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“iWa\e DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT The choices ofthis year’s ‘many eminent festival jurors are informed by Aheir sympathetic yet cortical eyes. We are ‘leased and bonored by ‘heir participation, The works in the many exhibitions and projets allow us to immerse ourselves in art that springs primarily from strong arfistic creas ofthe country. Some of these artists cre well-known in their regions; for many, however, this public recognition in c large public seHing will be their frst insitutionol exposure. The principle unifying factor for all the artists in the Arts Festival cof Atlanta is the high degree of commitment to their ort ‘The surprises and pleasures that emerge from the Festival's many open, juried competitions are great They are the happy consequence of the Festival's continuing mandate to show both established and newly-emerging arfists, wherever they moy be. Vision and quality in art, we quickly leam, know no ‘external bounds. | thank ol the participating artists and finalists for icining us his year. The mony jurors involved are deeply oppreciated and their interest keenly fel. Lourels are offered to the dedicated Festival staft— Pot Gann, Wayne Smith, Liz Caldas, Judith Westcott, Shauna Edwards, and Tricia Pete. Peter Doroshenko Visual Arts Director 1990 Arts Festival of Atlanta PHILIP POCOCK BORN Ooo, Conoda RESIDES New Yor, NY EDUCATION + New York Universiy, NY, BEA. 1972 + Ecole Superievre dingenioures de Morse, 1975. + Universy of Wotero0, 197275. SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS + Julon Pretio/Berlond Holl, New York, NY, 1990, ‘tio Gallery, Hose, Belgium, 1990. Gdderie Bucgis Getsmam, Cologne, Wes Germany, 1989 Albany Museum of At, Albony, GA, 1989 + Piezo Elect, Los Angeles, CA, 1967, and New Yotk, NY, 1986, 1984 Berinische Galevie, Bern, West Germany, 1986. + Bern Stories! Grecthause Gallery, New York, N 1984 SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS * Photowors, uian Preto Gollery, New York, NY, 1989-90. + White Columes Benefi, White Columns, New York, Ny, 1969, + Photography On The Edge, Hoggerty Museum ol A, Mitwoukee, WI, 1988, +100 Years of Social and Pottical Art on the Lower East Side, PP.O.W., New York, NY, 1988. + Group Show, John Davis Gollery, New York, NY, 1988. + Painting ond Photography, Miford Golly, New York, NY, 1988. + Reo’ loventions/Ievented Functions Laurie Rubin Gallery, New York, NY, 1988, BIBLIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION + Morfin Wolledort, Kolner Stadt Anzeiger, Nowember 4, 1989, a + Klaus Ottman, "The Spectacle of Choos; catalogue, Chicdgo, i Fall/Winter, 1989 + Peggy Cyphers, "Review: 100 Years Show” J Seplember 1988, “Raber! Mahoney, “Review: Real Inventions Show ‘Aas, May 1988. + Douglas C. McGil, "At People” New Yor Times, January 2, 1988,