the country is a .his debts / I hope that one day we can -your kindness /how can I ever-you? talent show a talent show is a competition on TV in which people perform in some way and judges or the public decide who is the best: he became famous when he won a TV .

for of 0 8 EATING PREPOSITIONS A l to 2 out from 4 for 5 with 6 to 7 to 8 for WORD FAMILIES A 1 2 3 4 diabetes full exceptionally leftovers WORD FAMILIES decorations guided located miners pray ruined entitles chill confirmation humidity stormy WORD FAMILIES manage availability fluently improvement motivate reliable WORD FAMILIES defender shot fitness injured slippery strength training challenging WORD FAMILIES A 1 disappointed. bully WORD-BUILDING A 1 unreliable 2 unable 3 uncomfortable 4 unfair 5 unusual 6 unfit COLLOCATIONS A 1 2 3 4 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 С 1 2 3 4 5 6 D 1 2 3 4 5 6 с d a b scored pulled train download set suits persuaded do attend keep reach build up have complicated rubbish straight big-headed stiff bloody in at at about in of in from 0 5 W O R K I N G LIFE PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A l 2 3 4 5 6 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 С 1 2 3 4 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 in with on of in for for of in at in to for to with at 06 GOING SHOPPING PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 in of of in 07 SCHOOL AND STUDYING PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 A 1 2 3 5 6 В 1 2 3 4 5 с i 2 3 4 5 D 1 2 3 4 5 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 with about in for from. fake. boredom 4 pleased. pleasure 5 exhausted. disappointment 2 confused. queue WORD-BUILDING A 1 2 3 4 A 1 2 3 4 5 В 1 2 3 4 5 С 1 2 3 4 5 D 1 2 3 4 5 A 1 2 3 4 fashion danger date university WORD-BUILDING A 1 2 3 4 5 6 retake repaint rebuild resell remarried rewrite COLLOCATIONS deserve extend lighten control skip d b с e a got do hand in pay get dedicated concerned lively rough rigid COLLOCATIONS last match store upgrade fit heels label mall top diet made went eat have wait b с a d e в 1 2 3 4 5 6 COLLOCATIONS A 1 3 5 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 С 1 2 3 4 5 D 1 3 5 E 1 2 3 4 5 A 1 2 3 4 5 с e a 2 f 4 b 6 d PHRASAL VERBS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 get by deal with picks things up rushed out rely on run out sort out mine temple forecast location damage nightmare reopened rejected blew reached spoiled с d b fall come send open make 2 e 4 a COLLOCATIONS perform expose handle preserve slam swear b с d a 2 fill in 4 carry 6 earn PHRASAL VERBS up down up up PATTERNS working to give to deal with trying to knit waiting в PATTERNS to break going to arrive to hear to be working 1 2 3 4 PATTERNS to pass to work to achieve cheating to do to cope 1 get 3 get 5 give PHRASAL VERBS hang up shop around hang around queue up D cramped. bat. from 03 TIME OFF PREPOSITIONS A 1 3 5 7 9 11 A l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 in 2 between 4 in 6 to 8 in 10 in to in down on for 0 4 INTERESTS PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 В kick.0 1 M Y FIRST C L A S S PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 from of into of against with on with for 02 FEELINGS PREPOSITIONS A l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 at about with with against in about from in to in. policy COLLOCATIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 pick up get by dub provide review improve d a f с b e WORD FAMILI deliver responsible train variety performer risky insecurity competition support recruitment reward photocopier accountant civil servant engineer researcher WORD-BUILDING inconvenient inexperienced invalid incomplete inaccurate insensitive label.exhaustion COLLOCATIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 С 1 2 3 4 5 A 1 2 3 4 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 relationship relief speech mark helpline campaign skills accommodation make launch make get give solve upset isolated handsome successful exciting В 1 on 2 in 3 for 4 on WORD FAMILIES A 1 2 3 4 storage unevenly overdrawn trend WORD FAMILIES dedication revise achieve encouragement push succeed 5 mouldy WORD-BUILDING A 1 greasy 2 buttery 3 oily 4 spicy 5 watery 6 sugary COLLOCATIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 В 1 2 3 4 5 split spread transfer advertise attract ban stocks estimate overpowers swap stick В remind. confusion 3 bored. supportive PATTERNS A 1 2 3 4 5 to work designing cleaning to be losing PHRASAL VERBS rip off pour down warm up clear up turn out С 1 dish 2 products 3 goods 4 disorder 5 terrace D 1 strong 2 find 3 get 4 big E 1 fattening 2 raw 3 tender 4 deserted 5 generous 6 organic 7 limited PHRASAL VER A 1 2 3 4 5 6 for round over off out through 67 66 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER . score.

sweat WORD-BUILDING A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 distractions appreciation congratulations location selection revision operation COLLOCATIONS с a d e b activity character common touch ego competitive bright naughty easy-going intense sociable stubborn paranoid grown out of falling out with got into came across drifted apart track down halfstepgreatmixed- в i 2 4 3 5 A 1 2 3 4 5 A 1 2 3 4 5 в WORD-BUILDINC A 1 2 3 4 5 6 A 1 2 3 4 S 6 В 1 2 3 4 S 6 С 1 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 9 с d f e a b WORD-BUILDINC appointment improvement development attachment management WORD BUILDING careless speechless sleepless painless useless COLLOCATIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 С 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 D 1 2 3 4 5 landscape portrait scenery sculpture still life soundtrack b a с e f d rural authentic dreadful keen weird pleasant spectacular crazy place out minute way COLLOCATIONS build rent fixed clean up leaking b d a e с garage interest mortgage rate rise root shortage distance graffiti outskirts dark enormous run-down separate spacious budget residential COLLOCATIONS overtake travel stamp pack reserve set С action.09 HOUSES A 1 of 2 in 3 to with for 10 GOING OUT PREPOSITIONS A l by 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 of WORD FAMILIES 11 THE NATURAL WORLD PREPOSITIONS A 1 from 3 into s of 7 in В 1 in 2 in 3 at 4 through 5 into 6 In 7 with 8 in A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 4 6 8 for in with under 12 PEOPLE I K N O W PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 С 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 D 1 2 3 4 5 6 E 1 2 3 4 to in with with / towards of with with about 13 TRAVEL PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 В 1 2 3 4 5 A 1 2 3 4 5 into on at into through at to to on about 14 TECHNOLOGY A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 in on on into onto over on over of as to for on 1 5 INJURIES A N D ILLNESS PREPOSITIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 С 1 3 5 D 1 2 3 4 on of in in on 16 NEWS AND EVENTS PREPOSITIONS A l in 2 of 3 for 4 by 5 across 6 on 7 to 8 for 9 of 10 in WORD FAMILIES A 1 attack midfield ridiculously athletic compose dictatorship influence liberate radioactive vaccinated courageous COLLOCATIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 sign unify stabbed befriended repay WORD FAMILIES conscious dizziness infectious swelling incurable irritability viral bruised WORD FAMILIES affection demonstrate determination generosity indulge intensity backpackers powerful egotistical from 8 on WORD FAMILIES A l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A 1 2 3 4 5 A l 2 3 4 5 В 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 9 10 D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 enormously separated tiled dramatic elected invest connections residents A 1 2 3 4 5 6 WORD FAMILIES bump check-in landing smoothly terrified emigration immigrants interrogate restrict reservation sculptor subtitled tragic exaggeration pleasantly sweaty WORD FAMILIES connect revive technology automatic efficiency subsidies WORD FAMILIES disappearance distracted rocky hunters illegally inhabitants smuggling threat destruction extinction predictable freedom investigation poison sociable speed COLLOCATIONS sprain survive crack cure swallow bite sneezes cough vomit sting faint attack b e a 2 f 4 с 6 d В cast. stroll. habitat COLLOCATIONS A 1 2 3 4 5 6 В 1 2 3 4 5 6 С 1 3 5 7 D 1 2 3 4 search lick predict threaten investigate stroke hissed crawled breed hunt scratch circling b a g П 2 4 6 8 d с e f COLLOCATIONS delete display reveal allows plant switch с d e a f b external good short-lived saturated cool overnight straightforward bitter friendly diarrhoea painkillers rash acne s arthritis 6 childhood 7 cholesterol condition malaria stimulant suntan virus sunburn adverse genetic addictive itchy f a d b h 8 g carriage crossing 3 traffic lights visa 5 soaked 6 light PHRASAL VERBS A 1 down 2 in up off off for E 1 2 3 4 5 6 F 1 2 3 4 talent show courage hit scheme rights D 1 2 3 4 5 6 elderly back together redundant radical physical military extinct illegal wild aggressive s set free 6 poisonous PHRASAL VERB A 1 2 3 4 over off down up PHRASAL VERBS A 1 down 2 away 68 OUTCOMES VOCABULARY BUILDER 69 .

r./ sank /saerjk/ sat slept slid spoke spelled/spelt spent split spoiled/spoilt spread stood stole stuck /suk/ struck /strAk/ swam /swaem/ took/tuk/ taught /D:t/ tore /tD:/ told thought /во-Л/ threw /9ru:/ understood woke /wauk/ wore /WD:/ won /WAn/ wrote run /глп/ say /sei/ see sell send set shake /Jei к/ shine //ai n/ shoot show shut sing sink sit sleep slide speak spell spend split spoil spread /spred/ stand steal /sti:I/ stick strike /straik/ swim take / t e i k / teach tear /tea/ tell think throw /8гэи/ understand wake wear /wea/ Win Write 70 OUTCOMES .INFINITIVE be become begin bet bite /bait/ blow /Ыэи/ break bring build /bi Id/ buy /bar.n ring : read / red/ rode rang /гэег)/ ran /гэеп/ said /sed/ saw /so:/ sold sent set shook/Juk/ shone//Dn/ shot showed shut sang /saen./ can catch choose come cost cut do draw / d n : / dream drink drive eat fall /Ь:1/ feed feel /fill/ fight / f a i t / find fly/ftai/ forget get give go grow /дгэи/ hang /haerj/ have hear/hiэ/ hide hit hold hurt /пул/ keep kneel /ni: 1 / know/паи/ lay /lei/ lead /li:d/ learn leave lend PAST S I M P L E was/were became began /bi'gaen/ bet bit blew /blu:/ broke brought / b n : t / built/bi It/ bought /bD:t/ could /kud/ caught/k:>:t/ chose /tfauz/ came cost cut did drew /dru:/ dreamed/dreamt drank /drasrjk/ drove ate / e i t / fell /fel/ fed felt /felt/ fought /fD:t/ found /faund/ flew /flu:/ forgot got gave went grew /дш:/ hung /гмг)/ had heard /h3:d/ hid hit held hurt kept knelt /nelt/ knew /nju:/ laid /leid/ led /led/ learned/learnt left lent PAST PARTICIPLE been become begun /Ы'длп/ bet bitten /'biten/ blown /Ыэип/ broken brought built bought been able caught chosen come cost cut done drawn / d n : n / dreamed /dreamt drunk /drAt]k/ driven eaten /'i:tan/ fallen /'Ь:1эп/ fed felt fought found flown /flaun/ forgotten got [US: gotten] given been/gone grown /дгэип/ hung had heard /h3:d/ hidden /'hidan/ hit held hurt kept knelt known /пэип/ laid led learned/learnt left lent NFINITIVE PAST S I M P L E let lay lost made met had to paid / p e i d / put PAST PARTICIPLE let lain lost made met had to paid put read / red/ ridden rung/глг)/ run said seen sold sent set shaken /'Jeikan/ shone//Dn/ shot shown shut SUng/SAQ/ sunk Ллг)к/ sat slept slid spoken spelt spent split spoiled/spoilt spread stood stolen stuck struck swum /swAm/ taken /'teiksn/ taught torn / О т / told thought thrown /бгэип/ understood woken /'waukan/ worn /w3:n/ won written /'ritan/ VOCABULARY BUILDER 71 se /lu:z/ read /ri:d/ ride rid.

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